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The Herald hat the. largest
morning home circulation, and
prints all the news of the world
each day, in addition to many
exclusive features.
Fair and colder to-day, prob
ably followed by rain to-night
Yesterday's temperature Maxi
mum, 73; minimum, 48.
'0. 2251.
r gr-w wr gwWy WP1 j - ft PM--war-r FjpmwiitHfiy' " - Ms?r
Squadron Said to Be Maneu
vering to Intercept the
Greek Pieet.
Armies of Warring Nations Rest
and Watch the Game of
London Dec R Greece at list reports
to night Is MM lighting Turkey as
tiercel as ever dispatch from Con
stantinople to dav stated that Greece had
signed the protocol for an armistice but
no continuation of this report is obtain
able from Athens On the contrarv
thens reports the Greek bombardment
of Janina as continuing and the warship
tleet as maneuvering to meet the Turk
h fleet whhh was vesterdav ordered
t t mobilize and engage the Greek vessels
l ockading the Dardanelles
lull has fallen oer the Ilalkan sit
uation in view of the peace conference
wmeh Is to begin here next J-ridav The
armies of the wax ring nations are it
rest watching the great ganit of diplo
macv that is about to begin V dispat h
mm Sotia states that the plenipoten
t arte- hae agreed upon Januan 7 as
the date for the evpiritiin of the peai i
i egotlatlons l.ocal diplomatists iprcs
the opinion that the negotiations will
MMime the entire period allottd and
he time may even have to be extended
Vnstrln l.ln rnrnnncriiirnt
Ph allies will make every effort lo
1 d i the 1 urupcan domains of the Sul
tan to the territeirv in the southeast
rner cf the empire and Turkec will
v.se all the influence cf the conflicting
tercsts of the great powrs to pain a
n r des rahle ttlement
1 hr ustrian goernnent gave furtln r
e oiiat,(mtiil of a peaceful s ttlemein
wiih er ia to dav b prompllv dencing
t report that the ustnan minister at i
I elgrade had Ihcii n called
Russia continues her wr preparations
id within a week will have eighteen
s m f orps com entraled along the u
tran frontier Thi iteasants along the
1 sshii frontier have been thrown into
.. Mat of nani hv the arrival of the
i wps and are selling all their belong
ss as rapidlv as possible and fleeing
ii f ir of the Russian invasion lenna
leports that o dav this -ek TO cvrl
lis u rived there fi m Rj sun I'dlir 1
l ' -oil
V iriu a He. I The re ort of Consul
i ral 1'rwhaska on the alleged sol
i n utrces at Prisrend which was to
1 b ii published on Monda has not
l made its appearance -in 1 nu
I anat on of th delav Is given On the
h i han 1 l has become known that
tl n suits at Iilsrend to the ustrian
s il and the flag were of an e traor
dinar natun iinl that adeo,uatei hu
iliatmg satisfaction will be ajked from
s via
Th demand- n is vaid will
t rinoxal of oen Jankoin as
mmaTider and the degradation
i ffi ers who took part in th iHitrage-.
that i serMan regm. nt shall march
I as! the ustriin consulate and salute
r Austrian flag and King Peter in full
dress shall isit tin ustrian Minister
t Belgrade and apologize
It is belieced that the foreign minister
f "nt on Rerchtold is still expect ng
to imc at an unders anding on the
pr n iple m question with Sc r la in
which care the o.uction of satisfaction
mglit be solved li less drastic measures
Reis t from Turkev that the Ottoman
Ifowrnm nt is negotiating with the r
gentme g erfiment f r the purchase cf
ti e ttto drcadnaughtt. no under con
struction in Vmerican shipjards for the
Argentine Republic I as caused consider
able lomm nt fere The report lacks
sn official confu matinn
B-. the principles of International law
the I nited States could not consent to
the delivery to the warships to Turkel
as I ng as Ture is engaged in hctili
tles with an of ihe oth r belligerents
The sale might be consummated but the
deliver", would have to be postponed until
after the lighting Is over In anv event
howev r the I uited States has an agree
ment with the shipbuilders and the r
gentine government giving the I nited
States an o turn on the -hips ir the are
ever placed on th market and also has
the rig t to seize them should this coun
trv be engaged in a war with another
Tiati n The two b ittleships are near'v
completed end will be delivered to the
rsentlne government oon unless sold
One Is being built bv the Fore River Ship
building Companv at Quincv Mas and
the other bj the New ork Shipbuilding
I ompanv at Camden N
l'rcldeiit-e-lee- llul- llln
iFcUlntlve Menncr.
Hamilton Bermuda Dec Oov - u
nn limshcd his vacation to-da and got
I .v n to work taking up his message
tn the New Jerse Legislature as his
tirst task The Governor will take up
evcrv plank in his platform and cover
II thoroughl) He intends to complete
the message before he starts for home
The Legislature convenes Januar) 7
The Governor to-da wrote the preface
for William Baard Hales forthcoming
book Incidentals, lie announced that
he would be unable to make an more
social engagements while here
1 cmim Dillinrcl t hnniplon Finds
t rleran Ceorte M0iHon Fiin.
Philadelphia Dec 6 Willie Hoppe, the
voung billiard champion equalled the
worlds record average of 100 here to
night when In a match game with
George Siosson, he completed his string
of 400 in four inning, w.th runs of ..,
117, ZXO and Z blosson made a total of
S2 in runs of 15, 7, and 11
I. hmond Pec S. Oo J
ihrikt holds the marked distinction ot
lieing the onlv one or the assembled
state executives attending the conference
of e.overnors whl h Is now In session
here who Is unhoped n iJovernor
who will admit that h runs his offic
without being tossed hv Ills wlfi wants
to stand up in I be counted said t
facetious Richmond citizen in wolcom
ing thi Governors to then fifth annual
session tiili hrist got up Ills towering
torm st, od like a ion pine after
storm Do vou mean to i II this gatt
enng th it vol ar, not In ssed nv vour
wife' asked the -ptaker Sure said
the 1 lg (, tveiiinr ct then I ha nt
nv wife to I o - me
Friend ot Underwood Denies
Legislative Programme
Was Discussed,
Democratic leaders who lifted tl
brows when thev tirst learne-d th ct Rep
resentative 0car t nderwood had
j dined ct the tcide .e of Thomas
I Kvan In New . ,. t . , 1 -.u night In
mpauv wltn N l-rn vldn h rcii
alor Joseph W Hailcv ind others e
tcicjav laughed ....r the iiiciclem i
tirst a goo.1 mane f the Democrats
seemed to le hurfv over the fact tla
Mr I ndervv . 1 hid I rokc n bread wit
Mr Rv tn Mr vldl h ml Mr llallev
and thev mm siHrii..l when th. pure!
sam ial fun tion wis followed bv reports
that at the iJu . if Mr Rvan a com
ireheiisiv. Ii,satle I rogramme had
lie en coni leled at length P. inoci-its
want d lo know ulut Mr I ndeiwood
meant bv di-rus-uni. ligllctlve matters
with Mi Allruh u Republican leader
who had fought the now di uunanl part
t ir manv vcars
It nil came out vestcrdaj While Mr
1 ndervv ocxl alis ilutelv dc lined to dls
iuw the subject friends of the Demo-
c ran leaders commented on it fiecl
Thej explained that Mr I ndervv eod at
tended a ptirel) social affair at the
Rvan resi lenee he invitation of
Rvan Thev declared that the talk that
legislation was debated wus ludicrous
on its face Thev pointed out that M
Rvan s guests embraced Republlcar
and Demo, rati Progressives ind tnem-
Iters of th Hull Moo. iart It was
recalled for example tint rrank Mun
sev wh took a leading part in fur
thering the Picsidential eandidacv of
Col Roosevelt in the recent . ampajgn
was anung those present
In this connection an Interesting state
ment was made vesterdav bj a friend of
representative I nderwood It was to the
effect that Mr 1 nderwood wis In abso
lute Ignorance of the fact that Mr R)an
had contributed J3kh lo the L nderwood
I residential campaign ear'v this vear un
til Senator John v Bankhead of Ala
bama who was in chaige of the I nder
wood forces o testified before the Senate
committee investigating campaign con
t lbutions Mr Rvan and Mr 1 nderwood
I o h of them interested in tnc I niversft
jf irgir la have known one another for
nun vears friend of Mr Ran said
vesterda that Mr Ran made the con
tribution to the I nderwooel campaign
I nelv c il of motives of friendship The
c-ontrfbutlon was not solicited nor was it
made with the knowledge of Mr Lnder
v ood
Little Falls Textile Workers Ask
Gov Dix to Shield Them
from Police.
I-ittlc falls , Dec . Charging
that thev have been driven to despera
tion D. the forces arraed against them
the local textile strikers to dav appealed
to Gov Dix to send the State Militia to
Little I-alls to protect their constitutional
The appeal to Gov Dix accused the
Little Falls chief of police of persecu
tion and criticized the Ma or Sheriff
and district attorne The ippeal con
cluded We therefore api eal to vou for pro
tection We ask that ou shall cau to
be removed at once from Little Kails
ever outside special policeman private
detective, or gunman, and that you as
sure us means of protection from the
local peace authorities
Or we appeal to )OU if that be pos
sible to Immediately order to Little
Falls at least one companv of State
Militia with instructions to protect the
strikers and all foreigners In all of their
natural and constitutional rights.
We declare the emergenc to be most
urgent and plead for jour Immediate ac
tion The mill owners claim the strike Is
"radically broken, but it Is conceded the
ills s-ie onl) In partial operation.
nni.iii- t
Mil. . 1A. Gil CHRIST.
I W Gil
South Carolina Executive Tells
Governors They Can "All
Go to .'
Wind Up of Richmond Conference
Proves Turbulent Here
Richmond, Va Dec After the
stormiest session on record, tlflfc Gov
ernors convention adjourned to-night to
meet again at Colorado Springs, Colo
next ugust
Refoie concluding their meeting to
night tile executive committee appoint
ed M C Rllrv of Madison Wis were
tar of the conference of the coming
ear with a salarv or r ..and pro
leled for the selection of the euimnit
tee of tive Governors wio are to delve
further into farmers credits and to re
port at the next session of the con'er
ence This litter move wa in line with
the Mann resolution pissed earlier in
tie clac providing for the appointment
of such a committee
The features of the dav s session w re
the sensitlonal surroundings of the pas
sage of the O Seal resolution censuring
Gov Hlc-ve of si,,uth , aroitna for his
advocac of the Ivnch law and his dc
nunratloii of the constitution of the
Received rhrrntrnlnE letters.
Gov Rlease
was practical!
vlted until the discussion
at an end Then he rose
and shouted
"1 have to dav received four letters
threatening m life the authors say that
the will shoot me on sight I don t
care for them I don t care for our res
olution Go ahe id censure me repu
dlate me 1 drfv ou I will not reimct
one of mv statements not if vou expel
me W hrn vou ire basking forgotten
in private life I will be enjolng the
plaudits of the people In the I nited
fatatcs Senate
Tou cm all g to ' cried Rlease
as the vote was cast
Roll call upon the resolution found
Govs Donaghv Kitchln Baldwin and
Haw lev against it the other fourteen
present in favor of It Gov
dined to ote and did not appear at thjRrral ffect The meeting of the lovers
later session.
O'Nell Makes litdrrss
Warning the great financial interest'
of this couptrv for the lick of prop r
rural credit for nierltan farmers and
declaring that the I nited States and
Great Britain ire ' lam ntahlv behind
the other great world powers in taking
care of their agr culturalists Gov
ONell cf Mabama to da told the
Governors the inner historv of the u
ral credit movement and added - stron
pie i f e r its more general adoption in
this countrv
To nig t the Governors are the guests
of John Stewart Brian proprietor of
two Richmond papers ind thev will
leave for Washington eailv tomorrow
to confer with f'resfd'-nt Taft rclat vc
to the exfrns n of rural r dits e n
cerning which mbassador Herrick spoke
Fashionable Brighton Is the Set
ting and Negro Burglar Is
Vi'lain in Drama.
Several moments of anxiet and excite
ment were caused Thursdav afternoon at
the fashionable Brighton apartments 2125
Connecticut Avenue bv a burglar alarm
that was sent from the apirtmcnt of
Lieut Commander r rcderick G Mckean
I S X to the telephone exchange in
the hall below and which developed Ml1
Olga Krumke cashier as the heroine c
the incident The villain was plaed by
an unidentified colored man
About 1 o clock the man apiicared
the freight elevator in the basement and
saing he wlhed to deliver a packago at
the sixth Hour he took the elevator
fcevertl minutes liter Mrs McKean called
Miss M ates the telephone operator
saying a man was tring to get Into her
Miss lates notified Miss N r- Sweet
one of the managers of the building and
the. two women started out alone for the
sixth floor, there being no men in th
rotunda at that time Coming down from
the sixth Hour Miss Sweet met a
Strange colored nnn on the third floor
He explained Ills presence h si ing he
had been delivering a parcel and hurried
down to the second floor There he took
the elevator
Miss Krumke, hearing the elevator
coming rang for It to stop at the first
floor, and when the man stepped out
she attempted to stop and hold him
Staggering the soung woman wltrh a
thrust of his arm he ran down the steps
and on to Hbert
(sets Ions Sentence 'Ionian I"nli
New York. Dec. 6. Mrs I.lizabeth td-
munds, who shot District Attornev A T
"Kach. of Richmond because she thought
he had dissipated her estate was to da
sentenced to from three and a half to
five ears in prison She fainted when
Miners Go
Haileton. Pa Dec 6 Three thousand
operatives at the I.ehlgh and Wilkes
barre coal mines went on strike to-da.
following the refusal of the mine owners
to meet their committee The miners
want a wage Increase
Mrs. Tliavr Islls Sun.
FIshkill-on-Hudson. N T , Dec 6. Mrs
Mary C Thaw this afternoon called upon
her son, Harry K Thaw at the Mattca
van State hospital It vvas Mrs Thaws
first visit to Matteawan in slxt-slx dais
Chinese la
San Quentin. Cal , Dec. 6 -1 niie tu..
a Chinese, was hanged here to-dav rh
the murder ot bis stepmother.
Roosevelt Court
Blossoms Forth
as the Wilsonia
New York, Dec. Additional evidence
of the lost popularity ot Col Roosevelt
was made manifest this week, when the
management of the Roosevelt Court
apartment house In West Slxt -ninth
Street, decided to rename the place the
W ilsonta.
The tenants drew up a petition last
week asking the management to cast
oft the Hull Moose name, and keep
abreast the times by substituting the
name of the President-elect
Plain W llson was not deemed ufflclent
I) rechervhe so they finally decided
upon Uilfonla and the new name has
been inlaid In tile at the entrance and
painted upon the side of the building
Benefit at Century Theater,
New York, Success, Finan
cially and Socially.
New .i k Pec f Hesld s being a
huve finaii 111 success the Woman s
Titanic Memorial benefit at the ten
tur Theater was n social triumi h
The performance was brilliant ind so
was the audleiic
Mrs Taft occupied u box an I re
ceived manv callers during the after
noon Among those who sold pro
gremmrs were Miss Helen Taft and
Miss Lsllier Cleveland Mrs corgr- J
Gould and Mrs btuvesant l-lsli chip
e roned the oung so let women who
acted as ushers and flower and pro
gramme girls
As head of the W oman s TH cnic Me
mortal committee, Mrs John Havs
Hammond mad. a short address thank
ing the audience the plavers vnd the
public gcnerallv Several thousand
dollars were realized bv the iffalr
Daniel Frohman vvas responsible for
the programme and seldom has such
an entertainment been offered A won
derful allegotv In pintomlme and an
unseen chorus was one of the fea
tures It wis written especlallv for
the memorial bv Charles Rann Ken- I
neel ind presented an Impressive pic-
tuie of sea caverns and their uncann) J
Mine azimovn and her companv pro
duced a one act comedy and a one-act
plav Mrs Ja k was i resented b
Mrs H no I! Harris rompan inrlud
Ing Mice F scber Cecilia lftus and
William 1-aversham enacted the balcony
s-ene from Romeo and Juliet with
i scene irum cue uauKiuc-r oi iieaccn
was presented witn viola Alien
other artist, who appeared, were Fdlth
Wvnne Ma this t Ruth M icni. Mm
s mone Hlllle fiu'ke Vila Reeve Frames
t ameron John Mason rrancis W 11
George Cohan Frank Mclnlvr r
altn and William Collier Specialties
from the e otint of I uxembourg anil
Oh Oh Dclphlne" were pres nted
A nunibe- of armv and navv ifficers
full dress uniform were present Daniel
Frohman said vesterdav that Mrs Mat
thew T strott president general of the
Daughters of the Vmerican Revolution
had sent a check for $100 to Mrs Denial 1
Mclean of Washington of the Woman s
Titanic Memorial Committee for the bene
fit fund
Says Daughter and Husband
Can Always Find Home
With Him.
".ew lork P
mont, son of Vugust
brld Ethel Lnnlne
home hereafter If tin
litters father Alb.
owns the t nlversal
He so announced
he had opposed his
career and had not
vears, but his home
liavmond Rel
Helmonl and his
can make their
i desire with the
t I Indner w ho
spongi! g Works
o d iv He said
diughter s stage
-c n her for three
w is open to her
if she wished to return an I to Mr
Uelmont too .
I cant see inv ground for this an
nulment talk said 1 Indner There
ma be some difference in the wealth
Involved but is I understand law
there Is no ground for annulment Thev
arc of age and the love each other If
attempts are made to annul the mar
riage I will tight until ins list penn
Is expended
Mrs, Uelmont wis out to all callers
at her apartments in the Gosford tO'
div Neither Ra mon.l I'elmont nor his
father would make a statement
close friend of Rav mont! explained to
da that the possible ground for annul
ment proceedings bv the elder Uelmont
Is an agreement said to have been
reached between August Belmont and the
actress w herebv she wis t give up
Raymond In return for J"i i month
If such an agrecimt was made the
chorus girl of course broke it when rhe
married the financier s son
Mayor Agrees to
Take Lessons in
Reading and Writing
Palmero Pec. S According to the re
quest of the town council Count' Pistolft
newly elected ma) or of "-an Stefano, near
he-e, has consented to learn to read ind
write, and Is taking lessons fro-n a tutor
employed b the council
New Japanese Premier Nnnied.
Toklo Dec. 6. Lieut Gen ount Te
rachi, Japanese Governor General of
Ko-ea, was to da appointed Premier of
Japan, succecd'ng Maruuis Salonji who
resigned with his cabinet Wedncsda.
according to the Aani . l
Knulneer I illril.
Wllkesbarre. Pa. Pee . Engineer
Charles Marsh, of pitt'ton Pa was
killed to-dav when two fast Oelghts col
tided on th Lebisb alIo cut-off.
Most Productive Year in His
tory of Country Gomes
to Close.
Grand Total of Cutput Is Valued
at More Than Nine and One
half Billion Dollars.
The mot productive vear in the hls
torj of the I nited States has drawn to
a close according to the annual report
of becretarv of Agriculture Wilson to
the President which wis made public
lat night
Basing his figures on the census items
of wealth pioductiun on farms Secretary
Wilson values the grand total of the
Pi; nop it VJ oSiOjiJ CM! Reside the pro
duction of the soil this amount Includes
the live -to. k output
In commenting on the productiveness
of the past ear in relation to those pre
ceding Seeretar W llson said
Tlie enormous sum represented b the
crop output of the I nited States for
ioij Is more than twice the value of the
wealth produced on farms In 1V accord
ing tn the census and it is about one
eighth more than the wealth produced
in lid
During the past sixteen vears, the
farmer lias steadily in reased his wealth
p-oductlon vear bv icar with the ex
ception of 1 11 when the value declined
from that of the preceding ycir If the
wealth produced on farms in 10 be re
garded as ion the wealth produced six
teen vears ago or In l3 is represented
as H and the wealth produced In li: as
V'. 1 During the sixteen ears the far
mer s wealth has Increased 141 per cent
During the past sixteen vears the wealth
production on farms ace. rdlng to the
census Items reached the grand total of
more (han 1Kb W) WO im
I lillft In Country I Ife
conclusion the "ecretar said.
There 1 as been an uplift of agriculture
and of countrv life Beginnings have
been made in a production per acre, tn
e -easing fister than the natural Increase
of population
In this movement the Department of
Agriculture has been gradually equipped
to occupy the foremost place It came
to learn it lias remained to learn Its
teaching its discoveries and its improve
fli.ent are permeating th nation xr t r"
.cultural life The force 11 at an at o.klaj
i ilsi cause ever increasing res ills
The report of the .e, retar was one of
the most bulkv ever submitted bv the
Department of grl ulture It occupied
words Mos of this ,crf was devoted
to a lengthv review of the technical
work c f the department
In addition to Informition of this na
ture s,e retaiv Wilson included i crop
statement which showed That the corn
Mel I held the lead The estimated value
ef this product was tl T ! The
vield rescind the higl water mark of
T ICU)!..) bushels
Hav was given se ond pi cce in th" es
timated tig ires contained in the secre
tarv s report The Importance of this
crop sMs the report is better real
Iz. d when it is observed that Its value
is greater than tl it of the cotton erop
and ne vrlv as great as the combined
valJes of the wheat tobacco and potato
The report states that it is too earl
to estimate the production of cotton
tits veer Fiht hundred and slxt mil
lions of dollars was placed as a possible
tigure for this crop The wheat v leld
as estimated by the department will be
worth to the farmer $.. t"3 ion Oats
were placed as the fifth crop In order
the value being estimated at JITS iXiii
The value of the potato crop was placed
.t Jl) COO njO the harle crop at JI2T
finnoon and tobacco at tTCCOWiii The
value of the 1SII ftivseed re rice buck
wheat and hops crips were set it
Kaio,cnn $;i oofnv.0 jjooocinrio jioiopco
and JUOCOt") respectlvelv The prodm
tlon of sugar from the beet was set at
Ttincvin ton in 000 tons more than that
of last vear
I nm Prices Decline.
Farm pr ces at which the crop' of 191 J
are valued have declined from the prices
of 1"I1 in the cases of some Important
products Eiarlev has declined K per cent
corn 10 per cent oats 1 per cent re II
per cent, and wheal j 1 2 per cent h iv
193 per cent potatoes 43 per cent, hops l
per cent flaxseed .7 per cent and beet
sugar and cane ugar about J2 per cent
The price of the cotton crop of Wi has
gained about 2 per cent over that of
1911 The gain In price for the lice chop
Is nearly IS per cent and for the tobacco
crop 7 12 per cent Butter has increased
11 per cent and milk nearl per cent
rggs have gained 1G per cent and poultrv
about 1 per cent
The subject of agricultural credit was
touched upon b the Secretary In a re
port on a countrv investigation held
throughout the I nited States Of par
tlcular Interest In this report was refer
ence made to the formation of co opcr
ative associations such as arti prevalent
inroaa tn this regard the report said
Flnall), it was requested of the cor
respondents to state what percentage in
their opinion of the farmers known v
them and to them would be willing to
form an association to receive their own
deposits for loaning to themselves and
also to borrow from the outside, on a
combined security of the property of all
members, money to loan to themselves
Of the corresnondents s ner eent re-
ported that there were no farmers w hoi
would be willing to rorm such an asso
ciation bjt the remainder of the cor
respondents reported that about 40 per
cent of the farmers stood ready to organ
Ize such co-operative associations'
Mother iee Unities Rtirn.
Pittsburg Dc 6. enable to enter -t
burning barn three frantic mothers were
forced to remain outside and listen to
the screams of their dying children an I
watch the flames which slowly consumed
their tiny bodies The dead ire Mary
Randa eight Lizzie Sophan. five and
John Chasley four
The bodies were recovered to dav ind
preparations for burial are being made
1.I.-. Baltimore and Retsrn
Italtlnore aad Ohio.
Kvcry Satuiday and Sunday. Good to
return until Dam train Monday Ml
trains both way, Including Kojal
ssKk ''SaRBS P jIbb
i it VNcnt i on n nKiimw-
ini I w K(.
Rerlln Dee R No a little apt rehen-
ie I througho it ! u
spee h of e han ell. r
ei. to the Reichstag
if Xustrla s rights
t given tl e ronsid
rope 1 the rec nt
von Bethman Hollwei. I
In whl h he sail If
anci Interests are n I i
c ration to which the i
Austria be cttarked I
c r should l,ermanv s o
luture he endangered '
- entlt ed or i
a thiri power
position In th
will nght
Only Five Witnesses Heard, and
Senators Are Discouraged
Over the Outlook.
tt s
late m
t -
nad herd the testimony o' flv- witness
es of w iom four had been ex used wlthi
the certalntv that on or m re of them
ill he- re abed and the fifth witness
' f5frK' K '
miL manager
nf the le
1 ie trie lane of s.eranton
s still
on the stand
When the court res imed vesterda
Capt A May general m ma,er of
the Hillside i oal ind Iron Company, a
subsldiarv of the trie Railroad resumed
his testimony at the point where it was
Interrupted bv idjournnient There was
nolhtnt. in the testimony of t cpt May
that added to wlat he 'is heretofore
given before the House Judiciary com
mittee It was manifest that he his
verv friendlv to Judge rchbald.
Georue r Rrownell, general nunsel
of the I rle Railroad who stated that
his residence was In New ork tit.
testified that Ie rexelved a lett
Judge rehbald. asking that an
view be ranted ind that a fev
later the judge e illed at hi
New ork ind toll him that
.ffice in
terestcd in purchasing the Katvdid'ment to prev
culm lianks owned hv the Fne s sub-
sldiarv companv an 1 he desired info
matlon as to the title Mr Rrownell
siij tlict he Informed the judge that he
would have to ket the information from
George Richardson vice president of
the Frie ind he took the judge into
Mr Richardsins room and introduced
him What took place following the in
trodiictlon Mr Brownell vvas unable to
t this point CI airman Clavton speik
Ing for the House, managers c alfe I at
tention ti th fa, t that George Ric -i-dson
referred to hv Mr Brownell who
nan oeen suopoenara to apisa- as i wl1
nei iirfu ii"c repiwjn.iei an i ne usittn ,
th.t it, attachment issue ixVni m wL. , J r " ke '
laiter the fact came out that Mr Rich " '" AT? ,'"h "? T'e "f Nr,,hl
ardson was suffering from i stroke of' ,, " """"-r ' h. Iiankinc. firm of
taralv Is n. ,. now In a .,., i.al in ' ,'" " J-"J " Li "JV .n,n,n
repo-t the cpies ion of
hment was allowed to go
suing th. '
over until '
Other Witnesses
hr other witnesses examined were W
Prvor an accountant for the Roland
Companv who testified to neguti ttlons
for ashing the J.AI note indorsed
Willams Judge Archball
Ilenrv lones George V Conn manager
1-aurel Electric line anl one of
the men to whom Williams made in cf -
fort to sell the Katvdid culm bank was
last witness of the div ind he had
not concluded his testmmnv when an'arpeared He then left the lious sa
adjournment was taken until to dav ' nr- he hid to get a telephone part which
The House managers scored a point I he had failed to brim, with him
wher thev secured a ruling from Sen-'
ator Racon who was presiding at the
tri il admitting Into the record certain I
extracts from a deposition Mvin bv hi I
J Williams to W rlsley Brown special,
agent for the Department of Justice in i
the preliminary Investigation of Judke j
Archbald These fragments from W ill-1
lams deposition. It was said by the
House minagcrs, would apparently con-
I tradlct Important points in Kd W ill
lemss testimon
WJlliams was the rtrst
and was the Welsh
witness called
miner for whom Judge rchbald is al
leged to have secured the option on the
culm dump Judge rchbald s ittorneys
bltterlv opposed the admission of the pa
per hut they were overruled as to ad
mitting lt-
benitors were ver much discouraged
to-da over the progress that has been
made thus for In examining witnesses
lies nf Football Injuries
Syracuse, N Y. Dec t. Frank Schae
f, r aged eighteen captain of The Ccn
tril High bchool football team, died to
dav as the result of Injuries received
wlen the local team played at Geneva.
Schaefer vvas spiked In the foot, and
blood poisoning developed
f I " to Baltimore arid Relnra.
Saturdays and Sundays, via Pennsyl
vania Railroad Tickets good returning!
until D a m M nday All regular trains'
Timothy Healy Makes Violent
Protest Against Work
ing Conditions.
Says John D. Has No Regard for
"Comfort of Men Employed by
His Interests.
New Yo-k, Dc . We mut make a
law nxing an outside limit of ten hours
a day for workingmen and if the Su
preme Court of the L nited States throws
out the law we must throw the court
out This was the statement wltn
wnnh Timothy Healv president of the
Stationary Internationil Hrem"n s Union,
starfed the session of th State r'aeto
Investigating ommlj-ion here to-day
In Impassioned "ones Healy told thu
commission that the Standard Oil has
been working Its huge forces of men
it its furnaces at Greenpolnt Long Is
land In shuts of ten and fourteen hours
a eiav the vear round Ml over tho
cltv he said th msands of men are work
ing twelve hours i, dav without a dav
defv of the
Aant tn o cm thi record
s that do vou' suggested
sner chairman of the corn-
Re. ItK
Oh make it as strong as vou k
was the determined reph I t nk
-v-rvbedv icallzes thit a change ha
ome over th- sPntmf.nt 0f in peop
as t the vvurKing nan i-ver!wd
know that conditions are Intolerable
H.alv s re ltla f the hardships ri
ft eted hv the Oil Trust upon Its m
I loves was a revelation o the rornmls.
Without protection 'ron th heat
sn w lain ir hail the s,tandar(j n
mplov - at the G-e-enpoitit f, rna
have to St end in the open air w ikn
their lives oil! said HeaJv The Stall
ird Ol puts them 'n two shifts on
whl h works ten hours and the other
fourteen filling up th. da The poor
fellows scar lv get tl e for te p
Thev j.o home (roni the furnace" man
cf them, and fall Into bed wl h their
clothes on
in t the
evelfar denr'men
ndarcl OH ask' I -,,, r
I Il.i
'in nothing but hard woraing cirudgs
was Healv s cold replv John D
keiviler doesn t believe in the wei-
ei iare or his men
I p to a short time ago Healv sa J
.the Oil Trust worked all Is men four
teen hours a dv with no let up
The oulv reason thev shortend one of
the shifts to ten hours he explained.
was because otherwise the would
rave had a strike on their hands nd
thev d have one now if I had mv way.
tne standard oil n union shop'"
was asked
Oh. no laughed Healv cynically.
John D wouldn t allow It ,,
Healv pointed out that the furhaoe mn
in nearl every large office building in
.the elt
in the hotels and th publ
are obliged to put in from
i twelve to
fourteen hours e".er da the
r roun
And the av trace thev
I we. k he idde.1 lutterlv
inabilitv of the .Stat
labor d rar-
i luldren workin n the
- iv Idle described hv wit
commiss on during
lated by state Supei r
ss O I earv who told
tint his department I al
tenements .is s
ne s-es liefore th
list week "as r
t tendent of I l. i
the ei mm ssjoi
onl nine men a
t l
posal t nsper ,.
j the 1
stents OllI Urth or Jewels. I,u
M.S.,, t loo ono -irll,.
New York Dec S Gathering up thrr
otamonl pil
ateh worth
I hberv lies,
core yf det
public to dav nli
s wire put on the
f the tl ief
The tctbbcr wa rcllllv a limited ti t
selln hi me and ice-, miianled I y a ma I
cgan to nspect the telephone ipparct
'he maid was called awav while t! n ma
as at
rk on the cftonl uojr Wile
wn stairs the instie. tor ran
I m, Mr ,'"'h" "" ro"m nml snatched th
' - (.iiu n,.i iiuiu tilt- lllllCai I) V
trail room adjoining on ton of a s.if
'were Mis I'elins jewels viioed a' c
" The stranger rushed through he
room hut did nit rotu e the Jewels a d
.was back at his wcrk when the maid re
For Shopping
Before Christmas
GLOOM will be replaced
ivith happiness arm good
cheer it ou do what vour
parents did for jou
meate even corner of the
home if ou are ready for the
great da.
AND jou will, or should,
feel better if jou have made
it even a wee bit easier for
the leg-wearj clerk.
Washington Herald

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