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frwcTr?,wSP"' -'"'v'afef&'ja
'Topics of Interest to Every Woman
I wmv
f POur
Beauty Contest
Ion 11 want some high clans
photos for Xmas giving Have
them made here lour picture
n 111 be entered In the beauty
contest. aluablo prizes to
The Harvey Studio,
438 7th St N. IV
In The Herald
Green Porjc R
The most luscious and
appetizing of all sausages
(old German stle)
Directions put into ket
tle of parboiled water for
feu minutes, then "frv to a
delicious golden brown
An Ideal
Breakfast Treat
Green Pork Link
It trrcrt with hot cakes
these cold mornings just
the thing to make the
man and children full 01
ini these mid. snnnm
morning, before going to 9
their work and school
ou get UH S
J1 sC.r at ill leading
N. Auth Provision Co.
623 D Street S. W.
We Giro Votes in The Herald 53 000 ContMC
By Saving Your Clothes
I or throw that s lit awa) be
ra se It Is a little wo n Let us
t rn it n o a new suit bj cl an
i s pairing and pressing it
709 9th St. N. W.
Phone M 1153 and we will call
c Ore Wtej in Heralds 2 000 Contest.
Phone SI In 1031
912 hew York Ave. N W.
If I s a Button W e Have It"
We give vote In The Herald
S25 OOO contest
526 H Street N. E
Newly Opened
Washington s latest and most up
to date bample Shoe Store has re
tently opened with the most com
plete stock of sample shoes ever on
the .market Twill pay you to can.
W e clve Il-rald 25,000 contest votes.
ESBESre.'ViW m3 1 i 11 I
513 12th St. N. W.
n G i Vctr In The IJmld S3 0M Ccciat.
Means natural flavor and highest nu
trition in
2106 Pa. Ave. W. 25
w Gite Votr. In Th. UeriU 3u4 CocUtt.
I .1 (-!, and DumaxK bsUblubctl lSTi
Select Christmas
Gifts Now
V I VI I F ASfOUTVIfVr ot liu-lf m
I uU mn b GIFT. here t III
MONK JFWfcim w lTCHhh bllVHt
U V.IIL m CLAsb and IJt jvS I or
nnsl derxnt we will reerre any art! !c jw may
fleet It tir Jtma. Sfct L!j ELFOrL LtV
SZ3 C St N W. Phono M 4243-Y
We give Herald 825.000 contest Votes.
The Choicest the Market
Affords Can Always
Be Found at
402-404 H St. N. E.
We srfve Xlerald S250O contest votes.
Special Jordan and
All Kinds of Fancy Boxes.
We take Christmas orders for Sun
day Schools Churches. &c.
UT II M . E. Ml 9th SL N w
llcclK Herald 523.00U contest votes.
Work of Bringing Joy to
Little Folks Is Beautiful
There Are Thousands of Children to Whom
Christmas Will Bring No Gifts Unless Women
of Means Give to Them.
n i'rjciss MiFnn.
faixt) dolls'
That s net so ery man), when one
thinks of the bis cit) of London and
the thousands of poor little El rib in that
great metropolis who liavc no one tu
whom they can pin their Christmas faith
but the mjBtlc anta Claus nd alas
In times l ast, even the good old Saint
Nicholas has been known to forget that
the) were on earth hungirlng and thirst
ins for tin sight of a doll
Drcvscd li ranrnErr
1c ssU) dolls arc very few to saltsf)
the longing it ChrNtmastide but the) are
Just a glimmering of what Is to follow
The) were dressed b) the women pas
scngers on ono of the big steamship lines
and there are destined to be man) many
more all fur the little girls in London a
tenement those little girls who begin
to hope and pra) for their heart de
sire from the first moment that the
Christmas si Irit Is abroad to the e )
last breath on Christmas Lvc Hut they
hae learned not to reall) expect the
dolls to come because somehow tenement
chimne)s are too small, tenement doors
too narrow to open and let the rein
deer In
But this )ear It Is going to be different
At least. It will be for man) of those
eager little girl" Indeed it began to be
quite different last ear because when
the owner of an Lngliah newspaper learn
ed of the sad predicament of those little
tenement dwellers he went to the man
agement of one of the biggest of all the
steamship lines and induced them to take
a suppl) of dolls on all their ships up
IU VJIIl-imUS UIIIC Villi! liril V,lll ll j
mas morniniT diwned there were jOGOm
dolls and to)s to be distributed am ng
the children In the city s slum" This
)ear it Is expected there will be the I rtt
t number of 100 W
ovv licit tu He
ar Just dolls
the steamship'
when tht) go
with neer a
a i-int,ie wear i
name the) are
g wn ior a I at 10
able thing to their
turned over exactl) is they left the
manufacturers hands to be dressed by
the women passengers
And the) are gowned to the queens
least the) ought to be for
There Are a Great Many Ways
To Enjoy Delicious Oranges
lit I II) V till a. AMI I I .
This Julo aid delic ous fruitage of,
one varietv of the genus citrus tne
orange shoul 1 le cnJo)ed b ever) one'
as t c flri it grows more plentiful everyjtliem the custard Bake In a hot oven
)ear owing to the large area available for twenty minutes. Beat the whites stiff
for Its cultivation ind the fact that the.'idd two tablespoonfuls sugar h ap on
orange tree Is exceedingl) productive JJ" custard and si rinkle with sugar
It , al.Ke suitable for )oung and old. I ? e JUI. .h.ppd
the well and th s k It is delicious '
served In the simple-t manner and its nire Chnrlotlc Without Lues
flavor adds to the mot elgant desserts! Cover third of a box of gelatine with
vnl ices ere ited The nchet orang s taird of a cup of cold water and soak
r tl russet skint d Lut always se 'half an houi dd third of a cup of
i le t the heaviest as tl sM have tie mot
juite In m ats It N best to serve
I the mor i II vortv the riehc sweet
! er Juices I ing a I t heavv cspcthill) I
when thrc is a 1 ilious tendencv
Omni.) iiiiioIi
Mike a sirup bv boiling together 1 alt
1 cup of water ad a pint of sugar
luice of a lemon It move the peel from
a dozen juirv thin skim ed oranges aud
it them anoss the middle rcmoviig
the seeds Dron tlm into the hot sirup
three or fo r it a time. Let them heat I
through inl tak ut with a skimrcur
and la on a flat dish
Bol the sirup five minutes, pour over
tl em and set awa) to cool This Is a
nice wnv to use oranges that are hardl
sweet enough to eit uncooked and thev ).
make a nice g-irnlsh f r plain puddings
or a ri-i '" "ee .-..
Ornnuc iii
dalntv dessert and nice and refresh
iic f r the sick or Invalid friend.
Orate the rn d of an orange into a basin
,, eer it the mi of five
oranges and one lemon i ut It into a
b-tin with st ounces f loaf sugar and
the whites of two tecs Whip lightly
together add three cups of hot water
m A one ounce f l wdere.1 velatln
5tir until gelatin Is iuite dissolved and
rain through a till weve or cheese
cloth into n elds that have been -oake-d
in cold water
lrani.1 liu.l..ef
Wish md soal a cup of tapio -i ovit
night Then simmer in a pint of boil
Ing witer until the tapioca is clear
Peel a doz n tart oranges cut In llce
md rem ve tie seeds ai I stir Into the
boiling 1 nt tap oca. d I sugar to
taste Cook and turn Into a glass dish
to cool Serve with hugir ind cream
Or-llice I rlttcrs
Mix I ilf pound -of no tr with a cup
of milk making a stiff batter Then
add two ounces of stiff butter two w
beaten eggs an I Pinch of salt Peel
two orange and divide Into sections
without I rcaking the skin Into boll
Ing hot fat drop i tablespoon of butter
with a section of the orange In the con
ter FY) a golden brown and drain on
soft paper Dredce powde-ed sugar
over them an 1 serve lot on plate
covered with lace paper doily
iiko Custard
Beat tl e ) oiks of tl ree eggs to a cream
with one cup of sugar Then beat In a
tablesj oonful of butter dd a cup of
milk the juice and a trifle of the grated
elIow rind of one large orange and beat
en white of one egg With this custard
till custard cups two thirds full set them
in a baking pan and place In the oven
Half fill the baking dish with boiling
water and steam until the custards aro
done tet In the middle When cold heap
top of each with meringue made of two
remaining white and two taolespoonfuls
of sugar Brown lightly on top and servo
Onuiee Cheese. Cakes
Rcmov e the pulp from two oranges and
boil tho peel until tender Put It into a
mortar and pound to a paste with twico
the weight of the oranges In pounded su
gar Add tne pulp and strained Juice of
the oranges with a niece of butter the
size of a walnuL Beat these ingredients
thoroughly and lay the orange mixture
in seme pretty patt) pans lined with rich
puff paste Bake about twenty minutes
Orange Mcrlngne Padding:
One quart of milk one teasnoonful but
ter three eggs two tablespconfuls corn
starch, a pinch of salt, half of a cup of
sugar and six oranges. Beat the jolks
of the eggs light. Wet the cornstarch
with half a cup of milk and place the re
mainder over the fire In a double boiler
"When iteamlns hct stir In the cornstarch,
one of the first installment of dolls was
lavishly dressed by the Princess Some
body and nil fell Into hands quite
familiar with finer) The women who
undertake the doll-drcsslng work are
talked to furnish their own materials
and their own exquisite taste, and
when the dolls aro all arraed in their
beautiful toggery they are placed on
exhibition and prizes are given to the
workers who produce the most artistic
Just In paslng It would seem rather
tltting If those I rizes were in the
shape of mone), to be pinned to the
gowns of the fortunate doll winners
with Just a nice little note from the
woman who tnels in ease to the poor
little maid whose doll must come from
the hands of strangers c
Because there Is alwa)s something in
congruous in the thought of prizes In
connection with anything offered in the
sweet name of charlt)
It would be a right fine thing if some
how It might happen that the curtains
might be lifted In some of the homes
where these dolls go and women be
given a peep at the wa) things run in
places where dolls and toys are never
to be found but where there are lots
and lots of children
Would Dress More Dolls
Because one believes that If women
of leisure and women of means once
rreally took to heart and to mind the sad
fact that there are so many destitute
children to whom Christmas has no par
tlcular meaning the) would dress more
dolls give more to)s more time and
more of their interest to the most beau
tiful work In the world the work of
helping little folk grow happ) strong
J Itaaftjl
n. ...
With all the ast sums we read about
given anaj here there and everywhere
and with all the work that is bestowed
to make the world better and happier
It ought not to happen this Christmas
that In a single home there would be
one I ttle box or girl obliged to admit
that banta Claus had forgotten to stop
at Ills door or worse than that to be
lieve that he dldn t care
And there would not be if women
really were awake to the good that the)
might do particularly during the sea
son when the child ought to hate full
svva) Just in commemoration of that
greatest of all blrthdavs.
Mir and cook ten minutes ad 1 tl e butter
and salt Take from the lire and stir in
the volks and sugar 1 eel quarter and
seed the orange la) them In a baking
pan sprinkle with sugar and pour
i I Ing water Juice of une lemon one
up of sugar one eup of orange juice and
i little grated r nd Whip to a foam
nm pint of cream and aid to abovo mix
ture Heat until it thlekens and then
i' rn " ln, a Pud1 ng mold lined with
I sectloi s of oranges
i -,,,, ,,,. . .
"nc- rharlottc vtllh I KK.
luce of tvvo oranges and one lemon
h If a eup of sugar and one tablespoon
f"l of gelatin Melt tic gelatin In a
P of warm water add the sugar and
J Ice and strain dd grated )eIIow of
cie orant,e pour into a large Platter and
v hen it begins to set mix In tnoroughl)
1 1 beaten w I ites of three eggs pour
irto a mold or it small glasses rougulv
I i!e-d and tervc cold
Oruiikc A erinlcrlll I'uilillnc
cat tfte jokes of igM wth
n cu, of susar dnd ,abIe6poonful of
i Litter dd some of the grated rind
' ' . or ' onnge Parboil quarter
" una ot 'vermicelli broken line as rice
' ,,altcu water and drain and add to a
I t md a half f n Ilk and cook (
nutcs n double boiler Then add the
et.gs and s igar mix well and turn Into
- buttered baling dish ard hake in the
m en until firm in tl i middle Spread
' t"l" ')er of tart Jell) cr cranberr)
ii'cc over the pudding and heap over
tl s i mcrirgue mad f tic whites of
' "BKS a' ' l-owder 1 uar fcerve
" "" r i i-i nu or rice ma)
Tho wrapper and sack are made alike
Both have la) down collar and neat
turned back cuffs I cather stitching or
hand emrboidery may be used with good
result and cashmere flannel or flannelette
ma) bo employed In the construction of
the model
The pattern. No 69k. is cut In one sue
and requires for wrapper 27 8 vard nf
: . f
i? , -y
i!Hc3j 6045
S7 Inch material or Z jards cf goods SSttlon of which b S Martin is chairman.
Inches wide and for sack 11-4 yards of .concerning the system In vogue here
.. men material or I yard of 36-Inch
larmc. wun I yard of ribbon for either
The pattern can be obtained bv sendlmr
10 cents to the Pattern Department of
ine nasuingion Herald.
Original Brown Bread Muffins
One and one-half cups graham flour
1 I cup white flour. 1 tablespoon sugar.
1 2 cup molasses, 1 cup melted butter,
113 teaspoon baking- soda In half cup
ut boiling watea
DRASS DESK SFTS, " pieces.
knife desk blotter, hand blotter and
S PIFCE DESK 8FT. brass pieces including desk blotter ffi'J Crt
paper knife, band blotter, calendar, tray, and inkwell wWV
Other Styles,
6-Piece Sets,
Brass Fxtcnslon Book Hacks In
9Sc to ?4 00
blotters Inkwells, calendars paper
deck racks, paper Knives stamp
letter scales and hundreds of other
not mentioned at a range of prices
POKFR CHIP HACKS of polished hardwood mahogan) JJ- CQ
oak or mission nnish with places Tor JOO chips Choice spi.o
Stationer) Store and Special Bargain Tables Street Hoor
Third and Last of Series Heard by
Large Audience at
Leiden Miller pianist and o alist of
Illladelphla was heard jestcrdav after
noon by a good sized audience of Wash
iugton socict) In the third and last of
a series of recitals that have been held
at the I!a)housc The afternoon wis
devoted to Brahms ard Debus four
vocal and Instrumental numl era bv each
ci m poser being given
The programme of the aftcrn ion was
admlrabl) selected to displa) the charac
teristic attitude of tie Germ in and
trench races. Brahms the German Is
bold and severe while Uebussv prob
al I) the leader of the present da) French
selool Is subtle delicate and paints his
sound pictures In neutral tints Mr
Miller p!a)ed both matters with a hold
jiss and appreciation that well brought
out their differences
One of the most striking features of
the programme was (lOlliwog s Cake
walk, b) Debus) It begins with a
I leasing riot of s neopat on del cute!)
suggestive of its allege 1 frlcan origin
1 it suo subsides into soft beautiful
harmon) that Is more suggestive or
fi tests and wood nvmphs at pla) than
o the scenes c njured up at the men
lion of the popular Cakewalk
Ml through this composition the clever
musical wit of t c Frenchman so char
aetcrlHtlc of his writing was dlsp ayeel
' ", , ' n,T ,Zl -ml er-
mezzo In fc. flat instrumental and ver
v.... c..k- i w,h,hie
Of the Brahms selections, the Inter
were given the non enthuslistlc recep
tion b) tl c audi nee
Mr Mllers attraction 1 cs In his aim
I I it) (t ecutlon and the il sence of
ui,gerated mannerisms so often seen in
t i kI iai s as
tl piano an I
u his mattery of
lee III. r.ell..I in
Washington have praeticall) completed
a musical tour of the I nttcd Mates on
vvhleh ho has traveled for several
nod f
W lin I)
..uulit IIi
Owing to the difficult) of establishing',
other than meager communleatlon with
the authorities of Mexico Cit) plans
have not been eomplcted for bringing the
bodv of Thomas t J Bailev Jr Hi I
trict Engineer of Bridges who died sud
denlv on Saturdav In i hospital in Mti
Uo Cit) to this eltv for burial
Plans for bring the bod) home will be
principal!) in charge of tl e engineering
firm of I arsons & Clapp of New ork
which sent Mr Bille) to Mexico on the
engineering mi'sion The State Dei art
mint his been asked to lend its asist
net ills of Mr Itaile) s illness arc still
lacking altl ough a telegram has been re
ecive-d from William J Douglas formcrl)
engineer of brldgis here and now con
tie. ted w Itl I irsons i. Clapp stating that
the rai se f leath was urannlc poisoning
District olllrials in 1 man) of Mr Ball
c) s ac lualntan es I ere united In c-v
Ircsslons of sorr vv ver his death Mr
Halle) was an o hclil in the District for
nineteen ears.
Commission, rs Rccommei il ppro-
prlntinn for Institution
report out inn g the need of addi
tional trairlng school facilities in otdtr
to take care of w a) ward white girls was
submitted b) the Commissioners to tho
House jestcrda) and referred to the
Appropriations C mmlttce
It is iKJinteilotit that whlto girls are
now biint, committed by the Juvenile
Court to the Iloife of the Good Mlep
held (Citholi and to the Houto or
Merc) (Fplscopall tvvo private InMItu
tiona Thi court ought not to be placed
in a position which requires that such
girls be sent to private institutions or be
allowed to go at large the report com
Th sugges Ion submitted In the report
Is that a cottage with capacity for twen
t) girls be er s-t d on the grounds of the
existing training school at an approxi
mate cost of The estimates for
annual maintenance. Including palarlcs
for additional emplo)cs, are $3,000 for ten
girls and Si r& for twenty girls.
Commit tic to Ifenr Iteport on
Hefiise Collection
The clean cit) committee will meet
this afternoon In the board room of the
District Building to begin formulation
of plans for tl e clean up campaign to
be waged next spring a report is ex
peced from the committee on leglsla
for the collection of garbage ashes
and refuse and methods of teaching
hygiene and sanitation In the public
schools will be discussed W H Rlch
Bon president of the committee has
invited Capt James F Oyster, presi
dent of the Board of Education and Dr
William M Davidson supc-intendent
of schools to be present,
A woman has been arrested in Denver
for smoking a cigarette In a public thor
Including inkwell
ppn tray, at
a arlcty of st)lcs ind sizes from
Novelty Articles In brass such as
weights letter racks playing card
iwiiT racns piayitlK taru
25c up to 55.00
$250,000 SENT OUT
Quarter of a Million Dollars DiS'
tnbnted to Members of Savings
Scheme by U S Trust Co
Checks for near!) a quarter of a mil
lion dollars will he s nt out late to
morrow afternoon to 1100O members oi
the Christmas s-avlngs Club of the
I nited States Trust Cotnpan)
This large fund lias aecumulited s)nce
last Tebruar) the weekl) pajment.s be
ing small and the compound Interest at
the rate of 3 per cent paid b) the trust
comi anv has made up the grand ag
This JSOCiO will go to make many
homes happ) and will add to the early
shopping movement
Man) members of the el lb hae plan
ned low the) will spend their savings
and others have become Imbued with the
Idea that saving is a good habit and they
will redeposlt their checks and continue
Handling the checks would monopolize
business at the bank and so they aro be
Ing sent out h) m ill
The following buslnes, firms have
agreed to cash the checks for holders
at an) time
I Castle berg A Co M Goldenberg
William Hahn S. Co R Harris 4. Co
Jackson Brothers Inc P J Nee & Co
fe Kann Sons & Co W B Jlosep an I
Woodward &. Iothrop
Checks also may be cashed on pres
entatlon at the L nited States Trttft Com
I or at anV ' the branches. Twentieth
C,M, .. , .......i .. ... i.
Street and Penns)lvania tvenue Tenth
Street and Iennsjhanla Vvenue 1135
Connecticut Vvenue Seventh and G
Mreets Northwest or at Fourteenth and
1 Streets
The Chrstmas s, mncs dub was or
"'""" " '"'"''- """ """
I "e ili-iuni". ue ,,a,iue.ii u,
i telle mi ii.i m en aiiu uie nctiuu
the third continuing to the end with
an a ldltional cent eaeh week On a Z,
t 6 cents a weeklv basis or on a e 1
an 1 U cent basis
I rom this small 1 eglnning has come
th saving of JSViOW an appreciable
fund and one that would otherwise not
have been ava liblc at this time for the
holidav shopping
W 1th tl e beginning of Februar) the
trf -.,.. Trus. Comt,an wlll m
aUgurate its secun 1 Christmas alngs
flub and contldcntlv expects that i000
savers will Join
The checks to be sent out Wednesday
jhave been especiallv prepared contain
ling a drawing of s,inta Claus with (
hag of coin under h s arm and tho usual
hollda) greeting with boll) wreath and
nnnn1 I xltlliltlon of Handiwork nt
s.iulliirii Hollaing
The annual exhil ltion and sale of the
landlwork of the children of bouthern
mounta neers Is now in l rogress at the
head juarter of the s-outhern Industrial
F ducatioual icliti n in the Southern
Hunlreds f sonetv folk have visited
tho exl ibition syid have purr! ised Christ
mas gifts Needlework 1 v the moun
talncer girls and liasket ind carved
trinkets made b) tho bojs are shown In
an cndle-s larict) One thing that Is at
trading a grcit deal of attention Is a
minlaturo log cabin in ide I tho boys of
Chrlt School Arden N ( This little
cabin of log!" with tl c usual decorations
of red pepper gourds nn 1 herbs is pre
sided over b) two mountaineer dolls made
of hiekory and dressed In homespun with
sheep s wool d)cd red for hair
Dentil of Mm V Martin
Mrs A W Martin who was Eliza
beth C rcoran before her marriage died
sud I nl) Sunda) night Death was due
to heirt disease She had many friends
lure a d In I er home town Minersllle,
1 lslriu hi r husliand and parents,
she Is survived b) Mrs John Russell
Mrs Kathjrn Morgans Mrs R. C
Grant and Mar) and John Corcoran.
linn. Wblt. 1 In.nplioroiis tluUhrs
According to notice lsued bv Secre
tar) of the Treisur) MocVeagh yes
terday white phosphorous matches will
not be permitted to be Imported or ex
ported after January 1 1311 This Is
In compliance with a recent act of Con
Gat the Original and Genulna
The Food-drink for All Ages.
For Infants, Invalids, and Growing children.
PwcNutnbOT.upbuildmR the wholebodv.
Invigorates the nufsm g mother and the aged.
Rich milk, malted grain, in powder form.
A quick lunch prepared in a minute.
Take no substitute. Askfor HORLICK'S.
Hot in Arw Milk Trust
r- -
we celebrate the
of the opening
of our new
4-story warerooms
known as the
We mignt liail this auspicious cent with a gran
diloquent announcement of omc sort of a "special
sale' but e hae decided not to do so because of
the lact that the terms "SPECIAL SALES" and
WONDERFLL BARGAINS" hae been o fre
quentK used of late (and sometimes with a delib
erate purpose to exaggerate and deceive) that dis
criminating purchasers are nauseated by them.
We owe our large business in these neu ware
rooms, as we do our previous 15 ears of successful
piano elhng in Y Street, to these high ideals-
The Truth
Tersely Told .
U that if jou arc contemplating the purchase of
You cannot find BETTER GOODS, FAIRER
TRADING, or LESS PRICES and terms than
we offer
We are the exclusive factory representatives for the
Mason and Hamlin, P
Conover, I
Cable, A
Kingsbury, N
Wellington, 0
Percy S. Foster, S
and the wonderful
Carolas, and
We alx maintain a complete Victor
Victrola Department, and carry a large
stock of Sheet Music and Small Musical
Foster Building
N B Our heartfelt thanks are tendered to our thou
sands of patrons and friends on this anniversary da for
making our big success possible.
f r
Phones Main 317 and 318
-I " "4

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