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? "t?j:? f "f !.;";; 8
" rjr , ep? Jg35!??if ST" e? j-
X &? f?? SV -
420 to 430 7th St.
417 to 425 8th St.
Specials in
S3 50 Full-size Satine Comforts
handsome oriental designs. In
ereen, pink. blue, and tan effects;
nlde sattne border In plain blue,
plain pink, and plain preen: tilled
with best white lamlnlzed cotton
rolled Into ono sheet; CO 7E
neat scroll qulltln?. Each O
$3 00 Full-size Satin Marseilles
Quilt highly embossed and
handsome designs; the wearing
Is very close, yet the spread is
made of such fine yarn that It Is
not heavy, will wear and CO en
launder. Each P.JU
J 50 Futl-slzs Cut-out-corner
Crochet Quilt; scalloped and em
broidered edge; an admirable
spread for metal beds; will fit
neatly around the corner posts
without rumpling? fringed ones
are also shown at the CI OB
special price, each v.-v
SUS Full-size Crochet Quilt;
attractive Marseilles designs;
closelv woven center and all-
over effects: finely finished:
proper weight for easy CI flf)
launaennir- jacd
Bring back replies because each
order receives the same personal
attention. Irrespective of size.
Tou will find our letters free
from dark edges, broken tpe.
typographical errors. &c
Tou can safely Intrust Impor
tant form letters to us. being as
sured that they will be carefully
edited and delivered on time.
2.000 LETTERS, S4.03
IYcit Address:
607 15th Street H. W.
Seconff Floor Over Ford A Gra
ham Dnlrv Lunch. Oppoalta
i 1c hex to notify the ccnrrnl :"
J puhllr that I'lnkerton A -oa V
tnlted Mntrn Drtrctle Anency,
;" haIni; a Commercial Depart-
: nient. 1 not tfinnwtrd In any Jt
iray with the original Plnkerton J-
'National IJrtectle ijjencj, nir J,
,t. Trilh the Plnkerton'a Rank JL
. Hanker Protection operated by .-,
Z National Detective Agency t
ny Wll. I. PIMCKKTOV. Chicago.
HtabU8tlt:a I35&.
Elphonzo Youngs
2315-2317 18th St.
Phone Columbia St.
Wholesale and Retail.
We Have Moved to Our
18th Street Store
Deliveries Everywhere
V clv Herald 825.000 contest -rates.
Save Your Shoes
and Save Money
fcrnd them to us, and get
them back looking: Hke now.
719 9th St N.W.
"See Elx and See Better"
1003 "G" STREET
MeclvenerntdfSS.OOO eontest Totea.
High-grade Groceries,Provisions,&c
CrcTTtfelnc th bat it Um Hun tbs uul snce&
Prompt, conrtraut scnic.
Edward ?F. Davis,
H. 1695-M 1451 P SI. N.W.
We give Herald I3S.00O contest to tea.
Largest stock ever carried. Also Laces.
Dry Goods. Hosiery and
;30Geon0aAre. N. W.
SVa sdTa sTaraU aCSAOO. coateat Totea, Ito
M Work Called For and
Delis ered.
IUe Gixc oles In Ths Herald's
CS.CflO Context.
Bill to Carry Appropriation to
Construct Them at $12,-
000,000 Cost
Burnett Will Continue to Oppose
Building More Than One
The nasJ bill for the fiscal year ending
June 30, 1914, will carry appropriations for
the construction of two Battleships o lat
est modern construction to cost about
SS.00O.O0O each.
The bill, upon which a subcommittee of
the Naval Affairs Committee now Is en
caged, following; extended hearings before
the full committee, will be reported out
probably the latter part of next week.
From the Democratic viewpoint. It will
deal generously with the department s
construction programme and will be the
basis for a spirited flgnt on the floor of
the House for three tmrtead of two bat
tleships. Although the chairman of the Naval
Affairs Committee, Lemuel Padgett, of
Tennessee. Is a one-battleship man. and
while the Democratic majority in tha
committee Is four, the Republicans are
prepared to vote solidly for two ships.
Chairman Padgett it is understood, has
not Indicated that he will make a de
termined fight against two ships, and
the subcommittee now drafting the bill,
and of which Sir. Padgett is chairman,
expects to be able to report a two-ship
bill to the full committee. Among the
Democrats on the committee, who iaor
tno ships are Itepresentatlves Talbott
of Maryland. Hobson of Alamaba, Esto-
plnal of Louisiana, and Rloruan of New
York. Others who have not made their
position plain are expected to vote for
the more liberal programme.
In the meantime. Representative John
Burnett of Alabama, who as leader of
the "no-publlc-bulidlngs-no battleships
croud last session, was beaten despite a
caucus dictum in his favor, is planning
another campalirn this jear If the Dem
ocrats try o put more than one battle
ship through.
revr Retrenchments Probable.
The estimates of the Secretary of the
Nay lor this jear called for the con
struction of three flrst-class battleships
to make up for the loss Incurred last
jear when tho new Pennslanla was
the only ship authorized. While the Re
publicans on the floor may make a spir
ited tight for three ships when the bill
reaches the House, there Is little proba
bility of their efforts meeting with suc
On one feature of the naval pro
gramme the committee has come to
look with a good deal of favor, and
the bill will carry no retrenchment
move as far as target and steaming
practice Is concerned.
Although the general board, upon
whoe recommendations the Sccretary
of the Navy largely bases his esti
mates, declared for two battle cruis
ers in addition to four battleships, no
attempt will If made to construct
ships of this type as long as Congress
holds down the, battleship construc
tion type so low While these heavy
armed greyhounds, which European
powers are paying marked attention to
now, because of their wide steaming
radium and heavy armament, are con
sidered of great importance by our
naal experts, It, 's not belleied wise
to construct them at the cost or bat
Invite .s.oi-lni1on o Hold xt
Convention In Capital.
Imitations to hold Its next convention
In Washington were extended last night
to the American Association of Adver
tisers, now In convention In Syracuse,
N T , by The Washington Herald, the
Washington Chamber of Commerce, and
the Washington Board of Trade, through
Edward P Mertz. of Washington, who
is attending the convention Telegrams
from Syracuse last night Indicated that
the invitation would be accepted.
The delegates to the convention repre
sent the great newspaper advertising
agencies all over United States, and
through them the association places an
nually a vast bulk of advertising for the
wealthiest and most reliable companies
of the country.
U S. Dpi, of AencalhJ Weather Bureau,
ashlncton. Taeadaj, Jsnuarj S3 p. m,
TrmjxrrttErej are lower orex the Atlintw 6eatnard
and In the lesion of the Great laiea and hate riaea
ceddedlj In the Northwest.
The dutrabance that is now ewer me uaio vauej
will more eartwird and eatm soows VVolzKMay la
Ukktta Atlantic ntatea and Houthera Mrw h.ux-
land, and will bo followed br fair weather Thttrtdar
In these regions. "Snow flumes are also rxobable in
the rejion of tho Great Lakea, while tn all other
partj of the oonntry tha weather will be fair Wednes
day and TbuifcdaT.
Local Temperatorei.
Mldnlcht. 33. 2 a, m., 32, 4 a. m., 30; 6 a. tn., 30, B
a. m , 3, 10 a. ro.. 35, 32 iron. ;!& m 41: 4 P
m . 40, pu m., 33; i p. nu, 35. 10 J m.. 33. lllahetf.
41, lowest, 3.
Itelatlte bumnd!tr-4 a. m., S6; 2 p. m,. w;ln m.,
CX Ualnfall (I p. m, to 8 p. m.), 0.00. Uocn of
ruiaMne, 10.1: per cent of poesfble ronahlne, 100.
Temperatsre suae date last year IQxhest, 3; low
eat, I.
Temperatorei In Other Cities.
Temperatures to ether dties. tocrther with the
amocnt of rainfall for the twenty-four hours ended at
Ian. Testrrday. are as follows:
Max, sfln. 1p.m. fall.
AtheTille. K C. 4 40
Atlanta. Ca. 43 30 44
Atlantic Caty. N J . 33 SO 31
nismardc N Cii... ....... C it U
Tioston, Mass. 1C 21 30
Buffalo. H T 29 23 21
Chlcaaa, IH. 23 21 25
Cincinnati. Ohio 40 32 36
Oierrnne. Wyo. ..... 50 24 CI
DaTemjort. Iowa .......... 26 18 24 0.04
IVenTtT. Colo. ...... ES 21 M
Dn Slolnes, Iowa.-..... 23 11 26
Dulnth. Minn. .. . 12 -4 IS
GalrrstOD, Tex. ...- . C3 44 K
nelma. Mont, ... SO 32 41
Indianapolis. Ind 36 33 24 01
JitastmrtTle- 11a .. E8 4H 63
Kansas Oty. Ma. 30 35 34 0.01
Little Roc. Ark. 54 33 50
Los Annies. Ca ... 76 50 56
SUnoeUr. Mk 11 6 16 CM
MemphM, Term .. 50 36
New Orleans. La . 60 42 51 ....
New ork. N'. T 36 24 30
North rUtte, Nbr....... 54 24 42
Oniahs. Nebr 34 24 32
Philadelphia. Ps .. . 31 30 36
PlUsburc. ra...... ... 34 26 Si aOS
Portland. Ma. .... 30 IS 21
Portland. Ores......... 40 33 38 ....
Bait Lake City. Pllh 40 22 S6 ..
St Loms. Mo. . 31 36 21 0.02
M. PaoL Minn............. o ii ....
Tsroma, Wash..........- 3 .. 38 ....
Tampa. Fla. B) SS 54
Toledo. Ohio. 24 20 24 8 02
ilcasburf. Miss.-...-.. 61 34 U
Jnsrt ar Good.
XTOns 3Dda.
Nlnnycus When smoking becomes uni
versal among 'women, they'll be apt to
wear trousers.
Cynlcos Oh, skirts, as tight as they
are -worn -How, afford Just M-cood-a place
ntrik a. match ",
t$i$raMk Continued from Pare One.
What's become' o' th' feller that
used t' leave his pockctbook at
Home on th' planner?
Bcginnin' t'-day, our nickel the
ater'll open at 5 a. m. fer th' bene
fit o' milkmen.
Continued from Isiare One.
tume, and the British Ambassador and
Mrs. Bryce.
Many handsome costumes were In evi
Mrs. Taft wore a cbarmlmr costume of
black velvet and chiffon, with diamond
Mrs. Knox was becomingly dressed In
white silk crepe, with pearl ornaments.
Mrs. Macveagh wore a striking cos
tume of cloth of sold and black velvet,
with court train.
Mrs. Vrlckersham were a handsome
gown of light blue satin.
Mrs. N'agel wore a beautlfnl costume
t midnight blue civet and chiffon
Mrs. Stlmson wore a handsome gown
t black velvet, with bodice of white
Miss Mabel Boardman wore a lovoiy
gown of white brocade, with drapery,
describing n sharp point In front and
merging into train.
Mrs. A. Garrison McCIIntock wore a
striking gown of soft purple satin.
Ml-is Katherlne McClmtock wore a
charming costume of red chiffon over
green channeusc.
Miss Patten wore a striking costume of
gray satin
Miss Helen ratten was becomingly
gowned in pink satin
Mrs. Miles Poindexter wore a lovely
gown or Chinese blue cninon venet
trimmed with cut steeL
Mrs. William Bailey Lamar wore a
handsome gown of white satin trimmed
with chiffen and narrow bands of fur.
Mrs Hryce. -ife of the British Ambas
sador, wore a striking costume of gray
Mrs. John W Tlmmons wore a lovely
gown of black velvet, the bodice being of
chiffon embroidered in cut stoeL
Mrs. Snencer Cosby worn n lovely
gown of white brocade slashed with black
velvet, and a black velvet tram
Mrs. T T. Ansberry wore a handsome
gown of white charmeuse and lace.
Mrs. William Hamilton Bayly was
handsomely gowned in black satin.
Mrs. Edwin P. Sweet wore a hand
some gown of embroidered black crepe
de chine
Miss Sweet wore a charming costume
of jellow chiffon and charmeose.
Mrs. Campbell, of Michigan, wore
fascinating gown of pink chiffon over
Wears Diamond Necklace.
Mrs James R. Mann wore a striking
costume of white satin with shoulder
drapery of lace forming the sleeves A
beautiful diamond necklace completed
her costume
Mrs. John Miller Horton wore a hand
some gon of lilac brocade and point
lace, and superb diamond ornaments.
Mr" nichard Whitely wore a charming
costume of flowered silk and chiffon.
Mrs. W. P. Tucker wore n striped
flower brocade and diamonds.
Mrs George W. Fairchlld wore a hand
some gown of white silk and black and
white chiffon and handsome Jewels.
Mrs. William G Sharp wore a lovely
gown of ollie chiffon elvet, the bodice
being of white lice.
Mrs. Klchard S. Hill wore a handsome
black lare gown, with diamond orna
ments. Miss Nora Dicges Hill wore pink satin.
with a 4ace lodice.
Miss Elizabeth Snowden Hill was be
comingly gowned In pink satin, with
bodice of lace.
Mrs. Russell Malcolm Maclnnan wore
canary charmeuse. with touches of tur
quolso velvet, point lace, and pearl trim
mings. Mrs. Thomas W. SIdwell wore a hand
some gon of black crepe de chine and
Mrs. nichard Sylvester wore a striking
gown of black brocade, with points com
ing to the gold lace bodice.
Mrs. Byron S. Adams wore & lovely
gown of white lace over pale pink satin
Miss Marie Adams was charming in a
gonn of white charmeuse, veiled In white
net. and trimmed with embroidered pink
and blue rosebuds.
Mrs. Closson, of New Tork. wore
handsome gown of cream silk and poarl
Miss Nannie Randolph Heth wore
handsome gown of black chantllly lace
oi er white satin, diamonds and gar-
Miss Elizabeth Rodman Selden,
Richmond, Vs., wore pompadour satin,
with brilliant garniture, diamonds and
Mrs. Heth Lorton, of New Tork, wore
blue brocade, with pearls and diamonds
and violets.
SItmyon's Paw
Paw Pills arc un
like all other laxa
tives or cathartics.
They coax tho liver
into activity by
gentle methods, they
do not scour; they
do not gripe; they
do not weaken: bnt
they do start all the
secretions of the
liver and stomach
in a way that Boon
pats these organs in
a healthy condition
and corrects consti
SItmyon's Paw-Paw Pills are a lonle
to the stomach, liver and nerves. They
invigorate instead of weaken; they en
rich the blood instead of impovenshinff
it; they enable the stomach to get all
the nourishment from food that is put
into it.
These piUs contain no calomel, no dope,
they are soothrnr, healing and stimulat
ins. They school the bowels to act with
out Physic. Price 25 cents.
If yon are ncrvons, can't sleep and are
weak and run down and need a wino
stimulant ne Mtmvon's Paw-Paw- Tonic.
For sale at all Drue Etorcs, -
District. Telephone operators at the
White House, police headquarters, hos
pitals and newspaper offices were de
luged with anxious Inquiries.
It is believed the first reports of the ac-
cldent emanated from tho White House.
The riding party had driven to nock
Creek Park In a White House machlno
and mounted their horses In the rcser
ation. Dr. Grayson, noting the frac-
tiousness of the chestnut. Bob. had re
quested Miss Bowers to exchange mounts
with him. Miss Bowers, chiding Dr.
Grayson for his anxiety, begged leave to
retain Bob.
Noted as IforseiTomnn.
Miss Bowers Is noted as a horsewoman
and took delight in Bob's pranks. Sho
laughed when her mount shied at a piece
of flying paper and seemed confident of
her ability to control the high-strung
thoroughbred. Leaving Rock Creek
Park, after a brisk cross-country gallop,
the party turned south In Sixteenth
Street, Intending to ride south In the
"Avenue of the Presidents" to tne wnue
Bob quickened his pace, and Miss
Bowers left the party behind. Dr. Gray
son, believing the horse was becoming
unmanageable, looked for Miss Bowers
to make a signal of distress and listened
for her to calL Miss Bowers, feigning
that she was controlling her mount. rap
Idly drew away from the party. When
she was two blocks distant Dr. Grayson
saw Bob leap Into a mad gallop. Ho
realized it would bo useless to attempt
to overtake the runaway. He ran Into a
residence In Sixteenth Street ana advised
the White House, asking that an auto be
rushed north in Sixteenth Street Re
joining Miss Taft and Miss Vincent, Dr.
Grayson started after Miss .Bowers, who
had disappeared down the hill In front
of Henderson Castle, at Sixteenth Street
and Florida Avenue.
netnlna Self-control.
Miss Bowers, realizing her plight as
Bob galloped at reckless speed down
the hill, did not lose self-control. She
"see-sawed" on the reins, but Bob had
taken the bit "In his teeth" and would
not be checked. Shouts of frightened
pedestrians and the running figures of
men sencd only to increase the speed
of the frantic horse Hllis Bowers, near
lng Li Street, saw a big pay-as-you-enter
car. running east, crossing Sixteenth
Motorman C J. Albea, catching a
glimpse of the runaway bearing down
upon the car, threw on the current In
the lope of crossing Sixteenth Street
and leading' a clear path for the joung
woman. Miss Bowers saw the intention
cf the motorman, and with a despernto
effort tried to swerve Bob past tho rear
of the car The horse was past the
point where Miss Bowers strength could
influence his course.
Ills noso struck the closed rear estl-
bule amid a crashing of glass and
splintering of wood, and his neck bone
snapped as his body piled acalnst the
cleared the car roof, witnesses declare,
lying unconscious when she hit the
irround on the other slue of the car HOD. t
lifeless In an instant, fell to tne aspnait
almost without a struggle and did not
rnniM nirain.
Conductor William Thompson, who had
narrowly escaped Injur, jumped to the
irround and lifted Miss Bowers. Dr
Tavlor. who was Just leaving his rest
dence In an auto, carried her into the
Sh retrained consciousness In about
three minutes, asking, as she opened her
prn: "Wasn't It a rretty baa spill
She then asked the piysielin to send
some one to hall her friends who she
knew would be riding after her.
Mls Bowerw resides with her mother
and brother. Thomas Bowers, at 1710
Rhode Island Aenue Northwest, where
MIm Taft Is a frequent gueL The now
ers are alo entercalnea at the White
House. MIs Taft and the pretty Miss
Bowers, who Is one of the most charm
ing members of Washington's smartest
set, had been chum' for years. Both
are members of the Washington Riding
and Hunt Club
Tonrrd Yellowstone- Pnrlt.
After Miss Bowers made her debut last
season, she Joined her mother In an ex
tended trip through Europe Later. Miss
Bowcr!, Mr' Bowers. Robert Bowers,
Dr Graj son. Mi's Vincent and Mrs.
Vincent toured Yellowstone Park.
Miss Vincent is one of Miss Taft's
dearest friends They were chums at
Bryn Mawr and the friendship bom
there has ripened since Miss Taft be
came a member of the society of Wash
ington Miss Vincent arrived at the
White House from Minneapolis 'cveral
days ago to remain for some time as
guest of Miss Taft. Miss Vincent Is an
accomplished horsewoman.
Dr Grayson has been an unofficial
physician at the White nousc for some
time. Ho was made naval aid to Presi
dent Taft last year. Dr. Grayson has
been a naval surgeon for ten years and
is a social favorite in the National
Lranax C Chesr. 3, nd LTelea A. Saad. U Eer.
Dunns A TXannan.
Clarence N rarter. a. and TessU T Strickland.
a, hoth of rUchnccd. Vs. r.eT. James S. Montr
Boy CL Msro, E. sxa Daisy O. Shearer, a. both
of Mcnme. Va. nT. WUllua R. CTedderrmon.
William R. Fisher. 7, and Ads O. Surlier. 13.
brth of Prints Genres Otxmty. VII, Ber. James
W. Mony.
Clarenee B nan. 3. and Kalherlns A. O'Con
nor. It. Ber. Fredrnei: II. liosrcen.
Lawrence flnfty, 33, and Mary M. Warden, .
Ber. J. Ilermlrs Xelme.
J. T- Earoy, S. and Isabella A. RDcy. H
H. O. rtale, S. and Mary H. Boiler, 3X
J. Bae. 10. and Ethel Cowman. 7.
n. W. WUMrson. 3. and Vera3 Llrlnjston. 11
DinTllS nEt'OUTED.
Edgar ET and LotUe L. White, boy.
Howard L. and F2i6 M. Shores, sirL
Spotjwood I and Mary B. Johnston, cirL
Leslie J snd Louise U. Johnston, girL
William T. and Lsnra B. Jones, boy.
Paul J. and Looise A. Gathmann, tirl.
Jsmrs W. and Msry T, Oox. drL
Charles R. and Lila a Barren. GirL
Johrs W. and Marraerite V Sellai, boy.
William M. and Minna E Mason, boy.
William and Maria Mathews, tirt.
Albert and Ida Gllmore. drl.
John E. and Mary E. Frailer, tirt.
u mm
Carrie Morrison, is years. Casualty TCosrstaL
Libbia It. Goodaere. 66, 1Q1 Monro St. nw.
Oeorn W. Bowland, T. S01 II th St. nw.
Da&Wy W. Fisher, ,5. Tha MendoU Aarrmenta.
Mary A. Daren. 13, SB K St. nw.
Marcaret B. Mays, IT, OS Seward Sq-su i
Isyrllena H Sinyser, S3. IT K Cspttal St.
Lrals da U Bersh, SS. IS East Can St.
Xsnaia . Ilanxrrfonl. 3D, Jll E 6L. sw.
Alfred Lynch. . rnrrident Hosjstal.
Marcaret C. Kirby. JU U Sixth St. tw.
Oanie V. dsTtr. X. 15IS Thlrty4hird BU
Annla E. Kroose, 15. HOT O St- nw.
Mary O. Lone 83, Content of Visitation, Georcs-
darenea Boiler, 3 rears. 700 Fifteenth St aa,
Bailie A. Rollins. T. 1S T SU nw.
Lula Dabney. X. Colombia Hcpltal.
Bereica Darls. 1 month. 311 Fifteenth 6t. nw.
Clara Err". KTa months, ID K El. nw.
Trnt of Ellssbrth and Willis BsniA oca day.
Howard Alt. HOKiale. D. O.
To Cure a TJestaaesi
Ton mast first remove the cause. Most
headaches are caused by a disordered
ilnmich. HofTs Lemon SeldllU will nut
your stomach In the 'pink oC condition
and cux your bada.cii-la fex jnla
I Took My Time '
Getting to Capitol"
Wilfred T. Webb, Special Messenger With
Arizona's Electoral Vote, Reaches t
Washington One Day Late.
Wilfred T. Webb, speaker of the terrl
torial legislature before Statehood was
granted Arixon, is in Washington as tho
guest of Senators Mark Smith and Henry
P. Ashurst, He came yesterday after
noon at 4 o'clock direct from Phoenix via
New Tork, bearing Arizona's four elec
toral votes for Wilson and Marshall,
which ho delivered at the office of the
Vice President.
That he was a day late in depositing
the votes of the baby State and tnat bis
failure to put In an appearance Monday
has caused no end of-worry and specu
lation as to what had become of him was
not known by ex-Speaker Webb until ha
waned up m rcw lone yesieraay mom
lrg. He was making the trip from Phoe
nix to Washington In easy stages, break
ing the monotony of the Journey by stops
en route. He might have dropped off at
Trenton to pay his respects to the President-elect
If he hadn't heard In New York
that they were looking for him In Wash
ington. "I took my time about getting to Wash
ington," explained Webb, "because I was
under the Impression that I had until
Tebruary 1 In which to deliver our four
electoral votes. A lawyer friend of mine
In Arizona looked up the law on the
question and so advised me. I didn't pay
him anything for his advice, and I am
not sorry, because It wasn't very good
Webb left Arizona nearly two weeks
ago. He came via Kansas City, tit,
Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, and New
Under the law, messengers bearing the
electoral votes of the several States are
allowed 25 cents per mile en route to
the Capital but the mileage is paid on the
direct route basis. Webb Is entitled
to something over 1700 for his mission,
but his failure to live up to the letter
of the law subjects him to a penalty
and the forfeiture of his mileage. It Is
not believed, however, that either penalty
r rorreiture win be invoked.
When Webb failed to arrive Monday
night, the Arizona Senators became
much disturbed, and began working the
telegraph in an effort to locate Webb.
The last they had heard of him was
from Kansas City, and they kept the
wires warm at points along the route
between Kansas City and Washington,
all to no avail No word could they get
from Webb, neither could they ascertain
his whereabouts.
Yesterday morning about 11 o'clock
Senator Ashurst received a wire from
Shopworn Furniture
$100 Hand-carved Flem
ish Oak Buffet 50.00
$35 Bird's-eve Maple Toi
let Table' $17.50
$30 Golden Oak Toilet
Table $15.00
$30 Circassian Walnut
Toilet Table $15.00
$20 Ladies' Oak or Ma
hogany Desk $10.00
$70 3-picce Parlor Set... $35.00
$25 Fumed Oak Rocker,
with Spanish leather
seat $12.50
Save Money on Inauguration Supplies
Lowest prices here -for Beds, Cots, and Bedding. Com
plete stocks, complete range of sizes and qualities. The big
event will soon be here. We Iiave these goods for sale or
We Give Votes in The
Ca'fe Republique,
Ladies' Viennese Orchestra
Is Now in Attendance During
Luncheon, Dinner and After Theater.
The most attractive musical organization before the puS
lic and an earnest of the high-dass entertainment pro
vided for our patrons consistent with the service which
is the best in every feature.
The cozy nooks of the Rathskeller offer especial at
traction to after-the-theater parties while the surround
ings of the Main Restaurant make it the most brilliant
and enjoyable place in Washington.
Every dish served at Cafe Republique is of special
preparation and of generous portion.
New York from Webb, saying that he
was on his way. He had read the morn
ing newspapers and found that he was
badlr wanted In Washington.
Mnraerer ot Wife and Brother to
Pay Penalty on Gallows.
Samuel W. Rauen, soldier, who mur
dered his girl wife and his brother be
cause of Jealousy, will pay the penalty
on a gallows In the District Jail on Fri
day. Arrangements for the execution have
almost been completed by Supt, L. F.
Zlnkhsn, He announced yesterday that
Rauen will be executed between the
hours of 10 o'clock In the morning and 3
In the afternoon.
Rauen, upon being released from the
workhouse at Occoquan after serving a
short sentence, went to his home In Sev
enth Street Southwest and emptied the
contents of an army revolver Into the
bodies of his wife and brother as they
sat talking on the front stoop.
Yonntc Hen's Democratic CInb 7rsrrs
Senate; to Hold Them Up.
The Young Men's Democratic Club, at
Its meeting last night, at Its quarters,
SCS Pennsylvania Avenue, Vice President
Skldmore presiding, unanimously passed
a resolution opposing the confirmation by
the Senate of the appointment ot Cuno
H, Rudolph and Capt. James P. Oyster
as District Commissioners. The resolu
tion follows:
"We, the Young Men's Democratic
Club, In meeting assembled, respectfully
petition the Senate ot the United States
to defer action on the nominations made
by President Taft for District Commis
sioners. "As the terms of these Commissioners
run with the terra of President-elect Wil
son, we believe that the best interests
of the District of Columbia will be serv
ed by having President Wilson select
the men who will be associated with him
in tho government of the Capital of the
United States for the next four years."
The club also adopted a resolution to
participate In the Inaugural parade, and
expects to have 150 uniformed members
In line.
Utah mines yielded nearly en-fUl son install
last year thaa the year before.
$40 Guaranteed Brass
Bed $20.00
$30 Guaranteed Brass
Bed $15.00
$40 Brass Bed, National
Spring, and Felt Mat
tress, complete $20.85
$4.50 3x6 Velvet Rug... $2.65
$10.50 4x6 Velvet
Rug $5.95
$1.25 18x36-inch Axmin
ster Rugs 69c
$12 Brussels Net Lace
Curtains 6.00
$10 Irish Point Lace Cur
tains $5.00
Herald's $25,000 Contest
15th and F Streets
O parable
twice each
year; unquestioned safety
reroltinj; from Capital and
Surplus of $2,300,000;
courteous- attention to each
patron, whether hit ac
count is large or saalL
Tneie feature, together
with the modern equip
ment provided in its hand
some quarters, make the
Union Trust Company an
ideal depository for sar
ings. 2 per cent paid on
checking accounts.
A Drive on
Oxford Bags
In Russet and Brown
Leathers, well made,
leather lined, brass trim
med. Real values at spe
cial prices,
$4.50 to $5.50
Repairing Trunks, TraTeiing
Bags, Suit Cues, Poeketbooks,
Document Holders, Music Rolls,
in fact Leather Goods of all kinds
by expert workmen.
Pfoacar NUnufaetarwrs
1219 F Street
Phone Main 4406
PBorEssiovAi, rocciTiox ix Accourrr-
aac7. Practical irork sprrlallj adapted to ratn
enpiojri tf-pst tsiEctls. CaS or allrrss. Dirretcf
at Education. I.M.C.i.raO 8L. Washlcstn.
lO Crrrath SL sa. Unccsa lTja.
In the err. In cctler to discorrr talented rarcals rr
scholarships, makes tha reduced rata of S3 for rctlrs
term (can to psld 5fe per tesaro) Violins and imuta
furnished free. J.. Box 60, Herald.
Wsshlnrton. D C Jan. It. ml
Tfc srransl roeetics" of tbo sbsreaolders cf the
Wssarartpo Gss LIxht CcmpanT fee tn election ot
directors and foe such ether business ss msy prop-
enr cons before rsld mretinz snn be bela at tns
o3re of the company. roa. ilMIT 10th t. nw.
MONDAY. February 1 rail at n oclcex noon.
The iwlls will bs open from 13 o'clock noon U 1
'clock p. a.
WILLIAM B OIUfE. Sseretarr.
nonscraleal: tOO-paae book frr. ApplT br tnalL til
Colorsdo BMr. Fre lectus lor women Wsdnssdsjs
at IJO p m. IM-tf
If Yon Want the Most
Mil I TD'Q DabdoTui buckwheat cakes that
.. can b. mad. order a packaen ot
Self-Raising miller-s scUBa-sn &-
Dnotruilmat wheat. It looks and tastes Ska
DUCKWneai budrirbeat-abrolatetr para.
C7At jocr crccer's. ho consumers supplied.
"IVnoIeaalexs, 11th and 31 Sta. S. E.
HERRI.B-On Tuesday. January TS. W1X
THERESA, beloved daughter of An
na and tha late Gustavo Herri.
Funeral Thursday. January 30. at her
late residence, W C Street Northeast.
at 2 p. xn. Interment private.
MATS On Srcnday, January 17. 1913.
MARGARET B.. widow of William
Funeral services will be held at her
late residence. 0$ Seward Squara
Southeast, on Wednesday. January
Z. at 1:30 p. m. Interment in Arling
ton National Cemetery. (Philadel
phia. Pa., papers please copy.)
Ot Sot DoscrtpUon-stoieralaiJ MeaL
aatlsEshed UK. CHAS. B. rCBBOBST. Xfs,
and Xabahasr. -Ultry ta connection, fliiiiiiainlhiai
Ckapsl aad Modern crsmatorlms. Uossst Drtasa,
ass Vanuitissls Ars. nw. Ttlephoo. Mala last.
940 F Street N. W.
Phones Main
largest Morning Circalatiom..

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