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-- , ... i .ijijiwp,iiM!)itiLi jjawwiffaiPi!
Jests and
Continued from Pare One.
being In Bermuda, could not be present,
but bis ears probably burned several
times during the evening, for his name
nu mentioned more than once.
The decorations were, of course, su
perb Behind the chairs of the two Presi
dentsof the Inttcd btates and of tha
Gridiron Club was a towerlne mass of
American Beaut roses, reaching to the
lofty celling, and surrounding an enor
mous electric gridiron Fragrant flowers
p ere on the tables and the room
boner of palm, the whole delightful and
striking floral ensemble we reckon that's
a pretty good phrase being the artistic
handiwork of fcmall Even the musicians
ft the Marine Band were almost hidden
behind a wraith of floral decoration, so
that the handsome figure of Lieut. San
telmann looked like a colored picture in
an Illustrated song
FlanhluK tbr Great Gridiron.
buddenlv darkness fell, not upon the
earth but on the banquet hall President
Garthe broke the silence with a few
happ words of welcome, flashing the
great gridiron us an accompaniment to
his greeting Meanwhile the quartet had
warbled so that the dinner was now
falrl begun s an evidence of good
faith the guests were allowed to sip their
Ice water and commence on the osters
But a Gridiron dinner is not an occasion
whore )ou sit and eat for two long hours.
and then sleep during two hours more of
long-nlnded speeches Not a bit of It
There is something doing ever minute
Therefore even before the soup was
served there was another stunt From
that time until the bells merrilv chimed
the hour of midnight pipe the merry
chime' thi fun was, fast and furious
Jt was the best dinner ever' Somehow or
ether thats what cvirvbody savs at the
conclusle n of each Gridiron feast
Now th battle of Armageddon was
ho wait a bit Hapten not Preserve jour
foul in patieme for here are two new
member- to ! admitted The are Kd
Ward B lark correspondent of the Chi
cago hicning Post and Charles P ktj
se correspondent t the ht Louis Globe
Demo rat Their initiation brought in
The Sons f the landslide members
or th club swathed in bandages and
hobbling on crutches and impersonating
'1 nc-le Joe Cannon C bullonaj Mur
rav Crane Nuk lamgworth. Representa
tive MeKinlev nnd i few others of the
n hi- armv of martvrs President Taft
was al? repr sented in the group but
he wa-s a buovant well dressed and de
lightfullv happ appearing person There
vi s mu h harmonious dialogue between
these vns of the landslide, and the tact
that I tah and ermont gave their elec
toral votes to Taft is thus commemo
i and in limerick verse
Ever mans i siindpttlcr in I te
Ami his t ti wlvs are voter- to boot.
The all went daft
o e-r ilium II Taft
the biggest man next to Kec-d Smoot
Xn the oreen Mountain Mate, rt-cullec
Old Taft won ut bv a neck.
An W( d elected him
H thee hadn t nedeetod him
In fcrtv six Mates Ii) heck'
V Bull Moose In
Per ap row the gtntle
like to Know how when
battle of rmageddon was
Well the gentle rtadei
rend or.
reader would
md where, the
reallv fought
must gently
VSit Th battle of Xrmageddon will be
fought n due time or long about the
punch and -alad or the roasted quail
course and thus far wt have not got be
onl th terrapin Thi-. is the particular
jnrm ut wl n the musical talent of th
Club projet th itself Into the arena It
Is some talent and some arena for it
presents a travesiv on Carmen with
p. b ill mo sf. nght ini-tead of a bull light
The t ea.lor of the ocea-ion was Don
J rge W P.-kinsano the champion bull
ruoose tramei of the world He asked
peri ubsi u t take Amends Bull Moose
l 111 o
v Th I rodent of the 1 nited State"
said Iiesidint Garth assures me vou
can have him and welcome Whereupon
mu i laughter in which Mr Taft
heartilv joined
e a men announced that h r real
name was Poi ular Applause and executed
i. song and Spanish dance s cleverlv that
Lnile Jie cannon thought the singer
was a real ladv Don Roberto Lafollettio
and Don W nod rah rah rah no W ilfon
a sj app ar -d together with Don Ililles.
Don Jorr and Don Taftlo.
The libretto ef the operetta was clever
nil the waj through with considerable
truth and rhilosophv expressed in the
lines Here is an extract
I know the waj tu get that Moose so grim
W hv don t lliev turn Bill Brvan loose
on t Im
If ihe did thit Id have a goel excuse
lor saving Go it Bill go it Bull Moose'
But wheres Don Taftlo Thats the man
Bv far the vvorthiesl matador of
Don Taftlo s a good tighter, people sav.
Too g wd for apv rough and tumble frav ,
Frank and forbearing and inclined to
A libevral mind to an ungenerous foe
This little message he has paused to write
Im plaving golf Let Hilles run the
"et lies the kind of m in I hate to see,
F ndcr of dut than he is of me
When the Bull Moose fell, 'subbed
with a Latin c njugatlon ' medical aid
was summoned Dr Lyman Abtjott ' ap
peared Oh doctor, this Bull Moose can
vou restore'' sang Carmen. 'The out
look s promising, but nothing more '
chanted the doctor This led Don Jorge
to remark that he feared ' m stout Bull
Moose has had his das So the musical
travesty came to an end with Miss Pop
ular Applause advising Don W oodrow
that I am jours for four long years,
per-Haps' '
The Battle of Armageddon.
Vow, at last, we come to the battle of
Armageddon, casuallv mentioned In the
first paragraph and Incidentally referred
elsewhere In this veracious chronicle.
Clear the stage' Advance, war corre
spondents' Observe bau standing upon
the height and surveying the Held of ac
tion. Saul is proporlv attired in a robe
of ancient pattern and wears patriarchal
whiskers. He had some trouble fixing
these on In the dressing room, but that
la another story. Uowev er, with the .13
Quips at
ji j, . A , . ; ;
- - -
of the co-stumer and the advice of sev
eral would be actors, he Is now before
us. 'Here, at last, ' he save, "I am at the
scene of mv early conflicts My pilgrim'
age is ended Below me lies the plain of
rmageddon My old eves arc dim, but
I seem to see figures moving about Ha'
a courier approaches '
Jonathan Bourne ' cantered in astride
a stick on which was a horses head
I m Jonathan Bourne Jr he explained,
Independent, Progressive Democratic,
Republican, and war correspondent of La
Follette s W eeklj ' Presentlv "Champ
Clark' galloped gajlj In, also astride a
stick and announces that he is the war
correspondent of the Commoner There
upon ensued this conversation
i with Snnl.
tour regular occu-
Champ W hat ma
patun be'
bl'I I am a king ami have Ftood
manv times at Armageddon
LHAMP This is kreat III get vou to
report the battle Mgned artl le and all
that. I write it vou sign It Bullv head
lineb As seen bv a King one of them
does the battle of Armageddon for the
Commoner bpecial t3 w Irelesb Delav eq
in transmission '
faAl L t dm t understand
CHAMP Nobodv does ou nnswer
questions and I 11 do the re-t Name
pi ase
l I, mv name is -aui
CHAMP First name and middle initial'
Al'L-1 have none
I HAMP-But vou ve got to have a first
hAl I. I rather fani v Theodore It
means tht people k rule
CHAMP Its out of fashion We must
have an up to-date name Wodrow will
do W oodrow V Saul one of our best
known kings how a that' Polltlci" please
SAIL What Is rolltlcs'
CHAMP Politics Is having the nomina
tion cinched and seeing the other fellow
get it
hAi ii nave n" pontics
CIIWIP Then ou are not a king You
le either Sen itor John I Works
Charles R Crane or Prof W illu Moore
iume fleporfs from the Dnttlr.
Henrj Cabot Lodge, war correspond-
ent of the Munsev newspapers " next ap
peared How goes the battle brother" isked
Field Marshal Dixen was the repls.
has mowed down Field Marshal Mc
Combs with a liarv ester ma hine and
McCombs has poured a hot statement
Into Held Marshal Hilles and Hilles has
hit Dixon with some majontv claims '
Saul looked puzzled I don t un ler
st in 1 s ud he
'Well was the mswtr nobodv haa
got an) thing on vou in that
When Giff rd Pinchot came gallop
ing In the horses head on Ins stick was
a be lutiful I lue he announced that Gen
Perkins needed more ammunition ' He
ha sent nie for fountain pen to write
a ehe k he explained amid laughter
How goes the battle, brother asked
Saul ror answer Pinrhot gave him a
pair of opera glares Saul put them to
his eves hig end tirst
W onile rful he exclaimed I see a
large stout man who appears to be pour
ing Standard oil on troubled waters '
That s Boise Penrose "
' But how imall. jet how near, he
seems '
ouvc got the glasses wrong ide
foremost lou don t look through them
that wav until after Nov ember D
Then this dialogue
S ML Who is the man on the big
PINCHOT That s not a horse, that s
a bull moose
LODGK Who are the two men hanging
on his flank"
BOURNE The) are Adam Ucde and
John Harl-tn the truth tellers
SAIL Do the) tell the truth
CHAMP Saj, mister joure not a
king, vou re the court jester
Cnrn.ee nnd the Tnrln.
After "Henry Watterson' had rushed
In with a bulletin to the effect that when
he left jonder Held the Democrats of
the House of Representatives were trjing
to arrange the tariff schedules and the
carnage was frightful, there were more
sounds of battle and the war correspond
ents gazed steadil) through their glasses
Then the conversation was resumed as
follow s
SAUL Look look' There on the spread
ing plain the combatants clash and sla)
To the right the general on the antlered
animal dashes toward the large general
seated on the putting green Many men
with strange weapons follow the bun
PINCHOT The) are the tennis Cabl-
BOIRN E There is a man on the side
lines who seems to be sitting on a monej
CLARK That s Thomas F Ran
BOURNE Why does he sit there Idle
CLARK He's waiting for the battle
to end so he can settle all unpaid bills of
the campaign
WATTERSON Is the man who is
shouting and waving his arms a dervish
LODGE No. that's Senator Joseph M
Dixon practicing for his appearance be
fore the Clapp committee.
SAUL Who are the nine men surround
ing the large man-
BOURNE They are the members of
the Taft Cabinet.
SAUL Whv are the) not in the battle
BOURNE They will get Into the battle
just after It Is over
ot Dawn, hat Ham Lerrln.
There was a loud burst of laughter a
moment later when some one observed
that the dawn was breaking
"Oh. no. was the reply. ' that Is not
the dawn. That Is Col Jim Ham Lewis'"
Then. Instead of Joan of Arc. Albert J
Beveridge was discovered disguised as
Mary of Vlne-clad Cottage; BUI Fllnn
jm Grinon Club
. a B . i. ; ... i . i ...... .t ,u .u .....
str - --shr "cdjar-
t !, s B- o. 4r fc"" " "" fc nS fj U r - i
ff;--: -M
was seen leading his forces to the music
of 'Onward. Christian Soldiers." while
the Penrose Legion advanced to the sing
ing of ' Hall, Hall, the Gang's All Here. '
When more sounds of battle were heard.
It was explained that the spear that
knows no bother had failed to recognize
Its son-in-law 'BUI Barnes' came from
the field limping badly and declaring it
was not a battle, but an ambush fcaul
vlvldl pictured the Bull Moose fleeing
and the man with the golf sticks going
home Flnallj Pinchot galloped In "W'e
are beaten he panted The forces of
privilege are In control."
"Who wins''
"Wilson, thats all"'
But It wasn t all, for aul immediate!)
seized a wooden horse and started ofT.
He was going to Washington, he said to
seek a Job
' But vou ire not a Democrat n"r an
American citizen" he was told
'Gentlemen ' replied Saul solemnlj, "I
have been a lifelong Democrat inie the
battle ended '
The point of this remark did not need
a diagram and there was plcntv of laugh
ter and applause as the participants In
the battle of Armageddon went back to
their scats at the table
Gathrrlnc I Campaign Ilahlil.li.
t one time during the dinner whither
before or after the battle is a matter f
no importance whatever a member of
the club entered the hall attired as a
white-winged street cleaner with his
push cart and a bag He explained that
he had come to clean up the campaign
rubbish As he dumped Into his bag a
pair of moose horns some positive predic
ts of Chairman Dixon and Chairman
Illlle, two empty wallets marked C 1 T
and G W I" . a lut f dope from the
j press agents, and several other memen-
toes of the late conflict, there
succession of laughs
Then too there was a clever skit In
the meeting of the eight Taft members
of the electoral college md their discus
sion of a Ice Presidential candidate A
dozen more or less prominent men were
suggested f r the position including
that stable-minded never clnnge-lns
views patriot Herbert S Hadlej, but
the friends of each prompllj found some
excuse for offering a declination of the
honor While the conference of the elec
tors was In progress, the na-)Ua-lns of
an alleged bill) goat was hcarl
There s our gnat chorused the elec
tors and the) hastened awaj to cap
ture it
Cnmpnlun Fund Te.llnion J .
The travest) on the Clapp campaign
fund investigating committee was full of
good things The most Important func
tion of the committee seemed to be get
ting itself photographed for the news
papers The pleture which ' senator
Clapp offered for publication was about
five feet square and labeled. Taken in
s the investigation proceeded, it af
forded opportunit) for some humorous
not to sav sarcastic references to certain
persons connected with the campaign An
enormous emptv hag wis reported to be
the receptacle which contained the con
tributions of Thomas Fortune Rjan The
testimony of William B Mckinley wan
read, as follows
' Receipts, JSC tnx disbursements,
couldn t remember anj, except two pos
tage stamps and a lead pencil
Ever) other minute 'Senator Clapp
'StotmUHUtl" I I I I Hall II. ait Q
' Wuijtttas. I. C Inraair r. 1IU I J I
Banquet of the Gridiron Club
--! -
6 4- '
1 1--. o a .i i t -! i ii I
;! fc.'
arose to anxiously inquire whether anj
body had anything on T R. There was
laughter when one member of the com
mittee exclaimed 'I move we soak
George w Perkins, ' and another rip
ple when It was announced that the com
mittee would hear nothing about the
campaign of Mil because 'ever) body
knows it was not created for that pur
pose," When It was asked what Mr Corteljou
had testified to the answer was 'that to
the best of his recollection he could not
recollect anj thing ' There was nlso a
reference to the Hon BUI Loeb. Jr, who
took a JliOCO Job from Taft and swore
to a JlOOdo alibi for Roosevelt The
latter b the wav was reported to have
testified that he found the committee 'ex
ceedingly tractable'
This committee aid the chairman,
was created to put something over on
T R and It aln t done It so I don t ee
anj use of maktng a report n-talL '
So the committee was thereupon de
clared idjourned.
n ImprfHlie Trlhnte.
The memorial servlee. which Is a unique
and impressive feature of a Gridiron din
nr when the lights are suddenl) extin
guished nnd tribute paid to the memor)
of departed Grldlroncrs commemorated
the membership of George W Rouzer.
Thomas C Nnves John M Car-on and
James s Henn the two Litter former
presidents of the club and the first
named activel) Identified for man) jears
with the entertainment features of the
organization The eulogies were In nd
mlrablr taste and impresslvel) delivered
while pictures of th former members
upon a screen recalled their familiar
facs t the tonclusion of this lat
reference of the living to the dead the
lights were turned on and the dinner
brought back to lis int rrupted current
of fetlvit with the singing of a chorus
In which tvcolywl) Joined
Intrridnflnu InauKiirnl Chairmen.
One of the features of th dinner w.k
th request that Messrs I- J Mellwagen
Clarence F Nonnent b E Jordan Mil
ton E AUes R Harper D J Calla
han and Jamt
K 0tcr appear In line
before the gue-t When the) were in
full observation one of the members of,
the club presenied them peverall) und
Individual!) to Chairman McCombs of
the Democratic National Committee, as
likelj candidates for the ehairmanshlp of
the Inaugural committee Mr htellwagen
was Introduced as the chairman who four
years ago Introduced a tine blizzard into
tlie ceremonies and there was a hpnior
ous reference to the other ' ne-ir bank
er After Chairman McCombs and the
guests had leeii Mven ample time to in
spect the pulchritudinous and financial
aspects of the candidates the latter wero
allowed to return to their seats
The fact tint in mv Governors were
present was not allowed to escape ob
servation Gov elect Sulzer and Gov
Herbert S Hadle) of Missouri made brief
speeches and Gov Eberhart of Minne
sota Gov elect Ilanna of South Dakota
Gov -elect Cox of Ohio and Gov Dlx of
New ork were introduced to the guests
as part of a most distinguished audi
ence Guide- for IIHce-rcUcr.
The menu souvenir was an illustrated
booklet, which pictured a long procession
marching up to the White House, and
was entitled ' Tin Gridiron Clubs
Standard Guide for Office-seekers The
career of the nffiis.iMlr vu rienlxte.1
from the time h. arrived In Washington
in a long coat and high hat and stopped
at a no-a-day hotel until he mournfully
took the train for home.
The first page of the book showed Pre
ldent-elect Wilson's picture, and then
foUowed a page devoted to the "gentle
manly and urbane clerk who will take
charge of jour application and recom
mendations." Then there was a picture
of a waste basket and an enormous file
case, after which came an illustration of
a large and swell hotel This wag fol
lowed by views of a EO-cent lodging
house, a pawnbroker's office, and a cut
rate ticket shop, each picture having an
appropriate legend underneath It The
guide for office-seekers waa so true to
life that It was fully appreciated by the
The .Mrnn.
Merely to prove that there were good
things to eat. as well as to see and
hear, the appetizing menu is appended
Canape Moscovlte
Cape Cod Oysters
Celer) Olives Radishes Salted Nuts
Clear Green Turtle
Potomac Bass, Marguerite
Sweetbreads Braise a la Virginia
Florida Peas
Terrapin. Maryland
Gridiron Punch
Quail. Stuffed and Roasted
halad Panama
Ices In Fruit Forms
Assorted Cakes
Haul Sauterne
Moet A. Chandon's Imperial Crown Brut
Cuvee A A
Fatlma Cigarettes
Many Kiijo) nlilc Speeches.
As every one knows the speeches de
livered at a Gridiron Club dinner are
not reported Suffice It to a) therefore,
thtt President Taft s remarks were cor
dially applauded ind were In harmon)
with the festive occasion Ambassador
Brvce waa felicitous, as he alwajs Is
In his brief speech while rhalrman Mr
Combs and the other political managers
accepted the opportunit) afforded them
to tell how and why t all happened
Speaker Clark who is a pleasing after
dinner speaker added to his liurels
while other brief and extemporaneous
addresses sandwiched lietween the
courses and the songs and the stunts,
added to the enjovment of the evening
President Garthe received man) congrat
ulations upon the idmlrable and success
ful manner in which he conducted the
Guests Men Well
Known in the U. S.
Th? IiTMdt!-nl of ll-e I -nM MUM
PMUimW i htMti ifTr(iry of Mats
rrinUi, M Mgh cTrtjy of the Trtavjy
Hninr !. Mimn hcnrur cf War
i.t-org trkmham ttnrn ' rnL
rnr. H llitcfavrk I'tMimwtrr lwnl
'rttrc "0 I Mrjtr Sfrrrt4nr -V th N
Walttx I I-iM.tr SsK-rtUry of tln Inlrrk-r.
Jirw WiiVm vrrrrUry f KsTuni'tun-
rte Nagrl srTrtirr trf i mmrn ind lmr
Tb Itnuh niba4or
I tUm I S ,rrl lnir'
M I oint amSon a
Millou U ilrtv ahinctoa ! f
heln rr" lUHlmnrr n.rirn
h-rrcin IItti tototant Nrrrurr f th Tfrasuirr
TlKm H Anrfenon jnl Suhm i otvrt. D C.
sTustiis. O lia hi l'mbirat rr U-m t - mitr.
I Mstin 11 Ilamn I-u i K
i Rolrt C 1U1V ftant frrriMrj f tb
I TrntMiry
A II nklin hinstrw D C
Knnk N Rirk-lalr I ftinAlTatnia It ill read
wujjanj namum ini Irutitutlun Wiihlcg
ton D t
J Jin Ilirrel lirectr I an Vrrercsn I nion
RiclaM Ranh Idt Rejrentatne trim Vliascrin.
James l.t hard Rarrc jisign 1 s N
ss-ldsn l lUrtlfll Boston Ml
Mhrrt 1. nirrjr I hilaJelpMa la
nhnr nianchsrd Wasllngton l '
Rccer Vlnrss Booe V trgmia
Cctrje Vf Bowrrs I s t ili ImuDMraer,
eimrge Brown. Ronton Mice
trank II Bnggs WasHnglm. I '
ltsrt s Burleson Rcpre-entatire Irnra Texas
J eph e. e annon I cnrpenta tee fnan lllinoU
Vlelrille Church VVa!llig"si H I
J II Carroll st Uub VIn
Jarre. M n I. rtm r MM ot llhlo
(Tiarles V I on sol to N. rfnlk a
Chami Clark fr'eaaer of 11 arse o( Rncrsentatlira
Walton I lark I lulaJe Ulia la
Pobcrt Craln Ba timnrc V1 1
VV MurraT Oane s-i cr from VUsscrmsftti.
Vlhcrt J Cummins snllor fr.t loss
John riifton arirn n P I
J-rlus Ianlrt I al. tail "N I Ni., and OS
ilium II Hats I- trtu.Hr I'lttsbur. Pa
Paul T Dae- Waahngts I l
J -yrJi M Ihion vml r from Vlontana
R C.oldcn Ilonahlson Wsshinglon I C
Iank I iSorfmu Rrppr-matiTe from Mtrhigan
Frederick s thidlev Waihington I" I
I Pana I irand Director cf I ens i.
Fred T Dubois, ashtrgti I
J Prrd Bocrr Paltim-r- - n
1" H E-talrn-k Na.hoa N H
John C I eersman etii ar I I
E. V rcnton VI ml real I anads
Puane b. loi Ha hmrton Ii
DaTid R Francis st t,a VIn
Robe, F Frailer Tennessee
V II Prater New trk
Rudolph Forstcr Lxecuticr scdsre VV hHf Hoiso
John H ,ibbon (Capt urt I S. Naml Vcad
C T t.nfSlhv WaJiinirton P r
Tliomas VI ftale aehinron I
Frank W Haekrtt N st llimpsurr
I IIaldenteln New orl
cTiandler Hale aietant Scrctarr of State
Oeorze- E. Hamilton V asl ington P i
IxraU B Hanna f.oecrnor drct of North Dakota
Robert N Harrer Wsshiigtoii I r
fsjiav H HarUhom New crt
John C Hcald Washington V I"
Atei. J nrmphill New ork
Arthur s Ilenninr thlcago Tnhunc
J Phillip Herrmann V ajJunrton l C
Robert V Herrick. Bosi si Vla-ss
I N nibbcrd hai Fnn i-co Tal
rharles I Hilles Scnsr to tlio Prrsi lent
John Walker Holcorahc Vlashirton I (
Hale Hnlden CTncago I 1
Herbert ' Hooecr lnlon I ngland
Beale It Hosard Ha li ct n l C
Dr Inland O Ilowar I Haihington ft P
Louis Hosland Indianai' " Ncsa.
Charles I Ilumnhree visior l.cneral (retired). II
John Hunter VVast
John Harris Nesr Tork N v
Fdrlder K. Jorclon Wa i in n T r
tUlle James stnutr.,i,,.I fnsn Keritnrkj.
Vielor Kaittfmann VVa.hncion sur
rlarnier I Kim lliLelrliiiu la
hamiiel U ktrkpatnek I I lUrlelphia Ta.
James heelee llilcaei Tnt no
Willum hmght Ne V rk
Irr Henry hrriMad Wa.lilnclon P C
nilllam B Lamar Vtlanta I. a
Thomas J Loon Ilnlailellliia Inautrrr
Arthur Lee- Washhwlon l t
fharlea Unkins Wjslilists' I .
Frank It Loomla s,rm:tlrll Olno.
Nicholas Lonnrortli lie rresc-ntatite from Ohm.
I: rank O Lorlrn llUn.i-
A Lyon tVaFhincton star
WUham O Mctdoo eeVrk N T
William P Mcsrvmhs Vr Jer-fj
Kobtrt Mansflrld Cors.ul Crfneral to Zurich
Harold P JleOrmick I hirano 111
rortrr J MrOrmbrr snst r from North Dakota
William It Mrhlnlrt I!finTrntatltf from Illinois.
William.! McNalk Hirrv 1wc Md.
1 Ileo- Mart Washirjt n I C
tone- H Jllfflln Bo-ton Vlan
J J Jlorrew Maior I V
Let It Jtosher Washioeloei I' I
IHild W Mnleanr Tseka Kan
Ulniam F. 5Iurray Kfiressntaetee from Massacna
Martin B. Madden neiresentaluT from Illinois
8ldnr C Nealr VV al initon I C
Klemini New hold W s.timctmi btar
Lrsrla Nuon. Nrsr Ycrk
narrncr F Normrnt Washinirt'n I)
tseorw T. Oliter. senator from rennsvleania.
James F. Ojtter Vtashinirton II a
r-rmer . Faine Assoc-UleU ITCia
Vax ram. New lork.
I Wriiht A. Pittmon. Cbiaca. 111.
8 H. Plies. Vill. Wuh
Million Pltnejr, AanrUts Justice U S Supreme
H. H. reinon. Jr, Bids "Seem Minor, Cliiboroe,
Ceorje W. Frrklns, XrVTork.
r. A. rrttt. PcrutUB MisUUr.
QUbcrt D. Ritne. Mrmptils sir-SehniUr
Joseph E. Ituudeu. BrpraenUtlT from Loauiinl.
A O tUUhrikr, Boston, llui.
Thanu L RbOKl. JlJor. V S A
Rlchinl A IUoj. Wlluuas Collrge, JU".
Be-rtnad It. Robert!. Wuhhvton, V O.
ttiules A Rook, lltuburj Mjrtrti.
Mctor RoMwiUr. Onulu Hoe
John C Rose. Judfe U S Circuit Court Haiti
more. 1
Cuno If Rudotoi. Cctambaloarr of DUtnet ol
Ih- Httrlmf Iloffln. tVaihuutim, D. C
Charles H Babln ?.ew fort '
Tucker k Handi. IVaahmcton. D C
w UlUm LieveJIin Kaundmc, Ht. uuai; Jin.
.Nathan II Scott, Vint Mnpnla
Albert Bhav, Renew Jt Renews.
O Albert Mmall New York
D I! bUpir. Waahuiston. D 0
r. J. Mtellwazrn W aahinrton. I C
Frederick C btercna. ReiireaenUUTs from Mlnns-
George W Hleiena. ' t O Railroad
C K. Stewart Btrminfftuaa tAU Age-Herald.
James Month Jr. New Jcrxr
Roger C SulllTan, Chicago
William Bulztr. fiorrmor-elect nf New Tork
tieonn J Tanaey HC Louis. Mn.
L. Stoddard Tailor, BthsOD Theater Washing
ton. D O
Joseph N Teal, Portland Org
Canal A Thompson. United Htates Treasurer
Charles T Thompson, Aatonated Pms.
Robert M Tbomr-ion. Ivew York
rrrdrric-k J Thompson Mobile Rrgivter
Ovear Tsehlrtr New Tort
Ovrar W, Lndenrood. Representative In m la
ham a
P I Cndrrwond Ene Railroad.
Krank A Wndfritc New leak
Whitney Wallace New York N T
Hugh C Wallace Taeoma VTash
JI P Ward Annj and Narj Register
Tiinvr A Uiekersham Washington I C
Richard Wlghtman Washington II
Jchn E Wilkle superruing vgmt Trraaury
Ir W. II Wllmer Waahlrgton I t
sidrer W Wtnslow Boston Maw
Robert Y Wolfe Ohio state Journal
A Worthlcgton Washington. D e'
Trey Woodson Krntackr
Dsniel Tbrw Wright Judge supirme rt L). C
rilnton ! Wright N rtolk li
John W lertrs Uaslurgton. I 1
amden J Dee
haired girl students of t
Irving High bchool of N
with their Angers croscc
I-ift) rlerv
i tt ashlngton
N. ork stooci
on the sron
wra platform as the new steamer Wash
ington Irving of the Hudson river da
line slid down the wa)s t the vard f
the Jew lork Shipbuilding Compan)
here this afternoon
E K. Olcott president of the line also
had llberuted twentv homing pigeons to
bring the vessel guod lu k but he re
garded the tltlan locks of tre fair stu
dents as his best hum i A number
f years ago a septet of red haireel girls
f the Washington Irving High be hool
formed h magic circle and by their
efforts perauaded the New T,ork board
of education to vote for a new building
which that I oard hid stradfastl) op
posed Mr Olcott las nme prized red
hatred Kirls as the best of all good
omens Mrs Olcott arteel as the Wash
ington Irving s sponsor to da)
mong th. gu. sts t the launching
were s.r Thomas Lipton vinlu,i rt,Hi
of the P.nnslvania Itallroad Mavor
Blankenhurg of Philadelphia and e .
eral representative- of the fami of I
Washington Irving
ahlp (.corsr ntblnslon Nnr-
roI erta Vt-ddrnt In KK.
Spmal fVN 1 1 ni Washinfitrri HfmM
London Dft 7 hair s breadth tnape
from c round ins was rportfl b ttie
hnr (.Je re Washington him n her ar
rial at 1'1 mouth to da hile te r-
tntj through a dense foff for Liza-rl th1 '
I ner cot out of her cours? and her cap j
trim ua not sure of hU whtreiboutI
until he nmhtrd bt MIchaeM Mount near)
Iirdt.end About this time th (forcf
Wushlnston was ighted I the ttamr
TV. .... a
Tho (leorije Washinptin entuall
reach d the open sea 1 maktnc pound
InRS ind tame hafeH to IMm-ruth
Me-inwhile the IVnz inc reponed the in
cident and feannc a mishap the German
cable Meamer steptu n off red hf tan e
b wireies from I'hmouth rranpe
mem- were iN made for tt c Penza iif
to tike .ff the rl.nF,er if nee ssar
The pa-etit.er- cm the r arrival wire a
tonl-htd to hear of the incidmt
thlrf .last Ire- John K shl. ! VI nr-
rlcs Ir. .lr
Now cirl. 1. " hicf Justicr John
K s.1,1, ids 0f TeniiP-. ami Mrs Jtan
nettc Sweion Iioclson Cowan of Knox
villc.. were inarrlc-el hrro to ela in the
chnpcl of tot Itertholomevv s Church
The ceremonv whs a emiet dftmr b.ms
attended onlv lv tmmedlate relativ s of
tho bride ami brldecroom
Itcv Pvdnn N I saher assistant pis.
tor of the chnich. offli tated
The bride vca- slven awa 1 her son
Ilobert bwepaon Cowan, who Is a stu
dent at Princeton
The bet man wjs William t, shields
president of the tits National Hank of
Knoxvllle and a brother of the bride
sTroom The bride was dressed In a smart vel
vet travcllnp gown and wore a ppra of
After the ceremonv a vveddinc break
fast was Klven at the Ritz Carlton
where the bride has been living during
her stay In New ork
The truest at the breakfast were
William S Shields Jlr Oeorse W
Baxter. Mrs l D Tvson Miss Arabella
Tjson, Mrs. J Johnson, Mr and Mrs
K II Saunders Mr and Mrs Joseph b
Shields. Miss Josephine .Shields Kobrrt
Swepson Cowan and Miss Jeannette
Cowan, son and daughter of the brtde
Mr and Mrs fieorRe s Andes, formerU
of Knoxvllle but now llvins In Now
iork. George b Andes Jr , mil Joseph
Cowan Andes
Later In the das Justice shields d
his bride left for Florida The expe '
to spend u few weks travfllnjr around
the southern Islands ifter which the
will return to Knoxville. which will is
their home
nffrtiettc UrrnU I p lrrllnc
Londpn, Dec 7 John Redmond at 4
home rule demonstration at Dalton to
day wa unable to utter a pent nee for
fifteen minutes owing to the din of jeen
and cries of male and female suffra
gettes w ho rent the ilr ith their
"otea for women The police were
called, and after a bribk tlcht threw
every disturber out'of the hall bet eral
clergmen were anions the suffrage
Fire. Thrrnteyiaj Oil Town. I
Wheeling a Dec T Kire which
for a time threatened the destruction of
the business district of McMechcn.
. a town of i) eight miles from
here, to-day destroved six buildings. In
cluding the cite hall and caused a loss I
of JTiOOo The tire started from an over-
heated stove in u hotel owned bv Krank '
For a Disordered Momarh
Hnft's Lemon Seldlltz Is tho greatest
thing In tho world It Is prescribed by i
phjrlcians everywhere and lor sale by I
all drusslsts. '
In the World.
largest 8. s. Co ,
KaU'n .nc. Me.Dec. 12,10 A.5L
iiennsyivania Dec 31, 2 P 31.
I'res. I.Inroln Dec SS. 1 P M.
Amrrlka . . Jan 4, 8 A M.
Ulamburg direct. M cabin only.
Madeira. Gibraltar, llglrra,
Naplea, fjetaoa.
S. 8. IIlMDCnn Jan 11,11
A- II (11.000 tons)
8. S. IIAMHUIIG Feb. 22. 18
A. iL
Will aot call at Algiers.
ar mi n n i ini-and
WORLD ,-t naya In Japan
IIUI1LU il8 Daya In India
FEBRUARY 6. 1913
110 DAYS S650 ".
InHidine n ntcetsAry fiffsw ahoaM
ard a&horr nilwij betel thorn txcat
alona carriagw. piidrs fen al rails.
way fim to and from j-our bomr
AI. rrni to tin Writ InrtiM raa-
" anxl ItaJjr and Lopt, &r.
Wnte for bnoklct atatisg cruiaWb
m In Hotrl eirwLi r r rmr&. Rot.
pla -raiit ifr-tnc faii j ijf w.
J-it ' 1 rr-& irl m iT la -J Fajl
Ht at Uie lia-svk in IVfTn a witn ' lanfrr
r irc frrn ne da rnrrrctttra wiJx B. M
1 Ti-kr irtcr-hais W
f tjllN ai.rl rthcr tMmn In
i.f ly f -t Th i xt U x M K rs
a l tidal wipe Dptniriioa. IirtintQjt? t. 1 tra,
hot- ill iratM ramphlet tTtj tn A CUT
LRUi:iIMC A CO Asenta QiK-Vr r L
JLrtlti) Nfw Wl THO- HKKA -j
-i It oa-1 ind O I-if a U1isie N
Southern Resorts,
Via Old Point Comfort
And Norfolk.
sunpovrr at rilAVrFRUIN 1IOTKL.
Pai v sv rw, e Modern Steamrra
trom t-eventli St. barf S. W,
Norfolk & Washington
Steamboat Co.
I-ealnjc rrnlh -trret Aharf ut 10
a. ra. and 1:4 p a. dally except Sua-daj-.
Cafe un trainer. A dtuehtij ouuc
en tha hi. n- d J bcaatifil Tottnac
Atsfrlfin ai 1 E r jm ptau. Srea.! wtnitr i
BroadTray and 11th SU Nerr lork
This finsors hotel hu tss- renOTated. re.
decorated re'i "msheei and nun modem up-to-dat
anssr menu iaia tn irtalled. sxd
can tc cx33s.exl atonttj with an; q tht at;
The ONLV rirst-tlass IIOTEL
W t. . . .
Ui 1 I j.4 ncr
rirs mliijtc- a
i --ir r" l-trresf.
VV axamaker a.
the t Kin nrsT vrroiiviODt-
Minnies from (.rand Central Depot
10 Mlnulcai to I eadlnc Stores aad
Albany. -N. 1.
Taught Any Man or Boy
TIiu w nc
hit nrt"Pt
i Jtht th
rl,J i A
0 A J HITH Isas 1.230
833 llgilew St ficrli. III
ti-i--:"ii ; 1 1 o
Tate Faaaoma
Tea year old. tl.23.
Order by 'phone.
Also TENNESSEE. S1.00 Bottle
The Shoomaker Co.
1331 ,E Street Nf. W.
Established 1SC3. 'I'hoae M. USSm.
Special Jordan and
Chocolate Almonds, lb,
All Kinds of
lc t
day !,
( hrl tr- i
' t hun
1K II ft N K f-I "th bt N
e sire UeraJd i23,000 contest rates.
4i-w, imotntttv, . t.
M Or E t Proop k boos r- JB
m u.th A "Is. re. r,-n Vt M
ak M s - II h Surer M
W Slasrirjtoo I) c 0
ff: SSa

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