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Local Financial Matters
3y I. . FLKMUsG.
It looked very much like real heavy
liquidation In Wall Street Monday after
noon; looked as If the Investment public
and the bulls, speculatively, were through
putting up margins; that they recognized
conditions were against them, that de
spite the enonnoui crops and the won
derful Industrial prosperity there were
factors of more importance, at least tem
porarily, and more dominant for putjlnc
on brakes.
First and foremost as bear factors
stands the Sherman law, that seems po
tent enouah to break up every combina
tion of more than two corporations that
the covernment may care to bring suit
against, and with the incoming adminis
tration declaring ror an "open season on
trusts, as well as on tariff sheets, the
fiances for a speedy recovery do not look
ipecially bright.
The Sherman law Is the most potent
aid effective, as construed by the recent
oTclslon in the Southern Paclflc-Unlon
Ttclflc case. At the time this decision
f is handed down, a week ago, the writer
nt.4 th, nnlnlnn that if n.aw t,wnrt
and plain, that, shorn of the rule of rea
son. It could not mean anything but the
disruption of combinations of competitors,
a nd. willingly or otherwise, they would
obablv have to separate If the govern
i. ent started after them.
There were no very Important decisions
V nda The Minnesota rate case Is still
li the hands of the court. Every one
e oects a favorable decision for the Tea
s' n that the members of the court have
Is gels passed on the merits of the case
Ii lower courts, and would not be likely
to reverse themslves Should an ad
verse rullns be made It would cause an
other smash on a market that Is now
Stop orders were caught right and left
Th minute the list showed the slightest
indication of a rail traders were 'ham
mering all over it
The losses were very serious and the
were general. Petroleum stocks, the
chips of the Standard OH Company that
was having nothing further to fear from
the Sherman law, have stood up well In
the past but to-day they were smashed
just as bad as the others
It was a bad day for everything
Each break of 1-1 point caught more
top orders, and so confident were the
oears of their position that they did but
"ittle coverlnc. but kept on whacking
aw a j at stocks to the Up of the bell
It was, by no means, a case of mone
or monej flurr Monev was reasonably
easj but mone did not count. People
who had stocks sold them and those who
hadn't sold more than those who had
The average maximum losses on the
actve leaders was about 5a 4 points,
I nlon Pacific breaking. 4 3-4. Reading,
4I-S. and Steel 3 1-S Mexican Petroleum
was off 4 5-8 and the minor Industrials
1a2 1-2 points.
There was "no balm in Gilead ' for
the bulls and they took it out on a
famous ex-President of the United States
and also on the "Sherman law" and. Its
The onlv hope, that is the onlj ex-
Dressed hope, was in these word
Ev entiling is so blue, so t red and sick
that I am of the opinion that it mean
a speed turn There Is some good buv
ins but it is not aggressive" This at
1 13 was followed by further smashing In
ill last hour
The da) s declines tell the stor) of the
uav s blucness as well as words, if not
lx tier There were no gains
It Is probable that the answer of the
dttornevs of the Washington L'tlllties
iorrrpnv to the action brought b the
District attornev to enjoin the corpora
tion from further absorption or exchange
of stotk and other vital matters will be
nled to-dav
The answer will not be voluminous,
hut the corporation will put up Just as
sood r fight as possible
the third Saturda) In Januarv oo
the annual meeting of the Washins-
There Is Important bujing of stocks on
-m.tll recessions now by Interests best
posted on the money situation
The Bank of England discount rate
nui be advanced at the Thursday di
rectors' meeting In the eent of strongi
New Tork demands for gold In the
In Washington it Is said som im
portant political developments affecting
Steel are pending Their nature is not
Attention Is directed by conservative
interests to the point that many of the
best stocks now return near 6 per
cent and are attractive on account of
large earnings j
Some of the biggest operators
sold a week ago have covered short con -
tracts and gone long
Reading and Southern Pacific seem to
he the most favored stocks for pur
chasers In quarters usually well In
formed on the market.
It Is asserted In circles close to the
Reading Inside element that a big trap
baa been laid for the bear crowd In that!
XVe expect to see continued offerings
of tariff-protected stocks. This is based
on the state of sentiment and evidence
of a lack of support.
. Foreign interests will buy freely on
further declines in American rails, says
a big international firm.
In the case of the Government against
the Union Stock Yards Comany and the
Chicago Junction Company, the Supreme
court yesterday handed down a decision
In favor of the government. This means
that the Illinois Central has control of
the yards and railroad.
Tariff hearings will be begun by the
Ways and Means Committee on January 6.
It has not yet been decided which sched
ule will be taken up first The committee
was in conference yesterday. It is under
stood that Chairman Underwood favors
March 15 for the extra session.
In the Supreme Court yesterday the State
of 'Wisconsin filed Its brief in the suit
against the Corn Products Refining Com
pany for alleged misbranding of glucose.
The money market has no friends. The
least rally finds traders on top of it, and
although short Interest at times gets big,
any covering movement Is easily made,
encouraging further selling. Money Is
distinctly easier, but sentiment is about
as blue aa one can imagine, for the rea
son. It Is believed, that a turn Is near at
hand. There Is some good busing, but it
is not aggressive.
Stop orders being caught all along.
Seems to be no new.
Market acts like liquidation from com
mission bouses. People are getting tired
of putting up margins, and are letting go.
ton Railway and Electric Company, for
me purposo or electing omcers for the
year, hearing annual reports, ic. and
"for such other business as may be
brought up for consideration."
Here is the opportunity for the (bare
holders of the Washington Railway and
Electric Company to listen to a proposal
from the director: of the Washington
Utilities Company for an exchange ot
securities. This, of course, depends on
the success which the Washington Util
ities Company has in defending Itself
from the legal proceedings Instituted
against it
The consideration of any proposition
for an exchange ot securities could not
bo brought up at any but a special meet
ing, for which due notice of purpose must
be given In the call for the same, except
at the annual meeting
The proxies are out for this meeting.
The Southern Building Is rented to S3
per cent of Its -capacity. It has become
one of the most popular buildings In
the new financial district Over 14,000
people pass he entrances to the struc
ture dally, and between the hours of 0
a m to 6 p m , the travel Is at the
rate of over 1.S0O an hour
Applications for large space allotments
are being turned down dally, and the
owners of the building are planning on
the speedy completion of two additional
stories, making It an eleven-story struc
ture. When D H Burnham planned the build
ing, he prepared for an eleven-story struc
ture. Indeed, the structural steel Is In
place now for the additional two stories.
William F Thyson, manager of the
Southern Bullidng, states that the two
extra floors are desired for clubs, social
organizations, and meeting rooms for a
rlous business organizations
Speed) elevators, and plent) of them,
broad foyer, and double entrances, with
nearness to tw o great traction lines, have
aded to the tenant-drawing power of the
A deed has been recorded by which Fred
Miller and John H Miller transfer
to Llewellyn F Darts the property 510
Ninth Street Northwest, adjoining on the
south the establishment of the Julius
Lansburgh Furniture Companv The lot
has a frontage of nineteen and one-half
feet and extends back to a thlrtv-foot al
ley, and contains 1 C? square feet
No consideration Is announced, but It Is
understood the price paid was $06,000,
which is nearly $34 per square foot ths
highest price believed to hae been paid
for inside property on that street It is
said the purchaser will hold the propert
as an Investment
The Mar land Public Service Commis
s on has approved the final steps In the.
financing of the traction line from Great
Falls to Chevy Chase The line will be
constructed b the Chevj Chase and
Great Falls Land Compan, the Bradley
Hills promoters. The cost of the line
will be about 430.000, and for this the
rallwa) company is to give to the build
ing compan) J300 000 of its 5 per cent
bonds This will mean that the bonds
have been financed at 87 considered bv
the commission as a fair price
In addition to the bonds, the compan)
is authorized to issue stock to the
amount of J50O10O. of which all hut J150
Is to be paid to J Walter Ing for the
right of wa), power, propertv- and power
and waterpower rights.
This suggests that the road is planning
to furnish its own power
The Washington Railway and Electric
Compan) sold 1.534 shares of Great Fall
Waterpower stock during the )ear ended
June 30 1S12, but the name of the pur
chaser Is not known
Local securities mov ed along in nar
row circles without especial feature
Washington Gas sold at S5 3-4. Potomac
5s. consolidated issue, 100 3-S. A block of
15.000 Capital Traction is sold at 110 Poto
mac flrvt mortgage 5s were offered at 106,
101 1-; bid
This is apparent in tlis decline of first 'ne
stoik and then another, not all together.
The British-American Tobacco Companj
i Ltd I has declared a final dividend of S
per cent on the ordinary shares for the
j car ended September DO. 1912
Ever thing Is so blue here the market
Mmpl) ought to turn
Cupper stocks December 1 $0,161 000
pounds November 1,
'45 003 pounds
Talk of passing dividend on Distillers
causing weakness
Looks as if Reading is being put up to
sell stock on If decision is against the
companv Reading looks like a purchase,
whether decision Is for or against
. .i,,, t iin-u
I Oroer Range . ....
Litt Butte .
Pnnklln .
Lakt . .
La balle
Mison Valle;
Slrrsratbalrr .
Nona Butte.
Norti Lake
Old Colony
Old XXxehuco. ..........
Shannon .......
South Lake
Trinity . ...
United Krult
Utah Consolidated
WolreriDB ....
Bid. Asked.
Bay State Gu, ,
Braden Copper ..............H........ K4
British Colombia Copper...... ....... 44
Chicago Subway..... .......... ....... 44
Citrous Copper 34
Goldneld Florence S3
Greene Cananea 9
Intercontinental Rubber ............ 114
Jumbo Extenson .. ........ ......... 7?
Kerr Lake . 24
Le, Rose 34
Manhattan Transit HMMn. 1715
Mason Valley . 12
Mines Company of America .34
Nerada Bills........... 14
Nerada Utah II as. Corporation.. .02
MpLtsmc Mines Company.- 4
Ohio Copper..... ........ lis
Sioux i
United Copper. ,.. 1
United Copper rfd .... 5
Yukon Gold 34
Furnished by tv. B, Bibbs A. Co.
POBK Open. Bigh. Low. Close
Janusiy........ ......... 19 40 19.45 19 30 13.10
May ........... 1AC 1L90 1AC7 1167
Jsraary.......... 10.57 10 CO 10.30 10J0
ilar.......... M ML2 10.17 10.17
Jsnnary.............. 10 r MJ0 10.15 W.I5
Maj.... ..... 19.M W.tO 9.S3 9."
Smelting- 2
Copper 3U
Lead 1
Locomotive ,..,.1
Car Foundry. .214
Cotton Oil 14
Sugar .3
Anaconda .....1
Atlantic Coast 1
Atchison JK
Brooklyn R. T3
Can. raerfle...,3Ti
Cent. Leather .1
Ry. Sprints ...1
CoL Fuel 1
Con. Gas 2V4
Distillers' 1
Erie 1
Gen. Electric. .2
G. Northern.. . .8
G. North. Ore.-ltt
Interboro 1
Interboro, pfd. .1
LehlKh ValleyS
Mo, (l'aclne 1
C A 0 1
W. Y. C 2.
O. A W .MM
Steel pfd. Ti
S. W. pfd. 1U
Smeltlns; pfd. . 1
Woolen pfd. ...1
Can com, ..3
Beet Sugar ....24
Am. Tobacco ...
Mex. Petrol ....4
Underwood ....114
Erie lata V,
KrleSds 1U
Caty com
Soo Line ...... 2H
Northwestern ..1
Beth. Stl. pfd.. .3
Enamellne .....5
Nat. Biscuit ...IK
Slosa-Sbemeld .3
Pacific Matl ...l?;
,U eR.S..3...H.--V.
8. Realty ... Ti
Republic pfd. ..lyt
So. Ry. pfd. ...1
R. I. pfd. 3
Rubber pfd ....IV,
Western Md. ... 4
Western V 1
Wratlnghoase ,J
Beth. Steel ft.
?T. W 19,
Int. Paper
Int. Paper pfd..lU
North Am 1V4
Mpper 2
Pennay 1
People' Gas. ..4
Cast I, Pip pfd. ii
Am. Tobacco ..6
corn iroaucts.
Corn Prod. pfd.
Paul 3
Reading; ...... 414
Ren. steel ....3
Miami Copper., 94
las. uu 4
Snuff 3
Chlno Copper ..IV,
Can pfd 214
Lor Ilia rd
Llgirett at M. ...4
M. t St. U
Harvester . 2
Southern Ry. .
.. tt
Third Vve.. .
Steel com. .
New York, Dtc 9. Oil money crpwwd it rr
cent, blsh, I per cent, loir i per crat irnetTsvl C
jwr crat. ctcviM, per m rulmg nle, s pw cent.
Tim moner market opnird the week rxtrnnelj
dull, with ratea mcticslly anehuifra Iran quoti
Uon prenilins it the cIobo erf list work Ther
vre 61 per cent for lixtr dj , 6 per cent for ninety
atyi and Tour month, SSa per cent lor Ore mootlis,
and 5Ha54 per cent for aix month.
GnunerciaJ paper is uiicfcinred t 6 per cent for
the best name. London dfeconnU. 4s per cent, up
1 IS, rns discount, 3H per rent, up H, Uerun din-
counts, f per cent up ' per cent
Salea-AtUr call
Waabtncton l.n 3 at K",
rotomae cona. ia, JUC0 at ICON
Mercrnthaltr. 1 at 35.
Capital Traction Sa. BOM at lit
Bid. Asked.
... 100. 10!',
... 1C U3
... 1US IMS
ins n. s
I a m Sf
t s coupon 2s
D 8. tel 3a
h. a coupon 2s
D. H m (i
V 8 coupon 4a. .
Uavhinslon Gu S. 110 UP.
Capital Traction Sa 119 11
narosua and Potomac Sa . ft)1 loo
Cilr 4c Snbarban Sa. ln KHS
CoUimlbt Ss . . 100 ICC
Columbia Ga .... Ml
VfetronoUtan Si 105 WT
tVaablnaton lUihrar A. Electnc 4a . S3 vi
WaihiDiton Alexandria & Mt V. Sa
rotomae Electric eon. Ss . 100 1004
rotomao Electric Utht it .. .. IMS 105
Cbeapeake c Potomac TeL Sa 183 105
American Telephone A Telesraph 4, KH
Norfolk A Washington Steamboat Ss 1CH
Hies Realtr Sa (lone) VC MCi
Itijjs Realtr 5a (short) 100
Capital Traction 134 13
Washlnclon Hallway J: ectne com !C B
Washington Ilallnr EJrctrio pfd S K.
Norfolk A Washington Bteamboat SO "09
Washington Has . K, PT
(leorgrtown Gas SS 13
Eastern Light A Flir 13
American TeL A Trl US . .
Mergcntbaler Linotype . tl7U 34
Laoston Monotype ... .. . 904
vmerican . . ... ITS
Capital 3
Columbia .... . 31
(ommcrcisl 3T
District 1U
Farmers A Mechanics 3
Lincoln 1)
Metropolitan 30
Itlggs .. . rfO
woiiil 1W
National Hank of Washington 31
American Security and Trust 305
National gailngs A Trn-t .. .. 350
Union Trus .... . 3R4
VTssbingtnn iMn A Trust . . . 2Jt
Inited Mates Trust. .. Jit
Citizen - .... 3)
Home 3
Lakm .. . 243
Bank ot Commerc A Saiings 114
Eaat Washington . 1S
Arlington 16
Corcoran 80
Kiremen a . ..... .. .. 194
Franklin - . .
Cennan American . .. 350
National Union .. .- ?4
Potomac . . .... ..30
Colombia - CH
Real Estate 99
Chapin-aaefca 163
l c rarer uig- -o u
Grapbophone com SS
Graphophone pfd . 4
Merchants' Transfer A Storage 105
becunty Storage 210
Washington Market VK
ti ditldend
rurnisbcd bv N L. Carpenter A Co.
New York. Dec. 9 Closing Quotations
V Bid. Asked
January 13.16 13.18
February 13.31 13.3
Marcb. U.O 13.3
April 13 53 1157
May U67 13.65
June - 13.73 13.75
July 13.80 13 81
August 13.84 13.S6
September 13.eS U90
October U8 1190
Nomnber ........... 13.8J 13.00
December 13.03 13.05
Sales, SfCSO bags; steady.
III. Asked.
12.53 I2S(
New York
New Orleans .... 10.(34 11403
GalsestOD 21 77J 30.101
Jlobile LSS4 2JU
Sarannab. 8.43 13,272
Charleston 290 3.213
Wilmington 2.023 4.13)
Norfolk 2,-CO 7.408
Boston ............... 530 m
VarUtiooa .... 5,(71
Total 56,130 70JO9
Houston 31,161 -S.731
AngusU a. 00 4.522
Memphis H.701 UJ09
St. Louis ............ 3,750 4 018
Little Bock 35 2.715
Fumiihed by W. B. Uibtw A Cn.
WHEAT Open, wirf- lw. n.
9ffi4 904 f9 B
............ STis J7S J6U 864
Jnly .....
CO mi
May July.....
4H 41V.
Open nigh Low.
January .. 12.66 126S 12.49
March 12.75 12.75 tZS
May 12.S1 12.82 K.61
Jnly ........ 12.16 12.57 1270
December US! 12.60 CM
New York. Dec 9.
Sales. High, Low. Closa.
400 AlUs-Chalmers 3d Ft 14 1
409 AUIa-Chalmers Id pfd... f Pa tt
S3JM Amalgamated Copper...... ton 'fi 77
103 Am. Agricultural Chem... 654 M SO
MOO Am. Bert Sugar S3H SO 50
SiCCO Am. Can...- 14 3tt S
2J0O Am. -Can pfd ""a 1U U3H
1.000 Am. C. A F. 65H H
400 Am. Cities... 52 JPi 514
an Am. Cltfee pfd USB
100 Am. 1IM. A Leather 5 S S
400 Am. Hid & Leather pfd . 3S4 3i
SO Am. lot Securities. II IS
4U Am. Linseed. 11. 114
3 Am. Unseed rfd 314 31U
00 Am. Locomotlia..... 45 414
000 Am. Malt. K 11
15,700 Am. Smeltlnc HI OH
100 Am. Smelting pfd. 101 104
300 Am. Smriting rfd. B 111. M
l.KO Am. Snuff... 1974 IX
300 Am. Steel roundrj 31 314
903 Am. Sugar. 1174 1154
1.500 Am. TeL k Tel 1394 13H
jjO Am. Tobacco. .. -S
an Am. Woolen pfd KH
too Am. Writing Paper pfd.. 314
2.100 Anaconda II
230 Asscta Realty Co 119
I.O0 Atchlaon - ... . 103
Z& ZJf
904 SOU
30i 304
1(M4 lMVi
300 Atchison rd
1014 WI's 1014
TOO Atlantis Coast Line 131
1361, LK-i
100 Baldwin Ixjoomotiie...
100 Batopllaa Mining .- ...
1.700 Baltlmort A Ohio... ..
1 400 Bethkhem Steel
600 Dethlebcm Steel pfd. ,
300 B. r UoodrlcU a 634
300 B. P Goodrich rd .. . 105". 1044 1054
3J00 Brooklyn Rapid Transit S7'. KTi, tvi
100 Brooklyn ITn Gas.. . 1(0 110 in
10 Buffalo, R. & P. lit HI 111
10 Butterick Co 3U 34 34
II TOO California Petrol (34 (9 0V
1.500 CallfomU retral pfd . . 90 174 S74
5.375 CanadUn ractac 334 3l 2HS
100 Central of N J . . 3u0 360 360
3 ISO Central Leather . 3 3 34
300 Central Leather pfd Sj 9(4
3J0O Chesapeaka A- Ohio t 7! 774
100 Chicago & lt. pfd . 3 3 3
M Chicago A Gt. West 174 IP, Ifs
SO Chicago 4 G W pfd. 314 314 314
19 JM Chic. M . bl P . I13. 1104 1104
a c. jr. st r pfd i ik, lot ito
1.100 Chicago t N W . . IM4 1M4 1314
9 600 Chlno Con Cop
1 10O CoL Fuel A Iron
1(0 Col A South
LOT Consolidated Gas.
1.000 Corn Products
00 Com ITodncts rfd . .
200 I L A W
(900 Den. A- R. l
100 Den ARC lid
300 Distilleries ecnrltles.
7600 Erie
1S0O Erie 1st pfd
300 Fed. 31 in. t am
400 Fed. M A 1 pfd
IM Gen Chemical
2.300 General Uelrlr
100 General JIntors
1400 (.oldfleld Cons
(,xn Grcst Northern pfd
2.30O Gt. Northern Ore subs.
875 (,nggenheim Eipl.
1.50) Illinois Central
IJtO Insp. Copper
7 10O Interboro.3fetroo(itan
7 900 Inter Metmo. pfd
1 000 Interest. Hartester
1 300 International Paper
800 Intemat. Paper pfd
100 Internal. Pump
109 Internal Pump pfd
100 losm Centra!
I0O J I Cae pH
JOT Kansas City A Southern
310 Kresge ,
100 Lackawssna Steel . .
13.600 Lehigh Valley
304 304
134 1H.
754 734
5j6 360
384 38,
3)4 a
314 31 s
I 100 L. M Tobacco 2114
1 100 Loose-Vtllea 3,
800 Louiitille A Nashrtlle 111
100 Mackay Cos. 51
ltn Manhattan Electric I'".
1 COO May Detriment Store 794
IM May Depart. Store pfd IK
3X1 Mercantile Slanne d IT.
llJl Vlrsimn PctrcJerm (C4
2.000 Miami Copper J64
00 Min A ft Louis 3
1 030 31 St ! A S. 8 Marie lh
500 Mo. Kan. A Teias. 374
4 700 Missouri I'ioJc .. (?j
309 National Biscnlt 1234
10 Nat. Fn. A Mpd r.
501 National Lead 56
3100 Ncrsda CYnil Copper )
100 N T Air Brake . "9
24H New York Central ..
100 New lork Dirt
X N T. N II A I!
100 N 1 O A W
1 300 Norfolk A Western ....
600 North American
9100 Northern Paciftc
1 600 l-icifle Mail
330 Psciftr Tel. A Tel
fWI Ienns)l,anla R. II
1 300 PetTle a Gas A Coal
Iff) P ( n UU
101 Pltt'htirg Cosl
Z.M PitMoirg "1 lfd
3X1 I' Lorillatd (
400 Presa-d Steel Car
JdO Prer,l Hteel I ar d
110 Public S C cf V. J
360 Pullman Pslao Car
3 Quick Silfer pfd
100 t.j!lway steel Srrlngs
loJ Itay Conschdated CoiTrr
2.7O0 Iteaoing
403 Kerublic I A S
171". 1664
HO Republic I A S pfd 6.
4 ro Knrk Iflsnd 3".
2.230 Lock Iilsnd rfd 46
903 I.nmel 93
3M Rnmely rfd 10L'
63) vrahosnl tir Line pfd 49
am St L. A e. F 191.
103 --t LAS F lt pfd (24
309 st LAS K II pfd 304
I st L. A F C & E. Ui 4S4
HO M. Louis A Southwestern 35s,
K st Ixxn. A Southw'n pfd. 7t-i
700 M?r.Itoeb"ck 2C74
13 600 Snutliern I'annc . 10e4
2.100 Southern Railway 34
SOO Southern Railway pfd . 904
700 standard Milling . 32
200 Standard Milling pfd . 64
300 Studcbakrr . .. . 404
400 Studetoker pfd . . . at
1 WO Tirn ( orrT . . 34
2J0O Texas A Panne . 34
100 Tesss A Pac Ld Tr 9o4
3.30O Trxa. Ctmpmy
2.(30 Tliird Vie II K. .
100 Tol Ave, A Lt . .
31) Cnderwond Co
SCO Underwood Co. pfd .
900 l-n. Beg A Paper .
103 In, Bag A I' pfd
109 400 Inion Fartflc . .
is1, iicv, tart
400 United Cigar
100 United Dry Goods . . 100 100
300 United Dry (Kwds pfd . 1(E, 102!
200 Un. It y Inrest. 38 5J
400 Un. Dt Intest. rfd . (74 SS
SOO U S C I. r. t K. pfd.. 58 57
300 U S 11 A Imp . ..
.560 U S Rubber ... .,
ttn U. S Rubber 1st pfd ..
3 U. S Rubber 3d pfd..
218.800 U. 8 steel . ...
3 900 U tt Steel pfd ..
(490 Utah Copper
2.500 Va.-Car Chem ...
SH. on tsvi
i imH ioch
60S 5SH 5M
411. a
5S a 57
4 J's 4
13V. 1 11
.. .. KV4 SW in
Pfd... TW, 71'. !!!.
(CO Va. Iron, C Jc IX.
600 Wabash
1900 Wabash pfd . ...
COO Western 3Iarrland
203 Western Maoland pfd,
900 Western Union Tel . ..
700 Westlngbouse Mfg .. ..
100 Westinghous: Mfg. 1st
1 SCO Woolworth
100 W A L. E. IU pfd...
UOOO Wisconsin Central
7m TPs
is 12;
105 H?
Total sales. 989 410 shar-s. against 23.730 Satur
day, 363.361 a wets ago. ana U3.096 year ago
New soiV. Dec MILLFELD Strong; business-
inactire apnng wen. ztso; standard middlings.
22.50, Weatem red-dog. 2SJ0, winter wheat bran.
in lOO-lb. sacU. to arrire. 21.10. city bran,
bulk. 22.00
ItYE Sleadj, business Is moderate. Kansas
straights tlSalJO In sacks, eprinr patents. 4.50a
1.93. In narrcls. spring arsis, i.ijt.10; aoft straights.
to arrire 4.eCat80. in bbb
BUCKWHEAT FLOUR-Strong; sopply la mea
ger Choice nominal, as az.w lor 100 lbs.
CORNMEAL-Strady. demand b-moderab. Kit..
dried, new, for eiport, 3.25a3.40; coarse meal. In
bags. 1.3033.
JIAY-ReceiptJ, 8C tons; steady; trade la mod
erate." Quotations are: No. 1 timothy. LUHaLU;
standard. LOTHaLlO; Na 2. LOOaLOSTN'o. S, JOaJS.
STRAW -Rece)cs. none; nat. Inquiry is moderate
Long ne quoted at 85a874 Oat ttraw Is scarce and
TSlues unsettled, possibly 80. ,
roRK-Ftrm. stocks -are mat: mesa. NiaMrjr
family. 23.coa2iso
WEKF Firm, but alow, a supply Is bxht. P,ft.t
22.00a23.C9, family, 23.00a24.00.
T.AIUS-Easter. lifeless transactions. Prinv, Wm,.
em, 1L40. renned Continent. I).70, Sooth Amer
ican. 12.45. reflnrd Brazilian, in kegs. 13.(3; bocf
atearlne. 1212U: laid stearine slow; New York, IS.
fmFFEE The local coffee market braced nn lhli
mornnu following better advices from Luropean cof
fee centers wan erpeaea. wiucn isdnoM soma hur.
lag for local account, chiefly by leading longs. How
ever, there was no sp-cial derelopmnt la the day's
trading. The day's prices sere a follows; ,
Highest. .Lowest, Closisg.
December.............. UN 13.00 UOCaUOJ
January. ,..... U20 UD U 16 a 13.13
Frbmaiy - , 1121 a 112J
Marcd..... ... 13.16 13.(9 UUslld
April , ... 13.55 a US
Poraished by TV. B. Hibbs AV Co.
Open. High
January ,. 12.U 150
Marcb 12.80 12.(2
51ay... 12.53 12.63
Jnly 1 12.W Cf)
Low. OUae.
nn nil
C3 12,42
JZ3S 1232
12.31 13VC
New York. Dee. t Closing Quotations of miscel
laneous bondsf
Virginia dfd. (s-Brown Bros. Co ctfi
New York Central 4s. 190. (Pi
Amerlcaa Smelting 6s 103
Atchison. Topeks San Francisco crt. 4s. 1363. 1024
Atlantic Coast Lin 4s i
AtlanUe Coast Line-L. K 4
Baltimore tt Ohio p. I 34s 30V
Balumors A Ohio gold 4a 974
Baltimore A Ohio-Pitta.. U E. A West. 4a ..... 884
Baltimore A Ohio Southwestern 34s ............ 894
Brooklyn Rapid Transit 4s
Central Leather U
Chesapeake A Ohio con &
Chesapcaka A- Ohio gen 44s
Chi . MIL A St. Paul 44a
Chicago. Rock Island A I'sdio col 4
Col Industrial 5s 804
Distill H Corporation Ss (84
Indlsna Hterl 5s . . .. 100
lnterborongb Metropolitan I1 79
Lake Shore 4s. 1X1 !2U
LGuisTille A Nashtllle nnifted 4a 964
National Tube Ss 984
New York Railways adi. Ss S3
New York Telephone 44s 974
Norfolk A Western coo. 4s .... 9(4
Norfolk A Western dir (.. ' . 92
Norfolk A Western Pocahontu Coal A Coke 4s 904
Oregon Short Line r'g 4 . . 91
P Lraillard 5- ...
Pntlic XersU, of New Jersey 5" 924
Reading gen. 4s . -. ... 934
rjestuard Air Line 4a stamped ... 85
vmihern Bell Telephone A Telegraph Ss . . 984
htouthem Railway 4s. ... 78
Texas Company crt. s . 99
Third Arentie rfg. 4s 30
Third Arenue adj 5s 73
Tclido, bl Louis A Western jO-iear 4s. 19a) S(4
Lnion I'sriSc ert 4s v;
United Railways cf San FrancW", 4s. . 70
Inited States steel sinking fund Ss 10O.
irglnia Carolina Chemical S 97 s
WabaJi rfg ts CPs
WstAsli rfg. 4s Lnuit Trust Co ctfs, stsmprd (14
Wabssli I' T lt 4s Cratrsl Trsrtion clfs 26
Columbia Traction ctfs 27
Totsl sales II WO 00.
Ttxuoto Dec f -
l.l4 A1L
BfiTw CooriicUteJ
Cbamhrri )-rtUivd
C ity of CoUU
Cobalt Lai
!iTit NorthfTt.
Lai Rom
McKIn Uar igv
lMcnon Iie
Kiffat of Wj
sfiTer Iar
tt titUuf trr
richf roll oik Kxploalon In Clilrncn
I ouii mlrlrt.
Chicago Dec 9 Folio wins a bomb ex
plosion ?o heav that buHdinE In the
loop dlMrict were rocked, policemen to
da enffaged In a retolver battle with
three suspected Black Hard plotters The
men ecaped The explosion occurred
the elore of Nicholat- Cardamone after
the owner had receled repeated threats
Just as ilie explosion occurred an auto
mobile patrol a making a run The
chiuffeur turned at once toward the place
her the explosion occurred. Policemen
In the automobile mv three men run
nine Td started In pursuit. The men
dodged between bulldincs and escaped
I -iter a suspect nas arrested
The blat was 50 hea that a number
cf persons In tif neighborhood were
thrown from their beds
II New lArk Afenus Northeast snefcis 1 lliiuaek
et tr limes II lo VV illsr 4 D D1 Niocr N.
nistlow lot 17 squsre CO J 0
Ninth Mrpet Northeast hetem C so.1 D Streets
llermsn H. lfcmeostein et ux to Jsmes H sod
Ilessie Iford lot 53 squsre XS, $19
I lorcingilsle-Jsme A Bnchsnsn to Helen. John
It. sp1 iTsnns J Ducbsnsji lot 3 snd part
ll 1 Wk ; 51
Villa Ilrk-riars V vttroVn et nr Ura R.
to Vrthur P ItslIidaT lot 2 square 13. 1414
s.me to John r n;s lt X sqasre 4C11
ItsMlU, ninHUlNDS-l'niled States Trust Com
pan trustee to Kate U Doushee. lot 70.
wiusre Sosl iW
WiKvnin Vremie Enendel t.ertrjds L. Leins et
sir TimfXh L. to Itanklin H Kourh. Ice
335 square 1300 110
V"ilbrKiie Franklin n. Htwjh to GertruJe E.
Leiti. lot t blorfc 9 S10
Linwood Heiits-John VV Clennan. trustee to
Rurtha J Hanks lots 7) and 30. bkx-k 4. tlO
II treel Northesst betsreen inerentli and Twelfth
streets Stephen J Knhel. trustee, to Dennis
V IlK-ker psrt orlsinsl lot 7. squsre 9. 11 73
Thirteenth Street Southeast between 11 and C
streets rracs T Itawlings et aL trustees to
Albert K Co litis lot IK. squsre 1015 JlOO. VI
bert E. I o'lins conreTs saoce propertr to Harry
V kite J10
117 Ueekmsn Street Southeast Mscfie It Fisher to
Irene Csllow lot 41 square 736. 510
Tlie following building permits were is
sued xaterdav
To Lieut V S J.ic t . bui.J dwellmi at SSli
Tbtrtr-eistb stree Northwest Vrchitect, A II
Mnllett i Co txnl 1 r Mian T Iluwison, estimated
To I!. M Jat-kson to build dwelluut at 132 Bennisz
Iload Northeast Vn-hiteet William Downing,
builder lanlel ounj: estimated cost S8TJ0
To U Bennett to repair dsrelUns at 57 ew Tork
Arenue Vortbeast. Estimated cost, $J0
To J B Bsine to rexwlr dwrllict at 17M New
Hamcehire Arenne Northwest. Estimated cost, J100.
To D. W Prrntw to repair carsw in rear of 11Z1
Flourteentb Street Noethwert. Estimated cost. OK.
To Hsrrj StemhcrK. to repair store at COS Four-and-a
half Street bouttrwest Estimated ctMt. OOO.
To Chapin Sacks 3Isnufacturlnz GDmpaar. to re
pair lee storage building at First and Patteraoa
Streets Northeast. Estimated oost, 16 000
To Alios Bailer to repair buUdinx at 100T Ftxtr-
touim Etreet Mntheasc axmuuea cost, xsol
To Washington and Old Dominion Rallirar Com
pany, to repsir bulldms In rear x 3601 M Street
Northwest, lotimsted cost. Si
O all th' bath-tub mysteries, how
some folks git by in society is th'
Be courteous t' th' feller that
comes in jist t' look around. He
wants t' buy somcthin'. but he's
.When you are considering business expansion, sound ad
vice from your banker will aid you.
The officers, of the Commercial are ready at any time to
give business counsel to depositors. In this way we are often'
able to contribute to a depositor's success and safety.
The prosperity of this bank is- interwoven with the pros
perity of its patrons. Your business is invited.
14th and G Streets
Chairman Johnson of House Com'
mittee Hakes Ho Attempt to
Block Steam Boiler.
rhe first District Day In, the. House
was passed over jesterday In favor of
the legislative, executive, and judicial ap
propriation bill, and. later, the Monticello
fight, which was brought In under a spe
cial rule This was not unexpected, and
Chairman Johnson made no attempt to
block the steam roller
The follow mc District bills now are
on the House calendar, havln? been fav
orably reponcl by tho House District
An act to provide for plans jnd speci
fications for two rew schoolhouses
The O'Shauness bill to relieve certain
claimants en account of damage to prop
erty In the grading adjacent to the Union
A bill to extend and widen Western
Avenue Xorthwest.
A bill d-flning the duties of guides in
the District
The true consldeiation bill applying to
real estate transactions In the District
V measure providing for approval bv
Congress of all purchases of real estate
towarJ which the Inited States contrib
utes Several bills amending th District
The Proutv bill to prohibit lobbving
on the part of government employes
. Din requiring the Chesapeake and
Ohio Canal Compan) to construct and
maintain bridges over the canal
The Der measure provldlncr ore-half
fare for school children when riding on
the street railvvavs of the District
Eirenlors of l.nthrop K.tnte Gl?
1S3,(IOO Iloml.
Letters testamentar on the estate of
lvln il Iothrop were granted ester
day in the Probate Court to Mrs Harriet
lothrop Luttrell a daughter of the
testator Max Fischer, and S V Wood
ward, the executors named In the will
Bond was fixed at JlS.G'i The personal
estate Is estimated at JSiiOfO. according
to the petition of the executors for the
probate of the will
Mrs I-uttrell. js sole reIduar legatee,
aiKs mai a -pedal trona be given bv the vears from the date of filing the applica
executors to cover debts and special lega- tion. excluding the time during which art
cies, which amount to JKCSOO No valu- application ma be involved In litiga
nt ion was put on the real estate of the Hon
testator b the executors. As enumer-
ltd. it Includes his home at 301 Con-I lloapltat Ilewd Killed.
nectlcut Avenue North est 1501. 1303. and ! v. v-t rw Di,v.-1 ti.,,
1J05 K btreet Northwest certain suburban NeW, ,"kDe! !'C ? 3, " V
lots In Massachusetts Avenue extended superintendent of the Lincoln Hospital,
a warehouse at Ninth Street and Marj-ln tne Bronx, was found shot to death,
land Menue Southwest a farm, knowni"1 a bathroom of that institution to-da.
as Hlllcrest In Alexandria Count) a . Tt'c hospital authorities state.! that
a camp site on I-ake st Regl N 1 .Townley's death had been an accident
and two houses and a mill at Soutli I wn,le cleaning the barrel of a revolver,
Acton, Mass uut Coroner Healv Is Investigating
Among the specific bequests In the will' Townlev was a retired lieutenant of thi
was one for J23,'0 to be paid to his ' l nited State-, nav v and at one time was)
sister, Caroline E Steam". If "he sur- ' a comptroller of currency for Nebraska,
.ed him As Mrs steams Is dead, this residing in Lincoln He had been euper-bs-quest
becomes a part of the residue of I lntendr-.it of the Lincoln Hospital threa
Earthquake Shock ICerurdcd.
Cleveland Dec S Several sharp earth
quake shocks were registered between
Z.2 and 34 a m to-dav on the selsmo
graph at St Ignatius College The scene
cf the disturbance was estimated to be
ebout (X miles distant. In southern
California or Mexico
Lyuclt Three 'Nesrrt.ea.
.Mobile Ala Dei s Three negroes i
were hanged to-daj b a mob In Choctaw
Countv. according to a message received
here Six othr negroes confined In the
small town Jail have been hurried to
this cit for afe keeping
vt 'J v ' 'r'M' 'I' 'S
Money Talks
Ue Sire loo S Per Cent oa
Painting; Automobiles.
i nlshes that will stand soap, mud, X I
i, ana water, vve Dane enamel on j,
7. hoods and fenders. T
i. Autos painted, $1! 50 and up. A
it. Used automobiles and motorcy- X
X cies for sale. .
I Cor. 14th and W Sis. N. W. t
i Phoae X. 1091.
We Eire Herald S33400 conteart Totes,
Auto Supplies '
Of Every Kind Always Here. j
DAVIS & CHILDS VHSSult "' w' ' :
We b!t Herald atliOOO eoateat rotes. I
Expert Electric Vehicle Repairing
Storage Batteries repaired and r
acwed. Ignition and Lighting Bttttr
tea Charged and Built to Order.
Wa lirrs I crtes ta The Bcrsld'l &a Coettsl.
slareat for Plaadera aad Tale Zfoter
ewclea and CoiVa Special Bleyete.
Ratareyele Owerbaullar and Belt Ra
yalrtac. Aceeasorlea anal Sandrlea,
BleTcle nepalrtaa. Braslasr. aad Otit,
kanllng, Suppllea aad Aeeeaaartea.
IS lib C . W- 1aaaa Malm SISB.
jjJCgjiOM nai """'JptSPJB
M. T. POLLOCK, ,01S Sa.r'jsl"'"
The Safest Investments
Are those that do not SuetuiU daring 4
tnrbed conditions of the money or wtocsr mar
k-ls. First deed of trust rotes fSrst mart
tsses), well secured on rest estate la tb Dis
trict of Columbia, eonstitute &11tdsV tn
featments. They do not depend npon tha
financial responsibility of lndifldoala or enr
poratlons for tbeir stabulty and are exempt
from taxation as personal property. We can
supply such Investments lo smotmts from SOO
upward. Send for bullet "Coocercux Lotas
and lnreatmrxits."
Swattzell, Rheem Cf
Hensey Co.,
737 IStk Street KortkTrest.
Economy and Efficiency Commission
Becommends that Entire New
Building Be Erected.
That the Patent Office Is wholly Inade
quate for the efficient and economical
transaction of business, that the rooms
are crowded and so poorly lighted and
ventilated as seriously to threaten tho
health of the employes working there.
and that the provision for extinguishing
fire among th- valuable records aro so
inadequate that 3 slight blaze might at
any time envelop the entire building was
reported to Congress yesterdaj Dy m
President's Commission on Economy and
Efflclencj. working under the Joint reso
lution of August 31 last
The commission t ecommended to Con
gress that an entir-lv new building espe-
lallj designed equipped and furnished.
be constructed in the cttv for the exclu-
use of the Patent Office, and that
present force of employes be in
creased about IS per cent, with an In
crease In the pay roll of JIWM
Delav In the securing of patents was
also severe' censured bv the commis
sion which recommended that at leat
one appeal In the Patent Office be abol
ished, which would expedite the lsming
of patents about 20 per cent
The fee for filing an application a!l
tie commission, should also be increased
from SK to 131 which it is estimated.
Ill Increase the annual revenues of th
Patent Office K0O.0GO Another Important
recommendation was that tho life of i
patent be
limited aw to exnlre nineteen
Vl"ay b.oald utomohtle osrnera be tor
mented STlth tire tronblea swhen the?
can be positively done away Tfltlv by
1 -i
Tie Worid'i Best Fffltr
for Aotomobile Tint
Vo Experiment.
Time Tried.
208 Southekn BtMoma
Filling Plant. SSIt-2A Fonrteeatk
Street Jf. W.
We give Herald S35.000 eontsat Tales.
None Better
1085 9th SL.H.W.
W Glta Totes Is Ths Herslil i
I Yale Motorcycles I
Tale Bicycles J29 X
f National BIcrcles J40 4s
Racycle J3S sfs
Rami Bicycles US sji
Mitchell Bicycles JJJsO
f Boya' Dart Bicycles 117.59 s
f E. P. HAZuETON f
J 420-31 10th St. H.W; ?
ITa Cltw Totea la Tin H trail's B.CO) Cimtast,
Five and seven passenger cars.
1319 L St. N. W.
Phone N. 1470.
VTe GItt Vote ta Tha BersiTs 13 000 Coetaat.
naa IlemoTed ta ?
11610 14th Street N.W.I
Phone Worth 5897.
HtHvHHHW'tti'H lit '
-.f H
1 -

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