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Continued from 'Pace One.
and resources, say Breckinridge and
Abbott, which is profoundly responsible
for the delinquency of children. Again.
It Is poverty which makes the natural
recreations of childhood a danger rather
than a pure Joy. It la poverty that-cuts
short education and sends children to
work before the age when physical and
mental growth Justifies continuous toll.
"Poverty and Ignorances and disease
whoever wishes to -abolish; poverty must
work to abolish the three. When Dr.
liuensterberg visited this country some
years ago he said that the schools of
nfillanthmnv. whfrh am tnlntm , .
iclal workers in our larger cities to-day.
were tne most significant things he found
In America. More and more do we see
a change In the teachings of schools
and universities themselves, for which
the special schools are the pioneers, and
for which .they will doubtless continue
to be the laboratories. To work for
the abolition of poverty is to enlist In a
new profession, than which none nobler
has ever developed Into the dignity of a
science from the chaos of kind-hearted
Or. Hollander. In outlining methods for
the abatement or abolition of poverty,
set the seal of approval upon certain
modern-day propositions, such as collec
tive bargaining between the trade union
and its capitalist employer: the control
of monopoly by governmental check
upon Industrial combinations; the fixing
of the length of the working day, and
the conditions under which women and
children shall be employed, as well as
compulsory safeguarding of dangerous
manufacturing processes, and a statutory
minimum wage below which It shall be
unlawful for emploers to contract or
laborers to engage, such minimum wage
to be an amount sufficient to maintain
a worklngman's family in decency.
Among methods propose-to steady the
labor market are labor exchanges, com
pulsory education and technical training.
settlement of city factory workers In the
country, where small holdings may be
worked during Industrial depression, and
labor colonies for the "work-shy:" for the
seed and Infirm. Insurance against un
avoidable Illness, Idleness, and Infirmity
through the agency of trade unions,
friendly societies, corporate employers,
and governmental offices
Remedy Not Forthcoming-
After Dr. Hollander had finished his
discourse on "The Abolition of Poverty,"
A Martin Williams, reading clerk of the
House of RepresentatH es expressed his
disappointment at the exposition of the
problem as offered by the speakers air
Williams said he had expected to hear a
remedy for povertj. but that such was
not forthcoming He confessed he had
been entertained by what ho had heard.
Mr Williams said the cause of povertj
because free access to nature s re
sources are denied lioa s ennaren tie
advised the audience to read Henry
George's book, and learn his remedies
for poverty
L. SIddons offered resolutions or
thanks of the association to the speakers
of the eening. Miss Lathrop and Dr
Hollander, to Charles Rauscher for the
use of the ballroom, and to the press for
the service rendered In behalf of the so
ciety and to the Citizens' Relief Associ
ation. Guests at Meetinu.
Among the Invited guests of the even
ing were the following Commissioners
Cuno H Rudolph. John A. Johnston,
and Col William V Judson. E H.
Droop. William J Enon. W M Shus
ter. James F. 0ster. Thomas Grant, A
Lisner. Henry P Blatr. Miss Mabel T
Boardman, Ernest P. BIcknell. Mrs.
Charlotte E Main. Admiral George
Dewej. Gen George M Sternberg, Emile
Berliner, John Joy Edson, Dr George
M Kober. B Plckman Mann. Right Rev
Mgr T J Shahan. Dr William J Kcr
bj Miss Cornelia J Aldls, Mrs W. Mur
ray Crane. Mrs Murray A Cobb. Mrs
Henry Simpson, Michael I teller. Wil
liam J Flather. W H Richardson. H
B F Macfarland, Walter C Clephane,
Frederick L. faiddons Mrs llarey W.
Wiley Mrs. A G McClintock. Admiral
Charles 11 Stockton. Dr William Allen
Wilbur. J Nota McGill. Dr Stephen
M. Newman, Walter Stllson Hutchlns,
Mrs William Corcoran Eustls. Rev.
John Van Schalck, Jr. O E Darnall,
Arthur C Moses. E. S Martin. Dr Will
lam M Davidson, Alexander T Stuart,
Ernest L. Thurston, George F Bower-
man. Judge William H De Lacy, Miss
Nannie Randolph Heth. Mrs Ella S
Knight, Lee Baumgarten. Mrs Charles
A Goldsmith. Mrs Adolph Kahn, Miss
Mary Gwjnn. Rev Dr. Abram Simon.
George M Oyster, Jr. Mrs Archibald
Hopkins. George Otis Smith, William
Knowles Cooper, Mrs William H Bajlj,
Right Rev Alfred Harding, Judge Ju
lian W Mack. Justice Wendell P. Staf
ford, Maj Richard Sylvester. Hon Alon
zo Tweedale, and Dr. William C Wood
ward. BELASC0.
"The Taming of the Mirrw."
That same quality and quantity of en
thusiastic approval which has in the
past greeted the Sothern and Marlowe
production of ."The Taming of the
Shrew" was again manifest at the Be
ta sco last night, where the two stars
presented what Is to many the most pop
ular comedy In their repertoire And of
the several occasions on which Washing
ton playgoers hate had the privilege of
enjoying Mr. Sothern's Petruchlo "and
Miss Marlowe's Katherlne, It Is hard to
believe that either role has ever had
quite such a delightful presentation as
that accorded last evening.
Certain it is 'that Petruchlo was in fine
fettle for his task of shrew taming; the
very embodiment of delicious deviltry,
this fellow who would and did tame, and
Mr Sothern's commanding figure, his
flashing e) e, and his ever-changing tones.
now domineering as the lord and master
makes known his wish, and now. In an
aside, softly breathing his love, all go
to make his Petruchlo one of the most
artistically perfect portraits in his
Shakespearean gallery.
And Miss Marlowe's Katherlne reveals
her at her best as a comedienne. Here
we feel her great charm, and delight In
the musical cadences of that wonderful
voice, and a more beautifully appealing
picture than one witnesses as Miss Mar
lowe, Just before the fall of the curtain,
describes true wifely duties, would be
hard to conjure.
The supporting company is practically
the same as when "The Taming of the
Shrew" was last seen here.
There will be no matinee to-day. "Ro
meo and Juliet" will be presented to
night, to be followed to-morrow night
by "Twelfth Night,"
Hamr G. and Grace V. Watklns, tor.
Tni E. and Kathleen E. Wright, boy.
Edaon L. and Florence L. Whitney, tor.
Andrew and Mareego Tseepracos. boy.,
Jseob and Mary E. Sonenck, girt.
Walter R. and Lacy H. PmU. box.
James a and Era O. Lanrle, girt.
Taaeker E. and Mary L. In prL
Oeone H. and Ear Kirk. bor.
Edward a and March B. Beald. (Id.
Charles P. end Charlotte J Hooker, girl.
Huta 8. and Isabel BUI. boj.
Wilfred and Sallie Wurtn. girl.
Monroe E. and Lottie L. Bprisn. girl.
Vtt& and Eiteiln Holmes, giru
Ralph and Mary E. Djg-sa
Washington Dispatch to Near Tort World.
.Jtmmie Nolan, society man and alb
lete, was late al a housewarmlng at the
new suburban villa of Mr. and Mrs.
Wyland A. Easterday. Jr., in Park Road.
A serving man guided him to the cloak
room, where he divested himself of his
outer wraps and had started for the
scene of revelry when he heard a plain
tive feminine voice from a cozy corner
"Why, how you talk! Of course, I
won't run away and marry you
"It's to-night or never-r-r," came the
excited tones of a joung man. "To-night
or neer. I say. for I'm coins to shoot
jou and then blow out my own brains."
"I stepped Into that alcove," relates
Mr. Nolan,, "and there, sure enough, was
a slim young chap Just fishing out
murderous-looking gun. I grabbed his
wrist, and, clutching his windpipe with
my other hand, I said: "Now, son, you've
not going to do anything of the kind.
I've a good mind to shove this thine
down jour necx ana mow on your coat
tails '
"The little chap wilted, and the serving
man and I led him Into the street, bun
dled him Into a waiting motorcar, told
the chauffeur where he lived, and that
was the end of It."
Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Easterday Is yet
acquainted with the Incident, for the un
willing sweetheart was a girl of nerve,
and the other members of the party
heard not a word of the affair.
Colombia Heights Cltlrens Want
Money to Maintain Park.
Resolutions favoring the continuance
of tho Inauguration ceremonies for a
week Instead of a day were Introduced
by Col. Charles C Lancaster last night
at the meeting of the Columbia Heights
Citizens' Association It was argued that
a week of Inauguration would be more
satisfactory to tho crowds that come to
Washington and would bring more
money Into the clt. The resolutions
were adopted
Resolutions faorinc the annronriatlon
of 115,000 by Congress for the Improve-
ment and maintenance of Meridian Hill
Park were presented by J Clinton Hlatt
and were adopted by the association A
copy of the resolutions will be presented
to the District Commissioners and to the
chairman of the Committee on Appro
priations of tho Senate and House.
The constitution of the association was
revised, and Judge Charles S Bundy re
ported that he had Invited Henry George
to speak before the association Januar
7 This action was approved
Fond Belnix Raised to Perpetuate
Name of Teacher.
As a mark of esteem for Miss Ida M
Daly, late teacher of English at Mc
Inley Training School, a fund la now
being rnled to establish a memorial
college scholarship for women gradu
ates of the Washington high school
The fund necessary for the yearly
scholarship Is 4.000 and 31.300 has al
ready been raised by the teachers of
the city and the same amount by pub
lie subscription, leaving only 11,400 to be
The scholarship will be open to any
white woman graduate of the high
schools, and the winner will be able
choose the school or college she wishes
to attend Provision was made for this
scholarship In the will of Mi's Daly,
but, owing to ner sudden death. Its ful
fillment wa doubtful Therefore the
teachers took up the work of assuring
the scholarship A committee from the
high schools has been named to raise
the remainder of the fund
The committee Is composed of Harry
English. Franklin School, chairman,
Ml-s Flora Frcjhold, McKlnley Manual
Training School. Miss Bertha Gardner,
Eastern High School, Miss Ellen K
Brandenburg. Western High School, and
Miss F. E Throckmorton, Business
High School
Awards for Shootlnc
The awards won In the recent out
door rifle shoot of the high school
cadets, held at Edsall, Va , will soon
be made. Francis Martin, major of the
first battalion of Central High School,
won tho cup offered bj the Secretary of
War In the shoot Saturday
C S Dept of Agriculture. Weather Barran.
Washington, Tuesday, December 3 8 p. m.
Tlie weather has become unsettled oyer tcrn
districts and Tuoday night disturbances were een
tral orer Southern Tetas Like Superior and tho
Northern Kocky Mountain These disturbances hase
caused rain, in the Wrat Oulf State, ran. ' the
Uprer Lake region the Northern Bockr Mountain
region, and tho North ldflc States. Dunng Mon
day night there were ninl In the Middle Atlantic
and New Fngland State,.
Temperatures are generally lower throughout the
AtlanUc Statn and hare risen decidedly in the
Central aUeys, the ruins States, and the Nortn
There will be raina Wrdmwday In the Gulf and
South Atlantic State Tennewee. and the Lower
Lake region and Wedmwday night or Thursday in
the Middle Atlantic am .New Engiind States. It.
and snows are also probable in the Northwrst. while
In the Southwest the weather will be ftlr Wedmeday
and Thursday.
Local Temperatures.
Midnight 54. 3 a. in.. B. I a. m.. U. a m.. ; 8
a. m.. U, 10 a. m , 17; 12 uoun. 52.2 rv nj.. M; 4 p.
m . H. 6 p. m., 43. 8 p. m , 45, 10 p. m., 43. Highest,
55 lowest, 41
Helatite humidity 8 . m., 75, 2 p. m. 59. S p n.,
71 Rainfall (8 n. m. to 8 P m.) 000 Hours of sun
shine, 8.3 per cent of possible sunshine 88.
Temperature same data last year-Highest. 45. low.
est. 35.
Temperatures In Other Cities.
Temperatures in other dtlea. together with the
amount of rainfall for the twenty four houra ended
at s p. m. resieroar, are aa xouosra:
Mar. Mln. lam. fall.
Ashesille. N. O 62 38 5:
Atlanta. Ra 62 50 60
Atlantic City. N J 50 42 46
Bismarck. N. Dak 36 II 23
Boston, Mass 50 4$ 44
Buffalo, S T 40 a 3S
Chicago. Ill 42 30 42
ClndnnaU, Ohio 50 38 46
Cheyenne. Wyo 44 "6 40
Darenport. Iowa 40 22 58
Denrer. Cola 54 32 44
Des Moines. Iowa. 42 22 38
Duluth, Mien 34 16 31
Ralreston. Tex. 68 56 O
Helena. Mont. 48 36 46
Indianapolis, Ind. 44 30 40
0 01
JacksonTille, Fla. 74 60 62
Kansas City. Mo. 44 22 42
little Rock, Ark 52 34 so
Los Angeles. Cal 68 48 ss
Marquette, Mich f. 34 18 72
Memphis. Tenn 56 38 st
New Orleans. La. 72 56 At
New Tort. N. Y 52 42 43
North Platte. Nebr 52 20 31
Omaha. Nebr. 50 23 46
Philadelphia. Pa. SO 46 44
Pittsburg. Pa 42 38 42
Portland, Me. 44 44
Portland. Oreg 52 48 44
Salt Lake City. Utah 41 30 40
SU Louis, Mo 52 33 60
St. Paul. Mian. 42 20 3?
Ban Francisco. CaL 56 4$ 5
Springfield. 111. 43 IS T
Taooma, Wash. 54 .. 43
Tampa, Fla. S3 66 72
Toledo, Ohio 43 28 36
ricksburg, Jllaa. 63 62 60
To-day High tide, lOdO a. m. and 1037 .. . 1
tide, 424 a. in. and 5HS p. m. '
To-morrow-Higa tide. Il a. m. and 113 n. m.
low tide, 520 a. m. and 6 SB p. m. - m..
'5!.0,4MtJnemd', Known
Is ft. S,'1'a"t 3wder All physicians pre
scribe It for all troubles of the stomach,
liver, and bowels. You can now buy a
S1rr-iennSla,,ntiTtiowaer' II " &
Continued from Pace One.
year-old son Louis vyhen the man opened
the door and walked In. He wanted
Glnberg to direct him to the home of
"Mr. Miller, who works at the power
house and lives In Florida Avenue."
Olnberg knew no such man. said so.
and went about his duties. The stranger
leaned against the showcase Bmoklng a
cigarette and looking about ,After
awhile he said: "He a customer?" point
ing to Glnberg' s son. "No; that Is my-j
boy," said Glnberg. There was mora
silence for a few minutes, and then the
stranger wanted a match. "In the box
there on tho showcase," said Glnberg.
The stranger fumbled In the box, but
found no match, and asked Glnberg to
get him one.
Glnberg went behind the counter, got a
match, and handed It to the stranger. He
lighted his cigarette while Glnberg stud
led him.. The man was young, appearing
about nineteen or twenty years old. His
light golf cap sat on his red hair at a
rakish angle. His brown suit was neatly
pressed, and his collar waa newly laun
dered. His black shoes had recently been
polished. and his appearance betokened
his desire for what Is called a "front.
After lighting the cigarette the man
leaned on the counter, supported by his
left elbow, his eyes fixed on Glnberg,
and his right hand In his pocket.
Feared for Ills Boy.
Suddenly the right hand was extended
out in front of him. and clutched In the
hand Glnberg saw a shiny pistol Little
Louts Glnberg whimpered, and the gro
cer, afraid that the tot might be Injured,
became panic-stricken.
would not have cared a bit If the
little bov had not been there, but I was
afraid the man would strike the child,
and It got my nerve that's all," said
Glnberg later
robber pointed the weapon at Gln
berg s heart and said:
"Give me all the money you got, or I'll
shoot to kill"
Glnberg removed the cash drawer from
beneath the counter and emptied Its con
tents on the countir The thief quickly
put the money In his pocket.
"Now give me what you got In your
pocket, ' said the crook.
"I have nothing In my pockets," said
'Oh. jes you have Come across, or
I'll bore jou." spoke the man with the
"Search me." said Ginberg. raising his
hands above his head At this moment
little Louis began walling, and the crook,
still speaking In his Ion, calm voice,
Bald to Glnberg
'Make that kid shut up. or I'll kill
him "
The threat against the ihlld sent terror
Into Glnberg. and he entreated the child
"Be quiet, Louis, pleaee be quiet. I II '
give the man the money and he 11 go
Be quiet " I
Little Louis only walled louder The 1
thief had been leaning over the counter J
and agaln&t a large showcase In such at
position that his weapon could not be
seen from the street As the boy cried '
louder, the man put the gun under his
coat, with Just the nose of the muzzle
peeping out, and started backing to the
street door Outride, he passed 'lowlj
In front of the show window, watching
Glnberg. and then disappeared.
Grabbed Bntchcr Knlfr.
Glnberg waited a few- moments, then
grabbed a butcher knife, went out the
rear door and entered the rear door of
his home, which adjoins the grocery
Glnberg left the house by the street door,
and re-entered the grocerv after scanning
the street In vain for the thief lie then
phoned police headquarters The store Is
lighted b several electric and one large
arc light, beneath which the thief stood
while holding up Glnberg The man was
In the store ten minutes, and Glnberg
sajs he would recognize tl"e thief an
where News of the robbery spread so rapidly
that seven stores in the viclmtv which
ordlnarllj. do not close until 10 30 o clock,
had locked doors at 8 30 o'clock Police
officials say the hold-up is the most dar
ing committed In this cltj In vears
rnpltal Woman Itett
from Suf-
frnee Contention.
Mrs Helen II Gardener, who attend
ed the National American "Woman Suf
frage Convention In Philadelphia last
week, has returned to Washington She
says she Is prouder than ever of worn
an s abllltv to conduct a reallv great
national convention without bitterness
or unseemly personalities of speech
At two of the open-esslon meetings
10.000 persons were turned away from the
Grand Opera House, and at one time
there were forty overflow' meetings
being held outside Men as well as
women delegates came from all over
the United States, and so great was the
crowd on "mens night" that even the
women delegates were requested to give
their seats to the great numbers of
Fhiladelphians who were eager to get In.
31 nnlAGE UfENSES.
Paul A Jnhnsnn, 19. and Lillian B Bardr. 17.
Her James T. Rrog
Frederick A Fletcher. 30. or Willeibarre, Pa .
and Heira M Bane. a. Iter Charles T Warner
Samuel ft. Moore ft, of Gautla Quarrr, Ala., and
Horrnee A Klnit 2 Iter brtcr M Corbctt.
Dennis F Mowbrsv. 2B, and Flora L. Movbrar, 19.
both of Free Union V a. Iter F w Johnson.
Joscnb W. Hanewnckel It. and Annie M Wystt.
both of Richmond, v a. Ket W i McKenner.
illlam vv btnnrTrllow, 3, ana Mar IX Bale, ZL
Rer 1 Harrrv Dontiara.
Louis S Ilorton 21 of Anderson. S. G. and
Eleanor L. Quins. 19, of Thomasnlle, Ga ReT W
vv Barnes.
Charles VV Hunt. 33. sntl Itosa V Martin. S3, both
of Marshall. Va. 1!" i Jicivenner
J. W Branch and Lta 8 Williams, a
H. J Allen. and Msrr M Gross. 5J.
W A Campbell. 41, and Annie Bererlr. 31
tt F Chambers a, and Ella A. Washington, IS.
F Butler and Carrie Crell, ZL
Henry Baumort. T years Gort. Hosp Insane.
Martha C Hermnan. 66, 133 First SL nw.
Aldred Padtctt. 44 Tuberculosla Hospital.
Frank Morris SI. Ull biith St. nw.
Georte H. WltUna. 83. 319 G St. ne
Ella Hammond &, Central Union Mlasion.
Mirr E Keenc 68 1TO1 St. nw.
John E Brarkctt 66 13W It I. Are. nw
William Gelletlr SO 139 D St. sw.
Rachel T Gent, T9 510! First St. ow.
James darner. 13. Oarneld Urxpital
Teresa E. Scbrirer 1 month. ISIS First St aw.
John O Ben. 7 dirs. 13U Thirty fifth St.
Infant of Frank B. and Lola M. Blackburn. 1
hour. US Chlan Terrace
Sarah G Bowley, 87 jetrs. Cost. Heap. Insane.
Ruben Lewis, 5! Tuberculosis Hospital
Samuel Baler W, Fretdmen'i Hospital
Wilson J Terrell 59. 75 Defrces St. nw.
Lillian K. Locl'ey 36 lift! 8 bt.
Louiaa Kelly 41 1710 V St. nw
Sarah dereland 61. 83) Capt, At . Iry City, D. C
Robert Williams. S. Children's Hospital.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
50c A
"Hub Special" Sewing Machine
Fully Guaranteed
for TEN Years
7th and D Sts.
Capital, $1,000,000... Surplus and
The Washington
Cor. 9th and F Sts. K. W.
Representative J Hampton Moore of
Pennsylvania will be the host at a din -
ner to be given here next week in pay-
ment of an election bet
just nciure eiccuon ..ir """""'
siitp. tilth Tlunrrarntjliv . A Mltcn
ill Palmer alo of Pcnnsvlvanla that I
the Pcnn-vlv.inU. Republicans would In
crease their membership In the House
They dldn t lo It All the members of
the delegation thirtv -two strong will
dine at the expense of Mr Moore.
lnmnl association to Elect Officers
ut Meetlnc Tills Vfternoon.
The annual meeting of the Yale Alumni
Association of Washington is to be held
this afternoon at 4 45 o clock in the direc
tors' room of the I'nlon Trust Company.
Officers will be elected and many matters
of Interest to Vale men In this city
taken up for discussion
Plans for the entertainment of the Tale
University Dramatic Association, which
Is to give a performance of Tolstov's
"Fruits of Culture,
wtu be made at thai
uiovcr is local manager
for the play, which will be presented at
the Columbia Theater the afternoon of
Decem!er Zl
Tho present officers of the local asso
ciation are President, George X. Mc
Lanahan, first vice president. Benjamin
S Cable. econd vice president. Caldwell
C Tyler: secretarj, J Upshur Moorhesd,
tlwo rnmmlftMi. John TtaJl OsbornA '
(chairman). Francis J Woodman. Walter
D Wilcox, Hugh S Knox, and Charles
C Glover, Jr
Citizens 'Will Honor Firemen "Who
Won McFnrlnnil Trophy.
The Petworth Citizens' Association
will give a reception In honor of the.
members of Engine Company No. S4,
winner of the McFarland trophy this1
vcar. The citizens of Petworth greatly
appreciate tne nonor oi naving ine prize
Lompany. and Intend to reward the fire
men with a public demonstration. The
reception will be held In the engine
house, Georgia Avenue and kock creek
Church Road
To meet the expenses of the celebra
tion a house-to-house canvass will be
made by authorized solicitors of the
organization Contributions may be
tent to "William Jf. Cromwell. Sit Taylor
btreet Northwest.
Philanthropist Pnssei Avrny.
Word was received In Washington yes
terday of the death at his winter' home.
Redlands, Cal, of Albert K 8mlley.
founder of the Lake Mohonk Conference
of Friends of the Indian and Other De
pendent Peoples and the Lake Mohonk
Conference on International Arbitration,
a member of the United States Board of
Indian Commissioners since 1679, and
owner of the Lake Mohonk Mountain
House, Mohonk Lake. N. Y.
jinn for Watklns.
A mass In commemoration of the first
anniversary of the death of Richard J.
Watklns. secretary of Georgetown Uni
versity Law School, will be celebrated
in Dahlgren Chapel. Georgetown Col
lege, to-morrow morning by Rev.
Alphonsus J Donlon. S. J., president of
the unlversltj Members of Georgetown
facultv and alumni association and per
sonal friends of Mr. Watklns will at
tend. rtookblnders Elect Officers.
The officers of Local No. 4 6f the Book
binders' Union were re-elected at a meet
ing held yesterday In Typographical
Temple. They are Felix J. Blair, presi
dent; Peter Flannagan, vice president:
Lewis Stark, recording secretary; Fred
L. Arenes, financial secretary; Joseph
Fltzpatrlck, treasurer, and Terence
Mahoney, Inspector.!
At this special
Underselling price
The "Hub Special" is a thoroughly reliable,
up-to-date Sewing Machine. It is designed and
built in the best possible manner and is guaranteed
for 10 years. When you buy a machine here, you
are entitled to free
Wa Are listrict Agents for
the Domestic Sewing Machine
Prices Start at
Undivided Profits Over $1,000,000
for Those Abroad
Relieve your mind of all anxiety
concerning the money you send
abroad by using
Issued by this bank on the princi
pal cities of the world. Abso
lutely safe easily available.
Interest on Deposits
Subject to Check
Loan & Trust Co.
John Joy Edson, Pres.
Celebration of the Feast of Dedication
' b' the Hebrews of Washington will begin
to-dav and last for eight das This is
j one of the most interesting half holldavs
1 'n H" Jewish calendar. The feast will
inot be observed by special services in
Nevertheless It is eagerly looked forward
to by the children of the Jewish homes.
for It has come to be In a large measure
i a children's festival I
Among the Jews Hanucca is a time
for rejoicing not only on tho part of the
children, but as well as on the part of
the poor, who are always liberally re
membered. Gets Your Stomach
Under Perfect Control
Instant Relief for Indigestion and
Stomach Troubles, May Be Re
lied Upon by Stuart's Dys
pepsia Tablets.
There Is no occasion to suffer from in
digestion or any similar stomach trouble
when ou can so ea'lli get Stuarts
Dspepsia Tablets.
There is scarcelv a well-stocked drug
or general store in the United States
but what considers these tabletb part
of their staple stock
Von Can Travel Aamhere and Eat
Anything They Serve, If Yon Have
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets
vltb You.
Millions are used every year and
when every other man or woman ou
meet recommends them to you If vou
will but Inquire whj do you continue
to suffer from stomach trouble?
The reasons why Stuart's Dvspepsla
Tablets are such a widely used remedy
are very easy to understand These
tablets contain almost the same ele
ments as the gatrlc juices of the
stomach. And when jour stomach Is
lick and not working just right. It does
not give out enough of the natural
digestive juices to properly take care
of the food jou eat. So If you will
only give the stomach a little help by
taking a Stuart's Djspepsla Tablet after
meals you will relieve the stomach of
Its chief duty and allow tt the rest It
needs to recuperate One grain of the
active principle In a Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablet digests 3,000 grains of food,
whether jou place It In a glass jar with
cooked food or In jour stomach after
you have eaten the food.
All druggists sell Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets, and once you try them you will
never again wonder what to do for a
disordered, weak, sour, and gassy stom
ach. 60 cents a box.
llilHRsIl I
.Hi9XUJ' I
KVTV Xt4adKliUH!afcKL awn
instructions at your home.
7th and 0 Sts.
Largest and most select as
sortment. Christian Xander's
909 Seventh St.
It's NeverTooLate to Learn
at the
Y. M. C. A. Institute
It s act too lata to reaister la asr da? or erecuez
If yoo'se started to stndr at nlaht and drcirl
oat. w can taaa jwi where jou art sod build
upon that foaadatiao if it a a good one
BememberwDar diM for nliht workers a d
sUht classes for day workers la anj of li.es
Mechanical drasrins.
Architectural drawlsx
Machine design.
Irtish all grades.
Msthcraatics anrthL- f-Mn A-lthrs-tle to Cal
cuius. Srecitllsts in lodiTidual Wcrk.
Moderate ctaum rarual ran-it nlin-.i!tv. nf
educational opens Instruction br matnre. axper-
t lraCKt mm eacera.
It's Never Too Late to Enroll
With Us.
Washington School of Accountancy
fcr Stattc certifCBts at ccrtitrd public iccountt&i
od for uwea limicJjtixtloo. Pr&ctic&l work
wpecUUy laptea to mta emrlojed durirg tH &u.
iS-ptfe buUetln go requnt. Call or adtinN, Dine
tor of EdaatloG. Y. M. a at. HI Q Ut. N W
61.NCINO ELOcrmov
14J Eerenth St. no. Lincoln 173.
nonsurgical, 40rDafe book free. Apply br mad. 1 I
Oolorado Bldi. Free lecxara for women Wcdnescsrs
at MO pl m. Zls-U
The Entire Family
Mil I FD'S ' tldl enjer griddle cakes made nt
miLLtn 3 Jlfllpr Self Ralslcz Bnckwhmi
Self-Tlisln? Miller's bi the REAL buckuhest
i J J I flasor - guaranteed STRICTL1
Buckwheat ; i-lke.
J-At roar g-ccrr s. No consumers suptiled.
Wholesalers, litis aad M Sts. S. c.
BRILL A special session of Washing
ton Lodge, No 13. B P O Elks, will
be held in the lodgeroom on W ednes-daj-
the 4th Inst , at 1 p in . for th
purpose of attending the funeral of
our late brother. CHAS O BRILL
By ordT of
Exalted Ruler
KEENE Departed this life on Mondaj-,
December ;. k at. J" p. m., at ner
residence 10M O Street. MARV
ELIZABETH, beloved wife of Thom
as P Keene
Services Wednesday. December 4. at
4 o cluck Interment In La n ham. Md .
Thursdaj. upon the arrival of th
train leaving Washington at 18 to
a. m Kindlj omit flowers
MOORE On Tuesdaj-. December i, W2.
at S 30 a m . JOHN G MOORE, of
the draftsmen's division of th
1'nlted States Patent Office, at
Holmesburg Junction. Pa
Funeral private
MORGAN On Sundaj-, December I 191i
at 12 o'clock p m . at his residence.
1344 Twenty-ninth Street Northwest.
HENRY B. MORGAN, husband of
Hattle M
Funeral from Mount Zlon Methodlt
Episcopal Church, Twenty -ninth
Street and Dumbarton Avenue, Wed
nesday December 4. at I p m
Established IK7. CHAS. U. ZCBHORST. Up.
WILLIAM LEE. Funeral Director
and Embshner. lirer? In connection. Commodious
Chapel and Modern Cmnatortnm. Modest pricaa,
131 resnsjltsala Ats. nw. Teiephooa llsia HA
940 F Street N. W.
Phones Main St
Ot Eierj IvesaicUon-Moderalah; PrhssL
rssersl DtsJc TBasul DasU
.- c,-,. . rmt-mi&'Z-Xsz!H&i iS&&iti4ji,-.A&jid
.-a--3l V.i3tafgtf
... . C-t. -ttj

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