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Giants Sign Thorpe at Princely Salary-Georgetown Five Loses
Noted Indian Not Likely to
Make Good in Major
League Ranks.
Georgetown Loses a Hard
fought Basket-ball Game
by 22 to 16.
Parker-Bridget & Co.
"P-B" Inventory Sale Overcoats and Suits
Blue and White Basket-ball
Team Withdraws from
Capital Association.
Bill Lange Signed to Coach Bate
Runners of the Chicago White
Sox This Season.
Jim Thorpe, the Carlisle Indian, who
has just been declared a professional by
the Amateur Athletic I'nlon. 1 a Joke
hall player, and if the New York Giants
have signed hlnj at a fancy salary some
body has been badly stung.
Inning the season of 1309 Ave Washing
ton bos played In the Eastern Carolina
.League' and batted against Thorpe. They
all state that the Indian -vas only a fair
minor league pitcher, a poor hitter,
w orse -el jer, and that his only aset was
bpeed on the babes, which .-nailed little.
as he seldom got on the bags.
j T! .'! 7VJ5?gii
Orange and Blue Forward Plays
Sensational Game at Char-IottesTiIle,Va.
that is unknown to the present genera-
as four ears ago, and possiblv tlon of 'speed merchants."
the Indian has Improved a whole lot
since, but the Washington plavers who
paw him In action all tell the same stor
Thej do not think he will ever be able
( hold a Job in the big show
The records of Thorpe s ork dow n
In the Carolina circuit are not startling,
and would seem to bear out tb opinions
our oung men in Washington have of
the Indian's ability -
In 1909 nhlle with F.ivetteville. Thorpe
liok part in slxum game and batted
' The same season, with Rocky
ount he plaved In twenty-nine games
urd hit Za The following s.aion with
Rooky .Mount the Indian batted .S3 for
fortv-four garner. His pitching record
that season was nint games non and ten
lo-t In the other contents he phuid
first base
The Washington plavers who went in
th. Eastern Carolina League during too
l'0 season are Jack Spalding, Ilelnln
Oastmejer, C Macdonald, Curb Brown,
.nd Al Handiboe. The will bear out
ine truth f the foregoing statement
The writer knew of Thorpe's plaving
professional haseball threo vears at.
and could have made the whole matter
public had he so de-ired Fo could have
countless other baseball scribes, hut
what was th
He Intends to spend al! the time pos
sible In the training camp of the White
Sox. HU particular duty will be to In
struct the outfielders, and he will give
lessons dally to the plavers in the art of
bae. running Lange's Intentions are re
ported to nave made a big hit with the
offRlals of the White Sox.
If Lange's Idea that an old-timer can
give lessons to the present crop of ball
players turns out to be a good one, the
I'nlllles should get busy and sign
their old star, Billy Hamilton, who xnado
the average base runner of his days
look as if he was chained to a post
Will Mr. Wilson Be There?
A New York exchange prints the fol
.owing Frank Chance's debut as an
American league manager is such an
important event that the President of the
United States is going to lend his pres
ence to the occation When the Yankees
open the baseball season in Washington
Mr Wilson, it Is xpectel, win be a
spectator at the gnme Between such
celebrities as Walter Johnson, Chance,
and the President it's going to be some
ra-oiHs nf the. gala affair The bitter truth is. though.
published in Spalding's that Hie Chief Executive Ik comes an ob-
cti at Indian
i - rd hooks of r and 1110. and it wns.ject oi oniv wconaary interest wncn
no to the A 1 to do the probing, lined up with such national characters
Tiiorpe plaved undtr his own name and as Chance and Johnson What's a Presi-
Tiever made anv attempt to onceal thp d nt. anvwiv. compared to a baseball
i-t tint he plaved bavcrjail in profes- cilebritv Who wouldn't rather be a
nal ranks. . CTeat pitcher than a great statesman
li n Thorpe mav turn out to be a greit " " '
'.all plaver but if h. does, there will
e fiv Wahhlngtomans greatlv surprised
Perhaps Mcf.ravv will keep him on the.
m h as a pinch base runner, for it is
'aimed that the Indian is a marvel on
ihe paths He is sure t6 lit a great
drawing card, any way , and for that rca-
-"n, alone will doubtless be worth the
llaiv the Giants will pay him
Lange to Coach Sox.
s Snorting Editor Wpait of
d !phii Hvenlng1 TYligraph
" Iarc one of the mot poii
Tb th it er won a Chicago
i. s:in to pet bus and help miili
C ill thins, plaers!
r. Liiwi hs not had n p uni
tin f h I ft thr Chicago N ltioni.
W Ie has beanl of eterui catch rb
The T M C A kiddie had a resuUr time last
night with Mutator (.nffith.
When Jim MrVkvr Bald a hall pUer shotiM
jf able to saro $J0WQ durjif hl career he prnb
aW hd flennanr bchfer in mind
Hill IUile w in receipt of a port carl from
iter ba-e ';ttlinfi Tison ani m vnf I'icium tne
irtfwiy mimea course aifxar on lie iMcn-e mac
tt th curd.
-Tim tell
ictirsr ....a. he fr teams, cf batsmen inircefIOI1 lhat
ueili i im( hum i. 'Jaw hi li' mci i'liiih
shown how to ftld and of pitchers be
niL instrui'ed in the tr of urv e-breed-.ns.
and now I ill Is goinc f show that
in old-tun r tai teach the voting uns
1 ow to stal bases
Lange is a great friei d if Jiininv Cil
ia lan mint.'er of the 'hicngo A hiti
Pox Th. lattir team will j,o to li
Coat next month to get into condition
and Inge declared tnat ht will be on
h ind to help his old pal
Tt Js Lan - idea that nllhougli h"
li s been off tne diamord more thtn thlr
t en J ears he stil' know s a lot about
tt'ng avax fiom the bases and in slid- mmtj consulle
.nto th next bag or the home plate orat ejection time
an vy
be ltt
- Howard Kolpy r4lent nf the Mrmonal A C ,
has that Kiddelsop t & cmt mau for bite mile
Tbe ilub hidi belts out the St Lsnii Itmims
tliw ncison i nre to Crunh ltrr than eiith
Th rarest thlnf in the world is a "hold-onl
iUr refuses to Ulk for publication.
What was ic Gnazza doicc orer in lexantlrla
rdiielar nWit, any waj
Huck narton saji th trail inj; seanon can tart
to-morrtnc if it wants to Ue s ready now
- Mike Martin the Nationals' tralurr, haa taxen
farm in Cherrjdale, He ivobably wiU be ar-
that bur; if lie stick until
Bpedal to The Wahlnzton HenVI
Charlottesville, Va., Jan. SI. In a
a game which zigzagged in favor of the
team and tho other until the last few
minutes of play, Virginia defeated George
town hero to-night, 2 to IS. Only the
clever goal tossing of GUI. of Virginia,
saved the Orange and Blue from defeat.
The teams struggled on practically even
terms, the whole way, following the ball
closely, and fighting every Inch of the
ground, while the teams at no time
showed bad feeling Referee Fred Rice
called no less than fourteen personal
fouls. Virginia started off to make a
walkaway rolling up four field goals to
two free tosses by Waldron In the first
few minutes. Clever passing by, the
Georgetown five coupled with a couple of
long shots by Campbell, the Georgetown
center, soon placed tho Blue and Gray
in the lead. 10 to 9. A free toss by Gill
and two pretty baskets bv tho same
plaer toward the end of the half, put
Virginia hi the lead, II to K.
The second half opened with a rush,
Waldron caging a free shot for George
town, GUI a goal for Virginia, and
Campbell bringing the Blue and Gray
to within one point of the Virginians'
lS-la right of the reel At this point the
two quints struggled for fully eight min
utes without a score on cither side GUI
now became the whole show by tossing
two difficult shots In succession, thus put
tine the came decidedly In his team'i
favor As a last resort Coach Colllflower
sent Marum and Kelly Into the battle
but the game was soon finished 2!-r5 in
favor of Virginia.
Line-up- and summsrv
TIltGl.N'IA .liIlETOVn
Rill. It. V . Waldron. It 1
stickler. U. 1. "'"'S- 'vj.
Campbill. it. J Urtzel tt O
ITiurchman. U. Voter. L O
Snrtit!itinn-I,)man fT !U1 krtly foe Martin.
Marum for Polo al fmm HrM-uuer llmrcn
man. I. ill i StK-klo 1' (ampH Hi IJt
Leah from fisil -W a ,lron MX .U1 (I) Tune
halies- -3) mlnutca eadi. Ki trrce- Ictt lUer Cath
olic UnlTcrsiiy
"Hobo" Yoho Signs with the Terre
Hante Club Manager Griffith
, a Marathon Judge.
Waihinzton Five Win Fait Game
at the Arcade Last Night,
Score, 5 to 0.
The Washington roller polo five de
feated the picked team from Baltimore
last night at the Arcade, the final tall
being 5 for the locals and a big goose
egg for the lads from the Monumental
Kddie Whiting plaved a great game for
the locals, scoring four goils and plaj
inc a whirlwind game all the time
Frazier and JUIIar played the best for
the visitors Line-up and bummar)
Tnn I.' it
rrr. -7 :, a i... ira,in.-
M liar, o . . v ,, " ,'j.
hririer n. B I'acr H U
Metz. O. Kooken. C
i:.al-tJWIo WhiUrJS ill. Harrr VVTillioj
i.-Vlr. HmisX Innoon Time halres J)
minutes. vabrJitntion Top w lutlns tor raze.
Uarrj Whiunl for ' Po Whittna;
N. II. A. Tonnir) 3Irrh .11.
Rochester. N' Y.. Jan Zl Bowlers of
the National Bowling Association, ac
cording to the decision of the officials
of the association, now meeting here
will hold their annual lion ling tourna
ment In tliU city, beginning probably
March 31,
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We dve Herald 133,000 contest rut.
ny C. AV. SWA.
The r M C. A. Regulars have won
the pennant In the 'Washington City
Basket-ball League, as the Aloyaius Club
quint withdrew from the circuit last
night at a meeting held at the T. M.
C A.
On January 18 the Alovglus five played
the Georgetown Collegians at George
town, being defeated by a 17 to II score.
The Collegians played two men who had
not been registered with Secretary
Shurtleff, and the game should have
been given to the Alovglus aggregation.
The protest was filed the next morning,
and, according to the league rules, these
men should have been thrown out and
the game awarded to the Alovtlus Club.
The standing of the two leading teams
was. Regulars, won nine and lost one;
AIoslus won nine and lost two Aloy
slus had one more game to play with the
Regulars, two with the Collegians, two
with Epiphany, two with the Bull Moose,
and two with the National Guard quint
The loss of this game to the Collegians
practically shoved the Aloyslus quint out
of the race, and rather than ailow the
game to be awarded to the Collegians,
Manager Hurley withdrew his five from
the league.
"It was slmplv a case of the old
etrong-arm game," said Manager Ilurley
lat night "The game should have been
nwarded to us. there Is no getting away
from that, and Secrctnrv Shurtleff will
tell you the same thing The constitution
of the league says that a plaver must
lo registered fifteen dais before he Is
eligible to play, and had the Uaue upv
held its constitution the Alovslus Club
would still lie a member "
Capt Beaulac, or the Blue and White
live Ls also hot after the league, and
Pror Jovcc In particular
Trof Jovce Is taking this stand In
the matter simply to get the Alojslus
eluh out of tho race We hive beaten
the V M C A team, and as we are onto
their Hjle of pla. can do It again Trof.
Jov.e. if he had the Interest of tin
liasue at heart, would have stood by the
constitution and not tried to break up
the cinult. but as it is tho Aloyslus
club will not be a member of the league
again ' said Capt Beaulai
"Had Prof Jovee uktd me to nllow
him to plav a man who was not regis
tered I would have Hgreed at once, but I
do not think he had the right to Fla a
man not eligible without saving some
thing to some official of the Aloyslus
club The league should have stood by
the consUtutlon, but as It Is the Alojslus
club was simplv forced out of the league.
We have been going ulong at a rather
fast clip of Ian. and 1, for one. think
we would have defeated the Regulars
when the game was scheduled, but It ts
all ovtr now the Alovslus club will not
remain In the league There Is a good
reason for our club quitting, and It ls not
the loss of the pennant, either." con
tinued the Him nud White captain
It seems a pit) that the local bisket
b ill organization should hive all this
trouble about the constitution If the
league wants a constitution all right,
but the league should uphold lie rules
and not brtak them to suit the indi-vidu-i!
members of the league
Hrof Jovee plaved two men who were
not eligible, and the game should have
been given to the Aloyslus fiuti ine
be-t way out of the trouble wus to do
this, and uphold the constitution, but
the league decides that tne constitution
ls not needed, and rules otherwise
What's the good of having a constitu
tion" Irvln oho. the star receiver of the
Naval .Medical ball club, of the .Marquette
league, vesterday signed a contract wltn
the Terre Haute club, of the Central
League "Hobo. ' as he ts better Known,
ls one of the most promising voung
citchers In this neck of the woods, and
will have little trouble making good with
the Indiana aggregauon.
Voho ls not only a good catcher, but
he Is also a pitcher of no mean ability.
Last season he plaved several games
with the Medicos after the close of the
Marquette League season against some
of the stongest semi-pro teams or Mary
land and Virginia, and he had little
trouble hitting the best of pitchers. Ills
many friends predict a brilliant career
for him In the professional ranks.
Manager Griffith, of the Washington
ball club, will set as one of the Judges at
the Memorial Clubs ten-mile Maratnep
February 8. The otnclals will be: Judges,
William Feet and Louis Dougber. Kleld
Judge, Or. Hudson, btarter, John G.
Stecker. Timers, capt i-awaras, l'ror
Beckett and Harry Shurtleff.
Coach Fole, of the Memorials, has the
following to say regarding the A. A. U.:
"The Memorial Athletic Club Intends
to dispute very strongly the right of the
S. A. A. A. U. to suspend Us members
who will participate In Its ten-mile run
to bo held on February 8. They state
they would like to Know by what ways
and means the registration committee can
honestly suspend athletes who will take
part In an event where amateurism ls
being observed In the strictest sense.
In fact, the Memorial A. C. asks the
registration committee If these boys wno
compete are violating any rules of ama
teur athletics or honest American sports
manship. If so, the club would like to
know It To suspend these boys they
will have to violate some rule of ama
teurism. a.3 some charge will have to be
preferred against them, and If the reg
istration committee advocates amateur
athletics without a blemish. It Is a mys
tery to many why It does not start an
Initiative reform In Its own affairs and
do away with some of the red tape and
rulings, which arc nothing short of an
The Memorial Athletic Club and many
other Washington organizations have
long tired of the high-banded manner
and the blundering, annoying, blinding,
misty ways that the South Atlantic offi
cials have of ruling In this secUcn. and'
they fully Intend to free themselves of
any ties that may bind them to an Ir
responsible body, which has been unable
to deal out Justice In an honest, upright
manner to organizations which put both
time and money Jnto affairs that do
much to add to the Interest of athletes'
In the South Atlantic Association."
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Carlisle Wonder Is Signed by Manager
McGraw at Princely Salary.
Outbids Fire Other Clubj.
Sredat to Th Waatiintfnn IlrraM.
evr 'York Mute League to Start
prll .1l.
Jan 31 The New York
State Iaguc of Professional Baseball
will open Its plaving season April 30, later
than ever before. This was decided at
the annual meeting of the league held In
this city. It has been found that April
Ncw orkJan 31 -James Thorpe, the flnanclal lo.a tne flrst of the BeasoTi the ,on ot Manager Evers It does not hurt
greatest living athlete, who has been dls-, opennc nas placed live days later than the players. Evers win also be umpire
qualified as the world's amateur cham- a jear ago Providing for the same num-, In the "to excess" proposition. Cigarette
plon, because he played professional i ber of games, the schedule will be j smoking, which also was to be tabooed,
baseball In 1500 and 1519. will sign a i brought to a close live dav s later, or Sep- w 111 not, after all, be absolutelj extln-
roiitrart to Dlav with the New York tnOCr " ...I"- -uurpny aomus mat n will not
Cnl Will lie lloned a Fear Drink
a Day.
Chicago. Jan 31 Modification of th
ai.tl-booze ru.e that was lo make th.
Cubs an adjunct to the prohibition partv
hs been decided upon by Charles Webb
JIurphy Drinking to excess will not be
nut just plain, ordinary, every-day
nnimll, .y-Im.!va rt tlifir tf the mnn.
biggest salary ever paid to a plav er I aRer prelously the manager's salary
vas Included in this amount.
Giants In 1513. The Indian will receive I .
breaking Into a major league, although
he probably will do little more than
warm the bench during his first season.
.The exact amount stipulated I
Thorpes contract Is not known, but ls
rot les than Cc Manager McGraw
perfonall conducted the negotiations for
the redskin, spending most of last nlgnt
In conference with the athlete at Carlisle.
This afternoon Thorpe wired "All O K.'
to Secntary Foster, of the Giants.
Manager McGraw conducted the ne
gotiations for the red skin by wire, send
ing the first message to Carlisle. Pa.,
last night while Thorpe was considering
othtr offers At 9 o'clock this morning
MiGraw announced tliat he was con
fident he had landed the Indian This
atnrnoon Thorpe wired "AH O. K.
Secretary Foster, of the Giants, and In
formed him that he would be In tho
Giants' office In the Fifth Avenue build
ing here at I o'clock to-morrow after
noon to attach his signature to a con
Thorpe will report to the Giants on
February 16 and will go to Marlln with
the recruits. McGraw hopes to make a
rltchcr of the Indian, but If he should
show no marks of a twlrler lie will be
given a chance at flrst base and the
"A wonderful athlete like Thorpe,"
said McGraw to-night, "ought to have
In him the makings of a grat ball
nlaver. He has the muscle and the brain,
and It ls up to me to locate tho spot
where he will be or the most value vo in
team "
The salarv limit was fixed at HMO I Discharge every member of the team
George Winter, once a Ditcher on the
Boston American team, is to coach the
baseball team of the University of Ver
mont next season.
Coach Green's Lads Lose Fast Bas
ket-ball Game by Score of
21 to 13.
Armv and Naw Prep defeated the
Cathedral school quint esterda.
13. The game was one of the best of
the year. At the end of the first half
the score was 6 to 5, with the Preps at
the head. Both teams missed a lot of
goals by poor shooting, and had Coach
Green's lads been a little more accurate
they would hav e beaten the Preps. Capt.
Schell, for the losers, played tho best
game, caging three very difficult goals
and covered his man close all through
the game. Turner, for the winner, scored
more goals for his team than any of his
teammates. Line-up and summary:
A. & X
Klmberler h. F
Tnrrs-r. It. P.
.Smith Capt.), C
i.L n n srtill ICaTjt.f. It.
Goals fraa floor White, JIcLemorf. Sebell ft).
Klmtxtlr. Turotr (D. Smith O. Klajc Ooala
from foul-Smith ff), Wilts HI Stbstttute-Cran-ford
for McLeroore. Ilrfrrct Mr. Lawrre. Tlmtr
Sir llrtltftt. Scorer-Mr IltalT.
Sculler Leaves Australia.
New York. Jan. 31 Reports from Aus
tralia are that Harry Pearce, holder of
the professional sculling championship
of Australia, will sail for England on
February""!l to compete on the Thames
course against Ernest Barry for the
championship of the world.
Louisville Gets Young Cnnmltx.
Louisville, Ky., Jan 31. Pitcher Harry
Camnltz. brother of Howard Camnltz. of
the Pittsburg Pirates, to-day signed with
the Louisville" club of the American As-
IMaiol. U V
Whltr It. K. "
DaTidaon. C.
GeoraetnvTn Mutlen
Trnrk Thin fferunon.
The Georgetown track management
announoys that a class meet will be held ' season
this afternoon on the Hilltop wltn teams
from the freshman. Junior, and senior
clashes. The first event will start at
3 o'cIovk. Following are some of the
men wh., will compete to-daj
Paul Blacklttone. Harry Costello, New
ton Brewer, II. Rawlings, Marshall Low,
I'ete McNulty, James McNally. Bob
Eller. Pollard. C McGrath. Ed Horter,
John Mahoney. Ed Stebbins, W. Higglns.
Hugh Golden. Herbert Chllds, and
Chester Crawford
SiTltaerlnntl to Shoot.
Switzerland will have a ritle team en
tered In the International matches at
Camp Perry next September, according
to advices received yesterday by the Na
tional Rifle Association of Amerlca.
France ls also expected to send a team
Will Challenge England.
New- York. Jan. 3L When the dele
gates to tho annual meeting of the Unit
ed States Lawn Tennis Association meet
here February 14 It Is believed that they
will vote In favor of Issuing a chal
lenge to the British holders of the Da
vis Cup.
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Cornell Mast Give- In.
Philadelphia. Jan a. Unless Cornel
consents to meet Pennsylvania here on
Thanksgiving Da, instead of insisting
on the Quakers going to Itha a for the
contest, there will be no big e-mest on
Franklin Field the latter p.rt of the
blnce Harvard dropptd Dart
mouth efforts are being made by Penn
sylvania, to secure the New Hampshire
team for a game here.
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Stomach. Bowels, and Nervous Condi
tions: LIVer, Kidney. Bladder, Blood,
and Skin trouble.
-006- ea-!alversain Administered.
Consultation free r,itnin fi
nished, charges low. Hours 9.30 to L
and 2 to S. Closed Sundays.
718 13th St.
804 Seventeenth Street
27 YEARS' "ii'l praetleo la th.
a, l i.NIIvi coro of chronic. Nervous.
and Special diseases of Men and Women.
aleans Health. to You if You Sarler
Frcra Catarrh. Obealt?. iuieamatism, CcasUxwUim.
ru. Throat. Lois. Urala. Hurt. Blood, ani SC
Ulaaaaea. Ktrrnu tubuiti. Kldoej Uucaara, Blaa-
Otaia. and all ITl.al. Uiaaxa corcT tot Ufa hi
aala mattoda.
Private W.ltlnar Hoom far Laallra.
tt to . to a. Bopdaia. 11 to 11
Only one "skomo euiNlNE,"that Is
Laxative SJromo Quinine
Cures a Coldia One Day, Cnptn 2 Days
CP 0Jtl5
d.E.Cor.otj & r ats.
tat nervous system niooa. .nA
a.omacb. Doctor' servlcu and medicine.
Hours, iu 10 . Pbun It :ili
Closed Sunday.
.W. Oht Votss is T& anU-t E3.M CcauanV
.. t ., .JiJ Z iJ.iuSv jrfTl

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