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r ST 3 J 1
l"" 4 --
' i
r ri ' 333sssgaMKag m m m mt &te
r 2,
420 lo 431 7th Si.
417 to 425 8th St.
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Net Collar Forms; all sizes
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De Lons Hooks and Ees; all
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Barbour's Linen Thread
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Mohair Shoe Laces: all lengths.
5c bunch.
Mohair Corset Laces; S jards
Light Weight Dress Shields; all
4 pairs for 25c.
Tad Hose Supporters; 4 straps
22c pair.
Comraunitv Silk: 400-yard spools
Wi Kent m Hiiir pubis, 25 pir Qsirtir.
Jo.. Hall rbiir.
To the first customer In our
store Mondav morning we will
sell a handsome new I prlght
Iiano. guaranteed, for
$98.98 Cash
pnn t fail to drop In and 'see
o special bargains this week
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1307 : ST. ST. XV.
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Yale Laundry
I.aunderrr. II rj Clean ens Dyer.
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before UITt TV
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and not vgt, X
If ifl
J l
National Democratic League
of Fair Ones to Meet at
Mrs. Steves B. Ayrex b Expected to
Be a Candidate Against Mrs.
John S. Crosby.
Ileal .harmony, of the kind that the
Democratic menfolks are said never to
be able to have. Is to be the keynote
of the comention or the Woman's Na
tional Democratic League at the New
Wlllard Tuesday. Wednesday and Thurs
day of this week, officials of the League
said last night.
Co-operation of the District section of
the Southern Wilson and Marshall
League and the District members of the
Woman's National Democratic League Is
pointed to sign of the promised con
cord. Representatives of the two or
ganizations have been working assiduous
ly together to make the convention a suc
cess, and the belief that the elections
of officers and the settlement of pro
posed amendments to tho constitution
will take place without considerable con
flicts adds to the confidence that the
convention will be a peaceful one.
The interest manifested by both President-elect
Wilson and Mrs. Wilson In the
league and Its policies Is expected to
make the convention one of notable Im
portance. The league's plans to con
duct a practically permanent campaign
of political education are said now to
command the attention of the President
elect and Mrs. Wilson. On that account,
it Is said, there will be especial efforts
to keep tho proceedings free of any dis
comforting incidents
Mnny outlnit!lona.
Mrs. John Shcrwln Crosbv, of New
Tork. President of the league. If she Is
a candidate for re-election, is to be
opposed by Mrs. Meven B. Avres, wife
of tho Representative from New York
District members of the League predict
that Mrs A res will have an eaBy victor-
if she Is nominated. As nominations
are to be made from th floor, it
is believed probable that numerous can
didates will be presented to tho con
vention The following committees wero an
nounced last night.
Programme Mrs Graco Porter Hop
kins. Mrs Thomas P. Gore. Mrs Phi
lander P Claiton. Mrs. James Easby
Smith. Mrs James E. Hurley. Mrs
George A. Armes. Mrs C" S. Swords.
Mrs. Louis Bennett, and Mrs. Beverley
Ways and means Mrs Claude A
bwanson. Mrs. Hubert Dent. Jr., Mrs
Robert N Harper, Mrs John M. Culp.
Mrs William 15. Sandtord, Mrs. J.
Charles Linthicum. and Mrs James W
Ragsdalc. wife of the Representative
elect from South Carolina.
Badges Miss Katherlne Montgomery
DabneK Mrs W I). Held. Mrs. t A.
White, and Mrs. V. R. Saul
Information Mrs Benjamin Mlcou.
Mrs Duncan P. Fletcher. Mrs George
A Armes, Mrs. Stephen B. Ayrcs, and
Mrs Beverley Buchanan.
Decorations Mrs Anno Hamilton Plt
zer. Mrs. Leonard Hoffman, and Mrs
Etlia Patterson Griffin.
Press Mrs Leigh Chalmers. Mrs
James Prjor Tarvln, Mrs Beverley
Buchanan. Mrs Clifford K Berrjman.
and Mrs Thomas Dawson
Matrons of the league smilingly refer
to the pages of the convention as 'the
dthutante and vearling daughters of De
mocracj . ' as the v ounger women elected
to serve as pages are all debutantes of
either this or last season Miss Frances
Saunders daughter of Mr and Mrs.
William If Saunders, is the page for
the District.
U 5 Dert. of As-rleulture Weather Burtas,
Wat-Mutton Hundaj. January 5 1913-8 p. ra
The Western cold wave will more slowly hast-
ard fi llom the low rea .rer tho central prs-
I tl of the oiuntrr, rorennff the wfnt (ulf Mati.
Ittie lid3lr iliMlfwpri and fjowtr Ohio nlm ca
MonJav. the fast Oulf Statf. the trtw Ohio Val
IfT th IxmTT Lakes and the r.rtt-m t'lrr I-aae
I rrpon by Tiiwday, and hy TtieMar hht the Inn
rratir fall will men the Atlantic coant. It will
rotituinr cnld in the WK, but with annie modrra
tion br Tuesday in the Koeky Moontain rcon and
the (irthwttt
Thtrn will w anow Monday in the Lake Ttsion,
the I rper Jtissiin and the Mioun Tallejw.
and rain or enow to the eastward. There will alsi
be rain m tlie Unit BUte9. and loral anowa In th.
central and southern Hlaina htatea. Un Tueaday
rrneraliy fair weather I indicated, except in the
Lake region and the Atlantio States, where ther
will be snow or rain.
Local Temperatures.
Midnight. . 2i m., S, . a.a. I t a.,
3. 8 a m . V. 10 a. m. tl : 13 noon. U, 2 n. ra..
l p. m. U. 6 p. m.. 41, 8 p. m.. ; 10 P. a., St.
lligheft. . lorat. r.
lUlatite humidity S a. m., S3; 3 p. ra.. ; S
p. m.. CO. luinfall 18 p. m. to 9 p. ta,), 0;
hours of aunahine, LI, per cent of possible ann
ahine. 13.
Tnnperatnre same date last year Highest, 28;
lowest, C
Temperatures In Other Cities.
Temprratures la other eitiea, torethcr with tha
amount of rainfall for tha twenty-four hours ended at
8 p. m. yesterday, art aj follows:
Max. Mia. 1p.m. faU.
AthrrUle, V. O. S6 t H
Atlanta. Ra. tU 48 St
Atlantio City. X J 41 X 44
Bjmarck. J. Dak -8 -II -14
Boston. Mass , 40 32 :
Buffalo. N Y . 30 21 3 0 01
Ohkajm. Ill 38 30 38 OtS
Cinannati, Ohio tt 0 14
Cheienne. Wyo 8 I 10 0.33
Davenport Iowa 20 14 18 0 10
Ileum- Colo. 0-3-8 0 It
lies mom Iowa. 13 10 8 0 08
Duluth Jfinn 3 -14 I
Hslnston. Tex 68 3 M
Helena Mont. 3 194
Indlanapnlie. Ind 44 18 '41 0 31
JarkRWiTille. Fla... TO to (0
Kansas City, Mo 30 18 14 COS
Utile Rock. Ark CS H
Los Awrcles. CaL 38 44
Marquette. Mich. 12 4 13 0t
Memphis. TVmn. TO 50 66 ....
New Orleans, La- 76 W M
New York, X T 44 30 A .
North riatte. Net I 0 0 0 II
Omaha. Nrtr 6 8 I 0.18
r-huadelpbia. Fa. XXX
nusburs. Pa 40 34 40 0.03
Portland. Me. 34 .1) 33
Portland. Ore 31 34 39
Salt Lake City. Ctah. ..12 8 8
St. Lools, Ma 33 32 32 0 03
Ft. Paul. Minn 0 -C 9
Pan Franrism. Cal 40 3 40
SrrlnaflfH. Ill 3E M 38 Out
Tacoma, Wash 33 .. 30 ....
Tampa, FU f 84
Toledo. Ohio 34 II X 0.11
Mcksburg. Miss II 3 TO
Will Auction I.uncb-rtnakcts.
The President's Own Garrison, No. 104,
Army and Navy Union. U. S. A., tvill
hold a public installation of officers, and
a basket social to-morrow erenlnc at
Pythian Temple. Lunch baskets are to
bf auctioned oft to the highest bidder,
who, after purchase, will share tho con
tents or the basket with Its fair Seller.
The proceeds are to be devoted to the
purchase of flags for the garrison.
In parts of Norway the area of cultl-
l rated land might easily be quadrupled.
ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssaS!Tr6.'' 'wsssssssssssssssssssssssssf
P7HV':;r . ' ' SasssssssssssV
lassssssssssssssssssP fe? -' IstlBssssssssssT
H" ? k - ,ssslssssssssssssssssssf
P I? & 2 ''' JIIV
ssssssasFWr ' asssssBssksTW
Nighs jfPiHasss
Negro Said to Have Confessed to
Murder of Jacob Moon,
Also Colored.
"Dead men tell no tales."
For the reason e.preMed In the abovo
brief sentence Jacob Moon, negro, eight
een tan old. of 2131 Ward Place, was
beaten to dath with stones and bricks
on a vacant lot at Tent -seventh and
G Streets Northwest in the early hours
of Thursday morning last according to
the allegid confession made latt night In
tho Third pneinct station by Albert But
ler, also colored, twenty-thrree vears old,
who Is charged with the murder
Butler told the policu he lured Moon
to the lot with I.eo Thomas, negro. ten-tv-four
vears old. or 13IJ Twentv -ninth
Street Northwest, and started beating
tho hoy. Moon was soon so badly beat
en, according to the police, that Hutler
picked up a hcavj stone and Ixgan
prundlng It on the vouth's head
"What are vou doing that for"' asked
Lfo Thomas
"Dead men tell no tales," Butler con
fessed he replied
Butler. Leo Thomas, and Jacob Moon
had been members of a rarty at the
home of Butler, lorn Twenty-sixth Street
Northwest. "Butler's wife. lola Butler,
and another negro woman. Ella Williams,
also were present Jacob Moon got Into
a dispute with Butler and Thomas over
73 cents, which had been contributed by
the trio for the purchase of wine. Moon,
it is charged, was lured to the vacant
lot. and killed as a result
Albert Butler and Leo Thomas are tin
der arrest on ihorges of murder lola
Butler and Ulla Williams are held as wit
nesses The negroes wrrc arrested by
Sergt. K W. Brown. Detective J R.
Strlngfellow, and Policemen Pat Creak
and W. S Newton, of tho Third I're
clnct After Moon was killed the police
allege. Butler and Thomas disrobed his
body. Moon s trou'ers. loat. and shoes
were found in the cellar of Butler'a
home. A watch and scarf pin. which
were taken from Moon, were found In
tha cellar of a store where Butler was
Saengerbunils fllif Third Pro
srarame of Kxceptlonal Merit.
A musical programme of exceptional
merit was rendered at the Saengerbund
beforo a large and appreciative audience
last night, under the direction of Prof
Armand Gumprccht.
Pralso Is due a number for violin,
cello, harmonium, and piano, for four
hands, as presented by Mr. Minster, Mr.
Wolfstclner. Mr. How anl. and Mr. and
Mrs. Gumprecht. the latter singing the
solo part.
The Nordlca Mandolin and Guitar Club,
under the direction of Walter Holt, re
ceived favorable recognition for their
masterful rendition of "Memoirs de
Nevln," arranged bv- II W De I.oss.
Thomas Murrav, the well-known basso,
contributed Verdi's difficult "O Thou
Palermo" In his usual finished style,
and responded with an encore.
High Trieat of Zsew Thonnht Draws
Con-d to Theater.
"Lemons." "peaches," and other fruits
and vegetables were picked out of tho
audience last night at the New National
Thester that gathered to listen to tho
lecture on "Matrimony" by Dr. William
Windsor, teacher of vltosophy, the doc
trine that holds that every man and
woman Is represented by some object
In the animal, vegetable and mineral
kingdom. Dr. Windsor Is the man who
diagnosed President Taft as being a buf
falo and a strawberr), and said that
President-elect Wilson was a lemon and a
member of the equine genus.
Dr. Windsor did not confine himself to a
discussion of matrimony, admitting In his
Introductory remarks that he had merely
used that title for the purpose of drawing
a crowd. Tho talk dealt with character
reading and for the furtherance of this
purpose seven voung women and seven
men wero drafted from the audience for
Tha advice treated of the proper voca
tion, environment, and climate for each
of the subjects and of the sort of Ufa
partner they should chocsc. The first
threo volunteers to tako the itace for
examination at the hands of Dr. Windsor
gave their names as Erin S. Loen, D. W.
Smith, and S. H. Slaught.
Ml 11 ITS.
nlDun Donn. TT years, V. 8. Soldiers' Boms.
I'anliha M. notebrr. 23. 311 Fla. Ave. tnr.
Laura V. Ramby. BO. 1CX T tit. so.
C&arlea (T. BawUUe. IS. PX5 N BU aw.
Nathaniel M. Macrae. T, 3D8 O St. nw.
Jesse n. Vbltaker. TO. 8Ibley HospiUl.
Irene Rock. 34. nnergenry HwpilaL
Lncy South. I. Children. Hospital.
William s. Haorr. M. IDS 1th BL nw.
Eugene Bulliiao, R, 3d and U Sta. ne.
Frances MeOermoU. T3. 103 3d. fit. se.
Julia Passande, months. Children's Hospital.
Infant of Frank F. and Mary M. Black, 1 day.
IX Sd BL a. .
tassel T. Muter, S,JC. 8, BoUiera Home.
Bessie Murphy. 10. m front of 88 Mass. Are, nw.
rienrx Smith. 62. Wash. Ajjlura. HosplUL
George O. Greenly. TO. 1111 A St. se.
Arthur Parker, a days. 438 dirks Court aw.
Infant ot.Jassst tad. (aralt.Xpps, It daj.,HB
Suctld St.
Hibernians Hear Views of Represent
atives on New Immigra
tion Laws.
Representative James M Curley of
Massachusetts, who said the Boston tea
party was really a beer party, said yes
terdav that Ultteraoy should not exclude
applicants from admission to this coun
try as long as they are white of color
and are of sound mind and body. The
statement was made at tho meeting of
Division No 1 of the Ancient Order of
Hibernians at Potomac Bank Hall,
Georgetown, vesterdav afternoon, P. T,
Moran, presiding
Representative Curley slid that it
would be a great mistake to bar Imml
grants from this country who were not
up in letters, but who were phvslcally
and mentally sound and who were
neither criminals nor paupers
"This country," said Mr. Curley, "owes
a great deal to men and women who. al
though ignorant of the written word,
contributed much to the material wealth
end welfare of this country It Is these
men and women who built our railroads
and cultivated the dceert until It bloomed
and brought forth the nccetsarles of life.
without wnicn tnis country couia not ex
1st '
The. speaker paid a glowing tribute to
tt.e thrift and enterprise of the Irish.
the German, the Italians, the Jews, and
other foreign Immigrants who now con
stitute the most desirable class of citi
zens and form the backbone of the na
tion. Representatives Kinkeail of New Jer-
se. Donohue of Philadelphia, and Tag-
gart of Kansas spoke in the same vein,
A resolut'on was passed that the mem
bers of Division No 1 participate In the
inaugural parade and to request all local
divisions to Join
The newlv elected officers of the divi
sion were Installed by Joseph D. Sulli
van, district president of the order. The
officers are Joseph A Daly, president.
P. T Nlland. vice president. Thomas F.
Cook, recording hecrctary, James P.
Greely, financial t-ecretary. and Thomas
Kelleher, treasurer.
The programme was enlivened with a
speech by Capt P. J. Haltlgan and songs
by James A Myers, president of Dlvl
slon No E. and Matthew Mvcrs. of the
same division.
Wnahlncion I'lUKIe. Company
"farts Kluht for Its Life.
The demurrer vto be filed this morning
ny the vvusnington utilities company
will mark the beginning of the legal
struggle to prevent that company from
absorbing any of the public utilities of
tho District.
The suit was instituted some weeks ago
In the District Supreme Court by the DIs
trlct Commissioners, and It is that tri
bunal that the demurrer will be. filed.
The Washington Utilities Company and
the Washington-Virginia Railway Com
pany are named as defendants In the
suit but the latter company has since been
absorbed by the former.
That You Ever Had Stomach
Trouble or Gall Stones.
KI1V Tor all Stomach
Liter, aad Intestlaal
Trouble. Gastritis.
India-cation, Dys
pepsia, iTesmre of
Cai around the
Heart, Sour Stom
ach. Distress After
E a 1 1 sr, Nervous
ness, Dliilieaa,
Falntiag Spells,
.lick Headaches,
ionaupaiioa, t;oa
srested and Torpid
I.lver, Yellorr Jana-
dlce. Appeadlcltls,
a osmi Biones.
The above all
ments are main
ly caused bv thi
clogging of tho
Intestinal tract
with mucoid and
raurrnni aepr..
tlons. backing up poisonous fluids into
the stomach, and otnerwise deranging
the digestive system.
Mayr's Wonderful Storr.sch Remedy
Is the Best and moat widely known
Remedy for these ailments and should
quickly relieve and cura the moat
chronic cases, rui it to a test. One.
dose will prove Its great curative pow
ers. It acts like magic In tha most
chronic cases of Stomach, Liver, and
Intestinal ailments. .Appendicitis and
symptoms of Gall Stones. Thousands
01 sunerera are niamy praising ma
remertv and are rccommendlne? it to
others for restoring them to perfect
De not permit daasreroua operatlaa
for these aliments until you have at
least tried one doso of this great Rem.
edy. Guaranteed by me to be abso
lutely harmless, containing no Injuri
ous drugs, under the Pure Food -& Drug
a a.,1,1 Krt 9K703 "
GEO. H. MAYjVMfaT. ChemUt.
1K1.1SG Whltlne 8t Chlcasm. Ill
Tor sale In Washington by James
CDonnell. Drugglst.-90 P St. S,-ff,
ltwlrryATiy. M
.SaYssl fa- -.
Tk VdeB a airman W
atjSJH sousr ra HI
xaBsW-jtau iisssiBffiV
ana otner. orujiKisuu
Goltsftglc, Tells Members ef
R'nu.B'rith to Wake
Lives Ideal Ones.
Gold Medal to Be Awarded to Presi
dent Taft for Aiding
Jewish People.
Warning the Jews of America against
allowing themselves to be deceived Into
believing that prejudice against their race
had entirely died out in this country.
Representative Henry ' Gold f ogle of
New York n a speech made, last night
at the banquet of the B'nat B'rlth order
at the Cafe Republlque, urged the young
men hold before them the Ideals of tho
order and strive to make of themselves
men against whom no prejudice could en
Representative Goldfogle alluded to the
bitter discussion which had taken place
on tho floor of the House recently during
the consideration or the illiteracy test
Incorporated in the Burnett immigration
"Do not permit yourselves to believe."
said Representative Goldfogle, "that some
the shafts uttered by the men who argued
for tha bill wero not aimed at your race.
These darts were meant for youra and
my brethren across the water. You know
It and I know It.
"I have heard men behind closed doors,
where they felt safe that their remarks
would not reach the outside world to con
front them, deplore the class of men who
were entering this country of ours. They
did not say Jews, but I know they.
meant us.
"Young men I charge you to keep ever
before jou the Ideal of your order and
live up to its teachings. If you do this
no man can harbor any prejudice against
our race. Make our order democratic
In its principles and workings and hold
none of vour brethren so lowly that sou
will not stoop to aid him."
Celebrate? Anniversary.
The banquet last night was the occa
sion of the celebration of the seventieth
anniversary of the executive committee
of the order, kestcrday was not the ex
act dato of the anniversary, but, as the
committee held a special meeting here,
Argo Ixxlge took advantage of the op
portunity to act as host to many of th
most prominent men of the Jewish race
In America.
Every member of the executive com
mittee was present last night, and had
a few words of praise for the order and
Its work. Those who spoke were Adolph
Kraus, Chicago; Lucius Solomons, San
Francisco. Jacob Singer, Philadelphia.
Jacob Furth. St Louis Alexander B
Seelenfreund. Chicago, Charles Hartman.
New York: Rabbi H N Callsch. Rich
mond. Va . Philip Stein, Chicago; Joseph
lllrsh. Vlckspurg. Miss , Rabbi Abram
Simon, and Jnltus Pej ser of Argo Lodge.
Prior to the banquet twenty new mem
bers were Initiated into the order.
Adolph Kraus delivered the charge to
the new- members and made a forceful!
address upon the principles and alms of
the order.
The annual election of officers resulted
In the choice of the following A. C
Meyer, president; Joseph I Teppcr. vice
president. Fred M Peltzman. inner
guard. Ia-on 11 Pretzfclder. outer guard.
Morris Hahn. treasurer, and A Stern and
A L. Adler. secretaries The new officers
will be installed at the next meeting of
the order.
The executive committee and Julius
Pevscr. of the lotal lodge, have been
invited to a luncheon at tho White House
to-day President Taft will bo presented
with the gold medal awarded to the one
who. In the order's Judgment has done
most toward the progress of the Jew
during the past car Tho presentation
will be made by Adolph Kraus.
Present nt Banquet.
Thoso present were- J I Pojser. Isaac
Herman. I. S. Goldsmith, Milton Stras
burger, Joseph Abel. Samuel Goldenberg.
Max Cohen, E. Heldcnhelmer. Jacob
Kohner. Edgar A. Behrend. Isaac Held
cnhelmer. L. A. Yurman. Maurice Baer,
D. Eisenraann. Max Goodman. Mose
Elsenmann. Adolph Weyl. B. Greenberg,
Samuel Norwood. Joel Hillman. Henry L.
Kaufman. Mark Stearman. Julius Kauf
man. A. D. Prince. Maurice B. Slns
helmer. Morris Ganes, Julius Rels. Rev.
Dr. Abram Simon, S. V. Gusack, Samuel
Ganes. Joseph Stein. B Mayer. Joseph
Herzog. Albert I Adler. Jacque Heldcn
helmer. David Kahn. Max E. Kahn. H
Colman. Edward Kohner. Ben Living
ston. Harry W Hahn. David Sanger, A.
L. Dembitx, S -. West. M D. Rosen
berg. B. Schaplro. E. Chas. Fleiher. Jos.
Etrasburger, Simon Wolf, J. Elsenmann.
A. M. Flshel. David Gural. M, Berlin.
Slg. Kaufman. Morris Solomon, Mosos
BreUfelder, Jos L. Tepper, Isaac
Gans. George n. Morris, Charles A.
Goldsmith, Alexander Wolf, Arnold
Hlrsch, L Grosner. L. Rlchold.
A. Stern, D. Wiener, Maurice Davis. Leo
Colin, Julius Block. Lee Morris. A. C.
Mayer, A. Koenigsburg. Samuel M.
Louis, H. Glaxer. J. M. Stein. P. Lazarus.
S. J. Glaser, Henry S Adler. Louis
Klein. Sidney W. Straus, Julius Lans
mirgh. Elon Behrend. A. Slgmund. IX. O.
Bandberg, David Wolf, Louis Bush.
Leonard B. Bchloss. II. Ssckerman. J.
Berjisteln. Phil Bobys. N. H. Caro. M.
a. Pressler. Morris Hahn, Tyler Norn
llnger, Morris II. Maxo. If. J. Pack.
William E. Baff. Joseph Salomon, David
A. Baer. Mose J. Jackson, Leonard Feld
steln, Sol. Herzog. B. D. Dreyfuss, Ivy
A. Pelzraan, Samuel I. Racosan, Charles
Wolf, Albert E. Steinem, E. Elvone.
Hev. Dr. Louis Stern, J. D. Dreyfuss.
Albert Foer, Morris H, Konlgsberg,
Emanuel Kaufman, of Atlanta, Ga.: Ed
win L. Levy, of Richmond, Va.: Gelbert
W. Straus, of Atlanta, Ga.; Benjamin
Desk, Aaron L. Applebaum.
Pastor C. T. Itusaell Preaches to Hla
New Congregntlon Here.
Disclaiming any malice for attacks
made upon him. and avowing charity
toward all. Pastor Charles T. Russell, of
Brooklyn and London Tabernacles, be
gan his pastorate of the Washington
Temple CongregaUon (nonsectarian) yes
terday afternoon. Hla first sermon, de
livered to an audience which filled tbe
large auditorium of New Masonlo Tem
ple, had for Its text one of the three epi
grams carved over the entrance of Union
Station. "Thou hast put all things under
his feet."
Eliot H. Thomson, chairman of the
special business committee of the Con
gregation, presented Pastor Russell to
his new congregation. J. T. D. Pyles
and Brig. Gen. William P. Hall occupied
seats on the. platform.
Pastor Russell has accepted the pas
torate here with the distinct understand
ing that he can preach hero but once, a
month. However, he will preach here
for the next two Sundays of this month.
His text next Sunday will be. "The des
ert shall bloom and blossom." Thf sue-
arceauus ouuuisj nia (i ua sie xne
truth shall make you free."
" Second Floor of the Greater Palais Royal .
' - All t Finally Reduced Prices
' Of Cloth
Were $15.0Q. 'ft 7'r
Were $12.00. n 7c
Were $10.00. t7 7K
Now'. .li0
Were $9.00. n 71;
Now .ijO.IU
Were $7.50. jr 7ri
Now 50.70'
Were $5.00. q qc
Now )o.yo
Were $3.00. tM QK
Now ijliOO
vL JK!x3'iL
Out They're Going Fast!
IT doesn't take any man long to decide what's a bargain
in Overcoats after he sees this line of mine and the
reductions. '
Of course, if style and character don't count for any
thing with you, there arc other Overcoat "opportunities."
But if you DO give the proper importance to model and
pattern and make and fit then no other sale can approach
this one.
Cat. that have A 7"l ( "' "" B $1ft 7
been S18 and 20. .. P lwf O fZSM and ". jPIO.sJ
Louis Hirsh Nine-twelve F Street
Hand Bags
in all the latest styles
and newest leathers,
$2.50 to $4.50.
Traveling Bag
Made -of new long-grain
Black Walrus; leather lined;
brass trimmed; 14 inches-.
Pioneer Manafielarers,
1219 F Street
MACRAE-On Frlda. January 3. 1911. at
MACRAE, beloved husband of Annie
11. Macrae
Funeral Monday. Januarv . 1913. at :
p m. from Gawler"s Chapel, 17a
Pcnnsvlvanla Avenue Northwest. In
terment at Arlington National Ceme
tery. Kindly omit Dowers.
ROCK On Saturday January 4. 1513. at
S a. m . at Kmergency Hospital.
Miss IRENE ROCK, aged thirty-five
Funeral from the residence of her
brother. 16 Fifth Street Northeast.
Monday, January 6, at 2 p. m. In
terment private.
SAWTEI.LE On Saturday. January 4.
J113. at his residence, 1K3 N Street
SAWTELLE. Brigadier General. I
S. A., retired, in the seventh-ninth
)ear of his age. .
Funeral Mondav. January 6. 1M3. at .
p. m. from St. John's Church. Six
teenth and II Streets Northwest In
terment at Arlington National Ceme
Cbrnmaaderr of th. District of Cohimbts.
Cut of Waahisfton. Jan'iarr . U
The death of Companion OUrJJSs O. -TELLE.
Brfsadter-Gaieeal. retirt.1. I". i Amjj
In this dty. on tbe lib. Instant. i announced
to tha Commandery.
Funeral srrrW at lrhieh the attendance of
Osajsuiions Is wjuestsd. will M held at St.
John's Eplscnpai Omrch. Rutrenth and II
Streets Northwest, on Mondsr (til" daj). January
. t S o'clock P. XL Jntermrnt st tno Ariinjtoa
MUonal OKncterr.
Br entnnmnd ef
MaJcr-CeDenU CEORQE B DAVI. IT. . Army.
rstatflihed vs. ciiAs. a. rimnonsT. stg.
J. onXUsUI LEE. Pnaeral Dlret4r
sad tfnnalmw. Ltrsry ta conseetloo. Coasssodsjas
Ckapsl sad Madam CnsBstoriasa. Kodsat priosa
rseasjltanla Ara. mr. TsWiops Msla tttS,
- 940 F Street N. W.
Phones Main St
Of Kfsrt D4cripUs-atoasatls PrVs
Of Cotton
The hygienic Wash
Suit s now adopted
the year around by
many parents for their
boys of 2.1, to 10
Were $2.50 Up
Material used is
heavy-weight Galatea,
in white, plain colors,
and stripes. The braid
trimming and emblems
on sleeves give char
acter to these Suits.
8:30 to 6.
909 Seventh St.
I AD KIN The Sewlnst
I"rlf,"f Machine Man
Will repair your sewing machta.
properly, no matter what make.
bend postal, or phone M-32SS.
Corner 3d and H Streets It. W.
airs Tabs ta Th. Barsld s S3S Caitsav.
TORRE -oiust.N. w.
V ST. kssi PhoaeN.6S7
Meats and provi
sions. Home-
., dressed Poultry
a specialty.
W. CI?. Votes to To. Barsld-s 3.000 tAeutsC
rnoFEJisioN vl EiircATiox in A' corvr
ancy. Ptartieal wort tleially adaptei! to m3
nsplored. 48 r.c bullcUn. Call or address Ilceior
ef Edncatlcn. V M. U A.. EJ4 O Su VV sshir j'on.
lO BeTcnth St. ce. Lingua 1738.
The Corcoran Gallery of Art
Fourth Exhibition of
Contemporary American
Oil Paintings.
Open until January 36. 1313, as fol
lows Week davs. from 9 00 a m until
4 30 p m Sundays, from 1 30 p m
until 4 30 p m Frlda) evenings, from
N p. m. until 10-00 p. m. Tuesdays,
Thursdajs Saturdavs, Sundavs and
FIUDVa K1KMMS tho admission is
free i on other davs an admission fee
of twenty-five cents is charged
mertinj: ef tbs stoekholors rf Th. Washington
Tum and Trurt tsi:rny. for tho election of
Direetora and for tho rsirpoes of trar-Mrllos rucl
other Nislnew as mar lawrully crane befor. th.
torlhoWera tn cenerst meetlns win b. held s:
tb office rf th. Comrsny at 13 o'clock nona
Tl'ESDAT JAM'Vltl It. 1U. The rolls wilt
rrmsin open to receha rotes foe snch election t
tseen th hours of n o'clock nona snd 3 odoek
iv in. on tht date. 1IARIIT (I JIECM. Treas
urer 33.,H
Manager of Tbs waahteaton City Orphan Aulnn
will be fteld at 173 Fourteenth Street .NorOl"Mt
n TUESDAY J VM'ARY T. U 328 jv m. Tbs
lr Herman 8. linkham will nak. Th. publto
rordially innted. Mrs Z. T bOWEK.". 6ccreUry
Rooms 30 snd 31 lT. B TQvt Bnildlns. TennsyW
sania Arnnne and Tenth btreet Northwest.
AH parties deitnnz to furnish quarters f rlsltnrt
durine th lnansncal perrod are requested to- eal
at tbis offlce or nd drsrni41oa of rooms. staUns
the number of rcrsons that ran be rippt!d wiC
beds or ccts, with or without meats, terms, Ac.
M. I. WIlLLMt. Chairman.
jal.Kt Itommltte on I-ublie Comfxt
By-Laws, notice is bereby riten that the sntna!
meellns of th. Stockholders of The Clpitsl Traction
Lotarany. for the election of Directors for the ensu
ing- year, and such other business as may be brout-ht
errors the mettins, wui i neia at trie once of tbs
Company. ThlrU-sllth and M streets N-rthwe-J.
Waihlnjtun. D C. on WEDNESDAY. Jsnoary I.
1813, st 10-4 o'clock .. n The pot! will ba epra
from 11 o'clock s. m. until 13 o'clock noon. II. D.
CRAMPTON. Eecretsry. Jal-Jt
chas if the loci established anil complete print
ing ind publishing business heretofore conducted by
Ueonsn E. Howsrd at Til Inh St.. this city. IVir
circulars rontslnlna Inrentory, desenrflons. and
terms, tprlr at one ta M. D. ROSENBERG. At
tornty for Rccriirrs. Ith and E Bis. lslj.8
BODsorxlrsl: 403-pssa book free. Apply by msU. 818
Colorado BUS. Vres lectan for vromta Wataeadayi
at 130 b. m. SsVil
Utl I FR'S -"' Rl t"tT " mault buck.
'. . . wheat, try a parka, of Miner's
Self-fHSing Mf-ralstes Buckwbest. Muled
luASriMtiAel 'nn choswat mountkJi-sresm
sTWrTFieal rriln-bec,ltttely pre.
fyAt your grorer"s. No- consumers sorxlled,
WStslcsalcrs, UUs . Jt Jta. .,..
' )
SHS- -f.

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