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! -J--4-"
Lessons in Dancing to Be In
augurated in the Public
Schools To-morrow.
Parents Make No Objection to Plan
of Superintendent of Schools
The old saying; that "The old order is
Her giving wav to the new." will fur
ther be substantiated in the public
schools of the District beginning; with
to-morrow, when the recent mandate of
Superintendent of Schools Davidson re
jrardlnc the teaching of dancing in the
public schools goes into effect...
Ileginnlng to-morrow In all of the fifth
nnd sixth grade rooms of the city schools
n lsitor will witness the unusual spec
tacle of forts or fifts boys and girls
dancing a sort of a. rhythm dance with
their teacher
The Idea of inculcating in school chil
dren the sense or rhythm by means of
physical exercises accompanied by music
Is an innovation in the Washington
t-chools It Is in accordance with the
regressive ideas of Superintendent
Supt, Davidson vesterday said that he
predicted the Idea would take with the
children and prove popular with the
teachers For some dajs the teachers
of the lower grades have been trying
to instill in their charges the idea of
combining phvsical motions with music,
but tho joungnters In these grades are
most too joung to do much dancing, and
it Is now left for the teachers In the
llfth and sixth grades to really start the
Aiunecment Afforded.
The new idea has not onlv afforded
nmuscment for the children, but It has
caused the teachers muih merriment,
who In oft hours have practiced In order
to be efficient In Instructing their
hareei rarcnt at home seeing the
joung teachers going through strange
movements and -triking queer altitudes
were at a loss to understand the mean
ing of it all
They were at a loss to understand the
Ferious expression: and the earnestness
displayed b the voung teachers In their
tfToits to master the new ' study
llrst the could not comprehend 1
Mich foollhnesh tould benefit a school
child As the teacher became more
adept nnd graceful In the new science
thev came to agree with Dr Davidson
that It would grcatlv benefit the young
No complaints against the new Idea
have been made to Dr Davidson, and It
Is expected that tho teachers will
rive as much enjoyment out of it as the
oungstcrs. except tho few awkward
sind few admit being an) such thing
even to themselves
Mir Martin,
" Help, rnr
if Vntlve So
Hammond Brewer, impersonating "Abe
Martin. Jr ," son of tho Abe Martin, of
h m all Indlanians arc proud; FInley
Haves, well known as a comedian, and
Prof Walter Holt's Banjo and Mandolin
lull contributed a programme of lively
enjoyment for over 200 Indlanians
gathered at the Chamber of Commerce
rooms last night in response to invita
tion bv the Indiana Society.
Entertainment in lighter vein Music
- eay fco lability cheerful Refreshments
' giit were promised, and they were
penerouslv furnished under the care of
John Holcombe, president, and Miss
Kate Curry, secretary The Indiana
lub is one of the largest State clubs
in the Capital having a membership of
approximate! 200
I'rrslilrnt Tnft Turns I.oosp Con
tractor 'Who Mnrrled C.lrl.
Hart J Rapp. a voung man who was
c n i ted last June for assaulting a
voung girl ind sentenced to five j ears'
imprisonment was pardoned by Presl-
1 nt Taft jesterdav, along with three
oth r Jederal prisoners Voung Rapp
has mimed the voung woman whom lie
it. convicted of having assaulted
He also commuted the sentence to date
of Mariano V ena. who was convicted
Jr the I nlted htatts Circuit Court at
Santa Fe New Mc , last May, of mak
ing false certificates of receipts of cen
sus enumerators and was sentenced to
mi. jetr in prison on each of four
counts Ralph Davenport aged seven
ti en, a farmer, at N w Mllford, N T
was convicted In the District Court Jan-
uarv 6 last, on charges of violating tho
meat inspection law, and was sentenced
to thirty davs in Jail
Allen J Manjpron 3, and Mane U TarJIo, 3.
Iter r, A Miller.
I'rynre E. Lawrence 37 of rortanioatri a, and
SlidinC Ha 3 Iter Paul B. Wellington.
Isaac I- Wenger JT, Anil slarie E. srrnart, 3L
both of Dannllr V a Her. II. Schroder
bihtiis iti:roiiTi:r.
AUTTt G. and Mary A A loung. girl
Jnlin V and Jiargire 51. Wright, nr!
Thomas M and Margaret . Suit, boj
hmroelt 1 and Margaret T Scott, buy
Samuel K. and Helen Higgles prl
John U. ard Harriett V Hush, girl
ralrtck and Eunice O lonoell, cirl
Franci and Mary I- McQrulan. prl
IrdencV O. and Lunla Lee Ur.
hdward VV. and Annie A. Kcbrr cirL
Morsan ! and Marsarct V. Hicks. S"jL
Kdward and KMen M Flnneran. sir!
ItUMell A and Kra M Conn, rirl
V alter C and Ruby O Itisrnop, bor.
Rudolph V and IMlo a Biacfcop. girL
W alter and Man Tale, toj.
William and Ilo&a. Klrtser, ffiri
William and KUa Jarkion. t
V itiiam and Uartha Jadjssi l.rr
Nelson and Sadie Hanef, bor.
Thrvnu and Anme Clarii. Ctrl.
William B and CaDie UuUer prl.
Clarence and Apies Bqtlrr hoy
dbitii m-conn.
Gsnrjey Mnrphr. 63 years, Krredmen'a Hospital.
Ismard Barton, I S3 I SL we.
Mi-hacl A Derlny. M. TM lltb SL ne
Mary Kerr Colrj C 1TO K 5-t. ns.
Jamra T Hanry, 31 1715 XVI St, me
Joseph E. Ihmuey M. Casualty Uoepital
Anna Hooks, n. Genrsetown Unirersity IIAfHrntaL
Helen P Havttns. ID montha, SS Sth SU ne.
Jowrb Gibkm S montha, 13 IVi St. aw
Elizabeth B. Starkry. 13 days Garfield Hospital.
iAanda Spmcer 3 yean. Freedmen's HoFpitai.
Beesle Iles. 30 Proriderco Hospital.
Thomas A Snovdrn. 48 112 H St, ne
Helena B Slielton. ISSOa
Cbartea Nesrman H, 39 Kth St n.
Belle Jones 60 Freedroen's HoKpilal.
Iacts, Frcnrn 'S 7 Blasdra'a Alley nw
Kobert Green 60 104 Hmraid Are.. Ananortia.
G W UUam Brown. H. 10E) &th Bt. ne.
Chesapeake A Ohio rty. to Ken Orleans
and return, account Hard I Gras, S27.7S.
Offices, 51 J Pa. Ave-. 133 F St. nw.
The new steel works now beinc erected in Shef
field, Em-land, trill be cqulivnl with clcdno melt
Ins fnrnact,
Proceeds of Premier of New Frohman
Comedy to Go to George
town Institution.
The opening night of Frohman's new
play. 'The Sunshine Girl." which Is to
be given at the Columbia Theater to
morrow night for the benefit of the
Georgetown University Hospital, prom
ises to be a brilliant event In the his
tory of this popular playhouse. Presi
dent Taft and family will occupy a box.
as will also Mr. Frohman, who, with a
company of friends. Is coming on from
New York to witness the initial per
formance. The theater is to be profusely deco
rated with the Stars and Stripes and the
Georgetown colors, and the students of
the Georgetown law and medical schools
are to attend In a body and sing college
songs between the acts. Another unique
feature of the evening will be the sell
ing of flowers by a bevy of the season's
most popular debutantes, the Misses La
nettn 1 lines Smith. Dorothy Shuey, SalUe
Williams. Margaret Alles. Stella Latimer.
Lcona Curtis, Anne Wright Huske. and
Clarlnne Hunter.
The play Is to bo given under the au
spices of the ladles' board of the hospi
tal, the officers of which are Mrs. Nellie
E. Fealj, president; Mrs, Blanche W.
Hall, corresponding secretary; Miss
Margaret Mitchell, recording secretary.
and Sirs. Joseph Strasburger. treasurer.
The arrangements arc in charge of four
committees: The committee on amuse
mentsMrs Dlanche Hall, chairman.
Mrs. Isaac Cans, Mrs. M. E. Alles. Mrs
Clarence K. Du Four, and Mrs. Joseph
Strasburger: the committee on flowers
and programmes Mrs. William Slaughter
Hardestv. chairman; Miss Alice Rlggs.
Miss Isabel Smith. Mrs. N. J. Ready,
and Mr. p. Mullett: the committee on
co-operation Miss Alice Riggs and Mrs.
M E. Alles, and the commltteo on deco
rationsMrs Thomas J. Stanton, chair
man. Miss Isabel Smith, and Miss Ro
ma) ne
0. K. Davis in Charge of Bull Moose
Bureau Wide Campaign Planned
the Country Over.
I"hc Progressive party opened national
headquarters In Washington vesterday
and announced that, the campaign for
1S1 was under way. The 'Washington
headquarters are in charge of O K
Davis, secretary of the party The open
Ire of these olllces Is the answer of th
simon-pure Progressives to the proposals
for an amalgamation of tnat part with
the Republican pnrtv
The Progressive party wants no amal
gamation. and its leaders are determined
that tho fight shall be continued along
the lines of the last campaign The
Washington bureau will be devoted aj
most entirely to the dissemination of In
formation and to the publication of a
weekly paper, to be called the Progres
slve Bulletin
The organization will be the most com
plete and comprehensive ever undertak
en bv a political party In America, and
the plan now contemplates an acttvo
canvass In every Congressional district
of the United States In the campaign
of 1311 This fight will be waged In the
'Sou.th as well as In other sections. The
organization work, however, will go far
ther In Congressional districts, and at
tempts will be made to organize Pro
gressiva clubs In counties, city wards,
nnd even smaller civil subdivisions. The
idea Is to build a new party from the
ground up
Nineteen Defendants Face Jail Sen
tences Court Sits at
The ri trial of the nineteen defendants
in the governments criminal suit against
the Bathtub Trust will open at Detroit
on February 3.
The conviction of these defendants
means a prison sentence. They consti
tute the leading officials of the sixteen
corporations manufacturing plumbing ap
paratus which entered Into a price and
sale agreement, thus constituting what
is now known as the Bathtub Trust,
These individuals, most of whom arc
among the leading buslnes men of the
country were Indicted by the Federal
grand Jurv in December. 1910 The in
dictments were returned on evidence tha
government elicited while prosecuting its
civil action against the trust at Balti
Tho indicted men have made many over
tures to the government to ccape crim
inal prosecution, but Attorney Geneml
Wickcrsham has maintained a firm
"tand In the matter and has consistently
insisted upon a criminal prosecution and
u prison sentence In ever" case of con
The flrt criminal trial was begun at
Detroit on 1-ebruary 7, 1911. but there was
a Jury disagreement. The trial lasted
about a month
In the meantime, tho government was
carrying on lis dissolution suit begun
July 2, 1910. On November IS, 1911, the
Hithtub Trut was found guilty by tho
United States Supremo Court, holding
that it was a combination In Illegal re
straint of trade In violation of the Sher
man antitrust law.
This combination was the usual pool,
with a director, or superintendent, who
fixed the prices. In the case of the
Bathtub Trust the price fixer was E. L.
Wayman. of Pittsburg. In the govern
ment's dissolution BUit it was brought
out that the prices in the Held which
the trut dominated had been arbitrarily
nxea in more than 400 instances.
The trial at Detroit will be held before
United States District Judge Clarence W.
Sessions, of Grand Baplds, and the
prosecution in behalf of the government
will be, conducted by Edwin P. Gros
venor, assistant to the Attorney Gen
Loeb Visits Cnpltal.
William Loeb, collector of the port of
New lork, chairman of the board ap
pointed some time ago to Investigate and
recommend changes of the g stem follow -ed
by the board of general appraisers of
the customs service, came to Washing
ton yesterday for a conference on the
subject with Secretary MacVeagh, of the
Treasury Department. In the conference
were WInfred T. Dennlson, special attor
ney for the Department of Justice, and
Felix Frankfurter, law clerk of the War
Department, two other members of the
commission. The report will not be made
public until It Is approved by the Presi
dent. Lloyd to Quit Chairmanship.
Representative James T. Lloyd of Mil
rourl yesterday announced his determi
nation to retire as chairman of the Dem
ocratic Congressional Committee, which
IKisltion he has filled for vears. In let
ters to Democratic members of the House
he Indorses for the position Representative
Ben Johnson of Kentucky. Mr. Johnson
has the support of Speaker Clark. The
committee will meet to organize early
In April.
Fop si nieordered Stntnaei
Holt's Lemon Seldlltz is the greatest
thing In the world. It is Drescrlbed br
physicians everywhere and Xor sale by
all druggists. v
Continued from Fase One.
explosions of "He's a Jolly, good fel
low," as echoes to the proposal of a
toast to some of the fine fellows who,
whether at work or at play, make the
world brighter and gladder by their very
presence. Likewise, the ticker and tape
brought some cheerful Jests like these:
Song of the Ticker.
Tho Georgetown Gas Company
now refuses to furnish gas to the
homes of Illegal shareholders.
Message from the hospital They
got my vermiform appendix, but
they never touched my nerve
W. B. Hlbbs.
Woodrow Wilson needs nine
hours' sleep, Henry Hurt needs
An Injustice There are only
seven members of tho Inaugural
commltteo on the staff of the
American Security Company.
The real Money Trust J. Thll
man Hendricks and Henry Hurt.
I would welcome a residence In
Panama the climate In the Dis
trict is getting too warm for me.
Commissioner Judson.
The Entente Cordial:
Close personal friend from this
time on William Corcoran Hill
and Engineer Commissioner Jud
son. "The Outlook for Currency Legislation"
Cva Tsastmutej
was the title of Senator Burton's speech
Just before the last course, llr. Franc
was .rumored to be about to sjieak on
The Inexpllcablo Elasticity of Eradica
tion as a Medium of Exchange or Why
It Bounces," and Mr. Fulkerson was al
leged to have threatened to talk on
"The Psycholngj of Monetary Prol
leins. or. Be It Resolved, That the Ald-rlch-Vrceland
Emergency Act Is Not In
variably Applicable to tho Urgent Ne
ceslty of the Moment." During both of
these addresses, however, there was so
much laughter that the more serious
arguments were not audible.
Klnborntr Appointments.
Despite the delightful camaraderie that
prevailed at the gathering, the dinner
was a very elaborate affair In point of
Roent Kippeamsi
service and In decorations and appoint
ments. The place cards were handsome
ly done, nnd the souvenirs, silvir paper
cutters, were In keeping with the char
acter of the gathering
The dinner committee was composed of
Benjamin voodruff. chairman, vv B
Hlbbs. W. A Mearns. Allan E Walker,
A G Plant, and Mr Hendrlck. the toast
master. Those present were
C VV. Warden K. P. Wolfe. V C ianhm, J
VV Henry. JI K sues. U II. Hather. W. J
Flatber. VA. I) Hnorer. John lViote, hiievna Thomp
son, U. G Merm. J. B Ctlrin. Augustus CYsno,
VV. A. Gkaeslne. C C. lliluurn. J r. blory. V.
L. K Uri W VV Rraid. r. T Kinj VV V Hani.
.S. I). .lem-rr. VV B Uibhs, John I- .Vrwbold.
V I. Williams, llatthrw Horn. G II. O Connor.
Senator Thcnilon. Burton. I A Fleming. Itoe rV.il
kerstsi. H L. West. Henry Kranc jr. V K. Berry
man, James K. Hond. Charles li Howe. Howard
lions. Mac. J. ileU Carter. A G. Ilant. C O
V-v )
? . k j-s,
r AruW-plut
VVhitford. K. C Wittlna. Geonra O. Walaon. A. 8.
Gatley. John Hf Lamer. J. B. Henderson. Jr , L. B
T Johnson. J. M Don, James A Cahlll. G W.
White. O. n. 1. Johnson. K. K. Jordan. J. T. nea-
drick. F. E. Ghisdli. N It Hoott, O. G. hUries,
U. K. Clauthton II U Jackson. B It. Wallers.
H. S BeesMr, II. Norment, Daniel Fnser. K. B.
Grandln. VV. J. Lambert, J. C Smoot. CarroU
tierce. Corcoran Thorn. A. B Leet. ti I Corby.
J. U Edwards, G. W Weber, It. a Stewart, J M.
tireen. J 11. Clapn, W M Hoffman. Prank Stet
son, A. E. Walker, n T. Hand. G. A. Wearer, J.
M. Stoddard. L. W. Wearer. R. G. Donaldson, A,
uaoer, VV. H. oils. u. H Johnson. H J. Henry,
J. J. Bdarjo, F. Elchrlberccr, R. Kanffmann. V.
KaulTmann, W. A. Meams, John Lewis Smith,
Georoe II. Gall.
Calls on President Taft.
Mrs. Margaret Zane Wlcher, county
clerk of Salt Lake City, and the first
woman member of the Electoral College,
called on President Taft at the White
House yesterday, formally to present to
him the four electoral votes of Utah.
The President and Mrs. Wlcher chatted
for about half an hour. The Utah rep
resentative was accompanied to the
White House by Senator Emoot, i
tlj j ai
Congress Heights Church Wants Rer.
Dr. E. E Richardson at
Its Pastor.
The Minnesota Avenue Improvement
Association Is opposed to an appropria
tion of $60,000 for placlnga draw In the
Pennsylvania Avenue bridge over the
Eastern Branch, as requested by tHe
Commissioners in their estimates to Con
gress, and will so Inform the committees
of Congress to this effect. The reason
given for the placing of this draw Is to
permit of dredges to reach that part of
the stream above the bridge and continue
the flat reclamation work.
Officers for the ensuing year were elect
ed as follows: Dr. George C Havenner,
president; Charles F. Linger, vice presi
dent: W. W. Tolson. secretary, and Bev
George M. Cummlngs, treasurer. Presi
dent Havenner expects to announce com
mittees for the ensuing year In the ni
future. The association will hold its next
meeting at the homo of the president, In
Minnesota Avenue, in February.
Mrs. Samuel M". Frailer entertained
the members of the Friendly League of
Anacostla at her residence. In Maple View
Place, on Thursday afternoon and even
Ing last. Thoso present Included Mr. and
Mrs. A. Gaddls; Mrs. Cuylpmann. ni
Boston, Miss Gardner, of Rhode Island
Mrs. William Bayne, Mrs Lawrence
Greene. Mr and Mrs. Warren Tolson.
Mr and Mrs. Charles R. Burr, Mr. and
Mrs. William Marshall. Mr. and Mrs
James W Marbury, Mr. and Mrs. J R.
Hamlsh, Mr and Mrs. Louis J. Smith,
Rev. and Mrs. W. O. Davenport, Mr.
and Mrs. Louts Storck; Mrs. WIngert and
Miss Finney, of Knoxvllle. Tenn.; Prof,
rulton B. Karr, and Mr. and Mrs Wat
aon Karr.
Rev. Dr n. E. Richardson, of Wash
ington, has been Invited by the members
of the congregation of the Baptist
church in Congress Heights to accept the
pastorato of that church, and It Is stat
ed that he has flgnlflcdhls Intention of
accepting thli call. Rev' Qulrof Harlan,
who has been the pastor of this congre
gation for a long time, ha resigned to
accept a church In Petworth The con
gregation Is at present erecting a port
able chapel at the corner of Esther and
Brothers Places, and It was hoped to
have the same ready for tie to-day but
this will be Impossible It Is likely the
official dedication will take place on
Sunday next Chtrles E Purdy Is chair
man of the building committee
Mr and Mrs. J F Thompson, of 1919
Thirteenth Street, entertained a company
of friends at their home the past week.
when refreshments were served, preced
ed by an enjovablc evening, when music
was contributed and games played Those
present were Tr and Mrs James Hag-
erty. James Hagertv. Jr, Mr nnd Mrs
Walter B 'Waddj. Mr and Mrs Merrill
Harrison. Mr nnd Mrs William A
Pyles. Mrs Elizabeth Ermold, and Miss
Lois Thompson.
Misses Blanch SchnfTer, Mnlllc Preston,
and Inez Preston, of Hamilton, Va , are
the guests of Mr and Mrs N". B Scott
it her home. 3107 Nichols Avenue.
Tho Anaco-ti-v Protective Home Circle
has been organized and Is the latest fra
ternal society to make an appearance In
this FUburb The officers for the first
rear have been selected as follows John
T Dent, president, James C Beveridgc,
vice president. Mrs James C Beverldce.
gn irdl tn Mr- E R- Pvles, chaplain.
Mr. Hattle i: Cronl'h recording sec-
retarj lr A Sonnewald, treasurer
J Franklin, guide. .Mrs R. E. Padgett,
companion. It II Padgett, sentinel, and
W. F. Hollows, watchman
Capt J T Hurd, who has been In com
rrand of the United Mates magazine at
Gdshoro Point for the past few years,
has been notified that he will be relieved
of that position in tho near future, and
that he will be detailed for duty at sea
for the next three years Mrs Hurd
probably will mako her home, at least
for tho present. In Congress Heights
The annual election of officers of Ana-
costia Chapter. N'o 1 Royal Arch
Mason, is scheduled to take lace the
first meeting night In February This
chapter Is to meet to-morrow evening In
tre local Masonic hall, when degree work
Is to be accomplished l'r.inklin S
Glcker Is the preuent high priet of this
ner Finds Derelict.
An unknown steamer about SO feet
long was found yesterday bottom up In
midocean according to a wireless mess
age reieiveil by the Revenue Cutter Serv
ice from the British steamer Tenneion
The Tcnncion wlrelesed that the up
turned vessel was at latitude J9 degrees,
M minutes north, and longitude d de
grees and &. minutes wet No Infor
mation af to the fate of the crew Is
known An effort wl'' be made by the
Revenue Cutter bcrvlc to establish the
identity of tho sunken ship and of the
fato of the crew
C 8. Dert- of Aericultnre Weather Boreas.
Washington Saturday. January 2 1913 p i
Temperature hate rien generally eieept ia the
VUantlc anil Last Gulf Mates ard are ahora the
seasonal aiersCT throtiehxsrt thu country, the ex
cess ranzinff from 3) degrees to 35 decrees ofer the
With the exception of local snows ainl rains orer
the extreme northern nrrlion of the country, the
weather will be generally fair Sunday ard Mrftuy
all dtjtnru without deoded temoerature
changes, except la the northwest anil the Central
West, where it will lie somewhat colder by bunday
icht or Monday
The winds elonr the New Inrland coast will bo
light to moderate and Tanable. becoming south,
on the Middle and south Atlantic coasts, light to
moderate south and southwest, on the Kat Gulf
roast, light and tarlahle on the West Gulf coast.
mostly southeast; on I.ake Michigan, moderate
southwest, ahlftlcg to northwest Sunday night
Local Tempenitnrra,
Midnight, ti : a. m.. CI. I a. m.. O. 6 a ra .
O, 8 a m , , 10 a. m.. :, U noon, . : p m..
5:, 4 p. m.. 53- p. m.. 51 8 r m , U, 10 p m..
Highest. S3, lowest, 40. Relatiie humidity, 8
L. K. S n m.. 40. n. m.. 78 Rainfall 18
p. m. to 8 p. m., 003. Hours of sunshine. IJ: nrr
cent of possible sunshine. ,3 Temperature same
date last ycar-UIgbest. 32, lowest. 20
Temperatures In Other Cities.
Temperatures In other alles. together with the
amount of rainfall for the twenty four hours ended at
8 p. m. yesterday, are as follows:
Msx. Min. 8 p.m. fall.
Asherillei X C .
vtlanta. Ga 64
Atlantic City. N. J S3
KUmarcx. .N. Dak
Boston. Mass. 43
Buffalo. N T 38
Chicago. Ill 41
Gtndnnati. Ohio. SO
Cheyenne. Wyo 41
DaTenrort, Iowa. 43
Denrcr. Colo M
lies Moines Iowa. SO
Dunlin. Minn... :t
Galreaton. Tex C3
Helens, Mont. 4
Indianapolis, nd 48
Jaekfinrille, Kla 78
Kansas City. Mo. Sft
uttls Ilcel. Ark m
Los Angeles, Cal 72
Marquette. Mien 20
Memphis. Term... S4
New Orleanai La CI
New York. ,V, Y JO
North Platte. .Netr. S3
Omaha, Nebr 58
Philadelphia fa 52
Pittsburg, Ta 48
Portland. Me M
Portland. Orrz ...- SZ
Bait Lake City. Utah...... 44
fit. Louie, Mo... SI
Rt. Paul, Minn 38
Francisco, Cal E2
Hrsiftgaeld. Ill 48
Taeoma, Wash 50
Tampa, tll .
Toledo. Ohio ............. 41
yiditairc. Miss............ U
Continued from Pare One.
a photograph of the man she loved.
The picture was pasted on the back of
a magazine picture of Lillian Russell.
Ansa Eiwell mailed no picture of ner
self. and It Is stated that she destroyed
all of her pictures before swallowing
the acid.
As soon as the editor comprehended
the contents of the letter from Miss
Elwell, he notified Capt. Charles Peck.
or the second Precinct, who sent Po
liceman Hughlett to the apartments.
Hughlett created a bit of excitement
when he asked permission to search
the apartment for the body of the
young woman who had committed sui
cide. A glance through the transom
was enough to tell the policeman that
Miss Elwell was dead.
Hughlett removed the glass window In
the transom and climbed over the door.
On the table with the note addressed to
Coroner Nevltt was a letter to a Mrs.
Dlrfrnderfer. who sublets the various
rooms of the apartment. Mrs. Diffendcr
fer asserts that the contents of the letter
deal entirely with matters of business,
relating to Miss Elwell's room rental.
Another letter was addressed to the
father-in-law of the man whom Miss
Elwell loved. The fathcr-ln-law, when
asked the contents of the letter, de
clared he could not divulge Miss Elwell's
message of farewell He asserted that
he considered the contents sacred be
cause the writer was dead. It Is be
lieved that this letter was written for
tho purposo of Injuring Miss Elwell's
former lover in the eyes of his fathcr-ln-law.
Miss Elwell's vengence also was di
rected at the fraternal relations of the
man with whom she was Infatuated In
a letter addressed to on officer of a
secret order Miss Elwell Is believed to
have recounted her relations with her
one-time admirer, hoping In this way
to injure him because he showed atten
tion tq her while he was married
Miss Elwell gave first aid to Miss Alice
V. Houghton two jears ago. when Miss
Houghton was scalped bv a machine belt
In tho Census Office Both were employ
ed In the office at that time, and though
Miss Elwell did not know Miss Hough
ton, tho trained nurso gave the injured
hirl valuable aid until an ambulance ar
rived from Emergency Hospital A few
days ago Miss Klwell responded to a
rcnucst from Senator Martlne by sending
Mm a letter. In which she gave her pro
fessional opinion of the Injury to Miss
Miss Elwell was the daughter of Will
iam H Elwell. a retired business man.
who resides near Winchester. Va, He
was notified last night nf the suicide of
his daughter, and wired to tho police
that he would arrive In Washington as
soon as possible to arrange for burial.
Efforts to learn from whom Miss El
well Inherited money have been futile.
but she told friends at the Plymouth that
a relvtlve living near Wnchester had
died Miss Elwell placed the amount of
her Inheritance at S30
inter f.etii Three Venrs
In Penitentiary.
John Edward Humphries, confessed
forger un2 rmberzler of about SrV)
from the Commercial National Bank,
was sentenced vesterday to serve three
vcam In the jienltentlary, by Justice
MtfforJ in Criminal Court, No. 1
Humphries was accompanied by his
father, William D. Humphtirs, who was
a member of the grand Jury that Indicted
tie young canker When the sentence
was pronounced the tears were seen
to come 1 1 young Humphries' eves. Be
fcrc the sentcme was pronounced. J J
Darlington, counsel for the Commercial
National Bank, fcpoke a good word for
the young man Sentence wns passed on
only one of the seventy counts of the
Indictment The rest were continued
Itcirrscnfntlvr llrnrer Cnnsld
skliiK Investigation.
With Ihe receipt to-day of a mass of
informatl"n as to conditions which
brought about the New 1 irk strike of
garment workers. Representative Victor
Herger announced that he had "practi
cally decided ' to demand a legislative In
quiry Into the matter.
I recelvid data regarding wages and
working hours of the strikers tint Is
amazing the lconMn sncialist as
serted I am lnfi rmed that the brutal
ity of the pollen Is but a small part of
the outrages against the workmen
Mr. Berger said he was being flooded
with appeals f n m tho strikers seeking
niistanco If he lintlly decides on press
ing a Congiessinml Inquiry, the Repre
sentative will Introduce a resolution pro
viding for a special committee probe on
Lecture- by Unullah Wntnnn.
"The HIppolvtus of Kuripldes," Prrvf.
Gilbert Murray s translation, was the
subject of a dramatic reading given last
night by- Miss Dorothea bplnney. of
Warwick, Kngltnd, for tho benefit of the
Southern Industrial Kducational Asso
ciation, nt Gunston Hall, liOo Florida
Avenue. A large number of the members
and friends of the association attended
the entertainment.
Cnrloa Abont Sinecures.
To ascertain how many high army
ofllcers have been enjoying easv Jobs
at tho War Department. Instead of serv
ing with troops. Representative Evans
of Illinois yesterday introduced a resolu
tion In the House directing the Secre
tary of War to transmit the complete
record of every army officer above the
rank of colonel, showing actual service
with troops
Of the total area of Ireland only about U rer cent
la wooded, while fortius coerr 5.3 ter cent of Ens
land, 4J per cent of baptland. and 3.9 prr cent of
e ene eras Jest let see
i aa I ham deal, for &7-S32
others in the last alz montha. I claim to
hara the only sncresaful curs for bunions
everxoadeand I want you to let me send yon
treatment r icr-. entirely at my expense.
-1 don t cans how disgusted you feel
wnn vnem ail you nare- not iriea my rare
and 1 hare snrh absolute confidence la It
that 1 ana r'"S to eea' yew a treatsaewt
absolutely rBLE. It Is a wonderful yet
wimple home treatment r hieh rellerrs you
almost Instantly of all rain. It remoree the
cause of the bunion and thus tha ugly de
formity dissppesr all this while sou are
wearingtUhterahorethanerer. Iknewit
will doallthiaandl want sou to send for a
treatment 'It t
will then ScU all
scu au yosr ,
then ll.ln
as this eaaMmesaMBlniar ol I
k appssx la this papsr srsle Jut i
Mas yosr asms soar
sb4 trMtBMat waits sent tos
pronpUylaplalasssUssavslopa, '
rOOT sjlasIDT CO.
ll... CkUaga,IIL .l
books. An vice, ppec
ASJli Sl-AnrllKS IVbas
Bend cketrb of Model for Search. Highest Refer
ences. Beat Results, rromfctneas Assured.
TVATSOV K. COI.ESIA'V. Patent Ijmyer
J834 r Street X. W. " ashlngton, U. c.
Pfajtical Director of (be Y. M. C. A.
XEtabIitliM New Roles for
A campaign to make the gymnasium
of the Washington Young Men's Chris
tian Association the most hygienic In
the country was Inaugurated yesterday
by C Edward Beckett, physical director
of the association. Following are some
of Mr. Beckett's rules:
"A shower bath must be taken before
entering the pool.
"Spitting In the pool Is positively for
bidden. "The gymnasium costume must con
sist of white shirt and white running
trousers', with white shoes.
"AH athletic rpparel must be washed
as soon as it shows dirt.
"Members disregarding these rules will
be excluded from the privileges of the
physical department-"
"Men come to the gymnasium to ac
quire health and physical fitness," said
Mr. Beckett. In discussing his new rules
yesterday. "But It Is not recognized by
the general public that a gymnasium,
unless carefully watched, can become
a breeder of disease. For many years
we have enforced the rule that no one
suffering from consumption or social dis
eases may Join the physical branch of
the Y. M. C. A. We have also tried to
keep the gymnasium sanitary by fre
quent and thorough cleanings But I
noticed that a few men were not as
careful about their personal hygiene In
the gymnasium as the physical staff was
about the floor and apparatus. The new
rules are made operative to safeguard
the rights of the general membership
against the carelessness of these few."
Insular Line Preiident Say He Gett
$20 a Month for His
The reason that steamship companies,
operating under pooling agreements, re
fuse to give notice of future lncreaes
or reduction In their rates, according to
the testimony of F. Kingsbury Curtis.
before the House shipping trust commit-
tee yesterday. Is that they see a prose-'
cution under the Sherman law Curtis Is
an official of the (Insular IJne, which
operates In trie trade between the
United btates and Forto Rico.
Curtis complained that, although the
railroads are especially directed by law
to give notice of rate changes. It would
be illegal for steamship companies to
announce that they would or would not
maintain a certain schedule of rates for
a given time because they would thereb'
subscribe to an agreement In restraint
of trade,
Curtis said the Forto RIcan steamship
combine gives all shippers equal treat
ment, except on large contracts, lr
contract cases, some of the shippers. In
cluding the I'nited States government,
got a discount of 3 per cent
If II. Harrlman who Is the president
of the Insular Line, told the committee he
got twenty dollars a month for his ser
vices, the reason being that he Is only
a dunimv president. He s.d he presided
at meetings of the directors of the com
pany, but knew nothing'about the finan
cial affairs of the company.
Such la Vnlne Placed on Our of El.
hllilfa for Cnpltal Poultry Shove.
More then Tno birds have been entered
for the 1913 show of tho Capital Poultry
and Pi gee n Association, which opens In
Takoma Hall. Takoma Park, Wednesday
morning for fcur days Of the entries
631 are for competition the others being
merely for show, and Including such birds
as pheasants and freaks
When the entries were closed last night
by R. D. Llllle rre-rldent. and W. A
Klcfer, secretary' of the association, the
show was assured of being larger than
list year's. The birds will arrive to-morrow
and Tuesdav The mot valuable of
the birds to be shown, according to the
owners estimate, will be it pit game cock,
to be exhibited bv Carroll Menefee. if
bperryvlllc. a., who values the fowl at
There will be numerous cash prizes and
cups The show will be open from S
o'clock In the morning until 10 o'clock
at night
The tunwsitine output c the world exceed1
OnOOOO gallons a yrir the Lnlted Statea being the
greatest producing
Spanking does not cure children of
bed-wetting There Is a constitution
al cause for this trouble. Mrs. M.
Summer. Box W . Notre Dame, Ind..
will send free to any mother her suc
cessful home treatment, Ith full In
structions. Send no money, but write
her to-day if your children trouble In
this way. Don't blame the child; the
chances are It can t help It. This
treatment cures adults and aged peo
ple troubled with urine difficulties by
day or night.
"See Et: and See Better"
1003 -G" STREET
We give ITerald CS.000 contest Tote.
tfenHuc th bctvt at len tbu U tuuU pnee
Prompt, cortrtcooj trriOsV
Edward F. Davis,
Wahl & Co., 926 19ih St. N. W.
We give ITamU tSSJOOO eonteat Teles.
To have the things about
the house, touched up? Call
on Hodgkin for the faint.
We Eire Herald C5.000 contest votes.
No Storage Charges for
First Month.
Reasonable rates on storage, haullnar.
and packing. Kstlmatea furnished. Ex
pert service.
Phone M. 4374. 1011 Fa. Ave.
We Glre oUs In The Herald s P 000 Contest.
SMALL'S is the Hardware
Sfore with the complete
stock and the little prices.'
SpiII's Hardware Store, 713 71b St.N.W.
Je Clra Vstes la Xbe Hold s W Ooruexu
Wi fait Rijir rtiitt fir 25 Mr Ourttr.
see VaasflV'aBi
me vrjsjTJ JV
before it 9
Joseph Hall Chavae.
Don't Listen to
a Knocker.
There's a Reason
Why They Knock.
Any man who says a Schubert
Piano Is a cheap Instrument is
either Ignorant or Just knocking.
A Schubert can't be made any
better, and we refer you to peo
ple In Washington having used
them for IS years Our prices are
tho lowest and terms the easiest.
See Chase Before
You Buy.
We manufacture and save you
the agent s profit
J rnr r. st. v. w.
Open until iliXI) Saturday
We Cite Votes in Herald a 13100 Contest
W. Cite Ye-tea in The Herald a CUSS Codes?.
N. 1695-M 1451 PSLH.W.
We clre Herald JtS5,000 contest -rote-
ancr. Plaetieal work esperial'r adapted to men
rmntored. ts-psce bUletin. Csll or adiress Director
el Education 1. JI. CI l.OGSL. Waahirjftoe.
Id Etesrnui St. ce. Uncran IT3.
Will be closed to the public for th
purpose of reinstalling the permanent
collection, from Monday morning Jan
uary 17, until fcaturdny. February 8.
1913. K B McGriRE.
in the -tr in cnier t rtiseoter talented refits f -r
ertiolarwhipc raae the rednred rste of $5 tcr entire
term lean b laid STV per le-wml iolms and muss
fiimUhrl free J Box . Herald
Washington II C Jan. K. 1IU.
The annual meeting of the shareholders ef ths
Washington ?as Ug.it (Vmpanr for the election of
directors and for such other business sa msy prop
eriy come before sell meeting will be heid at the
offlre of the cottpanr Nvc 413-4IT Ipth t, nw ,
SIOVUAY, erruarr 3 rJB at C o clock noon.
TSe polls will be cpen from 12 o clock noon to 1
o'clock p. m.
WILLI M B nrtllE. SerreUrr
nonsurgical; 403-page bock free. Apply br mail 91s
Colorado UUg. tree lecture for women tednesda;i
at SJO p m. Stt-tf
DHPV Buckwheat is m creeterD-f
DIUIV- demand ertrr darDSwle-
. among thre who want ,
CT'At your crocrr'i. No crau.111.rra ruir"!
Wholesalers, lltb and M Sla. 3. C
COFFEY On Friday. January 2. IMS.
at ner reMaence. l.u 1. street orui
west, MARY KERR. COFFEY, widow
of Titian J. Coffey
Funeral services at the houso on Mon
day, January 21, at 10 30 a. m. In
terment private
DEVINY On Friday, January 2L 1913.
-MICH Al-.il., belo-ietl son or Kdwnnl
and Mary Devlny, aged twenty-four
Funeral from his late residence. TM
Fourteenth Street Northeast, on Mon
day. January ", at SJO a m : thence
to Holy Name Church, where nail
will be waid for the repo-aa of hie, soul.
Of lierj Utscriction-yadtrattU? Price,
rtaeral Dedans. Vasees! Dsatsas
Cstaullsned 1BT. CBA8. B. ZUBHOR3T. Mrs.
J. WILLIAM LEE, Funeral Directs
sod EmbshBtr. Ltrery In connectioo. CoDunodlons
Chapsl and Modern Crematorhmu afodest priora.
Va feoaairtasta At, aw. Ttarpharje Mala UOL
940 F Street N. W.
Phones Main St
fRANK A. SPEARE. Maaafw.

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