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Fur to-diy, colder by night
To-morrow fur nd colder
'Yesterday's temperature Maxj
mom, 48, minimum, 28.
The Heratd has the Ixrjtrt
morning home arculjboa, and
pnnU alllhe sew, of the "world
each cay, jn additioa to miaj
exclusive features.
M). 2258.
.one cent;
Flames, Starting in Gibson House, Get Be
yond Control of Firemen and Entire
Block Is Said to Be Doomed.
Colonel Says Only Those Who
Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec 10 A conflagration, the greatest in the
vhistory of Cincinnati in many years, and which at this hour is beyond
the control of the fire department, is sweeping the most prominent
business and hotel block of this citv The loss will be enormous, and
already amounts to more than $1,000,000
The fire smarted m the Gibson House, a hotel located on Walnut
Street, between Fourth and Fiftn Avenues The flames spread with
remarkable rapidit
In less than half an hour the fire was bejond control, despite the
efforts of eer available compam and fireman in the cit
The fire started in the Gibson House, a hotel located in Walnut
ttneken throughthe smoke filled halls, threatening to jump from the
wirdows, and being restrained from doing so onh b the combined
efforts of the police and firemen
number of persons ha e been taken to the cit) hospital
niMC!) trni.D
The se enteen story Union Trust
Building, adjointing the hotel on
v,. cnntVi is also on fire Three
.fps .n the Tohnston Building ad
joining the hotel on the north,
imP hpen destroed One of the
most fashionable jewelr stores in
the town has been destroed me
Postal Telegraph Companj s main
office just across the alle in the
rear of the Gib-on Houc was in
imminent danger of being dtrendf
and It was onlv through the efforts of
the firemen tl at the flames ha bn
kept from this building at this hour
Mioppln.. nl.trlct Doonird
The fashionable shopping district on
Fourth Avenue that part "
the fire ne ts doomed The Wlggin
Block where ar located the offices of
the National Baseball Commission and
the Cincinnati Exhibition Companj is
in the direct path of tne on rua...".,
flames and all the records of these
concerns are endansercd Several of
the sport writers on the local papers
hurried to the offices and arc guarding
the records from the fire
After Long Day s Fitful Fever Jor
dan Still Remains Ahead, It
Is Said
Final Appointment May Be De
layed Until Return of Presi
dent elect Wilson
general anticipation that W ill am F
JlcCombs would announce esterda the,
Fnal selection of Eldridge 1 Jordan as
chairman of the Inaugural committee for
l&la was not fulfilled and when the Ions
day s fitful fever was ended there could
Te found but little If an change In
the publics belief that Mr Jordan would
eventuall) have the position
There was one notable development
however that eema not to have got out
tc the people It was that for the other
candidates of whom Robert N Harper
and William t. Cox are the most prom
lnent, the fight is being carried manfully
forward and there was a very credible
rumor that statements Intended to ex
lublt the merits of candidates were still
pursuing Mr McCombs whom the tele
craph reported to be basking In a New
5ork serenity gratefullv In contrast to
the two days and four or five hours of
harassing hurl) burly of Washington
Because of the day passing without a
chairman being named, there went about
a rumor that the slating of Mr Jordan
might have met a serious obstacle and
hat Mr Harper or Mr Cox or a dark
bourse might win
The report current some time ago that
the appointment of the chairman might
not be made until after President-elect
"Wilson returns to the L nited States from
Bermuda alo began the rounds last
If the appointment of the inaugural
chairman is delayed until President elect
Wilson returns to the United States
there will remain two and one half
month Including the Christmas holl
days for the committee to do Its work.
There Is none too much time It was
asserted last night, by men of expe
Hence, and thehope was expressed that
when the announcement is finally made.
there will bo such implicit understand
inc between the national and local In
tereots that the preparation" for the
Inauguration may go forward with expe
ditlon. x
Interest in the personnel of the entire
committee and Its sbcommlttee is grow
Ins, too EspeclaUy In view of the
shortening time In which the committee
can do Its work, there Is a general con
cent In the make-up of the body which
will devolve the duty and the respond
blllty to make the Presidents advent a
complete success so far as his welcoming
capital Is a contrlbntlv e factor
On that account It Is probable that
public sentiment will Incline toward tha
committee. Including men w, have
erred In previous Inaugural committees.
Some of. these veterans have worked at
several Inaugurations, and are so- to
speak, specialists
Christmas and JVew Tear Holiday
TAnrA farm tnrouirhout the South
-cast la Southern Hallway Consult
agents, 70S ltn si ana sua r cu nw.
British Protest Causes Scarce
ly a Ripple in Legislative
President Taft Discusses Question
with His Cabinet and
Legal Advisers,
Prompt action with reference tn the
Lritlsh protest igalnst the Pinama toll
bill was taken vesterdaj bj the execu
tlve branch of the United States govern
So far as the legislative branch is con
cerned where the final action of the
government must be framed there was
scircel a ripple of Interest in Great
Britain s demand The Senate final ar
biter for this countrj In treatv matters
regards the I anarha tolls que-tion as a
closed incident.
The President with his Cabinet and the
legal authorities of the State Depart
ment took up the con"lderat on of thc-e
two problems
Is the question of the exemption
mcrican coistwle ships from Panama
Canal tolls arbitrable with Great Britain'
Should tie ue&tioii in an event be
passed to arbitration in view of the
flatly tegative action ilreadv taken by
the Senate
At the 1 It House and State Depart
ment it is stated authoritative! that no
conclusion was reached This was partlv
because the Cabinet is divided in sent!
ment and partlv bectuse it was lmpos"l-il
Iengthv communication from Great Brit
aln at one sitting
Knox ltrinnln I Irm
Secretarv Knox Is firm for tl e meri
can view Jf the tolls question 1 olding
that this countrj has an absolute right
under the Hav Pauncefote treaty to
make such regulations concerning do
mestlc canal traffic as Congress mav see
Secretarv of War Stimson Is against
free passage for American coastwise
ships rom i purely commercial point
of view and this slant inclines him to
look with tolerance upon the British pro
test. Secretarv Nagel although deter
mined to stand bj the bill as it was
enacted feels that the same object could
have been obtained in a waj that would
have left no ground for protest.
It Is admitted by both the W hite House
and State Department that anj decision
bj the Cabinet cannot be conclusive As
In the case of the New Foundland fsh
eries which wtnt to The Hague the
1 anama tolls arbitration question must
come before the Senate for ratification
If the State Department decided to set
the machinery of The Hague con v en
tion 'n motion
There Is little doubt In the minds of the
Cabinet official that if Secretary Knox
sends to the Senate the necessary special
agreement for referring the toll question
ot The Hague It would be decisively
beaten and therein the Incident would
Neither the .President nor the State De
r--tment has given any attention to the
position of Canada en the tolls question
i i the undercurrent or belief in diplo
matic circle here that Great Britain was
driven to her protest bv the complaints
of Canadians who are anxious to take
care of tho Canadian Pacific Railway and
its steamship connections w hich are hard
int by the Panama Canal act
'Would Ignore Cannda
It was officially states yesterda that
Canada is of minor Importance In the
situation, as it is swallowed up in the
great vital questions which the-President
and State Department has tmder discus
slon. The counselors of the State Dc
partment hold that Canada cannot under
take to show her teeth br retallatorv
action against the United States
If Canada attempts retaliation the mat
ter at once would be called to the atten
tlon of Grea Britain br the United States.
this government Ignoring tho British de
pendencj Should Great Britain not heed
our complaint the United States would
meet Canada s action by counter tetalla
Uons affecting the rallwoi and canal
Continued an Fas Eleven. '
Produce tha Coin Are
Real Progressives.
T. R. and Chicago Conference
Decide on Ways to Keep
Party Alive.
Chicago, Dee 10. Bull Mooters who
desire to dance for the next four years
must pay the fiddler themselves
George W Perkins William (linn and
the Plnchot brothers will 1 e permitted
to subscribe as much as tl ev phase
but other members will have to sub
scribe also
That is what Col Roosevelt himself
told his Moose followers to day That
the plan of organization and main
tenance that was advocated
Brleflv It means that professed par
tlcipatlon in the Bull Moose party Is to
entail the payment of dues It means
that the Moosers not only propose to
keep their organization working ever)
day In the ear for the next four years
but also to collect against the needs of
the next national campaign the largest
fund possible
Benjamin Fav Mills put the sum the
Moosers could raise at JiOOOCiGO a month
An assessment of 3 cents a month on
those who voted the ticket he pointed
out, would produce that sum
1 n until Nominated
Further In the course of the day s
doings at the conference Col Roose
velt was re nominated as the part a
candidate for I'resident tn 191$. But the
colonel let the Moosers know that they
need not worry about the leadership of
the part That will be attended to
when the occasion arises he said. Then
however came n significant warning to
those who might want to run for the
President -J'
No mat can come this f ty
that 1 e can establish a inuim on lr he
must be content with the opportunttv
It offers for service and for tacrine e
said Col Roosov elt
bout 1 00 Prosresslv es were packed
Into the ballroom at the La Salle Hotel
for thw all-day session over which
Chairman Jo"eph M Dixon of the a
tlonal Committee prtslded The lg
ev ents of the jlav were Col PooseveTt a
speeches, tWllnsJhe members what the
programme fo the future Is to be and
amplifications on monev raising and or
ganlzatlon bj Miss Jane Addams Dr
Walter F Well and Benjamin ha.i
Mills The rest was what one mcml er
called woof wah that Is to sav ion
fessions of faith and experiences
"peaks of Cnmpnlt.ii I mill
The colonel naturally had his a fir-t.
I believe" he said that political
parties should be controlled and be
paid for as far as possible b the ac
tual men and womrn who vote In dec
tlons 1 am willing that the parti should
take the large campaign contributions
If honestlj offered without conditions or
reservations. The real test of such gifts
is the motive and not the size The
broader however we make our due
paving membership the better It is for
the ITogressive party and for political
genialitv In general
Next the colonel Insisted that the parts
rsmim uy u& iimuurni Hna mane no a
Pfiances even down to county supervisors
Dut ne did not si that progressive
measures made bj others might not be
supported But he also gave warning
tint the onlv progressive orthodox! Is
Bull Moose orthodoxv and that an oth
er so-called progressive orthodoxv Is
"No part he said talking against the
recall of Judicial decisions which denies
the right of the people to secure justice
as we Progressives propose when the
courts interpret the Constitution so as
to enthrone Injustice has any right to
claim consideration for sincerity in an
effort to work for social and Industrial
I railers to Develop
In regard to leaders! ip the colonel
said both local and national we trust
that events of the next year or two w
develop our ablest and most resourceful
The colonel Interpolated a few hundred
words in his set speech about the Idaho
courts calling them more names than
he did in the campaign and asking the
Part to hire a lawjer and defend Editor
Sheridan of Boise In the contempt case
against him because he printed the colo
nel s telegram
Miss Jane Addams supported the plan
of organization for continuous work for
e next four vears '
Then came the report of Dr Well the
expert on money raising
His proposal was for the largest Dos
slble dues paying membership of both
men and women and with preference
In the party organization to those who
do pay dues
Mr Mills followed with his organlza
tlon suggestions, and then considerable
time was demoted to experiences
Heat Destroys
Paper in Safe; .
Cup Untarnished
From the Marjland Agricultural Col
letje at College Park last night came
a storj of the fickleness of heat and
fire which destroed two large build
Ings there two weeks ago
An Immense steel safe In which were
kept the college records was removed
from the ruins of the), administration
building yesterday WTien opened the
college records all the books used In
the bookkeeping department and the
Insurance policies were n mass of black
ened and charred paper
In the safe, also was a silver loving
cup. This cup wn not even tarnished
by the heat whlch was so strong as to
set fire and burn all other contents of
the safe.
Some of tho material In the safe was
still burning when It was opened The
fire insurance policies were badly dam
aged and nothing on them could be dc
caruer" " J
c.v TiioMiS' ii numi
New o k Dec 1 Reports are cur
rent In a m) circles along the Atlantic
coast tha MaJ Gen Thomas Henr
Barn commanding the Fastern Division
of the I nited States arm) is to succeed
MaJ Gen Leonard Wood on March 4
next as hief of Staff The Chief of
Staff Is nr c Icall In command of the
army II s the cloe mllltar adviser
the I nsldent and Secretarv of War
and is responsible for the mllltar de
fenses of the I nlted States
Superintendent of Naval Acade
my Recommends dismissal
for Nagging Fellow-man.
GjacUI T The Wublnctm HmM.
Annaoo ta. Md Ds, 19 Mthougb the
offense -charged against them Is not with
In the real category of hazing aa defined
by the act of Congress, because the
offenders and their victim are all mem
mers of the s-ime ilar the fourth Capt.
John H Gibbons, superintendent of the
Naval Acadeni acting upon the report
of a board of Investigation has recom
mended that four midshipmen be dis
missed from the naval service for the
maltreatment of one of their fellows
The record of the board s investigations
and the superintendents approval has
liten forwarded to tie Navv Department
for Its action The midshipmen slated
for expulsion arc Jonathan D Reed of
Kentuck William H Saunders of
South Carolina R, C Nevill of Missouri
and 1-arl Wagner of Pennss lv anta.
The lad who fell victim to the persist
ent m "treatment and nagging consist
ng of fistic combats and being forced
to do Humiliating acts, is T- II Jones
whose home is in Pennsylvania The In
vestlgatlon has been unaer waj for a
month and was conducted so quietly
uioi not until to-da did the rral import
or the seriousness of the offense 1 ecome
The authorities were rather reluctant
to discuss the matter at all pending the
-av irepanment s ictlon Although the
wanted the true facts known Today
they admitted that tie four oungsters
named above have been recommended
ior dismissal For what reason these-
lour iaas snould have formed themselves
Into a clique to pester one of their
classmates Is a questlor that has not
been answered but from what has been
gathered the case Is without precedent
In the hlstor of the Academv and
cording to reliable information Jones was
n many instances ver brutally handled
b his tormentors.
Ipprreladnn for Cnnniln
London Dec 10 The House of torn
rrens to day decided that formal expres
sion or ureat Britain s at preciatlon of
the patriotism displayed bv Canada in
promising a gift or three tattleships to
the British navy shall be made after the
proposal of Robert U Borden the Cana
d an premier has been dealt with in the
Canadian Parliament. There were cheers
when this action was proposed b
Premier JVsquith to dav following Op
position Leader Bonar Law s expressed
desire for ar opportunity to thank
For Shopping
Before Christmas
Rejoice and grow v.oung
again Get in the game with
the little ones
Make glad the wanderer,
for even the blase college boy
and the wie seminar girl
come down to earth on the
festal occasion
Get our nearest neighbors
to look after jour surprises,
and jou do the same for
Washington Herald
S-s .
Or, LF.Kebler Declares Iikj ol
gence In Drugs Has Increased .
100 Per Gent in Four Years.
Dr. F. T. Leitz Asserts Whisky .and
Brandy Effects Animals Just
Like Persons.
merlcan physicians are doing more to
spread the use of morphine and cocaine
r the Inltel Mates than an other
at.ei rv In lared Dr L. V le! ber chief
tl c Drug Dlvis on Department of
gritulture last nii.1 t at tl e f rt second
annual conven Ion of the Mnerl an fao
clet for th Mud f lcc hoi and Nar
c tics at the I aleigh
Dr Kebler said merlcan medical men
with not discriminate enough In using
opiate" T! cir overindulgence to their
patients I e said Is creatli &. thousands of
g users ever vear He declared that
drug ui-ing Ip the I nlted bntes had In
ised 101 per cent during the past fort
It l a ver sad thing to "ay that our
physicians are doing the greatet work
in promoting the use of cocaine and mor
phlne " said the doctor State laws are
not saving the publlr from the grip ot
he drug habit The American public Is
Inking tighter and tighter Into the black
abss of the morphine and cocaine fl-ld
Hove Fi mini (he Hnlilt
rh worst of It li that the importation
of opium Into this country Is not decreas
ing but It becoming larger 5 cars by ear
1 have heard It said on reliable authority
that &9 peV cent of the cocaine and mor
phfne manufactured in this countr Is
used bv persons who have formed the
Right here in the District traffic In
these two deadl drugs has reached
portentious stage. There are many
users of them here who dally obtain
them through some illigltlmato means
Druggists living in ne btate can sell
to U"ers In another without incurring
punishment For this reason I idvo-
cate the earl enactment of a law by
Congress which will cover these Inter
state sales
Dr B C Kicster superintendent of
the Keister Home Sanitarium. Roanoke,
v declared that drunki iness is In
creasing rapidly among Americans be
cause they tried to Imitate women
France and ermany In their manner
or ciriaKing oeer ana wine
Dr Keister sa d that "S per cent of
drunkenness In this countr was among
women and that it was rapidly increas
ing He estimated that Jla,i0(sT is spent
each car in the I. nited States for alco
hollr drinks
Dr F T Leitz, of the College of Phv
slrians and Surgeons Baltimore read a
paper at the afternoon session on the
effect of alcohol on rabbits He de
clared that t effected them Just as it
does the human being WTilsk an 1
brand were Injected to th nhblts
stomachs Tiv means of a tube he Fald
Itnl lilts trt Ilnpi
Dr Leitz declared that some of the lit
e animals became ver happ and
danced about the cage Just as would a
good natured person Other" he declar
ed Insisted on laving down and sleeping
off their Intoxication -vn 1 some Insisted
on goit g about getting into as much trou
bV as the could
V paper on the life of Dr Benjamin
nush of Philadelphia who was the first
American physician to stud alcohol ar
its effects on man. was read b Dr
Henr O Marc former president of the
American Medical Socict
The society will meet this morning at
10 o clock at the Raleigh The afternoon
session will open at 3 o clock The con
vention will then adjourn
by gas explosion
Woman in Kitchen Alone Nearly
Killed When She places Match
in Oven
Her clothing fired bv the explosion of
gas in the oven of a range Mrs Gene
vleve BIschoff flfts five sears old was
nearly burned to death In the kitchen ot
her home at 411 K Street Northwest es
terday afternoon before neighbors, break
ing In the front door of the hou"e went
to her aid
Mrs Bl3choff went to tho kitchen
shortly before 4 o clock to begin the
preparation of dinner She turned on thi
flow of gas In the range oven and ap
piled a match It Is believed one of the.
gas tubes had been rartlv open for sev
eral hours
When the flame o' tl e match Ignited
the gas there was a flash and In in In
stant Mrs. nischoff s clotl Ing was burn
Ing She turned off the flow of gas an I
then trieu,to beat out the flames Hear
windows ircre open an I the woman s
cries wcr heard I neighbors. The
broke the glass in the street door and
gained .entrance i
Mrs BIschoff was found on the kite) en
floor She was almost unconelous. Mio
had succeeded In nearly extinguishing
the flames bv rolling on the door n
ambulance was summoned and th
woman was removed to Emergency Hos
pltal Phjsicians found that she had
been burned from her waist upward
Her face was badlv burned and her hair
was almost entirely destroed
While phvsfbians hope to save Mrs
BlscliofTs life they fear the burns will
be fatal
inhnssador Held III
London Dec 10 It Is announced that
Ambassador Iteld has been suffering
from a cold since he returned froi
America. At present ha Is confined t
Ms room with bronchitis. He Is Dm
gross Ing- favorably however and Is able
to conduct his official duties
Christmas Ifolldav imtea
via the Chesapeake and Ohio Rallwav to
points m irslnla. West Mrginla, Ten
nessce Louisiana and Mississippi, Offioes
1339 1 Street and 513 Pennsylvania Vvtr
Largest Morning Circulation, ,-
London Dec 10. Mrs Mackarmlth and her two beantlfnl daughters are
arandtr the most popular . me Means now visiting la London a exclusive social
circles. It Is now mere commonplace to say Miss Mrrfnla Mackay-Smldt
la the "loveliest foreigner In I nndon peer of the realm made tbe phrase
and tfcere has never been any one to salnsay him Tbe Slaekay-Smltha have
been In I nndnn since last anrlnc They left tbelr nutlirlm kin-. .,- .
few vies-ki of the death of the husband
ay-Smlth Illshnp Coajntor of tbe Fptseopal Diocese of Pennsylvania.
Confronts Wife in Court Where
She Is Suing Another for ,
Breach of Promise.
New lork De 1 Vfter dcsirtoins
the death f -er husband, whose funeral
slie said she attended Mrs. Helen
Laule a trained nurse testifying In hr
C5.0O-) breach of promise uit against
David fcherard In the Supreme Court
this afternoon saw a small, dark man
tak the witness tand and heard him
declare himself to be the supposed dead
Mrs Caulej said she caine to New
Tork from W ilkesbarre Pa In IjOS to
take a cour"e of training at the French
Hospital A hile there sie nursed fci er
ard a retired wealthv tn ek mm ba-k
to health H promised to marrv her
but after lcav ng the hospital said he
couldn t because Ms "later in law expect
ed him to marrv her Mr" Caulej said
her husband was killed in a rvilro-vd ac
lident near Pittsburg she couldn t re
call the name f tho undertaker al
though she attended the funeral
The defendant s attorneys then placed
their "star w-tnes on the stand V"ked
if his wife was In the room he said
She s right over there behind that
r h1 headed fellow
re voj sure he vws asked
I ought to know her b this time
replied been mirrled ten vears
He added that h and the plaintiff were
married it Creensburg Pa. ten vear;
ago iiul hid lved together ever since
He said the list time he "aw his wife
was tl is morning when she left the i
1 ome to g lonn to rn
Judgn and J iror" 'looked on n amaze
ment an I were "till f irther surprised I
moment later when tie plaintiff's ittor
ne announced th it his client ha 1 id
ml te I th it sh 1 ad perjured herself
Mr t a ile vvas taken to the Tombs to
appe ir bef re the grat d Jurv
No Trace Found of Vessel in Col
lision with English Dread
nought Cenrunan
1 1 mouth Dec 10 An unknown
steamer w th 1 er entire crew lies at
the bottom f the English Chan 1 as
the result of a collision with the British
5ldi-ton dreadnought Centurian
The disaster came with terrific suddei
nc-s in the dark hours of Tuedav morn
li g Tl e apparentlj lost vesel attempted
tc cro"s the bo v of the battleship which
v.as steaming at twentv knots and sank
before the Centurian could render help
Tic butleships bow wis badlv dam
aicd and the steamers port 1 ght "till
burning was found on the Centurian s
One team tn m tl Centurian sal 1 it
wan ver dark at the time the accident
happened The ea was calm Tie lights
of tl oncoming vessel were sighted
il cad t nl a moment before the war
ship truck her with tremendous force
the Port side lorwaru Nothing was
st en of the vessel after the first Impact
It Is probable that she was hurled on
her beam end and foundered immediate l
vv th ah hands. The onslaught must
been terrific. The centurian rvl
dentl crumpled her up like an emptv
ult tin Not a single en. or call for
1 rip re ched the Centurian s crew The
battleship swept the waters with her
searchlight until dav light, but failed t
Una any wreckage
Nor Ik a Dec 10 -President-elect
Wood ow Wilson will visit Staunton.
a o December 9. He notified Ma) or
Wayt a lette received to-day The
Preside it elct wUl stop In tbe room In
which, h wa boxn,
and father. Right Rev Alexander Mark-
- ,
Committee Makes Second An
nual Report at Meeting of
Chamber of Commerce.
Work of the Committee of One Hun
dred for the Future JJevelopment of
Washington during the last ear was set
forth in the second annual report of the
ctmrnlttce read by its vice chairman
William r fchanaon to the chamber or
e!, at the Iaat meeting of the
chamber for 191- held at the chamber,
headquarters lat night.
After a statement of the
v 1 Ich the eomi ,
n I in favor of0 ,.
!"'"' 'he ""on- 'ed bv Glenn
r rown as halrman -peelallc referred
t the L.ncom Memorials follow,
I . r o?" "J 5! r commlt, and mem
teet. L, Jlmerlcan Ins'"e of Arrhi
teets attended -everal hearings before
,r,nm,m',',ee f ,he Hou" f Repre
Park roa'JmIOP.PO"l2n to chan n the
of the ?E? , '?," ""' anJ '" '"or
or the I incoln Memorial ,. ...,.
against a roadwav " s
lour comm ttee has irti t,.. ...
- i-t continue to work to nrev.e, ."
inh d version of the tiftwocn appro
anon 'or a memorial ,tnt...... ... ,.
e In in the I -trlct of", olumbTa ,. -
';,r"ure uk '"' 'orm of a bridge
Arlington or a memorial ,
nended bv the I- Ine Art, l o -,.'.. '"
t'h'e n'h frT bMnK dh"tfd outside or
In k in " f''-to a roadwaj b
v I Ich the name if Lincoln would be n .
"re honored th n It would be to re.
ihWun rondi" Poad or y "
ate!T rJdS '" tbe Lnltea
'standpoint of Tourist
,f f om no other than the standpoint
of the ourlst
snouiti Be considered
thtt 1 (-CO v lshors
vent up the Washing
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Frank Andrews Inmate of New
Lutheran Home, May Die
of Injuries
l nconscious and suffering Injuries which
probablv will result In death rrank n
lrew flftv nine vears old an nmate of
the new Lutheran Home at Langdon
was fonn 1 near the Baltimore and Ohl
Railroad tracks at Montello shortly after
6 ocUkK last night bj Policeman Wall,
of the Ninth precin t It Is thought A
drews was stru k bv a train.
Wall railed the driver of an auto to
the scene an 1 the injured man was re
noved to bible) Hospital where physl
cians found thtt he had sustained a frac
tur of the skull a broken col ar bone
an I internal Injures ndrews is so
ba llv hurt that ph)sirlans say his death
Is but i matter of hours
It is believed Andrews was walking to
tne iJithernn Home from the citj and
was on 0 e railroad tracks at the tlm
that Incoming train No Sal In chars
of Engineer Ltchlnson and Conductor
faetxer passed Montcello Neither of thi
trainmen had knowledge of a man being
struck when questioned b the police
A thorough Investigation of the accl
dent Is being made by the police Th
bodv was found within the pistrlct line
and If Andrews succumbs hfs death will
bo proved bj Coroner Nevitt The post
tlon In which the body was found an I
the fact that all discovered ndrew
just a few minutes after the incoming
Baltimore and Ohio train had parsed lea I
the police to believe that the pedestrian
was -truck by this. train.
1 hiladelpl la, Dec 10. George nu
llum, for seventy years part owner of
the Ualdwln Locomotive Works r.
djeti Ui-dttv alter f. toss IUatH

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