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Twelve of the Thirteen Articles of
Impeachment Yet to Be
Twelve of the thirteen articles of Im
peachment against Judge Robert W.
Archbald of the United States Com
merce Court were jet to be presented
when the fifth session of the trial In
the Senate began jesterdty. Four wit
nesses G A Richardson. William P.
Boland. J. IL Rlttenhouse and Richard
I Bradley had still to be heard upon the
Jlrst article. This, article'' concerned
Archbald's attempt to buy the Katydid
culm bank, owned by the Erie Railroad,
at a time when the Erie had two cases
pending- In his court.
Richardson, who was sick In New York
Friday w hen his name was called, was to
testily to Archbald's visit to his office
In connection with the proposed clum
purchase by Archbald and E. J 'Will
lams. Richardson Is vice president of
the Erie and vice president also of the
Hillside Coal and Iron Company, owner
of the culm pile Boland was called to
explain the drawing up of the agreement
fcr purchase. In which Archbald Is re
ferred to only as a ' silent part " Rlt
tenhouse is the man Mho made a surve
of the culm bank and estimated its
alue at over J-'OtwO Bradley Is the coal
operator to whom Archbald and Will
lams tried to sell the Katdld at JM.oOO
The second article, dealing with ttu
aid given by Archbald to an attempt
made to sell stock of the Marlon Coal
lompanv to the Lackawanna Railroad,
at a time when a suit by the owners
of the Marlon Compan against the rail
road nas before the Interstate Commerce
t ommission and subject to review b
Archbald s court It was expected ves
xerday, would bring out a sharp clash be
tween the House managers of the prose
cution and Attorne orthington, for the
The originil deposition made b Will
iams before Wrlslej Broun, special agent
of the Department of Justice, at Scranton
last spring in which Williams described
how an interview between Judge Arch
bald and Manager May, of the Katdid
i ulm dump to Archbald and llliams,
was read to tho Senate esterda fol
lowing the completion of the testlmon
of Charles F Conn of the Lackawanna
Railroad. In this statement Williams as
serted that udge Alchbald became quite
excited when Wilms reported to him
that Mas curtlj refused to sell
H told me to go back again next f
dav and that he would see Brownell. the
attorne for the Erie, about it
R rhard Bradle described the contract
into which he entered to bu the Katv
did lor J-"0ux and recall of the contract
y Manager Mas of the Hillside Corn
pans in a letter which called his atten
tion to the Uing of adverse claims against
the propertv All of these claims were
made immedlatels following the first
tumors of an investigation "or Archbald s
1'iillri II line rrest of Vrcm llx
lilnins inrtmeiit IMIfcrlnc.
Mvstenous thefts In the Mamo Apart
at 12 Twelfth Mrect Northwest
iolved last night according to the I
police when Detective Bar bee of the
Second Precinct arrested Major Rankin
a negro eighteen vears old on a charge
or housebreaking and grand Ian ens
c ordlnj; to the police. Rankins con
ussea tint nc entered the apartments
or M i-s !ta Bo) kin on December
and stole a ring vet wit ha peail and
diamond and valued at and a brace
let vlucd at $2!
negro admits In opened a rear window
uid ntered the apartments of illiam
McMahon on December 6 and made aw as
wun doming vaiucel at -C5 The prop
ertv will lie recovered In a few dass
llarbee picked up Rankins
Twelfth md V streets Northwest. The
negro had been working at various kind
empiojmcnt Tor occupants of the apart
Vlahiniu 31nl touches TTeKro.
Butler Ma Dec 7 A mob to das
Isnched Azariah Curtis, colored for the
murder of B B Buch a planter, who
was killed when Curtis and three com
panions attempted to rob him The prls
oner was forcefulls taken from the Jail
ana nanged near the scene of his crime.
I.nv-r Pnrtner of rthur Dlr.
Laston Pa , Dec 7 Gen Frank
Ileeder. once law partner of Chester A.
Arthur and former secretar of the
c ommorwealt l, died here to-das. aged
7 His father, Vndrew Reeder, was flrst
Governor of Kansas
In tbe tnboid epidemic of CasscL in 1900
WT 300 tw within 10 daj) only tnose who
drank rw milk cratneted the disrue.
In hosntil where a change was made from
raw to properly pasteurized milk tjphoid con
ditions iminedjatelr Improved and tbe mor
tahtj rate decreased. (LdsalL)
It haa been found that among patrons ot
tUirin supplying properly pasteurized milk
and errant there occur cut Terr few cases of
trphoid. (Ropenan I
Disease terms rue with or chttff to the
cream, which contain at leait twelre times
as many bacteria . volume as the whole
milk from which it waa separated, i&chrpe
def In Japan where little cows milk la used
scarlet fertr .$, practically nnknowrw (HalL)
Milk trust and others have fprcad tbe re
port that pahteurulns w harmful. Able
sanitarians hue often disproved this. ChD
dren and persons in a rundown conditioa
should not drink raw milk and cream, it is
rarely safe to do so.
Properly pasteurizing means heating to 140
decrees Fahrenheit for twenty minutes. Home
paleurirJnc is just as efficient. Commercial
pasteurization is unreliable.
Fither buy only properly pasteurized milk
and cream or home-pasteurize it fay bringing
it to near boiling, then cool and keep cold
and corered until used.
Socialj for Preicniion cf Sickness
. BERLINER, SerreUry.
Contlnned from Pase One.
the party cap stand together. The Roose
velt people contended In the conference
that the only ground on which a reor
ganization could be brought about would
be through the acceptance by a Repub
lican convention of most of'the principles
advocated In the Bull Moose platform.
Immediately after the conference Gov.
Hadley of Missouri gave out a formal
statement of his own v,lews on the ques
tion of party reorganization. Here Is
the statement:
Guv. lfadlea's Statement.
"I have felt and acted upon the theory
that the Republican party has not out
lived Its usefulness as an agency of good
government, but I do not agree with
those who contend that all that is neces
sary for us to do is to sit still or to stand
pat in the hope and belief that Demo
cratic mistakes on general business de
pression will restore the Republican
pary to power
"1 bellce the fact that 4.000.000
voters who otcd the Republican ticket
In 1903 refused to vote It in 1311 requires
a careful consideration as to the reason
of their action, and as to what may be
done to correct conditions to which they
hav e objected
"One of the conditions which has been
the cause of objection within the party
for j ears has been the present djsIs of
representation from Southern States.
Another Is the part 'a attitude toward
direct primaries for the election of dele
gates to national conventions. I believe
that such chnnge should be made in the
existing rules for the conduct of party
affairs in both of these matters that
there can be no question but that the
will of the majority will control both as
to pollcj and as to candidates We Re
publicans who believe In progressive pol
icies can not ask that those who are
conservative should change their opin
oinfc. but we ought all to be able to
agree that the conventions that settled
these questions shall be trulv represen
tative of voters but not a political or
official authority and that the) shall
express the wishes of the majoritv
,hat time and in wnat way
changes should be made. It Is in mv opin
ion too earl to sa There should be
ample time for the prejudices and feel
ings aroused by the recent contest to
subside I believe that prior to the be
ginning of the campaign of 1914. prob-
ablj within the next J ear. tture should
be called a national convention or the
Republican party to consider these ques
tions or an other matters that It might
then deem advisable to consider
11 Optimistic.
Gov Carroll of Iowa, said that he
felt after the short talks that he had
listened to that the situation of the
Republican party might not be ennsid
ered as bad as certain of Its enemies in
the other two parties were inclined to
I am not a prophet said Gov Car
roll but 1 will sas this much We
have not seen the last national Repub
He in victors bs a long chalk.-but :
im not so sure as to just when the
next vlctorv will be '
Gov Joseph M Carev, of Wyoming,
emerging from the conference before
It was ended, said
I have nothing to tell the reporters
I cant Interest an of sou, for Im a
Hull Moose and sou all know it '
Gov Illiam Glasscock, of West Vir
ginii, said
It was onls a free and open expres
sion of the views of the twelve gentle-
no ,,, , I1iln,rier too earlv to
iKi,rp on plans for reorganization But
Sou must remember that e are not In a
position to figure on ans scheme that
eliminates Theodore Roosevelt '
Gov Glasscock was asked if he meant
the elimination of Theodore Roosevelt
trom the Republican parts
vi sOUf-c I no but I mean more
than that he said I mean that Rooe-
elt as a factor in our hole national
lifo Is a factor to be reckoned with hy
Go Hadle in the course of the day
had talks with Senator Crane and other
latt leaders He impressed upon them
the necesslt of co-operating In any
plans for a calling of another national
conentlon and the reorganization of the
Ion are wrong In sugge&tlng that s
suitable committee to reorganize the Re
publican partv would be Go Jlndlo
Mr UcCall, of Massachusetts, and my
telf wrote 5? en at or Britow of Kansas
to a friend to-daj M choice for
such a committee Is Theodore Rooe-
elt, Joe Cannon Senator La Follette,
Senator Root Go Johnson bnator
Lodge, and Senator Cummins Agree
ment upon fundamental principles
necessao to an partj hen these
gentlemen can agree upon tr-e principles
which must underlie a great iarty, let
them report '
"I hae not a word to a. was Sen
ator La Kollette s comment on the let
ter i can t help their using my
name, he added
Visitors at White House
Continued from rage One.
been seeking to wrest from nature her
secrets, so that the farming of the coun
try shall be done on better scientific
principles, and the rate of production per
acre shall be Increased
."eed Mod.
It Is well, and Indeed It is necessary.
that the&e new methods should be stu
died and adopted if we are to bring
about necessan Improvement, but our
farmers can hardly do this unless in
some wa the additional capital Is fur
nished them, which is indispenslble to
such an improtement of agricultural
methods We hate great capital in this
country, and we have farming property
that Is producing farm products of Im
mense alue It would seem clear that
with these two elements It would be pos
sible to lntrodue a third, by which the
farmer engaged In producing the crops
should be able. In view of what he pro
duces and the value ot the land on wich
It Is produced, to obtain money on the
faith of the land and on the faith of the
products which will enable him to ex
pend his acreage and better his methods
of cultivation and production This is
a field In which those who are clamor
Ins for progress and who are looking ti
the gocrnment to furnish wajs of
progress mi) well devote their atten
tion, for this is real and practical
"An eas) exchange between capital and
farmers, Mr. Taft continued, "with
proper security, has been established In
European countries, where the rate of
Interest has been lowered so that the
farmer Is on practically the same basis
of adantage In the borrowing of mone
to aid his farming as the business man
Is In borrowing monej to aid and carry
on his business. If this can be done
abroad It can be done here, and If abroad
find that government institutions
adapted to form the conduit pipe be
tween capitalists and farmers are suc
cessfully operating, why should we n t
adopt them here?"
Condition. Different.
"I am quite willing to agree that con
ditions here are different from those In
tturcpe. and that such conditions ma)
make necessary a modification of tha
methods 'adopted to produce the flow of
capital to the farms and the return of
proper security to the capitalist; but the
general plans adopted abroad can be
amended to suit the peculiarities of the
present conditions and a convention of
Governors, representing all the States of
the Union, is the place where such meth
ods ought to be discussed with a view- to
adopting uniform legislation in all the
States to secure the desired end.
In concluding, Mr. Taft said: v
"There Is no subject matter of great
er Importance to the people of the
United States than the Improvement of
agricultural methods, keplng them up
to date In all agricultural communities,
the securing; of profit to the farmer,
the attraction of the oung men of the
country to farming as a lucrative pro
fession and lowering the cost of pro
ducing agricultural products and the
lowering of their prices to the consum
ers." Herrlclc Also Speaks.
Addresses were also made by Secre
tary Wilson, Senator Fletcher, and Am
bassador Herrlck. who. In a report to
the State Department several months
ago, made the original suggestion on
the subject of land credit schemes
which prompted Peresident Taft to re
fer to the conference of Governors a
consideration of the plan.
'In the United States," Mr Herrlck
said, "the land mortgage business is not
specialized except In the cities, and never
has an effective attempt been made to
adopt the principle of amortization with
out which a land credit system remains
an uncompleted and fragile scaffold, en
dangering the good name and the public f
welfare of any country trusting upon It.
Amortization, however, is the all-dom-1
mating teature or me tana mortgage bss
terns of all European nations. The av
erage length of a loan Is about thirty
j ears, and many run for sevents-flve
ers There Is no land mortgage system
In Europe which could be transplanted
bodlls Into the United States We should
have to take the best principles, such as
the associated guaranty or the Land-i
schaften. the government supervision, j
and amortization methods, and construct
a new machlners adapted to American
needs and business habits " I
M b Thompson, an emplose of the.
Navs Department Is the first roan in the
civil service of the government to take
advantage of a new law passed by Con
gress t the last session which allows
government workers to send petitions dl
rect to Congress without consulting tin Ir
bureau chiefs Thompson asks Congress
In a document printed sesterdas for an
Increase in salars Accompansing his
request Is a letter from the becretary of
the Navs Basing that his position de
serves no higher rate of compensation
than that which he now receives The
two letters are printed together and tha
whole document is referred to the House
Committee on Appropriations More than
a thousand copies were printed
ilero diulnlstrn1lnn penl. to
t nlhollra to 1 rKe Trace.
Mexico City, Dec 7 President Madcro s
government is now licseeching the Hn
man Catholic Church to uhe its influcnrc
throughout the republic to restore peace
and confidence In the national adminlstra
toln This t the tlrit time that the go
eminent his resumed politic il relations
with the clerical", since the church and
state were separated over Jialf a century
Minister of th Interior Hernandez has
petitioned the papal delegate to Mexico
to Issue an order to all priests through
out the republic to urge their rongregi
tions to remtln loal to Madcro Th
papal delegates answered that he wnull
liaie prajers for pearo held In all Cath
olic churches t ut ho far has gone no
further In answering the government s re
., l Irt Tlie untfon HmM
Spokane Wash. Pec 7 Some cities
hive the t urfew ring at least one has
the curfew blink but Spokane is going
to have It toot to-night to warn th
bos and girls to hurr home. The sys
tem of having electric lights through
out the clt blinked at th hour of
8 was suggested, but a deemed Im
practicable o the citv commission! rs
arr-inged with a number of factories
to blow their whistles as a warning
to the little folks tint their hour be
fore the hearth had come
'Irenlmi l'ollr U for Vld In Kind-
InK IInr Iluuasunl.
Jlaj Sylvester last night received
request fro mCblef of Police John
flears, of Trenton, J J . to institute a
tearch In Washington for Henr Dous
sard, fifteen ycjrs old, who vanished
from his hime in Trenton on November
12 and has not been heard from since
The lad had been In this country onl
hve weeks vhen he disappeared He
cannot speak English, although he con
verses fluentlv In French and Herman
The bo Is five feet seven Inches tall,
haa light hair ail a light complexion,
llaht gray cjcS anu small teaiures
When he vanished oung Doussard
wore a grav overcoat that he bought In
German, a dark coat and vest, dark
trousers with light stripe, and lace shoes
bearing the mark of a Trenton shoe firm
Gov -elect Sulzer. of New York, It was
announced Jesteida), would be the guest
Tuesda evening at the Metropolitan
Club at a dinner, at which Represent-
ativet Foirchlld of New York will be
host. All the members of the New York
delegation in Congress are expected to
attend, along with Bird S Coler, of
New York Cit, and a number of prom
inent men from that cltj.
Testament of Tolstoi Indicates lie
Uellevrd III Writings Inspired.
Spedil &H to The nuhinztca Henld.
Tarls. Dec 7 If the people of the
world wish to read m writings, let them
dwell upon those passages where I know
the divine power has been spoken through
mi aral let them profit throughout their
lives "
This Is one of the most striking pas
sages in the dlarj of Count Leo Tolstov,
which the Jourllt Jes Debats Drlnts this
evening as the philosopher's hitherto un
published testament. This testament was
replaced by a brief formal will dated Julv
17, 1910, and he requested In It that le be
regarded as his final testament If he did
,not make another He asked to be burled
where he died with the least Tstentatlon
He said
Let there be no flowers no wreaths, no
discourses, and. If possible, let the fu
neral take pllcc without Priests anrf with
out liturgy." '
The diary, which was written under
date of 1895. Is published on the authority
cf Count Sergtus Tolstoy, the writer's son
Woodrow Wilson will be the lith
j-resDj terian to occupy the White House.
"tf " Wa,er " Wh,Ch tVeJ a"
washed win-free light-colored stockings
from leather stains. J
-.PAY. -
Qur Easy
SI 7 Arts and Crafts
Rocker or Armchair - -
IrMfa rill '
i ft' i ' KM
I mm
I 11
In fumed -oak or Earlv English finish
Built for long service Loose Spanish
leather cushion.
New York. New Haven and Hart
ford Target for Caustic Criticism
from Commerce Commission.
The nport of the Interstate Commerce
timnislnii on th, wieel, on tin New
.,rk , lliwnand Hartford Railroad
at !"i!ort i onn on October 3 list
in whli h nin. ptr-ons wen kill.d -ind a
s ore or nior injured is a strong indict
ment of the fli, UN of this railroad and
rsinti. out tint the il. lit rate Ignoring
lv this mid of irenmnu udatfons bv th
commission w is responsible for the
wreck im! ihat it was in everi wa
rrqvental,l The wreck w is due to th
tt-iin taking i. ross-over at an excessive
rit, of sin,, I
Tin i nnuiilM' on struiit.lv i-ets forth the
in nmmend ttions it made at thi time it
Investigated the Bridgeport wreck on the
s,ime road in vvhl Ii fourteen lives were
list and iiiinv Injured", and savs that
follow I lit its report 'the whole result of
such eonsiilerettion as oRltlals of this
railroad have given the subject is a
rtssluiisti nopelefcsness indicated by
testiniouv that vve are at our wits
end i
The report states that the operating
vice president of the New Haven road.
when asked what hope he saw of being
able to accomplish anvthing to prevent
the recurrence of these accidents, an
swered that he knew of nothing that
would prevent absolute! such recur
Commenting on this the Commission
The public Interest Involved and
decent legard for the safety of the lives
of those who tnvel do not justifv
great tailroad in passlvels waiting until
some prlvite inventor, at his own cost.
develops to full perfection appliances
which will 'absolutel prevent the re
current of such accidents'
The report savs that the recommenda
tions of the Commission are not man
dator, but 'if railroad directors and
mtnaglng officials remain passive and
give to such occurrences no such serious
consideration as the situation demands
then It becomes the dut of public ofll
rials to bluntly and plalnl point out to
them their duties as trustees of the
safety ot the traveling public"
lira. s,ntlinnirl V. Campbell Son for
I Ino.iXIO left b Grandfather.
New lork Dec 7 ilis Nathaniel A
Campbell i soclet matron, of Ardsley-on-the-Hudson
has begun a fight In the
Easton (Pa ) courts for a 1100.000 estatt
left b her grandfather. John Knecht.
an Ironmaster Mrs. Campbell Is one
of the popular women members of the
exclusive Ardsle ciuo, in which Edwin
Gould. Jo'in F IIavemeer, Maltland
Griggs, and J Allen Townsend are
Sir Knecht was one of the founders
of the Bethelhem Iron Coropanj, and
helped finance the Lehigh Valley Rall
roid .He left an estat of over J600,
OCO with the understanding that hb
two children were to have only a life
Interest and then come to pass to his
One of his daughters. Miss Anna Mar
Knecht who had the use of the estate,
died recentlv His other daughter. Mrs
J J Detwiller, mother Is Mrs. Camp
bell, dead is also What remains of the
original Knecht estate Is now valued at
$100,000. Mrs Campbell liases her claim
on the provisions of the original Knecht
will, which bequeathed the property
eventualb to Mr. Knecht's grandchil
dren T,, Cure Constipation.
n .w, the svstem with a lot nf dan.
fvrywhe?e,larTno pwSSSS
Lemon Seidlltz. the good-tasting seldlltr
powder. All druggists sell It.
ccrous habit forming drugs. Physicians
-T .n-.. aiW now nrpserthlnr- llnffm
Payment System Is Open to All
One Lot $2.50 Lace
Curtains, $1.45
While they last this is a wonderful chance
for gift buyers. Six artistic new designs
on firm, durable mesh that will wear. Full
length and width.
l $5.00 Indian Coufth
Covers, $1.45
n assortment of strikingly beautiful de
signs in rich color combination. Three
yards long and 60 inches wide
For Sound Sleep Buy
This $10 All-felt
At $7.35
Made in our own
clean, white felt, and
ticking One or two
urd front Pane One.
thTities of new cae that conic to their
knowledge arc threatened with Imprison
ment and fine
The Hritlsh government to-dav placed
the htstorii M June" P-iIace at the ills
m -al of the peace plenipotentiaries from
! Turk, and the Balkan statis who will
meet her on December IX
(reeee has not et signed the armistice
and lias cjven no ,lefimti intlni ition of
her Intentions w II f nundeil report
I from l nna st-ites that (,reeee will enter
int separate n, gotl-vtions for peace wlh
Turkev probablv -it Vienna
ieina. Dec 7 -The semi-offici il Frem
em Blitt stales that Austrli-Hungarv
ias agrees! to the British proposal to
I hold a conference of ambassadors on the
i Balkan affairs
Berlin Dee " Oftieial mnouncement
vie mad, to di v tint Germanv Italv
and Austria iave renewed the Triple
Alliance without aUrations This ex
pression i f confidence bv each of the
three members is regarded as significant
in the present international controvers.
Conditions In Capltnl mprovril.
Ambassador Rockhlll telegraphed the
fetate Department esterda that sani
tary conditions at Constantinople are
greatl Improv ed
Vernl More Fnndi.
The American Red Cross esterday
sent J1.000 to Turkev and J.A) each to the
war relief funds of Montenegro. Bul
garia, and Servia These- contributions
make a total of Jl ljb sent to the Bal
Paris. Dec 7 A rumor in circulation
here places the diplomats of Roumanla
and Bulgaria in the position of trying
to bring about peace In the Balkans b)
the arrangement of a double marriage
The are working hard, it Is said, to
bring about an alliance between the old
est son of Prince of Roumanla, Prince
Carol, aged nineteen and Princess Lu
duxla, aged fifteen eldest daughter of
King ,Ferdin-inil on the one side, and on
the other between Prince Boris, aged
nineteen, the future king of the Bulgar
ians, and the Roumanian princess, Eliza
beth of Hohenzollem. aged nineteen, sis
ter of Prince Carol If this plan is real
ized It will result In a remarkable so
lution of one phise of the Balkan prob
fcrecul to Tie V4iir.ston Herskl
Spokane Wash, Dec 7 A general
council of Indians of the Pacific North
west has Just been concluded at Fort
Spokane. W ash . w here Is located the
Colvllle reservation agency
Six honored Indians, many ot them
rich In lands and stock, gathered for
tlnai settlement of claims to reservation
allotments Three hundred of these
came with a petition asking that the
be adopted bv the Colvllle trltfer so that
they might procure a division of the
land All who are adopted not only re
ceive son.e of the land, but share In the
mone3 due the tribe from the govern
ment undei treiiles.
A remarkaole feature of the gathering
was tho fact that only one out of ten
wore the Indlin blanket or was able to
speak an of the tribal languages.
Extension Tables
v Special prices this week on
high-class tables in all finishes.
A Gift
sanitary shop of
covered with good
- piece stlc
-r to Tit Uiski-ut si H.tI!
tpokane. ish. D i 7 After twe
, -!,.. i7h , .hre
1 .. .... . - -
resioents oi mis rn nave receiv ca
aenaen snocK in me announcement
Edward h Curtis noted Indian author
It that the a' should be long
Battle lines are elrawn closel and
the argument waxes warmer as the
da s pass
Back K ist near! all peo-
pie call it spn-kitic ' with the
long as in cane When the come
West with this pronunciation the are
frowned dovfn is tenderfoot, and are
educated to sac Spo-kan
Vow comes edict of the Indian ex
pert, and orthographers and etmolo
gists have hid their two score jrars
eif peace shattered Meanwhile, old
timers are clinging tenaciously to the
short "a lest the be designated as
tenderfeei b extremists A board of
arbitration has been suggested to set
tle the dispute
Sacramento Cal , Dec 7 With totals
in the election returns from Los An
geles the Progressives (taking Elector
K J Wallace s total) carried the State
b 171 votes (taking Klector Thomas
Griftins total for the Democratic vot)
and the Progressives elected eleven,
while the Democrats elected two Presi
dential electors
These figures are final but the can
not be made official until the Los An
geles returns are audited b the Secre
tary of State and certified by the Gov
ernor, showing the totals for the entire
State This certification, so Secretary of
State Jordan announced to-da, will be
made immediate! on the completion "of
the Los Angeles audit
Pigeon Files .1,000 Stiles.
Montreal. Dec 7 Ernest Robinson of
Westmount Canada, received word to
da that one of a flock ot pigeons he
imported from England, which had
escaped, had returned to Its English
home The distance Is 3.000 miles. Ap
parent! the pigeon's flight took twelve
A French sc entist has suggested an
international monetarv stanelard which
he claims is adapted to all values now
In use the value of the basic unit be
ing S cents
BaaPllliBBBK'v a
KBaaasw v sgftB
wtntoeontmna,ltwmcrtyoacolyabotrtlloentsaweekorless than two cents a day. I
will not interf ere with your work or occupation. Jo! tad bs iter laaa ut sdtrtta, tell me Lowyoa
auSer if joo. wish, and I will send you the treatment for your ease, entirely freejnpialnwrsp
per. by return mall. IwlUalsoaendyotitriatfeatlmybook- "wcwri in KBKU UrSO" with
explanatory lllnstratloni showing war women suffer, and how thcr can easily cure tnemsarrea
at homo. Erery woman should haTO It, and learn to alal tor aanaHlnen when the doctor ay7
"Yon must hare an operation,'" yon can decide for yourself. Thousands of women tn f""1
UiemselTea with my home remedy. It curea aD cM r naif. la Bcasti af Diazaftrt, I will explain a .
simple home treatment which speedily and effectually cure Leucorrhora, Green Blexnessanq
Painful or Irregular Menstruation Is young Ladles, Plumpness and health alwayreultifroja,
Wherercr yoa live, I can refer you to ladles ot your own locality who know and will gladly
tell any sufferer that this baa Titttasat really earn all women's diseases, and makes womenweU.
strong, plump and robust. Jut tut m tear turrit, and the free tan day's treatment la yours, alio
thsbook. write to-day, at you may not see thia offer acatn Address
MRS. M. SUMMERS. Box H Notre Dame, Ind.. U.S. A.
This S19 Quartered Oak
Has massive pedestal and
claw feet, and is beautifully
Sure to Please.
Solid quar
tered oak in co
lonial style.
Large French
plate . beveled
fcJS nnd n Fees Common, a
White Mclit snnp Clinaers.
Vew York, Dec 7 New lork waiters
and head waiters were amused to-day
over a dispatch from Philadelphia re
gardlng the astonishment of the head
waiter of the Hotel Stafford when
Bot R5 tip The doner is reported to
,,... h. M xi,,.,, r. Trva-
this cit
It Is not unusual for the head waiter
of one of our big hotels In New lork
BUMt , M)d tnp mana. of onf uhitP
i light liostelrv to-da) As for 15 or
IK0 tips the are -o frequently receive
as to be almost common These large
perquisites are received as a rule from
guests who have been in the hotel for
a le-ngth of time and ar about to leave
but often 1 beral guests of onlv a few
davs. present the head of the dining
room staff with as much as JJ or IS."
Greensburg La Dec 7 Nat Llndsaj
parish commissioner was killed and his
son Charles fatally wounded bv the Rev
Fleet Harroll In a quarrel as to the
origin of a biblical quotation after an
argument In a grocer store
The minister was serlousl wounded
Woman Movravvnr on Unttlenhlp.
Galveston. Tex Dec 7 A woman
stowaway was discovered on the I nlted
States battle'hlp Kansas when she en
tered Galveston Ba to-da with Admiral
Fletchers fleet The woman was found
hidden In the coal bunkers clad in man's
clothing She refused to divulge her
name Sailors made up a purse to de
fra her expenses for her Journe to
Philadelphia, where she said she lived
OBVrs Work to Ex-cons lets.
Philadelphia Dec 7 The Bethlehem
Steel Compan Charles M Schwab a
corporation has asked Sheriff Meredith,
of Bucks Count Pa whether it would
be possible to obtain the services of 100
men who have been releasea irom tne
Bucks Count Jail and offering regular
employment on the coke department at
wages ranging from seventeen and one
half cents to twenty cents per hour
Two Pennsylvanlans have patented a
can opener In which the cutting blade
slides on the handle bar, making as
neat a job with a rectangular can as
with a round one.
Free) to You and Every Sister 8uf
erlng from Woman's Allmants.
I kao w woman! stiff artex,
I bare found the enra.
JJS? Err1? t2H.'aT 5hrs. Tw j
ant with fall instructions to any nSanrfrom
womaaa alhaenU. I want to tell U women abont
this cure ves. mv reader, for vnnnjilf- toot
elnghtr.vonrmotfcer,orvonraster. Iwaatto
1 yoa how to ear Toarselra a home wlth
t the help of a doctor. Men casts! understand
women's sunerinrx. What wa women know haa
tiKnmt, w know better than any doctor. I
know that crj'fcozaa treatment Is safe and sura
curs for lnc-rv.wnrTTkttjiCKii.Tit. rfleMiBet. tif
Itciattt w riUti ! Bs That, frrfm, fcutj sr riatrf
hrMi.Bhrai Tutraiu Tatars. tr Crovtlu: itss aalssli
saaf. la-l aaa unit. Mines m nuinnmnni
cntiiBf fiaOaj n Bt Min. avtiscitlr, itm H sit, sal
flttWt, ntrlnrt, alatrr. asd Unfair trtillH rtan casta
t? miinm aatallaf to our sex.
iTTaattoseadjoni taaabttba ftfi baatnil
aafintj fm to erora to you that jon eaaenr;
TosrseU athoma, easily. Quickly and
surely. Bemembar, that, it ril eaaf m aaakxto
rlra tha treat lent a cemslete trial : and if tos

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