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Rain to-day; colder at night
To-morrow fair, colder.
Temperature estcrda Maxi
mum, 04; minimum, 41.
XO. 2290.
WASHINGTON. D. 0.. SUNDAY. JANUARY 12. 1913. -FORTY-TWO PAGES aot boys- and girls' magazine
President-elect Condemns Ex
isting Business Methods
in Chicago Speech.
Millionaires Receive Tongue
Lashing from Governor.
Future Up to Them.
Would Remove Suspicion Tthich Places
Upright Men at Disadvantage from
Public Mind Regrets Lack of
Faith in Government.
Imago Jan II "The honest business
inen In this c-ountrj haven't got
ha nee sii,i President-elect Wilson
hts speech before 500 member"! pf
ommercial Club and their guests here
tonight The C.Minror bemoaned the
uequal eonditions that surrounds busi
ness in nrica lie -"aid th it compet1
Hon had bt.cn cntirelj eliminated in some
lields and that the Independent business
men were unable to get a foothold
We niu.t "see to it that business is
s t free of ever feature of monopolv,
' e adde-1 And then ifter a short piuse,
e na I nmhc vou do not applaud
Indeed anions his auditors were prae
t Il all of the bis bu&mess men of
' tc so including beef pact ir railroad
offi iaq and bank director
moiig the-m were J Ogden rmour,
io - V Swift K J Karling president
"f tlu Milwaukee Railroad John V Tar
well n iiltimillionaire s SI Telton.
i reside it of the Great estern F" W
Hflano president of the Wabash Marvin
llusnett president of the Northwestern,
1'vrus Mn'ormlck head of the Harvester
J rust James A Patten, the wheat king.
orge M Rcvnolds president of the
ontinental and Commercial National
Lank Julius Itosenwald and John S
Uunnells president i.r tne Pullmin Corn
pan The President ele t pioceeded to read a
i istic lector, to these gentlemen that
" ned their applause
I P fo llnslnrss Men.
I m not here to tell on what T am
- ing t i do hi said The business
f tuie of thii countr does not elepend
pon the government of the United
states it depends upon business men of
th ountrj The business men have dc-
ted their thought to exploiting the -e-
r s or merira but verj few have
' ted their thought to husbanding the
r sour es of the c iintrv 1 ntil the do
ome of the problems that f IO l s
lie uifti ult .if solution The i,o.rn-
i t at Washington lias.been suspicious
tbo who 1 aif approached it for
i -,hth in f irt st rth.rves. water reserves
I nun lal reserves.
They have I okrii wit'i viipmon upon
applicint Tlie thing that lias to be
this The raw
at. rlil of this
st be at the iliosaI r
I nlted states upon th
take ll i
-nness out of
aker I want
matters now
il t said Hi.
o remo e suspiei n
land perfctlv honest u
nl d rould pick out are at a disad
antage ui tint- countrv because business
ndltious aie net trusted b the peopl
s a whole That Is unfair lo ou or to
nln.l that business toil, lies Th wo
not belie in tli I nited states
nk and lile of our people do not !
t it men of everv kind ir upon
iilitv nit onl in their access to
s. urcesof the countr, but as to th
1 f i he countr
( hn
li is lrlied in this country that (he
) o r imn has i less chance to get Justi e
hafi the n h man God forbid that that
Miould he gcnerall true Hut so long as
t at Is true the belief constitutes a
i re itcning fact
1 hat lieen told h some gentlemen
v th wliom I hae dealt In politics that
I am not treating them falrl because I
merstand their iuotl-s ind the generil
t ibhr does not understand thMr nio-
t ves The belief of the people that jon
not icting upon high motives Is the
Continued on Third Pnsc
Large Force Sent to Juchitepec, Where
Fighting Has Been in Progress
Several Days.
Mineo ( its. Jan II The I ederal gov
ernment to da sCnt a large detachment
r troops to the defense of the town of
I.. .itnnM . ... , .
Uhr&l.t,e"ruV"K0. '"reflBlit-,
,7,; nnroere':r"T".r.JTJ?" ""'
federals has
s J ne repels i
Immtji. fli..,,- n.-.!- .."I" ""
-- -.... ut'v.....u,ia -c.riai oaj s apo,
the first attack being made on the town
f JctzIngo Since that time there has
been heavj fighting between that town
ind Juchitepec. where the rebels were
Mt reported assaulting the town
Ramos Martinez government peace
"tnmissioner reports Tmilo Zapata at
the head of R () well-armed and dis-
pnneq reuels in the State of Puehla I
nut .apata and his forces have been tak
ing no ictlve part In the fighting or
raiding that has been going on there
ie entlj M Martinez declares that Gen
Zapata is readj to make pea e and will
Mssist the government In pursu't of the
rebels The statement however re
"ll "t little redone at the capital
Rebels In the s,Utepec dlstrn t in the
state of Mei o recentlv caught a mail
arner and tut off Ids ears Five mule I
drivers who were taken prisoners bj the
i-ame oand of rebels were .(impelled top
i raw lots to determine which one of
toem s),ouH be shot The others were
permitted to go and were s, nt on their
waj on foot
The railroad strike which began sev
ral weeks ago. continues, with the sit
uation practkallv unchanged
Prices Of foodstuffs lire Incroa.lno !
daily and there Is no prospect of a set-i p,cnsl,1K etitlrelj with dieting, medl
tlemcnt of the strike clnes. and exercises. Manv prominent
Solid Iraln lo
Florida t-pecial,
Coast Line b
P ni All-steel
ctectrlc-llchled Pullman
dally. H New "iork A
Mobile. AU . Jan 11 latest reports
from the scene of the explosion of the
river steamboat Jamei T Staples on
TomblgI.ee River are lhat the H"t of
dead will exceed tlilrt.
OnB tug from Mobile, with a crew ct
divers and salvage apparatus, reached
the scene of the disaster late this even
ing, and the work of taking out the
remaining bodies will be commenced at
da light The list of known dead has
lion reached twentv-three. and ten of
ihe seriouslj Injured are In the hospital
Richard H. Goldsborough, an
Expert, on Stand in In
surance Probe.
Commissioner Judson Asks Witness
About Montrose Hotel
TJeal estate transactions in Washing
ton form ticklish subject for conver
satfon and vesterdaj a question from
Commissioner Judson asked of Richard
H Goldsborough as to the recent pur
chase of the Montrose Hotel by Eld
rldge K Jordan, threw the Insurance
quiz of the House District Committee
Into even worse turmoil than the In
vestigatlon of the sale of the Southern
Building has ever been capable of I
precipitated hot words threw the torn
mittee off the track of the argument
beini- pursued at the time and ma
result 1b a further probe into the sale
of the propertj in question
It was the resentment of Attorne
Charles A Douglas of counsel for the
Insurance companies, th-it precipitated
the battle of words The question of
the District Commissioner was as to
whether the S51 per foot said to have
been paid for the Montrose Hotel prop
ertj had not been prlncipallj In "paper"
ther than cash, and this querj was
characterized hj Mr Douglas as a
scurrilous one and unfair to Mr.
ordan Ills motion that it be stricken
rom the record went unheeded by the
allies on Increase.
The value of Washington real estate
.as the matter In question, and Mr
Goldborough was on the stand as an ex
pert witness He was most comp Ixnen-
tir in Ins sketch of the growth of
values in this eitv He said that Wash
ington 8 growth In propertj values had
far outdistanced her increase In popula
tion and that the Increaso In financial
v slues had gone ahead of the Increase
In population from 't to i per tent
Tills led up to the mu h-mooted ques
tion of tin value of the Southern IJuild
Inc an I tie witness named S. per foot
as a fair Iisure for that pU-ie of land
omiiii--ioiier Judson then entered the
I robe with his question of the transac
tion in the l mtrose Hotel prupert He
Do von not know that when the Mont-ro-e
Hotel properlv sold for S.l i square
toot that the amount of ( ish paid was
onK 513 4 ind that the-e was a mort
gie I. ft up.. n th propcrt or JIiCjIO'
In other words do vou not know that
of thit .1 paid for the Montrose prop
it thit JIT hi was left on mortgage,
ami nil K paid in cash and that
this was in fait prartlcallv a margin
trinsaetion" Or looking at it in an
other wav did n t Mr Jnrdin ijraetl
ciillv bu ast option on this propert for
SI-4.n as ifit went up he might make
what he .oiild, while if It went down or
stived down he could lose l.ut S13.-
is b ing sc urriious
and pratthallj Ir
e ill this . tse by th
uraiue omianies
nn Itrcnlled.
highl improper
Mr Douglas then turntd on the Com
mi"iomi to ask if hi oul.l prove the
truth of the statements he hid Just made
rid when Commissioner Ji dson admitted
that he could not swear to their ic
curac Mr Douglas made a motion that
thej be stricken from the reionl argu
ing th-it as it had been i hjpothetlcal
question ind that as the Commi-sioni r
did not intend to back. It up later. It
tad no place in the Investigation
fl r the pabsage of arms between
Mr Douglas and Commissioner Jud
son Mr Ooldsborough was allowed to
prmeel w'th his testimonv and James
II Taj lor an attornev for the Fernando
Wood estate took the stand to compare
tin valum of the Southern Hul'dlng and
the ChambcrHii Hotel near the South
ern Building The hotel propertv he
i-aid was held to be worth atxiut J3J or
fis Din. ne sain, ue regarded the prop
eriv at Klfti-enth and II Streets as much
more valuahl" tl an that one block fur-
hir north In Vifteenth street
t-evoral qu stions as to th value of
1 ind In New lork ld to some Ironical
queries as to the cost of the same In
Calcutta and other out-of-the way places.
but the Inquirv lluallj gi t back to bed
rock and as usual stttled on the Prlie
" ,. .. ..
I tne aouiiiern ituiiuuiK
Representative Proutv evident!
- ''''K the . tcst.n.on recentlv given to
-. -rr.. !.,. .- s...s. -.. ...
esi ' "- ss.u.m-111 llu lain;
the list thiee arc! a half vears had tin
dergone an increase of A per cent
wanted to know of Mr Goldsborough If
he could think of an Instance In which
nnj Washington propert had enjoyed
that rate of increase
No " answered Mr Goldshorough
"At what do vou value the s,outriern
Building propertj "
Kiftj dollars a foot
"And the Phoieham Hotel propertj''
The same "
'What about the corner of the south
eist side of Fifteenth and II Streets'"
I consider it worth J10 a foot less"
said the witness He added that the
I nion Trust Companj corner had been
bought for much less several jears ago
Method of Flrsli Iteduetlon Proves
iKtonlMblnsIr Successful.
Johnstown, Pi. Jan 11 Investiga
tion has fulls established that Hon II
T Stetler of this cltj. lias reduced his
weight rift -seven pounds in an In
crediblv short time bv wearlnjf a sim
ple. Invisible device, weighing less than
unce jiiis wnen worn as directed.
acts as an infallible flesh reducer .11
men nave adopted this easj
and it I
reddclng superfluous flesh,
tated the Inventor. Prof H
J Burns f 17 West Tlilrtv -eighth
Street. N i rk. is sending these out
fits on free trial to all who write him
Women to
Schedule Elaborate Entertainments
The Wilson and Marshall
League Assumes Obliga
tion of Supplying One
half of Campaign Fund
forUseFour Years Hence.
Demo ratlc women made a full an
nouncement of their plans jesterdaj for
king the social ftatures of W oodrow
Wilsons inauguration memorable audi
for making preparations and creating a
ir chest against his campaign for
re-election four jears hence This an
nouncement was made by the officers of
District organization of the South
ern Wil"on and Marshall League
ie league, whlih did a great deal of
valuable campaign work last fall. In
tends to Ive-gin a campaign of widespread
education in fundamental Democratic
principles among the people of the coun
trj. and h svstemath collection of money
from ill possible sources following
completion of their elaborate social
gramme during Inauguration week
Officers of the District lodv saj they
ill contribute at least one-half of the
Demoe-ittlc campaign fund In ISIS which,
thej sir. means that they must collect
about J !('') In the next four ears
Plnii ItlK Iteoeptlon.
It was at a series of teas held bj Mis
Annes the president, and other prom
inent members of the league, amon
hom were Mrs Ixiuls P Shoemaker,
Mrs vj s rCewman. and Mrs John
Poole, that the league s plans for a bril
liant social week during inauguration
ere formulated and decided upon Un
til this programme has been carried out
the league will confine Itself entirelj to
bocial festivities and to the end of getting
loroughlv acquainted
Mrs. Leonard G Hoffman chairman
of the reception committee for g'alawcek.
will give a brilliant reception at the rew
Willard for members of the league, to
meet the newly elected president of the
national Democratic organization, Mrs.
Ssteven B Ajrcs on Fridav, Januarj 17.
Th- sister organizations have been work
ing In perfect harmonv. and the recep
tion. It is believed will bring members
of both organizations nearer to one an
On the following I'ridaj the league
will present Mrs Burleson's plav. "His
fcecretarv ' at the New Wlllard The
presentation will be followed bj a dance
Both events are only In the nature of
preliminaries to the medlej of social
tests and splendors of Inaugural week.
(Itninx to Gnyctlrs.
The programme for this week will be
crowned and concluded bj a reception
to Mrs. W oodrow Wilson and Mrs Mar
shall at the W Illard on March 6 Women
of the league from all over the South.
are expected to attend this reception
This reception Is to be given bj the
united efforts of the whole Southern
League and will be followed bj a dance
Mrs Woodruff, president of the
Southern League, will personallj con
duct this display of true Southern hos
pltalitv She will be the guest of the
District president, Mrs Armcs, during
Inaugural' week. Manj other officers
of the league are to be the guests of
Mrs Amies during this time
Funds for the series of festivities are
being collected b Mrs John Poole.
treisurer of the District organization
and wife of the cashier of the Commer
cial National Bank Mr Poole, who Is
taklnir a fT-restf deal of Interest In his
wife's work, has prepared a simplified1.
sjstem of collecting money from the
scattered league members, and Is act
ing as financial advisor to the local
Following Inauguration, the womn
plan to go In for a thorough studj of
olltical science, and all that relates
n law-making and administration of
this government It Is said that the
galleries at th extra session will !
filled dallj with women students of the,
Supply $400,000 in 1916
1U&3 -.
T!t. ri?ssi. i
fiVtv ?
i J rf-s") "
xyt'Mjx&rrs v
league, w ho plan to ferret out the
deepest, darkest "workings needed to
put legislation through Congress Fur
ther, at each meeting? members will
discuss some public measure and will
have present those capable of thor-
oughlj explaining It
I ndaunted bj the uncertain groplngs
that men have Indulged In for thou
sands of jears for proper reason and
rhyme in kov eminent, the women plan to
take up ind master such choke morsels
of theorj as the Initiative, referendum,
and recall, the doctrine of free trade.
protective tariff tariff for revenue onlj,
Ihe Burnett Immigration bill, containing
the lllltcracj test: the public buildings
hills, and land laws, the luterstate ship
ment of liquors vvorkingmcn'B compen
sation laws, health laws. and. It is said.
such others as the maj find lime for.
Thcv also intend to follow all pending
legislation elnsel
This trjing course of stud) Is not be-
! .mMffni..LiiiiiM i
I Issssssssssssssst ' sH
I sssssssssssV lss su..sssssssssssssssssl
'sssssssVVsssssssa s'
.i' -.'iJssssssTO?.''1
fjfrf SPSsBssssT-"
i .-:
Will Make Study of Public
Questions, and When Ef
ficient Spread Abroad
Doctrines of Democracy.
Organization Completed.
I ing undertaken to th end of preparing
for tne ballot the women claim Tnev
denj that their organization has anj
thing to do with doctrines of equal saf.
frage It Is to be undertaken with the
view of making eimpalgns of education
conducted bj the women in behalf of
Democrat c candidates more effective for
this and nothing more Thej are noth
ing. If not practical It is explained They
plan to raise one-half of the money
necessarj to conduct the campaign in
l'ln In four vTars Measured bj what
thev diil in the last camptlgn during
the short srace of a few months, thej
feel confident that thev will succeed
The amount collected for the lampalgn
thev Intend to hand over to the cam
paign committee Thlr campaign o:
education thev "sij. will lie conducted
tinder their own auspices ind, bv reason
of the searching stuilj to which thev
are to Mibmlt the workings of American
government for four vears time, thev
expect to nave Just as efficient a force
of educators In the Held as the men
v-hen 1318 brings the various conllicting
thi-orics of government Into the tieldJ
tlrsnnlsrii l.nst Summer.
The Womans National Wilson ind
Marshall organization was organized bj
Mrs Horden Harrlmin list summer In
New 'iork Citj, with the sole object In
view of helping to elect the Democratic
candidate Mrs Harriman had her head
quarters with the Democratic National
Committee and worked tinder the direc
tion of- Chairman McCombs
Mrs Harriman remarked at the out
set of her labors that the women of
the South should be handed together in
sectional Interest and energy In their
Democratic work She. therelore organ
ized the Southern I-eairue of the Na
tional Wilson and Marshall organization.
nd appointed Mrs. Frank L. Woodruff,
of Jackson, Tenn . president
The Southern women made an espe
cially vigorous campaign Thej" under
took to use their Influence toward bring
ing all the voters possible to the polls
whom gentle persuasion and clear dem
onstration could induce to ote for Wil
son Thej' also contributed manj dollars
to the "war chest" In New York
Mr, rnies ppolnted.
State I?agues throughout the Southern
States were established bj Mrs. Wood
ruff Among them she organized the Dis
trict of Columbia League, appointing
Mrs George A Armes. who had Identi
fied herself from the beginning actively
with the Democratic women workers In
the District as president of the District
Shortly after her appointment Mrs,
Armes had the District bodj on a sound
business bisls, and her organization waa
tblo to do much practical pre-election
work She succeeded In creating a wide
srread Interest In the District In tha
work, and milled all the best-knor.n
women of Democratic propensities In
Washington to the support of her organ
AH business meetings of th. District
League have been In Ihe form of social
teas, the council board has alwavs been
at the tea t ible. and. though the work
done bv the women has been highly prac
tical, it lies alwavs ueen done ln mi
essential. womanly waj From twentj
flve charter members the District organ
ization has grown until there are about
01 upon Its rolls The membershln n..
Is still growing
liest Sen lee In Callfnrl.
Standard or tourist letter personally
conducted without change dally, except
bunday Berth. S3 ashlngton Sunset
route. A. J Toston. G. A . SOS F. 70i lath.
ssssssssssssBJiBLsCt k y ' vP'M
l.:( VKl
rhoto ty Natlonil Ptoto Co
Decoration Presented by Rear
Admiral Peary at the Geo
graphic Society Banquet
Strong Men Who Conquered Terror
of Arctic Grip Hands and Ex
j change Compliments.
Tor then is neitber eared cot- etste.
nerdiT bit bried nor birth
When tso itnsiff m1 meet far to fire
Though tl er raxce from the cud of the earth
While 7(0 men and women, guets at
the annual dinner of the National Geo
graphic Societv. applauded, cheered, and
waved handkerchiefs and napkins, two
strong men who had attained the ends
of the earth met face to face and grip
ped hands In an embrace which brought
their shoulders together in the largo
ballroom of the New Wlllard last night-
Fach had accomplished what equally
strong and courageous men for centuries
back had given up their lives unsuc
cessfully to attain, the ends of the earth
Rear Admiral Ilobert K. Pearj. who In
I'M) nailed the burs and Stripes to the
north pole,' presented Capt Kaold
rtundsen of Norway, who two years
later, reached ths euher extremltr of the
Kloie, with the spc'lal gold medal of the
National Geographic Society, struck
In honor of his brother-explorers at
tainment, and a companion piece to
unique degree to one with which he nlm
self was presented bj the society two
jears ago at the soclctj s annual dinner
I nliine- IllKllnrtlon.
' mundsen. for vour antarctic ex
plorations the National Geographic So
cletj has awarded jou this special gold
medal mi ilreidv hold the soclctv s
other grand prize the Gardner Hubbard
gold medal awarded jou for drtviag jour
ship througn the Antarctic Sea said
Admiral I'earv
"This medal Is unique epresi,lng the
appreclaton of 170 10 men and women
members of the National Geographic So
ciety It carries with it the heartfelt
hope that health friends and success
mav he with jou alwavs'
' I am deeplj sensible of the great
hospitalltj and kindness of the National
Geographic Societv replied Capt.
mundsen I came here five jears ago
as a stranger and went nwa as I felt,
as a good and dear friend
1 appreciate verv highly this BoId
medal the highest honor this society
can IhsIow on mi explorer Hut 1 aUo
appreciate, and perhaps more hlghlv. the
waj this medal has been presented by
the most illustrious polir explorer the
world his known
I followed Admiral Fearv in his great
work as a lov I went with him In
130 when he flirt crossed Greenland 1
went with him In mj thoughts for I
was too joung to fellow him otherwise
In mj thoughts I have followed him
ever sinie I followed him inch bv Inch,
vard bj vard, in his last great expedi
tion, until he flnallj succeeded In plant
ing the Stars and Stripes at the most
difficult part of this globe
I im deeplj thankful to vou for ill
ue- r
United States Attorney Wilson to Place
Certificate of Refusal to Answer
Question Before Grand Jury.
United States Attornej- Clarence It
Wilson jesterdaj received from Speaker
Clark tho certificate of refusal of George
Henrv", of Solomon S. Co, New York
bankers, to answer questions asked him
by the money probers. Mr. Henrj, it is
expected, will be prosecuted in the Dis
trict Supreme Court on a charge of mis
demeanor. The matter will be placed
before the grand jury earlj next week
The company with which llenrj Is con
nected In New York refused to give to
the House Monev Trust committee the
names of twentj-four bank officers who
profited In a sjndlcate formed tolmarkct
stock of the California Petroleum Com
panj. The I'nlted States statutes provide that
the refusal to answer questions Is a
misdemeanor, punishable b both tine
and Imprisonment I nlted States Attor-
nej" Wilson staled Jesterdaj that he
probablj would have onlj one witness
appear before the grand Jurj. Chairman
Pujo. of the Monej Trust committee. It
Is expected that the Indictment wilt be
returned the same daj that the matter
Is referred to the grand Jurj
A parallel case in 1SI is cited when
Kverton R Chapman a New Aork
broker, was Indicted and convicted bj a
jurj In the District Supreme Court for
refusing to answer pertinent questions
The cae was carried to the I'nlted
States Supreme Court, which sustained
the lower courts
si.,1", lo Columbia, . C.
and return via Southern Hallway ac
count National Corn Exposition Dates
of sale Jan S 5. J7 si, Feb 3. 5. 7
final limit, Feb li. Kxtcnslon of final
limit granted Consult agents. 705 15th
St. and Mo K SI. nw,
National Woman Suffrage As-'
sociation Announces Itin
erary for March 3.
Mme. Nordica May Portray Central
Figure in Spectacle Staged on
Treasury Steps.
Plans of the National Woman Suffragw e
Association for the pageant tho associa
tion will stage on the streets of Wash
Ington March 3. began to assume defi
nite shape yesterday and for the first
time the details of the tableaux to be
held on the Treasury steps were given
This part of the programme Is to be
the climax of the daja demonstration
Much time, money and talent has been
spent on its composition and a number
of well know stage figures are to ap
pear In the cast. Chief; among these
probablj- will be Mme Nordica. tha
operatic singer, who it Is expected will
take the part of Columbia, the central
figure In the spectacle It Is also
thought that Mrs Otis Skinner, Mrs.
Horence Flemmlng Noyes. and Miss
Violet Kimble will take prominent parts
in tha UOteaux.
This part of the demonstration, as has
been announced, will take place on the
Treasury steps it will commence about
the same time Jbat the parade will start
up Pennsjlvanla Avenue and will de
velops stage by stage until the de
nouement will be reached as the parad
passes the Treasury.
Besides Columbia there will be five
other Important characters. They have
been chosen as tho five virtues that
womanhood alwajs has stood for Justice.
Libert j. Charltj. Peace, and Hope and
each Is to be enacted by some famous
actress Columbia Is the foremost and
has the task of assembling the five vir
tues Children to Help.
The cast will be large, for each of the
virtues will have attendants. Some tilrtr
or forty children will take part as the
followers of the virtue Hope.
The organization and direction of the,
pageant or parade Is In the hands of
Mrs Glenna S. Tlnnln. She has been
assisted by Miss Haiel Mao Kaye. who
has charge of the preparation of tv
tableaux on the Treasury steps Miss
Mac Kaje comes of a family that has
long stood for the highest attainments
In thj. dramatic world Her father, Steele 1
Mac iTaje, Is numbered with the greatest!
theatrical producers, and her brother.
Percy Mac JOltc. Is the author of thai
magnificent production of "Joan d'Arc"
In which Maude A dares appeared somei
time ago. and another theatrical produc
tion of an equally high character.
The headquarters of the National
v oman s Suffrage Association. In F
Stre-t, was a busy place yestejday
There were t. number of Important de
velopments in connection with the parade
during the day and the leaders now have
a prettj- clear Idea, of what the d-mon-stratlon
Is going to be.
One of the communications of Interest
came from Mrs. Gujon Miller, chairman,
of the committee that has charge of tha
organization of the Quakers or Friends
that are to take part Mrs. Miller wrote
that she exp ted to bring a number of
Quaker families from the settlement of
that sect from Annapolis This town
boasts the oldest Quaker church in the
I nlted States.
Itunker Families to Sfnrch.
it Is a matter of history that th
Quakers arc among the oldest suporters
of the suffragistic teachings The church
hasalwavs held that women should havo
an equal place with the men. and this
thej will demonstrate In the parade bv
marrhlng bv families. Besides th
Quakers that will come from Annapol s
and the towns in the vlcinitr a number
will come from New York; and Philadel
phia to march
No insignificant part of the pageant
will be the band of "pilgrims" that win
march from New York to Washington
urd-r the leadership of "General" Itosa
lie Jones who recentlj led the valiant
band of five up the Hudson Hlver to Al
bany to e-trry a message to Gov Sulzer.
of New York
The" plans of Miss Jones were brought
to Vashington and to the headquarters
of the association bj- Miss Jones herself
vesterdaj- afternoon She will have a,
band of at least thlrtv In Washington
for th pageant and this company mav
be Increased to ino or more Harh of th
"pilgrims will be elresed In long robei
or brown with a peaked hood cut after
the manner of the costumes of the pil
grims of old. and like them, -each will
carry a long staff.
narllinitire Girls Cfiralntr
A commur lea t Ion was received vester-
dav from Miss Ituth Verlenden of
Swarthmore College, sajing that a large
delegation will attend from the college
The delegation will come In a special car
decorated with college flags It will tw
made up of both students and alumni
Word "tlso was received from Miss A
S Hall, of Cincinnati, sajlnir that she Is
now organizing a delegation to com
from that city that will swell the parado
Mrs. O H P Belmont, of New York;
president of the Political Equalltv
league, has written that she wll send
Miss Elsie McKenzIe and Mls Caroline
Keillj to help In the drawing-room milt
Irgs that the association will hold ta
the homes of Washington sqcUty women,
who are interested In the suffragist
cause. These women are good speakers
and experienced organizers, and are ex
pected to be a great help In the cam
paign of organization the association will
Miss Eliza Hardy lard will be one of
the speakers In the College League meet
ing to be held in the association head
quarters Monday nftrrnoon. Miss Lord
will talk, on the parallel between the el
forts of women for education and their
fight for the ballot She ,1s oneof th-
oldest college women In this countrv,
having graduated In the third' graduating
c'ass of Smith College She Is t -founder
and the dean of the woman a
department of Western Reserve Univer
sity. Mrs Stuart Mosbj Coleman, daughter
of Col. John Mosbj. of Confederate fame,
has written to the Washington workers
that she will bring a company of eavnl
t women from Virginia.
a 1.2.-. Dalllmore and Return,
llslllmore anil Okie.
Every Saturday and Sundaj- Good to
return until Sim train Mondaj. All
trains both w-ajA, tacludjo- lav BaraJ

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