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y3?VfP"i '
I" C! fr4rw I
Woodward & Lothrop
A Large Special Purchase, Priced Remarkably Low.
Stylish Fur Coats
surcd excellence. Every coat has received the most careful attention. of experts the
peltry is perfect and they have been exactly matched and put together by skilled furriers
whose superiority will be ackowledged as soon as the coats are inspected. Light-weight,
fine texture garments that reach the highest point of proficiency in shapeliness, correct
style and reliable workmanship. They possess the necessary warmth and protection
to suit all who want Fur Coats for service. s
The linings arc of the finest silks and brocade satins, in beautiful colorings.
Throughout their entire make up these coats arc of the highest excellence agree
ing to every style note and demand of present fashions, and
The Prices
Bfcick Russian Pony Coats 52-inch length. $37 50
Black Russian Pony Coats, 52-inch length. $45 00
Black Russian Pom Coat-, 52-mcli length. $47 50
Black Russian Pony Coats, 52-inch length . $55 00
Black Russian Pom Coats civet collar
and cuffs ; 32-inch length $67 50
Black Russian Pony Coats, raccoon collar
and cuffs; 52-mch length $67 50
Black Russian Fonj Coats, black lj n col
lar and cuffs , 52-mch length $75 00
Marmot Coats, 40-inch length $52 50
Marmot Coats 52-inch length $62 50
Marmot Coats, 52-inch length $65 00
Japanese Mink Coats, 40-inch length.. $100 00
T n) Hon 1. st
Kvw R
s. vvi
l a2c-
Duffy IN. Y. Sweet, fure
ovvccl uaiawua nine
Cooking Sherry Wine 50c qt.
Cooking Brandy (California) $1.00 qt. J
Cooking Port Wine 65c qt f
Out-of town orders promptly filled shipment being made on
day order is received. T,
Telephone M. 87S-876-877-878. '$,
SSSS":"d 1415-1417 H Street.
S v3St' '3' fr'H1 '? 3i tfrK3i.!?'frS3r -3-M-fr 't 'I' ! "$' fr 3 'I-?
--4--X-Ci" -
! That Save
t ?
T A 7E ALWAYS quote rock bottom prices on butter ?
W of dependable quality. Here are two specials t
that arc winning the patronage of economical
housewives: ?
T3 n: " D.. 11 nr-
jrure origin, creamery uuncr, per id. - . . , ooc ?
I "Four-Leaf Clover" Creamy, 5-lb. boxes . $2.00 -f
i 4
Y 33s Prompt delivery, whether you order in
person or by phone.
Stands in Principal Markets.
llooir WarmlnK of Private Play-
hon'se of Gdiou Brndle.
The private theater of Mrs. BVJson
Uradle. erected at a cost of 1100,000, and
idjoining the Bradley home In Dupont
rtrcle, will be opened December 12 with
u concert for the benefit of the Associa-
t on of tho W orks of Mercv
The approaching opening of the new
theater increases the gossip In social
elrclsB concerning the expected rlvalrj
between the Bradlej theater and the
Playhouse At th head of. the latter
organization Is Preston Gibson, society
man and plaw right The Plaj house has
At Fountains & Elsewhere
Ask for
The Original and Genuine
The Food-drink for All Ages.
At restaurants, hotels, and fountains.
Delicioas, invigorating and sustaining.
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Don't travel without it.
A qmCK IIIBCa prepareu W la BUe.
TakenohmtatioJU.JWtSay HOrUatti
,.. .,
Nt lm Any Milk Trust
rich and handsome garments of
Are Much Lower Than
Blended Squirrel Coats, 36-inch length..
Nearseal and Australian Opossum Coat
52-inch length
Persian Lamb Coat, 52-inch length . . .
Persian Lamb Coat, 52-mch length .
Caracul Coats, 40-inch length
Caracul Coats, 52-mch length
Nearseal Coats, 52-mch length
Nearseal Coats, 52-mch length
Nearseal Coats 52-mch length
Nearseal Coats, raccoon trimmed .
Nearseal Coat, inlaid border and cuffs. . .
Natural Pony Coats, 52-inch length .
Natural Pony Coats, bea er trimmed . .
Natural Pom Coat, raccoon trimme 1 . .
Thanksffivinfr I
iiuMiivhKiiiiin '
. .
SB Wines and Liquors
..,:,-,. f - . ,,:
uaii rrauwa jl uubab viul
All imported cordials.
tne ricnest stocK ot Amer
and foreign liquors.
. . t
Apple Uder.Zbc gal.
?.im gai. v
You Money
Phone Main 4820.
tsH"r'?H"I U : t ti IhH4
for more than three years been the ren
dezvous of the elite of the Capital Much
speculation Is rife in the Inner circles
as to whether Washington s smartest
will remain loyal to the Playhouse or
desert it and flock to the new Bradley
Ui eater
Miss Yvonne de Cravotte an English
soprano, will be the soloist at Mrs, Brad
ley s concert on December 12. She has
been brought to this countrj for tho
express purpose or opening the new pri
vate theater
Dr. Rdsrard J. Bor Gets Divorce.
Judge Thornton, presiding in Circuit
Court of Alexandria. Count. Va , has
granted Dr Edward J Boe a decree o
absolute divorce from Bessie Earle Kej
ser The were married in Philadelphia
In Jul 1906. In his bill desertion w
charged There are no children Dr Boo
was represented b Finney and Ball, of
Clarendon, va.
"Ethiopians ns Pioneer.
"The Ethiopians as Pioneers in Civili-
zaUon will be discussed before the Beth
el Literary and Historical Association at
MetropoUtan A. M E Church this even
ing by F. H M Murray The harmony
quartet will furnish music. S M Dud
ley, the president, will preside mi
Mary Curtis Is secretarj
IVIckrnhnra'a 'on Admitted.
c A Wickersham of New Tork. was
admitted to practice before the United
stltes Supreme Court esterday on mo-
TvZv&SFlEiS Attorn'y nmy
absolute reliability ai
$115 00
$125 00
$295 00
$350 00
$50 00
$55 00
$65 00
$75 00
$95 00
$95 00
$95 00
$75 00
$85 00
$95 00
Ira Elbertua Hubbarl
.nurora. has just been idmitud t
Lnlversitv of Michigan havln pissed
entnnc? ex mini itions with living eolors
According to tli profs'or, who made the
rhvsical examination MIsb Hubbard is
pi vsicaliv perfect in ever rense of tin
wonl Mis Hubbard ittributi s this fact
to the ideal outdoor life whlih h fol
lov.ed at her fathers colonv In Last
Aurora N 'J
Niw Haven Conn Nov is In i
btiitenunt Issued to dav rig-irdmg t
wreck of thi Merchants Limited at
Greens harms the New Haven road
savs that the wreck wai. cius d by tlio
equalizer bar from the truck of the
diner, which was the third car on the
train, dropping down and, dragging into
a trailing switch, which derailed the
four rear cars The equipment was
damaged very little none of the cars
being overturned and only one passen
ger being badl enough injured to be
taken to a hospital, the statement sajs
It is pointed out that the train was
running on a straight track and no
crossover was Involved The road de
clares that the track and roadbed were
In normal and good condition and that
this is confirmed by C C Lllwell en
glneer of tfti; Public I'Ulltres Commis
sion Snnvrstorm Hits Quebec.
Quebec Nov IS The greateM. Nov em
tier snowstorm Quebec has i,r ...,
has the clt and all the Lake bt John
district In its graf.p The stocm Ins con
tlnued since Tbursda and now thi
whole surrounding countr is shut off
irom tne outside world Street car lines
and railroads to the north and west are
uea up ana ousiness Is u a standstill
All ftrr service has been abandoned
The storm is now raging on the St
jawrence itiver below the citv and
iwentj noats are reported In distress
The department of marine and Hsherles
at Ottawa has ordered government
steamers to their relief
Ellthleen Injured.
Maosvlile, Cal Iov. IS Eighteen
rersons -were Injured some of them
fatal! to day In a collision brtween a
street car and a freight train on the
bridge between here and luba Clt
The car was precipitated into the river
The street car landed upside down In
the rfver bottom thlrt feet down
firo Miners Killed.
Wooster. Ohio. Nm IS William Graw
bill and Adam Utzlei ucre smothered v
death and five other miners had a nar
row escape, when a cave-In of quicksand
occurred at the bottom of a sixty-font
haft in the Wertx coal mine, at Dalton,
mi, mikiw mnnvnn.
Ann Artxir "Mich Nov IS Mits Mi
ter of the famo iv .
He sace of Last
The President returned to Washington
last night and Joined Mrs. Taft at the
Whlto House.
StThe Attorney General, Mr. George W.
A lckersham. gave a dinner last night at
his residence In Sixteenth Street In honor
the Solicitor Gcnreral. Mr. William
Marshall Bullitt, the other guests being
twenty-two lawyers connected with the
Department or Justice
Mrs Richard Kly. who spent Sunday at
her residence in N Street, has gone to
Annapolis to visit her son-in-law and
daughter, tho Superintendent of the Na
al Academy and Mrs John H Gibbons.
Mr MounUoy Cloud, of Los Angeles.
Cai. who Is stopping at the Grafton,
enve a dinner last night in honor of Mr
and Mrs. Richard Gibson He entertain
ed Mr and Mrs. Malcom Stuart aic-
Conllie. and Mr and Mrs William tills.
f Philadelphia at dinner on Sunday at
the Army and Navy Club
Mrs John W Foster kept her first
Mondav at home ' yesterday in her resi
dence In eighteenth fatreot
Hf- .ml Mrs nrr.t. V Annlehv hat
. .... .. -..., . - --.r
arrived In Washington and are stopping
at the Hotel Grafton
Dr Henry I Parker whose inarrhge
tO Misa Eleanor Cullom Rldgely takes
place on frridav gave his bachelor mn
ner last night at the Chevv Cha-e Cluh
His guests were his brother, Mr John
r Parkej- or Uiltlmore who will bo his
best man Mr Henrj D Crampton Dr
P M Sowers Mr Fdward U Davis
of Baltimore Mr Francis Bennett Poe
Dr Virglnlus Dibncv Dr Henr H
ilazen Dr F L. Reed Dr Uurbank
Dr Lew ii Ecker Mr J Orvllle Ecker
and Mr II an Loon
tihincton soclet wis well repre
senUil it the cross country races at
Mlddleburg Va on -Saturday Among
thos who motored there were MaJ .en
iJonarl ooil, t S A . Mr and Mrs
Joweph loiter Mr Henr T Oxiuinl
with a party of friends Mrs Hlcliard
LI) and her d lughter Mn John ilb
bons iml several friends Mr and Mrs
Henrv llirrion Mr and Mrs II Rozler
Dulans Mr Randall Hagner. Mr John
-lebrt Mr Uritton Brown and Dr
Alfnd Hopkins Brig Gen llen after
w ird rode in the point to point stepl
ha Mtal weatlur added to the en
Jojmtnt of the otcision
To the regret of their manj A ish
ii tton friends Mr and Mrs Thomas
(if will not pen their residenc. In
Twfiiti th Street liut will upend the
winter n the Contltent The will si I
for F irone carlv In December Mrs
daff hi- gone to New ork for a brief
si i attir whiili she will rtturn to
v liington and Join Mr Gaff who is
m pi r with their on In law and
ua glit r Dr ind Mr Carj D Ing
horne The Bolivian Mlnlbter and Mis- ( ilde
ron htve returned from Vtu ork
where thev wtnt to see Mm de Balllv
tnn "all for Bolivia. Mine Calderon
who i omiianled the M nlstcr to "Sew
o-k will riimm In that rlt until
Mr James F Curtl Assistant Secre
tarv of the Treasurj his leased the
residence Rt I Ighteenth Strict Xnrth
Wist for the wintir reason Mr Curtis
j,il Mi-.s Ijitiri Mrfriian will be niar-i
. 1 N v mlMr . owing to the re. . nt
q in oi misw vierrnm s grananiner
nrock tne marriage win
k piaie iuienv in tne onile s nome
( nK relatives and Intlmiti fri nd
11 it tend the cerernonv and reception
U anl Mrs John T W heelw right
Bo-ton the Htter Mis Merriam s
it nm eojiie- k, .a-uiiiKuiii i.r mi -
i at r I ippitt ind Mi I ippltt h
returned to Wnstiington from the I
Springs a and will ikvupj thtir r
d n In N Mret within i few dijs
Mrs J inies H-nr mith widow or
Silent smith will nrrivi from Fiimpe
the lattr part of this week Mrs Smith
was t irn lmee rm-trong of Biltl
mure lir -Ister who was Miss Mir
gurit( Armstrong married Mr Vntlion
J Tlrexel of Philadelphia and 1-ondon
Mrs Smith s llrst husband was Mr
W illl im Rhinelunder "tewart whom sh
silent' Smith died ver suddenlv r
Jjpm while he and his bride aei c m
panlr I l the Duk and Ihiih'ss ,
Mirnhe'tir were on i tour around tht
of his fortune oi atsiut S.S W Mr
smith left J3,tynr,) to his widow Mrs
Mnith 'lasses most of th time abroad
but visits this countrv about once a ear
llir ilatishn r Xnlt i stevvart inarrlid
I'nnce Miguel of Rragtnza
Miss Jln. t RichiriU will i.ive
ture on Ititerestins Tnvils II
1 urop. HKljdni, visits in tin
n the whiKil mil of st ruil-
t hurcn lift t nth and streit"
vening at 8 o clock
Mr Margaret Hat h ns is her him
guests her brother nd Miter In law
Mr and Mrs Butler of Detroit Mieh
at her residinc, 1C2 Nlncteinth stree
Northwest Mrs Hatch will entertain
informal! at tea this afternoon in their
Col and Mrs Bromwell who are
pleasantl remembered b their many
friends here, are being much entertained
nt their new home in Cleveland Ohio
They have leased the residence of Mr
and Mrs Mron H Wilson during the
latter s sojourn abroad Mrs Brom
well Is the daughter of Mrs Matthiw
Scott president general of th D V It.
She was the guest of honor at a lunch
eon Wednesday given b Mrs Lrnest
I I enlhan and Mrs James A Garti Id
villi give i tea for lit r it her resul.me
CC2T 1 uclld venue en November T
Mine t hristlan Hauge has gon to
New ork for a visit
Mr Henr Coleman of Kentuckv is
visiting Mr and Mrs William F Drums
Mr and Mrs Mexander Britton have
cIosj,h1 their e ountr home ni ir K ns ng
ton Md , ind have taken possession of
their new residence at 1M1 Q Street
Mr Hirbft Putnam Ubnrian of
ongress and Mrs Putnam have rt
turneel to Washington from their s mi
mer home at North Haven, Me
Mr ard Mrs. Arthur B Smith for
med of Washington D C, and now
residing at Hvattsville Md , announce
that their daughter Miss Helen M
Smith and Mr Frederick L lo uf
this citv will be morrleel on Wednesdn
evening November JO at S o clock After
December 1 the bride and bridegroom
will be nt home In tht Henr -Use apart
r'ent house In Rhode Island Vvenue
The wedding of Miss hls'e Bark r
Sniflin and Mr Thomas Bu kman bhoe
maker took place last Saturday at noon
nt the home of the bride s parents, Mr
and Mrs. J D Sniffin The cerernonv
was performed by the Rev E. Hoz
Snera. of tbe Centennial Baptist Church
Only the immediate families of the bride
and bridegroom and a few intimate
friends were present.
The bride wore a becoming black and.
whito traveling suit and a stylish hat
trimmed 'with American Beauty plumes.
She wore a corsage bouquet of lilies
of the valley. Mr Ralph Wilcox; was
the best man. The rooms were hand
somely decorated with chrysanthemums
and palms
Mr and Mrs. Shoemaker left immedi
ately on their wedding trip to Philadel
phia, Atlantic City, and New York
I'pon their return they will reside at
1IH Harvard Street during the winter.
Capt. T. R Raines entertained a small
part) of friends in his apartment at the
Mansfield on Saturady evening The
rooms were artistically decorated, and
refn shments were served later In the
evening Among those who enjoyed
Capt Raines generous hospitality vere ,
Mrs Grace Ross Van Cssteel. Miss Mar- i
caret Lvmann, Miss Marlon Smith, and
the Messrs. Howard, Young, and Alex.
K Meek
Miss Jessie Barnes, of Wellsburg, W.
a, is being entertained by h?P cousin.
Mr and Mrs F. M Barnes, of H33
Euclid htrcet.
Lady Johnstore, daughter of Mrs.
Jarms Pinchot, and her brother. Mr
James Pinchot, will come to Washing
ton tht latter part of the week They
are now on a hunting and fishing trip
In the South
'enator and Mrs James A Reed, of
Missouri, have ieturned for the winter
and opened their new home in Blltmore
The wedding of Miss Frances Hodges,
daughter of Col Henry F Hodges U
S A . and Lieut Albert H Archer, V
S A , will take place during the first
week in January in bt Johns Episcopal
Church A large reception will follow
in the bride s home in Massachusetts I
Vvenue Mrs Hodges and Miss Frances I
Hodges, who have recentl returned to
the citj will be Joined by Col Hodges
on December 1
Miss Kthel Louise Ingram wll be
married to Mr Horace Snyder Wednes
day ivmlng In the Metropolitan Presbj
terlan Church the pastor, the Rev Paul
Hi ock officiating
The bride who will be given In mar
riage bv her brother Mr John " an
ss Ingram will have as her attend
ants two matrons of honor Mrs. Charles
Hurd 1-ckels and Mrs Aubrev I.vnn
Clark and h r joung niece Miss Irene
Ingram as (lower girl
Mr Karl fender will be his brothers
best man and the ushers will be Messrs
l.ttKcn. Cochran John J O Brien Lin
wood Williams and C Francis Appier
n informal reception for the bridal
part and relatives will follow the
wedding ceremon in the home of the
bride s grandmother Mrs Sarah I an
Nhs.- li ( Street Southeast Later in
the evening Mr Snvder and his bride
leave Washington for a wedding
trip an I upon their return will be it
turn ifter December 1 at 1K3 bummit
street Northweit
Rev U G B , Pierce pastor of Vll
fcouls I nitarlan Church officiated on
caturdaj evenlrg at 8 o clock at the
wedding of Mls Helen Perkins of
Washington, and Robert R Walker, of
Mansfield Mass The bride who was
given In marriage bj her uncle Mr
Ilcnrv It Bennett wore a costume of
mesKiIln veiled In marquisette
I and carried a
honcr bouquet of Bride
ro. w ,n,l lili a ,,f th
vallei The maid
Meredith carried
. , hn ,r Mi. Man
nlv rtrtrin mix an K hW4..n.alH.
. M,f! fcxa ud Mac Hnottl large white
, hrjsantremums The wedding march
Lnd during he ceremonj several ap-
prorri,lt( selections were p!aed by Miss
( (,ertriidi McCrij organist at the
bur b of the Covenant, and a close
frit nd f the bride The bridegroom was
attended bv Mr William R Potter best
man and Mers Arthur Kaue and Ix
tus Hughes ushers Following the
ceremonj a supper was served at the
New Powhatan Uter December 1 Mr
and Mrs Walker will be at home at
Jtti I tret Northwest
This vears freshman dance of George
Washington I nlverslty is to be one of
the most successful affairs ever given b
the students of that unlverslt Al
though given under the auspices of the
freshman i lass it is In reallt an affair
e' interest to the whole student bod
nd Is large! attended hv them as
well is a irge number of the alumni
Tin patronesses are Airs Charles Her
Ivrt fctockton Mrs Henrv ( abot Lodge
Mrs Kldis Blrdsey Browne Mrs John
Bell Lamer Mrs Alexander Talt su
art Mrs Ab-aham Lisncr Mr- Ilarr
Cassell Davis Mrs Henrv Cleveland
Perkiii" Mrs William Bruce Ling Mrs
Henrv n I" Micfarlsnd Mrs. William
Mien WilbT Mrs Howard 1 Intoln
Ilo.li.kin" Mrs William I arl Ruediser
Mrs arl William ugust edltz. Mrs
I harles l-.lwid Miinror Mrs William
. line Borden and Mrs Hermann s ln
enfeld The dame will be given at the
Ralch.h next I-ridav evening
Th. Ixiard
Rrilen II01111
managers tif
E Catlin, J
I- He-eK Mr
I urnett Mr
C F NesMt
Pettlt. Mri J
5 Sehafhlrt 3
J Masters
Allison Mr
Cornman Mr
I Perham and Mr C I Corhv n 111
be at home 3500 O Street Wedneda.
November 20 from 3 to 6 p m
On a Snlii ItaJIvra.
f tan lcTwJotK in "The Ersineenns Ma
One of the routes most favored bv ex
cursionists In Switzerland han alnavs
been that which leads from bt Montz
b way of Pontreslna In the i anton of
the Engadlne to TIrano In the Canton of
Valtellno through the Bernini pass.
In ISO) i railvvav line was built ram
Pletlng the southern section from -sondrio
to Tirano A few jears later a second
section running from bt Moritz to Poi
treslnj on the northern side wis oneneei
these two icctlons being operated first bv
The n v Hernina earctru railvvav run
from M Moritz to Sondrio It connect
and links together the two sections flrt
built and offer a new wav of communi
cation between cistern Switzerland and
the Italian cities of Lombard, and ultl
matel) enice
The Bernina line is one of the most Hi
porta nt and most pictureseiue of Switzer-.
land TechnicJlls It is Interesting in I
eni it ue-eneis upon aanesion oni ior
entire length although the dlfferen
of level between its point of highest 1.1
tltude Is greMer than that of an) Swiss
rack roJd bconically it offers to the
tourist a mirvellous succession of pano
romas unmatched anywhere else
If you suffer from
rheumatism try Mus
tarated Campholine.
Immediate relief. A
clean ointment that
won't blister. 25c a
jar. At the Drug Shop.
Cartons good (or 33 rotes.
Is She
All Are Eligible to Enter Our
Call and have a sittmp; Your
picture will at once be placed in
the exhibit to be pased on bj a
competent jur,whicii will se
lect the most beautiful por
trait; Valuable Prizes to Winners.
The Harvey Studio
438 7th St. N. W.
We Gite Votei in Tbe Hcnld I 12 009 Contest
ou Will lwas Find at
Percy Foster's
"The Piano Merchant,"
A Complete Stock of the Best
Made Pianos Including
the Beautiful
A Well as the Wonderful
Victor Victrolas,
And a Complete Line of
Sheet Music, &c.
Prices and Term- to Suit Ml
1330 G Street.
We clve Hemld S25.0OO ronleM Tutew.
is an art m uhch tw
haze held prc-cmincncc
for half a century and
Ktfutre decorations
for tht table, for rcup
twns for ticddtns, and
all other occasions.
J.H. Small & Sons
Corner 15th and H
Waldorf- lutorla 11 -3 Broad-ray
35c Qt
Or 3 quarts for SI 09.
. Glif Vote, in Th. HrnlJ S3,(U) Cenbit.
ine Diamoixb and V atcti -. llMiJ.I 1"
Gents' Solid Gold Chains
RitnNT Mitlfl tor Mane cc lr. jist Rt
tlvfll OIR IinUIIW V-OltTMLNT ef
hanlmr Ink and ntv lalirrti. n lOLlil
i.iii n vn inijvt, i.i rr i i lotion ron
XMVS line TOr Mlrnin llb-EKVLD ON
A MIAU. Dtl OSIT ITIcr, verr rtaaoible.
923 C St. N. W. Phone M. 4243-Y
We slie Herald S23.000 eontrat Totea.
A dml liar lrtan a e,rrt Noiel
V Vnutlonallx (treat Ir&raa
TUC "a J, mm sb paMa
' " fj BA L. jg. rT
With That ETerroretlar Cemcdia
.nd a Real All star Caat
Smoke if
1 VIETIlli Matinee
You Like & Ua-Uawi Daily
Dai Whito anrl tarl Uenru
... . :-'bijiti.
nign L.116 in ounesque
An Iceless
THE Window Refriger
ator is practically an
iceless refrigerator.
Attached conveniently outside
of the window, food will
keep perfectly during the
winter months without ice.
Made of aluminum-coated
galvanized iron, is sanitary
and rustproof. Price, with
complete attachments for put
ting in place,
$2.75 Each.
Dulin& Martin Co.
Pottery, Porcelain, China, Glass,
Silver, c.
1215 F St. and 1214-18 G St.
I Matinees at StlS
aura, and Sat.
The Trail Lonesome Pins
Next Week I no
F. ZIEGFELD, Jr , Presents
4 30
assisted br Alexander
otmin bcr
ure-ira, m la cmrzo
CmArr tmilft oftE
riwtit- th -vnt irt IfwwWr'i Tlnh,
IuWf mJ xhT danrt-i. Tickelj Ji, COO,
$) A) n -a) a at Theater
ytrrt Bnutlfnl Theatre io Amtria
Attractiocj liuHina th $2 Thcatrf.
VtUr Mat. 3c Etol, 3. SO aad Tc.
IVnosaUr I'menta.
I His Marten of SUfocraft and Dn
Iiratir Art. tuart Bijtjl J. C ienT
Aii. acd Mhrrs. Laual Biz BLi
ext Aeek UIIO IS DROVr
C run Firnmi HncmA Tumi
I oin Mr. Tupl s Ttlecim. Hrcrr
Fllirri spirit raihusffi, Ac
Irpular Wedcesdar Matnx? 50c 75c, $L0l
V H Woods 0cn
The Latent European Operetta,
Fnm tlie (e-nnan of Di FtunrotinBem. by
ntbon ef The Mertr Widow )
vtaiir br Edmi nd Fxrier Vme-nrmn Book ard
L tIc hr Oenr.i V II rt Onjteil itor Tli-
Mler New -rk i erf -fTfnlT
NKTT WKKK Seat Sale Tbursda 7.
Matinees T n. T iai,k,iTtE Ifej! mud bat.
The De Kovon Opera Co.
Ilicifl . Vrthj- Mjr
l-cnl. the CTTtrx ef all Rerlnli,
The Natkivs Licht Open
Wllh Grand Opera Vll-Sttr Cat.
N11TL- Mill nd ttiei tme onlm M&prndej
d Tin thu nlgrmr-
Tuesday Afternoon, Nov. 26, 4:30
Philharmonic Society
New York
Jtil -trans. Condi rtf
V ih- ia Unan Iul
fc.ji) -00 $150 JJ.W at
Open Njext Tburada), Friday and vat-iinlnj-.
VTlth Krldnr and Saturday Mat-
Ineen Irleei., ,Oo to 9ZO h rldaa
llallnee. Deiat -rat. IXl
llammolh Combination.
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Greatent Mtrncltun In Waahlngton'a
ml hrr company In
The Whirl of Society
t Mrinbrrft at the Tito Companlem
lUrttr) llrrnnril, Harry Pllcer, MelTtUe
.Fills. da I ewla, Lairrrnce D'Omay,
I Fannlf Urlcc, Iaura Hamilton. 1 fr
Harrison. Clarrncr Harver. Clara Pal
mrr, and rthur tandford.
perlnl MatloeP TbanksglTlnK
Direct from ISO Nlghta In Nevr Aork
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The Six Sirksmith Sisters
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