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NO. 2237.
-jw'yw'" -w;y ywrjpiwr'' --
On Eve of Peace Overtures
Austria Threatens Servian
Emperor Francis Josef Enraged at
Occupation uf Adriatic
London N'ov 19 With a vision of
peace taking outline over the war torn
Balkan states as a result of Bulgaria s
notification to Turke that she and her
allies had appointed peace pienipoten
tiaries. a new war scare has reared itself
to the north of the Turk sh domain and
diplomatic circles express fear to-night
1est it become open hostilities
Austria is the aggressor and Servia the
threatened nation The V lenna Relchs
post, the official organ of the ustrian
government openls declares for war Em
peror Francis Joseph vents his wrath at
the Servians, and the V ienna ministers
show themselves In complete accord with
t lelr sovereign.
Discussing the naval estimates before
the Austrian delegation to da) ice Ad
nilral Montecuccoll. commander in chief
of the Austrian navv emphasized the
necejisitj of strengthening the navj be
cause h was convinced that strong na
vies would soon appear In the Aegean
Sea I Howard Irternatfonal incidents
were brewing he said and the mu t
not find Yustria unprepared
Emperor fr rands Joseph enraged at
(he occupation of Alc-sio in Adriati
port b the combined Montenegrin and
Servian armirs, fs reported to have said
We are In favor of peace but not
ptace at anv price
Tie Austro Hungarian Cabinet has sent
harp note to the Servian government
demanding Immediate rcplv tj all ques
tions at isue Commenting on this ac
lion the newspaper 5eit sas
Vigorous military measures will givt
"mphasis to the diplomatic demands
should S rvias answer again be unsat
Telegraphing from cutari tho corre
spondent of the Reich, jst declares the
Montenegrins alter their capture of Sa
Giovann di Medua on Sunda seized all
the Austrian mull bags found there and
furthermore removed all the goods on
board the Austrian Ilojd magazine
steamer anchored at that port
Report of Cruellies.
Reports of cruelties perpetrated b
the Servian troops-on Albanians an of
t c all tit nied in a government dis
I at I from R lgrade to night
Figl ting continued along the Telia
talja to dav but with diminished vlg
or dm- i Is believed to the f let tint
the Turks arc more stmngl fortified
than thev Were sup osed to be and
th I Ik ans ar re-forming their bat
tie in - "sending troops from the rear
tis.rl the front a7lm Pasha sent
th following dispat h to his govern
jnent lite to dav 11 in turn 1 elng
t nsmitt d to the Turkish legation
Vn artil rrv engagemt nt began this
mr-mig and being continued with
s iicess The Bulgarian infantrN operating
f nt of our line of defense was re-
us d b our artillery lire p irt of the
n r batteries were silenced
U t rdere I a detat I ment of troops
1 advance The attacked the cnemv s
1 renchmeiits and f irted them to llec
W f iptuied 1 number t f rilles ma
thine guns htlmets shovels and pick
v 1 umber of the helmets bon a badge
in- ribed Tl Irtv fifth Ileglmcnt rania
lowing that tin re in servim troops
will the cnemv Tl I attl lontinues
Nazlm Pasha estimates the Bulgarians
killed, and wounded in Monda s fighting
ut toft in ludlng twentv officers
Gen. Mahmoud Makhtar Pasha was
wounded esterdav and forced to retire
for hospital treatment Riding over the
Turkish positions with hi3 staff he came
upon a trench which he supposed to be
occupied bv Turks and did not discover
his mistake until a fusillade of Bulga
rian bullets Hew past him He quickl
lied out of ratine of the bullets but not
until he had been struck In the leg
vtlrlallr Porta
Berlin, Nov 19 A telegram to the
Tage Zettung states that M Pachitcbar
the Servian Premier has announced offl
daily that Servian troops are marching
on the Adriatic ports. When these have
been occupied bervla will answer Austria.
Report Ileal y Casualties
Vienna Nov 13 A telegram from Us
kup sajs that 20 000 men were killed on
both sides In the battle preceding the
capture of Monastlr The Servians took
Despairs of 'Inking Capital
London Nov 30 According to the
Paris correspondent of the Daily Tele
graph, King Ferdinand has g ven up the
Idea of trying to force the final defenses
of Constantinople and the Balkan war
Is practically at an end lie continues
I have Just been official Informed
that the French government late to-day
received notice that peace negotiations
had commenced between the Balkan
States and Turkey A truce will be pro
claimed at once and negotiations for a
linal treaty of peace thereupon begun '
The Telegraph correspondent thinks
while the Turkish army has suffered
terriblj from the cholera epidemic the
Bulgarian 'forces have also been hard
hit and are no longer anxious to con
tinue tho war until Constantinople has
been conquered
Wireless dispatches to the Na-v De
partment esterday located the cruisers
Tennessee and Montana which are en
route to Turxe. at a point about two
days' cruise this side of Gibraltar.
The gigantic wireless towers at Ar
lington are being used for the first time
to keep In touch with American shins on
th other side of the Atlantic
It la expected that these cruisers will
pass outside the sons of communication
to-morrow Tney are expeciea to reach
Turkish waters on Thanksgiving Day.
Panama, Canal Zone, Central America,
and South America most Interesting now
Best reached by Southern Railway
through New Orleans thence steamer
through Southern Seas. Consult agents,
-i ISth 6t- and 806 F St. NVT.
dury Seals Doom of Slayers
of Rosenthal in Twenty
seven Minutes.
Means the End of Gang Rule in
the City of New York,
Says Whitman.
Jul I! Becker V allon. Rose
and Webber decide on plan for
removing Herman Rosenthal also
threatens to testify about graft
before ..rand Jurv
Julv 15 Rose and Webber hire
the murderers and make other
Jul 1G Rosenthal murdered
at : a m
Jul 21 Brldgey Webber and
Sam Paul arrested
July S3 Mrs Rosenthal tells
grand Jury of her husband s re
latlons with and persecution by
July 54 Chiuffeur AversI ad
mits reporting his testimony to
Becker and was coached by lat
Jul Shapiro confesses
July "6 Jack bulllvan arrest
ed Julv 29 Rose Webber and
allon confess
Jul) 19 Becker Indicted
Jul 30 Becker arrested
Vug Z Gp the Blood Left
Louie V. hitc Lewis and
Diqo Frank arrested
Oct 5 Jack Zellg killed
Oct. 7 Becker trial begins
Oct 24 Becker convicted
Nov S Trial of the four gun
men begins
ov 19 The four gunmen con
victed of first degree murder
New York Nov 19 The four gunmen
charged wr'th the murder of Herman Ro
senthal were to day convicted of murder
In .the first degree
A unanimous verdict the Jury reached
its decision on the first ballot, after they
had been out but twenty seven minutes,
t Fnraged by their conviction, the four
gangsters returned to the Tombs pro
foundlv denouncing Justice Goff and all
others who were concerned in their trial
Their counsel at once served notice of
an appeal
Meanwhile a great crowd outside the
Criminal Courts Building was attesting
its approval of the verdict iy cheering
the departing Jurors
District Attorne V hitman In a brief
statement congratulated the peoplo of
New Vork on the result of the trial
which he declared was a triumph for
civilization and tb beginning of the end
of gun rule In New "York.
To Ilelenfte Informer
Their agremnt with the State ful
filled Jick Rose Bridge Webber and
1 larrv L. V allon w 111 1 e released from
1 ustodv tu morrow or Thursdaj Tho
In llctment against W llliam bhaptro
chauffeur of the murder car whose
testnnon against the four defendants
Is declared to have detlded the ls0ue
will also lie dismissed -ind Sam Sc lepps
will likewise be permitted to go free
Jack Sullivan last of the seven men
indirted for the Rosenthal murdf- will
be ilited on trial immediately follow
lng the trial of Charles II Hjdc which
begins to morrow
The four convicted men will appear
before Justice Goff to-morrow morning
to hav e their pedigrees recorded and a
dav fixed for sentence Attorney VVahle
their counsel will be on hand to make
the customarv motions for a dismissal
of the vtrdict and the granting of a new
trial It is a foregone conclusion how
tver that these will be denied Sentence
probably will be passed a week hence.
and within a few davn thereafter the
gunmtn will have Joined Charles Becker
In Sing Sing
Inntlrc Movcn Swiff
After the slow grind through eight
davs of the trial Justice moved with
swift certain aim on tht, ninth The
morning was given up to the charge of
Justice Goff a brilliant comprehensive
review of the evidence produced by
both sides of the Issue Justice Goff
gave surprislnglj little attention In his
charge to the testlmonj of William
Shapiro jet It was learned after the
verdict that It was the story of the
chauffeur which had the greatest weight
with the Jury
It was at 10.30 a. m that the justice
began his charge A sharp watch was
kept by the police and court attendants
upon all who entered the room It was
felt that a crisis was at hand and there
were uglv rumors afloat.
The four defendants entered the court
room still bearing their confident smiles
though it was observed that their
usually careful toilets had been neg
Gunmen Felt Doom
Through three hours of quiet, unem-
phasized talk Justice Goff held the at
tention of jurors and spectators alike As
the words fell from his lips, however, the
srlrlts of the defendants seemed to drop
Marshaled In all Its force, the evidence
o' the prosecution seemed to be even
more crushing than when It had been
presented piece meal to the Jur
During the last hall hour of the charge
ev ery eye ln the court room was centered
upon the four defendants. The low.
musical voice of the Justice seemed to
be chanting a requiem When he fin
ished at 1.SS p m., amid deep silence the
jurors filed out, there was not a spectator
the court room wno was not con-
vicced that the doom of the four gun
men was seaiea.
They felt It themselves. Passing out
Into the pen behind the trial chamber,
"Lefty Louie" turned dull eyes upon his
cellmate. "Gyp," and whispered
"Its all up with us. Gyp"
No one dreamed, however, that the
final act In the drama was to be played
to quickly. Court officers at once busied
themselves In preparing to take the Jury
out to lunch. The first surprise cams
when the foreman of the Jury- lnforoud
Capt- Lynch that they would not go to
lunch. The key jvas thereupon turned
& Vltwvriio Jf
fa - - T- J
"" M.T- ft.
tj y W,
&.. ft .A
j .
Ofst&X cCL. t-f
J X . -
the latest victim. Is shown above, and
tho photograph of Michael Kruck, who
was killed In Centra Tark In HOC Is
below In the center Is one of the
letters sent to the Buffalo police
Buffalo V T Vov 19 Probablv one
f the most sensational murder cases
f reecnt ears will be uncovered with
the arrest of the mvsterlous letter writer
ho In his communications to the Buf
falo poller described himself as a
ealthy and respected father of a mar
rled son and a fratcrnlt man and who
admitted that he was the victim of
Insane fits which brought upon a crav
ing to strangle small boys. The writer
confessed to three murders Including
those of voung Joseph Josephs of this
ctj who disappeared two vears ago
and who was believed to have been kid
napped and of M chael Kruck the New
.ork newsboj who was killed In Cen
tral Park In 1902. The writer proved his
terrible ass rtlons b dlr vtlng the po
lice to the hiding ; lace of the Josephs
bov s bod j It was found lndlv de
composed in a cess iool behind a saloon
not far from the home of tho voung
vict m, whose mother is nearl insane
since the discovery
upon them and thev were left alone to
their delloeratlon
Over In the Tombs the four gunmen
ate sparing! of thtlr luncheon The
face of Whitev Louie who was pacing
the corridor outside of the court room,
was white and haggard At 2 0u p m
came a message from the Jurv The
v c rdlct w as at hand By : 30 all was
in seriousness and at 2 33 the four de
fendints each of them this time actom
panied b a special guard were led
into the police-guarded room The Jurv
followed three minutes later Justice
Goff took his seat upon the bench
When asked what verdict had been
reached the foreman paused for a second
while he swallowed hard Then he spoke
In a clear ringing voice
Guilty of murder In the first degree as
charged he said
The gangsters with'tood the shock
without a qulv er Like stone Images they
stood staring before them with glazed
and unblinking eyes, until the deputy
sheriffs plucked them bj the wrists and
led them In a huddled stumbling proce
sion from the court room
Lawjer Charles G h VVahle counsel
for the convicted prisoners announced as
his clients were led away that he would
reserve any motions he had to make
until the date of sentence was fixed He
asked that the prisoners be remanded
until to-morrow and a date of sentence
be fixed then This Justice Goff con
sented to and the session of court was
at an end
Man VVTio Shot Col. Roosevelt to Gu
to A)Iura.
"Milwaukee Nov 19 John Schrank, the
Bavarian who attempted to assassinate
Theodore Roosevelt, has been found In
sane by the commission of alienists an.
pointed to examine him Their complete
report will be made to Judge Backus to
morrow The decision of the commission
is unanimous snd recommends that
Schrank be sent to an asylum for the
criminal Insane
Judge Backus" was angry to-dav when
the finding of the insanity commission
was made public before It had been turn
ed over to him He asserted that he
would punish for contempt of court the
person who made the report public.
Ossinlng N T, Nov 1 The warden
of Sing- Elng prison took extra Precau
tions to-day to prevent news of the con
viction of the four gunmen of the crime
of shooting Herman Rosenthal from
reaching Charles Becker, the former po
lice lieutenant, who Is awaiting electro
cution for the' same crime, he havlnr
been convictsd of ordering tas murder.
Ee will not near ot the sunmen's con
viction until they are broucht her t
Join him in the death house. ,
1 UiMmfkkj, "3 1
Grand Jury Hears Evidence and
Probably Will Report
Timekeeper Says He Missed
on the Day the Josephs
Boy Was Slain.
Buffalo N
r Nov 19 To-daj the
ird evileme In the nse
murdir of seven viar ol 1
of l.ackawanra whose
grand Jur he
of the I rutal
Joseph Josephs
botI wis found lat Saturda wlire It
had been hidden by the sliver after th1
murder in Ottotnr 1911 thief GIIkoii of
Lackawanna went before the grand Jurv j .nts
with what evidenic le ha and as eunnromt.
an the 1 ice had been been presented he
left with I)trlt Mtorney Dudkv f r
Toms Rlvir N J w litre J Frank
Hlcke) Is held as a s ispect. Lxtraditlon
papers are being prepared
The grand jurv probably will make its
report, to morrow
Robert Wlh.011 timekeeper for the Rog
era Hrown Iron Worki
before the grand Jurv
was a witness,
That Plant Is
near Ijickananna and Wilson Is under
tood to have told the grand Jurj that J
Frank H ekev worktd under him thrtcidal activities has become one of the
times during 1911 three weeks in Julv
ten das In August and from October 1 to
was lost dv iiickey during'
that time Wilson as That was Oc
tobcr 12. the dav on which the Josephs
boy was last seen
The police claim to have other evl
dence connecting Illckey with the crime
sn-ulta Co ml nu of Police
Toms River N J, Nov 19-Uttcrl5 un
concerned except den ng personal
knowledge of any murder J I-rank
Hlcke). a suave loquacious man
the Ocean Count Jail here waiting the
coming of the Buffalo police whom
Is confident of convincing that h Is not
strangler wanted for the murder of
Joseph Josephs While Iiickey is Per
fectly willing to talk for publication, his
lawyer has forbidden him such liberties
Hlcke was arrested this morning bv
Sheriff Tllton while superintending the
erection of a bridge at the Keswick Col
ony for Inebriates at W httlngs a village
ten miles from here The 8rrcst was
t tl req ie-t of Chief ltiKSn
the Buffalo poll e forci lllckej took
the matter as a Joke until he read th
On his was to Toms River he declared
he would waive extradition hut was in
formed b his lawjer that the New Jer
sey law would rot permit It
In n Ulpsoninnlnc
I never wrote a postal card nor a
letter to anv police chief nor police de
partment in my life said Illckti I am
a dipsomaniac and have teen at the Re
wick Colonv three times I was here
from December 4 191) until October 2.
111 According to jour Information this
Josephs bo was killed In November I'll
At that time I was working In I-acka
wanna near Buffalo for 1 cement and
concrete construction companv But I
never knew anbodv by the name of
Josephs nor did 1 vcr write a letter
to any one In Buffalo My home Is In
Ion Ma's. I im divorced from ni
wife Mcohol was m undoing I have
one son twentv -one vears old I never
wrote from Whitings I believe that
seme one Is using mv name I never
btard of Michael Kruck, and can prove
that I was not in New Vork In any
part of 1102.
After lengths Interview with his
client Lawscr Jcfferv sail tonight he
wis positive Hlcke could prove an
alii 1 on all dates mentioned In the
Hlcke however idmit that he was
In Buffalo in November 1911
"Vlnnlercrs Get llespllc
Richmond Va Nov 19 Gov Mann of
V irglnla to da respited until December
13 Flod Allen and his son Claudo Swan
son Allen both eondcnincil to die on f rl
da for their complicity In the murders
at Judge Massie s court room In Hllls
ville Va
The stay was unexpected
Capital Ministers
Favor Word "Hell"
New Bible Changing the Word Causes Comment.
Preachers Reticent About the Matter, as
They Have Not Seen New Bible.
The sentiment of the Baptist ministers
of Washington Is rather against the sub
stltutlon of the word underworld for
the time-honored term hell, one of the
Innovations In the new version of the
Bible that has recentl come from the
press of the American Baptist Publica
tion Company of New Vork. The feel
that the substl'ution may merely con
fuse readers without a good reason for
the change.
Most of the ministers approached last
night for an expression of feeling con
cerning the several changes made in the
new version were averse to discussing
the new work until the had seen copies
of It. It has not yet round its way
into Washington
On the change ot the word "whale to
'big Ash," the phrase Lord thy God'
to "Jehovah thy God the use of man
and woman In the place or Adam ana
Eve, and the other mutations of the
new version, the ministers did not rire
to comment until they had had a chance
to study tho new Bible but all who
talked on the subject were strongly op
posed to doing away with ' hell In fav or
of the milder "underworld "
"I can see no advantage in changing
the word "hell for "underworld,"' said
Rev VY W McMaster pastor of the
First BaDtlst Church. " It Is no more ex-
planatory of what we wish to express
than the 01 word, and wouia merely De
confusing I think. It Is really too early.
Latest Social War Is On
S3 S3 " 53 53 59
Keen Rivalry Between Theaters
53 S3 S3 53 53
May Split Capital's Elite
Mrs. Edson Bradley's
$100,000 Private The
ater and Preston Gib
son's Playhouse Will
Be Meccas for Fash'
ionable Sets.
Washington s latest social war Is on
with the rivalry between Preston Gib
sons Plajhous for three jears the
center of one of Washington s most
Intirestlng Inner sets and Mrs Edson
Bradlcv s private theater which she
instructed at her home In Dupont
LIrcle at a cost of JIOOWX
The IMav house has not had Its formal
opening this season and Mrs Bradley s
thtat. r will not be opened until Decem
ber !, when there will be a concert by
Mts vonne de rivetf who will
er from lymdon especially for
the perfo mauce to be given for the
leneflt of the ssoelatlon of the Works
of Merc) Also Mr Gibson Is In New
lotk and the followers of the two
meet j liaders are not yet clearlj de
fined 'ome soeiet) folks saj In fuct, that
there vv ill l- no real factions and that a
In sc pirt of tie smart set will enjoy
. Isith pi 1Ces But it is harllj to lie ex-
pected tint Mr Gibson
hose utlllza-
, 1 on of the I lav house as a center of so
notable factors of the seasons Lavetlei
j here will look romplacentiv upon the
rival that Mrs Bradley Is to open
He verj probably will make whatever
bookings ar necesar to match the
attractions which are to be seen at Mrs
Bradle s theater where it Is s-vld some
unusuall elaborate shows are to be put
It was announced some time ago that
a one act pla bv Bernard Shaw and
several pieces b) Mr Gibson and other
local writers would be presented at the
1 la house for which several dances alo
ire planned The concert with which
Mrs Bradle will open her house would
May Means Permanent Peace for
Eurone, Prince Lazarovich
Tells Meetmrj
New Vork Nov 19 W hit cin war but
war breesl asked vndrew Carnegie.
ouoMng Milton this afternoon at the
orenlng of a meeting of the New Vork
I eace 'clct at the Hotel Astor over
which he presided Then, falling back
upon an ipt expression of the present
Do jou get It" What can It breed"
The Balkan question had to be sot
tied There wis no escape from It and
those of us advocates of peace must rec
ognlze that fact. Do not tie discouraged
by this outburst of war it wis in the
ver process of time unavoidable There
fore be f good cheer B it oh If man
would onl learn that lesson In Milton:
entence Now that war has begun
im with our next speaker Prince La
rsrovleh of srvia when he savs thit
peace cin only be brought ilwiut bv this
Will there le permanent peace" cried
Prince Lazarovich after explaining the
sltuatl n In the Balkans We did not
enter Turke is e-onquerors, but merel
is a race returning to o ir rightful
homes The Bulgars will take onl Bui
gaiia and tl at part formerlv inhabited
b Bulgars the Serbs that pirt In whi h
they formerb lived nnd the Greeks their
own We will replace Turkev where -If
1 before In the greit balincc 1 f the
Andrew D White e president nt tor
nell I'niversit and former vmbassador
to German in a brief address said
Let us all appeal to the whole worll
In the great palace of pence that Con
tantlnople be the great world center o
peace for all ears to come
to discuss the new Bible Intelligent!
however I have nol seen it and would
not care to say much about It until I
have I can sa this however that I
dont believe there ever will be a version
that will supplant the King James ver
Bcv J C Ball pastor of the Metro
politan Baptist Church, also wished to
study the new Bible before committing
himself, but lie said
To me the substitution of an word
In the place of hell seems like dodging
the Issue without gaining anything
There are some who object to the word
because of the profane sense in which
it Is sometimes used but I cannot see
how the change to anj other would Ies
sen this, and It would be apt to confute
the reader of the Bible
I have read of the new version and
have wondered what if anything will be
said concerning It during the Baptist
convention, now going p n. I think that
most of the delegates rather hope It will
not bo brought up on the floor, for most
feel as I do. that they want to study If
before they make any comment
"There la one thing in the new Book
that Is rather shocking to me and that
Is the new version of the Lord s Pra er
The old prayer Is very beautiful and any
change In l,t shocks me, but I don t sup
pose we ought to feel that way, because
scientists are constantly discovering new
er and better things, and we should re
ceive them when they are right"
Vhne J 00W0 rrintf thMter will he erenxi lcrm
sem to be an Indication of the class of
entertainments to be given there
Society people last night said the be
lleved the rivalry between the private
theaters would be one of the most In
teresting episodes of W ushlngton life this
Police Believe that Lottie Vogel,
Killed in New York, Is
Mary Miller.
If I ottle Vogel the alleged diamond
thief who wi shot to death b her
iccomphce Henry Vogel before be com
mltted sulci le when ihe pair were
trapped bv detectives in a Nrw Vork
Hot-1 is Mar Miller the n torlous
servant thief one cf the mn-t baffling
roller mvstenes in the police annils of
WashiiKton will l.e cleared
Maj svlvester wired to the New Vork
poll e asking frr t phi tosraph f Mirv
Miller and Sophie Heckenlrf wlu
Miueilcl on llenr V gel and his sui
posd wife little V ( k1 The Wishing
ton police ire confident that Lottie Vogel
Is Vlary Miller pliotogiaph of 1 ottle
Vogel prubabl will reach th s litv to
If it is Identified as a likeness if Vlarv
Miller the police will mark tlnis t tl e
arcer of one of the oUieri'l most dar
lng and notori j
1 mun thieves in the
hitor of th
lepartnient Mar Mill
Is onl one
the names used b the
ilsn known to the pt lice
woman who Is
as Marv Miller
ler at d Viar
Miv Klein Lena Vluel
This won an is wanted b the t dice
for rotlieries In Washington ( inei mill
Iiaitimorc Brooklli e Mass and a score
or other titles Her mtthod Is to pio
ure tmIomeut as a maid in the home
if 1 weilth fainilv gather all tht Jew
els ml nione In tho hous anl dcpirt
gtncrallv disappearing i few hours after
si It gins work so far is is known
she has never been arrested
Known 11 s Vlurv Vllllrr
In Washington Vltrv Miller as she
was known here is wanted for the theft
of jewels worth nearl ncxTO from the
home of Miss Viar B Vdams 1C1 New
Hampshire Avtnue Northwest on March
2. PII Viar Vllllcr was tent to the
home b an cmp!oment agenc where
he had furnished fictitious recommendi
tions She wns In the house onlv four
1 ours fter her disappeirance the ab
sencc of the Jewels w s discovered
Vmong the stolen propert was a Dear!
necklace worth J3,.Y It wis mado of
slxt two pearls each the size of 1
1 rench pea with 1 large pearl in the
1 inter of the string surrounded b
pearls and the ends fastened with a
gold clasp the size of 1 10-ient piece
There also was stolen a four stone dia
mond ring worth J2 a five stone dla
monl ring worth jro a dlamon 1 pin
worth MX1, ind a pearl necklace worth
$.01 in addition to a score ot less valua
hie pieces of jewelr
On March 13 1911 nine days before the
robber here Mary Miller under i dif
ferent name robbed Mrs. Signiim VV iso
of TK South Crescent Vvenue Cincinnati
of Jewels worth J600 In answer to an
advertisement Mary Miller giving the
n tme of Mary Schlerman applied to Mrs
Wise and was employed A few hours
later the new, maid Vanished. The Jewels
went with the maid
Milwaukee, Wis, Nov 19 Wil
liam Galloway, of Waterloo,
Iowa, a breeder of Ayreshlre cat
tle who was In Milwaukee to
da, has decided to give Presi
dent Wilson a cow to take the
place of Pauline Wa) ne the W ls
consln cow given President Taft
by Senator Stephenson
The cow vvjll be Nona of Avon,
a registered animal valued at
$5 000 The. cow was promised to
Senator Cummins when he be
came President.
- yzy M
Woman Witness Denies that
Lawyer's Bathing Suit
Was Torn Off.
Defense Tries to Show tbat Under
taker Causes Displacement
of Epiglottis.
Goshen N T N'ov 19 The defenss
of Burton W Gibson the New York:
lawyer on trial here for his life,
charged with the murder of Mrs Rosa
Szabo was revealed to-day
It will be their contention that the
epiglottis and the tongue were shoved
from their normal position back against
the roof of the mouth by the Warwick
undertaker who embalmed the body ot
the woman after it was removed from
Greenwood I.ake
The revelation of the defense came
through a series of questions asked by
Hobert II r Ider Gibson s lawyer, when
Cornelius Tazler the undertaker was
being cross examined
The prosecution scored Its first heavy
point through Mrs Emma Bennlngs of
Paterson N J who stated that when
she saw Mr Gibson holding to the up
turned row boat he had on his bathing
sc, t. He claims It was torn from his
bod during the straggle with the
drowning woman which took place under
the surfacx of the lake
VVut.ti-il Tlirnm.il Glioses
I heard shouts of distress she
swore I looked out on the water and
saw a man struggling In the water on
the other side o the lake He was
near a row boat which was right side
up I obtained 1 pair of opera glasses
and Tooktd out again Through the
glass,., 1 a, that he had reached th
boat which he had then overturned and
was clinging to the bottom of If "
How was he dressed asked s
sLtant DMric Mtorney Waservogel
of New Vork who is onductlng the ex
amination of the witnesses
Wh he hai on a bathing shirt I
could sce that easi y through the
glasses she swore
Uder tried In vain to break her stor
but she clung tenacious! to her state
ment When asked by Mr Elder if sba
had seen blm remove the garment, sn
raid bnt ft had removed her ey s
from the man for 1 few minutes to
look at the motor loat which had start
ed to hi rt, , other witnesses swore
Gibson did not have the bathing suit
on wh.n he was dragged Into the mot r
boat Torpedo
I ndrrtnl.Fr rcstlflrs
1 nderuker Lazier then took the stand
He told the Jurv in response to ques
tions b Mr Wa-servogel that the bod
was stiff when he first saw it w hr.
he saw Gibson at his office In New York
to gt information net cssarv for tht bu
rial permit Gibson told hlin that the
dead woman s mothers name was Pe-
11a Menschik and that she Iverf
In I hfcago
The head was tilted to one side when
ou H It
asked LI ler
and the neck was stiff"
Ves sir it was
iloiv did tu straighten it"
I twis ed the he id around ind then
shoved it forward two inch s replied
the witness
Vlr Fldtr thought he had made hn
no nt
But Vlr Waervogel jumped to the res
rut of the Mate He had one of 1 19
protess servers take a position beside th
witness chair an 1 plate his head in the
wav Lazier sas he found the dead wom-
Ortleretl b the New Vork district
ittornev to de
strate to the Jury Just
what the operation consisted of Lazier
grasped the oung mans head b the
temples ind gcntl twisted It around.
Then he 1 vvrrcd the head two inche"
Vt anv time during the opentlon did
vou grasp th woman s throat" asked
Vlr Wasservcgel
Fifteen witnesses took the stand in be
half of the State Mr Rogers the nomi
nal head of the prosecution said to night
that he woull have all the btate s case
in b to morrow night Justice Tompkint
stated that he would like to have thfl
case In the hands of the Jury by Satur
da night
"Gentleman from Vllsslsili.pl" t
Critical Condition
Okolona Miss Nov 13 Former l mtett
States Senator James Gordon who hat
been III for some time is in a critical
condition to-night and his death is ex
pected at anS time
James Gordon was born December S.
1S33. In Monroe Count Okia the son
of a wealthv planter He was an only
son and grew up In Pontotoc and at
tended school for several years at St
Thomas Hall in liollj Springs Later he
entered La Grange College in Mabama,
and at the beginning of his second vear
went to the I nlversit of Mississippi,
where he was graduated In the class of
He married Miss Carolina Virginia,
Wile, the daughter of a planter Hvlns
near Oxford Miss who died in Febru
ary 1303 leaving hlnr two children In
April IDoi he married Miss tlla N Nell
son of Oxford Miss
Col Gordon represented Pontotoo
Count In the Legislature of ls7 wav
a trustee of the Lniverslt of Missis
sippi and the author ot a number of
books and poems
He organized a companv of cavalrv at
the opeing of the civil war and fought
in that war with much distinction belnc
sent on a private mission to Furopo
in 1564 by the confederate government.
On his return he was captured but es
caped and fled to Canada and later was
disfranchised for ten ears b to
government because of his term in the
legislature In 1&7
He served for some time later In the
State Legislative body of Mississippi
and In December. 1SC3 was appointed
by Gov Noel to fill the vacancr In the
United States Senate caused b the
death of . J McLaurln
I orl Decies Is Honored.
London Xor. U Lord Decles whoss
wife was Miss Vivian Gould, has been
notified of his selection as a represent
ative peer for Ireland, to sit 1ft tho
House of Lords.
...-:A- .Js-ju
--v -HiijM! a rf
I rtk ietii

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