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417 to 425 8th St
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Bath Robes
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Temple ZS
T 1V pi Her-
President's. Annual Message to Con
gress Deals with Uncle Sam's
Foreign Eelations.
ApproVes of State Department's
Nonintervention Action During
Mexican Troubles.
message from l'resldent Taft on the
foreign relations of the United States
was read in both houses of Congress yes-
tcrdaj. Following his established de-
rarture from the usual all-embracing
ard cumbersome messages of former oc
cupants of the White House, this com
munication was comparatively short and
nas limited to the discussion of one sub
The President stated that the relations
of the United .States with all foreign
pers were at present maintained on a
basts of 'peace. harmon, and friend
ship " He pleaded, however, for an ex
tension of the diplomatic sjstem. stating
"that Congress should fully realize the
conditions which obtain In the world as
o stand on the threshold of our middle
age as a nation '
Many important suggestions were made
to Congress in the President s message
Chief among these was his espousal of a
more elastic tariff measure for use In
dealing with foreign countries showing
discrimination against the products of
American manufacturers
President Taft stated that the adjust-
nent of trade relations with foreign gov
ernments under section 2 of the tariff
law of 1 had conclusivel shown that
their scope should be widened so as to
enable the ETecutlve to applj, as the
cae mi) require, to all commodities,
whether or not on the free list from a
countrj which discriminates against the
I nlted States, a graduated scale or du
ties up to the maximum of 25 per cent
ad valorem provided b the present law
The President stated that 'flat tarins
ere out of date" and "could not too
strongl recommend ' this proposed
amendment to the consideration of Con
gress In this recommendation the Pres
ident said
Defend Dollar Diplomacy.
Nations no lonser accord equal tariff
treatment to all other nations Irrespec
tive of the treatment from them re
ceived, and such a flexible power as a
graduated scale of duties In the hands of
the Executive would serve to moderate
any unfavorable tendencies on the part
of those countries from which the Im
IKjrtations into the I. nlted States are
substnntivllv confined to articles on the
free lists as well as of the countries
which find a lucrative market In the
United States for their products under
existing law
Most of tin. President's mesase was
devoted to the cxistfng relations between
the I nited States and her sister repub
lics of North and South America In this
connection the President dwelt upon his
pet theme of dollar diplomacy, reiterat
ing his oft-repeated statement that this
means of invading the smaller autono
mies of the Americas not onl worked
great oeneut xo doiu me jiuimiuih uii.-
era interested and the republics recelv
I the loan but strengthened the position
I of the United States through the cliinl
j nation of large foreign loans, which
' might cause an 'nternational discussion
of the Monroe doctrine
! As a direct slap at the enemies of the
loan convention In the United States
Senate the President stated that It was
1 his opinion that the terrible loss of life
I In Nicaragua could have been prevented
' had the Department of State been per
mitted, through the approval of a loan
I convention b the Senate, to carry out
I Its pollcj of encouraging financial aid to
i weak Central American State
' Special mention Is made of the neces
I sltv of strengthening the present neu-
lnu,ly "T . . ,C.r . o,,Ih l
i an amendment to this effect Such ant
! amendment he Implied should be wide
enough to cover the possible necessity
of (.eating with special cases by the ap
plication of special laws In this con
nection the Chief Executive expressed
the utmost good will of this nitlon for
her sister republics stating that the
present policy of the United States to
promote prosperitj and good feeling
among the smaller Independencies would
be adhered to
Homes for AraTmRdora.
In developing the Department of State
abroad, the President said no more im
portant step had been made than the
establishment of the merit system He
closed his recommendation on this sub
ject by adjuring Congress to enact lcgiS'
lation making It permanent The larger
provision for the maintenance of for
eign embassies was also aked for. Par
ticular! was he In favor of the pro
vision of funds for the establishment of
permanent quarters for United States
Ministers abroad In commenting on
this subject he stated that It was 'In
deed high time that the dignity and
power of this great nation bo fittingly
signalized bj proper buildings for the
occupancy of the nation s representa
tives ever where abroad
The President touched upon the Mexi
can policy followed by the United
States in the recent difficulties which
the continued state of unrest In that
nauon engendered He characterized
the action of the United States in these
crises as "one of pauent nonlnterven
tlon and steadfast recognition of con
stituted authorlt," ending his reference
to Mexico with the hope that tho Mex
ican nation would soon resume "the
path of order, prosperity and progress
Among other matters referred to In
the mesage was the Investigation of
agracultural credits by the State De
partment This he termed as one of
the most Important works undertaken
b the government. He also referred
to the fur seal treat), and the need for
an amendment to the present statute.
tho peace treaties with England and
France, which were lost through the
refusal of Senate ratification and the
dispatch of American war ships to Con
stantinople The English and French
peace treitles President Taft dismissed
with a remark expressing his regret ov er
the action of the Senate, and the Balkan
situation he regarded as one which was
well In the hands of the powers as far
as the protection of ciUzens of other
republics were converned
Senator Bnl!r Will ot Deliver n
rorefTell Speech.
Se-iator Baile yesterday denied that ho
has any present Intention of delivering a
farewell address In the Senate
"That's a rare newspaper story; noth
ing in It worth a line of publlcaUon," ho
said "I am not planning to make any
such speech, nor am I preparing one
dealing with the progressive movement"
To Care Constipation
Don t dose the sjstem with a lot of dan
gerous habit-formlnir rimipit Tt, 4i....
everywhere are now prescribing HolTs
.i.un miuiiu, me gooo-iasting scldlltz
powder. All druggists sell It
Democratic politicians are wondering
Just what William Jennings Bryan in
tends to do with the second floor front
suite of offices in the.-Woodwa.rd Build
u& in wuicn ne nu ouu&ineai an opuun.
If Mr. Bryan goes Into tpe Cabinet
ha will have no use for the offices, un
less he uses them as a retreat In which
to escape the importunities of Nebras'
kans who want jobs.
Mr. Bryan has lately turned his at
tention to literature, and It may be that
hT, o'SZl ? ad-
m'n'atrtion according to his own lights.
Uncle Joe'sr Hug
Is Latest Thing
on Capitol Hill
The newest thing in national politics
hit tlie National Capital yesterday with
a swish
It was the "Uncle Joe" Cannon hug
Different from the lame duck waddle, the
grizzly hand grip of the Callfornlans,
and how-dee-doo-dee-doo of the Nebras
kan statesmen, this new Idea of polit
ical greeting was the subject of much
Various statesmen had It tried upon
them, nnd stamped It with their ap
proval It was patented and Invented b
"Uncle Joe, and thus far no budding
statesman has tried to Infringe on Uncle
Joe's patent rights.
"Uncle Joe ' has adopted a brand-new
method of greeting his friends since his
return for this session, probably his last
In Congress after some fortv ears of
The method Is to throw both arms
around tho person to be greeted, gentl
pat him on the hack with both hands
about three times, rub our side face
against his, and then whisper something
in his ear The onb part of the formula
missing Is the words to l whispered
Thus far "1 nclc Joe ' has refused to
disclose these
Levy Itraolntlon Directs erretnry
to Advanrr llanVs Money.
The present stringency In the monej
market was sh&xplv directed to the at
tention of Congress jesterday b Repre
sentative Jefferson Levy of New York
He Introduced a resolution in the House
directing the SecretaV of the Treasur
' to use the authorlt) Invested In him b
law to relieve the continued stringency
In the money market by depositing in
the national banks throughout the coun
try the sum of IXJIOOOO out of the bal
ance In the general fund In the Treasurj
of the United States ' The resolution
seeks to elicit an expression from Con
gress directing the Secretar of the
Treasury to perform an ac that he Is
authorized to do, In his discretion, under
the law
The resolution recites that the Treas
ury has been absorbing the monej of
the people by taxat on to the extent of
J29S9C2.79S.91 during the present fiscal
car, as against a collection In the last
fiscal car of J275SS7 340 93 It Is pointed
out that the surplus cash In tho Treaur
aggregates H" 946 419 S2 The resolution
recites as reasons why the government
should make deposits as suggested the
wonderful prosperlt of the countrj the
enormous crops the actlvltj In
branches of trade, and expanding export
trade, all of which. In the opinion of
Mr Levy, ' has caused a sharp and actl
demand for money ' The resolution w;
referred to the Committee on Banking
i . p...-,.,,
lng-flna -urrencr
Jackson of 3InrylamI and TrrU,
Idaho Take 1 heir Sent.
Two new Senators WIIHim T Jack
son of Marland, and Klrtland I Perky.
of Idaho were sworn In eterdav
the Senate Jackson succeeds the late
Senator Ravner and Perky the lato Sen
ator Hevburn Senator Jackson Is a
Republican and Senator Perky a Demo
Senator Jackson was introduced to the
Senate b Senator Smith (Dem . Md )
Senator Perky h Senator Borah
Seating of the two new benators leaves
. , ... ... . ...
onlv tv.o vacancies in the Senate, that
of Senator Lorimer of Illinois and a
cancj from Colorado The uccessions
veste-da ,a!o give the Republicans fif-t-one
members and the Democrats for
t -three
This will be the line up until several
State Legislature-) meet next month
Credentials of Senat3r-eleet Broussard
of Louisiana were also presented yester
day by Senator Percy of Louisiana
Brousard takes his eat March , 1313
Campaign Contribu
tions Mir lie Dclajril.
Next Tuesda was the date set ester
day by Chairman Clapp for resumption
of the Senate probe of campaign contri
butions The meeting will be merely pre
liminary to map out a future course. No
witnesses have been summoned for the
initial meeting
It Is not certain that testimony will be
taken for some time, as a quorum of the
committee Is lacking Senator Oliver of
Pennsslvanla is sick In Baltimore. Sen
ator Jones of Washington is detained at
his home, and benator Payntcr of Ken
tucky Is also absent
Representative Conry of Sew t
Suffers from Injured T,es.
Representative Michael Conry of New
York City yesterday was taken to a local
hospital here from the House Office
Building suffering from an Injured leg
Conn has a partially crippled leg, and
the other one he Injured by falling In a
hotel He suffered such pain jesterda)
that he had to be taken away from his
office In an ambulance to the hospital.
The doctors will examine him to deter
mine whether any bones are broken
Cost Uncle .loe 93,01s.
It cost "Uncks Joe" Cannon $3,012 to be
defeated for Congress by James O HaJr
In the Eighteenth Illinois District ac
cording to the ex-Speaker's total cam
paign expense statement, filed jesterday
with the Clerk of the House
Fred C. Kelly, of the Cleveland
Plain Dealer, whose dally stories
about celebrities now appear on
the editorial page of this paper,
has made a specialty for several
years of studying human nature
In people from various walks of
life. He has written nearly 15,000
short stories and paragraphs
about human beings For the last
few winters he has been here In
Washington writing close-range
observations and anecdotes about
the men who are doing things at
the Capital. These stories give
an Intimate rlght-up-close view
of the folks In public life that
you can get In no other way.
And no other paper In this city
will have the Kelly stories.
Democrats Believe Taft Will
Give Commissionersiiip to
School President,
Appointment of a Democrat to succeed
Commissioner Johnston Is expected to bo
announced from tho White House in a
fow dajs, and apparently well-founded
rumors last night Indicated that Capt
James F. Oyster, president of the Board
of Education and of the Chamber of
Commerce, would be selected as the man
to be presented to the Senato along with
Commissioner Rudolph, who. It Is un
derstood, is to bo appointed to succeed
Other Democrats regarded as likely ap
pointees are William V. Cox and William
K Gudc
President Taffs hcadchopplng In Texas,
with Its subsequent appointments sent to
the Senate, Is part of the basis on which
prediction Is made that the President
will appoint Commissioners when the
tirms of the present Commissioners t
pire in Januar)
At one time there was a rumor that
Irstead of appointing he would Ptrmlt
Commissioners Rudolph and Johnston,
vhom he appointed about three ears
ago, to hold their offices without re
appointment until the Democratic ad
m'nistration Is established In March
Will Nnine Huilnliili.
blncii then, however, the l'resldent las
determined to appoint, it is said, and
will name Mr Rudolph to succeed him
self, and a Democrat to succeed Gen
Johnston who the Democrats of the
District have alwajs claimed Is not a
Democrat, and by that appointment,
therefore, the President, thej claim, vio
lated th precedent that the two Com
mlssionerships should be divided between
the Republican and Democratic parties.
It is believed that District Democrats
will oppose nominations of the Commis
sioners sent to the Senate by President
Taft, no matter whom lie heltcts One
ver plain wa the matter has leen put
bv Democrats Is that President Taft can
not reinstate i precedent b appointment
of a Democnt a few months Iwfore the
end of his administration
Hector Fuller
Returns After
Fruitless Chase
MiKe thev now seem willing to pen
San lr.ini.ULU, Dec. 3 lienor 1 uK sion J-vcrjbodv except thoe entitled to
nt-WKaper torrcspondtnt arrived here p nslons the taxparrs of the countrj '
to day after a futile trip around the Mr Bailey said, "I suppose I should
worll in the wake of Jordan 1-awrence not object But I have alwajs been op
Mott Jr of New ork and Mrt Francis po-ed to the retirement of any govern
Hiwlttt Bowne, a wealthy Loni? Island I ment emi loves Kvery man should be
soclet) matron w ho eloped adequate!) paid for his ervlces, and he
lullers cxpensn wr paid by Jordan j should enjoy the fruits of his prudence
Lawrence Mott sr who promised him or sullir the result of his Imprudence
Ji ( If he suci-evded In bringing the In the use of his Income I suppose
voting man bark Fuller Just mlfid the some daj they will invent a plan for
ouple at Gibraltar, reach d Sues a fw i pensioning the taxpa)ers so that we
hnurs after their ship did and at Port
Said found th-it the hid left on the da)
of his arrival He managed to reach
Hongkong ahead of the runawajs, and
met them there but Mott was Impervious
to his pleadings, swarlng he would re
main with Jin Bowne The elopers
then established a home In a small clt)
In the Interior of China, and Fuller
started for home
Tompkinsvllle K) ,
Dec 3 In a light
Tvrce cut Luther
" """. ."W ...m ...... ..........
Jackson s throat. Inflicting a wound
from whkh Jackm died While the
light was In rrot,res a man named
hmlth attacked Constable E King-
erj. who was advancing to make an ar-
rest, and Klngerj shot and killed fcmith
Tjree e-caped
rqnittnt of Patricide. ' fioi. Sha froth Spent 5,448.
Greentield Ind . Dec 3 Guy Stuart John Shafroth, Governor of Colorado,
wis this afternoon acquitted of the mur- I pcnt SIH3 to secure his election to the
der of his father, Dr V A btuart, a j Senate and Charles S Thomas, former
prominent phvsician of Forttleld. Ind. on Governor, spent C. in addition to ti
the ground of self-defense The Jur) V contributed b) the Democratic Ni
nas out about one hour The son ad- tlonal Committee for the elect on of hlm
mltted the murder but declared he did self and all other Democratic candidates
not shoot until his father had attacked
him with a hatchet and a hammer.
sorlet) Woinn.ii n -Suicide.
Partr, Tenn , Dec 3 Miss Annie Con-
waj a voung societ) woman commit
ted suicide while she Hv In bed by
shooting herself through the hiart Her
gown was Ignited bv the flash of the
pistol but tho blood Irom her wound
extinguished 'he 11 inies I dwln 1 Con
waj, her brother an cmplo)e of a bank
In Mexico City, wns reccntl) found dead
In bed from a bullet wound
Gets $4,000 a I-Inter.
New ork. Dec 3. verdict for $12,000
for the loss of three fingers, to-day was
awarded by a Jurj In the Supreme Court
In Brooklyn, to John Derbyshire Tho
finding was against tho Keystone Varnish
Company, by whom the plaintiff was cm
ployed. Alleged Swindler surrenders.
Chicago, Dec 1 Samuel T Warfleld.
who with a number of other men Is
under Indictment In New York In con
nection with frauds In De Luxe Book
contracts, surrendered to the United
Mates authorities here to day
According to experiments In German
schools, girls seem to have tho color
sense better developed than boys
Pains Go Like Magic
4E&2 Is C 1 f rs',t I8 IWSl B
Dr. Cunningham's
Wonderful Plasters
are made in all shapes to fit different parts of the body. Pain simply cannot
rttht them. They draw out Unc Acid, Inflammation and Polsont For
Rhaamatiim Lumbago Cold on ChtttKianeyTmubU Backache Pain in
Side, Hip, Shoulder Ankle, Foot, Elbow, Muscles, or in any part o the body.
Labels redeemable for llerald eoateat
pconjr of
1 A little different
from the ordinary gift, maybe, but all the more
likely to be noticed on that account.
Handworked Leather Book Covers .$2 00 up
Handworked Leather Magazine Co-ers $2.50 up
Handworked Leather Telephone Book $3.00 up
Handworked Leather Table Mats $1.00 up
Handworked Leather Scarfs (4 feet long) .$8.75 up
Handworked Leather Pillow Covers $5 25 up
Leather Hassocks $2.50 up
Art Glass Electroliers i $10 00 up
Burrow es' Folding Card Tables $3.00 up
Arts and Crafts Candlesticks $1.00 up
Novel Designs in Smokers' Stands $7 00 up
Waste-paper Baskets 75c up
Mission and Mahogany Book Racks 75c up
AttractheK Framed Den Pictures 25c up
Mahogam Sewing Tables $5 75 up
Mahogany Tuckaway Tables $12.50 up
Hammered BraS Fern Dishes 50c up
Sw eet-toned Brass Chimes $4 00 up
Quaint Mission Collarettes $12 50 up
Mission Hall Clocks $4 75 up
Combination Telephone Stands 6 75 up
Parlor Tables, Tea Tables, Pedestals Easy Chairs, Toilet Tables, Slipper Chairs, Fern
eries, Mirrors, Muffin Stands, Music Cabinets, &.c
631 to
Senator Ilnlley Ultlerly Opposes Phi.
lona for I.lfe-savtuc Gnnrds.
Pensionlrg of life-saving guards was
bitterly opposed jesterday in the Senate
by Senator Bailey of Texas Ho attack
ed the Burnham bill, which provides
suth pensions.
shall see ever) one supporting every
I one else
enntor W orku' Ilrsolntlon W onld
MiolUli riretornl College.
A reiolution proposing a constitutional
amendment to abolish the electoral col
lege and elect the President and Vice
President b) direct vote of the people
was offered In the Senate jesterda) by
Senator John B rks of California,
who asked that It Ih referred to the
Committee on Judlclarj
i Tne plan requires that the returns be
f!r"n.!0,h,e f?,nP 1 Sta.te . be'
, Tnn.rv 1 fll,.ilnD. .K .l.l
and by him transmitted to the President
of the Senate before February 1. The
tenate shall count the votes and oltl-
Uallj declare the election of the candi-
dates for President and Vice President
respective!) who have received the
highest number of votes
in tlie prlmar) and general election cam
Miners mtnlly Bnrncd.
Pottsvllle. Pa.. Dec 3 William Kline
and Thomas Kramer, miner, of Ma
honoy Citj probabl) were fatally
burned aa the result of an explosion of
mine gai that occurred to-day In an old
working it the St Nicholas Collier) of
the Philadelphia and Beading Coal and
Iron Company at Gllbcrton
The mine Is still burning. All of the
miners and mules havo been hoisted to
the surface.
By New lork Telegraph.
First race Luke Van Zant Er
nest H, Lurla.
Second race Quid None, Por
oy Henderson. Maude McKee.
Third race Elizabeth Har
wood, Chapultepec, Flying Feet
Fourth race Compton, Sere
nade. Orbed Lad
Fifth race Tom Chapman.
Vested Bights, Moller.
Sixth race John Louis, Little
Marchmont, Rake.
votes at the rate at on Tots (or each
the price
A, A A A A A, A, A, A..A, A A A
639 Massachusetts
Have them charged
This is- the only jewclrj houc in Wash- II
ington where jou can buy on long-time
Daments at regular cash price's. I II I
II We gi e on this accommodation w ith- j IJ
rTS out a penny of extra charge tZ&J
WM Our displays of Diamonds are mag- JiX
I (fro i nificent, and we offer unu-ual alucs in j X) ,
i nrj$ am size of stone ou wish. C-?
II We have full-cut, genuine diamonds, m
II 14-kt. mountings, as low as $10, and up to
I the dazzling gems at prices in four figures
One of our leaders a 'ample of the
big value we offer is a
Genuine Diamond, $AF
i Carat, full cut, j
14-kt. gold mounting - -fcr
j II 1 Come In at once and and s le-t Ohrl tmas 1
I II I cifts Hae our purchases charged and well j
arrange for payments as small as . ueekl),
j 11 I If jou wish. I
J II I We give Herald J23 000 content o ea I
li oiaMOND MKChjuit IT
915 and 917 D St. N. E.
Houses Open Daily
9 o'Clock. Lighted and Heated.
Come Out This Evening or Sunday.
Six Rooms and Bath.
Hardwood Finish Throughout
Large Lots and Parking to
Double Porches, 7 bv 16 ft.
H. R. Howenstein Co.,
1314 F Street Northwest.
The shop that sells the cleverest of
mens nxings for less.
8044 14TII ST. It. XV.
e elve Herald 833,000 contest Tote-
A, A,
Expert Carpet Cleaning
An excellent polished oak. early
English or mahogany finish ey fr
desk with drawers &IIS
Just Completed.
ONLY 100
Balance Like Rent.
and Sunday Until
Holland Window Shades.
Extra Large Closets.
Mirror Doors.
Floors Planed and Oiled.
tl'arquetry Floorsr
Electric Lights.
ITbcrt tho tt ef Foodstefft u
rrfCM. Unti, riib. ud mrlatoM
409 Third St N. W.
We Gin iota U Tbt UtrUri AW GcsM

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