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1 .
AO EAS, $240,000
And Thrifty German Scrapger Has
avea Fully $200,000 of
His Earnings.'
Baa Francisco. Jec. 1 Ad Wolgast
ha been deprived of his light-weight
crqwn, but he has enough of earthly
wares to act aa aomewhar of a balm.
Manager Tom Jonea has made the state
ment that during the period of xlose to
three years that Wolgast was the light
weight champion of the world he made
3244000. Half of tnls big fortune was
made up In purses and the rest "was ac
cumulated In bets, theatrical engage
ments, and outside Investments.
The beauty.about It, too," said Jones,
'Is that the German has been thrifty
enough to keep the major part of It. I
venture to say that he Is worth close
to 3300,000 to-day. He has property In
Los Angeles valued at 1161.000, and he
has his ranch In Michigan. His money
has been wisely Invested, and Wolgast
has never handled more than COO In his
"Wolgast will be one champion who
will not go the wavs of his predecessors.
He Is far from through with the box
ing game, and when he does retire he
can settle down and be completely fixed
for the rest of his" life."
Contrarj to the general opinion that
prevails, the light-weigh limit will not
be changed. Willie Ritchie, the new
world's champion, and therefore the dic
tator In deciding hat's what In his
division, has made the statement that It
would remain at 133 pound Champion
Ritchie even went so far as to Intimate
that It would be at the ringside
"I never felt better in my life than I
did Thursday and I can conscientiously
say that the weight making did not In
jure me In the least." said the champion
"I never missed a meal In my training,
drank what I wanted, and, in fact, did
not have to even drv out. I think that
the coming down to 133 pounds did me
a Jot of good. I naturally look big be
cause of my height, but I am a legiti
mate light-weight. Tbej rnaj say that
I looked drawn, but the best evidence
that I as right was the fact .that I
stood the punishment and was strong
enough In the sixteenth round to knock
Wolgast down
Individual Tournament,
Colonial Leacue.
(At rlca Altera)
Continentals ra. Iroquois.
Agriculture . War
Patent Examiner' LeflRne.
(At Arcade Alley.)
Interference . Bintr.
ortheastern Lengne.
So. It. R. Clerk' League.
(At Casino Allejl.)
Aroountanta Ta. Law
Arcade Lracnf.
(At Arcade Allcji.)
itjoiersiscnt rnnUns Offlce n. ohtrrood.
Commercial Lcbbtip.
(At t'rJiee Altera.)
hTenuig star t Woodward & LoUunp.
I Departmental Lrseiie,
(At Crtol HJ! ALer.)
Comnusairnere ts. Treasury
Carroll Conned Lenirne.
Terminal It. It. Y. 31. C. A. League.
(At Union Station.)
uditor t. Station No L
Iuc-ram Chnrch League.
(At Church AHcTJ.)
TJoortrrs ts. Bull Mooscrs.
District Lcaene.
i Alleys.)
atlonnl Capital Leaprne.
The Springfield Club, of the 1 I I
league has sold Manager-plaj er Richard
Smith to the Scranton Club, of the New
Tork State League, for J500 Smith will
manage the Scranton team.
Business men of Evansville, Ind , have
made an offer of J10.00O for the South
Bend franchise in the Central League, on
condition that their offer Is accepted be
fore the first of next 3 ear
The fat. Louis National League Club
has released Jack Bliss, the veteran
catcher, to the Sacramento Club, of the
Pacific Coast League.
Nervy Nat
f - -
J- S. 4. . i 6. 6.
Nervy Nat I feel constrained to annex
these shoes. Honesily, I haven't cot the
nerve to ask the man to present them to
me. Besides,Tve no doubt he's a busy
man. so I won't bother' him with Idle
questions. X must trot over to the club
and slip these, oiv p
oabroui couhchi tK. or cj iaiour.
"llt.aJ.Sd- lsc-at!
Watson. fl Staeehas J10 tl JJ
Kafawdr. SI 4 161 Donohoci.... tt . Jl
Katea.., tt K n KMibT. J j,
Smith.......; W S3 m Barto......... 199 Jl g
BtHeld....... ., m .. Soger....-. . j.
Total....., Totals. . 4 3
vSJS-m M ft-tSra ?t
tonnuni...... 14 Hoo lie Kaiare ....-a JM in IS
ieah. a trr oourter. jrr ra ys
Totals...... SO BO To Tota..j... 5 IB
Haizertra. Atlantic. ,
Stanton. St 11 95 Knocker...... ,g
Xlrera........ l II N Halo.......... 1W lit 10S
Don.... ..- W Hacan... g JJ
Bxmanoaal... T K Tl HoOpn. M SJ
tiaweU.. W tt m Crooie.....,., M4 U IK
Total...-. B CT CJ Total,...... Ol CO tS
souTuwEyrmypcegnw iSAona.
Hlppoa. AaUrrt.
8lnnix....?K lt Arton..... J B
Qulnn .... SI W 107 Weaer .......
Xlandca. .. n U S Unjfort .. B S
Oalliber... J 13 BoberUoa.. K 1 7S
Oecie K U J alorphT. H
Total. .... m S 5 Totals....... 1 ISI tS
Antlent won rotlofl fint game. i
Garrison. Eureka.
Ul. M S ST Van Horn BBS
Crowkr KM Ju ,
Lorrrliur 101 II W Taber .. O 10J J
Wella . ST 301 S6 ITFle....-. 106
Uawkrworth. H B B Blltenftr. ... St . .
l-oston .. . Ill 1X
Total .... C5 3 ; -
Totala... .. C BO W9
Huron. Cbatauauaa.
Wood 100 ItJ M JVlIUari.. .. tl 111
Cornell. .. 110 lot leatman 111 1M tl
Harria. 91 99 tS larael .. 109 HI 110
Total . . Si S3 33 1 Total. 311 33 SIS
Comnuuinner O P ,. ,
Broanan. 11 13 at Ctom . H5 JS S
Aker. ?. lH ITJ Ml Baer - ... JJJ Jjf
Myen.. ... 1M 1 SO lj. - Ml " If
Bwatscrt. 18T 1st 1SS Lednum . Ml J JJ
Mejrr;. .. 1S 1 15 HaUb 1 1 MJ
ToU'J. . S 8U 5 Total. . STJ 7ST TtS
Chipia t Sack. Hatetoer Bak. Co
Kirnnaoo . 102 to J Kins ... . tf g IN
Abbott. . . 80 83 Tl Vork ...... 101 M 1U
Oilier . . ST K Its Jennan.. . . ft S '2
Jtoler . la St 105 Small JS O
Hower.. ... 193 IB 108 Mace. ... 93 97 1W
Tstala. . 5J S IS TotaU. . 6T 513
FU Men National
Mccarty. . 1T "3 Fowler ru 13 101
Miller . . S3 101 53 hann - S? 32 JS
Errmt D SI W ilmo .... J "
Carroll .. . IS tr 10S Boberu. . . 1J3
Harley . lot 103 113 Ohler . . 10S 13
Total. SO HS HS ToUla. . OS 538 SOS
Do SoU. La Salleik
Mahoney ...OKU Graham S S E
Tranp. . 89 Aabley 2 O M
Rolae - . ) 13 Tl Colnmbu. . r r JS
Doulberty 89 S3 96 J Nolan . . JJ J3 T
McComey M 91 93 O. CUrk . 103 W 10
Total ti cS ti ToUla tI3 04 15T
HCTnepln , Chamnlalns.
Brower 93 K ft Amable . R J? IT
Hojan , n T R llley - W
McDermott. E) S3 81 Leahy r . 8J JJ
Clant . T tl Tl Mmn. T . 90 100 tl
Huaett. II 83 81 MUlon. 88 87 C
Total 306 C9 Va ToUla.. Wl US t3
Jlarquette. Balboa,
riark ST T3 T O Bnen. 0 2S
Hewett. . Tl -3 r HoBman 96 J7 Jl
Kcririn 83 Tt I Halan. 9S K 90
Mjer. 107 91 71 lilll . T 6 JJ
bmith -. CD TS Glorcr .. 80 93 '
ToUl 3 38 379 Totl. C 115 411
Mrquette non rollfiT ftnt grme
TAR. Mechniel.
Whitney . SB 1M 1H Wenner 119 lO 1"
HunS7 . 1 IS 133 Karrell . JO 139 JO
Brooks. IT 153 136 SUler . IK 162 194
Herbert. 1" 171 1"! Redmond .. 1C 153 III
SUub .. 16S 113 13 ehmeyer. . 1U 159 1M
Tctal. 8U 5 779 TotaU 769 756 838
Auditor. Ticket Office
Miller . ft 10. 101 McDonald SO
Week . 9t 85 92 Sherman. . 1 93 93
Ekln 89 79 95 MoffeU . 91 95 95
W-halra . 3 84 86 Haiaonx. . 79 Jl
t'ulk ... 115 103 100 McDonald . 84 103 97
bbuman. . 91 88
Total. 457 47ToUll J ri S
St. Sn. Tl I St. So. Tlv
an Buakirk 3 6 1S8 Htrwool 5 3 186
i ( ait I ; i si
6 i 736 1 6 4 aa
S 5 216 4 6 200
Second Set.
ran Diiikark 4 j 17) bliaSrr 4 4 178
4 4 in 5 2 13
2 5 160 2 6 162
2 c ro 1 4 16
7 3 227 3 5 193
Third Ret.
Harwnod 3 I 167 I Shaffer I 202
o 3 183 t 7 16
4 6 196 1 5ir
3 6 181 I 7 1 III
7 2 222 4 i 34
Shortstop-manager Charles O'Lcarj. of
Indianapolis, has at last been released to
the Providence Club, of the International
Dcaplte hU fortr-four yrara of
are, A. ". HefTclSnser. former
lar of the lale football team,
who pi red at arnard vrtth the
Ail Stars acalnat a professional
football team at Minneapolis on
ThanksffWlnc Day, Is feel In c
"fine aa m fiddle. MPnda;et as he
renerally is fcnovrn, had not
played football for ten years, but
came through the content ivlth
only a few "touchy spots about
his hack and les; to remind him
of das cone by. MIt's nothing;."
he says. "Of course, I was not In
the best of condition. I im forty
four years old non, and not aa
apple aa I uaed to be, but I feel
all right."
Nervy Nat Suffering; Socrates; 'tis a
tight squeeze, egad! My cursed vanity
prompted this spike-toe boot. They'll do
at a pinch, no doubt. By the powers! I'll
swear I can feel all my toes blending Into
.one. But I'll set 'cm both or bust.
Tbe3fational "Louisiana LonJ'
The National Theater trill have a week
of musical comedy pyrotechnics begin
ning sezt Monday evening, when that
Chicago and Ban Francisco musical com
edy success, "Louisiana Lou," bursts
Into the local horizon,
Alexander Carr will be in charge of
the, comedy, while .Sophie Tucker will
wield the tantalizing torch of ragtime:
Other capable aids and assistants will
be Harry Hanlon. Burrelt Barbaretta,
Lester Crawford, Bessie, -fie Vole, Helena
Ealllnger, Eleanor Henry, and several
dozen charming girls. The piece was
first produced at the ui Salle Opera
House, Chicago, In September, lU. where
It played for 254 performances.
Belasco Sothern and Mario rye.
There la no question about the bril
liant outcome of the fortnight's engage
ment of E. H. Sothern and Julia Mar
lowe at the Belasco' Theater. The visit
of the popular stars has taken on the
aspect of af Shakespearean festival, 'and
old and young are tilling the theater at
every performance.
An Indication of the remarkable pop
ularity of these 'two players Is Indicated
by a contract which they have already
signed for ten consecutive weeks In
New Tork next season, at the Manhat
tan Opera House, where they recently
closed a five weeks engagement, which
they discovered at the end was all too
brief. At the Belasco Theater they are
offering an extensive and varied dra
matic bill of fare, ranging from the
comedies to the tragedies. Twe perform
ances will be given of each of the eight
plays In their repertoire, with the ex
ception of "Macbeth" and "Aa You Like
It," which will have only one presenta
tion each.
Columbia "The Old Homestead.
The most enduring drawing power of
"The Old Homestead" Is Indisputable,
and Its long success and continuous
prosperity and popularity are due In no
Inconsiderable measure to the fact that
It Is a perfect transcript of nature. It Is
old, yet ever new, and It Is absolutely
true to the New England country life,
which It represents.
The musical features are the same as
of old, the double male quartet Is Just
as good to-day as It as when Chauncey
Olcott, Richard J. Jose. Tom Lewis, snd
others -Jte might mention were members
of the organization The grand choir
In the Grace Church acene Includes
twenty trained voices, and Is as Impres
sive as heretofore. The original com
par? and production I1I be seen here
under the personal direction of Mr Frank
Columbia Holmes Travel Talk.
The most beautiful architectural
achievement in the world, the far-famed
Taj, will be the starting point from which
Burton Holmes will lead his hearers at
the Columbia Theater Sunday evening
and Monday afternoon. In the continua
tion of his Journey through India. The
route will continue along through Cal
cutta, Allahabad, Darjtllng. ail seats of
unprecedented rojal magnificence, to the
most wonderful of nature's works, the
lofu, snowcapped, and ane-Inspirlng
peaks of the Hlmalajas It will. Indeed,
be a revelation of the glories of India
fliiuf'i Polite Vaudeville.
Ra Cox will be the headllner of
Chase'a bill next week Until recently
she- was the stellar feature of "The
Charity Girl." Miss Cox Is especially
famous for her amusingly clever and
correct port raj a! of twentieth century
girl types
The extra added attraction will be Mrs.
Louis James former co-star with the
late Louis James, the great American
tragic and romantic actor A (special
feature will be the dancing stars, Pat
Rooney and Marion Bent. In their New
York life musical comedy, "At the News
Stand " The famous minstrel comedian.
George Wilson, has been added to the
The London Hippodrome Saharan sen
sation, Bobker's Bedouin Arabs, will per
form their desert sports and tactics fol
lowed by their native music and Instru
ments Ben Linn, the rotund comedian,
will dabble In songs, stories, and dances.
The Schillings will give their lld West
Show marksmanship The pipe organ re
citals, at 1.30. 7 30 and intermission, and
the new series of Animated Weekl pho
toplane daylight motion pictures are other
attractive additions.
cademj "The Confesalon.
The Confession. b James Hallcck
Reld. which enjojed a successful run at
the Bijou Theater. New York C!t, will
be seen at the Academy next week, dares
to tell the truth, and In Its telling un
furls a dramtlc storj of power, strength,
and llterarv merit
Mr Reld Is firm In hi belief that the
public will welcome a play with real life
Interest, not depending upon the loud,
the sensational, or the vulgar for Its suc
cess, but rather upon truth, which, since
time began, has alwav s been stronger
than fiction The management of the
Play, firm In Mr Reld's belief, have fur
nished the play with a cast of exceptional
ablllt). For the Important offering, a
scenic production befitting In detail and
correctness has been built for 'The Con
fession." roll' ;t audevllle.
S Z. Foil announces this week that he
has perfected arrangements with the
Nervy Nat Oh, these are awful! Now
I know why the Wltlle-boys walk so
funnj. Every step I take sends a mil
Hon wireless pains all over my system.
I'd like to fret a hold of the double
breasted, peanut headed egg-plant that;
made these abominations. .Just lock me
up- Jn a bam with him and give "me a
(tiding, booking ofllces In -New -York
whereby ho will be able; to present in
Washington a. higher grade ot vaude
ville attractions than he has been offer
ing to the patrons of the big avenue
playhouse. Each week there will be one
big headline feature, supplemented by
sit exceptionally strong: supporting aets.
This elevation of the standard of Poll
vaudeville in Washington will be made
fesaihio bv revising the scale of prices
to conform with "those la other theaters
of the Poll circuit, vif. iw, , ana w
cents for the evening "performances, and
the same prices as heretofore (10 and ,31
cents) for the matinees.
Mme. Alma GltfcU.
Mme. Alma Qluck. the prima" donna
from the Metropolitan Opera, .New York,
who is Interesting the entire musical
world with a voice, a technique, and a
personality to promise any height of
greatness for the future, will be beard In
recital at the National Theater Monday
afternoon, December 9. at 4J0. Mme.
Gluclc, who Is now on a concert tour. Is
ineetlngw!th unstinted pralsetfrom press
and public, and creating the greatest en
thusiasm that has been accorded any
great singer In years.
Gayety Dave Marlon and "Dream
land Burlesquers.'
Dave Marion, .one of the most success
ful and versatile of burlesque stars, will
be seen at the Gayety next week head
log the "Dreamland Burlesquers." Mr.
Marion Is not only the chief funmaker of
the- organization, but he la the author.
composer and lyricist of "Pousse Cafe,"
the two-act musical farce in which the
Dreamlandera will be seen. Twenty-five
rig musical numbers are to be found In
the score of "Pousse Cafe." A large and
handsomely costumed chorus Is one of
the striking features of the entertain
ment, and Mr. Marlon has surrounded
himself with an unusually capable group
uf assistant funmakerj and singers
Cosmos Vaudeville.
Every patron of the Cosmos will re
member the Three Bohemians, who. with
violin, harp-guitar and plano-accordlon,
were seen some weeks ago. They are not
the headllners. but simply one of ths
features ot the Cosmos bill for next
The bill Includes the Starneros. who
are said to be the greatest plate spin
ners and equilibrists In vaudeville
Other prominent features will be the
Four Lublns, In quartet offerings of song
and dances, the Musical Maids, with a
violin and piano programme, and Irene
Hobson and company, in "A Business
Proposal There will be another act,
the contract for which Is not yet closed,
and the Pathe Weekly Review, the orig
inal chronicler of world events In motion
pictures. leading the film features
I.yreum "Ilane Dautzliters."
The great hodge-podge of all that Is
new and entertaining are ' Dante s
Daughters and the "Darlings of Paris,"
the show combination which will be seen
at the Lyceum next week.
Not only does tt contain sll that Is good
in burlesque, spectacular, musical, and
sensational effects, but It also offers a
long bill of vaudeville stars Nothing
has been overlooked that will help make
this the most satisfying entertainment of
all the so-called Broadway productions
Extra attraction Friday night the
country store
Cnalno A nmlev tile.
The Casino management is building up
a bill of specialties for next week, ac
cording to announcement "The Two
Dainty Little Singing Maids will Intro
duce Blllle and Esther Young in song
selections of the pleasanter kind Camp
bell and Connor will weave comedy Into
their duologue of song and chatter. Oros
Jean and Mauer promise a noveltj In the
musical line.
The acrobatic feature combining non
senso and nlftiness. will be essayed by
the Stern Brothers Two more acts are
jet to be announced to complete the bill,
which will be supplemented with motion
pictures of the Casino standard
FIRST niCB-The Chrle L, Stone Purse for
two-year-old fife furlong.
Trulx W I Ancetw ... 110
Jin l!mr IT Jmi ... 110
Ileal Sur . 1! I
HECOVD KACE-TIn Llojd all air, fire and
one-half furlonc
Irlns Jloar I Jim I. . . IM
Hiiel C 1 lran 110
CMhmntn 1 f Loui Ite-cornet 110
Smh 110 1 Zlnkand .. 110
nobby Conk . 110 1 lin Norton 1U
Autumn Rov
TUMID RCl-The J I Pcnr Franri purse
tbrre-yearotd and ni ward one mile selling
Itoral filter V I M t ambon . 105
Llllr Paitcn 1 I rapine .. lOo
Lotta Creed 105 1 Khorly Northern. 1CS
I amberuia Wi F. ree . M
Dorothy Ledsrtt !b ! krnyon 113
KlLllTH IUll-U asr flio and one-half fnr
lone elliL.
Vnne Mcfiee IK I .'4d "f Ophir 113
free IK I --ennade . 113
Country Boy If I t nHe Jlmmle Cray . 113
BelUnlcier 110 1 I rlor Itor . . lis
Bed .. 110 I Sir !ierott ll
FIFTH ItACr. The Tom Bennett laT, three-yer-old
and Uward. erten furlong.
H I ato " I I arkroir . Ill
Mr Lad lOSlVmlr . . HI
Crwiwier 109 1 t rather Ihuter 111
SIXTH RUE The Phil enln purse, three-year-old
and U ward one mile tellies
VIuiT ln I ltoe?ale . 105
viiu Rom inn Balellff . . 105
Florence KrlpP IOj j Kngrater
105 I.o O Neil
Black Male
Apprentice allowance rlatmed.
Shortstop Rudv Hulswltt has signed
with the Louisville Club, of the American
Association, as piajer and captain
I'm Pinched
Nervy Nat-Oh. agony! Anr one, would
think I had a flt that saw-me; but4t'i no
fit that bothers me. These shoes wouldn't
flt anything but atrog. Oh, J shall sure
ly pass away In two minutes! Help!
The Cop A hobo throwln a fit, be
gorrj' Here, youse! Don't bore 1 hole
In th' asphalt.
Hembera of. Maraaette UnlTeriMyj
, Medics; Department .Quit School,.
Mllwapkee, "Wls Dec O-Tne entire
medical department of Marquette tint
versify.. 2)0 students In alt. after 'a mass
meeting today; decided to leave the
school, and" marched In a body to th
Wisconsin College of Physicians and
Surgeons, the rival school, and -registered,
The students 'claimed the faculty fcad
failed., to raise the standards of the
school)' to the point demanded by the
American Medical Association and that
the 'rulings of the American Medical .As
sociation make.lt difflcult. if not Im
possible, for a graduate of the Institu
tion to get. a proper rating as ajphyal
clan after graduating.
" ' ' N
To' neinove Collection Fees.
New York. Dec . Following- a spir
ited meeting "held behind closed doors,
the New York Clearing- House Associa
tion to-flay voted to remove the collec
tion fees on check In five Biateay namely,
Nsw Yortw Khode IalaqdV Connecticut,
Maasachusetts. and New Jersey. This
action came In the form of adopting the
report that check collection In these
Stiles should be free. ,
Why should you as a
motorist put up with
less service when such
service as the follow
ing is customary with
users of
G & J Tires
"We thought it might
interest jou to know
that our car equipped
with G & J Tires fin
ished the first 10,000
miles. One of jour cas
ings has ncer been off
the rim and looks good
for everal thousand
miles more."
Denver, Col.
You can get the same
kind of service by using
the same kind of tires, and
without extra cost.
Specify the old reliable
G & J Tires
Washington Distributers:
National Electrical
Supply Co.,
1S8-1330 ew York Ave.
cember 4 MC-BeeJed proposed will b rereiirf at
thl ofllee until 2 odock p. m. on DECEMBER U
115. for the. romtnictlon of ewrr in the DUtrlct of
Columbia. Form of prupcMla, epe-'iflcatiarja, and
necrary Information may bo obtained from the.
(Tilef Clerk Ergineer Department, Room d. W
Irict Building Washington D V CCNO II. Ill
SON. Commiwiooer. D P de4SW
PunerrUlnj Architect. Washington T O Decern
her J M12. Sealed prnposala will be reeelred In
thl ofloo until 3 o elodt p m. on the 14TH D V. l
OF JANCART 1513. and then opened, for the
mechanical emJuucnt (eacept rieratora) of tha nw
bulldlcg for the Bureu of Engratlsr and PrlnUcg
at Washington, D C In accordance with drawmrf
and pectarUon copies of which my bo obtained
at this office at the discretion of the Supeniuns
VrehiUrt. OSC4.R WENDLEOTH. Soperrlilng Ar
ehlutt dec3.4TJ
PuperrUIng Architect Washington, D C Decern
ber2. 1112. Pealed proposal will bo receixed In
this one until 3 o clock p. m. on the ItTII DV
OF JINUART. 113. and then opened, for a hy
draulie elerator plant, ae. In the new building for
the Bureau cf EngraTlcg and Printing at Washing
ton. D C. In accordance with the drawings nd
specification copies of which may bo obtained at
this oSce. at the divrrtion of the Baperriainff .r
chlttrt. OSCAR WDEROTIT Supcrrblng Jlrchl
tert. decit S.&.T 9
Pnperfiung trchltect Washington D C Decern
her i Uli-Sraled proposal will be rec-eired at this
o1ce until 3 odock p. ra. on the 14TH DtT OF
JINUART B13 and then opened for the interior
finish of a fonr-tory basement and attic fireproof
building of approximately 90 000 square feet ground
area for the Bureau of L.ngrTing and rrintlnz
Washington. D C Drawing and aprdflcations -nay
be obtained at thl oCkre at the discretion of the S i
rerrislng Architect. OaCvR WENDEROTH u
perilling Architect. deS.4 AS.7 9
Rureau of SnppUe nd Account. Nry Depart
ment Washington. D O until 10 o clock a m
DECrjlBER 17 IJG. and pubUdy opened imme
diately thereafter to furnish at the nary yard. W ash
ington. D. C , Ac a quantity of natal uppiic. ss
follow Rch. 5010 Engine lathes, drilling ard mill
lng machine. di 3111 Electrical supplies M
pnles Sch. 3012 Trolley Nock. nra hronae bt
rolled or forged and sheet steel. Applications for
rropneala abonld designate the schedules dwlred be
number Blank proposals will be furnished upon ap
plication to ths Bores J T J. COW1E. Paymaster
General. U. S. N no3 drJ
Coprtisnt. Judtre Co.
Nervj. Nat Good and kind Samaritan,
blessings en ur worthy headpiece' You
can rest assured that Nervy Nat never
forgets a kindness. If there Is anything
I can possibly do for j ou promotion to
captaincy, a saloon of jour own any
little thing like that don't hesitate to
.mention It. If you do my feelings will
be crushed.
The Cop Whisht, now, me b'y! Don't
mlntion It. Shure. Ol thought yo wor
hovln' a flt. 'Tls only common humanity,
an' Molke the copper Is no football play
er or automobller.
Thursday, Friday d Saturday
25c Sanftol Tooth Powder s 13c
25c Xj ons' Tooth Powder ...v 19c
25c Peroxide1 Cream .,....! 13c
25c Williams Shaving Stick.v ."..C 17c
25c Williams' Shaving Powder. 17c
50c Reliable Hair Tonic (best for dandruff) . . . 25c
10c Mentholated Bronchial Lozenges, 2 'for. . . : 15c
10c Brown Mixture Tablet 7c
25c Whte Pine Balsam, 15c; 2 for 25c
25c Sal Hepatica.., ,......-. 19c
1 lb. Boric Add.. '....tl 15c
1 lb. Best Epsom Salts 5c
25c Box Seidlitz. Powders 15c
1-4 Effervescent Phosphate Soda ". . . . 23c
25c Witch Hazel, bottle 15c
1 pint Phosphatic Emuision 43c
1 pint Beef, Wine and Iron 43c
Laxative Cold Tablets (contain no quinine), box 25c
50c Kidney Pills, box 25c
10c Liver Pills, 7c; 4 for 25c
100 Lapactic Pills 29c
100 2-grain Quinine Pills u 19c
100 Blaud Iron Pills 19c
100 Cascara Tablets 19c
m. 5647. 9th and New York Ave.
Don't Throw Away
Your Bull Blades.
We will re-shrpn
them so they wilt
shsve better than
new blsdes
Gillette Blades and All
Siatle-edge Blades
2c Each
ZrrAtt 1
We arlre Herald S2VXM contest votes.
TiT'rr'-M't'.'T'r litlllllHI
4. !
Money Talks
We Bare Yon S3 Per Cent oa j
Palatine; Automobiles. i
Te use only Valentine's Van- 5
sdlum Varnishes, the only var- j
nlshes that will stsnd soap. mud. J
and wate' We bake enamel on
hoods and fenders j
Autos painted. 12 SO and up. ,.
Used automobiles and motorcy- 4
ctes tor sale. H
Cor. 14th and W Sis. N. W. X
Expert Electric Vehicle Repairing
Storage Batteries repaired and re
newed. Ignition and Lighting; Battsr
les Charged and Built to Oraer.
Five and seren passenger cars.
1319 L St. N.W.
Phone N 1470.
W Gin Vote la TL B trail s CS.CC0 Cast.
scent for Flanders and Tale Hotor
ryrlea arad Corra Special Bicycle.
Motorcycle OTerbaollnsr and Delt lie
atria;. Accessories aad Saodrlem.
Bicycle RepalrtB, Brataln:, aad Ovar
kaallnaT, Supplier aad Aeceaaortea.
US tth SI. W. W- Taanva. Mais BleaV
None Better
1005 9th SL.R.W. M. 7605
Ta Cits Vote is Tha Berall E3.0CO QacUA.
By James
Way should Antomoblle owners be tor
mented wllh ttre trouble waxen they
can be positively doae away wltav by
Tie World's Beit Ffflja
f or AntonobDe Tlrti.
Wo Experiment.
Thorouxhly Tested.
Time Tried
Zads Tirs Troubles t
sffrretueTIre Filler Ct.
308 SouTHtSN ButLOtne
Ftlllns Plant, 22S-334 Fourteenth
Street w. r.
We aire Herald SS3.000 contest Totes.
S. 4
4. Baa Remove, to
1 1610 14th Street N.W.:
Pbone .North 5897. 4
; t i 1 1 1' 1 1 1' 1 1 : 1 1 inni i. j.
: Yale Motorcycles
Tale Bicycles JJ0
National Bicycles 40
Racycle . .35
Rami Blcveles MS
Mitchell Blo-les .! 50
' Boys' Dart Bicycles S17 50
429-31 10th St. N. W: t
W Grra Votes !a Tha Hrriil a titDO Cmtsat.
W Gtra Totes Ja The Herald's S3.C0S Costaat.
Auto Supplies
Of Every Kind Always Here.
' We tire Herald S3SUM0 contest votes.
Montgomery Flagg
Vjrf H
Shoe-Store Owner Take hlra right
along, officer that's the man I've fol
lowed him ever since I saw him st;al
those shoes from my store.
Nervy Nat I'm so alt-flred thankful to
get those tortures off my feet you'll
have no trouble with me. I'll go any
where Brooklyn, the Philippines, or
Puerto Rico any place on the map. Why.
I feel like a man Just let out of the
pen after a ten-year term. Wow! Tha
drinks are on me If I can get a bar-keep
to hang me up.
, , .!.

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