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ViBitt Plijirntus, S25ir?urttr.
To Hare money see
tne before you bur
not after.
Jot. Hall Chase.
Don't pay money to help de
fray the expense of fancy rents,
nnd biff running expenses of the
agent We manufacture and ope
rate to save ou large amounts
of money.
No finer piano made In the
world than a Schubert. Tour
guarantee is from our factory
ind for an unlimited time.
Talk to people in Washington
having used Schubert Pianos IS
years We will tell you where
they are.
1307 G ST. X. W.
We give oles In The Herald
2S,OoO contest.
Cnal WooH
ISS Coke
5 143 B St. S. E. Phone Line. 179
603 Pa. Ave. S. E.
Thone Line. 1331.
Interior Decorator
Let us give an estimate for
jour work. It does not obligate
ou In any way
We give Herald 2o,000 contest
Butter Toast
Eivo the labels. Good for 5 votes in
S2C.000 contest.
Why Not Be Like the Runner
Start sending your linen to
ns on January 1, then no
tice the difference.
Yale ' Laundry
Laundrrrrfl, Dry Clranerfl, Dyer.
437 New York Av. Nw.
We give Herald S.2.-.000 contest votes.
"See Etz and See Better"
We give Herald (23.000 rontest votes.
Special Jordan and flft
Chocolate Almonds.lb. w7Q
AH Kinds of Fancy Dozes.
We take orders for Sunday school
ind other entertainments.
1203 II St N. E. 921 9th St. N. W.
We give Herald S25.0OO contest totes.
TO-Tt tn t of Foodstuff! eta
be bid tt tha lcnnxt irvnlUnt
rrtcea. Uetta, Fish, tod Jfroruioe
Jwty Utah.
409 Thfril St. N. W.
W Gift ote la Th HeraJd'a .3,900 GtmtmU
Meats and provi
sions. Home
dressed Poultry
a specialty.
We CIt. Voles to The Herald's S3.8B Comsat.
Fine Diamonds and Witches. Established 1ST,
Begin the New Year Right
Br inserting In s PUBE WHITE DIAMOND
Iti COMMERCIAL VALUE will constantly IN
CREASE. IT WILL PAY YOU to take adran
b of the U.VCSUAL GOOD VAT.ULS hi oar
weight 1 carat 1-44; set In any style. bPEClAti
023 a St. I. W. Phone M. 4243-Y
(No Branch Store.)
We give Herald f35,000 contest votes.
Business Done Daring First
Week to Be Reported to
Postmaster General.
Although Report. Show Large Increase
in Business, There b No Conges
tion in Offices or on Mail Cars.
All postmasters were Instructed ester
day by Postmaster General Hitchcock to
forward to the department on January 7
a report In detail of tho amount of par
cel post business done in their respective
offices during; the first week's business.
The unofficial reports received to date in
dicate that the success of the new serv
ice has exceeded all expectations. The
tremendous Interest shown by the people
In every section of the country has In
fluenced the Postmaster General in di
recting that the postmasters make a re
port preliminary to the one asked for to
be made on January 15. On that date
the postmasters will submit a more com
prehensive report on the volume of par
cel post business handled, the additional
cost, together with an outline of the plan
adopted In handling the new business.
In this manner Sir. Hitchcock hopes to
secure an accurate report of the cost of
the new sstem. in order that an esti
mate may be submitted to Congress for
the aDnronrlation necessary to handle the
additional business during the remainder
of the present fiscal year ana tne next. .
Information Wsntfil,
The information asked for In the pre
liminary report on January 7 will cover
the total amount of local parcels de
llered. with their average weights:
amount of postage on local parcels,
number of Incoming parcels delivered,
outgoing parcels dispatched, with their
average weights; postage on parcels dis
patched, number of Insured parcels dis
patched, nnd number of insured pack
ages received for deliver
From practically every section of the
country requisitions are being received
by letter and telegraph for an additional
supply of parcel post stamps. All such
requisitions are being filed the same day
they are received, and In special cases,
where any denominations have been ex
hausted, a near-by post-offlce has been
called upon to forward a. supply until
stamps forwarded from Washington
hive been received There Is no danger
of a tie-up in the service on account of
the supply of stamps at Washington be
coming exhausted, as a sufficient reserve
is on hand At the request of Postmas
ter General Hitchcock, the Bureau of
Kngraving and Printing has increased its
facilities so as to turn out 10.fl00.fiil
stamps daily In ordtr that none of the
denominations may become exhausted.
1 p to the present time a little more
than 5,000.00 stamps have been printed
Although the reports received from
postmasters indicate a tremendous in
crease In business on account of parcel
pot there Is no congestion reported or
a request made on the department for
aid Ever) thing Is apparently satlsfac
torj In the railway mall service, as few
telegrams have been received from su
perintendents, and of those received
none has reported a congestion in the
s rv ice.
Knlclits ir Columbus' Programme
Follow tnc Lent Drllllnnt One.
At a largely attended meeting of the
Knlshts of Columbus Klrmess commit
tee last night at the K. of C. Templo In
1. Street, a very lengthy programme of
ftattiris nj9 outlined for the function,
which will open on Easter Monday, and
continue for two weeks.
It will be a period of great merry
making for the Knights and their
friend, and has been planned In the
Interest of a fund for a Greater Knights
of Columbus Temple In this clt. The
Kirmess was pljnned by the wa)s and
means committee of the Knights, V. II
ilson. chairman, and Is being perfected
bv n big list of committeemen of the
order, headed by Dr. J. Rozler Uiggs.
It is declared that never before In the
hlstorv of the Knights of Columbus has
so ninth activity been shown In the
councils The Spalding Dramatic Club
has a plav in rehearsal for presentation
January 23 and 14 In Gonzaga Hall It
is a comedj In three acts, "Bachelor
Hall," and will be elaborately mounted.
The cast will be made up of Francis J.
P Cleary. John J. Deveney. SI. J Drls
coll. J T Fitzgerald. Denis K. Connell.
Oliver J Le Beau. Miss Marjorie T. Coch
ran. Miss Sue II. Murray. Miss Gertrude
M. Clements. Miss Margaret Fisher, and
Thomas J Trodden. Jr. The direction
of the production Is In the hands of
Denis H Connell.
The Advocate's newest special award IS
of such high value that contest workers
are striving with might and main to
win It
A J750 Conover Baby Grand Piano has
been purchased from Percy Foster, the
piano merchant 1330 G Street Northwest,
and will be given to the person casting
the most votes in The Herald's J23.0C0
contest between the dates of December
28. 1"12. and January 15. 1913. This extra
award Is not limited to contestants. Any
one Is eligible to compete, and votes may
be cast for any contestant you prefer.
The Conover Baby Grand Is on exhibi
tion at The Advocate's headquarters. Tit
Thirteenth Street Northwest, and the
public Is Invited to call and examine It.
It stands supreme among small musical
instruments, possessing an excellence of
construction and richness of tone that
are beyond Improvement.
To be counted In this special competi
tion, votes must be cast not later than I
p. m. on January 15.
Carl K. and Julia. F. Tolson, hoj
Jnel F and Mabrl Thompson, boy.
Vrmon I and Elizabeth htetens, bor.
Joseph and Marr Rodano. bor.
Koaton W and Nellie .VI Look. bor.
Benjamin F. and Grace Loelfler, girL
llrral and Bessie Hltoffer. bor.
Max and Annie GrernsUln. boy.
William E. and Irr S Uny. trfrl.
hamnel and Ada Friend, sirt.
eorce D. and Grace W. Corran, boy.
William L. and Boas W. Bnnralnr. boy.
Garfield and Ella Wooden, prl.
Leo 8. and Edilh Weft. hoy.
Noah and Annette Elanshtrr. boy
Hirnun and Alroold llaJon, sirL
William II. and Marcaret CcroUb. prl.
Marshall and 3Urr Adama. girl.
IF YOU have Rheumatism In any
form, acute or chronic, no matter what
your condition, write to-day for my
Cause and Cure." Thousands call It
the most wonderful book ever written.
Address JESSE A CASE. Dent 222.
Brockton, MassJ
Hearst's Manager In Slexlco Make
Report -to State Department.
- Manager John -Hayes, of the Hearst
properties near Madera, in Chihuahua,
Mexico, has reported that rebels are
threatening to attack tbo place and are
already drawing near the company's
property, according to advices to the
State Department yesterday. It la stated
further that .the local military authori
ties' have promised Immediate relief.
lit was reported yesterday from Parral
that a band of 156 rebels has captured
the camp of the ,Inde Gold Mining Com
pany at Ihde. In the State of Durango.
They seized several thousand dollars In
gold and threatened the lives of Ameri
cans at the property. The mine has
been closed down as a result of the raid.
Fear Is still felt for the safety of four
Americans left in charge of the property.
A federal force has been sent to th
mine from Parral.
Conditions Jusr south of the border are
Improving, according to State Depart
ment Information. It is said ths last
remnant of the rebel forces In the north
Is retreating toward Sonora.
B'nai B'rith Older to Discuss Grand
Lodge Meeting Here
in March.
Special postal cards and invitations
have been Issued by Argo Lodge, I. O.
B. B.. for a very festive gathering, to
be held under Its auspices to-night. The
following committee, consisting of Julius
I. Peyser, chairman. Dr. Abram Simon.
Joseph Strasburger. A. C Mayer,, I.
Heldenhelmer. and Julius Rets, have this
matter In charge, and are making great
efforts to have this meeting a great suc
cess. Argo Lodge has Increased Its member
ship to 210 and Is most anxious to have
300 by March, when the grand lodge
holds Its session here.
At the next meeting Joseph Strasburger
will retire and give way to A. C. Mayer
as president, with Joseph Tepper ns vice
A register of the various Institutions
created and supported by the B'nai B'rith
Order would cover many pages. Aside
from the numerous Institutions and bene
factions which it supports In our coun
try. It maintains several hospitals, asy
lums, schools, endowments, libraries,
savings societies, employment bureaus,
homes for the sick, committees on the
prevention of slave traffic, schools for
nurses, orphans' aids, workshops, homes
for girls. Institutions for feeble-minded,
vacation colonies, credit bureaus, home
for the protection of emigrants, elemen
tary schools, Tovnbce halls In Germany,
Austria, Roumanla, and the Orient. It
presented to the people of the United
States a statue of religious liberty,
standing In Fairmont I'ark, Philadel
phia. On next Sunday night the executive
committee of the order will be special
guests, and be the recipients of many
courtesies by the local lodge.
Remarks will be made by Rev. E. W.
Callsh. of Richmond. Va.; Adolph Kraii",
of Chicago, III.; L. L. Solomons, of San
Francisco, Cal : lebv. Abram Simon, Hon
Simon Wolf, of this city, and others.
Elaborate refreshments will be served
iibllc Health Srrvl.
to Ttestanrant
r Vrra Dnngrr
The common finger bowl vestcrdav was
oPicially put under the ban by the Cniud
States Public Health Service Surgeon
C It. Lavlnder sas. ,!n his report, that
tho linger bowl in common use In hotels
and restaurants Is removed onI a de
gree from the common drinking cup and
that diseases are transmitted to patrons
ir even the high-class restaurants.
His observations were taken In New
orK. Philadelphia, and Washington,
here, he sajs. a few finger bowls do
service for many patrons, and only oc
casionally Is fresh water pound Into
Amity Clnh.
The Amity Club gave its first dnnte and
"watch party" new Ytar's evening at the
home nt Louis Kaufman. Those present
were: Dorothy Oettinger, Jeannttto Kin-
man. Dorothy Stlefel Julia Kohner,
Elenor Selllnger. Juliet LIchtenstein.
Beatrice Kaufman. Ester Kahn, Jewel
Wolf, of Cleveland: Irma Goldschelder.
of Baltimore, and Amy Cohen, of New
ork: Maurice Kohner. Herbert Simon.
Mron Goldsmith. Erie Silverman. Max
and Henry Colman, Ixjuls Kaufman.
Mortlmor King, and Horace Rosenberg,
of Denver, Colo.
O 8 Deft of Arrieultore. Weather Bureau.
V aliintpn. Saturday. January 1-9 p. m
The rreat tcnn of Inday has rwjbrd beyond tha
Canadian maritime prorinrr. and the wrathT in the
Kaat has cleared with diminishing wind but witli-
out any trmrrratnre fall of consequence. The acetie
f aetirily has again ahifteil to the Wr&t. and low
treasure extends from the Loser Ohio Valley t-
ra,i1 aiiri .nithTfcf M.rri with ahnnmtaJlv low Itif
bnumally low ia-ra- I
;crtbera Anaona. To the northward trea-
rising- nuidly. marline the adtance of the
first troDounced high rtreswre area of the jsru-nt
winter from Alaska, bringing with it a decidnl fall
in the thermometer to reading below uro osrr the
Northwest, and mnch lower trmlrraturc from the
Luwer Missouri Valley to the l'anflc Ocean. In the
South Atlantic and Gnh States it is much warmer.
Notwithstanding the great rremore contrast, there
was no rrecipiuUion of consequence, rxrri some
snow in the L'rper Ohio Valley.
The high pressure area orcr the Nortliwc&t will
Tactically control conditions oser the country lu,
rereral days, and the colder weather will siTead to
the eastward and aouthward. eor-rlns the irntral and
southwest rortiona of the country daring bunday and
extending eastward dancg Monday. Snow will con
tinue Sunday In the Central lturky Mountain region,
but Do other precipitation of consequence is Indi
rated, although light local snows may be expected in
the Lake region and the central rortkm of the coun
try, and try Monday some local rains in the South
Local Temperatures.
Midnight, X; 2 a. m.. 35; 4 a. m . M; ( a. m.. ; S
a. m., 32; 10 a. m.. 39; 12 noon. 41; 2 p. m.. 4(, 4 p.
m.. SO; 6 p. m.. 46; s p. m., 41; 10 p. m.. 42. High
est. M; lowest, 32.
Relatire humidity a. m.. W, 2 p. m.. 31; 8 p. m..
45. Rainfall (8 p. m. to 8 p. nt I, 0, Houra of sun
shine. 9.5; per cent of possible sunshine, 100.
Temperature same date last sear Highest, 36; low
est. 2.
' Temperatures In Other Cities.
Temperatures Id other cities, together with tha
amount of rainfall for the twenty-four hours ended at
8 p. m. yesterday, are a follows:
Max. Mln. 1p.m. faU.
AsheilUe, N C 32 2J 45
Atlanta, Ga . H 34 hi
AUantle City. X. 1 CMC
Bismarck. N. Dak 12 -
Boston, Mass. 42 31 Js
Buffalo. X Y 58 21 31 0.01
Cbicago. Ill 28 1C 26
Cincinnati. Ohio 3 28 28
Cheyenne, Wyo. 12 10 0.13
Dawnport. Iowa. . 35 18 21 0 IC
Denter. Colo ; 22 13 OK
Dta Moines. Iowa 3 2) 24 0.M
Duluth, Minn -.... 12 -3 4
Galnstoo. Ter.. ............. 8 56 E3 ....
Helena. Mont. 10 1 2 0.06
IndUxutnoUi, Ind... 35 2 23 0 01
JacksonrUle. Ha. ... -f C M ....
Kansas City, Mo... . 30 25 34
Little Rock; Ark HUH
Los Angeles. Cal U 48 48
Marquette, Mich 18 II 12 0 02
Memphis. Teou. 06 42 ft ....
New Orleans. La. n 52 66 ....
New York, N. Y..... 3 28 34 0.W
North riattr. Nebr. 22 20 20
Omaha, Nebr....... 20 30 20 0.13
Philadelphia. Pi 40 30 38
Pittsburg, Pa.... 30 22 39 0 01
Portland. Ma.... 38 .22 32 ....
Portland. Orel.. 36 32 34
Bait Lake City. Utah ... 25 n 24 20 0 05
bc uoma, no. H 32 26
St. Paul. Minn It 0 13
San Francisco. Cal 80 46 46 ....
Hprtngfleld, m 38 24 22 0.02
Taeoma, Wash........ 34 .. s ....
Tampa. 11a.; 70 4 S ....
Toledo.1 Oai............ 25 3.3 .,..
Continued from rage One.
ture, Mr., Best refused to alter his
original criticism that It was misleading.
Mr. Carusl took him through a series of
technical mathematical calculations to
show that the company was In far better
financial condition than Could be indi
cated' on the regular blank form on
which reports are required to be made
out. Mr. Best, however, stuck to his
original contention that In view of the
exceptionally large loss ratio for the
first ten months upward of 75 per cent
the companies were not Justified In
phrasing their advertising literature as
they had. although technically the litera
ture might be held not Inaccurate.,
Ills testimony as to the literature was
applied more particularly to the resolu
tion passed by the directors of the
Commercial last November, which set
forth In ono 'paragraph that the pre
mium 'ncome of the company had been
materially Increased, and. In the next
paragraph, that the capital and surplus
of the company has been materially In-,
cresed and the company had earned
for Its stockholders a large amount of
money. The technically upon which
the probity of this statement hinged
involved the possible connection of the
word "earned" In the second para
graph, with tho mention of the pro
nilum Income In the first.
Much of the time yesterday was
spent In Introducing figures relating
to other fire Insurance companies by
comparison, particularly In connection
way of comparison, particularly In con
nection with Best's criticism of the
large ratio which tho amount carried
as real estate enrnlngs, through the
Increase In book values of the Southern
Building, bbre to the total surplus ot
tho company.
Flgnres for Other Companies.
According to a sort of Joint computa
tion by Best and Carusl, to which the
latter acceded In part, the surplus of
the company without the Increased
value of the Southern Building being
carried as an asset, would have been
In the neighborhood or JH.000. This,
however. If the Southern Building
transaction should be taken Into con
sideration, would be reduced to S2.70O
plus the J226.713 carried under Income
as the Commercial's half of the In
creased value of the building "
Carusl. through question. Indicated
that the National Union lire Insurance
Company, of this city, had, at the last
leportlng. assets totaling J2S3.O0O, of
which 1171,000 was In the form of real
estate, tho Arlington Fire Insurance
Companv, of this city, total assets. S370,
000, of which $214.00 was In the form of
real estate; the Firemen's FIro Insurance
Company, total assets, 3313.000; real es
tate. JT5.00O.
Mr Carusl next attacked the calcula
tion which charged off as an underwrit
ing loss the unearned liability ot the
company, that Is. money which must l
held In reserve to met t possible tiro loss
from paid-up policies which run for more
than one ear
"Is It not true." he asked, "that the
unearned premium reserve- Is treated In
Insurance solely as a liabilltj "
"Ves -
"Is it not true that an nveragely good
company has business on the hooks
which represnts n big unearned pre
mium reserve fund has a profit In It for
the lompanv which is
ommonly estl-
"The lower figure would be morencar
l correct " j '
"So that, although rlisifed as a lia
bility, ns getting at the real condition
of the company nnd its assets, 25 per
cent of this premium reserve might be
treated as available assest belonging to
That is true If the business of the
company for a time preceding the corn
put ttionsav for to or three years
immediately preceding show d a profit
Such a deduction would be dependant
for proof upon the probability that the
company, could s,n nut or reinsure nt a
profit If It hadn't been earning profits
It could not sell Ht a profit "
Holds Others Responsible.
Referring to Best's statement that the
fire loss ratio wliich the Commercial
tallied In the first ten months of 1512
was exceptlonallv- heav, Mr. Carusi
asked him if he Knew that much of the
business put en tho books of the Com
mercial by the company, which owned
it before Tuttle. Wightman & Dudley.
Inc , took over the control, had not been
canceled Mr. Best replied In tho nega
tive, and Carusl asked him if it wire
not possible that part of the heavy loss
was from hazards underwritten by the
former management. Best replied that
this was possible
"You do not know then the loss ratio
of the business placed by Tuttle, Wight
man & Dudley?"
"No. I have only the figures of this re
Mr Carusl asked th
witness If tne
expenses or a new companv. outside
thoo Incurred Inactually getting the
business, are not heavier than In tho
case of older and established companies.
"Yes," replied Best, "a new company
has to pay higher commissions"
One cjutstlon Indicated a contention on
the part of counsel for the companies
that the premium reserve requirements
of Insurance laws work hardship on
small nnd new companies. Inasmuch as
they must automatically stop writing In
surance at a low point unless the sur
plus and premium reserve Is Increased
from some other source, such as pre
mium on stock.
Walter C. English, a local attorney,
was the last witness of the day. Mr.
English testified that last summer he
concluded that the Commercial was op
erating at a loss and called on Mr. Ca
rusl for Information. Mr. Carusl prom
ised to consult the officers of the com
pany about the matter nd communicate
with English, the witness testified, but
r.o further Information was forthcoming
from the visit. Jle was not cross-examined.
William H. Weston. CS. or Columbia, 8. O.. and
Irene Gabrey. 18. of Middlcboro, Mass. Judgo C.
S. Bandy. "
Elmer A. Brown. 33. and Florence B. Treadwell.
33. Iter. John C. Batt-
' Gustare Dnennes;26. and Sidney la Robinson, 20.
Iter: James S Montgomery.
Georgo A. Thomas, 26, of Alexandria. Va., and
Virginia Taylor, 22, of Alexandria County. Va.
Iter. E. V. Regeater.
Joseph II. Haynes. 23. of Alexandria. Vs., and
Emma. E- Moulden. 23. Rer. Y. W. Johnson.
ClilTonl II. Offutt. 57 yean, 165 O St. se.
William T. Woods, 42, 2411 Unlr. Place nw.
Walter SI. rnmpl'-rey. 85, 1105 Chapin bt. nw.
Julius Hooker. CO. U. S. Soldiers' Home, D. a
Mary A. Rupprecht. S3. 1S22 II St re.
Marr A. Kelston. 42. 322 Warder St. nw.
Nellie Bladen. 8. Georgetown Fair. Hnap.
William II Tcnpe. tT. Geo. Wash Hosp.
Frank N. Snyder, 20. 911 O St nw.
Josephine Downs, . 121 Md. Ate. ne.
Joseph Clements. 81. Emergency Hosp.
Stanton Fields, 60, 10J Pierce St nw.
George Gordon. 42. 124 Brooks Court nw.
Martha Douglass, 65, .513 23d St nw.
Jacob Moon. 18. Enurcmcy Hosp.
Patience 6belton. 82. 132 Half Bt aw.
JnUa a Jackson. IT. CO It I. Ate. nw.
Hannibal Hallatock. 40. 51) Q St nw.
George Glbeon, 40. I3H X. J. Ate. nw.
Isabella Smith, 32, 123 22d St nw.
James W. Watson. 23, 3313 O St
Crraar Mack! 22. Crjlombia. Horn. .
James M. Minor, 34, 112 15th bt nw.
Mary li Sprier. . sh t-aiian Bt ne.
Walter Johnson, 15 taoctty, Froediom'l
Worshipful Masters of Masons SB'
gest Teacher for Temple.
The Association of 'Worshipful Masters,
F. A. A. M., District of Columbia, was
organized for U13 at the New .Masonic
Temple last night by Carter B. Keene,
president In 1312. and Wallace Streater,
secretary la 1312. Fred M. Bock, of St-
John s Lodge, was chosen president. The
other officers elected were Leslie Kramer,
of B. B. French Lodge. No. 15 vice
president: August B. Douglass, of Hiram
Lodge, No. 10,, secretary-treasurer, and
Grant S. Barnhart, of Hope Lodge. No.
20, and Jason Waterman. of'Washlngton
Centennial Lodge. No. 14, members ot
the executive committee.
The new organization decided to rec
ommend to the lodges that a permanent
Instructor In Masonic work be Installed
at the Temple. It also resolved to help
East Gate Lodge. No. 31. which will be
Instituted January 15 by supplying It
with the Masonic paraphernalia. It was
then adjourned subject to the call of
the president.
In Line for Head of Body that Frames
Appropriation Bills for the
District of Columbia.
Representative Eugene F. KInkead ot
New Jersey has been appointed on the
District subcommittee of the Appropria
tions Committee to fill the vacancy caused
bv the resignation of Representative Cox,
Governor of Ohio. Mr. KInkead la one
of the active young members ot the com
mlttee, and has manifested a generous
Interest In District affairs.
The appointment of Mr. KInkead Is
significant In view of the strong proba
bility that Mr. Burleson will be elevated
to a Cabinet position under the new ad
ministration, leaving the New Jersey
member directly In line for the Important
position as chairman of the subcommit
tee, which frames the annual District
appropriation bill.
Chairman Burleson announced yester
day that the committee expects to con
clude Its hearings on the District appro
priation hill Wednesday, and that the
bill may be ready for consideration by
the full committee shortly thereafter.
Discussion of proiosed school appro
prlstlons consumed much of the time
vesterdav, a number of changes in line
with-suggestions contained in the report
of Representative Rcdfield on his Inves
ligation of methods of purchasing and
distributing supplies for the District be
ing proposed by members of the Board
of Commissioners. Whtn the subcom
mlttee adjourned appropriations for the
Police Department were under discus
sion. The next meeting will be convened
Tuesday morning.
Controversy Which Started in Balti
more Orer Filipino Finally
The controversy that started Friday
morning In Criminal Court No. 1 In Bal
timore as to whether Fllemon J. Romaro
is or Is not. was or was not secretary to
Senor Quezon, resident commissioner
from the Philippines, was settled em
i""-" "" '"'" ' " "--
law, Niriarj ui tur umitr.
He is not and was not.
Senor Kalaw evidentl has a sense of
humor. He laughed loud and long after
he had read In the Baltimore papers the
accounts of Romarns alleged claims and
his alleged threats Itecause his claims
were not substantiated at this end of the
It Is so utterly ridiculous." he
chut-Meil "The man was never In any
way connected with the office. He shows
that plainly enough by calling the office
a legation. That would bo enough to
show that he had never worked here, for
we are In n m n-e a ligation.
"And the funnv part of it is that the
Baltimore authorities should write here
for verification of the j,tory he told, and
that when the letter comes back disclaim
ing his connection with us he should be
"""J at """
sus-,"Yo" 5' .hc di
not know lhat Senor
Quezon had already returned to the
1'nlled States, and that I wrote that
letter at his orders. It is all very funny
to me.
"I have seen Romaro He was in Wash
ington about a month ago. and was con
nected in some way with a weekly maga
zine. He is a genuine Filipino, all right
but he was certainly never In this office.
I uni sorry that the name of the office or
my own should have been mixed up with
such a ridiculous story as this."
let Arrest
if Boy'i
With two negroes under arrest charges
pending investigation. Central Office
detectives ure seeking to uncover evi
dence to show that Jacob Moon, negro,
eighteen Jears old. of 2131 Ward Place,
was lieaten to death with a stone on a
vacant lot near Twentj -seventh and 4J
Streets Northwest In the early hours of
Thursday morning because of jealousy.
Detectives Burlingame. Weedon,
O'Brien. Sprlngman, Mullen. Warren.
Embrey. and Messer yesterday arrested
Willis Lewis, a negro, of 1312 Twenty
seventh Street Northwest and Annie
Tyson, also colored, of IS10 I Street
Northwest, on suspicion. Willis Lewis
Is suspected by the police of committing
the murder, and Annie Tyson is believed
to have knowledge of the killing.
While the police admit they have no
direct evidence that connects the two
prisoners with the killing, officials say
they expect to unearth evidence to show
that Willis Lewis is Infatuated with An
nie Tyson. Officials also expect to show
that Jacob Moon visited the home ot
Annie Tyson. ,
It Is hoped by the police to show that
Willis Lewis discovered Jacob Moon In
Annie Tyson's home In the early houra
of Thursday momlng, and that Moon
took flight, chased by Lewis, who caught
the fugitive In the vacant lot, about a
square from the house, and beat him
to death. Moon's head was crushed, and
his clothing showed he had made a des
perate struggle for life.
Mortality Record In Congress.
Mortality records of all previous Con
gresses has been broken by the Sixty
second's total of deaths, according to
rtatlstlcs compiled at the Capitol yester
day. Since tho Sixty-second Congress
convened. Vice President Sherman, six
Senator, and sixteen Representatives
have died. In addition, one Representa
tive, Joel Cook, of Pennsylvania, died be
fore the Congress convened.
AtTnrdcil 5R Alimony.
Mrs. Margaret G Fadgett was yester
day granted $33 Per month permanent
alimony by Justice Bernard In her suit
for legal separation from her husband,
Edward B, Padgett The suit was orig
inally for absolute divorce, but was
amended to legal separation.
Increases Men's Vitality. I
Price, L At all druggists'. Always' I
ra nana at O'DOMNELL'S DRUG I
STORE. 004 F Street Northwest I
Msll Orwer. solicited. I
Ftnt Wffl Be Held k the Coastock
Stadia To-morrow Aftenoea
Ton. 4 to 6.
Tlie College ""Women's Club of Wash
inston. of which Mrs. L. B. Bwormstedt
Is the president, wilt inaugurate Its Mon
day afternoon teas, beginning January
G, from 4 to t I o'clock, at Comstock
studio; 1324 F Street
The hostesses of the occasion will be
the members or the executive commit
tee, composed ot the president Mrs. L.
B. Bwormstedt: the vice presidents. Mrs.
E. .Dana Durand and Mrs. A. a Muhse:
the secretary, Mrs. May T. Cooke; the
treasurer, Mrs. John Barber: the past
president Miss Harriet Richardson: the
'section leaders. Mrs. Gulon Miller, Mrs.
Harvey TV. Wiley, Mrs. Isldor Hermans.
Mrs. JosUh Qulncy Kent Miss E. B.
Leech, Mrs. Willis Rice. Mrs. D. E.
Shute. Mrs. C E. StebentaL Miss Isabel
Louise Turner. Miss Frances Chlckerlng.
Mrs. -Thomas E. Jtoberts. and Mrs. E.
Dana Durand. and the chairman and
members of Section 4. the arrangements
being In charge of the chairman. Mrs.
Joslah Qulncy Kern.
The Speaker of tho afternoon will be
the Hon. ynllander Priestly Claxton.
united states commissioner ot Educa.
At the tables Mrs. Thomas TV. Bid
well. Mrs. Goorge Trowbridge. Miss Ber
tha Frances Wolfe, and Mrs. William
It. Sawyer will preside, assisted by Miss
EllzaDetn True, Miss Ruth C. Great
house. Miss Hortence Hersom. Miss Ellz
abeth Edna Marshall. Miss Alberta Wil
son. Mrs. T. Jannay Brown. Miss Isabel
Currlden, Mrs. Mary Sibley Evans. Miss
1 Mary E. Lazenby. Mrs. Chase Palmer.
Miss Mary Kirk, Miss Clare S. Ludlow.
Miss Lottie McGee. Mrs. C N. McCroar-
ty. Miss E. A. Merrltt Miss Mary B.
Pierce. Miss Mary B. Pratt Mrs.
William II. Scudder, Miss Anna
Shepherd. Mrs. Horace G. Torgert. Miss
Frederick Weber. Mrs. Ellas Willis. Mrs.
T. O. Toung. Mrs. Anna S. Hazleton. Mrs.
Francis Hawrs. and the Misses Olrott
Owing to the large number of college
women wno attena me weekly teas, and
In furtherance of the fraternal spirit.
Miss Edith C Westcott Miss Grace Lin
coln Temple. Miss Janet McWIIIIam. and
Mrs. Michael E. Drlscoll will have
charge of Introducing the various mem
bers of the twelve sections to each
other. The members of Section 4 are re
quested to Wear their section colors.
The tea on January will be followed
by eleven other Monday afternoon teas.
In charge of section leaders for twelve
consecutive weeks, with the exception of
March 1 The annual banquet of the
club will be given on February 15. at
Rauscher s.
Washington Hiding and Hunt C
Spends Afternoon In the Open
A drag fox hunt was held yesterday
afternoon by the members of the Wash
ington Riding and Hunt Club. It Is
planned to make the hunts a weekly
feature of the club calender. Another
will be held this coming Saturday The
hunters met at the American University
yesicrday early In the afternoon and
the finish was near the same spot.
Those who were on horses were CoL
Robert Means Thompson. Barnaby Con
rad, of New lork, a friend of Richard
A. Harlow. Mrs. W. Sinclalre Bow en
Miss Ruth Hitchcock, daughter of Sena
tor Hitchcock. Miss Agra Bennett Mr.
Bennett MaJ. Theodore H. Low, of th
Marine Corps. Col. E. Et. J Greble and
the Misses Greble. Miss Dasha Allen,
Mrs. Peter R. Laboulsse, and Cotton
In the absence of the regular master
of hounds of the club. Walter R. Tuck-
erman. Col. Henry T Allen acted as
master. James Murphy, ot the club,
was huntsman and Oliver Smith whip.
'Uncle .lor" 1
Clark Three,
Four, 5pratcr
1'nges Klsr.
The doorkeeper of the House reported
officially jesterday on tho number of
cuspidors In use in that body.
His census shows a total of S3 cuspi
dors, of which twenty-nine were held
In reserve for an emergency. Former
Speaker Cannon has four cuspidors In
his office. Speaker Clark three, the pages
of the House live, and Minority Leader
Mann one. The Naval Affairs Commit
tee, which has charge of nautical mat
tern. leads, with a total of seven.
To Cure a TleacUebe
kou must first remove the cause. Most
headaches are caused bv a disordered
stomach. Holt's Lemon Seldlitz will put
your siomacn :n tne pink of condition
and cure your headache In a few mln-
In ths typhoid epidemic of Cassrl In Ore
loter 300 cases within 10 days), only those who
drank raw milk contracted the disease.
(HeinemiTin )
In hospitals where a change was made from
raw to properly pasteurized milk typhoid eon
dltlonj Immediately lmproted and the mor
tality rite decreased. lEdsiIU
It baa been found that among patrons of
dairies supplying properly pasteurized milk
and cream there occur but wry few cases of
typhoid. (Roacnau.)
Disease germs rlv with or ding to tha
cream, which contains at least twelre times
as many bacteria per rohrme as the whole
milk from which It was eeparated. (Schroa
defj Milk trusts and others hate spread the re
ports that paateurizlng was barmfsL Able
sanitarians bars often dlsproted tola. Chil
dren and persons In s rundown condition
should not drink raw milk and cream; It is
rarely safa to do so.
Properly pastemixuig means healing to 140
degrees Fahrenheit for twenty minutes. Home
paateurlzliig it just as efficient Commercial
pasteurization Is unreliable.
Either buy only properly rssteurlzed milk
and cream or horoe-pasteurlzs it by briaglnf
It to near boiling, then cool and keep cold
and coscxed until used.
Soeistj for Prennlioo of Sickness
E. BERLINER, Secretary.
I Don't hesitate to consult ns if ht doubt
F as to what paint or enamel to use in your
V srtTc UcraifJ Ja&ooct contest T?e
That You Ever Had Stomach
Trouble or Gall Stones.
EDY for all Stomach.
Liver, and Intestinal
Trouble, Gastritis,
Indigestion, Dye-
pepals, 1'ressnre of
Ga around the
'Heart, Sonr Stom
ach. Distress After
Eating, Nervous
ness, DllslBeaa,
Fainting Spells,
Sick Headaches,
Constipation, Con
gested and Torpid
Liver. Yellow Jaun
dice. Appendicitis,
and Gnll Stones.
The above ail
ments are main
ly caused by the
clogging of the
Intestinal tract
with mucoid and
rfltarrhsl ai-rr.
tlons. backing up poisonous fluids Into
the stomach, and otnerwjse deranging
the digestive system.
Mayr's Wonderful Stomach Remedy
Is the Best and most widely known
Remedy for these ailments and should
quickly relieve and cure ths most
chronic cases. Put It to a test One
dose will prove Its great curative pow
ers. It acts like magic in the most
chronic cases of Stomach. Liver, and
Intestinal ailments. Appendicitis and
symptoms of Gall Stones. Thousands
of sufferers are highly praising the
remedy and are recommending It to
others for restoring them to perfect
Do not permit a dangerous operation
for these ailments until you have at
least tried one dose of this great Rem
edy. Guaranteed by me to be abso
lutely harmless, containing no Injuri
ous drugs, under the Pure Food ozDrug
Act Serial No 25702.
GEO. H. MAYR. Mfg Chemist
lSt-lR Whiting St. Chicago, 111.
For. sale In Washington by Jam's
O'DonnMl. Druggist. 006 F St N. W-.
and other druggists
it,. .x.rJvJr '.
nody Prlrrst $.".0 to WOO.
Chassis I'rlrest 2-ton. Si.O0; 3-ton,
S3VtOO 5-ton, M.T.OO.
eevlee Station. N. M. Anal M St.
909 Seventh St.
aney. Practical iric crerially adapted to men
employed. 43-pise bulletin. Call address. Director
cf LdDcaUon. Y M. O A H2I J St.. Waahirgtoc
113 Eletenth St ne. Tilnmn V3L
Managers of The Washington City Orphan Isiluro
will t. held at ra Fourteenth Street Northwe
TTIDAT JWIAIIY 7 at 2 JO p. ra. To
ller Herman S linkhsm will speak. The piiblr
cordially lotted. Mrs Z. T SOW ECS. tm-tar
nnrsns 30 and 31 I' i Trait Builci z I'enns v
mia Ateniie and Tenth Mreet Nrti sev
dunng the Inaugural riM a'e reuuet ii i c-i
at tola oince or entl uescnision rc rooms iiau z
the number of prr-ros that can be wtpjJied w i
beds or cots, with or witrtmt meals, terms A.
M I UELLElt. Chairman
Jal.ttt Ommittee on Public mf-w
lti-Laws. notice is Ite-rhy citen that the snmj!
mreOng of the 'tocslioMers ef The Capital Tart o
Conusor, for the elo-t on ot tnrrcvss Tor tne ens
lng 5 ear. and mch other businew as may he trough
before the meeting, will be neia at we once h tne
Company Thirty sizth and M Streets Northwe
Waihtrrtoo. 1 C on WEONESnvY. January S
1313 at 10 43 o'rioc a m. The polls will be oper
from 11 orlec a. nv until 12 odock noon. H D
CUAMITOX secretary Jal 't
ritnroLS vr.r. iitkj for the rti:
rhae cf the I rg estiNlsoetf ana complete print
r- and puHMung busireM heretofore conducted by
:Xwr E. Ilrwani at 711 12th St.. this cit. F-.r
cu-ei.lais ct-ntaunng Intrntory. fleerriptinns an.!
. -J. .t m in M I ROSENBERG At
torney fer Itercite-s. Tth and E ata. jIA
i. anft-NM Kwl r,. AnrJt n Tcail 111
DECJW1K1. - .- wr-. - .
rUorado Bldi. re lacuna t women YTtdneacare
at 13) n. m. -"
There's More Buckwheat
and better buckwheat
In the packages con
taining Miller's Self
raising Buckwheat It's
the most economical
most satisfactory.
DUCnVVnCai I onler it next time.
CJr a,t jour grocer's. No consumers auspUed.
Wholesalers, inn ana ji 3 is. 3. ss.
MACRAE On Friday. Jannarv 3, 1312 at
-w'?i ' ,. i-tuvipT ticnv
lo:su p. m.. .).iiiu.ii.u ..a.j...
MACRAE, beloved husband of Annie
il. Macrae.
Vrt.l nt funernl later.
ROCK On Saturday, January 4. 1313. at
6 a. m . Ul r.nio:.J lluBi"l1'
Miss IRENE HOCK, aged thirty-five
j ears. ..
Funeral from the residence of her
brother. 41S Fifth Street Northeast
Monday. January 6, at 2 p. m. In
terment private
t'OODLEY Suddenly, on Friday, Jan
uary S. 1912. In New York City,
WILLIAM WOODI.EY. son of the
late Albert and Martha Woodley,
formerly of Washington. D. C.
EttabBsbed VS. CHA&, a ZCBB0B3T. Mgr.
and EmbalmtT. Uttry tn connection. Commodious
Chapel and Modem Oematarhan. Modest nrloas.
tsnnsylrania ate. nw. aeictw.
940 F Street N. W.
wASHisaTOSr. d. a
Phones Main esi.
Of Sttry DeacrlpUon-Moderalaly Prices.
-..,! ,mnlll nnd Issued hv the
United States Geological Survey show
that the total production ot coal in oati
w. .taUa&SM- short tons, valued at the
rair.es, at SGWIU, u
r sewx
f'ifA ttssssm IbV
Ssu Vssjsw' vvsfll
vtxJrn'auurnisws A
jUCgH axnoT laa
BSe1 " ,m" fix
'TcsSaltra.a sun ig
TwnrrjBiil r csdtSVPl
i hi ui .i r?sBaaai
'T ?-4

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