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VJT ". fr4
Corned Shoulder, lb.
I Sliced Smoked Hams, lb.
Hamburger Steak, lb.
; 1212C
Country Sausage, lb.
Sliced Beef Liver, lb.
Pure Lard, lb.
Compound, lb.
Frankfurters, lb.
Sauer Kraut, qt.
Norway Mackerel, fat
and unite, each,
Potomac Herring, doz.
Brick's Old Homestead
Mince Meat, lb.
Selected Eggs, doz.
tfillbropk Eggs,
Extra selected and grad
d for weight and size. In
caled cartons, each egg
uarantcd doz .
Fresh Elgin Creamery
Butter, lb.
' 34c
Brookfield Creamery i
Butter, lb. j
Old Dutch Market,
roo i.a. Aif. v.
8th and E M. S. E. I
31st and 31 Ms. X. XV.
7th JL Que StB. .. 1.
1111 II SI. ,. E. I
1632 'North Capitol St.
3120 Gn. Ave. V W.
JD33 14th M. . W. '
7th JL B Ms. . E.
1778 U Street . W.
2113 14l- 2t. . IV.
The Market of
"WJ?- 7th&HSt. N.E.
801 U St. N. W.
Phone N. 6S7
Heats and provl
Ions. Home
dressed Poultry
a specialty.
Ws Gtrs Votes la Th Herald C5.0DO Cooutst.
uooks.advick, ssacts
ami searches rncc
(end Sketch of Model for March. Highest Refer
ences. Best Results. Promptness Attuivd.
VATSO E. COLKSIA-V. Patent Lawyer
- r ?trcri is. vs. XV asmngTOn. I). fj.
Wahl&Co., 926 19th St. N.W.
. XVr ctve xTtrala 82SJXXJ contest -rotes.
Including casket, outxtds case, embalming,
shroud, opening of grare. three caniicM,
bearst. 4c.. 4c. Oil or zhons for further
W. W. DEAL & CO.,
I 75c At I
jg 909 Seventh St. I
Representatives of New York
and Washington Societies
to Urge Woman's Rights.
"Pioneers" of Movement to Brare In
augural -Weather and Take Part
in Demonstration.
Not only are delegations of women
coming from all over the country to take
part In tha suffrage pageant March 3,
but a number of States are expected to
furnish similar quotas of men of equal
suffrage organizations. Officers at suf
frage headquarters yesterday said that
It Is understood that the National Men's
League for Woman Suffrage will be rep
resented by a delegation under direction
of James Lees Laldlaw, prominent New
York attorney and president of the
league Men of the District, who faor
equal suffrage, are also said to bo or
ganizing a contingent to march In the
Mrs. Robert Baker. In charge of for
eign delegations, expects to have repre
sentatives of all the cvlllzed nations,
each delegation clothed In native cos
tume and Its national colors. In the
Collect- 'Women Enlist.
Contingents from Svvarthmore. Vassar,
WelleMey. Goucher College, Baltimore,
and Brjn ilanr, hae been entered as
companies of the College Women s Bn
garde, of which Miss Elsie Hill is com
The section of the pageant reserved for
"Gen ' Rosalie Jones will bo filled with
marchers clad as pilgrims, with somber
hood and gown, and pilgrim's staff.
Quaintest of all will be the "pioneer"
section of the pigeant Mrs Etta Haly
Osgood, organized of the movement In
Maine, and former president of that
State's organization, will be In this con
tingent. Mrs J I.. McCreer). of 'Wash
ington. though eight -three, has enlisted
with the pioneers, undismayed by what
she knows of Washington's March
weather Mrs Marj S Lockwood. one
of the founders of the D A R.. also will
be among the pioneer-
Purr Pood Ilnliy in. Parade.
I'robabl the greatest "strictly pure
food" bab. Harvey . vvile). Jr.
six-months-old suffrage convert, will
"march" In the pageant. Dr Wile
from New York, and Mrs Wile, from
her home In Washington, have stated
that the are scriousl considering a
plan to allow the child to participate In
the pageant, if the weather is good
Eight Miff rage clubs affiliated with the
Equal buffrege Franchise League of
Mar land will send large delegations A
delegation from the Woman buflrage
part of New York, an association
men and women, also will march
Interest In the pnRcant his spread to
the busy women of the New York Press
Club, and they have Invited Mrs Helen
H Gardener to lie their guest of honor
at their annual "breakfast" at the Wal
durf-Abtoria Februtr II to tell about
her work.
en Appointments nnounceil
New members on the advisory commit
tee are Mrs. John Fremont. Mrs. Rich-
aid Welghtman. Representative and Mrs.
Luther Mott, of New York: Representa
tive Henry George, Mrs Champ Clark,
wife of the Speaker, Capt James F
0ster. Mrs Anne Hamilton Pitzer,
Representative and Mrs John Raker, of
California, Mrs K V. Spencer, and Mrs
James Plnchot
An equal suffrage meeting will he held
at the residence of Mrs Benton C.
Becker IKS Irving street Northwest, at
2 o'clock this afternoon Sirs Glcnna S
Tinnin, in charge of the organization of
the coming pageant, will give a short
suffrage lecture She will be assisted by
Mrs Allender, president of the btoddard
Suffrage Club.
New lork Jan 13 With a prett
bugler, gowned in white to correspond
with the color of her mount, announcing
tneir arrival, a troop of cavalry women
will ride tnumphantl into the National
Capital on March 2 to take part In tae
Dig sutlrage parade tncre the following
This picturesque feature of the national
march to Washington b the suffragists
or the countr was made known to-day
by Mrs. Gus Ruhlin. who Is organizing
me cavalry
The horsewomen will leave New York
about ten das prior to the parade, and
win he joined ti other cav air -women,
including well-known huffragists from
Newark. N. J . Trenton. N J , Phila
delphia. Wilmington. Del . and Baltimore.
While she raid she had not et worked
out the details of the march, Mrs Ruhlin
said that the trip could be made In nine
or ten das, with leisurely riding, and
allowing for bad roads
I am not fond of walking, so I did
not rare to Join the hikers," said Mrs.
Ruhlin, "and as I and several other
women desired to ride In the Washing
ton parade, we thought we might as
well ride all the wa The pioneer
mothers of the country had to travel
this wa, and we are Just as able to do
these things as they were "
Some Cat alr Ilecralts.
Miss "Winona Marlin, one of the riders
In the big parade last spring. Joined
the cavalry troop to-da. Mrs Felix
Williams, of Shreveport, La., a suffragist
and one of the well-known horsewom
en of the South, will come North for
this occasion, and will ride one of her
handsome mounts to Washington
"We expect to have at least 100 mount
ed suffragists In line when we ride Into
the Capital on March 2." said Mrs
Miss Ida Craft who will hike to Wash
ington with Rosalie Jones, Lavinia Dock,
Elizabeth Freeman, and Martha Klatsch
ken. received three new recruits tc
the ranks to-da). They were women who
fought for Finnish freedom. Aimo Uksila,
Miss Sarah Roj hy, and Mrs II. Lelch
trum. Mrs. O. H. Kent, wife of Repre
sentative Kent of California, and a mem
ber of the Washington parade commit
tee, was In town to-day consulting with
the- women who are arranging delega
tions to the national suffrage parade
The New York suffragists are nego
tiating with the railroads for reduced
rates ana special trains, ana it Is ex
pected that more than two thousand. In
cluding a colored delegation, will go
from here to swell the ranks at Wash
ington. ue palpitating question pronounced
Saturday as to what this wooly and
roomy garment, designated 'hikers." and
to be worn by the suffragists In their
march, can be answered to-day.
"Hikers." or to be accurate, as this 's
Indeed a singular garment, a "hiker" is
a combination of short sheath gown ef-
tect with an undercurrent of bloomers.
The hikers" will all be of a uniform
tan material. The short skirt will be
split up one side to give freedom to the
stride of the suffragist Infantry.
The bloomers, of course, are worn underneath.
JN. single tax.
i Idresses Larue Antll-
enee lu Pnbllo Library.
"To tax business and, labor,, and put
the tax on land values where It be
longs," was the -way 'In which Joseph
Fels expressed, the. aim of the. single
tax movement, to an audience which
nearly filled the auditorium of the
Public Library last evening.
"Tho United states Is as slow as
molasses. he said at one time.
"Canada Is far ahead of us. The
Northwestern provinces have taken
tha tax off industry and labor, as
we advocate, and tho result Is that
hundreds of thousands of Americans are
moving to that country."
Cleveland, Ohio, In Mr. Fels estimate.
Is the best governed city In the country,
and Houston, Tex., has the most en
lightened tax system. The tax reform
In Houston, has greatly stimulated
building In the short space of one year.
he says.
Mr. Fels paid a tribute to Henry
George, Jr. as a member of tho House
Special Board to Dnir Up Pinna for
avnl llnsc.
In line with tho decision of the Navy
to hasten tho development of an Impreg
nable naval base at Guantanamo Bay,
Cuba, It was announced esterday that
a special board of Ave officers will go to
Guantannvno next week to draw up
plans for the fortification of the naval
The board will consist of Ma J Gen.
Leonard Wood. Chief of Staff. Brig Gen
William Crozlcr, president of the War
College, and Brig Gen Erasmus
Weaer, Chi f of the Coast Artillery
Corps, representing the Army, and Rear
Admiral Hugo Otterhaus, until recently
i ommander-ln-chlef of the Atlantic
Fleet, and Capt. W. R. Shoemaker, of
the General Board of the Navj, repre
senting the Nav)
It is possible that Gen. Wood 'will be
unable to go on account of other busi
ness. In that event, it is likely that
MaJ Gen. W. W Wotherspoon. Assist
ant Chief of Staff, will go to Guanta
namo with tho party. Tho officers will
leave January 20. from Washington, on
board the President's )acht, the Ma)
flower They will probably return about
February S.
INVOLVES $500,000,000.
Arcnlncnts Ilrirnn in Case of Title
to Oil '.and.
Arguments were begun In the United
States Supreme Court esterda In a
case Involving title to 200.0CO acres of
oil lands In southern California, esti
mated to be worth M0.000.ono
The conflict 's between the Southern
Pacific Railroad which claims title
under a grant bv Congress and the lo
cators of mineral entries Many of tho
entrymen five in Michigan and Northern
Ohio, and are represented In the argu
ments to-day hv George W Radford, of
Detroit, and T H Hogett. of Cleve
land The railroad is represented h
Maxwell Evarts. Four hours were al
lowed b the court for the argument
Ellensburg. Wash . Jan Is. It Is many
vtars since the railroads In this section
of the Far Northwest have been ton
fronted with such a stress of weather
as the have been combatting for the
past two weeks Snow has been falling
almost daily for tliat length of time, and
It is now from five to eight feet deen on
the level, while reports from tho moun
tains sa the snow there Is fifteen feet
The Milwaukee road, which has main
tained Its service right along under
tremendous difficulties, to-day was tcm
porarll put out of commission b a
snow slide from the mountains for a
distant-- of ten milts along its line This
put all telegraph and telephone wires
out of operation, but the road had In
stalled last fall a sstem of wireless,
which is to-night being used to glvo or
ders regarding the movement -nt work
trains which are being hurried to the
scene of the great slide
The Northern Pacific also has ex
perienced its share of difficulties In the
way of blockades and freight wrecks.
To-day a huge rotar snow plow, mak
ing Its way through an enormous drift
crashed Into a freight train and de
molished several cars before the plow
could be stopped Several trainmen were
Cnt how Cnlleil OAT.
The annual cat show of the Washing
ton Cat Club has been called off on ac
count of failure to secure enough entries
conforming to the requirements of the
American Cat Association The show
was scheduled for Jnnuar Ifi. All entr
tees collected will lie refunded An
other cat show will be held In tho near
fiture The fact that numerout. rat
shows are being held in New York.
Pittsburg and Boston has taken many
entries from the Washington show
Deny Law Partnership Storj.
White House officials csterday denied
that President Taft lntcntjs to enter Into
law partnership with former United
States Attorne) General John W Griggs. I
The President, it was stated, has not
changed his plan of accepting the Kent
professorship of law at Yale, which
would prec.ude his entering into any pri
vate partnership
Kenyon Hill Held lp.
An effort to pass the Ken) on "red
l.ght" hill, made )esterday by Senator
Curtis of Kansas failed because of h
protest by Senator Reed of Missouri,
who wished for a few more da)s In
which to Investigate several communi
cations in regard to the bill. Action naa
Ilultlmoro Phyalclnn III.
Yonkers, N Y. Jan. 13 Dr. B J.
Treaklc. of Baltimore. Md . who Is at
tached to the United States Marine serv
ice, was stricken with a hemarrhage
and relapsed Into unconsciousness In
Gett) Square to-night. He was convev
to St Joseph 8 Hospital In an ambulance.
His conditions Is precarious
Munyon's Paw
Taw Pills are un
like all other laxa
tives or cathartics.
They coax the liver
into activity by
gentle methods, they
do not scour; they
do not gripe; they
do not weaken: but
they do start all the
secretions of the
liver and stomach
in a way that soon
puts these organs in
a healthy condition
and corrects consti
Munyon's Paw-Paw Pills are a tonic
to the stomach, liver and nerves. They
invigorate instead of weaken; thev en
rich the blood instead of5mpoverihin5
it; they enable the stomach to get all
the nourishment from food that is put
into it.
These pills contain no Calomel, no dope,
taejr re soothing, healing and stimulat
ing. They school the bowels to act with
out physic. Price 25 cents.
If you are nervous, can't sleep and are
weak and run down and need 'a wine
stimulant tae Munyon's Paw-Paw Tonic.
For sale at all Drug Stores.
Continued from First Pnire.
o'clock; to go to the residence of her
father- n-law. Capt, Robert urant, wi
North Carolina Avenue Southeast. Mrs.
Katherlne S. Thonssen said she heard
muffled rrlea rui of some one In distress.
She said she sent her hubnd. Dr. Thons
sen to Investigate.
Tellw of Confession.
Dr. Thonssen testified of his search for
Policeman Wall, and of his return to
tho house where Mrs. Grant was found
and of seeing Green coming out of the
areaway. Policeman txiwara v. au
told of the arrest and of a conicssion
made to him by the prisoner.
Wall identified the clothing worn by
Green, which was exhibited to the Jury.
Precinct Detective WJsc, corroborated
Policeman Wall as to the confession.
With her1 head swathed In bandages,
Mrs Adelaide E. Grant, attended by Dr.
Moffitt and a nurse, was brought Into
court shortly after the noon recess. Her
responses on tho witness stana were
almost Inaudible. After the examination
of Mrs. Grant, which lasted about five
minutes, she was carried from the stand
in the arms of Dr. Moffitt. Mrs Grant
said sho had been knocked unconscious.
and eicerit with a lucid Interval. In which
she thought she was In a deep hole, she
remained senseless until she was placed
on the steps of the house by Policeman
Wall and Dr Thonssen
AsUj. for Death Penalty.
This constituted the case of tho gov
ernment, and in closing his address to
the Jur' District Attorney WUson sug
eested to thn lurors that the case on
trial was one calling for the exercise of
the prerogative of the Jur, and asked
for the death penalty. At 2 o'clock Jus
tice Stafford concluded his charge to the
Jur). and exactly thirty minutes aftvr
the jury returned with a verdict of guilty
with the death penalty.
When tha case was called for trial
)cstcrday morning, tho attorne)a for the
accused objected to proceeding with the
trial Justice Stafford did not permit
them to read a statement In the presence
of tho Jury setting forth their reasons
Attorney Mardonald thereupon handed
the court a written account of the posi
tion taken b) the defense. It is es
Counsel regret that their conception
of the rights of the defendant compel
them to adopt ictourse which ma) pos
sibly be at varHnce with tho views or
wishes of the court, but we believe that
the nccused cannot legally be tried by
a Jur) for tho reason that, after volun
tarll) tendering a plea of guilt), there
Is no Issue to be tried We. therefore,
at this time, object to an) further pro
ceedings in this caue, except the Im
position of the sentence upon that plea.
For the masons here stated, and In
ordtr to avoid tho rl-k of wntvlng any
of the rights of the accused which have
act ruetl to him b) reason of his pica of
guilt), counsel will not aetlvel) partlrl-
pate In the proceedings aWutt to be h id.
further than to Interpose seasonable ob
jections to further proceedings from time
to time as the need therefor may aprear
If the court desires to have the Jurors
examined and the witnesses cross-examined
we shili 1 happy to perform that
dutj for the court and In the mme of the
tourt and not on behalf of the accused
If the court desires us to perform that
dutv we request that an order be passed
directing us so to do. and thst the order
and this objection ma) be made a part
of the record '
The Jurv consisted of Firman R Hor
ner. Frederick hitmore. Otto J
Botsch. Benjamin Miller Benjamin B
Knell James McManu- William G
Rouser Joseph P Gcrmulllcr. Frederick
W Reeves. John T Crossle), Nathan
CowstU and Frank B Blackford
Jury and Officials
Commended for Prompt
Action in the Case
General sentiment is In heart) ac
cord with the verdict rendered in the
Green ca"e That the negro should be
hanged for his atrocious assault upon
Mrs Grant was the decided opinion of
men prominent in civic organizations of
the District, who were interviewed last
night All had words of prale for the
officials who succeeded in obtaining such
speed) Justice
Without a dissenting voice thev pro
rouneed the verdict good and expressed
themselves In no uncertain terms Most
of them stated that the verdict render
ed was the only thing expected
K H Droop, president of the Board
of Trade, said
"I - not as a rule take Interest In
criminal tases I leave them entirel)
tt the police and courts In this case,
however, I have nothing but heart) com
mtndatlcn for the action of the Jur) '
D A Edwards, president of tho Fed
eration of Citizens' Associations, said
"In ordlnar) tases. I am opposed to
the death penalt). but this particular
rase )s fo atrocious, ro terrible, thai
j.carti') commend the Jui for its v
hat 1
diet "
S howcrbutty, secretar) of the North
cast Citizens' Association, said
'Death was the only possible penalty
and all the people In this section of
t,wn would have been surprised had
tin verdict been anything else"
John G. McGrath. president of the
Parkview Citizens' Association, said
' I do not. as a rule, favor the death
penalty I do favor It in this case, how
ever, and am pleased with the Jury's
verdict. I think that this brutal as
sault should have much to do with forc
ing Congress to see the need of granting
the Commissioner's request for more po
lice protection. Criminals,
the Commissioners, are aware that the
District Is Inadequately policed "
Alfred T. Gage, secretary of the Con
necticut Avenue Citizens' Association,
"People of this suburb were horrified
by tho details of the case, and expected
nothing less than tne veraict given.
M. I. Weller, secretar)" of the East
Washington Citizens' Association, in
which section the assault occurred, said:
i am glad that It has becn done
so quickly. If such had not been the
case, the indignation of the people of
this section would have broken out in
an uproar. Nothing should now stand
In the way of a prompt execution of the
Arlnn Ladles Celebrate.
The Arion Ladles Society celebrated
its fifteenth anniversary at Arion Hall
last night wth a programme of milsle.
song and games and speeches. There
was much merriment when the prizes
were distributed to tho winners The
committee In charge of the entertain
ment consisted of Mrs. B. Krumke,
Mrs. Wlschhusen. Mrs. Helphenstlne.
Miss L. Weber. Miss A. Hohmann and
Miss Pauline Holer.
nanqurt Plans Completed.
Arrangements for the "Get-Together
Dinner" of the Retail Merchants' Asso
ciation to be given at the Raleigh, on
Friday evinlng. were completed at a
meeting of the arrangements committee
at the office of R. P. Andrews last night,
They would not reveal the dark secrets
of the dinner programme unUI the ar
rival of the fateful night. Mr. Andrews
is ably assisted by Isaac Cans and
JL "the amass of tails waters."
The Carbonate of Soda N
which" is its natural and chief constituent
is the sworn enemy
of Gout, Rheumatism and Indigestion
Congress in Brief.
Judgo Robert W. Archibald of the
Court of Commerce was declared guilty
yesterday by ttu Senate sitting as a
court of Impeachment, on Ave of th thir
teen articles exhibited against him by
the House of Representatives.
The legislative appropriation bill was
reported to the Senate from tho Com
mttteo on Appropriations. It contains
provisions for continuing the Commerce
Court until June 30 of this year, with no
provision for next year. Five assay
office, provis'on for which was elimln
ated n the House bill, are Included In
the Senate measure.
The committee to Investigate campaign
funds heard tho testimony of Gilchrist
Stewart, a negro, emplO)ed by former
Senator J. W. Foraker to Investigate the
alleged abstraction of the Standard Oil
Thn Senate passed a bill requiring that
all causes In equity In Federal courts
shall be heard In public
Senator O'Gorman of New York In
troduced a bill to bestow medals upon
all surviving soldiers of the Battle of
Tho prohibition question, during the
debate on which harsh words were ex
changed between Representative Moon of
Tennessee and Representative Jackson
of Kansas, was injected during the con
sideration of the poet-office appropria
tion hill in thn House.
Moon told tho House that in had done
ten times the work for prohibition that
Jackson had and that he congratulated
Kansas, and the county that Jackson
had been defeated for re-election The
Jackson amendment wan lost by a vote
of to S by a rising vote
The House adopted an amendment to
tho bill to take fourth class postmasters
and assistant postmasters from the
civil service lists If enicted into law
this amendment will nullify the recent
Taft executive orders
The House spent the entire day In con
sideration of the post-office bill and
meanwhile thn Wa)S and Means Com
mitten continued Its tariff hearings,
taking up the lumber schedule
IIcpreseiitntlTC Ilul
lnsirrra Con-
test of Defeated nival.
Declaring that at a future date hi
would Insist upon a House committee In
Vestlgatlng the charges made against
him. Represcntativ Thomas P Butler,
of tho Seventh Pennsylvania District.
filed with the clerk of the House a
sweeping denial of all allegations ques
tioning the rcgularit) of his election
made by Eugene C Bonnlwcll. defeated
Democratic candidate against Butler last
Butler declared that Bonniw ell's
charge is "so vague, indefinite, in gen
eral In its terms and allegations that I
cannot tell what I am called upon to
"At the proper time he continues. "I
shall urge a committee of the House of
Representatives or the House of Repre
sentatives itself to dismiss your notice
for the reasons stated above "
President Vamu Col. Scrlven
The nomination of Col George
Scrlven Signal Corps I I? A . as chief
signal officer to succeed Brig Gen.
James Allen retiring was sent to the
Senate )esterdav b) President Taft
Tour dmcjKt will refund motif r if rZO OINT
MENT fills 13 ran inr cua of itchtac. blind,
blcfd.ee or rrotrudinff isles in 6 to II dm. 50a
O B Dert of vtTiniltnr WMther Hur-sri.
Wasutngtoo Mredsy Janrsry I)- p r
It Kill ts simewpEt winner TnrsdiT in the
Untie SUtrs the t rrT MissiMirss and Mtsissm
alters, litd the Plains States, and warmer Wed
nnslar a ut tmerallj east of toe Misciirii Riser
It sill 1 Msneshat coMrr Wednesday In tho ex
trem. Nnrthwnt
The winds almc the New England cnast will be
mndosate ta-st on the Middle Atlantic nasst mod
trite east and snutbtw. on the South Atlantic
cnat moderate northraat on tho East Gulf coaM
moderatji northeast and east m the West tlnlf
coast tm-Irrate northeast and east, on Lake Micbi-
s-xn moderate an I TariaNe
Local Temperatures.
Midnicht 33. Z a. m.. 32 4 a. m.. 30, 6 a, m.. 2?
Ilbl, S 10 a m. 3, l: noon. 31 2 re m.. 33
4 p. m.. 33 6 p. m . 31. S n. m.. Z, 10 p. in.. 3.
llizuest, 31. lowest, a
ItelatiTO hunueUtr 8 a.m 53zp,m 80, 8 re
n.. 61. rainfall i p. m. to 8 p. m.). 00. hours
of sunshine. 97. per cent of possible sunshine. 100.
Temperature same date lat year llignest, 8, low
est, -8.
Tempcrntnres In Other Cities.
Temperatures In other cities, tocetber with thl
amount of rainfall for tbs twenty four hours ended at
8 p. m. irsttrday, ars as follows.
Max. Mux. 8 p. m. falL
AshrriUe. X C .. 42 33 .V ..
Atlanta, lis . . . H Jt C
Atlantlo Otr, N J .... 33 a 33
ltlsmarrk. N I)i .0-71 o otn
lloston. Mass. II 30
Buffalo. J. Y. VI 14 3
Chlesso. Ill . .11 M CI
andmuUl. Ohio. 41 23 3
Cheyenne. Wyo 30 10 2s
DaTenport lows,. .21 18
Dentrr. Colo 40 S3 21
Ises Moines lows . . ... 11 2 18
Ptuulh, Minn. ... . 12 2
l.altroton. Tex K 42 M
Helena. Mont 1 -18 1
Indianapolis. IikL . . 36 IS 28
JarxaonTille. lit . TO SS M
Kansas City. M . . 20 1 18
Utile Hot. Irk ... M 28 42
Urn Antrlcs Cal F3 M n
Marnurtte. Mich II - 111
Memphis Torn 41 28 42
New Orlesns 44 H
New York-. X. T . 9 H , 24
North Platte. N'ts- m 1 10
Omaha, Ntbr IB 4' 8
rhiladelphls. tV T 28
llttsbnrs. rii. J 41 38
Portland. Me i
Portland. Ore! 43
Salt Lake Clt; I'Uh e- 40
HU Louts. Mc t I 38
Rt Taul, Mil I I
ssn Franciats ' i S3
KprlntHeM I t 28
Tacoma, Vu 42
Tampa, Fit rl 0 72
T.Jedo Ohio. 4 28
Mexshum Mi g 3 58
Tickets. T 'JtUv1 , -t Smith's Armey.
irhe Brilliant
ilamazoo Light
Pol It Bp Coaplele.
lei Satisfactory lesulls.
od for Parlor, Bining-room,
or Stud.
ne 0s an Order Main f4B.
6 12th St. 1204 Q St.
Its Votes la Heralds C0a) Cbatat.
CtrlUI . ElQOQtD)
Ondltided ProSci Oter . 1 000.000
Dtptxlts OtfT T.0DO 000
Do You Want
To Know WHY
joti should intrust the
keeping of v,our inonev to this
Each of our more lhan 31.000
depositors could give a number of
convincing reasons because they
are ALL SATISFIED with our
National Savings
and Trust Company.
Corner loth and N. Y. Ave.
Porty-alxtk Year.
Twenty-lire Million of Chinese
Issue- Comes to United Slates.
The United States will be apportioned
JAWiO.OCO of the JlM.000,000 Chinese loan,
according to State Department dis
patches from Pekln last night,
This is the largest share of the loan to
be held by any one government, although
the Crisp association of bankers will be
allowed an equal amount. The other
SICO.WO.CIJO has been apportioned between
Great Britain. Germany. France, Russia,
Austria. Ital), and Japan.
The American banking houses partici
pating in the loan are J. P. Morgan &
Company, Kuhn. Loeb & Company, the
National City Bank, and the First Na
tional Bank, all of New York.
Plan Testimonial to Cannon.
A special .meeting of the DemocraUc
and Republican members of the House
was called )esterday to arrange for a
monster testimonial dinner to "Uncle
Joe" Cannon, who retires from the
House on March 4. after many )ears of
service The dinner probabl) will be
1 eld some time during Februar).
Richard J Medford. a. and Helen L reehlly
19. both at Baltimore. Md. Iter. J. S. Mont.
Claries C. Orebsuch. 21 of Ttabernlle. Va, and
.. Gertrada Cbandler. 29. of GcaiivjtisllUe, Vs.
Ret John vVeidley
vvuium vvoottoo. 34. led Elizabeth J VVhllled.
: Rer. VValiir. RadoUffr.
John Alwin tVedelL 23. and Hazel I North. 20.
Rer Frank T. Benson,
Andrew J. Castle. X. and Cm It- Dodm 23.
Rer. Charles S. Cole
A. Oradr 21. sod Bestrios Thomas, 18
R. B. Thomas. 22. and Ellzxbetb, E. Tucker. 22.
Death Record.
Jules P. JiQuot. 64 yesrs, Nat. Homeo. lTosp.
Klixs Dunlap. W, 2512 N St nw.
Frederick H. Oora. h 1 loot nth St, nw
Michael Lanchlln. C. U. 3 Soldiers Home. D C.
Junes Johnson. 47, ProTidenee Hosp.
William Bheppsrd. 29. Tuberculosis Hosp.
ObrU Roxk-y. 22. OH 5th Bt, nw,
Mary V Peters 15, 1714. 10th St, nw
laaic Jackaon. SO. Govt. Hosp. Insane.
Rebecca Williams. 40, Preedmeo's Hosp.
Hensen Butler. 48. Cost, Hosp. Insane
(Scores Shelton, 3. Wish. Asylum Hosp.
Ceorzn Hemsley. 12. Taherculosis Hosp.
nirths Reported.
John and Esther Walker, boy
Clinton It. and Mary E. Wlnlock. rirl.
Henry H. ami Ulce a Tallmadts. hoy.
Ceora-e K and Helen E. Thompson, lor
Oori M and Rosalie M. Therker tirt
J. nany B. and Miry A. Bwato. girl.
Jtxeph A and Mary H. Speoht, slrL
Lulls W and Bertls M. Ruble, ilrL
Allen E. and Edna Register, girl.
Jamb and Sadie Itebak. boy
William P and Marie A. Qulgley. girl.
Benjamin P and Catherine O. ret Us. boy.
Oeorgt U and Mils V. O Dougherty, bay.
Watson U and Irene 8 McMorrle. boy.
Harry n. and Nell Leridane. boy.
Henry C. and Elisabeth J. Hue. rirl.
William ant Annie Iingenbrrg. boy.
Frederick and Margaret C Orlset, girt.
Vincent and Arm is Glannaaio. boy.
heUg and Yetu Flnkelsietn. girt.
Thornu A and Mattie E. DutsJI. glrL
Patrick and Delis Cady. boy.
William a. and Minx P. Carroll, boy.
Tsrrartrr J and Ansrulca, Charchas, girt.
Mil and nannxh Burks, boy.
Courtney O. and Edna M. Btrckhead, boy.
fJeorgs W. and Mary B. Benmrr. girL
Hubert A. and Marxant M. Brldgext, girt.
Percy O. and Clara W. Bowman, boy.
James and Harriett A. Locxs. boy.
421 1 431 7ii
417 ti 425 Ith .
Odd Lots of n i c
Best Grades
White Goods
Hew White Mercerized Voiles.
3 pieces SOc quality. 4S
Inches wide, for, yard....3THe
2 nieces T5e quality, 4S
Inches wide, for yard......S0e
5 pieces SOc quality. 40
inches wide, for yard. ......33c
36-incli White Percale.
Superior quality: linen finish;
Vard.1?"?; . . J.4.1.".!-. . . . 1 2C
45-inch White Persian lawn.
1.000 yards: fine sheer quality
and finish: SOc value. 15c
40-inch White India linen.
Excellent quality and weight
for aprons, waists, dresses, and
lining purposes. ;s
pieces; lc value. jr)i
Yard lZiC
Bring- back replies because each
order receives the same personal
.Mention, Irrespective of size.
You will find our letters free
from dark edges, broken type,
typographical errors, &c.
You can safely Intrust Impor
tant form letters to us. being as
sured that they will be carefully
edited and delivered on time,
2.000 LETTERS. $4.0)
.New Address.
607 15th Street N.W.
second Floor Over Ford A Gra
ham Dairy J.anch. Opposite
U. . Treasury.
Phone Main 7508.
I always hale what you want In
W. J. krouse, i;u,rOT?,Eis:tnT
snry. Practical wcrt especially adapted to mes
employed, 48-pa bcjletln. Call or address. Dirt etc
of education. I. M. C A, EM O St.. vVaatlcitoc
13 Ceiesta St. ns. Unocsa H3S.
December St, U2L
Amount of espttaj. . ... 130 0m
Arnuest of anital pud in. .. $30,00
, ..ISO TO
CartUl . tJOWO
r. B 4.LLAN
President ard Trustee
srrcxiKrE : vrinni p
Secretary and Trustee.
CHy of Washinfton District of Corumbta. i
1 8CTCUFKE V V.VIDDUP, of Waxhinjton.
D. C. make oath and say
I am hec-etsry and Truateo of EOlcste Pressed
Lnek Company and the annual report of saj-1 Stlickt.
Pressed Brick Company hereto annexed is s tn
relist of the state of affairs of said oompaar on
the 31st day of December I 1912.
bubsmhed and swtwn t before n-e this 13th day
cf January tt TERRT
(Seal.) Notary Punlic.
holders cf the L nion Trust company of tho Distru-v
of Columbia, for the election of directors for tho en
sutnc sear, will be held on Tt'ESDY. January It
rU. at the oncr of the company. Fifteenth and H
btreeta Northet Washinston. D. C at I odork
p. m. The polls will t open from 1 to 2 o'clocs
u Trarsfer books win be closed from ths 1st to
tht ISth day of January. 1313. both dais inclustie
smirical 403 rsxs bock free Apply by mail. 9 4
Colorad HI 1. ree lecture I cr women ednetda s
JO p ra JK-tf
The Corcoran Gallery of Art
Fourth Exhibition of
Contemporary American
Oil Paintings.
Open until January 26. 1911, as fol
lows 'Week da) s. from 9.00 a. m. until
4 30 p. m. Sundays, from 1 SO p. m.
until 4 30 p m. Friday evening', from
H p. m. nntll 10.00 p. xn. Tuesdays
Thursdays. Saturdays. Sundays and
PHIDVY EVEM'NGS, the admission is
frees on other days an admission fee
of twenty-Ave cents is charged.
112.8.10,11 18
XrfTsit Yonr Grocer. INo CaMuxaeri Strppyed.
Wholesalers, 11th aad M Sta. S, C
BORN On Sunday, January li 1913. fo
Thomas Alton and Catherine Rose
Russell fnee Brown) a daughter
CstihUshed lur. CHAS. H. ZURHORJT. May.
xvl r. 1. 1 AM LEC Funeral Directs
and Embalmer. Urcry tn connection. Coruwdlos
CJuph sad Modern trematonum. Atooast iiilsss.
(3 fsnnsjltsnis Are. aw. Telepbons Mala lass,
940 F Street N. W.
Phones Main tt
Of Eicry DescrlpUon-Moderxlatj Prkas.
fiidacy. Wcat.
la Sutlers K C-xr :.j
i -".. - .MS.J MSH, ". .
Thomxj H, sal Mary F, Fields, boy.
JV-r -,-
: t. j &- ATfife1",-
V os-vAsC-eL
-,yi' ic' - I ,.-V'f

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