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fjJv v-zit'F-p ' ' Xt ''W--'-f
- icrv.5jyv
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I t Eire Herald S3,000 j
I content votes. 1
Hopewell H. Darneille Contra
diets Testimony of Engi
neer Commissioner.
Statement! of Municipal Architect
Snowden Aihford Abo Denied
by Witneu.
That Col. William V. Judson, Engineer
Commissioner, not only was favorable
to the appointment of Superintendent of
Insurance George W. Ingham, but
urged Hopewell II. Darneille to work
upon Commissioner Rudolph In behalf
of InKham. waa testified to by Mr.
Darneille in the insurance Investigation
5 esterday
Mr Darneille also flatly contradicted
the testlmon of Snonden Ashford. the
municipal anhhect as to the valuation
which Ashford placed upon the Southern
Building at Mr Darnellle's request, nhen
the latter was appraising the property
for the Neva York Insurance department.
Sir Darneille s version of Col. Jud
son's part In the appointment of Ing
ham was particularly Interesting in
iew of Judson's testimony that he
fought the appointment until he was con
vinced that Commissioners Rudolph and
Johnston were determined to make it.
and that he then withdrew hi opposi
tion as a matter of policy, because of
Ingham's relationship with Senator Gal
linger Uiintcs from Com e mat ion.
InKham was appointed in November
and Darneille recalled the date of his
conversation nlth Judson as late in
September In part Mr Darneille a ver
sion of the conversation was as follows:
"I -went in and saw Col Judson He
said 'Darneille. I have Just written a
letter to Senator Oalllngcr in which I
told him I hoped Ingham would be ap
pointed I Just want to tell vou thK
give oj one tip jou had better use all
the pressure jou can on Mr Rudolph.
because I am very much afraid he is
not going to bring Mr Ingham s name in
'I think Mr Ingham Is tho logical
man for the appointment as superintend
ent of insurance, and I am verj much In
ior of his appointment.
Relating a conversation about a vear
jo, after Mr Ingham had framed Mmr
bills intended to prevent abuses possible
under the existing laws of the District
relating to inurance companies. Mr
Darneille said
I ask"d him how mv friend Ingham
was getting on He nald. bplendldlv J
am prud of the appointment He is do-
inr fine work lie is getting the omce
In "ome kind of slnpe "
Regarding his appraisement of the
Southern Ruilding, at the request of the
New York department, at a time when
Equitable Lire Assurance feoclety
considering a loan of JWA.om on the
propcrti. Mr Parnielle testified that he
had ai-ked Snowden Abhford to appraise
building for him and had received
J-W3.MX) as a low and conervatlve valua
tion on the building, in the opinion of
Ashford He denied emphatically
that the valuation had been 5700,(00. as
testified to by Mr Ahford
Tattle 1 Cross-einnilned.
A hammer and tongs cros-ex-imlnatlon
of Robert R Tuttle president of the
Commercial Fire Insurance Companv and
of the underwriting firm of Tuttl'
Wightman & Dudlej, inc. consumed
most of the time jesterdav Representa
tive Redficld questioned him as to the
literature of the compan. and drew
from him admission that certain under
writers whoe names were in the pro
motion literature of the First National
hsd requested tr-at such us, of their
names be discontinued
Mr Redficld questioned Mr. Tuttle at
length concerning the relationship be
tween the officers and directors of the
Commercial and Flrt National Tire In
surance Companies and the underwrit
ing firm of Tuttle. Wightman . Dudlev.
Incorporated He also wished to Know
tlie c mpensation Involved in each case
Mr Tuttle give the following actount
Tuttle-President of Commercial Fire
Insuran e Companj SI 00 par annum
third vice preMdent First National Fire
Insurance companv no compensation
president Tuttle ightman S. Dudley.
Incorporated dividends only, directo
in all three companies compensation.
Commercial five dollars for each monthly
meting attended. First National.
twent-flve dollars for same: member
of executive committee of all
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steak, eggs and other foods. Stuart's
Djspepsla Tablets will digest your
food lor. you when your stojpach -can't.
three companies: member of finance
committee of the two insurance com
panies, with a fee of Ave dollars for
eacn weeaciy meeting attenaeo.
"Vyirhtman Director In both Are insur
ance companies, recelvlnK customary dl
rector fees.
Fees for Attendance.
Dudley Treasurer Flnt National; no
compensation: director In all three com
panies, with customary fees from nre in
surance companies; finance committee of
ooih insurance companies; vice president
or commercial, with no compensauon
secretary and treasurer. Tuttle. Wight-
man & Dudley, no compensation, beyond
Robert J. Wynne President First Na
tional, with an annual compensauon of
Jz.500; director In both Insurance com
panies and of both finance committees.
Charles F. CarusI General counsel for
all three companies, with annual retainer
of &S0O from each of the Insurance com
anlea and 1300 from Tuttle, WIghtman &
Dudley. Inc.; director In all three com
panies; member of finance committees of
two insurance companies
Judge Georse W. Atkinson Director In
the two fire Insurance companies.
Judge Ashley M. Gould Vice president
in each Insurance company, with nnnual
salary of t7S0 from each: director in all
three companies; member of finance com
mittee of two Insurance companies.
Mr. Redfleld estimated that If Judge
Gould should attend all directors' meet
ings and all meetings of the finance com
mittees, his total receipts from the two
companies would be K.JS0 per annum.
Robert N. Harper Vice president First
National Insurance Company, no com
pensation; director In each Insurance
companv. chairman finance committee of
tho Commercial.
Mr. Tuttle testified that Mr. Harper
was president and a director of the Dis
trict National Bank, of which he and
Mr. CarusI were directors, the former
being also general counsel.
Clerk tn Wnr Department Passes
Awn In Canton, Ohio.
Major John B. Pearce, aged 71. a clerk
in the quartermaster general's office of
tho War Department, died yesterday at
the home of his daughter in Canton.
Ohio. He had been falling In health
since last May He had been a clerk in
tho quartermaster general s office for
over fortv years, coming to Washing
ton to enter that office In the early '70 a
was absent on sick leave at the time
of his death He served throughout
the Civil War, enlisting in 1S61 in tbe
Thlrtj -second Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
and was breveted major for meritorious
service at the close of the war In lSffi
will be buried to-day at his old
home. Carrollton. Ohio He is survived
by his wife and one daughter, residing
Canton. Ohio He was a Scottish
Rite Mason
As an auTillarv to the Merchants and
Manufacturers' J33.W) Contest, in The
Herald. The Advocate offers as a special
award, a JST3 Schubert Plajer Flano to
the person casting the most votes be
tween the dates of Januarv 1 and Feb
ruarj 1. 131S.
This extra compeltlon is not limited
to LOnte.Mantj Uvcrjbody is invited to
take part in It. To win this hlgh-clas
plaver piano, vou do not havo to spend
a penny unnecessarily Just ask for Her
ald contest votis evirj time jou make
a purchase.
The Advocate his purchased this J73
Schubert plajer from the Joseph Hall
t hase Piano Companj. 1307 G Street
Northwest, and placed It on exhibition
in the contest building, 711 Thirteenth
Street Northwest, where ou are Invited
to call and examine It. The closing hour
for the special piano voting is 9 p m.
February 1
- silrrntnne. 3 is" Sooth Fork P.. inj lelta
Cipter It Re G llrmtene
ilium J. Mrcin vt ef Itn-hm'sid V , ind I.illr
M Tut.I1. M. of erf oik V. I.er. .. W m
Vlbrrt G Prrsmtt 30. of Boston. Slje ud LmJlr
! I.Mer 36 Her Chsrlni K Kor0i.
Jwf 1 llerrell 3 of Bmleten j ind Ansa '1
Barksdile. r, of .mTtl. V a Iter Cblrln V Son
Willura s Frmnn tA Gertrude lies. S hnlh
of Hamilton Va. Iter L. HrcrstT
John GiiDtnr 2i and Jeuamfne lliMebrand 3
Her Knrt-h vf Thornr!
rredrrirk ! llinkel 3 and llnmioe Vt Vfan
nrlll T. rf Cbcsarrake Bearh Mil Her I'lsiuile
lh I'Ha
Charlra M Rred 2, and Uaje Dana C2. Rer
Milium t. Mrkrnner
henneui SuUIL a lrd J e-hine U rtatla 1
Rer WiUiam I VlrKenner.
VL Johnson, and JUrr I. Munlork 3
t I-WeU 26 and llrnle I-nrr. T
II Jone- 3 and UU Smith 3.
Tn Cure CUB'tlpallon,
Don't dose the svstem with a lot of dan
gerous habit-forming drugs Physicians
even where are now prescribing Hoff'a
union beiauu. the enod.tastlnp; seldlltx
rtiwaer. aii druggists sell It.
C B. Dert. of Arrlailtare Weather Bnreaa
Waahincton Thursiay Jan 3 19138 p. m.
There will be local rains Fnday in the Atlantic
rUatei, but offr the rtmaJnder of the country the
rather will be fair except in the extreme North-
went, mifie tnere will be local anows and rains that
will probaMr continue Haturdar and extend east
ward into- the Upper Lake region. In the Eaat.
Ponth. Central, and extreme Weitera portions of
tne country- ine weatner win no lair hatumar
It win be ooider rrldar In the Onlf States, the
CVntral Tallers. and the Like region, and colder
Friday nirht and Satarday In the Atlantic States.
it win ne wanner erwar in tne isortnwwt aid
trerae Central West and warmer Saturday in the
ruins butet, the central Tallejs, and the Upper
Laxe region
Local Temperatures.
Midnight, 21: 2 a m.. 31, 4 a. m., X,6l rl, 37,
8 a. m.. 3$. 10 a. m., 38, 12 Doon, 38, S p. m., 41;
4 p. m., 41; p. ta. 13, 8 p. a., 43; H p. m.. 4&
IlUfrtt. 45. loscrt, 23
Reiatlre humidity 8 a. m.. 85, 2 p. m., 92, S p
m.. SL luicfill (8 p. m. to 8 p. m.). o ts.
Temperature same date last year Ilichest, 58.
lowest, 38
Temperatures In Other Cities.
Temperatures in other cities together with the
amount of rainfall for tbe twenty four hours ended at
8 p. m. yesterday, are as follows
Max. MIn. 1p.m. fall.
Asherille, N C. M K X 0 M
AUanta, Oa K 43 2 0 28
Atlantic atr, N J G2 3t 44 0 60
Bismarrr. N Dak C 19. 6
Barton, Jlass. . . 52 32 52 0.12
Buffalo, N Y. 44 30 38 0 42
Chicago, III 40 34 38 L33
Cincinnati, Ohio 1 33 48 0.18
Cheyenne. Wyo 22 IS 26 ..
Daftsnrjort, Iowa. 40 22 30 0 42
Denrer. Colo 42 28 38
Des Moines. Iowa. 20 32 28 0 40
Duluth, Minn .... 12 12 2 0 01
Galreston, Tex 68 63 M 0 03
Helena, Mont. 39 20 30 ...
Indisnspolis, Ind 30 34 39 ....
JscksooTille. Fix 78 60 70
Kansas City, Mo. 42 36 38 0 II
Utile Rock. Ark 64 40 CO 0.80
Los Angeles. Cal 60 42 56
Msrquette, Mich 34 30 II
Memphis Tenn. 68 50 62 0 30
Jew Orkass. La. 76 CO 12
New lork. N. V 50 34 C 0 56
North Platte. Nebr. 40 18 30
Omaha. .Nets'. 32 31 X
rtiilsdelphls. Pa. 48 32 41 0 34
Pittsburg, Pa. 60 33 S3 0 52
Portland, Me 42 24 42 0.11
Portlsnd, Org. IS 32 38 0 II
Salt Lake City, Utah. 28 IS 21 0 10
St, Louis, Mo...- 43 42 40 0 12
St. ruL Minn.. .......... 23 21
Saa Frmdaco. Cal 54 42 52
Spring-field, ni 40 32 X 0.70
Taccms. Wash... 40 .. 38 012
Tsmps, Fix. 82 U 74
Toledo, Ohio 43 32 42 0.42
Vlcksburg, Miss. 68 53 M 0 68
Ctaeaaneake A. Ohio Rr. to New Orleana
and return, account Mardi Gras, JC7 75.
a &. O. offices, S13 Pa. Ave. and 1339
E St. aw.
Sheppard Resolution Appro
priating $23,000 Adopted,
Minns Ball Feature.
Fight on Plan to Hold Celebration in
Capitol May Develop in Senate.
Decision Up to Congress.
Following the passage yesterday by the
House of the Sheppard Joint resolution,
minus its provision authorizing the use
of the Pension BulISlng for the Inaugural
ball. It Is expected that Congress to-day
will take formal action regarding the
proposed Inaugural reception, to be held
In the Capitol. Renresentattve Fitzger
ald, chairman of the House Appropria
tions Committee, yesterday announced
from the floor of tho Houso that his
committee would report out an appro
priation bill providing for the defravlng
of the expenses of the reception. It Is
understood that the appropriations com
mittee has practically agreed upon the
resolution of Representative Sherley of
Kentucky authorizing an appropriation
of S30.000 and the use of the Capitol for
the reception.
Indications are that there will be an in
augural reception at the Capitol under
Congressional direction. The citizens'
inaugural committee at Its meeting yes
terdaj. put the issue squarely up to
Thomas Nelson Page, chairman of the
reception committee, jesterday Informed
Inaugural committee that his com
mittee stood ready to assume tho direc
tion of the reception, provided the Joint
Congressional committee did not wish to
assume charge He also manifested the
willingness of his committee to assist
the Congressional committee In every
possible was in rase It decided to take
charge of the reception.
Opposition in far nf Cnpltnl.
The Sheppard resolution, as passed by
the House, recommends an appropria
tion of KlflW. half of which Is to !
appropriated from the funds of the Dis
trict for the maintenance of order, and
the preservation of liro and property.
The rectlon of stands Is provldid for
under the supervision of the Commission
ers on plans approved by the Knglncer
Commissioner the Superintendent of
Public Hull. lines and Grounds, the su
perintendent of the CapMol Ilulldlng. and
the Secretary of War The Commiclon
ers are authorized to designate the places
where the stands are to be erected
Late vesterdaj afternoon Indications
pointed that strong opposition was de
veloping against the use of the Capitol
for the receptbn Senator Martlne, who
has been an -irtive supporter of the plan
lor a Capitol reception, has not fully de
rided whether or not he will Introduce
his resolution In the Senate He said last
M present Inclinations arc t' Intro
duce the resolution and urge its adop-1
lion i if course, the resolution maj be
oeatcn bj Its opponents
Opponents' of the project are urging
S. natr Martlne not to introduce his
re-.olutinn He may decide, however, to
Introduce it and allow the matter to be
thra-shed out on the floor of the Senate
The committee decided to return the
contribution of Robert I. Haines, after It
hail been Informed h Chairman Thorn,
of the finance committee, that Mr
Haines demanded the return of his
monev because of the abandonment of
ttie inaugural ball
Tim following appropriations were
made vesterdav, all representing in
creases to better the Inaugural plvns
Illumination J7.w fireworks, $3.SV.
finance committee J12.i. and civil organi
zations c mmittce. Jl.Oon Elaborate plans
have been completed for tho court of
honor The plans nre a deviation from
nn thing ever Ixfore attempted The re
viewing stands in the court will be exact
reproductions of the stntelj homes of
Jefferson and Washington There will
be a conspicuous absence of bunting and
Maj Oen Wood, grand marshal of the
parade, hts been ofilclalb informed that
the following States will lie represented
Delaware. Marjland Georgia, Pennsyl
vania, North Carolina. Maine. Rhode Is
land. South Carolina and Connecticut
Plans have been made at the War De
partment for the entire corps of the
Military Academy at West Point and
the Naval Academy at Annapolis to par
ticipate In the parade.
dcitii nccortD.
Catherine Huney 72 years Wssh. Aaylnm Hosp.
Annie K. Donmsn 21, fieorxttnwn Lnlr. Hosp,
Mans K Mckinley. 47. 1220 Bank St. nw
Qiia O Mnrri-o 75 1221 Mam. Ae nw
Harriet L. Wsrd. 74. 2Q5 Unim-aty Place nw.
Charles . J Firsae. 6t 702 O fct. ne
Amanda Curtis 58 406 I. "-t nw.
Rebecca Jackson. 67. 712 Balls Ct nw
$30 Golden Oak
$40 Circassian Walnut
Toilet Table
$32 Mahpgany Toilet
$33 Bird's-eye Maple Princess
$55 Circassian Walnut Princess
$45 Bird's-eye Maple
Prepare for Inauguration
Hotels, boarding-houses and private families will need extra
4. Save money by selecting from
General Denial f of .Allegations of
Thomas L. Hume Made by the
Washington Gaslight Co.
The Washington Gas tight Company
yesterday made a general denial of all
the material allegations made in the suit
of Thomas L. Hume, who seeks the dis
tribution of 3.S5D shares of Georgetown
Gas Light Company stock among the
stockholders of the former corporation.
Justice Barnard heard arguments on
the motion to appoint a receiver for the
jju snares of stock, and took tho ques
tion under advisement.
Arguments on the merits of the case
were deferred until the Individual de
fendants have filed their answers. The
charge Is made that the suit is not In
stltuted In good faith, and the contention
Is made that the purchase and owner
ship of the 3,530 shares was in accord'
ance with the charter rights of the cor
poration, and that Congress has known
of the transaction since 1907, and has vlr
tuilly approved of the situation.
The claim is advanced that the two
corporations are not essentially rivals or
competitors, and that tho Washington
Gas Light Company manufactures gas at
less cost, and, therefore. Is able to have
cheaper rates than are charged by the
Georgetown corporation. This declara
tion Is made in answer to Mr. Hume's
contention that cheaper rates would be
possible through the co-operation of the
two companies.
Anyway, Clerk Sebring, of the Police
Court, Says There Isn't High
waymen, You Should Worry.
Clerk Frank Sebrlng, of the Police
Court, declares it Is almost as difficult
for a citizen of the District to procure
a written permit to carry a revolver In
the streets of Washington for protection
against the thugs and highwaymen, who
have ben terrorizing the National Cap
ital of late, as It is to pass through
the eye of tbe proverbial needle.
Probably the most startling fact re
vealed by Mr. Sebrlng was that there
Is not at this time a single citizen in
the District in possession of a permit
from the Judges of the Police Court to
earn a weapon Persons earrjlng guns
rlthout such a permit are liable to prose
ution for law violation
Around tbe Police Court, it Is said
that Congress some dai may enact a
law permitting an honest, respectable.
and law -abiding citizen to defend his
life and person, or miy appropriate
money to enable Maj Sylvester to prop-
rly police the National Capital
Bcrelpla aif mrrlcnn Premiere nf
Tin- snnahinr filrl" fnr Clinrlt.
rim American -premiere of "The Sun
shine Girl" at the Columbia Theater I
, . ,
Mondiv night
Georgetown I nlvercitv Hospital
announced last night President Taft his
oeen invuea an mirnu wie ri.OK.
.a.a ... ...." -'. ...- ""': I facturers Association. Hartford. Conn,
vision of the London dlrec or and F N Tork v J(, P,nnsI-
Charles Froham. who is producing It inliam D,,aware, Maryland and District
'" cai.isa-j
GeCTge E. Hamilton, president of the
Georgetown Alumni Association, and
members of the faculty will occupy
Iwxes, snd the entire gallery has been
engaged for ift Georgetown students,
who will sing between the acts The
theater will be decorated with George
town s colors
' The Sunshine Girl ' b Paul Rubens
and Cecil Raleigh. Is brought to the
United Mates after a successful run at
the Drury Une Theater in London
Julia r-anderson and other members of
tbe I,ondon compan take part in tho
American production
Lynch eirm "Flrebnc."
Louisville. Jan 23. fter confessing
that he burned six b-irns Hal Corey, a
negro was Ijnehed to-dav by a mob
which had been seeking firebugs for sev
eral davs
Guy and Annie F Smith Nt
a.eon VV and Oregon L. Hanes hey.
Ceorfe n snd Susie V Peyton, girt.
Itlrrsrd L. snd Otitis R Hots, girl
Lewia acd Stargueritr Ietterrr 1"T
CharV R and Florence M alien, girl
Mhert S and nna hide hoy
lyiigi and Franceses Carrsdo boy.
IVn and Elsie V ipprnnan girl
Renjamin F and llattie Peed boy
Henry F and Klizahelh C Bryan, girt
John C and Mary 1 lTec girt
retry M and Vtanrarrtte Mailer, bos
William it snd Ids R. Harding sir!
rtniee M snd I'esrl M. Mssino. boy
Bernard snd Annie Pen-iison Uit
Thomas K. and Jennie" A Fouman hey
.aiuert snd Krsners Matthews, twins, boy and lift
James and Lizzie llrant girl
(.corse N and adle Hill, girl
Luther and Annie Rriggs, girL
Leroy W. and LuelU Brsner, boy
We Give Herald $25,000 Contest Votes.
Cfl T fi
Oft Aft
1K1 ft flH
tfJW CO.
iU i OU
0Or) rf
$45 Mahogany 0rrl jr
Buffet iPUU3)
$100 Hand Carved Mahogany r A A A
46 Rolls Heavy Reversible China Matting, in
checks, plaids and stripes; Ct7 OC
$14 value, roll $1 ,JrO
200 Hassocks, sold for 75c to $1.50, Af
choice. "fV
9x12 Reversible Japanese Matting Rugs, thick
and heay; patterns woven in; $5.50 CfO OC
values ; special mmjf
our great stocks of Beds, Cots
United States Chamber Ad
journs Without Choosing
a President
Henry R. Towne Advocates Establish
ment of Tariff Board for the
United States.
With the exception of president, all the
officers of the United States Chamber
of Commerce were filled at a meeting
of the board of directors last night in
the chamber's offices. A president will
not be chosen until several Chambers of
Commerce in tho North and West can
be heard from regarding the matter
The ofiicers chosen last night follow:
J. M. Teal, Oregon: W. D. Simmons,
Missouri; H. E. Miles. Wisconsin. A. B.
Farquhar, Pennsylvania, vice presidents;
John Joy Edson. treasurer: E. H. Good
win and B. A. Skinner, secretaries, and
G. Grosvenor Dawe. head of the editorial
section. The board will meet again this
morning at 9 o'clock.
After electing a board of directors
and participating In a debate as to
whether or not the organization should
establish a tariff board, to Investigate
the economic needs of the country, the
Chamber of Commerce of the United
States adjourned yesterday afternoon
This marks the close of Its first annual
convention, which has been In session
for the past three days at the New
Henry R. Towne. representing the
Merchants' Association of New York,
made an extended address advocating
a tariff board for the chamber. Charles
M. Jewett. representing the Chamber
of Commerce of New Albany, Ind . de
clared that a tariff board should not b
established until the matter had been
submitted to Chambers of Commerce
represented tn the national body. He
said that the diversity of Interests
represented demanded this Mr. Jew
ett declared that should such a board
be established It would be the football
of politicians
A resolution was passed urging the
United States to recognize the present
republican form of government it
China. The resolution sas
"We regard the foundation of the
republic of China as having deep In
ternational significance, and as calling
for the s) mpathy and co-operation of
all civilized nations, whose experience
In modern methods of government can
aid the republic ef China in meeting
her vast problems of readjustment.
Ness Hoard of Directors.
The following board of directors was
For Maine New Hampshire. Vermont.
I Massachusetts. Rhode Island and Con
State Hoard of Trade. Portland. Me
I John K r&hfy Cnambfr of commerce!
Boston. Mass. Col George Pole. Manu-
f (-i,h!iaW A. MArble Merchant'
Association, New York. N T : Edward
Miner. Chamber of Commerce. Roch
ester. N Y : Albert J Logan, Chamber
of Commerce. Pittsburg. Pa : William
D. Mullen Board of Trade. Wilmington.
Del : Wllloughby M McCormlck. Mer
chant and Manufacturers' Association,
Baltimore Md.
For Virginia. North Carolina. South
Carolina. Georgia. West Virginia and
Florida C G Craddoek. Chamber of
Commerce. Lvnchburg. Va ; R G rthett.
Chamber of Commerce. Charleston. S C :
J W Mott. Board of Trade, Savannah,
For Alabima. Mississippi. Louisiana
and Texas John W. Philip. Chamber of
Commerce. Dallas Tex Philip Werleln
Board of Trade. New Orleans.
For Kentuckv, Tennessee, Missouri
Arkansas. Kansas, and Oklahoma A S
Caldwell Business Men's Club. Memphis.
Tenn.. Ellas Mitchell. Business Men s
League. St Ixiui- Mo T L. L. Temple,
Board of T'ade. Texarkana. Ark
For Michigan. Wisconsin. Ohio, Indiana
and Illinois James E. Davidson, Board
nf Commerce, Bay City. Mich.. August
It Vogel. Merchants and Manufacturers
Association. Milwaukee. Wis.: Homer H
Johnson. Chamber of Commerce. Cleve
land. Ohio: Frederick Bode, Association
of Commerce. Chicago. Ill
For Minnesota. Iowa, North Dakota.
South Dakota and Nebraska E. P. Wells.
Civic and Commerce Association. Minne
spoils. Minn.: George H Kelly, Commer
cial Club of Omaha. Nebr.
For Montana, Wyoming. Colorado. New
Mexico. Idaho. Utah, Arizona, and Ne
vadaCharles K. Boettcher. Chamber of
Commerce. Denver, Colo.
For Washington. Oregon and Califor
nia A. H. Averill. Chamber of Commerce.
Portland. Oreg; : Taul T. Carroll, Cham
ber of commerce, ban Francisco, Cal.
accommodations for March
and Bedding.
Only a few wore of those
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Having Just completed a eon
trait for 0.000 of these trunks
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ment, we have a limited supply
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ally low price.
A substantial, well built trunk,
adopted by tbe United States
Army for the enlisted men for
field and other service, where a
trunk of great strength and en
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heavy atcel trimmings all riveted
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Phone N. J3S4.
We (Jri. Vets, la Tb. Herald s J3 S Contest,
Will be closed to the public for the
purpose of reinstalling the permanent
collection, from Monday morning. Jan
uary 27. until Saturdaj. February 8.
1913. F. B McGUIRE.
CTuhinften. D C Jin M. 1311
The BTjnI mcftine of the avharrholdtrri tt th
Wubinctco Gun .Lizht CMnpanr for tht election oi
directors and for meh other broicev miy prciv
ciiT come before Mid mrrtlss will be held t th
VEce of Uw ewBPnr -No tl3-..T 10th St. nw.
MOMMY. Februirj 3. W13, it 12 o'clock neon.
The. rWl iH be open firm 12 odock noon to 1
o'clock p. m.
ncmsnriTicml . 400-pts book free Arply br mill J'l
Colondo Bd FiTsj lectors for women Wedaesdijt
at 239 p m. 2,6-ti
Buckwheat, and MORE
buckwheat, when you
order MILLER'S Self
Rasing Buckwheat. It's
pure, w holesome, and
economical. Insist on
having It
C7At rour crocera. No consumers scprfied.
Wlaoleaaacra. 11th and M sis. 3. r.
I COHEX In sad but loving remembrance
of my devoted nusoana ana our De
loved father, JULIUS COHOT, who
entered Into peaceful rest one jear
ago to-day. January :i. 191:
May his soul rest In peace
By his loving wife and children.
satatBstea tig. CH-tB. B. tCnilORsT. Mis.
J. WII.I.IAM LEE. Funeral IMreete.
sad Xmtabaer. lifers la connection. Oonaxaocldasf
I Chapel sad Modern Creniatertaza. Modest pries.
IS Fassurrasia Are. nw. Telephone alsla ISA
940 F Street N. W.
Phones Main cat
IX Etrrx Descriptlcai-Uodcntali Fries.
I Family Brand H
Rye Whisky,
I 75c full quart
4sn. .. -ov

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