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Congressman from Pennsylvania
Opposes Plan to Dump Millions
Into Mississippi liver.
Day Closes with an Address by C.
J. Blanohard, of Reclama
tion Service.
10 a. m.
Chairman of Etata delegations
will name vice presidents for
their respective States to serve
the ensuing year.
Annua) report, S A Thompson,
secretary and treasurer.
Report committee on resolu
tions. Report committee on nomina
tions. Discussion, and brief address by
delegates selected to represent
States by State delegations
Announcement by the Presi
dent. Adjournment.
Brilliant speeches, urging members of
the National Rlera and Harbors Con
gress. In session at the New Willard Ho
tel, to put their plans into operation.
marked the second day's proceedings, and
was followed Isst night by an Interesting
Illustrated lecture by Clarence J Blanch
ard. of the Reclamation Service.
The day was a busy one, for, besides a
full programme of the congress, 100 dele
gates whose office It was also to repre
sent the Lakes to the Gulf Deep Water
way Association presented a memorial
to President Taft at the White House,
and the delegates from Louisiana. Arkan
sas, and other Southern States took op
portunity to appear before the House
Rivers and Harbors Committee
Mr Blanchard s lecture last night ku
delivered under the auspices of the
Woman s National RIers and Harbors
Congress, and contained something like
an "answer" to declarations made yes
terday morning by Secretary of War
Stlmson that the United States ought to
maintain control and receive revenues
frpm the power developed by the Im
provement of rivers through the con
struction of dams.
LensInK Water Povrir.
The purpose of the government s work
on the Western rivers. Mr Blanchard
explained not to make them navl
gable, but to take the nate out of
them and put it upon the lands. In the
building of dams for Irrigation pro
jects, tremendous power Is developed.
and this Is being leased by the got era
ment to great advantage
An Illustrated lecture at yesterday aft
ernoon s session by Hugh L. Cooper, vice
president and chief engineer of the Mis
sissippi Power Company Mr Cooper
talked about the Keokuk, Dam
Hugh L. Cooper, vice president and
chief engineer of the Mississippi Power
Compah), delivered an Illustrated lecture
on "The Keokuk Dam" at yesterday aft
ernoon s session. He presented the sub
ject In a most attractive fashion, and
his address was regarded as one of tha
best of the contention
Senator Miles Poindexter of Washing
ton and Represenatl e John H Small of
North Carolina made addresses at the
afternoon session.
Moore Criticises Taft.
An Increase to tS, 000 0000 annual!) of the
government appropriation for repair
work and improvement of Mississippi
River levees from Cairo to the Gulf was
asked b speakers before the House
Rivers and Harbors Committee Col
Townsend president of the Mississippi
River Commission, outlined the needs or
more mono for strengthening and broad
ening the levees since the disastrous
floods of last spring O N KUlough, of
Arkansas president of the Interstate
Levee Association. MaJ Kerr, of New
Orleans chief engineer of the Louisiana
levee district", and others appeared be
fore the committee
Serlout, criticism was made jesterday
by Representative J Hampton Moore
of Pennsylvania, long a leader In the
national rivers and harbors Improve
ment crusade, of President Taffs plan
to spend a huge sum for the protection
of the lowlands of Louisiana against
This is a matter that the States im
mediately concerned should handle, and
I am surprised and grieved that the
first man of the land should advocate
any such outrageous scheme. The
money of the States should be spent by
congress lor the Improvement of navi
gation facilities, so as to benefit ail the
people It is not fair to dump a lot of
tne puouc funds In the Mississippi
where, no matter how much money Is
spent, ProMdence seems to ordain that
the river shall never be In a condition
suitable to the engineers
"I shall oppose the President's sug
gestion vigorous!) "
Secretary Stlmson Speaks.
ine united states should exercise
a more rigid control over Its water
power rights, declared Secretary of War
Stlmson in his address before congress
yesterday morning He asserted that
the citizens of this country should not
" bear the sole burden of livers and har
bors appropriations," and called atten
tion to the Immense revenue which might
be derived from water-power franchises
which are now given away free.
His speech was supplementary to the
afldresa by President Taft Wednesday.
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ittU. r-C Bknr. State I. w wt itoM:
After agreeing; with tUo President on his
proposal to. turn ever the construction of
Mississippi uver levees to ine govern
ment. Secretary Stlmson- saldr
"The people should derive benefit
where they expend money. There are
In this, country a number of dams, built
by engineer of "Ine fir Pepartnatnt,
which furnish water power. This la a
source of, revenue which has long been
Ignored. The government should see,
hereafter, that. Instead of giving away
these vaiuaoie wajer-jxjwer irancmses,
a revenue should be derived which will
not require the. people to bea,r tha sola
cirden oi nvers ana asroor appropria
tions." Representative Eparkman of Florida,
who followed Secretary Stlmson, warned
tha; memberi Pf the Rivera and Harbors-
Congress not to expect too mucn. ne
present project, to be, completed would
cost ttiO.0OP.O60. ha said. He urged con
st nation In (be Improvement of the
waterways, and prophesied that by this
course the United States would 'In two
decades have the greatest mileage of
navigable rivers or any nation, m too
Soma of the Speeches.
Harold F. McCorrolck. vice president
and treasurer of tha International Har
vester Company, and aon-m-iaw or jonn
p. Rockefeller, aald In part:
'The time to rehabilitate the rivers Is
now. The government snoum go on 10
the complete mastery of the rivers."
To accomplish this. Tdr. McCormlck
took advanced stand in favor of a bond
lsue that iwould create "an asset tor
public trust of Increasing value and
vrould be a quicker way of accomplish
ing tha development of our rlvera than
b appropriating annual revenue."
George W. Norrls. of the department
of wharves, docks, and ferries, of Phila
delphia, showed what he called the over
whelming importance of terminal iacui
tles He said- "It Is a duty which every
community owes to Its citizens to exert
every municipal power to aceompiun tne
co-ordination of terminals In such a way
as will bring about the maximum of
freedom, equality, economy and dispatch
In the Interchange of freight with the
minimum appropriation of land available
for other purposes and with the mini
mum Interference with the normal use
and development of streets and lands
Frederick W. Donnelly, Mayor or Tren
ton, said In part
'New Jerseys faith and credit are
committed to the construction of the
New Jersey ship canal, which will be the
most important link of the lntraooastal
system The building of this New Jersey
link, a sea-level ahlp canal, should begin
at the earliest practicable moment. It
should not be necessary to wait until
other links, such as the Chesapeake and
Albemarle and the Chesapeake and Dela
ware canals, are completed These three,
the most Important links of the entire
Intracoastal system, should be completed
s'multaneously "
Senator Martin of Virginia concluded
the morning session
Of the Washington Board of Trade
delegation to the Rivers and Harbors
Congress, M I Welter. Its chairman. Is
a member of the nominations committee.
and Albert Schultels Is a member of the
resolutions committee.
Resolutions adopted by the Lakes-to-the-Gulf
Deep aWterways Association, at
its last annual convention, urging Imme
diate consideration of Its project, were
presented b) a committee of one hundred
composed of members, who are dele
gates to the Rivers and Harbors Con
gres", to President Taft )esterday after
noon Addressing the committee, whom he re
ceived In the I&st Room of the White
House. President Taft said, in part
"Of course in a sparsely settled coun
try transportation is alwavs the most
difficult problem to be met It Is not
for me to talk on this subject, because
I am not an expert on it. but I have
looked Into the matter some, and have
found a great many very difficult ques
tions presented In connection wljo the
Improvement of waterways. One of
them is the connection between the
waterway and the railway, how we are
going to Introduce terminals for rall
wa)s that shall make the transfer of
material from one to the other, so that
they shall work together as railroads
do now, without prohibitory expense
of reloading and transfer"
The) have reduced that to a sjstem
Europe we have not as yet We
have so much to learn In the develop
ment of this proposed reform that I
stop and hesitate when I hear a glow
ing description of what Is going to
have a deep sympathy with your
purpose, but on that trip I took down
the Mississippi, which I shall alwajs
cherish as one of the pleasantest of my
life. It seemed to me that there were
more difficulties than some of the most
enthusiastic of your members realized.
We are moving on I think you are
to congratulate ) ourselves that )ou have
kept the quesUon alive so that It is con
stant!) before the rivers and harbors
committee. The controlling party that
comes in now has made some declara
tions In the platform on this subject. If
they don t come up to the measure of
them, we Republicans In a friendly way
are likely to point out their failure In
that respect."
Bodies of Earthquake
Victims Washed from
Graves by Big Seas
Rome, Dec. 5 As a result of the furi
ous storm that has swept In from the
sea for the past twenty-four hours, the
water to-day Invaded the cemetery at
Uesslns, where victims of the great
earthquake of 1908 were burled, .washing
away hundreds of bodies. Most of them
were carried out to sea on the receding
Zionists Clash vrlth Smokers.
Chicago, Dec 5. Crusaders at ZIon
City established in front of the plant
of the Cook Electrical Company were
attacked by employes and four were In
jured by stones hurled by the workers.
The fight was a renewal of the factional
war between the Zionists and employes
who refuse to refrain from smoking
wtmn tne cur. xne injured are Elder
Frank Robinson, Mrs Homer C. Kirk,
Mrs M K. Seyes, and Elder Roblson.
A 1 were struck on the head by stones.
John Fopuco. iD. Proridcnee HotpiUl
Julia H Oonorr, 12. OorL Bosplui for Iouae.
Biutn F W.Uot, g, UM Rtlf Stint ss.
Ann S S-mmxr. M, S3 I2U BL is.
Ohirln Howud, tt, Oort. Hnplui for I sua.
Fndaick X. B. Hitn, a. S3 a St. me.
rUxsbrUi F Dt Tsun, K. SB H St. Be.
Octcbs C. Button, n. Qeocietova Unir HowitiL
Oecrts W. lUdunSs. O Pnrtlaa HosplUL
Juna A. Bum, S 13 Tth St. w
Justs H. SiTlUt. R, la iTti gt. n
Gents B MesueaDny. a dm, KOi E St se
Frtailin Btnaaur, IS hours, au K gt nw
Er Morton u, Ennistsejr Hmpiud.
Junes W HsO. 69, do. Jl-apltU for Inane.
Muy nomas. X. Wufciaitcn Atjhmj HomUiL
Juoa rorbts, . ChDdreai Hospital. V"
JaKptt B. MUtn, J montlu, ttt L St se.
Wendell inner. 1 month, ua Bemunx Bosd na.
InflBt ox Alas and Claim Rrnn s rtn .m .
Homeopath Hoapttal, "
Ttt Cain r!Analn4l
Don't dose the system with a 1a r j.ta
geroua habit-forming drugs. Physicians
everywhere are now nr.i-rihin xirV..
Lempn Seldlltx, he go-UstlaT aelOlltJl
powder. -AU tfruggfiru sell u BeWl?t
tassnazozozozozozaBasslassnazozozflLf A -JsMiB Ia5eianxoxoxoxoxH
asnlKIMV,!lTJ ?SC- 'VSJmxzVeBmBK34ieBmxS
bwamriaKf; jtm&sstfskkmkm mm
krmtoMMmxx&mmmFsmakkk M?ikwm
illlllHeK-C.irvri7JtfE V &, r"milinaiK9eMielllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllM
Certificate of Health
To Precede Marriage
Mrs. Alec Tweedie, English Traveler and Nov
elist, Advocates Clean Bill of Health as
doctor s certificate should be as
necesar) to a marriage as a marriage
license, according to Mrs. Alec Tweedle,
the English authoress and traveler,
daughter of Dr. George F Harle). F. R.
S , London s eminent physician, who Is
visiting this country and Is at the Pow
Mrs. Tweedle has the same views on
most everything and, womanlike, seems
to be inconsistent on some of the most
Important questions of the da) For
Instance, she Is a peace advocate, but
believes In the manly art of self-defense.
She Is an ardent suffragette, but
condemns In .severe terms the militant
tactics pursued by her English sisters
She Is an optimist, but does not believe
In Christian Science.
Speaking of changing the marriage
laws. Sirs. Tweedle said
In the comparatively few scars s nee
the death of her husband put her to the
task of making a living for herself and
her children she has become one of
Great Britain s most famous women,
v inning renown as a Journalist, writer
of books, traveler, and philanthropist
At the Powhatan, where Mrs. Tweedle
U sta)lng, she talked vigorous!) last
night of ever) thing except her own
achievements of which she spoke re
luctantl) She has opinions, though that
she does not at all m'nd selUne fort P.
and while some of them are Dplcal of
what is regarded as the new school Mrs
Tweedle Is rather Individualistic.
MarrlaKC Sjatcm Lnrelru.
' Under our present careless s)stem
the most extraordinary unions take
place Membera of families where In
sanity Is known to exist, where drunk
enness has been hereditary for genera
tions, where conumptlon or cancer has
reduced the circle one by one, are free
to marry as the) please, no Inquiry being
made b) the other party to the contract
Lpileptics arc turned out of com ales
cent homes In hundreds practically
cured, maybe, because the outdoor life
they lead, free from care, worn, and
all responsibilities, cures them tempo-
raril), but when sent out in the world
again the fits return
"These people marr), and the children
born of such parents often Inherit the
disease Grave social conditions are the
result '
Speaking of woman's suffrage, Mrs.
Tweedle said she was not a militant suf
fragette "There should be no such ques
tion as sex in the matter of brains," she
said 'There should be no cjestlon as
sex In the matter of friendship when
men are equall) capable with women of
belnir cooks dressmakers, or nurses
When women are equally capable of be
ing law)ers, clergmen. or lawmakers,
surely there should be no restriction be
cause the) wear a petticoat Brains are
brains and work is work
"All women cannot be breadwinners,
and more, then, all men cannot be sol
diers. Women are marching onward In
every land Their advancement and the
progress of civilization are synonymous
to-day. The greater the woman, the
greater the country Equality in all
things for the texet will make happier
men and women and a more prosperous
nation "
A glimpse at Mrs. Tweedle's book.
Thirteen Years of a Busy Woman's
Life," gives a fair Idea of the varied
and Interesting career she haa had. Her
husband and her father died within a,
few weeks of each other, and she set
herself to earn a living for herself -and
her children with her pen. She haa suc
ceeded, and at the same time has seen
a great deal of tho world
She started with good opportunities to
know the world 8he came of a very
distinguished famll), and so had the
entree to the great houses of London
and to the sclentmo societies, where
she met. with the greatest pniiosopnera
of Europe. She was educated at Queen's
College, London and In Germany, and
has participatea in setcrai tuicmavionai
councils of women
Mrs. Tweedle has traveled extensive
ly, and while she has written some fic
tion, her best-known books e descrip
tions of the countries she has visited.
ana os ine nuuiui . ... mew.
Rhn nnt much time In Mexico, and
wrote a biography of Porflrio Diaz that
! greatly aamirea ,
"Besides her" literary ability. .Mrg.
Tweedle has a fine talent aa a painter,
Gray Hair
Restored to Its natural color and
Vegetable Hair Stain.
A refined scientific remedy for gray.
bleached; and faded half; can be
used without the allghtesi fear of
injury to the hair or JP- Sold and
recomroended I In WMhlng.by ai
O'Donnells Drug" Stores, or direct
trtw 6cbtCheWl ?VCnIeagv:
to Wedlock.
She Is a splendid horsewoman, and rides
a great deal In her travels through
countries where transportation facilities
are mesger
Albert A At wood, at and Elizabeth Little. 3.
Iter John K. Brtna,
Francem GfulTrr 3 and Anal. M Ph-rooe. 11
Rer Jamra A. Smith
Itajnor U Arera, C. and Marr E. Fa. 3. both
cf Cofinston Va. Rrt B. II UeKim.
William Ln Lamb 31 and Nell Ecirr BeaxUe-
Tr a. nrr i ilea. Biermi
Elmer C Thome, r. and Marr F Minor,
Bet Georra M CVimminaa.
Jo-n L. Notlmsham. a H SorfoU, Va. and
xxina ia ttaitcr s, or lummrmg, va. Ber J 3
Clairnct K. Sled, S and Ida If. Olnutrad. a
both of Richmond. Va.
Georo A Tucker It of PltUburr. Pa., and
ADioroeii. u. reraina, l , or iJackenMcK 7, J
Jul C 8. Bundr
A DanjwDeld. l and Hattie Bor M.
C U Tailor X and Dora Mill. 11
Jl V. Crttrane. 15. and Btrtha B. Thamrvon, a
E. Ktns a. and EUiabrth J D. NfaJ, 3
J Grar St. and Harriet A. 81mzaa. JJ.
Jamea W and Mae F Brawn, or!
Marian O and Anni. L Parry t'QJ
Brnram B and B a E. Brjant tfrL
Gilbert V and Errlln Rittrr air
J it and Sidle 6eroe; (Jit
John vlitiam and Retocca Bailej irt
O-urlei and Elizabeth Bchrena, riri
Oilrtfa II and Uda II Tnmrkim. orL
Ilrnrr M nd Adelrn E. Weidner bor
William I! and Kathertne B Brren. rut
Samuel and Mir Drfkin sirl
John M and Bertha L. Pnole cirl.
lliarles M and Saul. J Ktearart. tut
Jaarer A and Bertha Smith bor
lanl P and Sum I! Steinman bo;
Frou T and Ernllr A Wauon. boj
Larnert M and Annie M Howe jirl
balrator. and Emillo Stea, boy
William It and Marr L Hallev cirl
Frank G and Dora S Roebaam bor
Vrthcr G and Lutz )Iarfunta Thomas. cM.
Georo A and Alice Vt Vakel crl
Abraham and Coldle Shane not
Mser and Deborah Harrtmo rlr'
Jamea F and Georjle IUUa. bor
John and Genrcianna Iona, cirl
Frederick and Amy Tolaon by
Walter and Carrie Ppvtor Ctrl
Jamea and Mary Andmon bor
Joseph and Anna F Welln boy
Jamea and Annie Campbell boy
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Me Before You Buy,
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Stockholders at the Fourteenth Street Sznnfj Bank,
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RESOLVED first. That th. Fourteenth Sire
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-Jllses. The Board of Director will mel to d.
rjree of the proiertr dmei in action, in! all
of thie rorporaUon to O 'tit adrantare to and lor
the beceftt of tho deroa.-t(e-s and stockholders at thia
. ccrpmtion and to wind up its affairs as soon aa rrae
ticable rrorided. that no dindend of the funds of
. the corporation shall be made until after the publica
I lion of the notice hereinafter mrin1-
RESOLVED second. That the President of this
Ocrvntiaa easn notice of the foregolnj resoiirtion
to be published in some newspaper of genera drc
laUoo, published near th. principal office or plaee o!
buJness of this corporstlua. occe a week foe in sje.
' eessiie weeks and thu he omifr these resolution, to
,h" Secretary of State of the tate of Vtrjfnu.
"d dehter htm a eertincato showmz the rebjntu-j
I "- " revrlded by law
tTtE?" S&t,S2iS t&Z.0"
! nol.USJMe. U President of Said Ccrporatioe.
of Columbia, VVashlnr-no December I Bli The
Board of Examiners for colored schools will hvi
examinations at Frsnkan khool on DECEMBER 13
and 20. to secure lists of elUlhles in all llith School
subjects (exceK Mathematics and Physics and in
the followmc subjects for Tocatmnal choo s
Dreannailns. 13 Millinery (U IVntins I Brick
and Stone Masonry 5) l"las.erinr (&) Stfin PalnUne.
For particUars apily at the oBce of A H. Glenn
becrctarr FrznkJn School Bmldius. WILLIAM M.
DAV IDSON Superintendent cf choola. dei-3t
aociurzlral. tOOpua book tree. Apply hy mail. 1 1
Colorado Blz. Free lecture for wctato VVatsescars
atrjo p. m. am
Grocers Have Learned
UIIICD'C II That custctnen who srant th. best
i. ' 'Mlrt h,m MILLERS Self
Sell-niSIDZ RMne B Kkwheat It nerer falls
Pn.Iru.1,.1 '" SATISFY. Guaranteed
DBCXwneat j strictly i i re
XaT"Vt your .lujei'z. o cocaumers survUed.
a a EARNSHAW t5r BRO..
Wholesalers, 11th aad M I la. s. C
HITTOX On Wednesdaj. Dei-ember t
131i. at Georgetown I'nlverslty Hot
pltal JEROMh. C HLTTON belove.1
husband of Clementine Hutton. and
son ot the late Sarah Hutton.
Funeral from the residence of hi
daughter Mrs P J Ran. a: F
Street Northwest, Frida) December
(" Itequlem mass will be said at St
Alojs-ius Church Interment in Rock
t reek Cemetcr).
JOHNSON On Thursday. December o.
Mli at 10 30 p m . Ur A K. JOHN
SON beloved husband of Anne W
Johnson at his residence. 1(1) Chapin
Street Northwest
Funeral to be announced later
1IINTE On Thursda) December 5 1312.
at 9 IS P m . KUBrSKT illNTK.
acctl thlrtv-two, beloved husband of
Emil) Mlnte
uneral from his late residence. 1112
fclghth street NortnvvesL INew Tork.
papers please copy)
STAHU-r-At New York City. In the
eght) -eighth )ear of hla age MaJ.
unteers. Funeral Friday. December , 191 at
1 30 p m from Lee's undertaking es
tablishment. 332 Pennsylvania Ave
nue Northwest Interment In- Ar
lington National Cemetery.
RICHMOND In loving memory of our
dear mother. "Mrs CLARE RICH
MOND, who died four years ago to
day, December . 1912.
Eztltllzbed ISST CBA8. 8. ZUBHOHST. Mr
WILLIAM LGE. Puairsl ninrtn
and Embabser Lrrery tn eonneetloo. Coamodiosj
Chapel and Vodero Creraatortam. Ifodeft prleea.
SI Femjayrtatn Are, nv. TllrphaM Mala lfa,
940 F Street N. W.
Phones Main St
Of Ettry Dejerlptlon ModenUli Prload,
ttssra Dextink
' Vr

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