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able twice each
year; unques
tioned safety
resulting from Capital and
Surplus of $2,300,000;
courteous attention to each
patron whether his account
is large or small. These
features, together with the
modern equipment pro
Tided in its handsome
quarters, make the Union
Trust Company an ideal
depository for savings.
907 F St.
I.r.ttr hmo 1hr rrm mttmficd
to now Delii; ore often harmful
We Give t In Tlie Herald i 53 000 Contest.
fruccrssrr Co II a sell Wall rarer da.
Wr- clAf Herald 21 OOP contra! rofft.
Full Dress
and Tuxedo Suit
I"or i' s t snr-Hl wion or the
To irt r M n h
I t 1 r5 11 iif.irm w i ' votir
I K f 1 ils ii loll
i-'Xrr"nc 730 13th St. N. W.
Main S22.T.
"Vc cl.c IlerHlil SI."! OOO rnnlnl vote.
"Sec Lt: and Sec Better"
e die Herald 2T. OOO i
Bleat Totes.
Palmer's Soft Drinks
Are pure, sparkling, and healthful. All
In 2, 3, 5, and 10-gallon kegs.
S. C. Palmer & Co.
1066 Wisconsin Ave. W. 190
We clee Ilrrnld f ". 0M rnn(est voles
Hcaly's Mentholated
nSc'iTrrV Expectorant
Will Cure That Cough.
HEALY'S PHARMACY, Johrnro,;'.rr7'
Wev tem n Tl II -raid I S3 000 Contest.
"tflMll' 7th&HSts.N.E.
TORRE miusln. w.
Heats and provi
sions. Home
,, dressed Poultry
a specialty.
W. Pit. Vote, la Tb HtrmM i &000 Conunt.
Wahl & Co., 926 19th St.N.W.
We give Herald 2S.0OQ eontett Totes.
I.argo Can Corn l(h
Raisins, 3 for 2S
Citron, pound lg
Tomatoes. 3 cans 2m
Oth and M Streets.
Phono Tf 1394.
atr. Veto la Th. Ttmii S3 000 Good.
CCtops filling hii rrilerft dindiuS, ootBM
LCirttr's Laboratory Cs.
Aet fcr Cuter Ebuspoo Cream. -
Q Our label rt-dmtblt In 5,000 cootfat Cor 0
D o( tor neb vaim rtpracsted t tht
rrUU ulf xrict.
Gin Votes la TUt DnU CS.000 CocmU
fcVjS J& &
Humane Society Says Prose
cutions Brought by It Are
Often Pigeon-holed.
At Meeting of Organization Walter
Sblson Hutchins Is Re-elected
The charge th-it steim roller ' tactics
have been used in the Dltrlct Police
court to quash prosecutions brousht by
the Washington Humane ocletv vvere
made jesterdaj at a mcetlnK of the so
ciety in the Highlands ami a esolution
vas adopted calling lor an Investigation
of the rollce Court
This resolution was introduced dv
Walter Stilson Hutchins, president ot
the societj, ind cum at the end of i
long and heated dlsi ussion of the treat
ment of the society s cases at Ilie hands
of the court. It Is the opinion of the
members that man) of the eases that
the societ has brought f r violations
of the Ian s against irueltv to inimals
have been blinkctce in the court and
that there Is an organized attempt to
ihrottle the souetv humanitarian ac
tivities This his heen shown espcclillv.
it is claimed in the Arlington Hotel
cases of tin societ
Tlie resolution beside authorizing the
investigation of tht. court empowers the
committee of three into whose hands the
probe is placed to eniploj i ounsel and
tneur ill the meessarv. expenses of
earning on the work I Ills committee
will lie named later
Not onls Is it felt that certain condi
tions In the 1 cal I'olite t ourt are in
imical to justice being done the (Torts
of the humane societj. but that the law
r carding the suppression of crueltv to
animals is badlv constructed This law
which w-as passed '" lsl. docs not allow
the prosecution or the Mx-let s cases
b the counsel or the socletj Thev
must lie prosecuted b the proseci-tlng
attorne of the court In the law pro
letting children againM ruelt there is
no sueli clause and thi prosecution max
l maiti In the socli tj s Iawer
Tli president ind other oftlct rs were
eleeted vesterdav and the repels of
the secretary ind treasurer were read
Those elected were President, Mr
Walter MINon Hutchins tirst lce
president. Medlnl Hire, tor John C
Wise I s ' vice presidents Mrs
W illiam V Chandler Mrs Crummond
Kennil Mls Harriet IJ lining Mr
J H T Tupper lionorarv i e presi
de! s Rev Dr W -ill ice Itadcllffe Mrs
lol n B Henderson Mrs F C llallldav
Mr A ig ist s Worthlnginn Mis d
liot Mitchell Mrs Clnrles Pr.iuly
Mrs I-elvv ird Douglas White Mr Ilenrj
1' Hloi nt Mr Nlthanl-I Wilson Jus
tice llenrv II Itrow n Miss Emll) A
I.lndslev Mrs Horence i airns seer
tar) Mr lolin P H ip treisurer Mr
W Cl-in-nco Dtivall executive commit
tee Mr Chester A -now ol Archibald
Hopkins Mrs Ira F 11-nnett Mrs. r
K. smith Mr It Ross perrv, Mr Frank
J lewis Mrs Alexander Sharp Mr
Joh i B l.irner. rte-ir AdminI Clnrles
Y Clarke I S retired Prof Mi
am M Davidson Ir Tavlnr Ilovd
Hit n
The se-retarv s r port showed that
during- 191; ten polio agents were em
ployed and that thev made 1 521 cise
i-e urinir 1 71s convictions out of tint
unil er tint there were 1 470 binds of
mri orginized with 42 lie? members
n 1 that the t-oel t now has an even
00 mcmlic-s
Snrrccil I eirrt trathc
I ondon Jin II The I venlng News
printed the announiement to da that
Hush finlwni owner of the Mon
treal (Quebec) Mar prohablv will so0n I
cccd Ini irflthcona. as hich enm-
sionor of Canada Tli hinge is con-
plated It i said 1-rcausp of tlie nd
ancod aRt of Ionl Ftrathcona whn Is
nnil nlnptj throe tears old Iord
-tnthcona was appointed In IV.
I l- lo ltlle, Injun d.
New IIirn Conn Jan II Fie per
sons were injured m i jo ridi near
here to d- when thefr automobile turned
turtle while mrlnpr on the Mllford Turn
pike Mi--5 Nina Srholtz aped nineteen
MisfUned internal Injuries and ina die
Miss FNie r and IllUm II Iteed
owner of the car also are in the hos.
pltil Joseph riek and Clarenct Clean.
the other inemtn rs of the pirt were cut
and bruised
IUmnl T Martin. 15, ef noitjnrrr Sid and
T L. Wtitrr ZL Pee r II llulln
Ji-n R I oflrr i. lod IToime I nf, Willi
ef itlrjirand a. TtT U II SlrKun
Jullie II IIilNelb i, nd Jek Shendin, 1",
Nth ef Uirfamnnd. V-a. Iter Junrs s Vlnntxrmiprr
Itrswit l.allaetMT jr n, and Anna tl Pain- .
both of Clifuin Fntre It, Iter. Iivxjt k Miller
Jostsi Papat, 25 aid Vnna VI Krafthofrr. a
I! i Jamm I nnhrrr
licnjanun I. (,arppr jr T and FWmce r
Hdp 13 l"Ui of IlKlmxnl i r 1 vvi..
fl r
Will am Wad Ml M and Iji ira rev J Wth nf
Ijikr I-im-st. Ill Rev (. VV Van Unssen
Jcerb I AmorVv 5 and sarah Taulsr a. IW
C ilTerrfsir
VV I urn tl Firsun Z and Ite-lj- rmurli. 3V
lm!h f Richmond V a Tee J stonlcisnm
William Ix-Hrr 3 and Utzllh W Trout-
man 21 Iter Thnrnaa , McTCuuran
DeuuDC 1 Nnnna.lv 2 and Rathmne IL Col
tj 2- lUl Ilez Swrm
William II Willis SindMiryC VtiW 3.
J Bewman 2. and (Jertrade Ljlfe 3
l' F.ddincton 15 and Allsota Fester P
1.. II Jarkwin 0 and Until V llarhrr IS
Charlra Vlatthewa ZZ, and IVratnce Hatton 31
N K f-mitli 3. and Vlarie VI hdton 19
(. VV IlaT 40 and FlofTDCJ. SnrdeT 2
C S Williams 77 and Jcsle Itardicer a
I Owens. 31, and Flnrrnce Hill 20
I I vms r and Marr r IHde 00
Most People Are Net So Eminent
Scientists Say.
Do not marry if you are nervous anil
irritable Do not marry if you are
weak and despondent Do not marry if
you suffer Xrom indigestion, constipa
tion, sleeplessness or any Jiver trouble.
More than half of the divorces and two
thirds nf the failures m life can be
traced to indigestion and constipation,
for they are the parents of nervousness,
sleeplessness and Reneral debility.
I behove my Paw Paw Pills are do
me nore to prevent domestic troubles
and financial failures, as well as bodily
Kufferinc, than any other medicine.
They might be called the Peacemakers
They not only enable one to eat all
thev want, but they coax the liver Into
activity ind carrr oE all the refuse
matter through the bowels pleasantly
and naturallv
Mr Paw Paw Pills are wholly imhVe
other laxatives or stomach remedies,
ther hnlid up instead of tearing down
Alelancholy and irritability cannot dwell
in the same bodr with Paw Paw Pills
Thev are hie ferrets, thev chase out
all discomfort and disagreements and
bring good cheer.
Buv a bottle of vonr druggist, with
the distinct understanding thtt if yon
are not perfectly satisfied with the re
suite I -will refund your money. .
Experts on Stand at Insur
ance Hearing Testify Con
cerning Structure.
Valuation Put on Property in Accord
with George Taxation
Attorney Charles A Douglas of toun
sel for the Insurance companies, turned
the guns of the Insurance investigation
on the committee yestcrdaj He called
as a witness for his side Herbert J
Urowne who plaved so prominent a part
In the, Investigation into real estate lux
ation and assessment conditions con
ducted under tho supervision of Repre
sentative Henrj George, Jr , ot New
There were live men on the special
committee of tho District Committee,
which wis authorized -to iniestlgttH
piettj nearlj ever) thing connected with
the District Representative George, who
conducted the real estate probe for the
committee, is now on the insurance in
vestigating committee Three others are
mi both committees, namel). Chairman
Johnson and ncpresinfitives Redtleld
tnd Berger All four of the men to
gither with Representative Oldtleld the
fifth member, blgued the Gcorgt report,
whkh stated, among other things that
business proptrtj In the District Is as
sessed at about SO per cent of Its true
value instead of at two third", as re
quired by Iiw
In establishing one of the principal
charges against the Insurance companies
the committee must rrove th it the
Seiuthcrn building proper!) is not worth
the : 000 oio at which it is carried on
the tooks of tlie companies If they es
tablish this the) are in danger of re
pudiating in Import int part of their re
port which four of the members of the
present committee signed
llronne AMllIng t linos.
Mr Hronm who collcited the greater
part f tie evidence Introduced at tlie
previous Investigation to prove tlie charge
of underassessment. Is naturall) not de
slrotis of assisting the insurance com
mlttis In proving that the Southern
Building priirtv is overvalued it $
ftOO" So hi proved a willing mid even
an anxious witness for the insurance
companies vesteniav listlfvlng not inly
th it the propertj is well worth IJAio.""".
but that the lompinhs an full) Justified
in keeping their books in a fashion whhh
the committee Is inclined to aj praise
Other witnesses )etcrdav wrre W P
Upcomb a lot il builder who was one
iif the three ni praisers sele ted li tin
District insurance department to re ip
praise the southern Building mid who
valued it at J-.flnort.io and Onen Bralnard
i imminent New Vork ar hlteet and
bull ling engineer who has m ide an x
amlnition if th "Southern lluildlng and
values the building alone at iftiiti a
good deal higher than the figun pined
upon It bv Mr I.lpse omb
Mr Browne v vlufd the Southern Pilild
ng sue rft between St.. and J. a foot.
Il saij furthi r that anv price which
might lie stated now would be a loft
I rice a vear hence
Iiuls II Fmmert a contraitor and
builder testified that it would cost SI 'tin.
rOO to build the Southern Build ng
rchllcct (.Ives lestlmiui).
Testimon) stronglv supporting the val
nation placisl upon the Southern Kiiildiug
itself bv the three appraisers was of
fered nt the morning session bv Owen
Bralnard of New ork an architect
and building engineer Mr Briinard w is
retained as consulting ngineer during
the construction of tne House. an,i QPn
a,e offlc" buildings and has built a Ian,
niber of 1 irge public structures
Aieordlug to "Mr Itratnard it would
cost approximatclv 51 I01 to duplli ite
the Southern lluildlng , P Lipscomb
who testified in the afternoon, who hid
made the appraisement upon which tht
three appraisers based their figures
valued the building at less than jsnifjn)
Mr rtralnanl told the committee that If
th firm whkh eonstrticted tlie "South
ern Hulldlns received less than J1.100 -ot
for their vork s-ome one hid lost
The testimonv of Itrainird is consid
ered as i stronc point for the defene
parti Alarl in view of the tcstlmonv ol
real estate men relative to the value of
the pronertv on which the building
The total v Uu ttion nf JZkOfm i laced
bv the three appraisers and Indlciting
an Increase of more than fiOlflOU in th
liook value of the propertj, is one of th'
principal points ot ittaek bj tho prose
cution The real estate vvitneses Int
duced bv the defcne, hve placed the
value or the propertv at approximate!
i.J) a foot This together with the vnJua
tlon of the building bv Bralnard. would
take the tnfil some little bit above the
S3 000 000 mirk
To Cure Coa.tlnatlon,
Don t cose the sjsteni with a Int of dan
gerous habit forming drugs. I'hslelans
everjvvherc arc now prescribing I loft a
union Scidlltz. the good taEting seldlitz
powder All druggists sell lt
I eetnre- on Iloer I prlslnc.
Gen A S Diggett will lecture on the
Relief of Pekln In lion this evening
lefore the Terminal Y M I at the
rooms of the ssociation in Tnlon St i
tion Gen Diggett was in command of
i division nf troops In the relief column
and a soldier of his troop waa tho first
over tne wall during the Boxer uprising
(ntliolir KiilKlit. Klert Olll. er
The District of Columbia Stato Council,
Catholic Knights of America, has elected
tho following officers State Spiritual Di
rector rtlght Rev Mgr William T. Rus
sell, president, Edward J Hannon: vice
president, Michael A Mess secrctar,
V A Togln, treasurer, Hdward Volght,
representative to the Supremo Council,
George R nepettl alternate to the Su
preme Council, Anton Ostman
nr Morjtnn.
Funeral services for Jlenrj Morgan,
a Civil War veteran and employe of the
Government Printing Office, will be held
at his residence. tG K Street Northwest.
at 2 o clock this afternoon, under the
auspices of the Benjamin R French
Lodge. No. 15k F A A M Interment
will bo in Arlington Cemetery
niRTiis nEroiiTED.
( anarlo and Anita Zancra. cut
Rhiarpp. and Carmela IUzzo boy
Thomaa A and Kathxina It. Rnell girl
John J and Katie rrrller. firL
Ezra 0 and Hand Mitcnell. lrr
Frank S and Catherine R Gardner, cirL
William W and Alice Green, girl.
Joseph L. ard Jtlna M Grrra dri.
Loia and Tcmlna De Franorald, bur.
Rutin g and Uladee Dar boy.
William F and Flizabeth Au. bor
Edward and Eleanor Montgomery, ooe.
William L. and Acnel M. Jones, ber
Jamea and Marie Gassawar, bor
Albert, jr. and flattie Drtr, tor
Horaes Vt and Ixinlla Banei, cM.
Cbarlrt sad Jobaana E. Brows, bar.
The Carbonate of Soda
which is its natural and chief constituent
is the sworn enemy
of Gout, Rheumatism and Indigestion
Citizens Present His Name as Suc
cessor to William H.
De Lacy.
The name, or (.us V Sehuldt was
Mroncb presented to President Taft yes
tenlo by a delegation of eltlzens who
recommendid that Mr Sehuldt be ap
pointed Judge of tht Juvenile Court, to
succeed Judgi Willi im H le Lacy
I- C" -nsdr. George C Gertman, and
Chirles I Linklnsr were in the dclegi
tlon It was reported list night that prob
abl President Tift would nominate tho
Judge of the Juvenile Court, and the
two civilian Commission rs of the Dis
trict before leaving Iridav afternoon for
Phllidelphla. New rk and New 1 li
ven but no authorititive Informitlon
Ins been given out
The names of 1) J Callahan James I"
0 sti r A Leftvv icli Sinclair, ind Charles
W Darr are said to bo most prominent
before the President for the appoint
ment to be given the Democntlc'
Commissioner, while Commissioner Ru
dolph Is slitel to suiteesl himself ns the
Itepub'ican " Commissioner
East Washington Democrats , Who
Started Demand Will Not Let
Matter Rest.
The. campaign for better llchtlng and
police protection smi-ted 1 v the Iist
Washington Democntlc ssoclatlon with
t mo.s meeting held soon liter i feloni
ous isault made In Southe ist Washing
ton on a jvhito woman B) Nathaniel
Green a colored mm who on Monda
was tonvicted of the crime and sentenced
to ilent h will not is illoued to rest.
Willi im Hili v ireldent if tin as
MK-Iillnn rii lared ll't nlttit
If w. lannet net legislation needed
to give our e-opl pioteetlon in this
i.slon f ( onKress w, si,Mi r. t it from
the next Mr nil. v s.iiil We are
colnc to look out f r th itiz ns over
Tlie tirt movement in the eimpaitm
for sHrer nnilitlnns f r the peoi le of
I 1st Washington w is mule bv the last
Washington Dtmoeritl Woclitlon Mr
Itilev pointed out t the meeting run
lutions de lirlne tin tie crime whi h
hhocked the ( apital might l repeited
unless precautions were taken t make
it Imnossltle Copies of the res ilutlons
were forwardedtio ( ongr s in 1 the ( om
mis loners
O 8 tit c' ArTiaJiure VV rail r Pue-as.
Wadii jinn T-!vv Ja II UD p. t
Temr-Tat ns are hlit tlnschn.1 Ihe c
tn evpeis jlniw 1 e -snh VlUn le r a.t ant
n i Iann slAif4 , t renrral s-et th
T e i kninl.Til re mi il i tied and tnejr ar
now onr!d.-r!i! al. le The assial areraci-Tlw-tv
wi'l I arfsv ant rauiA nn te fssrill'
W -l-.-.laT west lie n.kv Mountain I UoiH
W fair wea her Thnrsta lljnrff W Inesitar ant!
We.lnrla I lktl He in se and ran oil! el
tersl eastward lhowrfi tl plans ant tpe el
!f Slates and llie Miin and VUsJsvltss eal
leva and ei ThurslaT into Ihe Laae rfjnn th
(II K Vallee ami the eaa l.u f states In th V
lar le stale fair weather Wcdneslay atll !. fol
lrtsed Xn Inereatn; rleiHliress Tiuirslav
It will le warmer Wedrcsdar In the etntnl
ami wmthera I lein '-Ute ar 1 fmm U e M
isviws aller ea want and warmer Ttnrsday
in the Mlantlr 8ulr It will be niller Wednes
day in the evtrrme Nnrtlsest Willi a cnld waee
a nifihl and colder Th irslar west of the Missis
MIn Hirer
I ocnl Teniiierntnres
Malnislt T-ara 34am.r5am
2Sam 1I m 3 11 nnetn. 31 I p m
T?pm Cpm 35 rv m . 10 p.
-1 : P
Italrfall ( p m to iv m ) 0 ft
Hour nf minalune 5"
Per rent nf i.lle nt shine 10 A
Temperature mure date last ear llizhtst. 3P
lowest 1J.
Temperndires In Other ( Ides
Temperatures in ether citi Ofether with thf
amount of rainfall for the twenty four bom ended at
I IX m. yeatcnlar, are aa followi
Max. &un. 9 p. in. faU.
Vslenlle N C C . 4S
Vtlan a (.a tj :i (a
tlantl. (Ill N J i V
Hismarr N I)k D . I.
It.ton Vlas. T. Jl -1
lluffaln N 1 Tk Tl 1
Cinrinnati. ilw 42 "I t
("heTenne Win M t .
llaTenirt Iowa X. 4 tl .
Iiemrer Colo W " i
Il-s Moines Iowa "I t VI
Ihilnlh Minn 1 I 1
f.alrestnn Tex ft 44 M .
Helena, Vtont I v 51 n
IndianapnlH Ind . M S "13
JaekxmTille FU fl 44 a .
Kansas OU l 40
Utile Iter Ark . V m 44
I.o Arsries. Cal 14 l 3 .
Marquette, Vl-h 3) JO . .
MemrW Tenn E 33 44
New Orliwna Iji M 41 A
Vew Teek N 1 M "4 T4 .
North natle Nehr 34 31
Omaha ehr II 3 X.
I-lilladelphia Pa 40 34 .
IMtabur- la. 41 4
lortlard Me .34 13 3,
Portland Orrg T 33 0 a
Salt Ijke City I tah 41 16 (I
St. lxll ln ) V X
St. Taut Minn 3S 0 II
San Francisco CaL . M 4 CZ 0
SpnnittieJd 111 It 1 'I
Taonma. Wash .. .44 4n 0
Tamra. Fla . "0 m ft .
Tnledo OhK 34 33 12
Mcxabure Ml. . tl ZS Jt
m:Tir itKconn.
Will am It. Mlui T. 1C 5th Ft. ne
Marr WallH. 33 fvibier Hospital,
rdthla DaTidsnn. M 1351 Talhott TL se Anac
Knx3iua B Prder. 34 Tiibrrcolosu iToafntaL
Jamea D Butt, S 140 Maaa. Are w.
Otncce C. Gmener 1109 E St, uw
Mar J Hurlhurt 73 MS Imnnt fit n
Hrllen L. Ball 9 months. 3d and O SU tie
Herlart Corner 13 1'reedmen s Hospital.
Belle Corbin. 3 3701 a. Are nw
Richard Iymois, l, OiUdtm a Hospital.
Borna . Vim 3 113 lt St. nw
Robert Benr. 29 T St. HUladale, D a
Uncle mn ?H" Conic lionks.
Uncle Sam jestcrday began the sale
of an official cook book at five cents a
copy It contains 130 recipes for house
wives and tells how to cook ever thing
from soups to ccserts
The inrention of Houston (Tex.) man i
template- the taet sf aalfss , powsT rco-
Only House Action Needed to Make
an Actuality of Plan for
The Lincoln Memorial is planned bj
the Kino Arts Commission now waits
onlv the favorable action of the House
to become an actualltj The resolution
idopted by the Senate was favorably re
ported out of the House I ibrar) ( om
mlttee yesterdiy and the incisure is
now on the cilendar
The Committee on Library displivcd no
indecision of opinion as to the worth of
tho Fine Arts plan In its report Ihe
plan for a mcmoriil roadwaj from
WishlniUon to Gtttjsburg found no
favor In the eves of the members who
slate plilnb tint in their inlon the
onlv opposition to tho Lincoln memorial
plan cimc from the special Intertst
A number of hearings have lieeii held
on the matter the report states at
whhh the real cstite and iutomobil In
terests were represented but even these
heirlngs did not Influence th. members
tow ird the roadwas
The attitude of the G A It which
his been varlnulv reported as being
hrst favonbly anil then untivorahlv in
clined towird tlie memorial plan Is given
full consideration In the report The
statement thit the O A It w is In
favor or the roidwu Is brand 1 .is
false ihe report aia
"t a meeting of the Grand Armv of
the Republic held In Roch ster more
tli an a jrar ngo on the last Ij of the
meeting and wh u es than tturt
members out of Jw were present and
without inv retorts from am eommlttt-e
and ift r i statement made bj Gen
lorrence to the i ITei t that a committee
of ( ongrcss had reported In fivor or a
Lincoln memorial In the form of i high
wa from Washington to Gett)shurg a
resolution indorsing thit highwav was
t ssei
It will bn notice-d that the statement
thit i committee ef l oncres had ap
proved the highvviv fr m Washington to
(jcttvshurg was not In accordance with
the futs In September III. the Grind
Vrmv of the Pe, iiblic at Its meeting In
!.os nt,rls rvrst I the ipparent ion
(litstou leached it Ro hester anil re
s lvel to r port th 1 in oln memorial
n reeommenilesl I the 1 ine Arts Com
im.sion '
Strikers Now Number Almost 200,000.
Several Manufacturers Capitulate.
Encourage Girls in Fight.
N w 'Wrk Jin It Th rt flw thou-v-ii
ij fzlrls rmploiMl in th tlrts and
U-t Indu-tr av II Ftxtkp to-tnorrow
uu mine brlncini? th- tot il number of
wtrkers tt in tlio en it parnn nt jtrlk
.I.w- to ?f- Th. tv i-Iiii to Fend tho
i.rrs an-1 wtit uorKir? out ! rca
4.1 -t ii mpttni: of th- Internitlonil
lil rs -. irmrnt W rktis ( nion t
nicl t
Tht t.it isn ff rip tulat n on th
part f thr M tnuf irturrn s,tr lation
whs . tn to da wlxii th (Irms
I-taac f(hrn nn I Ituls m h pster.
Jcwtir m inufa turcr signet. ici
inriit irtliac nn tlrrnun 1 mid
th union Tht impoj aNut four
huntlrttl cirls
Jacot ffttllnnfl one of thr t.rt manu
fat-turtr- hit tv th -trikr tiled a oI
unt ir prtltion In hinkruptc to-da
ft 1th llaltlllties exceeding islets b morn
than JlOnt-io
Meetlncf irrancd b prominent r
uorkt rs wr lit hi thrnushoi.t thr
durinc thr da lulling ministrr! it!-
dres-el thouvmdt ttf thr -Jtriker IJe
J Ilowird Mrlllh pastor of HoU Trin
lt i Iiurih idisrd i Rrtit andlrncr of
pirN in Hrethon Hall to light tho hai-
tlr to a ..nisli Ilr aI- read a letter
from Major Ginr, promlffinsr to pre
sent thr poll e from unlaw fullj inter-
frinc with Ftrikrr on plrkrt dut
Quickly Dispels
Stomach Distress
Whatever the Trouble, it Disappears
in Five Minutes After Taking a
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet.
Ml of the unpleisant sensations at-
tendint upon eating too hcartilv ire
almost lnstintlv relieved by a Stuarts
ispcpia j aunt
Heaviness of the stomach from Undi
gested I'ood lulrM Relieved I.J
n siunrt's I))pepln Tablet.
When J on tike fooil Into a stomach
that Is tired and over-taxeel, the gas
tric Juices do not form fast enough to
digest it properl) s the food becomes
sour and at once logins to throw off
gases, ur stoma Ii liecomea Inflated
lust as surel ns If jou attached a to)
balloon to a gas Jet Then the gases
and foul odors Issue forth and polluto
lour breath lour tongue, quickly be
comes coated and you can taste the
foulness that Is within vou.
Now all this condition Is changed
almost lnstnntl b a Stuart a Ds-
pepsia Tablet This little digester gets
busj at once supplies nil the digestive
elements that were lacking digests tho
food In a Jiff and sweetens and re
freshes the mucous lining of tho stomach
and bowels and restores peace and
One era n of a single ingredient in
Stuart's Dvsnensla Tablets will digest
3.000 grains of food This saves our
stomach ami gives it tn rest it neeas
All muscles requlro occasional rest If
they aro ever over-taxed Tho stomach
Is no exception to this rule
Trv a box of Stuarts Dvsnensla Tab
lets and you will wonder how ou ever
got along without them They are sold
at 0 cents by all druggists everywhere
Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis
Electric Railroad Company
Takes pleasure in announcing the opening of uTeir new
Waiting Room and Ticket Office, Bond Building, corner
Fourteenth Street and New York Avenue. The easiest
place to find right in the heart of the business and
hotel district of Washington.
Every 30 Minutes
Direct to the business center of Baltimore without
change of cars.
$1.50 R. T.
Which includes transfer to and from any part of
Every Saturday and Sunday, including Washington
City car fare. Good returning until Monday midnight.
No place in the country can boast of so many historic
points of interest made famous during revolutionary
times as Annapolis.
The U. S. Government has recently expended $15,
000,000.00 in improvements at the Naval Academy,
and the magnificent group of buildings are always inter
esting to the visitor.
Our trains make connection at dock with Eastern
Shore steamers for Claiborne, Hurlock, Salisbury, Ox
ford, Cambridge, and all points on B., C. & A. Ry.
Baggage checked through to destination.
14th & New York Ate.
Traveling Bags,
Suit Cases,
Document Holders,
Music Rolls,
In fact
Leather Goods
Of All Kinds
By Expert Workmen.
Pioneer Manufacturers,
1219 F Street
Phone Main 4406
$3 Dozen
aner lrartlcal work e-reeially adafted to men
raploTed U-ra bulktln. Call or aeijm. Director
f Lducation. Y M 1 .. IK G St VV aejiirtton.
lO Bnmtb at. se. Liscua 1X1
CaUtiBilitd 1S7. CHAS. 0. ZUBUORST. Mr
J. WIM.IAM LRE. Pnorrail Dlreetoa
and Etnbalmer Urtrr to conDertlon. Commodioof
ccaietl aod Moaers Crtaaatxriua. 3Xoaat pnettt
13 I'tmnijIiiDla Are. aw. TtVtphorie X'K "
940 F Street N. W.
Phones Main ?
hi. & Liberty.
Till lll MtfT II Tilt -Tl 'v-
ii i vv r. i j i
Omrait fs-t I -.f-l el-t
11 - -r, t . -e r
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Die n iMn: I I j r1-
lr I- m rteenth -i I t. l r I s r , vv
litis II r onSVTII.!V Janna-. :
L ltkrf s j... I iiVVFN. -,-crun
la." in U U.1T
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1 hrlderacf tlte Vnavewia s 1 ntorrac Kt
, mad I muam f s 1 e ry.- ea e . ti.
1 s 11 rretns I, iteree fir t! ensi - er
transect sorh thee t si-es. i ma w
j 1 f i the nwinc sil ht Mil Vn
ranranv rexinissiia - i r-iei upii i
VVaMmprti ) sVltUIMY J
I-U. at UorlriDnoa. s. I 10WIA se
re" 10 U IS.1-
Tlll VM VI VH.-nr of TUP srrx k
1 rtleers nf the l.errcet.rn and TetinalletOAr I e
war (tsnrane ft th T. pt ef e'eefl c a R t
ef II ns-tnrs t vnf fe (i et s l-a -a- .r
tnpsoet i'i el-er 1 r - a ira ren -
I. fere the meef pa n I hr h I at iVe tS ,
I snran I n rr -rt i ar 1 F iVinl s,,. ,
VVa.hirtrtnn l I nn svTtrKVV Jar iar I,
PL iirorlnJmnv. s n IlejWFN -n
a.llL 51"
hosiers f the ft i-sl s h rr,n Ptilnar f VV .
insteri f s- the i ns. of kngi IWrt f 1
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il h Iher hi allies m mar rrneerb eocv bet r
rcfssti; w 11 l h 1 at th ohs. ni th e-snra
xireenth av a fspit 1 sr,cta V ie? t-
t' si svTII.IiAV Jenuarj II bj i
id-Hi tvssi s. u TOW EN seentar.
ja 11) uu r
Tiir i w m.him. nr rnr tock
iV-ldrr of tii- r ml.-eT-M R.iilmiT .frowr f -thf
t tt f "IPsttni. nM f lrfTtrr. m Trim
f r ihe mm t - i tr I t tmi act wjrh rth r b
( i, m ts- prr'v -nmr brfrf thi trirunc t
IV hrl I at Ih "- f t rrrnri r imrttfr-ntl. m i
lU I Mil WisJiiiflri I t nn s 1
t ni ln ut n t I. nolrt-k norn . It
I N sfrnr ! 10 H Tl
Tiiv i mtiv or Tin stock
h 1-T- -f tHf IMoTij Ust-tii I tr O-stti
f -, rrv-r- f rtsj-tinr !U-r I rf nirrft t- f rv
t rn -"" t trjract curb vthfT N InMm
mT r jT'' fl"-" Ntow tht mertirg ill Nt
(a pW " f t! rrroway, rcurtrt-n 1 a i
I-iuvt t At i trpsl- A Jtthjritrra. p ,n s i
I I I J" un t 13 3 t 12 orloH. nn - tu
It U i -v tt .-. Jat r fi -
HI Si IF F. Of Mr 1.T1I NTlftAf
n n r-pwTil im Ptr Nvll frr it-It hr rx I 9 I
r rf rJs!c trti "t "" 't n-mrn M c-li
ja i. m - t
the Ilnvr nf Kriil He.
Ae nnil ef 1111
I It x s, if - Rnisln?
at Thev r
lllTerent from cke
ni i le t ordirur) le ck-
Buckwheat w,e "r X r, , j;k-
iH Vt Tor f.r-vrr" N ( .jn r, srs L
Wboleaalera. 11th amd 31 ta. 1. n.
siipn fin j nuirv r nn t er
reslileliro Ki rai till I N i .
MINIS 'I FSF helove I Wife of
Frederiek II simpsii. inI iliuhter
ef the late Carol in oil Iti-vant
J-uneril from Oiwlert 1 nilcrtaKInsT
larlor" 17TH IVnnsjlvanit Avenuev
Northwest, Thursdiv Janinrj 1. at
2 o clock p m Interment In ICock
Creek Cemcterv
Mono .N
BI-NJ I! I III M ir IOIXt Nt) 1'v,
F AI spreiT niietine tlio
IxKise is e illeil f r 1 n c,n k p m . 1
n sHv Jann.irv 1 1I3 ti . (.nilu. t the.
funenl of Jlrolher Heiirv Mnrcan
LhSHK i n.Mr.I -Mauler
Ot Strt Descrfptlon-itcdtralalj PrlrasV
rssaral Deattzav rtaeral Daaisft
Largest Morning Circulaton.

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