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PL-!!pi! WsrsBs?'-'
Fair to-day and to-morrow
without decided changes
Temperatures yesterday Max
imum, 46? minimum, 32
The Herald has the largest
morning- horre circulation, ard
prints all the news of the world
each day, in addition to many
exclusive features.
NO. 2243.
.c-jf sspr
French Reserves Ordered to
Await Gall to Colors Diplo
macy Seems Ineffective.
Servia Makes Rfyly to Austrian
Ultimatum, Evading Issue.
Germans Expect War.
Berlin Bourse Affected, and Stock Mar
kets Throughout the Country
Are Unsteady.
recul Cable to The Wuli Dton Herald
Belgrade, Nov 25 Following a
cabinet council at which king
Peter presided to day, the govern
inent decided to notifv ustna that
ervn cannot definitely define its
attitude on the matter of Adriatic
ports until the ena of the Balkan
Geneva, Nov 25 It was
learned here to da on apparently
good authontv that the French
go eminent has ordered arm) re
servists to hold themselves in read
mess to respond to a call to the
colors The French railroads have
been directed to assemble cars at
strategic points, evident!) for the
purpose of transporting troops.
German. Expect "Wnr
Berlin, Nov 25 The German
press to night sees the possibility
of a general European conflagra
tion if the representatives of the
pow ers lose their self possession
report that German staff offi
ccrs have been forbidden to leave
the citv and that the East Prus
sian Armj Corps has been mo
blitzed is strenuoul denied in of
ficial quarters, but the whole city
is nevertheless throbbing with un
trance 3IoblIlica Iroopa
The National Zeitung comes out with
a scarchead reading All Europe in fear
of war France making militan prepa
The ossische Zeitung says Again
the world faces a crisis that may haeto
be soiled in blood conflict but let all
responsible persons remain calm in the
face of terrible calamity
Gotrrnmrnt n Word
To alla national nervoi ness the Ger
man government finds it necessary to
make the following anounccment to
night in the offlc al Nordeutsche Allage
meine Zeitung The Berlin bourse to
das has been influenced bj misleading
reports First that Sasonoff four dass
ago changed his attitude in the Servian
port question
This Is untrue because the powers
agreed not to commit themselves
in advance on an of the Balkan
questions Second That Austria Hun
gars had mobilized five army corps This
does not correspond with the facts as
every one may gather from the official
"V ienna and Budapest explanations Third
That Austria Hungar) contemplates send
ing an ultimatum to Belgrade in a few
days This assertion Is untrue for the
Albanian and Adriatic questions will be
discussed nnl with other questions aris
ng from eeents in the Balkans
Chldea Sensationalists
It Is particularlv irresponsible to dls
turb public opinion with such untrue re
ports at a time when the governments of
an tne great powers are earnestl) en
deavorlng to find a pacific solution of
trun auncuit problems.
Servian Policy
Angers Austria
"Vienna Nov 23. While the problem
raised by Servia 8 demand for an Adriatic
outlet maj be solved bj diplomacy the
affair of Austrian Consul Prochaska, who
was arrested recently by the sift-vlans,
remains at the danger point causing
exasperation here. It is eien asserted
that Prochaska is dead and the messages
signed in his name are forgeries It Is
certain thai the Servian officials -are
placing every obstacle ln the way of
Austria s obtaining Information regard
lng the consul s fate.
The Austrian foreign office emtssar
Continued on Page lleien
Vnny and Jvavy Football
Special Train to and from Franklin
rleld Pennsylvania Railroad.
Saturday , November 3a Leave Union
Station Washington. 9 40 a. m. running
direct to agates of grounds Returning
50 minutes after game Pullmau parlor
cars dining cars, and vestibule coaches.
14 00 round trip tickets sold for all trains
November 29 and morning trains up to
and Including 11 a. m train November
SO Good returning unUl December 2) in
cluslv e. Rouid trip Pullman tickets sold
for special trains. Full .particulars of
B M NewbtJld -D I V , Fifteenth and
G Streets Vashlngton.
Who haa Just been placed in command
or all the governments wireless stations
and apparatus
PhilanthropIstGelebrates Birth-
Anniversary at Dinner
to Intimate Friends.
"New Tork Nov "3 Andrew Carnegie
who is sevent seven jears old today
spent tlie morning in going over plans
for the endowment of the Carnegie Cor
poration of New ork which is to take
charge of all of Mr Carnegie s Phil
To night the iron master gave a dinner
to eighteen of his more Intimate friends
In an audience with a group of news
paper men who called at his Hfth Ave
nua mansion in the afternoon Mr Car
negie expressed his iews on a varict
of subjects He was decided! optimistic
He said that any persons who believed
that as a result of the recent election the
counto was going to the bow bows'
were sad) mistaken.
Vve pick our own kings he said
IaughinglJ and we alas pUk good
Hero ruud Is ' Pet ,
It was excepted thajHthe philanthropic
iron master migni nave some new cnin
UIa l" .inu..tr: ... c utt..T ......
there was nothing new in that line to
talk about jet
On his current charities he said his
'pet was the hero fund adding I
thought that one up all bj mj'Clf
One of the visitors commented upon
his looking verj oung for a man of
sevent seen a ears whereupon he
laughed and said
With m greater e&rs I am coming
to have a higher opinion of the human
race because I know so many in it
who have attained to almost angelic
Mr Carnegie said he had been in re
ce pt of telegrams and letters of con
gratulations upon his birthda all da
long Then he quoted .a couplet from
IlamlH to evidence his state of mind
Then some one noted up In one corner
of the roorr an Inscription one of many
forming a dado around the llbrarj This
inscription declared the highest form
of worship of God is service to man
One of the men aked Mr Carnegie
where It came from
I am glad ou mentioned that, caid
Mr Carnegie That appea-s in Frank
lln s b ograph found in hl private
books It repeats Luthers well known
sermon Luther declares we cannot
serve God he needs no aid from us Wo
can do our greatest service for our fe!
low man
Speaks of Steel Indnntrr
Ixjrd John Morley m friend John
Morle last year talking to the editors
of all the papers of Great Britain said
that six lines from Burns bad done more
to move the moral social and intellec
ual Institutions of man than all the
editprlals'that had ever been written
ProiecUon is onl good when It pro
tccts manufacturers struggling to gain a
foothold said Mr Carnegie
"When the steel industrj was started
by me there wasn t a pound of steel
manufactured in this country and now
we make more steel than all the rest of
the world Before we started we would
not consider the proposition until th
government gave us a 30 per cent tariff
The food of the peODle should never
be taxed Luxuries should be taxed to
the highest. TJiey are only purchased by
the rich and never by th noor n thev
should be made to pay as high as pos
Mr Carnegie said that his one dlMn
pointment in life was that he had never
been allowed to become a reporter as he
had written for the Pittsburg Journal
when he was a younger man It was
suggested that any eitv editor would -flnr
a place on his staff for him
I will bear that In mind he rnl(rf
for it may become necessary for me to
make application At the rate I am dis
posing of my fortune I may soon be In
a .posit on of our one-time President."
nnnnnt T" ' lSSnnnnB
BmnnS ' ' "Safj-annnH
. T 'JH
.miiH, mum
Veiled Threat Contained in Re
marks ot Herbert J.
Taxation and Assessment Debated
at Meeting of Piney Branch
Citizens' Association.
Charges of official misconduct will be
made against Assessor Richards and pos
albly against one or all of the three as
S Slant assessors of thft Tlfitrfft In o mn
... ..
eluding chapter of the George report on
assessment ana taxation in the District.
This intimation stood out strongly
the concluding remarks of Herbert J
Browne expert Investigator employed by
the subcommittee of the House District""1" """ " "P e eimence
Committee which conducted the Invest!
gat'on into assessment and taxation eiore entering upon us aeiiDerations
here before tl e Plney Branch Citizens ulnner was taken whereupon the Jur
Association last night At the conclusion ors ere escorted back to the court
of the meeting Mr Browne verified the.hou8e and locked dp
Iirpresslon his remarks had given his Just before 11 o clock after telng
auditors. oul "earl three hours the Jur sent
Tho meeting of the Plnej Branch s
sodatlon last right might have been In
the nature of a Joint debate Inasmuch
as both Mr Browne for tl committee
and Mr Bichards for his office ad
dressed the association. Mr Browne a
corcludlng remarks were in the nature
rebuttal of Richards Browne hav
ing spoken first and then again after Mr
Flchards bad been heard
Mr Browne Specifies
Just before closing Mr Browne an
nounced that he would call attention to
something which was not contained In
the George report He -aid he did not
believe in dealing with personalities but
that he thought a time had come when
certain fact! should be known cen at
the risk of such a criticism
Taking up a transcript of the testl
man) ln the excise hearings on charges
brought against siistant Vssesor
Charles Kalbtus last year by the late
Oden V Hortman who was removed
from Ilia assessor's office Mr Browne
read of the ia!c b Kalbfus to Mr Drurv
of t Diece of nroDerti in the west side
of Connecticut Avenuo near the new
bridge across Rock Creek. This property
was sold for tl C a square foot I nder
the law requiring that real propert) in
the District be assessed at not less than
two thirds its value Mr Browne sa'd
this should be assessed it about SO cents
a loot, it is assessed, accenting to Air
Browne at 40 cents a foot
This he concluded. Is onl one
,(np hands or th committee
An interview with Mr Browne at the
ei d of tie meeting developed the fait
that this and other similar facts which
the committee will advance as a basis
for the charge of willful d scrUninaiion
b the assessor amounting to mallra
ance In office will be made the basis
for i final chapter or "upplementa re
port to be submitted to the House of
Representatives at the forthcoming scs
DoeM "Not Keep Promlnc
Several charges and countercharges
were met In the JoinQebate but not
entirely to the satisfaction of the au
dlence Mr Browne In hi opening re
marks called attention to the fact that
in his 1S10 report Assessor Richards had
predicted au Increase in the assessed
valuation of $30 000 000 due to the en
hancement of ground values. According
to Mr Browne when the next assess
ment roll was made up this 130 000 COO
Continued on Pane Eight
Anti-tuberculosis Association
Adopts Programme of Action
for Coming Year.
More adequate appropriation for health
dei artment school nurses municipal to-
berculosis nurses mpre fresh air rooms
an open air chool for tuberculosis chil
drcn Increased appropriations for the
tuberculosis hospital pasteurization and
gereral standardization of commercial
irilk suppl for the District and a law
for compulsor removal of careless and
dangerous tuberculosis patients are the
Items contained in a general programme
for the ensuing year which the Assocla
tion for the Prevention of Tuberculosis
adopted at its fourth annual meeting
held last night at the rooms of the as
sociation 923 H Street Northwest.
The work of the past ear was re
viewed at length ln various reports sub I
The association believes that a great
deal remains to be accomplished in or
der to reduce to any considerable extent
the present high death rate from tuber
culosls in the District. Figures present
ed at the meeting showed tl at last year
724 persons died of pulmonary tubercu
losis that the death rate per 1 000 among
the white was 1 23 among the colored
4 04 and giving a total death rate frqm
pulmonary tuberculosis of 2 04 compared
with a general death rate for both white
and colored of 17 SO
Attention was called to the fact that
according to these figures practically
one death ln every nine In the District
is caused by the white plague
The following were elected to mem
bershlp Tn the board ot directors to sue
ceed thoce whose terms of office had
expired Emile Berliner Surg Gen
Rupert Blue. Miss Mabel T Boardman
Dr William M Davidson Dr F Fre
mont Smith Dr William c Gwynn Dr
J D Morgan. Dr Charles W Richard
son Miss Isabel L. 8trong Dr H TV
Wller and Max Cohen
The board of directors elected the fol
lowing officers President. Gen. George
M Sternberg vice president. Einlle
Berliner treasurer Gen William H
Irorwood, and secretar). Walter S Uf-forfl.
Prosecuting Attorney Makes
Bitter Attack on Accused
Dramatic Incidents Mark Last Day
of Trial Veniremen in
Gpshen N T Nov 25 The fate of
Burton W Gibson accused of the mur
dcr of Itosa Menschlk Szabo who was
drowned in Greenwood Lake on July
.urownea ln ureenwooa uaite o
u reats wltn the jurv to n5ht.
A. ,. minute to S this evening J.
ln'.i -. ... ... ,.., . .. .
"""' '" "
, hurs f, rj by counsel for both
and handed the case over to the Jur
'n a request for a photograph of the
throat organs of the dead woman This
request was regarded as significant of
doubt In the minds ot some of the
twelve men as to whether or not death
could lave been brought about h
strangulation as claimed bj the most
important witnesses lor the staie
whether it was caused bv the condi
tions set forth by the defense
I Jurnn III Conflict
The struggle to reach a verdict l-as
been a storm one The Jurors could be
seen thiougli an uncurtained and parti
opened window shaking fists in each
others faces while the hurled profane
eliltuts at each otter
m a guilts crook cried a Juror
I shaking his fist
I W all know that came back in re
Ply And then after a Jumble of con
fued voices came again
Hut there Is the reasonable doubt.
and ncaln
Can there be any doubt that h took
the monrj '
I Ono hundred feet awa at the other
end of the court room Gibson apparent
1 confident as ever with his wire at his
side sits in his cell awaiting the verdict.
Disigreement of the Jur now looms
up the negative result of the sensational
trial n Ith the Jurors embittered aa they
' & naroon .rr4vi4 ?1 in itn for th
arrest of Gibson tin cae of acquittal)
on a charge of grand larcenj The ln
dlctment found to da in New Tork ac
cused him of robbing Hugh Trainer of
t midnight the belief was general that
no erdict was to be expected before
tmpathy for Wife
Throughout the earlier jession Mrs
Gibson wife of the defendant was the
cnosure of all ecs in tho court room
and whatever the oentiment for her bus
band there was notl lng but deep and
genuine sjmpatus expressed on all sides
for the woman who earl and late
since the daj murder was first charged
against her husband has battled with
the law- ers for his life
In tho struggle and upense Mrs. Gib
son hns aged twent years The end. of
the trial finds her a physical and nerv
ous wreck To da as esterda she
seemed scarcely able to hold her pent
up feeling an longer bhe folded and
unfolded her handkerchief knotted it
pressed It to her lips tosed about In
I er chair and then throwing aside the
handkerchief tore up sheet after sheet
of paper while she listened attentivel) to
praise and condemnation of her husband
from the Ups of Elder and Wasservogel
Lawyer Denounce GtbftOn
The climax waa narrowl averted at
the height of the latter s cold clean cut.
unhlstorical summing up He had de
nnnnpfwl filhsnn as a cold blooded mtlr
derer without pity and withoOt reverse
and ther suddenl the lawyer directed
the attention of the Jury to the pres
ence at the defendant 8 side throughout
the trial of his wife and the mpath
llkel thereby to be awakened ln the
hearts of the Jurors In a few words
Wasservogel warned the Jurors against
carrying any smpath with them into
the Jur room
Brief as was Wasservogel s reference
it seemed to strike Mrs Gibson full in
the face she paled half rose In her
seat and then her cheek now burning
Ith passion, she turned to couneI on
Lonllnnrd on Pnite Eleven
For Shopping
Before Christmas
ton merchants hac the equal
ot any stock of inj -torc in
the United States
ing goods in another cit is
disloyal to Washington
more aried assortment of
goods earned 1 locil mer
are called upon for aid by all
classes and societies It is
)our dut to do business with
those who do so much for
Washington Simply reciproc
ity. Washington Herald
Ortie McManigal Testities Mc-
Namaras Planned to De-
stroy Los Angeles.
Dynamiters Proposed fo Make ' 'Coast
Date Time" from Disaster to
California Municipality.
Indianapolis Ind . Nov 2k Stories of
how the McNamaras after the destruc
tion of the Los Angeles Times Building
hatched plots for more extensive violence
and more desperate deeds than they had
attempted before were related ln Fed
eral Court to-day by Ortle E McManl
gal who continued his testimony for the
government ln the dnamlte conspiracy
case Cross examination or tne uvna
miter by Senator Kern for the defense
w as begun
V plot to destroy the whole city of
I-os ngeles b explosion and fire to
make lilstorj on the Coast date from
the destruction of that clti Instead of
from the date of the an Francisco fire '
was among those which the dnamiter
So lntene was John J McNamaras
desire to carr out this diamlting pro
gramme that In was ready to resort
to hlshwav robber) to obtain the funds
in case the executive board of the Iron
orkeri cut off his money supply
which he feared the would do said
PInuned Bandit Gang
McManigal told of a plan of the union a
International secretar treasurer to or
gantze a gang of bandits to obtain b
tt c hold up method the tl a 000 which,
he said would be taken in at the bpeed
wa racs to be held seven weeks later
than the time McManigal said he had a
conversation with J J McNamara
wllch the latter told of the plan J J
also said according to McManigal that
he knew a man In this cit who banked
COO) or WOW each day and that It would
be an easy matter to trip him up and
get the money
How J J McNamara sought to get
McManigal to go to Panama and blow up
the vanal locks under construction by
the McCIlntlc Marshall Compwnj was an
other Interesting episode In tho consplr
ac as related by the dynamiter
Tl e conversation ln which moat of
these-plana waa disclosed. rjW the e
namiter occurred at the International
1 eadquarters in this city April " 1S11
onl five days before J B McNamara
and Ortlc McManigal were arrested at
Would Cut Ott Wnter
J J M Namara while le J B
McManigal were talking said th
ness remarked that he had a scheme
for Los Angeles tie plan being to have
three or four good fellow locate lb
aqueduct and rit water mains there,
and put dnHm!to under them Then by
using Schmidt s de Ice for setting fire to
a building In seieral places simulta
neousl b the use of the clocks chem
icals fue and cans a number of big
fires would 1 e started in d fferent places
and with the water suppl cut off the
cit would be wiped off the map
The union secretar according to Mc
Manigal said that he ha 1 a plan to put
the Beaver 1 rluge Into the creek just
prior to letting the dnamiters go on t
hunting trip which was to follow si ort
Iv after the proposed Detroit dnamlt
lng If McManigal .were not sent on a
hunting trip said the witess McNamara
said he would send him to Panama to
blow up the locks
McManigal said he asked if the ex
plosive was to be carried all the way
to Panama but J J said It was manu
factured down there and the d namiter
could steal a whole magazine and dump
It into the locks. McManigal said be
pointed out that there were too man
guards there He testified that J J
suggested that he enlist In the arm as
he had previously served ln the Spanish
American war and be detailed to Tan
ama but the dj namiter pointed out that
the enlisted man had nothing to "as as
to where he waa sent.
Tells of Trip
'Well go down anwa and put It ln
b the wagon load he testified J J
McManigal told of the trip he and J
B made from Toledo to Detroit and of
their arrest at Detroit where thev were
a cused of being safe blowers who had
d no a Job at Chicago the preceding Sat
urday night
He told of what occurred
on the tram saIng J B said he wis
wanted at Los Angeles but he coul 1
prove the explosion there was due to gas
He also told how J B tried to bribe Dc
Uctlve Blddinger and later threatened
that the gang would get even one
hl captors Then he told of making I is
femous confession at Detective Reed 3
house On his cross examination b Sen
ator Kern the question was asked if his
motive ln doing the d nnmltlng had I cct
for the money there was In it He re
piled ln the negative
That the motive was due to his fool
Ish inflamed mind. Inflamed by Hockin
and J J McNamara and that he be
Ucved at the time that he was hgbtlng
the right way. was the explanation glm
li tne dynamiter as to his motives
Wife hneiv of Crimen
Asked whether his wife knew what he
was doing he said she did
One by one the attorneys for the de
fense had McManigal tell what he hal
received for each Job Referring to the
Iroquois Iron Works Job at South Chi
cago McManigal said he got onl a
promise out of that This was the Job
he testified the Chicago local was to pa
for He also testified that there still
waa due him $30 in addition for Job
not settled for at the time of the arrest
Mrs Sadie Magulre of Chicago friend
and neighbor of the McManlgals test!
fled that Mrs McManigal wife of the
dynamiter had been receiving Ji a
week from Richard H Houlihan of Chi
cago one of the defendants In the dyna
mite case.
The cross Examination of McManigal
had not been concluded when court ad
Fire Dcatrora Mountain Town
Asheville. N C Jov 25. Fire to da
destroyed the business part of Black
Moentaln Loss, MOOQ.
Philadelphia No 25 The severe de
feat suffered b Mrs. OHP Belmont.
of New York, one of the wealthiest ad
vocates of suffrage ln the country in
her fight to uphold the constitutional
amendment which Instructed the officers
ot the association to uphold a strictly
nonpartisan attitude toward political
parties ln States ln which women had
not the right to vote It Is general!) be
lieved will result In the cause losing
an) fu-ther support from the woman
who has been one of Its most subtantlal
backers The friends and admirers of
Miss Jane ddams the Chicago socio
logical worker who is a vice president
of the National American W oman s Suf
frage Association now In convention
here were of th opinion that Mrs Bel
mont s fight was a direct slap at their
, champion because of I er support for
Rooevelt and the Hull Moose tl ket in
the recent Presidential campaign W hen
the vote was taken the adherents of
Miss Addam won 3"! to 3S
Many Messages ot Condolence
Sent to Maryland Sen
, ator's Widow.
Mans public men lnrludlne PrejM
nt Taft and delegsrtl n from bcti
houses of Congres" will attend tl e fa
neral of Senator Isidor Ra ner o
Maryland it his late residence 13.0"
Hghteenth Street Northwest to mor
row afternoon at o clock Burial will
be in Rock Creek Cemeter Rev L G
B 1 lerce Chaplain of th Senate and
pastor of All faouls Lnltarlan Church
Photo by Hants & Fwir..
sfn vtor lsvDim niM-n
and Rev Dr Charles W ood pas or of
the Church of the Covenant will con
duct th services
Jennie Conint
The following committee to represent.
tie Senate was appointed eeterda b I
Senator Bacon president pro tempore of,
(the benate Senators Smith of Maryland j
1 0 Gorman of New 'iork Overman of
j North Carolina Culbcrsc n i f Texas J
I Johnston of Alabama. Kern of Ii diana I
R chardcn of Delaware Sutherland ofl
Ltah Root of New ork smith ofl
Georgli Smith of Michigan Martin and
Swanson of v irginla W llllams of Ml
slppl Crane of Massachusetts. McCumber
of North Dakota Borah of Idaho CI irk
of Womlng Curtis of Kansas, anl
Brandegee of Connecticut
A committee of the House also will be
senator Rayner died at 6 SO o clock
esterda morning after a gillant fight
against neuritis Those at the home were
Mr and Mrs. William B Raner his
son anl daughter In liw Robert Ravi tr
of Baltimore a brother Mr an 1 Mrs
Robert W Wells of Hxattsvlllr Md
Archibald Raner a gran I son George
Foose tho Senator s secretarv and
Richard Bevan brother of Mrs Raner
His wife remained at his side throughout
the nlgit and was the onl one per
mitted to sti with Dr Hardin in the
bed chimber
All day esterda and last night the
Raner houehold received man) mes
siges of condolence coming from men of
the highest prominence and from others
who valued Mr Rayner"s friendship
Taft Sends Conilolcnrcn
President Taft sent the following mes
saae of condolence to Mrs. Raj ner
Mrs Taft and I extend to ou our
heartfelt sjmpath ln our great sorrow
Senator Rayner and I were warm friends
and I feel deei ly his loss. Mar land and
Continued on I'njre Three
The Raleigh Grill
Offers Its delightfully distinctive serv
Ice from noon to midnight The most
unique room, in Washington and the
ItaUlgli superior cuisine. Music through
out the evening,.
nnHf ''?. '-'
" pu ,'f
Factories of Corn Products Co.,
in Brooklyn, H. Y., and Wau-
kegan, III., Destroyed.
Fire Spreads Rapidly at New York
Disaster and Endangers
Entire Section.
Firemen Face Death Beneath Crumbling
Walls fo Check Blaze Fanned
by tne Wind,
(-vv ork Nov 23 Two
plant- of the Corn Products Com
panv, owned and controlled lv
I Standard Oil interest', were dc-
istrojed bj explosions and fire to
da One was m Brooklvn and the
other in Waukcgan, III but the
Ibla't- that wrecked them came
within a single hour I ormal statc
ii cnts sav that each plant was dc
stroved b an accident There i
no knowledge ot an) labor trouble
invoking the companv
The Brookhn plant wa- the
L nion sulphur mill That in 'W au
kegan was the companv s dn
starch house.
In the "W aukegan explosion
thirteen men were killed and
twentv ix injured
In the Brookhn cxplo-ion tii
teen men were crushed and burned
but luckilj none lost their lives
There was a report to night that
several employes of the plant were
missing and that seven or eight
bodies he buned in the rums
Chiet Maher, in charge ot the
night operations again-t the still
flaming nuns, -aid he had heard
the report, but could not crin it
Light Clerks in Rlier
The explosion in the X nion S phur
Mill which is located at Nonh Tenth
Street and East River in the Williams
burg section of Brook! n took place "vt
a ew minutes Mfore 1 o clock this aft
ernoon It Is aid to have been due to
the snapi ing of a bolt on a sulphur
One of the men standing nearest to the
machine was hurled straight In the air
and his skull was fractured against th
ceiling The others were fling in alf
directions to the walls
Eight clerks ln the shipp ne office on
the river side made a desperate attempt
t save the records But a second ex
plosion followed the first and the wall
went down nto the mer The men were
thrown into the water
T e police boat Patrol was just mo
Ing up an 1 It speeded to the rescue All
tic men were picked up uninjured
In tho meantime those who had es
caped serious injury in the first explo
sion hastened to tl e rescue of their less
fortunate fellow workers Wio lay groan
ing on the floor their clothing on fire
their eyes blinded b burns
No emp!oe of the plant was mlssinc
nigni accorn ng io omciai report nut
The flames spreading t trough the roof
destroyed tie buildings of the eastern
district terminal, menacing the Brookbn
gas tanks anl thoe of the Standard Ol
Compan three blocks iwar and I eld
all Greenpolnt in peril of a conflagration
for three hours
In the inidt of the wind drien fle
the apparatus of Iwer Manhattan
twelve incnes four ladder companies
and a tuier came clanging over tho
W illiamsburg bridge 1 ke a re-enforce
ment of artlller
There were heart stirring rescues amid
the thick dendl fumes of the wrecked
mil! and there were others quite asi
thrilling In tenements fired bio ks away
wherw men women and children wera
lire Itonta ld Work
Men were carried from the flames men
were drawn from the East River cata
pulted there b the second explosion.
Thl-t) firemen stood beneath a rocklnc
wall fighting In the face of death unlit
a timely shout from Chief Lall brought
tl em back not half a minute before th
A hundred emploes and firemen car
rid hose into the tank yards of th
BrooKbn I nion Gas Compan In the faeo
of Imminent death and saved a tank,
tl reafned by the spreading flames from
adding to the havoc by another exslo
s on
The fireboals New Yorker, Abram S"
Hewitt. WTIUlam L. Strong, and David
A Bo with nine Standard Oil tngs,
did valiant work from the water" front
Mne ambulances from Williamsburg
and Eastern d.trlct hospitals were used
during the fire. Volunteer doctors aided
the ambulance surgeons ln caring for
the Injured
Fanned by a forty five-mile gale that
swept In from the bay, the flames spread
so rapidly mat tney threatened to get
be vend control The damage Is about
rooofX. Two whole blocks were dK

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