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BS- - -t -t-
-FV. I1? V
Fair to-dajr. colder at night.
To-morrow fair.
Temperatures yesterday max
imum, 70; minimum, 34.'
The Herald has the largest
morning home circulation, and
prints all the news of the world
each day, in addition to many
exclusive features.
NO. 2239.
vpmBF&rlwiq,ii "Pyywny
Conspiracy to Overthrow Gov
ernment More Serious Than
First Believed.
Forte Orders Generals at Front to
Renew Battle with
IS-e- Spooul Cerretpondeirt erf the boadoo Chronicle
Constantinople (via Constanza) Nov
21 The oung Turks plot to establish a
republic bj a coup d etat has proved a
much more serious affair than was first
supposed No fewer than 300 persons
hae alread been arrcted The con
piracy had Its roots deep in the arm
and its timely discovery undoubtedly has
prevented an outbreak of serious disor
ders in the capital
The authorities will not permit me lo
telegraph the full particulars direct, and
have issued a statement minimizing the
affair, but I can vouch for the truth of
the following account
The government received on Saturdaj
afternoon Information of the intentions
of the committee on union and progress.
The conspirators plans were to have
been put Into execution to-daj Orders
were Immedlatelj given for the arrest of
the chiefs of the party, and within a few
hours several ex-minister", ex-deputies,
and prominent Journalists were in cus
todv B dawn on Saturdaj there had
been thirty arrests
Ex-ministers elsed
The intention was to set up a republic
under Mahemed Shevklt Pasha, though
some favored the leadership of Rlza
Bej. the reil leader of the movement
DJavld Bey heard his arrest had been
ordered and escaped to the German Em
bassy, and is now believed to hae left
the country on board a Russian ship
Klat Be ex minister of posts and tele -graphs
wa. less fortunate He was ar
rested tried sentenced to death and
phot Another prominent conspirator
was Husia DJahld Bey editor of the
Journal Tanln who has been directing
the affairs of the paper from Constan
tinople W hen a large edition arrived
esterdaj the police confiscated It
There hae been a large number of
Continued on Pane Three.
Practically All Towns in West
ern Half of Jamaica Are
Wiped Out.
Kingston, Jamaica Nov 2L The death
lit as a result of the recent hurricane
Is growing rapidly Nearly all the towns
on the western half of the Island were
practically wiped out, but the lack of
proper wire communication prevents
gathering of the details Thousands i
this section of the island are homeles'
trade of all kinds is paralyzed and
Toads leading from the east to the west
ore still obstructed.
The United Fruit steamer dmirnJ
Dewer is ashore on the eastern end of
the Island
Gov Olivier, who left here on a spe
cial train last night, reached Montego
Bay this evening his short trip occupy
ing- twenty -rour hours He has assumed
control of the situation at that point
A relief fund has been opened here by
the newspaper Gleaner The first dona
tion came from the Kingston branch of
I.iscelles and Company of New York
The Americans here are taking a lively
interest In the relief work, and their aid
Is thoroughly appreciated
Following the receipt of reports from
various parts of the West Indies vester
av, regarding the extent of the disaster
In Jamaica, the American Red Cross be
Kan the collection of funds for the relief
of the homeless
' While we are rather embarrassed at
present bj the necessit) of sending
monej to me isaiKans, said Miss Mabel
Boardman yesterdav. "we will do every
thing In our power to aid the stricken
Jamaicans The American Red Cross
cent Jo.000 to Martinique at the time of
the disaster there and we hope to be able
tq do at least as well in this case
poon aa we, receive more definite reports
concerning the extent of the devastation
on the Island we will send as much
monej aa we can raise and follow that,
if neceisarj, with shipments of clothing
end food '
Charleston W Va , Nov 21. Four
leaders In the Kanawha Valley coal
trike were, to-day sentenced to prison
terms bj the military court on various
charges growing out of labor troubles
Thej were given the following terms
Joseph Raines five years Charles Jar
reil. two years. S F Nace. five sears
and Daniel Chain, five years
Senator Isldor Rayner of Maryland
was still In a comatose condition last
night. He has now been unconscious
for the past forty hours Ever effort
to arouse htm from the stupor has fail
ed. At midnight it was said that the
end might come within a few hours.
Mr. William B. Rayner, son of the
Eenator. issued a brief bulletin It was.
"My father's condition remains unchanged."
New lork N'ov 21 - No nitivc Servian
wotnau could be more zealous in her ef
fort to aid her countrj In the fight
against the Turks than Is Mine Slavko
y Grouttch wife of the Servian t'harge
d Affaires In Iondon Mme Groultch
who was Miss Mabel Gordon Dunlop of
Harrison Count a is now In
New prk for the purpose of raising
JlCaOM to linaiue the work of the Serv
ian Red Cross durlngi the Balkan war
Thus far she ha been most successful
and witl1 the aid of her friend Miss
Mabel B erdman Ik ad of the American
Red Crt,"s Is gradually increasing her
fund to the required amount Mme
Grouitch believes that she can aid her
adopted countrj more effectlvel bv
what the Is doing than b going to the
front and nursing the wounded She
sajs. however that she has taken a
course In nursing and If necessary or
called upon w'll gladlj go to the front
and carrv on her work of chant In the
Alleged Slayer of Josephs Boy
May Be Held for Death
of Mrs. Turner.
Toms River " J. Nov 21 The ap
plication from Gov Dix of New Tork
for the extradition of J Frank Hlckej.
who Is held In the county Jail here under
suspicion f murdcitng a bov n Lack
awanna N was received at the
fctatehoue. Trenton to-da The ap
plication will be heard on Tuesdaj next,
November -t
Opposition to Hickey s extradition Is
now deev loping from an unexpected
source The authorities of Lackawanna
are Investigating a report that Hlckej
was in Lakewood the latter part of last
Airil when Mrs Carrie C Turner was
mjsteriouslj killed There an a num
her of striking similarities in the Tur
ner murder and the Josephs murder in
Lackawanna, N Y Mrs Turner was
killed April 21 Hlckej left the Kes
wick colon, where he had been all win
ter on March SI of that vear It Is
alleged that the police blotter 'hows a
man answering Hickey s description was
in Lakewood two dajs before and two
davs after the murder
To-daj. J Lincoln Turner, a brother
In law of the murdered woman accom
panied bv a detective, came down from
Lakewood to look over the case from
this end If the Lakewood police are
satisfied that Hlckev Is the man they
want thej will fight his extradition to
New York State
When the Turner case was mentioned
to Hlckej to daj he said he never was
in Lakewood in his life
He devotes most of his time to read
ing engineering magazine His pleas
ant manner and unaffected speech have
completelv won the faith and confidence
of William Howard Jeffrev. the joung
lawjer who he has retained t defend
Prisoner an IIiilKinn.
Chief of Police Raj Giison and Dls
trict Attorney Dudlej. of Lackawanna
although they declare the chain of cir
cumstantlal evident against the prison
er in connection with the death of the
little Josephs bov Is absolutely convinc
ing admit that Hickey is an enigma
seems Impossible to reconcile the
brutalttj of the crime with the evident
mildness of the prisoners disposition
unless his ad 1'ctlon to drink is respon
sible for the development of a dual per
sonally When the extradirtion papers have
been approved Hlckej will be brought
to New J.ork Police Headquarters on his
way tp Buffalo The New York police
expect to connect him with a murder ot
a newsboj Michael Kruck, who was
found strangled ten jcars ago in Central
Park. .
Hlckej at that time was under sus
picion of the crime and was questioned
In prison In Buffalo, where he had been
sent on the charge of Intoxication
While still under the influence of whisky
he had talkd 'With dangerous famil
iarity about the murder in New York
The New 'iork police were notified and
a detective disguised as a prisoner was
placed in the same cell with him The
Influence of the alcohol wore awaj by
the timethc detective reached the Buf
ralo -prison, and Hickey became again
the mild, quiet, gentlemanly mechanical
District Attornej Dudley, of Buffalo,
sajs he has three eyewitnesses who can
ldentifv Hickej as the man who was
maltreating a joung boy on the street
a short time before the Josephs boy dis
A low duty on burglars' acces
sories was declared jesterday by
the United States Court of Cus
toms Appeals when it held that
night-lights may be Imported at
M per cent dutj, as being non
enumerated manufactured articles.
Scores Fill Streets When Rose.
Webber, Valion, and Sctiepps
Are Freed.
Declares "System" Is All That
He Has to Fear Plans for
the Future.
New ork, Nov
conviction of the
gang rule In New
feared was the
.3 Declaring that the
gunmen hail broken
ork and all that they
police. Jack Rose
'Bridgej Webber. Ham Vailon and
Sam Schepps on whoso confessions five
men have been convicted of the murder
of Herman Rosenthal, walked forth free
to-daj from the est Side prison
Rose chief of the Informers who ad
mltted he wis the collector for Becker
and hired the gunmen to kill Rosenthal
denounced the police with especial vchc
mence He said that as long as Mayor
Gajnor kept Rhlnelander Waldo as no
lice commissioner there was constant
danger that the sjstem would wreak It
vengeance upon him and the three other
informers for testlfjing that Becker in
stlgated the crime
'Major Gaynor has been responsible
for the demoralization of the police
rorce" said Rose He has kept Com
missioner Waldo at police headquarters
and Waldo Is utterlv inefficient Even
when It has been proved that Becker
grafted under Waldos very nose. Major
Gaynor refused to remove him I am
not afraid of gangs. Their rule has been
broken Of the police I am as much
afraid as ever The sjstem got a hard
knock from tho conviction nf Becker
but the sjstem still remains the sjstem '
Creiirtln Jrer.
In the face of a street full of people
shouting Murderers 'Informers ' and
spealcrs. Schepps Rose W ehber and
allon emit prison to begin life over
again Schepps was tho first to go Ar
raigned before Magistrate Murphv In the
West Side Court at 10.JO. Schepps ap
peared in all the stjle of a Broadwas
boulevardler Bernard II Sandler his
Iawjer, asked that the charge of va
grancj against Schepps be dropped and
at the acquiescence of Assistant District
Attornej Sullivan, the magistrate grant
ed Schepps his Ubertj
In Fifty-fourth Street the dapper
'vagrant"' wsji greeted bv or unrotr-
loua crowdr which shouted "mnrdefer."
'squealer " and other like epithets As
. battery of photographers flanked by
moving picture man momentarily
blocked his waj to a taxi, Schepps ex
claimed Take 'em aw a This is an outrage"
Then turning to the reporters he shqut-
I m gorng to Hot Springs for Jnj
health and then jou 11 Be me on the
stage I ve been offered J3M a week.
but I want flOOOO.
"You will get it In the neck, veiled
Divorce- Paper lerved.
"Run over him " Schepps shoufd to
the chauffeur, as he Jumped into the taxi
cab which carried him bj a circuitous
route to the home of his mother In West
144th Street. There he later was served
by Sadie Apfel. from the law office of
Reillej, with papers in a divorce
action The woman named In the papers
was Geno W llson
I won t fight the case," said Schepps.
My wife Is a good woman and deserves
her libertj, too
Rose Webber and Vailon having been
released by Coroner Feinberg on the rep
resentations of the district attorney, left
prison shortlv aftrr 1 o clock Inspector
Djer and ten other policemen kept the
crowd at ba When Rose saw the po
lice he exclaimed
' Police protection That s the last
thing we want Take them away'
After much maneuvering. Rose his
brother Morris and I.awjer Sandler, hid
behind the drawn curtains of a taxi
cab dashed out of the prison gato and
through Fifty-third Street Through
Eighth Avenue and Broadway he tried
to escape up Riverside Drive
Poses for Photographer
Overtaken bj a touring car filled with
photographers Rose Jumped out and
posed for his picture on the- condition
that he be followed no further He
then went to the homo of his mother
In West 110th Street.
Mrs Webber, dressed In ermine, kept
her arms around her husband, while
they fled In another taxlcab down
Eighth Avenue to the Pennsylvania sta
tion Do let mj husband alone," she said
beseechingly He's through with this
terrible thing We look ahead to a. bet
ter life Bridgey Is through with gam
bling We will sail In a few dajs for
three months trip abroad"
In the excitement Harry Vailon walk
ed down tho prison steps In Fifty-third
Street and unrecognized by the crowd.
departed in a big touring car hired by
nis Dromer
To Stay In Olty for For Dayi
AH four Informers expect to stay In
New iork for the next few days Web
ber and his wife have given up thelr
apartments in Second Avenue, and are
stopping at an uptown hotel. Webber
sam ne loves is roadway too much to
stay away long After his trip he will
return. tie promises to Keep out of gam.
bling Rose will go to Florida after
completing arrangements ror his book on
the underworld. Later he may enter
the theatrical business. Vailon spent
uib uiKJii wun nis orotner. TD-morrow
he will wind up his private business
and then take a trip to Florida, '
William Shapiro, the chauffeur of the
murder car, comforted his old mother
who came to his cell, by saying
"Don't mind, mother, I II be out soon
Then were going West and start Itte
over again."
Some private citirens. It was said, had
furnished District Attorney Whitman
money to provide Shapiro with a new
start In life. Mr. Whitman refused to
say how much had been contributed or
who were the donors.
Change of Schedule Chesapeake and
Ohio Railway. "
On and after Sund&v. Nov. fi m,
neake and Ohio Rv. train fnw V,A nr .
will leave WahingtOTat 3 15 p. m. and
S-30 p m.reapectlvel). Instead of 111
P. m. end J 35 p. m.
llV.L !flll
i? is!
im:mii s. not tei.i..
seat on bench
Minister to Switzerland to Suc
ceed Judge Peelle in the
Court of Claims.
Stanton J Peelle Chief Justke of the
I nlted States Court of Claims wll' soon
retire from the bench and Henry Sher
man Moutell or Chicago, former mem
ber of the House of Representative and
now Minister to Switzerland will sue
ceed him
Justice Peelle has been on the bench
of th- I nlted States Court of Claims
since the administration of President
Harrison who appointed him Recentlj
the Chief Justice informed President
Taft of his Intention to retire Mr Taft
immedlatelv consulted with Minister Bou
tell and offered him the vacancy to be
creited bv the retirement of Judge
Peelle Mr Boutell promptlj accepted
the President s offer
Effort was made on the part of In
dlana Republicans to secure Justice
Peelle s position for an Indiana man
Robert J Traievvill, who is now Comp
troller of the United States Treasurj
Former Senator Hemenwaj and former
Renresentativt James K Watson tame
to Washington and asked the President
to name Comptroller Traceweil for tli-
Court of Claims Judgeship The Indiana
men were informed bv the President that
thej wre too late and that Mr Houtll
had be-n appointed to succeed Justice
Though the Indiana Republicans were
not disposed to complain of the Presi
dents selection Inasmuch as the ap
pointment has not necessarilj been re
garded as belonging to Indiana several of
tho Democratic Senators were Inclined
to murmur last night when they learned
the r--esldj-ta action, Tts Pr-i
dent thT declare. Is show In. too grat
a disposition to provide lor nis political
friends on the eve of the end of his ad
ministration There was talk last night
of making a tight in the Scmte against
confirmation of Mr Houtell s nomination,
but nothing can be predicted as to this
phase of the case at this time
WORTH $18,000,000
Appraiser Files Report Showing Ex
tent of Publisher's
New York. Nov. 11 In a report filed
to day with the Deputj State Controller,
Joseph I Bern, appraiser, reported the
estate of the late Joseph Pulitzer, real
and personal Is Jl tZ 11 JZ. The de
ductlons for debts, administration ex
penses, executors commissions and fu
neral expenses amounted to Sl.6Sl.S32.21.
leaving a net estate of J16 "4i4.01 The
executors commissions totaled $372,5.
The value of the dlfft rent portions of
the estate bequeathed to Mr Pulitzer s
heirs are estimated as follows
Mrs Edith Pulitzer Moon daughter
r3SJa Miss Constance Pulitzer daugh
ter. J73S.S4S Mrs Kate Davl- Pulitzer
widow. Jl 776,902. Ralph Pulitzer son. JL
061.143 Joseph Pulitzer son HM K7 Her
bert Pulitzer, son, Jl "07 513 Ralph Pulit
zer Jr. grandson. J2.f" 673 5fl Seward W
Pulitzer, grandsonJ2.54 472 50
Coast Yachtsmen
Accept Challenge
of Sir Thomas
San rrancisco, Nov 21 Local jacht
men have accepted the challenge of Sir
Thomas Llpton for an international
yacht race to be held on the Pacific dur
ing the Panama Pacific International 1.x
position in San rrancisco in 1"15 The
race will be for twenty-three-meter
boats Thomas L. Miller vice president
of the West Coast Life Insurance Com
oanv. in accenting the i hailenge In be
half nf the local jachtmen, said that a
boat to cost J75.O0O would be built by San
Francisco jachtmen
Chicago. Nov 21 Loose methods in
handling hundreds of thousands of dol
lars In the Chicago subtreasurj" were
revealed in cross-examination of gov
ernment witnesses to-dav in the trial of
George W Fitzgerald charged with
stealing -1173 COO from that institution
The witnesses were former vault em-
plojes John F Burrell chief vault
clerk, was one of the Important wit
nesses of the morning After his cross
examination he told of the methods of
handling cash
" Frequently large sums of monej
would come from Washington," he said
Every one In the vault would lane a
hand in counting the monej W'o did
not require receipts until we handed
nut money to the clerks It was possi
ble for money to fall on tne noor ana
be lost " '
91.25 Baltimore and Return.
Haitlraure and unm
Every Saturday and Sunday Good to
return until 9 a. m train Monday AH
trains both wav 8, Including the Bojal
! Intimate Affairs of National;
Banks to Be Guarded from
Pujo Committee.
Opinion on the Subject Has Been
Given by Attorney General
r. 1 1 nt Taft hiv 1 liU I to d ni the
re iui st of Tallin. I Intr-nm.j loun-el
for the Pujo ommlttic ol the House
whkh Is In.ctlgatlng ihe to called
Mom j Trust tint Information dealing
with the Intlmati affairs of national
!anks and now at the command of the
( omptroller of the i'urren y be made
available for the rommitte
1 rom an unimpea habh source came
the Information vest nl-ij that the Presi
dent will be guided b an opinion on the
qutstioii furnished 1 Attorn v General
Wlikersham The opinion holds that to
permit the Investigating committee, free
access to th confidential Information of
the 1 omptroller s office would be a vio
lation of the national banking act which
In giving the Comptroll r and his bank
examiners visitorlal powers over nation
al banks requires that much of the de
ttllcd Informatli n of n mor intimate
nature in I pirtl ularlc that dealing
with th transitions of individuals bo
held is confidential The opinion of tho
Pretliii nl actlni, under the advice of his
attorney General Is it is undersiood
that an executive order granting the
I ntermjer request would be met bj the
hanks concerned with a writ of manda
mus, which would effectually block that
angle of thi Investigation
Will HnmiK-r I oinoiltt. c.
The refusil of the President to open
up tlie books of the omptroiler's office
t the I t ngresitlonal prob r- will prove
it is generally llletd i senojs dam
pr on the work of the ommlttee md
maj result In a vvirm passage between
the President and th- IIoum in the earlj
dajs of the next session The monej
tiust cummlttee has not found the go
ing partlcularlv smooth sine- It started
out to show up Mr Morgan and a few
of the money kings, and if the Presl
dents decision cannot 1 circumvented
bj some means, the going Is not liable
to Improve as the investigation con
tinues. Chairman Pujo of the commit
t Intrvducm ari" li'J "irt-4 In the
iloci last sen'on t t ill ieeklng
amend the banking law so as to give
the committee vlidtortal rowers over na
tlonil hanks Th bill was reported ad
verseiy by the Senate Committee ind
not brought to a vote on the floor The
Impression now is that there Is lit 1 1
hope that the bill can be passed at tl e
stslon which opens next month
President Taft may not announce his
decision until Congress convenes next
month From persons In close ti uch
with the White House it Is learned that
Attornej General Wickersham s opinion
has been In the hajids of the Prebldent
for ino-o than a week It is thought
probable that Mr Taft will not set him
self to framing his replj to Mr l nter
mjer until after he has disposed of his
annual message, a number of Important
appointments, and several other natters
of pressing Importance at this time
ext Move- Problematical
Just what means If anv the Pujo com
mittee will take to circumvent the Presl
dent s decision is probl-matl al ' hair
man Pujo naturallj has not b. n otll lallj
apprised of what ii Hon Mr Tift has
determined upon. The I ntormver re
quest was not, of cours. i i-vde I th
committee, although the ir ounsel s ac
tion was taken with the approbation of
the committee. Moreover a similar re
quest from the committee, even If bv k
cd bj - special Hou-e resolution ci uld
not expect a different rrplv
It was suggested vesterdav thit a reso
Ititfon Indicating specirlcalK the inform
tlon desired might meet a different n
ce tion It Is rtcallcd that in the Hi!
linger lind friud InvrMlgiti n ttorn v
Brandels was able to obtain matter fr m
the files of the Interior Iepartment nlv
by speclfving with some minuteness th
correspondence lie desired In some
quarters jetrdav the opinion wis ex
pressed that a resolution calling upm th
Comptroller for such Information is h,
has bearing upon the relations of cr
tain specified men with certain tpttlicd
banking institutions might call for i dif
ferent construction of the hanking ict
The question raturallj arises howcecr
whether the commiitee now has sufficient
Information at Its command to enihle ii
to so specif J Recent leakat s from the
committee which found their wav int
the columns of i New "iork d-iilv In 1
cate thit the committee s expert ha
collected a vist fund of inform ition da!
ing with the question of Interlocking
directorate and this knowledge mav ail
the committee In calling upon the ofl i ,
of the Comptroller for information if
such a course Is determined ujsin
It is understood that the ce mniltiee
hoped to strengthen Its contention tint
the Monej Trust exists bj vlrtuo of
these Interlocking directorates by estib
lishtng as a fact through information
from the Comptroller s office that th -c
hundreds of 'trust controlled binks
carry large quantities of the negotnlili
Paper of J P Morgan and his in in s
therebj cstiblishing Mr Morgin s c n
trol over these banks
Chicago Poll
a rder
Wcimnn on Flnncc.
Chicago. Nov Jl The police to dav
sent out a general alarm for the arrest
of John B Koetters of Cincinnati want
ed in connection with the muider of Mrs
Emma Kraft at tho Saratogi Hotel here
Koetters was Mrs Kraft s, fiance and
disappeared the police cliim short!
after the murder
Thepollce were Informed that he might
be In Chicago, and a thorough search
of hotels and lodging-houses was made
Mrs Anna Kloker of Cincinnati with
her daughter. Miss Florence Moke r ar
rived to-day They "were taken at once
to view Mrs Kraft's bodj Both identi
fied the dead woman
Sl-23 to Baltimore and Return.
Saturdays and Sundays, via Pennsyl
vanla Railroad Tickets good returning
uBtir9'rmMondayeAIl7ia1xaln.P'" ""rely beater, some
except Congressional Umltef. "of them innocent travelers.
gg-r.-,-l. "Vgy jig,''--- ryivv
saL& vP-n il '
f WES' TF Ej
I t-v,'' ? f Ha II
I I- Mt ltlii""i ..-vl;!
t7VEi.Kr -- 't&m H
ipivflfc- --r"'f'3'-fiKsj n
suPHlHI I!
Mil m in it. con - dump,
Author of S crock Holmes who is
advocating a t mnel from I-ngland u
France asacn- t nat ml asset to Great
II Itam
Carnegie Foundation Trustees
Vote$25,000 Year-Widows
Are Remembered.
New orkNov 21 Following a meet
ing . f the tru f. s of the ( arnegio Foun
dati n held in the I ome of ndrew
(. irnegie to da t v is announced that
it had been dec Idi-d to ffer tensions to
the futu-e x Preside nt of the I nlted
Mates Hnd to the unmarried widows o
ex Pre-idents The offer will be made to
thoe entitled to it without application
being made- The announcement cover
ing this part of the meeting Is as fol
lows Provision has bn mad through
this corporation f r a pension for each
future ex Presidert and hb widow un
married of tvveriwhve thousand dollars
per year as Jonr h these remain i n
lh - J l ' - ij ilfcf iiaiior h ;r thej
mav be able to spend the latter pirt of
their llveb dev otu g thtlr unique knowl
edge of public iffairs to the pub ic good
free from I ecunlarv ares The se pen
sions will be promptlj offered to the
ex Presidents o- their widows o that
ne applicatiors will be required from
I rder the terms of the innouncement
President Taft when he retires on tie
1th div of n.xt Mirch will bo offere-d
2f OcO hj the tirm .ne I onmrv ltn The
question of making piovi-ion for i ir ex
Presidents haste n onewldelv ,llse jssd
with suggestions tl it C oner".. rw--s a
bill providing for the m Tl e at tion take-n
to da however Is the lirs de-Unit" tcp
IxK ng to the r inan lal independence
after Icivtng oflte e-
in -etlng to d i
innual one that the cnrpontinri his he! 1
There were yr sent ndrew i arneglp
Hlhu Root llenrj Pritehe-tt I bert
S Woodwird hirle-- L Tavlor V ilium
N h re-w Robert A Franks n el James
Brrtnm The latter Is Mr C irncjic
Taft Declines to
Make Statement
rreselcnt Taft last night
Unci to
n rf the
mike inj i eminent upem the
tainegii reiundation to ,rint an innual
pension e f i wi t e Presidents of the
Inlte-i -taos -rh Presiele-nt received
his first informatl i f the intention of
the tarnegle Foundition from newspi-
permen who calleei at White House to
ohtiln i statement of his views on the
pubjoe t In reriv to a note sent to tho
itbnrv where the President wis spend
ing th evening with th memhers of
Mi fiLnnlv Mr Taft sent word that on
it omit f the unusuil e harie ter eef
the pit he vvoull decline it piesent lo
nnke inv comment
When Congress incrcise the salarv
of the President on July 1 V3 from
oe 0 te JT"SCJ a veir there has I een
ne compliint ibout the amount paid to
tho Chief rxecittvo In iddition i on
gress rovides appropriations for manj
other White House expenses It also
allows the President J- l"t a v eir fo
trivcling expenses
The I"rcsident declared In a speech
1 e-forp the Lotos Cluh In New ork last
Fiturdaj Ight tint tho saiarv was suf
hclcnt provided no attempt is made tee
save monej Mr Taft broadly hinted
tint it might be wise for Congress to
Paire) Three.
Striking Miners Desert Villages and
Prepare to Battle in
the Hills
( harleston W a Nov II That the
situation In the W est irglnia coal dis
tricts now under martial law Is grad
ually growing worse was admitted to-
daj bj Maj James I Pratt, who has
Just returned from a trip to that district
Entire v illages are being deserted by the
striking miners and their families, who
are taking to the hills prepared to fight
Anarchj exists at manj points reports
declared to-daj Militiamen slept on
their guns last nlghr
Reports from the district to daj told
of bands of men leeiarding trains and
putting passengers through a thorough
inspection. It was also said a number of
"Schedule" Is Carried Out by,
Inspectors in Cases of
Misuse of Mails.
Washington Woman Taken Inter
Custody, Making Second Raid
in This City.
In Washingtrn where Mrs R. L.
I-iaz-r of 133 Massachusetts Avenue
Northeast was arrested on a charge) of
violating section 211 of the penal code,
prohibiting the use of the malls to sug
gest criminal medical practices or adver
tising medicines ur instruments to be)
used illegally, arfd In other cities where
scorers of persons were taken Into cus
todv on bimllar charges, the Port-office.
Department inhpeetors and the agents of
the Department of Justice jesterdav-
tically completed the flrt part of
raids covering1 the entire country
o far as arrests are concerned the)
work ef the government men is finished
lure it is aid and last night It wa
reported that probablv all the 173 persons
designated In the schedule prepare
bj the Inspectors had been arrested The
prosecution of the caws rests wth the
Department of Justice
seeond Vrrcst Here
Mrs h razler was the second person
arrested here Dr Thomas J Kemp, of
I 4TI . street Northwest having been ar
!ie ted Wednesdaj afternoon Mrs ra
zier wa to have been arrested Wedne
dav alternoon but was absent from horns
when the deputy marshal who was to
serve the warrant called at her home
and the matter sircplj went over until
Mrs. h razler denied that she wa
g nlt of violating the postal aw h
was arraigned before I nlted btates "m
msiine-r Isaac R. Ilitt who held her
In $- bend ! r ai pearan U fere h n
a 10 (.slock lomon.w morning
Woman Ilt-lalns I eeueesrl
llenrv I Ciimn was engaged as coun
sel bv Mrs h razie-r He made) a state
mem een behalf of his client declaring
that she was proprietor of a mate -nltj
heme where she rents rooms II
said that her business 1ms been str t
lj legitimate in eve-rv wa
The hpy-spg of Dr Kemp Is set for 4
o clock $teidiv afternoon be-fore I n ted
Stitei Commissioner Anson S Taj lor
. lies bond is m the same amoun as that
;of Mrs. Frazle
Officials of the Department f Justice
and the Post-ofhce Department vester
dav declined to dscus the ases n
W ishington or elsewhere Assistant
United States Distrt t ttomev PeginaM
D lluidekoper has represented the go -ertime-nt
In the cites so fa- a id s
anticipated that h will t -mtinue in th
sprosecution nf ehe cases whl h are r
leg-arded as so extraordmar 1 was
sa d yes-erdav that anv pee lal agr s
from the Department of Justice wo d
nee- Two
Daughter of Former Governor
Mysteriously Disappears.
Fear Foul Play.
Prividen K I.N.v "1 -Mis Norm
i.arvln elaughte r ot f : m r . I t
oarvin mvsterimsic disappeared last
night it lecame known te -dav and re -
atlves ind friends fear thit she has -net
ith vie lencA
Miss Garvin icted as housekeeper for
her fithcr She starteel from her home
I-onsdale about 7 o clock last even
ing to ome to Providence) t attend a.
ffrage lecture given li Mrs Maud
rewo Uliott of Boston who was to
have returned home with Miss Garvin
spend the night Mrs Elliott was
mv stifled when Miss Garvin failed to ap
pear but did not communicate with the
Garvin home The former tovernor and
his wife who had expe-cted the return
of the daughter and Mrs. Elliott, could
not understand whv the) did not appear,
but thinking thev had decided to remain
in Prov I lenc-e did not mak an in
Otilries until this morning when they be
came deeplv concerned at not being able
to trace Miss Garvin after she left home
The police were notified Immediacy and
began u search for the missing ypunff
On a dresser tn Miss Garvin s room
was found written on a sheet of pape"
this note I cannot get the water off
mj mind
Tlie relatives of the missing vouns
woman do not know what to make of
the note Thej say they have been hav
ing trouble with the plumbing in lh
house for some time which caused th
water to be shut off. Inconveniencing
Miss Garvin They have also thought
It might mean she had become mentally
troubled and the water in a near-by
mill pond attracted her Preparations
were made to drag the mill pond at
So fir as could be learned this after
noon the voung woman had not been
sen after she left her own door
Miss Garvin is thlrtj-stx jears old.
Five j ears ago former Gov Garvin mar
ried the second time His bride was
Sarah Emma Tomltason. a blind woman
8he was thirty-three at the time Just
half the age of her husband Since then
Miss Garvin has remained at home with
her father and step-mother, taking
charge of household affairs.
I.os Angeles. Cal , No 21 Democrats
win contentions before Appellate Court
In Los Angeles County canvass. States
will go to 'Wilson,

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