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rqg??gyy1"f'' v f,?.;''3ei'l!J'?!"'
Lean rork Chops, lb
Freeh rork Shoulders, lb,
Smokrd Picnic Shoulders
I lb-
' 122C
. I
Cornrd Shoulders, lb
,' J Ham. Smoked, Small, and
' Lean. lb,
'' I Slice J Hrrakfaat llacon, lb,
Scrapple, Philadelphia
Mle, Home-made, lb.
Moll)- Brand Sauaace. Ture
Pork and Pure Spleea, lb,
Compound, n l.ard Subatl
tute, lb.
l.ard, pure, open krllle ren
dered, lb,
Selected Kkrs, doi,
.Mtllbrook Eek. extra se
lected and craded for
1 Tielchl nnd alse; In aealed
. (Klo frei
f'.iitrr, le
.'- fer Che.. lb, '
:. - ". J iinic'firad
.l.i." Tea- . ..
Walnut Kernrla, lb, ,
ornar Mackerel, eac-b.
' 5c
Blue nell Tomatoes, each, I
M0110C..CJ- Pen, can. j
White Potatoes, peek,
J'anrj- I.anre Ahlt Florida
Lettuce, per bend.
lellovr f;iobr Onion
Old Dutch Market,
P.TO La. Air. X. XV.
8th and K Ma. S. E.
Slat and M St. IV. W.
7th Que Sta. Jf. XV.
1111 II St. N. E.
1633 North Capitol St. !
30 Ga. Alt. IV. XV. i
TltST. 14th St. X. XV. I
Ttb A B Sta. X. E.
1778 V Street X. V.
3113 14t- St. X. XV. I
TheMirkelo! IheMarkelof j.,
Economies Cleanliness
:'fP7th & H Sts. N.E,
TORRE "".15
Meats and provi
sions. Home
dressed Poultry
a. specialty.
; Otn Vatas la Tht Bcnld'a ta.000 UouasU
Christian! Pharmacy,
(SrhiffmaA & Goldsmith).
7th and M Sts. X. XV. Phone X. 2394.
' Gne Voles in The Herald'. $3,000 Contest.
Largest MorningCirculation.
m Economies Cleanliness 1H
Mrs. Preston Gibson Favors
Simplicity in Gowns to Be
Worn at Inaugural Dance.
Fund for Ceremonies Steadily Growing;,
Contributions Now Totaling;
Mrs. Preston Gibson, wife of Preston
Gibson, the playwright and cotillion
leader, and herself a noted social leader,
declared yesterday against the proposed
negligee Inaugural ball. Mrs. Gibson said
that she believed In the principles of
Jeffersonlan simplicity, but it should be
the simplicity of moderation.
"The decollette of too many smart af
fairs which bring a blush of shame to
the cheek of conservative American
womanhood as well as the high stiff col
lars and long sleeves of our country
sisters should alike he avoided at the
inaugural ball. I would suggest that
some of tho delightful gowns of previous
administrations be copied. Of course, the
gowns should be modernized, but I think
the medium ground can be reached."
Appointment of two large committees,
reception and door, probably 'will be
made to-day by the chairmen, respec
tively. Dr. Thomas Nelson Page and Ben
S. Minor.
Mr. Minor stated last night that he
would get his committee together as
soon as possible after its personnel is
.uMlshcd. The precedents established
at previous balls, he said, probably will
be closely followed. He has named
William C Marrow, vice chairman, and
Hugh E. Roland secretary of his com
mittee. He will have thirty or more
rids, and each of the aids will have ten
assistants so that his committee will
total nearly 4 persons.
Mr. Minor said that he intended not
to appoint tho aids to represent the
individual States of the Union, as has
been done in the past, but to appoint
Washington men, who he believes will
be more competent because of their
knowledge of local people and conditions.
The President and his party will enter
the Pension Ofllce, if precedent is fol.
lowed, by the Fifth Street entrance Mr.
Minor and his aids, and other officials
of the inaugural committee, including
Chairman V. t Eustis. who will wel
come the honored guests, will precede the
President and his party.
Committee Are Announced.
Chairman Waddy B. Wood, of the com
mittee on street decorations, which met
yesterday at the Shorchani. announced
as an executive committee Dr. I,. B.
Lor.ng. Clark Waggaman. W. XV. Stuart.
William A. Rogers. Fred V. Murphy. V
B. Olmstead, Bedford Brown, and Bruce
The following committees were an
nounced last night: Auditing James !'.
Oyster, chairman: Granville SI. Hunt,
vice chairman; Thomas Grant, secretary;
ir. P. Baines. C. I. Crissey. A. L. Davis.
Joshua Kvans. Jr., William J. Eynon.
Walter B. Guy, I.. J. Ijuraan, Charles
Llnkins. It. H. McKec. A. J. May. How
ard Moran. John Poole. Albert Schultels.
Herbert T. Shannon. John F. Slavcn,
II. K. Simpson. Jacob Scliarf. K. E.
Whitney. Max F.sher. A. V. Hoffman.
M. t. Rosenberg. William B. Hardy,
and MaJ. B. Taylor.
Press Earl Godwin, chairman; Maurice
Splaln, tlrst vice chairman; Theodore H.
Tiller, second Ice chairman: Fred A.
Emery, secretary; John L. Martin, press
Pinna for Fireworks.
The committee on fireworks met at the
New Willard last night, with Chairman
Isaac Gans presiding, and discussed
plain for a display on the Ellipse on the
night of March 4. V. A. Penning, vice
chairman, laid before the committee esti
mates of tlrework manufacturers, nnd
it was decided to have the representa
tives of the manufacturers appear In
person before the committee.
Pick IVr.onnl Body Guard
Gov. Wilson lia selected the Essex
Troop of Cavalry, of Newark, for
personal lKd guard, and has asked that
place be made in the parade for 1.C10
Princeton students, who are planning to
march on Inauguration Day In compli
ment to their former "prexy."
The total subscriptions to the inaugural
fund reached S7K.115. according to an an
nouncement made by Chairman Corcoran
Thorn, of the finance committee. New
subscriptions were announced as follows:
Capital Traction Company. $1.10: Frank
Hume. Inc.. I(0; Ellis & Donaldson. SiV);
George Howard. I10O: Joeph Gawier's
Sons. Jlit: E. A. Sellhausen. J.V): .. N.
Meyer. J1W: Fielding Simmons. JW: II.
Preston Gatley. Jino: Samuel Maddox,
Sino: R. Ross Perry. JlflO; Samuel Ross,
The committee on illuminations was
yesterday appointed as follows:
William F. Gude. chairman: John
Dolph. vice chairman: Frank J. Wissner.
secretary: J. W. Alicoate. Harry F. Ash
Ion. Julius Baumgarten. Robert S. Bel
knap. Harry R. Carroll. C. I. Crissey. E.
J. Dow ling. John E. Finney, Isaac Cans.
Thomas Grant. E. C. Graham. John W.
Fox. Charles ". Hancock. John E. Kreh.
jr.: E. S. Marlowe. A. C. Mayer, James
F. Ojster. John E. Powell. Charles E.
Rowe. S. A. Reeves. Leslie Reynolds, Ed
ward Schmid. A. U Sinclair. John B.
Slaven. S. Spitzer. Joseph D. Sullivan. A.
0. Stein. U SI. Thayer. George O. Wal
son. Elliott Woods. John JIartln. F. A.
I-ander. C. S. Partridge. Clarence L.
Llnz, and W. F. Thomas.
Additions to the committee on civic or
ganizations were announced as follows:
F. C. Handy, C C. Lancaster. George P.
Hart. H. W. Fisher. Charles T. Corby, J.
1. Weller. Charles F. Cummings, H. L.
Additions to the committee on review
ing stands were announced as follows
William F. Gllmore. B. II. O'Leary, H.
D. Digney. J. Calhoun Patterson.
Dr. William Tlndail. secretary to the
board of Commissioners of the District
of Columbia, and an ardent believer In
woman's suffrage, yesterday addressed
a letter to Chairman Eustis, of the in
augural committee, requesting the ap
pointment of wemen to the committee.
The letter Is as follows:
"In view of the broadening scope of
woman's activities In all matters that
tend to civic betterment, as well as In
those which have generally been re
garded as her special province. It would
be worthy of the demonstration of
which you are the leading representative
to recognize that fact by appointing a
number of women on the Inaugural com
mittee, of which you nrc tho head. I
would suggest at least file.
"Irrespective of the toclological aspect
of this proposition is Its appropriateness,
in view of the fact that In nine States
of the 1'nion women are vested with
full political powers and as such exert
those powers In the election of the Presi
dent and Vice President of the United
States. In whose honor the function you
control Is projected.
"In addition to the credit, this would
be to you as an act of Justice and pro
priety, would be the distinction and hon
or which would be conferred upon you
as the first chairman of a Presidential
Inaugural committee to Institute that
fair and gracious policy.'
aaaaaaaaaaaaaStJP aaaaaaaaaB
bvbvbvjP . t
BBBBBBP:- - '-- r M
"bybyP' I Ma
KasLvf -"' 4fckaBT
Appointment of Judge De Lacy to Sue.
ceed Himself Also Expected to
Be Sent to the Senate.
Nominations of two District Commis
sioners and a judge of the Juvenile Court
are to be sent to the Senate by Presi
dent Taft either to-day or In the very
near future, according to report! current
Commissioner Rudolph, It was said,
would be nominated to suceed hlmseir,
and a Democrat, probably l. J. Calla
han or James F. Oyster, would be se
lected as his associate in facing the
Senate for continuation. Judge William
H. De I.acy. it is understood, is to hav
the nomination for Judge of the Juvenile
Nominations for all three offices. It is
said, probably will be denied confirmation
by the benate.
A protest against the appointment of
Judge Do I.acy to succeed himself as
Judge of the Juvenile Court has been
Hied with the Dtpartment of Justice by
the Daughters of America, an auxil
lary of the Junior Order of American
Mechanics, it was stated last night by
ollicials of the slaughters. A copy of the
rrotcst was filed also with the Senate
Committee en the Judiciary, to which
the nomination of Judge Ic Lacy,
made by President Taft. will be
It is alleged .n the protest that Judge
De I.acy's conduct of the olfice lias
given an "uplift to the young persons
brought Into his court, officials of tho
Daughters of America stated last night.
1 nelr snm Derives Mini Part frfoi
Plir Block..
Imle Sam during 1912 received $?.-
04...93 in rentals from his property in
the District. Secretary of Treasury Mac-
Veagh yesterday advised Congress of the
collection of that amount from I-ederal
property rented to private industries.
Nearly three-fourths of this amount.
$J7,0.9J was derived from the Ave blocks
extend'ng from Pennsylvania Avenue to
B Streets between Fourteenth and r if-
tecnth Streets Northwest. Even this
figure, however, is not as large as the
amount received in 1911. when the gov
ernment collected Sfi3.fC3.rr from the same
property. The decrtase In revenue from
these five blocks is explained by the fact
that a large amount of space rented in
1S11 to private tenants was utilized tho
past vear b' governmental department
The next largest revenue-bearing block
Is that Just in the rear of the post-ofl
which net S3.3I0 for the vear. as against
ST.Ti3 during 1311 This, block, which lies
between C and Little II Streets am!
Eleventh and Twelfth Streets Northwest,
was purchased ! the government for
an annex to the Post-office Department
The remalnd-r of the S3.ni:,93 was d
ried from the block Ijing between E
nnd F and Eighteenth and Nineteenth
Streets Northwest. This brought a rental
of Si.0W.D3.
The collection of Him entire amount
was done through the office of the Chief
Clerk of the Treasury without additional
expense to th" government.
"Mother" .lone. Make Hitter Talk
Before I.nrse I.nlinr Audience.
"Mother" Jones, white-haired minister,
arraigned the "coal barons" of West
Virginia in a bitter talk to a large
labor audience at National Rifles Armory
Ia--t n'ght.
Mother Jones came to Washington di
rect from the seat of trouble in the West
Virginia mines. She came to bring th
case of the miners Itefore Congress and
make arrangements for a Federal inves
tigation of conditions, which bhe de
scribed as "appalling in their bru
tality." Representative W. II. Wilson presided
at the meeting. He was introduced by
John B. Colpoys. secretary of the Cen
tral Labor Union. Mr. Wilson stated
that Federal examination of the charges
had been requested from the House, and
a hearing is expected to lie granted next
llrr Friend Sny llline Were In
tended for Some- One- EUe.
Hisses heard at the convention of the
Woman's National Democratic League
Thursday night were not for Sirs. Mat
thew T. Scott, president general of the
Daughters of the American Revolution
who nominated Sirs. Steven B. Ayres
for the presidency, it was stated last
night by Sirs. Scott and several of her
Sirs. Scott and her friends claimed
that the hisses were intended to be a
rebuke to members of the league, said
to have treated Sirs. Scott with discour
tesy when she took the floor to nomi
nate Sirs. Ayres.
Slost of the delegates from other cit
ies have returned to their homes. The
executive board of the league, which
met at the New Willard Thursday night
and organized, will hold another meet
ing at 10 o'clock on Saturday morning.
January 1?, at the New Willard and
perfect plans for the work of the
Clara II lit t and Kennrrley Kumford.
To-morrow night. :I5, National Theater.
John V Mathenr. Zi. of Karuaa C:
J alia F. Erara, 3, of Amngton, Va.
. juonifrr-raerr.
John W. no-wahorrr. 3. of KrtnkfoM. w. Va.,
and Jrveiiui ! SiilffltHt. 13. of Hurlvrurt- v
Rr. R. U Kttltt
Harris E. WiUUmhira. 2L and Ltm !. T,M
IS. both of Richmond, Va. Km. J. J. Mulr.
Louis Xlrannan. a. and Maude Hobba. 21 IUt
Jaisct M. McCanler.
The Oldrat Remedr Knows
Is a sldlitz DOWtler. All mivslrlan nr.
crtbe It for all trouble of the stomach,
liver, and bowe'a. You can now buy a
cood-taatine seldlitz Dowdr. it u miiui
IlofTs LeinoQ SeldllU.
Its Dcllcloui Taste
Its Persistent Effervescence
Its Great Digestive Value
render it (whether taken aloie or mixed) a most
Refreshing and Wholesome Drink
What's become o' th' olc-tinic
housekeeper that alius had a Jeru
salem chcrrv tree in a t'mater can
settin' on th' window sill?
It's hanllv worth while t' take
a basket t' market any more un
less you're out o' turnips.
President Tranamlla to I'oiisrrti
Iteport of Secretary of Wr,
President Taft transmitted to Congress
yesterday a report of the Secretary of
War enumerating the franchises granted
during the past year by the executive
council, of Porto Rico. The franchise
embrace concessions granted by the ex
ecutlve council to various street railroad:
and telephone and telegraph lines. Ex
isting law requires the submission of re
ports annually of the record of the Port
Rlcan executive council
The Porto Rican reports shows, among
other item. that the executive council
granted a permit to the Porto Rlcan Gen
eral Telephone Company to operate i
telephone sjstem In San Juan. Mayguez.
and the eastern end of the Island, nnd
that the authority given to the Robblns-
I.iplcy Company to construct and operate
a pier on the harbor line of San Juan,
has been repealed.
Votrra' Itepre.entnlli c. Will Nnmf
Wll.on Next Prrldent.
Though the election of Woodrow Wil
son Js consider,! to he a thing of the
pat by most ieople. the balloting whh h
will actually make him President of the
United States will take place next Mon
dav. when th electors chosen meet In
the v."-i"iK State capitals and vote as
The results of the voting will I-- f'nt
to Washington hv special messenger and
will be canvassed by tho two Houses of
Congress, sitting in Joint session. Th's.
the final chapter in the election of the
Pre.ident and Vue Prtsldent. will begin
nt 1 p. in. IVbruary 11
The election of Presidents and Vice
Presidents through the means of the
electoral ollege has ceased to le con
siders! by the public at large as of any
great consequence, since It is almost in
conceivable that this balloting should fall
to follow the popular vote in November.
The formality must be gone through
with, however, as prescribed by the Con
U. S. JV-rt- of Aericultur. Weather Ttureaa,
Wi.hmpton, Ktxij). Januin , ILV p. m.
Therp has hr-p-n crafrat ari-ri runMdrraWe rt in
trmiK ralurr from TVtav -raitirant and nnhtast-
:. and an piuall)r derided fall to the north
ward and west ward, except in the 'oat Stater.
In l.!1 Northwestern Htatr trmpcratuirs rancr
from rem to IT degrer-t bolrwr rem.
Th" Middlo WeM depression 1M more ratward.
ttrnded bv rw-Wa! rain Hitnnlav eat th
MLufwtppt lliTer. and in the Yt Unit .state.
and by mnw In th l'-jer MlW-wlppI and Iwer
nun Talle. the iVntral Ri-rkr Mountain nv
jrion, and the Smthwe-.t. On Sunday tin weather
ill be pcnerailjT fair west of th Mt.tli&ippi ItiTfT.
while to the- eastward then will iV anow and
i iwit the Northern and rains oter th Sonth-
will N warmer Saturday from the Ohio Val
ley and I-frer lake Iteginn eastward and south
ward, fidlowrd by falling tempi-rttiirc Sunday oter
interior ilMrkli. It will be- colder Saturday be
tween tlV MtiMppi Ilifer and the Itorky Moun
tains, and roldi-r Sunday in tlm LTri?r Lake Ite
gion and the West Gulf Matr.
focnl Tcniprrntorcai.
Midnijrht, 3D; 2 a. ra., 3; 4 a. m.. 2&; fi a. m .
30; 8 a, ra . 31; 10 a. m.. X; 12 noon. S; 2 , in ,
AZ, i p. m.. 43; 6 p. ra.. 41; 8 p. m.. C; 10 p. m..
42. Highest. 43. lowest. 31 IUIatirr humidity. S
s, m.. H; 2 p. m . G9; 8 p. m.. 71: TUinfall 8 p.
m. to 8 p. m.l. T: hours of annshlnr, 0, per cent
of possible Minsliine. 0.
Temrrrature same date last year Highest, 3T;
lowet, 6.
Temperatures In Other Cltlea.
Temperatures in other dtica, togrther with tha
mount of rainfall for the twenty-four hours ended at
I p. m. yesterday, are u follows:
A'hfTille. X. C
AUuiU. Ga
AlUntlc Citr, N. J
lilsmircx. X. I ok -I
Ilofitoci, Miw K
Itufflln. X. V 3S
Chicago. Ill a
Cincinnati, Ohio
Chejeniie. V)n SI
narrnnort. Iowa St
IVnrer. Colo 3
ll-s Moinm. Imra 3
Ihlluth. Olinn 1
alTetr.n. T C
llek-n-l. Mnut -
Indunapntis, Ind 26
Jartaotrrtne. Ha W
Kamu Citr. Mo
Little nork. Ark M
I.OK Angeles, Cal St
Marquette. Slim -
Memphis. Term SI
New Orleans. La R
.New York. N. V 3
North Platte. Xebr i!
Omaha. Xe-br St
rhUaJctphla. I' U
rittabunr. Pa
Portland. Sir a
Portland, elrrc 12
Bait Lake Citr. Utah X
St. Louis, Mo .. 3S
St. rani. Minn 22
Hart Ftancism. Cal 50
HrrinsftfM. Ill SI
Tacotna. Wajh..........
Tampa. FU 7
Toledo. Ohio SI
Vlclsburg. Mlis ti
tir yU'riB I T
"Trap" for AutoiiU Thine of Pl ud
Bailiff It "Fired" New Regu
lations Planned.
The town council of Hyattavllle, Md.
does not like the unsavory notoriety
It has experienced In enforcing Its pres
ent automobile laws. As a result, the
council met last night and repealed the
wrhole automoblln law and "fired" the
bailiff. The council Is going to get up
a new set of laws, which the members
say will tint be so hard on Washington
autolsts who wish to pass through thi
little town.
One thing they are going to do li
to omit the fee system, which, accord
Ing to O. A. Greager, a member of the
council, has caused much persecution,
because of the reward in case of convic
tion. Charles A. Barr, the bailiff, has
been overactive, in the council's opinion,
and as a consevjuene-e they are going
to get an oRlclal who will not be
"unreasonable" with the law.
Hyattsvllle la going to provide for
policeman with a motorcycle to arrest
speeders from the Capital under the new
law which the city attorney has been
Instructed to draw up. Between now
and then, Washington autolsts can go
through the little Maryland town as fast
as they like. There won't be anybody
to arrest them, and there won t be any
seed law to violate.
This action of the council was brought
about by 11. Ralph Ilurton, a Washing
ton attorney, who appeared and made
complaint against bis arrest on January
I by tho town bailiff. After hearing a
speech lasting one hour, the council de
cided against their bailiff and remitted
the $lf, fine which had be-en assessed
against Mr. Ilurton by the local Justli
of the peace
This is the first victory obtained ov
nie Maryland automobile law by Capi
tal autnlst. and it l believed to be
a good omen for the future. In draw
ing up the new law an attempt will be
made to permit a higher speed limit In
outlying districts Hyattsvllle citizens
believe, according to o. A Greager. that
more latitude should be allowed automo-
The Advocates latest special award, a
I7.A Conover Baby Grand Piano, is the
goal toward which thousands have set
the.r faces.
This superb instrument has been pur
chased from Percy Foster, the piano
merchant. IS) G Street Northwest, and
will be given to the person casting the
most votes in T'le Herald's Merchants
and Manufacturers' JCi.mo Contest be
tween the dates of Decemlier :, 1:U. and
January li 1313.
The extra eompetltlon l open lo everv
Ixxlc You do ne-t have to lie a contest
ant to win. The onlv condition are that
all votes shall be cast for a registered
contestant, and mui be turned n not
later than ft p. m . January 1.1
The Conover liaby Grand is on exhibi
tion at contest headquarters. Til Thir
teenth Street Northwest. Kverybody
knowa the supreme position of this piano
in tho musical world. It ranks among
the miest small Instrument produced.
Contestants and their friends are mak:ng
things hum. and the race gets closer
every day. Remember it is open to
everybody, and that votes cast for this
special award also go to swell the
standing of contestants In the regular
innTiiti itKPiiRTi:n.
Clifford and M.rrarrt Wcu-n. Ctrl.
Krark and I3ole SuUr. hjr.
Jaor-h in! Annie Ixim. Ni
Loill P. an.! I3i-re I Kirnr. ho
IlcEh P and Ilm'ia I Cnfln. M
Charles L. and !lna I'astrrlin. hrn
JoM-ph J. and Marnrtt K. (Wler. eirt
Jmwiih. K and CathTine I tIow. hiy.
Wonton V and Ella Crawford. t.r.
'.iotanni and IKvata Itrireza. tart.
John F. an-l Annie L llynl. tj
Hinr K and Jennie J Pell. Ir
VVilliam K. and Mane C. lleran, 1ot.
Kniet II. and nianrho I' I'ratt. her
William and Martha Hawtln.. lor
William V. and Lulu J. Eierrtt. ror
DnvTii HKConn.
Patnrk I". IVmnellr. 7S sears. C-wt llot-t. In-ane,
Alrln Newton. 3. et lloer. lnwine.
nor Rowers. , 319 M St. nw.
Henrietta Mason. 73. 1CT Jeflenon St. nw.
Samuel J. Thomas, d. Tubemilnsls Hospital
Itnssell Alley. . Children's Hospital
Tharles SI. Manhlnson. C. Ht9 au-too St. nw.
Natalie Mender. Ti S P St. If
Infant of Jacob and Annie Leetn. 3 dars, Prori.
draco Hospital
John Hutler. m jears. Preertmen's Ilmrital.
Kohert Harris .V. Tulrcul.is llnspttal.
Marr VMlliams. 52. 11 Corcoran SI nsr.
Amelia Williams, 32. Washington Aslum Ho-pital
Nellie Ooles. 24, Ge-rernment Hospital Insane.
Francis Adams. II. 4 11a. Ate
Sarah Stooks. 3. .eTilIdrcn'i Hospital.
John Sntton. 19.. National Training School for Bors.
Porothy ltailcy. $ months, 3ST 9th St. nr.
Only One "BROMO 0.urNIrJE,"that b
Laxative jjromo Qranine
Cures a Coldin One Day, Cnp in 2 Days
W 25c
Wines and
909 Seventh St.
Call up Main 1419 for All Kinds
of Printing Supplies.
623 D Street N. W.
Wt Olt Veto la Th Iltrtld't & Cbatnt,
Ladies, Save
$2.50 on
2UMO pairs brand new womena' aboea go
on sale to-day. These shoes were bought
from an overstock and are remarkable
values. Worth up to' $5.00. Absolutely per
fect In' every way, and guaranteed to
wear. Every pair. v
All leathers, all styles, all sizes. EvenlnK
slippers In 14 shades of satin, with French
or Cuban heels. Come early.
Fourth Floor Washington Loan and Trust Bldg.
9Jh and F. Open Saturday Evenings.
We a;lve Herald 123,000 eoatrat Totes.
77ie New EHitt
Finish the ride or the promenade to-morrow
afternoon with dinner in the Crystal Room.
Served Table d'Hote
From 5:30 to 8 at
S1.25 Per Plate, With Wine
You'll find it a most elaborate dinner cooked
"to a turn" and served to perfection.
Engage your table and it will be ready and
waiting for you.
G. F. SCHUTT. Proprietor.
VVVV X V5 vttVTttTt Vi
1 National Hotel j
Pennsylvania Avenue Sixth Street t
Best Light
And some of the business
houses that use it:
Dulin & Martin, 1215 F St.
A. J. Howar, 1225 F St.
Atkinson's Drugstore, 1107 G St.
C. H. Eiseman, 619 7th St.
Grand Hotel, 15th and Pa. aie.
National Law School, 13th St.
Md. Lunch Room, 610 9th St.
O'Donnell's Drug Store, F St., near
All will tell you of our
good service and that our gas
arc gives more illumination
and costs less to operate.
C. A. Muddiman
616 Twelfth. 1204 G.
rhone Slain U0.
We Cite Votes in HcriW's S3.000 Contest.
Pennsylvania R. R.
Frequent Fast Express Trains
Tickets gootl for two days. Including
date of sale.
Special Saturday and Sunday Rate
Tickets f-ood to return until 9:00 a.
m. Monday. All reftular trains
except Congressional Limited.
I-arse Can 'Corn Jj
Italslns. 3 for a
Citron, pound !
Tomatoes. 3 cans
Oth nnd St Streets.
Phone N. SO. ,.
Wa mtn Votaa to Th Herald s CS,oca Lootaat.
f-arcest stock ever carried. Also Laces.
Dry Goods. Hosiery mod
:;0GeoriAe. N. W.
We ariva UeraK S35.000 coaleat votaa.
from $1.00 to
Your Shoes
There's only one verdict of the new
inter Garden and that is it's the hand-
somest dining-room in Washington.
Every Sunday evening from
6 to 8 a Table d'Hote Din-
ner is served at S1.00 per
plate, with wine. t
A select musical p-. igrammc i given
throughout the evening-.
J. D. KYNASTON. Manaf-er t
Brine back replies because each
order receives the same personal
attention. Irrespective of size.
You will And our letters free
from dark edRes. broken type,
typographical errors. 4c.
Von can safely Intrust Impor
tant form letters to us. belnc as-
ured that they will be carefully
edited and delivered on time
2.000 LETTERS, S4.01
w -ddremi
607 15th Street N.W.
Srrond Floor Ovfr Kord A Gra
ham Dairy T.unrh. Opposite
U. S. Treasury,
rhone Mala 7506.
rnoFESsio.vAi, euccation is account;
ncy. 1'iartical work esiertaUy adapted t men
empJored ts-rae Nillelin. Call or address. Director
ct Education, Y 11. C A., m U L. Wasbirrtoo.
IU EZermth SL DC Linooia U3L
I.W I M.'IE.M.'K UK HB.Vl.TH N TlItAl.
imns-tTfirtl. X rcr Nk frr AppT f"" mit, SH
Colorado Bldjr. Free lecture for -Dtnm Vfdnevli'.
at :j p. m. :-if
Mil LER'S -re delici'sis and holesorae .hen
miLLLnv ,,, of MILLER'S SelfIUlsn
nlf.rHKin? Biirt.hest. Its economical, bo
aeu raisins Aur, muin mm hlrt.
BUCkwhe3t oeat than thoea of other rranda
ETAt jour cttstt's. No eotwuners surpbed.
Vi-haleaalera, 11th aad M St a. S. C
,DAJIS Suddenly, on Friday. January
1. 1913. at i:i. p. m., iiArii.Es ci
WIN ADAMS tKeeter. only son of
of llalvor Nelson and Addle Florence
Adams (nee Spelden). aged seven
years and thirteen days.
Funeral (private) from his late resi
dence. 2C South Carolina Avenue
Southeast. Saturday. January 11. at
3 p. m..
"Asleep In Jesus, blessed sleep.
SWORDS On Wednesday. January .
1913. In New York City. CHARLES
Funeral services will bo held at the
Oeorue P. Zurhorst funeral parlors.
301 East Capitol Street, on Sunday.
January It at 3 p. m. Relatives and
friends invited to attend.
mantlabed 1W7. CHAR. B. ZUBHORST. Mp.
J. WILLIAM LEE, Funeral Directs
and Emtalmer. Urerj tn eoanectlon. ConmMxi'nal
Cbapal and Modem Crnaatorjcm. Modest prlaaa,
ta fanaajlTaala An. asr. Telepbons Mala UsX
940 F Street N. W.
Phones Main St
Ot EttTT Ueacriclon-ModeraUl Frload,
Wtamtl DcsltVB,

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