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Three Nationals May Go Happy New YearFoothali Game
-i.7T'r -- .Tf aaaaWJl r T- .- v:'"lKifA1 . -' a sLrT'-ia JJWiTP' S j' " " 3 j
Musser, Boehling, and Long
Slated for the Atlanta
Join Henry Sayj He I in the Bert
of Condition and Will Sorely
Play Ball.
Billy Smith, manager of the Atlanta
Club of the Southern League. Clark Grif
fith's bosom friend, who Is In Washlnff
toij at present for a short visit, expects
to land three of the J ounsr Nationals be
fore he leaves the Capital.
bouthpaw Joe Boehlins. Paul Musser.
and Tommy Long are the plajers Smith
hopes to corral, with the bettlnrj odds 10
to 1 that this trio will be 01 me jou
when the candidates for the Atlanta club
report for practice this spring;
Long has virtually been promised to
Atlanta. Griff figures that with Shanks.
Moeller. and Milan, and such promising
youngsters as Connelly and Calvo. the
young Cuban, together with Welchonce.
untried material, he has no place for the
lleet-rootcd Uadsden joungster.
Musser is a pitcher who is sure Ho de
velop with plenty of work, while Joe
Boehling also possesses the sturr. lacking
only control In fact. Manager Smith had
Boehling for a short period last season
when at the head of the Chattanooga
club, and was forced to -turn him back
because Joe was as wild as a March
hare. It Is believed that both Boehling
and Musser will be sold to Atlanta on
the optional agreement plan, so that
Washington may be able to grab them at
the close of the season lrthey are ready
for another trial In the majors.
There is a possibility that Griff may
encounter opposition when he tries to ask
for walers on Musser as several Amer
ican League managers liked the looks of
the tow-hraded twlrler last season
Tommv Long vvas sold to Mobile last
spring and plajed good ball for that
club He Is as fast as the) make 'em
and can hit. A weak throning arm Is
his onl) handicap Billy Smith thinks
well of the Gadsen boy and has already
consigned him to a place In his outfield.
Jchn Henry's Knee.
Catcher John Henry, of the Nationals
arrived In Washington Jesterday and
will sp-nd two weeks In Washington, re
turning to late home In Amherst, Mats.,
until the time appointed for the Na
tionals lo report for spring training
As lias been stated before, Henry Is
here at the request of Manager Griffith
to undergu treatment for a bum knee in
jured Ian reason while throning to sec
ond base when the ligaments were
wrenched as the catcher made a qnlck
throw to second, his spikes catching In
the ground while he attempted to make
the heave
Yesterday afternoon Henrv' knee was
. examined b the club physician and sev -tral
other experts, who will meet In con
sultation to-morrow to decide Just what
liould be done
The writer had a talk with Henr last
night, who said that he felt as film as a
liddle, ready to play ball to-morrow If
necessarv .
"The whole trouble is this," vouch
safed John there is a piece of carti
lage In the region of my kneecap which
refuses to lay quiet and which frequently
causes me troub'e. I will know on Thurs
da Just what the surgeons decide, which
will be one of two things this cartilage
will either be sewed in place or removed
The operation, thev tell me, will be only
a minor one. and I do not expect to be
laid up more than a feu davs. I will be
right on the Job when the bell rings, as
good as new. I expect to be home In two
weeks from to-day at the very latest."
It has not been decided whether to
hate the operation on the catcher's knee
performed In 'Washington or Baltimore.
The experts will settle this point during
their consultation to-morrow
The popular catcher was not only en
thusiastic over his visit with Grift out
in the wilds of Montana, but confirmed
everything the Old Fox had to say about
that famous deer-slaying incident.
Bowlers' Are Working Hard in trie
Royal Down-and-Out
As the closing day of the tournament
draws closer the interest among the
many contestants Increases Lots of good
scores were made jesterday, boosting
their totals and causing many shifts
among the leaders. List got among tho
eight high, causing Meany to drop out.
Sev eral good bowlers are w Ithln one good
game of Hansford, who Is In eighth
place with a total of 1.171.
The contest closes Thursday midnight,
eight men to qualify for any ten high
Fames. Roll-off Friday night, finals Sat
urday night.
Eight high men to date are as follows:
Itlder, 1.2H, Goodman. LEO. Weckerly,
L307, Matchett, 1.301; Roberts, l.ISS. List,
1.1S3, Stanford, L1S1: Hansford, 1,171
Slnnnger and Slacnate to Confer at
Los Angeles. Cal , Dec. 31 Frank
Chance will leave his home. In Glendora.
for Chicago next Saturday morning and
will meet President Frank Farrell, of
the New York Americans, in the Windy
City Tuesday, January 7. Chance re
ceived a telegram from rarrell to-day,
asking when a meeting could be ar
ranged. He Immediately answered, sav
ing he could meet the New York mag
nate In Chicago the first of next "week.
When asked concerning the terms he
would ask of Farrell, Chance said he
would wait until he saw what Farrell
had to offer. He said, however, that If
he goes to New York as manager next
jear that he will positively manage the
team from the bench.
K. of C. Inter-ConncU Leasue.
lWomM- I Juldlrs-
Mdloa . S - Mi Pcsntoa .. n 91 B
nut nffi s ieAnhfft ... c a m
Colombo ..91 : I icirtjlj ... M C! K
IMbfbtrtT -. 1M M J"J Whmt ...... tl IS SS
McUroej .. ST 1BJ JS Ttoje v. Ml K
Total! .. J CI 4 I ToUls ... K W iH
Charles Murphy has arranged thirt
exhibition samcB tar the Cubs Inls
aav ""eGx&X "Sv aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafl
aaam V I"tW(ek bbbbbbbbbbbbsV!u " laaaaaaaaaaal
VaaaaaaaaaaaaaasV' Baaaaaaaasw'f'vf fHaaaBasaaaasQiSBai
aasT ? !tv,1 sfAskt-lasaBBBaaBBBsiTasaBssBBBBl
aw?- Wt-l$Mt i" 4Vi? VJraBBBBBsBaaaaF SbbbHI
V 'y'Vtof M 7if-A a as"w"aSsai
Tom Long k. Joe BoehlinS
Palzer-McCarty Bout Likely
to Be One of the
Boxers Await Opening Gong Large
Crowd Will Be on Hand to
See Battle.
Tty W. W. ADCHTU..
Los Angeles, Cal, Dec. a Al Palxer
and Luther McCarty are still selling at
evens. But that doesn't mean that there
is a surcease of argument and that the
rival factions are content to wait for
Tongues are nagging and faces gron
in red Just as they were yesterday and
the day before. All that Palzer and Mc
Carty have done, may do, or may fall
to do Is being guessed at In every cjarter ,
of Los Angeles w here sports congregate. (
It is sa'd that arguments as to the
correct methods of plaving bride some-
times dlsruDt haDPI families If this
white hope tussle were put off a few
days the chances are It would be re
sponsible for the "breaking up of life
long friendships and the dissolution of
business firms
Light Work, nt Camp.
Llirht work was the rule at the camps
of both hopes to-day. McCarty tramped
a few miles In the morning and put in
a half hour In the gjmnasium in the
afternoon Palzer did road work early
In the day and later hauled on the pui
lejs and punched the swinging bag
It is felt that McCarty is the better
conditioned of the pair He was In fine
shape when he boxed Jim Flynn. and as
he rested a ver few davs before going
into quarters again it has been almost
a case of continuous training for several
weeks In his case.
Palzer suffered from a stomach ail
ment soon after he pitched camp and
this prevented him from preparing him
self as thoroughly as the other man At
that he Is In fine shape.
As showing how Tom O'Rourkc feels
about the condition phase of It, I might
mention a remark he made to me to-day:
"If It had been an) one else but Mc
Carty I might have liked a week longer
to get ready, said O Rourke. "But
Palzer Is in good enough condition to
lick half a dozen McCartys "
As proof that O Rourke really views
the matter that way It may be stated
that he is quick to cover any even money
bets that are brought to his notice. lie
Is complaining because be has been un
able to place so far more than $2,500
Palzer will weigh about 23) pounds
when he answers the gong McCarty will
be fifteen pounds lighter.
I felt after seeing the first
round of the Luther McCarty
Jlm Flynn battle that I could
whip cither of the men In the
ring Flynft was so weak he
couldn't stand up, vet McCarty
couldn't finish him What can a
feather puncher like that do to
I took one rap on the chin
from Bombardier wells that waa t
equal to any six punches handed
out by McCarty. Ill win any
time between the first and tenth
round A well placed smash may
drop McCarty In the first round.
At all events Til wear him down
long before the limit.
I expect to come out of the
ring to-morrow a winner the
world's heavy-weight champion.
I never saw Palzer box, but that
doesn't make any difference. I
take things Just as I find them
after the bell rings Its t ins
enough to make your plans when
jou have our man In front of
Palzer's friends keep pointing
to his one battle with Bombardier
Wells. Why don't they say
something about his last fight,
the one wtth Tony Ross. If a
dub like Ross can hold Palzer
even, what have I to fear from
AL I only hope that Palzer Is
good enough to make the fight
a hard one.
Good Player from Connecticut.
New Haven, Conn., Dec. 3L A local
sporting man says the Connecticut
League has done more than its share in
turning out big league base 'ball stars.
Among the products of the league he
mentions Ed Walsh. Fred Parent. Ptt
Dougherty. H"b t'errls, Dan Murphy,
Jlmmle Collins, Eddie .Phelps, Buck
O'Brien, George Simmons, and Cuba
M&rsafis. r
The old rrar wasn t fueh a bad ooa aflfr all.
There Vfre lota wre
Maitn Is nearly haaVupi, taja a sfport. Mexico
lua nothiDE 00 a lot of puurio w know at Utb tir
of the came.
liopa avfiDss eternal in tha airman breajttuiUl
the borne dabs haa dronvd to canua tu a row.
The old water wigua creaked ender a beary load
as it roznUed up Fburtfootb street eo minute after
roldnUht. It will cot be ao Deary one week from to
day Kce rariou' reacona, the name of thoaa local
rorts who hare awura off are cot publiahed la Uiia
Oren home at the T. M (X A. to-day. Tha ens
will be popular, while the tank wBI alao attract many.
Zbratko. tha European wrestler, far with ns (ahl.
txinriMy to challenge Prink notch, who haa twice
defeated him. Somehow or other nobody aeema to be
eirited over the appearance of the Me foreitner with
the nrrrononncable name.
Which leadi na to add Uiat Jos Turner, who is
meeting all comers up North, writes that he rs llndint
it difficult to obtain matches, and that the runes
offered are cot bulky
-Harry Ward sum he hopes BUI BaBej'i stuff win
be better la 191J than it waa in lJti Wecotyer,
Bnenos Ayrrs wants the Nationals to train down
there next spring. Red Bank, J, has not been
besrd from jet.
There la a movement on foot to abotah hammer
throwtnx In the colleges. Joe Tinker would like to
base this rule: passed by the baseball fana in Clndn
Billy Smith, the Atlanta manager, wants Oris to
twrt with Musser. Boehliog. and Tommy Xrog. That a
better, we thought Billy wtnted Walfr Johnxon.
Clyde Milan, and Chick Oacdil.
How would you lDxe to wake up to-morrow mom
Ins discorrr that it waa April 10. and that Walter
Johnson was scheduled to go against the Athletics in
the opening game of the season on the Florida Aee
nue ball park?
Well, beroj wbhin; all of you. or as th-y say hi
V irginla, you all," a happy New Year
Jim Batey a Captures Handicap at
Seven Farlongt, Beating Lad
Juarez, Mexico, Dec. JL Not one fa
vorlto scored this afternoon and the win
ners In the many of the events were
accorded little public support.
The handicap at seven furlongs went
to Jim Basey, but his work was cut out
for him, as he met sturdy opposition In
Lady Panchita The latter took a com
manding lead at the start and showed
dazzling speed throughout. In the final
sixteenth Jim Basey came from the
rear and caught the leader at the pad
dock gate. The to raced like a team
to the wire and the stronger rldo of
Steele won for Jim Base) by a scant
The finish of the fifth race resulted
In another close contest when dold Finn
managed to get up in time to scratch the
race from J. B Robinson by a narrow
margin. Summarv :
FIRST RACE-Flre snd one-half furlongs. Percy
Henderson. to 1. win. Gay. 3 to I, second; Mary
Emily. S to ft. thirl. Time, 1x17 Iloyal Dolly,
Jack EHIi Uovy Posey. Cliantieleer, Clint Tucker.
Dcerfoot Talma, and Mike Molettce alao ran.
SECOND nvcn-ODe mile. Lot Day, 3 to 1.
won. Little Marchmont. 4 to 1. second: blecplsnd,
3 to L third. Time. IU. Q I'ato, lmlr. M Cam
bon, Barney Oldfleld. Swede Sam. Zoroaster, Coli
net. Jndgs Walton, and Lescar siso ran.
THIRD UAIE-Flte and one-half furlongs.
Rongon, 7 to 2, won; Frank G Hogan, 7 to 10,
second. Toy Buy, een, third. Time. IST 34 Gift.
Abyhu. Charles Goetz. Burning Bush, Commenda
tion. Fair Louise, Ramsey, Faneuil Hal, and
Boca Grande also ran.
FOURTH ltACE-Seren furlongs. Jim Basey. i
to 2, won; Lady Panchita, 8 to 5, second; Koote
nay. 1 to third. Time. ISA. Upright also ran.
FIFTH RACK-Slx furlongs. Ooldsnn, I to 5.
won; J B. Robinson. I to 2, second: Florence
Roberts. 1 to 2. thud. Time, 103 15. Milt Jones,
Dr Dougherty, Ooran Queen, and Seneca also ran.
SIXTH RACE-One mile. Gold of Ophlr. to L
won, Rio Brazos, 4 to 5. eecond. Puck, 1 to 2.
Udrd. Tune, 1-4). Masalo, Mycenae, Duneratxln,
and Hanly also ran.
Mrs. Chase Gets Divorce.
New York, Dec 21. Supreme Court
Justice BIJur to-day signed an Inter
locutory decree of absolute divorce in
favor of Mrs. Nellie 11. Chase from Hal
Chase, the first baseman of the New
York Americans. Mrs. Chase was award
ed the custody of Harold, Jr. and J1.3M
a year alimony,
Farrell After Laijolr.
New York. Oec ILFrank, Farrell,
ownr of the New YorkeAmtrlcans. has
opened negotiations to secure Lajole. the
great second sacker of the Cleveland
club, who. It Is rumored, will be let out
because his legs have gone back on
Dr. Phillips, of Amherst, Says
Finland Was Poorly Equip
ped and a Failure.
Motion of the Ship Made Ronninj an
Impouibilirr on a Hard
Special to The Washington Herald.
Xew aork, Dec. 5L The Society of
Directors of Physical Education held Us
Fitt ceh th annual meeting at Columbia
University vesterdav. Representatives of
thirty colleges and universities In the
East and Middle West were on hand and
discussed tlie prcblema of properly ao.
mlnlstrring'phyzical education . .
Dr. Panl'C Phillips, secretin of the
1 society and director of physical education
ne Amhmmt rniipi.. entiiu.fi a. sensation
I at the afternoon session by declaring
that the training facilities or the steamer
Finland, on which the last uiympio team
went to Stockholm, were quite different
from what they were supposed to be and
were quite Inadequate "It li a wonder
that our athletes did as well as they
did. ' sa'd Dr. Phillips, "considering the
fact that they were poorl) taken care
of" He added:
"In the llrst place, the Olvmplc com
mittee should have sent a score or more
assistant trainers to work undej- Mike
Murphy, who found It a ph) steal Impos
sib'Ilty to work personally wtth a squad
of 130 men. 1'acllitles were bad for tak
ing tare of the men on shipboard, and
there was only one rubber, who charged
3 cents for each rubdown. Many of the
athletes said altera ard that It was north
more than a quarter not to be rubbed
"There was no room for real practice
on the ship, and the swimming tank was
almost a farce The deck which was
used for a track was hard, and the mo
tion of the ship made it practically Im
possible for the runners to maintain their
stride "
At the sessions of the conference sev
eral Important papers were read. Dr. J.
H. McCurdy spoke on "Ventilation Prob
lems," and Dr. Joseph E. Raycrort, phy
sical director at Princeton University.
had a paper on "Material and Equip
ment." Dr. D. A. Sargent. ph steal di
rector at Harvard, read a paper on "The
Psychic Side of Physical Education."
At the afternoon meeting Dr. R, Talt
McKenzie. of the University of Pennsyl
vania, led the discussion on "The Reor
ganization of the Central Institute at
Stockholm "
Light-weights Will Club To-day in
San Francisco in Big
San Francisco, Dec 31. Frankio Burns
and Harlem Tommy Muprhy put in their
last day of hard training for their
twenty-round bout scheduled for New
dear's Day to-day. ,
The boys will do some light boxing
this afternoon in preparation for the
strenuous session mapped out for them
on Wednesday.
By agreement the bovs will weight In
at 10 o'clock on New Year's Day at 133
pounds. Bums Is already at weight. He
tips the scales at 134H pounds yesterday,
Muprhy can make the weight handily,
so that there Is not likely to be any
trouble on that score. So far both sides
have been willing to give and take even
money, though there has not been a
rush on either side to place bets.
Ynmo. Quint Wins Fast Game by
::i to no.
The newly organized Yuma Athletic
Club, of Mount Pleasant, defeated the
Orioles of the Y. M. C. A. In a fast and
exciting game of basket-ball at the Y.
M. C. A. yesterday, 34 to 30.
This Is the first time that the Orioles
have been defeated by any team their
size this season.
The Yumas would like to arrange
games with any team In the city weigh
ing; IS pounds. The game will be played
on the challenging team s floor. Address
C. Chambllsa, ltZi Monroe Street North
west. Line-up and summary:
Yuma Orioles
McCormlck, It. F. Steed. B. F.
Hamu. L. F. Cor, L P.
Edmondson, C gtowera. C.
Chambers, It. (J. Birds!. R. G.
FslL L. O. Miller." U U.. '
Goals Steed VCot I. Stowers 1 Miller I, Har
rtll I McCormlck 5. Edmondsou 3, Felt L Jtef-
u, wir.1,0
Service Teams Clash Sunday
at Union League
Park. .
Joe Tnrner Going: Gqod ia New Eng
land Other Sporting
By C. W. JWA.X,
An All-Army eleven, composed of the
stars of the Engineers, Fort Mycr, and
Fort Washington football teams, win
clash with an All-Navy team Sunday at
Union League Park promptly at a o clock
with "Hip" Dugan as the referee.
Final arrangements were made yester
day by the managers of the teams, and
all that remains Is to start the battle.
The All-Navy team will practice this
afternoon again, while the All-Army
eleven Is In the best of condition.
Manacer Thomas, of the Navy ag
gregation, will have several of the best
grldlroners of the navy in me game,
and while the Army team will have had
the most practice, among the stars who
will play with the Navy team are Att
wood, Barth. Heed, Smith. Parkes, Haw
kins. Tupper, Redman. Thomas, Hale,
and Jones. An effort Is being made to
get three of the stars of the Itelna Mer---,!
eleven here for the game, but
nothing definite wilt be known regarding
this until later In the week.
This game game will be the final one
of the season In the uistrict, as me v ig
Uants have closed their season and will
not play again until October 5, 1S1J. One
of the largest crowds of the season li
expected, and the same ground rules
will prevail.
Joe Turner, the local grappler who la
defending- the middle-weight Champion
ship of the world In Boston and the sur
rounding towns. Is making good with a
vengeance, and will be booked to meet
Gehrlng In Boston within the next couple
of months
Turner has defeated such men as Ed.
Miller. Zubeik. the Swede. Hans MIchale.
Nell Olson. Billy Mitchell, and Peter
Goulet. Qeorse Touhey. the Boston
wrestling and boxing referee. Is promot-1
ing Turner In the Hub city, and unless
several good bouts are arranged In
Washington, the local boy will remain
in Boston throughout the winter.
The Wrestler, a paper published in
Woonsocket. R. I. has the following to
say regarding Turner:
"Joe Turner, the middle-weight cham
pion of the world, was the guest of
Charles Cutler, the American heavy
weight champion, at the big match at
Boston, Christmas night Joe waa Intro
duced by the referee and he was given
an ovation- by the large crowd present."
It ta understood that Manager Maver.
of tho Lyceum. Is negotiating with sev
eral good wrestlers, to book them against
Turner In this city, but unless a match
Is arranged In the near future. Turner
will remain In Boston
Wrestling may be started again In the
District, with the top notchers as the
attractions. Such men as Amerlcus. Dr.
Roller. Yankee Rogers. Cyclone Burns,
and Zbyszko will be brought here In the
heavj -weight class, while It Is planned
to match Joe Turner, the local mat
artist, with either Henry Gehrlng. Hans
Yokel, Matty Galvln. Sailor Burke,
or Henry Ochsenhouser. the German
middle-weight champion. Such bouts as
these would prove to be drawing cards,
and would eliminate all this howl about
fake matches, as these men cannot afford
to take a chance.
Joe Harris the former Eastern High
School basket-ball and baseball player.
Is attending the University of Virginia
at present and should put up a game
light for the second base job on the ball
rlne. While In the high schools here
Harris was one of the best fielders In
the series, and also hit the pill hard.
When the Virginia baseball candidates
worked out last fall, Harris looked pretty
good, but as only light fielding work was
attempted, no real line could be gotten
on him.
Harris Is at present spending the holi
days with his folks, and said last night
that he expected to make the varsity at
Charlottesville. He Is out for the basket
ball team, but owing to his lightness,
will not get a chance.
Southern Athletic Clab to Hold As
, nnal CntcrtnlnnieDt.
The Southern Athletic Club, at SOS
Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, will
hold Its 'annual smoker to-night, and a
cordial Invitation Is extended to all Its
members to attend.
The club Is now under the manage
ment of Percy Chambers. Its original
president, and has been completely reno
vated for this occasion. The club bos
enjoved a most prosperous veer, and
will start the new year with a smoker
and entertainment which will long be
remembered by the members.
International Shoot.
New York, Dee. 3L The third annual1
international Indoor trap shooting tour
nament will be held here from Febru
ary 27 to March S, coincident with the
Sportsmen's Show at Madison Square
Garden. There will be six Individual
matches and six team matches.
FIRST RACE TwTyesr-old: three fnrlcoxs.
Ida Latta ........ IB I Solid Bar HI
Aunt Mamie ....... Ill I Stella Ward .......... in
Ttj DamVI mj'Uahama Bam....... Ill
Yip 11a Ya........... IU j Ilousa Party 113
SEOOVD RACE-SelUta;: three-jear-olds and up
ward : six hrrlone,
LotUlX Moae ........ C 1 Prtnre Ctnrad 192
Ivaiahl SS I Helen Bcott...... ...... KB
Anto Girt ............ 10Q I Lookout .......... 105
lluaa 100 Louis DoeocneU .... 1(6
THIRD RACE-SeWns; three-jear-olda and up
vsxd: six farlonf.
Geuuu . ...... los
Quick Trip. 10S
Hiddea Hand.......... 1B
Sold Nuno..... .... 107
aa Morton. 113
Haiti O.
Jet Red 101
IUlronU . 103
FOURTH RACB Three-rear-olds aad upward;
one sod one-sucteenta roues.
Lord Marshall... B
Crsekerbox S3
Irish Gentleman...
O l Miller.......
Meridian ,
(eneral sfarchmonL. 103
niteST Feet,. 101
FIFTH HACr-Tsree-rear-olds and upward: six
rilmlet MSI rips Vision 101
Tommy McGee....... 105 1 Mereoads .............. 103
VaTcada 103 1 Cantemaa ............. IU
Lee Harrison II . 105 I Anselus.. ......... .. 119
SIXTH KAC&-celliria:; foor-rcar-olds and up
ward.; ona and ooe-daiiUi miles.
SUter Florence...... M Surer Grain Ill
Haby Don...... let I Kaldiffe .. - Ill
Coaanla KS I Shorty Northcutt...... 112
Orperth UT
a Apprffitios tSpnsct dil?ed.
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on tables made by. the
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your favorite game.
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style, fit, and. tailoring.
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If you briQjr this ad.
f.31 NINTH aiMCJH -
We clre Tlerald SSSXW eoatest jvsrtes.
Electric Radiators,
give a cheerful
1 clow like a hearth
wD fire- Clean, safe,
convenient. $6 up.
National Electrical Supply Co.,
X3S8-30 X. Y. Awe. Phone M. SM.
VTs Glrs Votes in Tha Herald s 13.00 Contest.
Always the Same
Berkeley Rye
Speetst Prtrato Dwllrwrr.
tig r iimt S. W. Trcsn) Mala Ilea.
None Better
IJ5 life' SLB.W. M.7EI5
1- Cite Votes la The Ueralr saVOOt Contest.
Auto Supplies
Of Every Kind AIway Hera.
W srlTt) Ilr-nld sOSUsOO comtaat wtesv
Expert Electric Vehicle Ref airing
Btorage Batteries repaired and .
wed. Ignition and XJchtlnsr Btur
lea Charged and Built to Order.
Phone M. 233. Rear 11X0 L St. N. XT.
, Ha Qisa Votes la Ttts HeraM a ttVOTS) Contest,
Phone M. SKI.
Electrical Contractor,
(OK H St. N. W.
Electrical Supplies and WgTel ties.
W. Ores Votes tn Tne Herald s SB-sa. Psoases.
rive and aeren passenger ear.
1319 L St. N.W.
-Phone N. 1470.
To Ores otss) Ja Tae Uarald i InVOBI Poets.
Jeannette MeeU Clarke.
Joplln. ilo., Dec. JL Joe Jeannette,vthe
negro heavy.vrelsfat puelllst, ana Jeff
Clarke, of Birmingham, have been
BatcSed. to meet bare January 11
Haa RensoTed ta ?
1610 14th Street H.W. I
Pkoae Worth BWT. J
Wt srrrarotea ta Tha Heral4
tSMWO coatewt.
Room 206, Woodward Bldg.
Phone West 213
Wa Oris Votes ta Tha Herald's S.0M Cootast,
$17.50 to $50.00
4SC-3. 10thSt.rs.W.
' Cut out thla ad and receive 31.00 '
' discount on any bicycle. Open "
' evenings. Phone M. 6J(.
We ate Votes tn Tb BeaUTs IS,M CantsjL
Money Talks
Wa Iits Tan 35 Per Ceat 7
Palattasr Automobtlea, &
We uae only Valentine's Van- T
adlum Varnishes, the only Tar- T
Dishes that will stand soap, mud, J,
and water. We bake enamel oa A
hoods and fenders. X
Autos painted. $12 SO and us. X
Used automobiles and motorcy- X
cles for sale.
Cor. 14th and W Sis. N. W.
Way akootd Automobile owaera be tar.
mentesl Ttlth tire trouble wheat they
east be positively dose away with by
The World Best FOter
rsr AntemobBe Tire.
Ho Experunent.
Thonuxoly Tested.
Time Tried.
208 SovrTMon Buiuna
FUllaa- Plaat. 2M-3M Foartewata
Street jr. w.
We srlTs) Herald 33.0OO oateat vartea.
Srent for Flaadera aad Tale Ketsf
eyclm aad Carra Sswelal Bleyelav
fareycla Orerluitsllaar aad Belt Baa
sstrtas;. Aeeesaoiiea aad Snaartea,
Bleyela Rsaalrtaaj. Bntsdas. aad Orao
aauuaa. anypiieas aula aeeeealTs.
ana ta aw. ja. w
804 Ssvsntsenth Strast
?7 YEAIf arajeaatirt practle U tha
tl IMH , -f caraale, HervasM.
aad Special aUsvcaaea at Bfaa aaa Wasaea.
Meana Health to Yon if Yon Suffer
From Catarrh. Obeaitj. Boeaaauaia. Ccnstlasttew,
PQea. Throat. Lunt, Brsln. Heart. Blood, and Sara
Dtesaes. HertoraDwaUity. Kldacr Insasssa. Bted-
ter TroBblea. Spsolria aUood Potsonlna; EracOooa,
Iknt, and til rflrst. Dlasaaeasnd (or fltaal
rnvata Waltlasr Rosa far lias
omci Hotmji
atoll Its s. eVnviui. is to n
DR. BALIMS 6inuo s?clilli!
On tha nervous system, blood, aad
stomach. Doctor's service and madlam.
fL Hours, 10 ta a. Phone U. 3(10.
Closed Sunday.
Wa Otts Vote ta Tho abaaVTs saUN Oeatsa.
Every Wunan
u sKcxcsttd xna s&ocu kacw ,
Bhon tS wtroAmrfvl
l aMRVElWlarliSf Stray
ns new vaginal Syrlnsja.
Best raostconTenwst. rs
I Instantly.
Aak year crosriit for Jul
if a fiTinnc ropply 1
aaJTVaX. accent co c
bat send stasis for llhtstnred
book-sealeo. It liees full parti
lara serf aUrefHena tnrareanlata t
alsem Ca 44 tM strael saw T ark
O-Donntn-s rturmafwa. MrSLn.BtlMt
Ma, aa, M and p. Ana a, M as. Jf sia, na.
Vs. .at M
.pEfr? H
BsxeaswSaBaaaaaal deax
JhcJafjSaafPp. .
A.M,. Jijve&gtk'&i
t-Sad.--,v- - t&-sj
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