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The Herald has the largest
morning home circulation, and
pnnts all the news si the world
each day, in addruon to many
Fair UwJay and to-morrow,
colder to-morrow
Temperatures yesterday Maxi
mum. 63, minimum, 41.
exclusive feature
NO. 223S.
Men and Women Arrested on
Charge of Soliciting Hie
gal Business Through
the Mails.
Well-known Physician, Taken Before
U. S. Commissioner, Gives
$2,500 Bond for Release,
Most Gigantic Campaign Ever Executed
by Department Embraces Se.en.j-.wo
Cities ToroDgbout tbe Counfry
rrest of practicallv all of the
175 persons against whom the
Post office Department jesterda
executed a conntrj wide campaign
for alleged Molation of the law
prohibiting the ii-e of the mails to
promote criminal medical practices
or the sale ot drugs and iiistru
ments used for illegal purposes had
been reported last night
Inspectors of the Post office Dc
partment and Lnited States mar
shdls acting almost simultaneoush
in the largest raid c er made b the
Post office Department and mo
ing upon plans which had been
worked out after months of ines
ligation proceeded with swiftness
and surencss
In cities from ocean to ocean
and from Canada to Mexico men
and women were taken mto cus
tod on the same charge that of
violating cition 211 of the penal
Xashlni.n.i Man rrrl.l
Chief Tntpeotor Rol ert S Sharp hi d
Inspe trs had gathered evidence
K.auibt tl e various person n-imed in
the warrant manv of which were naed
i pc i indictments alreads found
In W ashington Dr Thomas J kimp
i f 133 G street Northwest whs arrested
n a warrant sworn befor t nited fctatts
( ommis ioner Anson Tavlor and
Fen ed bv Deputs Marshal I usicks lr
Kemp against whom the charge of vio
latino seition 11 was made g-ive bond
In the sum of J-500 for 1 is appcaran e
before Commissioner Taslor Mondas
A warrant against a woman also has
I eon sworn in Washington It was said
I ut her name lias not be n ma le public
liecause she has rot vet been arrested
It was said 1 owevcr tl at her arrest
was expected at ans tim
Two arrests e ich w re scl ed le I to be
made in Album W ishingt n Mempl I
Birmingham Cleveland and Meubenvill.
Ohio Duluth aid Winona Minn a
Anton o Houston New Orleans Kan as
Cits Topeka and Alameda, Cal
One each in Atlanta Cincinnati Toledo
Minneapolis Galveston Salt Lake Cits
Ithaca and Llmira N A 1 ast Orange
lv J Lancaster and Pine Bank Pa
Cumberland Md Charleston and Colum
ha S C Jacksonville Fla Columbus
Spriiifcfield Mount Vernon Da ton and
Convos Ohio Fort Wajne and Terre
Haute Ind. Peoria III Kalamazoo and
Iron Hiver Mich Ifolden Mo Musko
Reer-Okla. Wichita Kans Council Bluffs
Iowa Belllngham Crescent and Tacoma,
Wash and Sacramento Petaluma Fres
til and Glendale Cal
Mans of the persons arrested jester
day aro prominent commercially and so
cially In their com nunities. Some are
physicians and others are business men
The great majority of the prisoners
caught in the governments net, however
are said b the postal authorities to be
of the shrewd tSTe that live by their
wits and comparatively unknown
IrresU in Many Cities
Here is the schedule of arrests that the
inspectors had laid out and which was
accomplished with but a few scattering
New Tork Cits " Buffalo 3 Pittsburg
7 Indianapolis 5 Chicago 9 St. Paul a
Fort Worth Tex 4 St Louis 3 Omaha,
4 Oklahoma Cits S 1 ortland Oreg 3
Denver S Seattle S Spokane s San
Francisco 7 Oakland Cal 8 Los An
Continued on Pace Eleven
Mexico City Nov 20 Unconfirmed re
ports have reached here that more than
100 persons were killed In the northern
part of the State of Mexico bj yestcr
da) a earthquake.
The shock there was undoubtedly mtfch
rrore severe than In the city, and It is
probable that the reports arc true but
no authentic accounts have as set been
Ann and Iavy Football
Special Train to and from Franklin
Field. Pennsylvania Railroad.
Saturday November 30. Leave Union
BtaUon. Washington. 9 10 a, m. running
direct to gates of grounds. Returning
M minutes after game. Pullman parlor
cars, dining cars, and vestibule coaches.
14.00 round trip tickets sold for all trains
November 29, and morning trains up to
and Including 11 a. ra. train, November
30 Good returning until December ", In
elusive. Round trip Pullman tickets sold
for special trains. Full particulars of
B. M. Newboia D P A.. Fifteenth and
C Streets, Washington,
tess Szabo Died of Stran
gulation from Without.
Cumulative Testimony Damaging to
Case of -Accused Lawyer.
Star Witness To-day.
Goshen N T Nov a) Death sure and
instantaneous will follow a momentary
pressure on the pneumogastric nerve ac
cording to tcstlmons given to-day at the
trial of Burton W Gibson by Dr George
W KInt. official physician of liuason
Counts Is J and applied by the hand
of an adept such pressure will leave no
surfacft Indications behind It
Dr King's tcstlmons was a fiat con
flrmatlon of the evidence which will be
presented to morrow by Dr Otto IL
Schultz star witness for the prosecution,
and Is of vital Importance In conse
quence Hi. testlmons which detailed
the results of the autopss performed on
the bods of Countess Szabo was not
weakened In any was on cross examlna
tion bs J O Reilly u medico legal prac
tltioner Introduced by the defense. In
fact It was the cross examination which
brought out the most damaging facts
about tl e defendant
Dr King on direct examination made
tl Is positive declaration
The cause of death was strangulation
resulting from pressure on the outside
of the throat
Death AAonld lie luatantuneou
He declared the pressure had been ap
plied upward and outward Llsewherehe
described the technical condition of the
throat which led to his conclusion as
to the c-iuse of death And then taken
over for cross-examination bs O RUUy
the fact came out regarding the ease
with which death might be induced by
such pressure on tlie pneumogastric
How lone would such pressure have
to be applied he was asked
I rom a few seconds to a few min
tites was the rcpls And the pressure
would produce Instantaneous death with
out leaving ans external marks, and
wiuld produce the conditions which were
fo ind in the throat of the deceased
Justice Tompkins who is presiding at
the trial brought out the tinal touch
And the length of time In which death
would 'nsue he askedj. would depend
upon the strength and skill of the person
applslng the force"
ies sir replied the witness.
Tl e peculiar strength of the hands of
it a ciised lawscr has heretofore ben
pointed c ut.
Dr Kings testlmons came as a s nsa
tiona) climax t the testimonv of John
Mintun fciven earlier in the dav which
placed OibFOn in such an attitude with
respe t t C ountess Szabo at the mfnute
thev I ppled into Greenwood Iake as
tv II law enabled 1 im to appis the
1 ressure described hs Dr King
I sw two stooping figures in the
joat Thev noved as though to pass
ich i thir and change seats. Both stood
straight their hands were on the gun
j f the boat When they got sidi
hs slue dibsou threw his left arm across
hir neck and si ouldcr He made x slid
len movement with his right arm to
ward the upper part of her bods 1
(ouldnt free where his right hand had
g i e because his bods obstructed uis
lew The woman fell backward and
he man forward
Proceeding he described what follow
ed the splash in the water The woman
ever appeared again Gibson came to
he surface iwentv feet awav from the
boat which float -d right side up
C ross-cxamin ttlon brought out the
fa t that Minium did not tell this story
ef the apparent struggle between the
woman and the man at the prellmlnars
1 earing though he swore at trat time
that he had told all 1 c saw Ls was of
explanation he said that he had started
to tell it and the counsel for the de
f nsc tried to tangle him up ind ho
decided to tell no more. Re-direct ex
amlnatlon brought out the fact that he
had told the full story before the grand
Jurs tl e minutes of which were pro
duced and read into the records
Banker on Stand
As the final telling part of the day
agiinst the defendant, john W Arm
strong of the Franklin Savings Bank
testified that when Gibson first appeared
as executor of the estate ef Rose Szabo
to draw out what savings she had on de
posit there he said that the countess
had died of heart disease and Bright s
There was also put In evidence during
the das the will of Mrs. Szabo leaving
her estate to her mother and making
Gibson her executor and the letter of
adminstration which he later took out,
to which was attached the waiver of
citation signed by a. Mrs. Petronella
Menschlk mother of the deceased
Franz Menschlk brother of Mrs Men
schik next took the stand and with
Counsellor Charles Goldzler of tbe de
fense acting as interpreter swore that
not only had his mother never been In
Vmerlca but that je was actually dead
at the time the waiver Is alleged, to have
been signed
Attaches of half a lozen banks also
appeared and told of Gibson s with
drawal of the dead woman s funds as
executor of her estate
But It was the testlmons of Minturn
supplemented by that of Dr King which
told most heavils against Gibson s
chances to das
There Is little hint as yet as to the na
ture of his defense though counsel for
Gibson threw out a suggestion to-day
when he declared We are not saying
that Mrs. Szabo died of nobody knows
what .
Dr King was questioned closely as to
the condition of the organs of the de
ceased and there were references to
Bright s disease but tbe doctor this
acain while he was under cross-examina
tlon bluntlyThformcd the counsel advo
cate that no matter what the condition
of the woman s kidneys might have
been. It could not have produced the evl
dence of strangulation In her throat.
A marked feature of Gibson s attitude
Is his friendliness for the prosecution.
He sits In court and converses frequent
ly with District Attorney Rogers and
never falls to pass the time of day with
Mr WTasservogel and Mr Murphy ot
District Attorney Whitmans staff who
are assisting Rogers In the prosecution
of the case.
Trades Autonomy System Up
held by American Fed
eration of Labor.
Rochester N T Nov "0 The meri
can federation of Lalior will continue
to conduct its affairs as a trades auton
omy organization This was decided bs
a delcgxti roll call vote to das after
hours of discussion of a proposed change
to Industrialism Wl ire Practical Tl e
feleration system was upheld by 10 "d
otes against 5"9
The Irewlng antagonism towarl the
hoclallst a tlvitles an 1 political bv plass
at this convention tlamed up sreral
times to das President Gompers hn
been personally attacked and is ex
pected to answer to-morrow in "in ef
fectlve way
The discussion f Industrialism as x
practical ss stem of trid s ui ion organi
zatlon occupied the day s proceedings.
I vers member of the 1 nlteil Mine
Workers which brought the matter be
fore the delegation bv Instruction urged
Its adoption -
The Issue as presented was not a de
mand for a declarati )n in favor of
straight laced organization of unions h
industries. Tl e proposition brought for
ward bs Secretars John Walker of the
education committee In a minority re
po t declares In substance
That one organization shall hold Juris
diet on over the workers In one countrj
wren) practical and that where a ma
Jonts of the men actually involved be
Heve one organization to be impractl
cable thes shall federate In a depart
The socialists polled tHelr vote for the
Mitchell ldreaea Delegate
Jol n Mitchell pleaded with the dele
fiates to act upon the question as the
experiences Im each of their organlza
tions warranted He said he not only
supported the matter because he was
so instructed but because he believed
that more consideration should be given
to amalgamating the organization of men
emplosed In one Industrs He pointed
out the growth and strength of the
United Mine W orkers America s greatest
labor union which holds jurisdiction
over every man employed around
A serious situation was created when
Delegate Egan of the T-pographicaI
union said
I am trying to bring out th s point
The people who try to force us Into
adopting Industrialism are outside of our
labor movement They have been the
representatives of Free Love and
Daniel Tobln president of the Inter
national Brotherhood of Teamsters,
spoke vehemently against the adoption
of the report. He daclared the proposed
change from the present form of the
trades autonomy to the industrial sss
tern would mean the ending of his union
Then Tobln electrified the body by
bringing to Its attention a newspaper
story wnlcn ridiculed President Gom
pers, and declared the latter was not a
trades unionist He said he had waited
for Duncan MacDonald of the Miners
who was named as the authority In the
story for the reflections upon Mr Gom
pers, to, come forward with a denial
lyit that over twenty four hours had
elapsed without It
President Gompers announced his In
tentlon at a future time to ask somn
questions about the reflections upon his
character related by Delegate Tobln He
inen aaaressea me convention upon the
Industrial Issue
Authority on Engllih Dies.
Lancaster Pa. Nov 20 Dr Gennr
E. Porter professor of English at
Franlclln nnrfXfat-in11 rvalue ...
well known English authority died here
iu any ui consumption mo was a grad
uete of Harvard and thirty seven years
Standard or tourist. Latter personally
coDducted without change dally exeent
fittnriav TterfV, fa TOkl...- cr-..
joute, A. i. Postoa, O. A-.I05 F.iOJlSUi.
Not Offered
Cabinet Job,
Says Bryan
Savannan Ga No "0 William Jen
nings Brsan wlo is here on lis was to
1-lorida to dav denied that he hid been
asked to aecept any Cabinet position by
President elect W ilson
I have had no onference with Gov
Avihion Slid M- Hrsan I have neve t
no Intention of goim, to IlermJdt
Becker and Gunmen to
Leave New York.
New x rk Nov 3) -Jtck Pose,
Bridges Wilier Hairs v illon and
Sam rl epps wil he HI crated from th
W est Side prison to morrow The ahan
donment of cl arges aga nst them in con
nectlon with Herman Ito-ei thai s klllin;
is a reward for testlfji g igainst Charles
Becker Uft I ouie Whites I ewl:
Gsp the Blood anl Dago Frank who
were convicted of mur ier
The liberation of the informers was
agreed upon it i eonferen e letween
ulstrict Attornev W hltm in and Max D
Steuer representing W ebl er and Ber
narrt II handler lawscr for Rose allon
and Scl epps
It is with regret said District Attor
ney Wlitman that I consent to the
liberation of these men who have con
fessed to the commission of murder I
wish that In some was thev could be
punished for their crime
I cannot take ans other coure as I
am bound bs an agreement in writing
which stipulates these men shall go free
If It Is not shown that thes actually fired
one of the shots which killed Rosen
There Is no law under which these
men can be kept In custody pending an
appeal In the cases of the five convicted
William Shapiro ihauffcur of the
murder car ilso will be liberated to
morrow because he made a confession
In the last hour before the Becker trial
and appeared as a witness against the
four gunmen
Mr Sandler said his clients would make
an effort to leave Jail as secretls as pos
Webbr has planned to go to Europe
Rose will remain In seclusion i ntll he
arranges for the publication of his book
Twenty 'icars wltB tie tnderworld
Schepps will go to Hot Springs allon
has not made up his mind wlat to do
except that he will not appear In public
In New -iork and Shapiro with his
mother Intends to go West
The four convicted gunmen were ar
ralgned to das before Justice Goff and
Attorney Wahle requested that the pass
lng of sentence be postponed until next
W ednesdas
No said Justice Goff That Is
Thanksgiving Eve and I will not sen
tence these men at that time I will
make It Tuesdas
Justice Goff discharged Mrs Horowitz
wife of Gyp the Blood and Mr
Ciroflcl wife of Dago Frank,
Attornev Joseph A Mias tor Charles
Becker served notice upon District At
tornes Whitman to das that he would
appeal from the Judgment of conviction
and the refusal of Justice Goff to set
aside the xerdlct in the case of Becker
This will act as a stas of the execution
of Becker who Is sentenced to die In the
week beginning December 9 until his
case Is argued In a higher court
Rebel lenders lo Go tree
Waco Tex Nov M. Writs of habeas
corpus to-day were granted for Gen
Pacualor Orozco sr and Gen David
Delasuenta both mllltars prisoners at
San Antonio
The wj-lts are returnable in December
at Austin.
Chairman Pujo and Attorney
Untermyer "Out ot Tone" as
to Conifliltiae's "plans.
Anot er change In the i lans f the
Mon v Tn st c mtnltiee int ounc d ves
t rda I Representative rs n I ujoof
Ln i siana harm in In llratis the state
(f n ri tai in r st among the members f
ti" mniitt s Chairman Pujo iss i -d 1
statement Tuesdv In which he said the
t mmitt e voill res ini ts public
I arins in ds or n finish them by
! ml er an i submit t final report
t i e II u on or ali it Januars lo.
fter hti executiv sessi n f t cm
mittee vot'rdas which was -minded
lv siniuel I nttrmser of New x ork
c uns 1 f r tl e Monev Trust i rt bers
hainnnn I hJ issued a staten tut in
which he tav i otl i tl at p ibllc Inr
Incs wouil 1 1 1 egun i ISeeeinler 9
He di 1 not fas when fie hcinngs wouil
Ik coucltided or when the e mm Itec
wo ill repirt to the II u
It is the tin lirstan ling I at tie po-t
ponement in th I ito f t put li hear
Ings was cause 1 1 difTircn es h to the
oiiduet if tie Investigation that 1 ive
grown ut I tween Mr I i rmver in
the ne I ml xnl Chair an I J i 1
other mem! t rs of th eomn itte oi the
th r Ofllc-i il cogntzane or rn rts is
to friction lietween the N n irk lawver
md Chairman 1 ujo were given In the
statement ssii d bs Mr I ij
Hope Ik for llnrniimv
Ho ise leaders t t llentlfiel with t e
Monev Trust omn lttee as v 11 as mem
hers of the committee ar hagri ic 1
over the pul licitlon of the trouhle tl it
lias developed between Mr I ujo anl Mr
Lntermser It is explained that a pot
ponement of public hearings in the e-ise
was agreed upon in the bop that h-ir
monlous relations would soon be estah
In the statement Issued vetcrdas
Cha rman Pujo points out t lat t e
Mones Trust lnquirs cannot be pushed
to a conclusion unless the committee is
given pienarv iiower over national banks
A bill drum by Chairman Pujo auth r
izlng the committeo to visit -national
banks and examine their hooks and rec
ords is hunn up in tl o S nate Unless
that measure is passed or the a lmlnls
tratlon gives Representatives of the com
mittee a ces to the records of tl e Comp
troller of the Currencs doubt Is i xprcss
ed bs Chairman Pujo that the investlga
tlon can be efficiently conducted
There Is reason to believe thxt the
Money Trust Investigation mas be nursed
along this winter ind projected into the
new Congress This course will be im
peratlve it is declared I s som Demo
crats unless the Senate concurs in the
action of the House on tl e Pujo bill
At the publ c hearings to be I egun on
December " the committee will take fur
ther testlmons relative to the practi es
of clearing house associations and stock
exchanges after which attention will b
given to charges relating to the toncen
tratlon of monev and credit
Woman XVnnled nt Itnmonil Trial
located In Maine limn
Augusta Me Nov 31 Mrs iimmon
a mlasing witness wxnted at tl e trial of
Mrs Elsie Hobbs Ravmond for the mur
der of Mattie Haci ett for whom State
detectives have been starching has been
located In Dallas She will le arrested
and brought to thlSAyfits Immeiiiatels
Airs Simmons was the Cook at the Elm
wood Hotel where Bert Rasmond was a
hostler at the time the crime was com
mltted So necessary was her tcstlmons
considered b the State that sho was
placed under bonds to appear at the trial
She failed to appear
The courtroom was crowded when the
trial was resumed to-das
From the lips of Levi Hacked t slain
girl s father came the first of the State s
Matinee, Trail of the Lonesome PlBe,"
yo-day. 2J5. Columbia Theater. Jl to Be
More Than 100 Lose Lives
in Storm Which Sweeps
Jamaica. -
Parts of Island Devastated Re
lief Train Sent to Suffer
ing Provinces.
8ral Cibl to Th WMhlncton HmJd.
Kingston Jamaica o 3) It Is be
1 eved that more than a hundred persons
lost their lives at Montego Ba during
the recent hurricane and tidal wa thai
deastated parts of the Island iorti
two bodies hav been recovered from the
tay and the search continues The town
Is practically .suept aa The towns
of Lucca and Green Island were devas
twted onI rte out of 3W houses remain
Int, standing- In Luc en The sea roan to
su h an extent that It amounted to a
tidal wae at the town Savanna la Mar
end murh Ios of life Is feared there
Strerai essels were blown a half mile
inland and are now hlsh and dry The
town was mept entlrl awa Black
River another town on the southern
toast. a!o was demolished
Tobacco tnipi Or itro) nl
The merican Tobacco Companj s field'
in that I art cf the 11 ind were ruined
and jm per cent of their crop is lost.
Tn Lnited Fruit Compan has placed
al its ships at the disposal of the n
rnmmt for the purpose of endlnc food
and clothing tn si fferers at points not
rtarhed bj railroads
Although the wind which reached a
e ocftj of 1ft miles per 1 our has abated
th rain continues to fall
Th pirtnl restoration of wire nmmu
ni ation thrj tbo t th Man 1 today
1 rouRht tl e nws that a great t lat wave
had practical! . wiped out the town of
Stanna la Mar i th southwest co.ist
and th town of I icea n th northwest
coa-st f the ial.in I and that between
fort and t ft pronb t ad Iv-en killed
b th hurricane in Montex i Ba The
litter rep rt was onflrm-d late to-dav
bv a dispatch from 1 ort Antonio whtr
a Me-im.r ha I armed with tl same
The liurricai e swept ner the island for
three daa last week i coo ra pan led bj
n continuous anl t"-rential tain Manx
a - t (i ni r m' -ad
io hrt nti was ed awa and m ich dam
tee 1 i e to all manmr f ind istrlcs
The ra 1 roads were I aw suffer r" but
lave manage 1 to effect temporar rt
I a rs on ncarlj all of their line
New Xork. No "v-Just as t e steam
er Oruba I oun 1 for H rmu la as dra
nu out of i r pier t dav a ing i an
end w man wh said thes wer Mr md
Mrs Josci h It Iloixer ai 1 i ii c rou
pie from I hi ago lash il u( in a taxi
cab Without taklni. tine t pa the
drier thev ni Imnnl the pi r ei 1 The
Oiunx was st i pe 1 and tie 1 rs taken
lKarl in i v r 1 apps trim of mind
While the st a ner was lie g hiked
th couple t Id t e p r s iperintei dert
that thes were mlrr tl vesteria in i
ngo n t tell ng the paren - plinnin
ti ten ther hmrimoon f th llei
m idx
Infuriated Farmer Fires on
Prominent Manufacturer and
Wife Both May Die.
Frlc Pa No ) Infuriated wh n
their automobile ran over lu-!ound mar
Walnut Creek fourteen miles west of
trie this afternoon I losd D Pastorlous.
twentx live sears old fired both barrels
of i shotgun at Mr anl Mrs William II
rorster and their chauffeur George Kel
Mr and Mrs Forster were le s tl in
ten feet awav when Pastorio is bred and
the charge from both barrels struck them
full in the face The side of Mrs tor
ster s face was practicalls torn awav
md Mr torsters face aid head were
rid lied by the shots. Keller was not serl
ousls Injured Mr in 1 Mrs Forster
were hurried to Jlammot Hospital Their
condition Is vers c-itlcal The chauffeur
Keller as soon as the slots were- fired
Jumped from his seat and started after
the hunter who ran awus but wheeled
around and holding Keller at bas with
his gun said he had been firing nt the
injured dog an 1 did not Intend to shoot
Mr and Mrs Forster He thin turned
mil ran down the road He will be held
pending the outcome of the injuries of
his sictims
Mr Forster is one of the best known
residents of Northwestern Pennsylvania
He is extremelj wealthv and Is presl
dent of the Hasea Manufacturing Com
pan) one of the largest ndustries In this
cits as well as president of the North
western Pipe Wrench and Supply Com
pans He and his wife re prominent In
the exclusive societs of I-rte
Kills Wife nnd Son: su,tr
Worcester Mais Nov JO. John Avood
a grocer killed his wife and baby bos
at his home 11 Lake btreet todas-&nd
then committed suicide -He smo hered
his wife and child to death with chloro
form saturated cloths and then nded
his own life with the same drug j.
Vo 37, the NeiT A ork, tlanla, and
New Orleans I trailed
Leaves Washington 10 k ni every
night via Southern Railwas rea hins.
Ulanta. next afternoon New Orleans
second morning Gulf Coast Resorts
Consult Agents. TOG Fifteenth Street, and
90u Fj Street Nortfawejt.
War Office at Sofia Issues
Statement on Result of
Battle at Tcfiatalja
Plenipotentiaries Meet To-day at'
Hademkeui to Review Plans
for Armistioe.
Demands Apology of Senla for Treatnent
Consol hi Annj War Is
Rome Nov 20 It,l as well
tistria it now appear. ha Ic-
nianded n explanation trom Scr-
ia ot the treatment oi it, consuls
Mbanian towns taken ocr b
the Senian troop during ''the
present war
tcordincr to report lien. 1 1
h, the attitude ot Seria in the
matter i- mo t alarmnm It wjs
believed tint i reckleNS ind rre
sponsible nulitarv clement had
taken charge ot affair it Bel
frradt nnd threatened t un3et thr
beruan go eminent unlc it com
plies with the demands f to
iincocs and to nhmsrc tl c coimtrv
lin -mother war if" ''ic sro eminent
dues l ot omph
' nil
f t ro
us abled to the
st rdav M ti"?
t be iped re
S. OO) was a do a
Fl K-kefe er Mr
Balkans ind Turke
men an Red Oro
II f work Of tl I s
t n frim John r
Hork f Her lie te
in ner 'Iarr J M rj I tl r the mnnes
want ti- wl n Rellros or W h
out regard t rar- r ed or ol r
Mr Roekefeller hap fre lentlv . d 1
tl e Vmeriean Red (Yoss with r tr h
tions to its nl ( r arr ing in r
I lief work air
d trlbut d n
III ns of Turk
s.d The mone- w 1 ti
ong tl e relief rgarizx
i snia aid B lgart
to in no i the I n t 1
it s.!lon k ra led t th"
J In respoi se 1
ctates ( onsu!
Mate Departn
tinli lint ti-
meri ins at CaalU x i n or pied
h II ilgamn for -ire saf The Cor
sul add d thxt le was wtthoit rtomia
!tf n from the l iterior listr rts
t the re.iut t "f tl e War fepartmert
the .Mte 1 rpxrt f is endea onng ti
nrrang for i i n nc fan mbe
of ll eri in rim 111 ers to Jo n t I
field for es at war n Turkes If pe
miw on is grant 1 b th gocmments or
iireece Turke and Bulgaria merlran
officers i ow n I- urope as m htar xt
tachis or on ther special dutv will b
rder st o in one or the oth r of t
ltn th gh the fighting seerrs to h
n nr at n ni the War Department
believes m rican oflcers lould learn
great dial f tl e were on the s ene of
the re ent conflicts
It is llkel that a medical offker wl I
be sent to the battle ground if perm s
s on Is granted bv the gosernments con
Berlin N D The Taehlatt prints
the statement that ustria sent An ult -matum
to cerxla to das
dispatch from ienna quotes thy
Relchspost ther as saving that ustr -
'and ervia are on tie serge of war
j sofia Nov "0 The Bulgarian govern
ment has sent out instructions to th v
Inewfv appointed governors of towns that
Czar Jerdinind anl his arms havi t tken
I steps In Turk v to prepare voters 1 st3
I for mun ipxl eie t ons to lie h Id a.i.
soon s pcssil le
Athens Crcece Nov 20 The Ruslarfc
cruiser Olga which was in the harbor
here left hurriedls to-day for Jaffa,
I alestine on re elvtng news of a mas
sacre of Christians in that countrs
There are a number of missionary s
i etles hiving fcepresentitiv es ii Jaffa
No details of the outrages haxe been
Police n
Miot to Death
Buffalo Nov JO Patrolman George N.
Claus was shot to death on his heat In
Sears Street earls to-das He was at
tacked bs three men without warnlnje
and when he turned to defend himself
he wis shot His revolver has not leen
found and it Is presumed that It was
wrested from him in the struggle and
that the murderer fled with It Steve
Gercrzeszak twents two ears old an I
Stanislaus Konleczeka aged twents two,
have been arretted
A PHRnrn Ilob Poat-oflc
Wheeling W a Nov SO Ycggmen,
earls to-day dsmamited the safe in lh
post-office at Welrton Ohio escap "
with JoCO In cash and stamps. Tly P
sylvania Railroad station and a ilo.iv
merrhandlseSrars also were robbed of
hundreds of dollars worth of goods. Jir
trace of the robbers wa toad.

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