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Unsettled to-da. To-morrow
fair and much colder.
Yesterday's temperature Maxi
mum, S7; minimum, 38.
NO. 2255.
Recent Campaign Is Keynote of an Evening
of Rare Entertainment.
"Sons of the Landslide" Is Name of New Party, While
a Gridiron Guide to Offices eekers Adds to the
Merriment Taft and All the Campaign
Managers Listen to Humorous Com
ment on Persons and Things.
rerhapK ou think, gentle reader thai,
th battle of Armageddon was. fought on
the 5th of last November
Nothing of the kind'
The only pure, unadulterated and reall)
Knuine B of A was fom,ht last night
The field of the historic contest was the
tint winter dinner of the famous Grid
iron Club at the Vr W illard let us
draw a map of the scene of the struggle
Urst a plain cocred with green carpet
lne Then hill decorated with flowers and
covered with white linen shining tilvcr
and pirkllng glahsware The vallevs
were occupied b men who gallantlv as
tailed trenchers of food and made a gal
lant onslaught upon oodles of chamiagne
Heaven forbid however that the battle
it Vnnigcddon was a mtri aault on
c "ter and terrapin Not at all
s the comedian havs to the lovtlj giH
in white tights and fur trimming iou
are some rabbit nd this was some
tattle and mme dinner
The anci lit and honor lblc Saul was
IMiKipal character in the Vrma
fcrjdon stunt He was ibl assisted b
gentlemen more prominent in modern his
torv but whj tell about the battle of
rmageddon when there Is much to ra
ab. ut other things" There was a bull
moose light a search for a ice Presi
lential goat a meeting of the Clapp earn
1 u-n lund investigating committee the
crganization of a new part to be known
. s The sons of the Landslide, many
i ileal song" The Gridiron Guide to
Dili t eel trs an 1 incidentally, an al
I J. u strike of the waiter 11 n t forget
tin -i ike of the waiter Really, that
was one of the best stunts of the even
i g It happened jus before the Ilsh
course was to be served M inager lltnht,
f the New Millard entered the bimiuet
1 all wearing his business clothes and a
worried look He held an anxious and
1 in ted conversation with Secretaiv
shrivel They both went our t Presi
ucn oarthe Evidently something wrong
No t alters visible anv where Mr Hight
avs that thej have gone on a strike
I resident Garthe firmly grasps the tit
nation and his gavel at cm and the same
t m He alwavs was a great double-net
p rformer He announces, that the din
ner will go on minus the eatables and
drinkables and sits down
lUenihrra frir nn Waller
erj well then a nil the members
and the guests If it is o to In so be it
But a member ef the elub has an inspira
tlon Why cannot the members serve the
dinner' Newspaper men he sajs
should make good waiters Thej have
spent half of their lives waiting outside
the doors of public men Thereupon he
moves that the members of the club take
the places of th striking waiters Presi
dent Garthe looks dubious Would Mr
Hight object" Not at nil sajs Mr lllglit
ir the members will only follow his di
rectlons Ynimatcd discussion as to
whether it is better to have food or en
tertalnment Decis'on favors fod
Thereupon all the club members arise
procoed to the kitchen procure fish, and
solemnly serve the portions. When the
Plates have been emptied Mr Hight
claps hi hands, Ike, the director of an
Amazon march the members gather up
the plates and march back to the kitchen
Then the strike was over The waiters
were afraid at least, that is what one
of the members told President Garthe
that the Gridiron Club men would get
their Jobs permanently and so they come
Ails well that ends well said Frcl
dent Garthe and then when the wa'ters
returned there was loud applause Hooray
for the waiters'
Political Leaders Present.
As to the battlo of Armageddon no not
jci There are other things to tell about,
1 irst of all the usual unprecedented
unequaled and unparalleled company
which assembled around the tables.
President Taft was there, big as Iifo ahd
twice as natural and Speaker Clark and
President Pro Tempore Bason, of the
Senate, ard all the members of the Cab
inet Ambassador Brjee and the Pe
ruvian Minister were also among the
guests. There were Senators, Repre
sentatives newspaper owners, railroad
magnates and other people salore, but
as the keynote of the dinner was the re
cent campaign. It Is worth while also to
sa that Chairmen McCombs. Utiles, and
Dixon ft tho three principal political
parties. Director JIulvane, who was in
charge of the Western bureau of the Taft
campaign. d Director McKlnlej. of the
national ' Taft bureau, were Interested
auditors of the "langwidge In which the
Irreverent members of the club Indulged
at tfco expense or both the victors and
the vanulshed President-elect "Wilson.
Coutlnnctl on Pnce Four.
Kentucky Member Probably
Will Get on Ways and
Means Committee.
Out of Tune with Local Affairs.
Little Opposition Is
That the organization of the Sixty
third Congress will witness a change In
the chairmanship of the House District
Committee seems more than probable
from tho fact that Ben Johnson the
im umbent not onlv is anxious to dis
continue duties which have proved un
congenial but Is among the prominent
! mi ntioneil candidates "for the Ken
tu k seit on the powerful Wavs and
Sloans I ommittee of the House made
vaoint hv the elevation to the Lnlted
Mates senate (lf Representative Ollie
hile there is a posib(lit that the
kentuckv place on the Wavs and
Means Committee will not be tilled bj
a Rintuiklan this is a remote possi
I Hit onl) With the topheivy major
itv which the Democrats will command
in the next House it is not to be ex
pected that theie will be anv losses by
stites on the Wav and Means Com
Jnmea Indent SHCteimor
Bv man members of the Kentucky
delegation and bj men prominent in
Democrat! circles In the Blue Grass
fctate. Representative Johnson is looked
upon us the logical successor to Ollie
James on the Was and Means Commit
ter This feeling arises from two sources
first the prominent position which John
son personailv occupies in the Kentucky
delegation aid second from the under
standing tlat he does not find himself
in svmpathy with the desires and plans
of the people with whom his present
committee issignment brings him into
closest asosciatlon the residents of the
District of Columbia
Johnson commands nigh consideration
in tho Democratic imrtv of the House
not only among nis own delegation but
with at leat one of the real leaders of
that bod Manv whose support would
count for much believe his transfer to
the Wa8 and" Means Committee would
be the happiest possible solution of a
situation which is proving most unpleas
ant to Air Johnson and is not partlcu
lirlv plcisant to those whose interest
In the District calls them before his
9 Johnson Outranked
Two mmbors of the Kentucky delega
tion outrank Johnson in lengtli of ser
vice, but both of these now have good
committee assignments Swager Sherley
on the Appropriations committee, and A.
O Stanlej on the grlculture and Rules
committees In addition Stanley, as
chairman of the special steel (run in
vestigating committee, wns brought into
unusual prominence last session, and
will be still further heard from when the
House begins the work of legislating
against the steel trust." Helm entered
the House at the same time as John
son and Is chairman of the Committee on
Expenditures in the War Department, as
well as a member of the Census and In
sular Affairs committees
But In view of the general belief that
Mr Johnson would be i,lad of a favor
able transfer which would take him from
the District Committee it is probable
that such a course will be found feas
ible even If another succeeds to James
seat on the Wavs and Means Committee
Nn nnonnrenient Made.
Chairman Johnson has nit announce!
publicly that he Is de'lrous of a transfer,
but among his close friends It Is gener
ally understood that he is not anxious to
remain chairman of the District Com
mittee In the rext Congress. He believes
that ho has. been misunderstood, that
tho newspapers of Washington have will
fully misinterpreted his attitude and have
grne out of their way to stir up hostile
feeling against him He atttributes to the
newspapers almost exclusively the alleged
attempts upon his personal safetj, and at
present refused to talk with any members
of the local press for publication or to
have any dealings at all with represent
atives of three of the four dally newspa
pers of Washington. In view of this ab
solutely unique attitude en the part.of a
member of Congress. House leader are
inclined to do anything in their power to
furnish Mr. Johnson with a vesicle for
transfer. s
jfTAiieiiDoic SaKi&Bg"9s5ggp ,
Headed by Roosevelt, Pro
gressives Will Convene
in Chicago.
Chicago Dec 7 Bull Moosers are to
take possession of Chicago Monday to
perpetuate their partv Headed bv
Col Theodore Roosevelt himself they
are to discuss in a two days session the
was and means of carrying on the
cause Knthuslastlc local promoters of
the coming conference claim that there
will be 1 OOO or more Moosers to answer
the caH.
The first delegation will be the one
headed by Col Roosevelt, whi h will ar
rive on a special train at noon lion
dav In tliat part) besides the colonel
will be George W Perkins W If HoUh
klss Dean Klrchwej, and Tim Wood
ruff of New 'iork Glfford Plnchot
WVllliam Fltnn and F A Van Valken-
burgh of Pennsvlvanla James R Gar
fielit of Ohio and former Attornev Gen
oral Charles J Bonaparte of Mainland
Others who are expect d are Gov W C
btubbs of Kansas William Alton Whte
of the same State John M Parker, of
Louisiana and Dwlght B Heard of
Albert J Bcverldge also is expected to
attend but It Is not certain that he Is
coming He was expected to be the big
speaker of the event next to Col Roose
velt, but his name Is omitted from the
programme that was given out to-dav
and there were rumors around that the
former Senator from Indiana m ght not
attend at all
Another leading Mooser who will be
absent will be Gov Hiram W John
son of California The Callfornlan is
not so much quoted as he was around the
Progressive headquarters and there are
hints of a coolness between him and
other leaders Mso Johnson has
troubles of his own Reports that come
from California saj he Is working his
hardest to prevent hs own recall as
Governor, to which end it Is claimed
the Democrats ant Republicans are work
ing together
The most of tho work of the con
ference Is to be done in committee, which
will work out the plans for the party
Tutor Predicts
Marriages by
Pedigree Soon
New Haven Conn Dec. 7 When
American life is guided b a standard of
health rather than a standard of wealth
as we see It to-das, we shall have pedi
greed marriages.' Marriages which I be
lieve will solve manv of the perplexing
questions of our so called modern civili
zation '
This Interesting prediction was made
here to-day by Prof Irving Fisher, of
Tale Lnlversltv, In discussing the future
of a department of national health, which
measure is now before Congress.
As president of the committee of 100
on national health composed of the most
noted men of the country, which has for
its chief object the establishment of this
department where human health may be
made a matter of equal Importance to
the health of animals. Prof Fisher has
made an exhaustive study ot the sub
ject. " W hen public opinion has been suf
ficiently developed on this point. ' said
Prof. Fisher, "we shall take as great
a pride and as deep Interest in our own
pedigrees and the pedigrees of those
whom our sons and daughters marry as
we do to day in the blue ribbon history
of our dogs and horses.
shoots Tito; "InVes Onrn Life,
Holland, Tex.. Dec, 7 Matt Armstrong,
formerly auditor of the Texas and Pacific
Railway at Dallas to-day shot and
killed Sampson Williams, his father-in-
law, mortally wounded his son. Rex W 111
iams. and tllen ended his own life. Fum-
Uy troubltswere slid to bt the cause? '
Six Greek Warships Enter the
Straits to Engage Sea
Forces ot Turkey.
Special Cable tr Tti Washington Herald.
Sedllbahr Dardanelles. Dec 7 V naval
battle 's believed to be Imminent bix
Greek warships were sighted off the en
trance to the Strain this evening and
througn glasses the were seen to be
stripped for action Thej have not
anchored hut apparent!) are maneuver,
ing for position and sounding for mines
An equil number of Turkish vessels
are concentrated In the Dardanelles under
orders of the war office but their exact
whereabouts are not known Ttie vessels
were ordered kept clear for action os
tensibl) for the purpose of engaging the
Greek fleet.
Bulgar Dead 70,000
Sofia Dec 7 The official govern
ment estimates of the Bulgarian side
Inthe Turkish war made publlo to
night, place the number of dead tnd
wounded at 70 000
War Plans Assume
Definite Aspect
Berlin Dec 7 The hvcning News
Vienna correspondent, on reliable au
thorltj states that the Vutrlan -war
preparations ire taking specific form
The big artiller) guns at semlln have
been dlrectlyt trained on Rclgraae, dnd
the Austrian armv In engaged In build
ing trenches along the entire border
line from Cracow io !vjmbcrg The
railways In all the sfateglc directions
have been occupied b the mllltarj
It Is planned the correspondent sav ,
to deliver to Scrvla between December
10 and II, an ultimatum so couched
that Russia must Immediately take
sides one way or the other
Cholera Plague
Threatens Capital
London Dec 7 W ith peace on the
battlefield in sight the Turkish govern
ment faces a critical situation growing
out of the cholera epidemic In Constan
tinople, according to official advices from
Ithe cipltal to the Turklh legation here
The Turkish prefect Issued an alarming
warning to-dav. calling upon the inhabi
tants to co operate with the authorities
In combating the spread of the d'sease
which it ,ls now admitted threatens to
assume the proportions of catastrophe
One ll.onsaml n W ceL.
The prefect stated that more than I 000
persons has been attacked with the dis
ease during the oast twentv davs. and
many of them havo succumbed These
figures-ore far below tliow e'tlmated In
unofficial advices An average of 1 000
Infections a week Is reported nearer the
correct figures.
All persons who fall to notlfv the au-
CojBtlnaed on, 1'hkc UIkIH.
91.33 Ilsltlmore and Itetorn
Baltimore and Ohio
Krv Ratuwlav uml sundav Good to
"Hf? H! - ". " ""S?' fTnaV"i
ufed. ' lncIudlne thJ KJl1
return until 9 a. m train Monday -All
Story that South Carolinan
Was Snubbed by Gridiron
Club Is Denied
Members of the Gridin n lub last night
denied with mingled amusemi nt and pt
ulance the stoiv that the lub had re
fused to permit Gov Cole K Blcas of
skiuth Carolina to attend Its banquet at
the New W Illard because of Gov niea-e t
generally di comf rting remark about
the Constitution and ceriiln participants
In th Governors conference In Rich
mond The President t e e President th
Speaker of the Houe membe s of the
Cabinet and the buireme t ourt. and for-
t.oi. coir i.. Di,i:sn.
eign diplomats a'tend the banquet bv in
vitation of the club It was stated by a
veteran Gridiron man All other guests
nre Invited by the ind vldiuil member of
the club
If Gov meat had been Invited bv an
Individual member of the Gridiron Club
Here would have been no comment up n
the Invitation or Its acceptance the an
clent Gridlroner asserted It has hap
pened that no individual Invited him ind
therefore It Is idle to assume or to su -pect
that he was 'denied an Invlti
tlon 'If the Gridiron Club had wished to
"light Gov Hleae which is -i condition
I im sure no member of th l.rl.llrnn
Club has contemplated or wished for
me club could not poslbl have con
vejed a slight bv not Inviting him
Ethel Loraine
Starts Search
For Husband
New ork Dec, 7 Ethel inni.. ..
chorus girl who eloped with Rajmond
uetmont son or vugust Belmont, to dav
began a determined search for her jounc
husband, whom she has not seen In more
than a week She also engaged the law
firm of Gettner. Simon SL Asher to pro-
tMt hftr lnlrt SVii. r..t. .. ., ......
. . .. ....... .- w..w ,nia certain iimi
Raymond Is being detained at one of
ine numerous ueimont estates on Long
navmnnt M fathe t,i .jj .t i
-- ,. uinj uuie nuu
time again to keep him away from me "
she said "and frequently I had to tele
phone all over the city to find him
Finally a settlement was mtde and I
signed some paper, but that has nothing
to do wlththe marriage, which mv law
vers tell me, Is binding
Tlest SeVvlee to PallfAetit
Standard or tourist. Latter personally
conducted without change dally, except
Sunday. Berth. IS. Washington-Sunset
route. AJ. PostOfl, Q, A., 305 F, 70S 15th.
Twelve Republican Executives Discuss Best
Means of Rehabilitating Party.
Gov. Hadley Advocates Calling of Another National!
Convention for Settlement of AH Differences.
Visitors Guests at White House, Where Rural
Credit System Is Given Thorough Airing.
Mr. Taft Strongly Advocates Change
The conierencc of the Governors with President Taft on the ques
tion of a sWcm of rural credits tor the farmer being concluded yes
terdaj afternoon, twelve of the partv again went into conference at the
Xew Willard on the matter ot the rejuvenation of the Republican
pa , and at the conclusion ot the debate it was the declaration of
Gov Glasscock of ct lrgmia that no scheme w Inch contemplated
the elimination ot Theodore Roosevelt would ever bring the party
nto harmonv and power again
mid v iiim. m mm
Gov Hadlcv of Missouri gave it a his opinion that the stumbling
block of the partv had been its plan lor the sepnstntation of the
Southern States and its attitude toward direct primaries tor the
election oi delegates to national conventions 1I of the participants
at the conference were agreed that the ejection ot the older clement
and the injection ot vounger blood into the partv would be ncce- arv
tor its future success
1 he calling ot another national convention lor a di-iuston of
part) business was advocated
Wsciiss Party NeedslVisit White House.
The firt devdopment resembling a
formal novement for the reorganization
of the Rrpulliran part came ytsterdav
when twelve Governors. ome of them
Hull Moosers and some regular Repub
lic ins get together ajid d scussed wajs
and means of again bringing about a
vl i !- in t-A organization rur vvj
loir tre Gove nor exch;ini,Kl their
views franklv in a conference room at
the New Willard Iiotel
One or two of the Governors -xpreetl
tne opinion that the partv could be re
united If Roosevelt were eliminated bu.
others, notnblv Glaa- ick of W est ir
ginla contended th u Rioevelt woul I
have to Ik mkonul with
No definite programme was adopted
and no ittempt was made to map out
anv plan of action The fact however
that thee leader of divergent vi-w
were able to get together and calnlv
discuss the situation ml th outlook
for t e futur was regarded 1" manv
Republicans a one of the mot ni
couraglng dev lopment. that has oc
curred sine" th- election
fractloallv l of III.- tmvcrnnr lft
the conference room agreeing that it I
ithralutel) essent al to I ring harmonv
Into the Republican ranks an 1 to put the
part on an entirelv new footing if it it
to enter the 131h conteM with anv hope
of ucces One other thing the t.
enion emed tc agree uHin nd tl at
vas that there mist be a c hinge in lie
method f hav i g the southern states
repres nteil In the Republican N uloi al
Conventto The sol,thern represent i
tion must ie cut down so a to repreent
niirr nearl the real Republiian strength
in thi tetatei
Vs tj other features of a plan of re
organiz ition manv different view were
ei rei-sed ind no attempt was made to
harmonize them several of the Gov
mrs incl iding Mr Iladlev of Misouri
cpenlv favor d thii calling of a meeting
rf the Republic in National Committee
sn 1 later the tailing of another Itepub
In an National onvention to give me
pi rtj an opport imtv to talk things over
and reorganize
This ilin als is advocated bv senator
ummins of Iowa benat i Hi rah of
ldiho anl o her Influentlil It publican
The movement ilreailv has isumed siiffi
cient proportions to compel its serious
Obviouslv th runo-e of tne c-illin
of the national i onvention would lie t
afford an ipportuntt tor Republicans t
impress upon wime of the i Id leaders of
the art the absoluti neitv of their
effneing themselves fiom ih active man
agement of the organization if there is
t be any chance of "lice- Many '
the Taft Republican as will i the
called Progress es eontmd that th
v'rllltj of the Republican organizati n
can be restored onls tlirout.li th Intro
duitlon of new and joungu blood into
tl o management and fie voluntarj r
tlrement of the leaders win hive !. n
repudiated bj the voters of the countrv
Thoae who attended the lonferen-e of
Governors were Goldboiough of Marv
lanl Hadlc) of Missouri Oildie of N.
vadi Tener of Pennsvlv inia (.lictsk
of West Virginia t-b rl ut of Vtli i
sola arr II of low i t.nv eleit Hni i
of North Dakota M e. virn of W !- i
sin Sprv of I tali w f south Pi
kota and Cirej ofVVvomlng
VII Ut Hits Itrprmrulril
Of these Goldsborough Odillc Ten-r
1-berhart anB sprv were outsi uken Taft
Republicans In the recent campaign Had
lev of Mi ourl 1-bcrhirt of Mlnne
sota Carroll of Iowa and llanm, of
North Dikota also remained regular anl
supported the Republican national ticket
Glasscock, of West irelnla, was one cf
the seven Governors who signed the call
to Col Roosevelt, Carej of Wvomlng
Vese of faouth Dakota and McGov
ern of W iscontn also had strong Roose
velt leuilngs, Carej "hiving been at out
and-ourBull Mooser
The principal subject discussed nt the
conference was the advisability of calling
for meeting of the Republican National
Committee with a view to holding im
mrdtatelv prior to the Concessional cam
palgn of 19H the national convention ot
the party for the purpose of redetlnlns;
a platform of such character that I U
afford srounl on which both the pro
grcssive nnd so called conservatives in
tontlnneil on Page Elsht.
" The Herald ha the largest
morning Jiotne circulation, and
prints all the news of the world
each day, in addition to many
exclusive features.
t the "oncluding eslon f h. c in
ference of Governors held at the V He
House jesterdiy afternoon commit
tee of nine state xecutivr wa name!
to make a sludv of he different lard
credit s stems and Io make a deflm -recommendation
at the next confer
ence to be held it Colorado fcirings
next vear as o Ihe bes Ian silt bl
for arinj tlon in thi i oumrv Tl is.
comui.i -e c. nsists nf , Plaistcrt.
of Maine I airmar' it Seal of Ma
bama Vlann of lrini H mo of
Ohio VIcGoiern. of Wisconsin Hell
of Missouri Mo of Massachusett
a-e of Wvoming and Johnson t
California .
V resolution was also a lop rd tl ik
ins Preside n Taft for his Interest in
"uggestlng tint the conference lake,
up th coi slderation of his luesllon
Mi Taft entertained twent MT Gov
ernors at Ioniheon at th White He
Tb v were Govs O Neal of Vlalw i
Konaghev ,f vrkansa shafrotl of r, .
orado Kaldwm of lonnceti it i.il
clirit of ! lorlda Brov n if O o c a.
Ilawlev ,f Idaho Cirrill f Iowa
PI listed of Maine Goldsborough of
M in land o-s of Mussa husctt, rpe
hanlt of Minnesota Ha llev of Miso ir
Norris of Montana i )d lie of Nevada
I'lv of New Virk I itrhen of Noith
i arolina Harm n t Oln Tener f
I ennvlvanli Bl ae of s0 th i ar lin
Vli rphv of soi th Ii.ikota Sprv of 1 IRi
Minn of Virginia Glaseocl of West
Virginia VI Govern of VVIeonsln anl
l a rev of Wvoming Thre Governo--ele.
t ulzer of N.w V ork Cov- of Oh
ami Hinna ef south tik a were il
Other (Mil. In I- Prr.rnl
Mr Tuft j-. ike.l a lni I partv ct
government otlKial- consisting of ec
rrtarv nf state Km Secretarv of e
Treai ' MacVeagh &ecretarv of gr -eultuie
Wii-on senator Duncan I
Meti hei presi lent f the southern Com
menial congress VIron T HeiriCK
Vuibassa lor to France ( hart s D HI
les secretarv li the President, and MaJ
Thomas U Rhoads I s the Prei
ilent s milltirv aid to meet the Gover
nors Vfter luniheon the Governors forn 1
in i i.roui on the front step of lh
White House under the porte i ochere
where a photograph was taken Then
ihej proceede-d to the Kast Room,
whete the business meeting was hr!d
President Taft who in a circular letter
to th Governors several months ago.
suggested the establishment of a sisteri
of agricultural lianks in tht countrv
smilar ti those existing nhroul male
tne prineipal speee h He sail In part
No on who itudies the statist! s of
this lointrv and observes tie tren I if
aff-iirs nn be blind to the import in o
of the development of our agriculture
and the intensifving of o ir farming1
methods in such a w iv that tl e land n i
iistl shall prod lee d uhle or treble whit
It has Iteen aitustonied to proelue n t
past Tl e Vi.r1 ultural Department luv
( otillniie.l on I'nite Hull!
For Shopping
Before Christmas
Mottin Thank goodness.
Ivc renumbered inarlv all
and still hive .nough nionev
lett to finish tip
Father 'Well, 1 ve put it
off long enough (To wife)
Dear, meet me down town
Mondav afternoon an 1 help
me out " ,
Clerk 'Mamie, how arc
vou getting along' I have
finished except one for vou
know ."
Tlicv are all doing it now
Washington Herald

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