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Tells Y. M. C. A. Boys How
Nationals Finished Sec
ond in League Race.
Washington's Catcher Declares "Har
mony" the Keynote of Success.
Mascot Is Appointed.
The secret of how the Nationals were
lilted from their position In the eub
cellar of the American League to a point
"where they became candidates for the
pennant was revealed last night bv John
Henrj and Clark Griffith on the occasion
of the annual public reception elk en in
honor of Mr Griffith b the Boss De
partment of the "Washington 1 oung
Men s Christian Association
The secret of the "Washington bill
teams big success last ear. John
Henr told the too joungsters at the
reception, ' was harmonv From the be
ginning of the season till the end theie
an t the sign of a clique among the
plajers and not the slightest trace of
hard feeling That is a remarkablt fact,
T which ver few ball teams c in
What made our team last eai de
clared Manager Griffith, was ambition
and enthula-m Every plajer was up on
his toes all the time. I.verj one of them
wanted to do something not for him
self, but for the team That made the
harmon that Mr Henr has told jou
about ou cant expect success without
ambition on the baseball diamond or off
of it You bos keep jour ambition up
and keep our habits good and joure
bound to succeed In a big wa
In discussing the local situation and
the wa in which big leaguer art de-M-lopcd.
Mr Griffith said I d rather
have the bo)s of this city with me than
Ul the men in town for the lias, ball
s-'ars as well as the fans that root for
them develop from the boa
To be a rtallj j,ood ball plajer. mhi
can t start too oung Me been accused
of robbln? th. cradle but as a matter
of fact the best ball plajers art the
jcungsters Hal Chase and Waltir
Jchnson for Instance broke Into the big
leagues at nineteen or thereabouts
Mike Martin trainer of the Nationals
and Harrv C'heslej. one of th stotkhold
er in the club were the othe- two
uests of honor and both spoke briellj
The reception was given hj the mem
Ik rs of the Ha-eball League of the 1
M C bos department which con
sists of nine teams numbering nine lkvvh
ei h organized rMsebill stv le to obtain
n w members for the association
Lvtrj dollar taken In dues bv the
league teams counts for i run side
from the regular awards to be made bj
tie 1 MO to the winners of the
competition Mike Martin promised the
high man in the contest a new leagut
bal beating th signatures of everj
pl-it-r on tin Nation-Is turn and Mr
(.ntlit! promised a dav at the ball tark
to t three leading hams
John Goctz thirteen jears old i niein J
1- nf the I lioi department 1
al d om of thi Iest athletes of the citj
fi is e.rs was ipjointcd mascot for
lh- mum. -t isun bv Mr (.riftlth John I ,
w I t to e eltrv g lire this stason ll
his lv i ; in i irrv thi bats
til. the tall
(-11. st ol
with the
lld tin
,11 t
I'r P
John Buntz
which eon
! f i tr 1 ng tl i liiHsiltie indoor
ill diimoud ic.alnst tune t.ctz
l. a n irrow. mirgin
Tr'tMISVI I IK 1 irvGLE.
tun N I I I A I
e) ? ll I
Wa m
SI "
It) I s an
I 11 c'
M rW "
IIS fi l
101 4 J)
I Smith
I rtrr
i VVcikcil
3 11 10".
V) 311 rs
ai rl
roll Mill V 1 LVGlh.
B i Jalnv I i u
Jm sc !L ICI I ta
Mtimh) SS 1 l(rlluljnm
itti ni p. I Klflsr
a t I lind
lta inr iog i innn a. lot
ir y i t iai tr ig
l All NT t AMINtrS' I.t V(,LL.
Inacrera I rannrrs
nrIe !S1 l. tr I Prrelnn 1.
Wrman !! 130 111 llrmii I U
1"K 131 13!
1A ll" IK 1 IzWct
IC IS Jl ut
i IC u '
Uls'le Vrral Marl
. If H. Ho Taa
si ITansia'
Ii S II utrrman
'11 8 90
aI9 ru 4
To I
n a. joi
somiwEsTH LEvncr
irtfrua. I Grand
t. i -K-t, K HI !(H Vlari n - I VI V)
"Net tt 111 ts l. Porte w 101 m
I I terrralilrn
R 191
pi a'l ' namtron
I '3 M" 1M I Vllcn
11 511 U Totalv
lis 9,
C"lmlir- ' Willtii
l sf V kra 15 101 11
T tn " I oilman 11 Ifl lfn
R lf r I idrr 1 - J3
- M Vhisiatd lrr II
K ST - -( tJt rr IJ0 1 0
si.r.cld lfl IT 51 Meters fi PI (
"ri r 91 1M IK1 VV mm it 9- "i -B
Eck-nd sf M m I irthirum lftl ft -
A nos.l--srr lol lfr" 106 Prosn HI 6
Holldjf r 10. 101 la-all r K H
ToiaU I3S "7 l"0 I Totals KV IJ) -
NfllV int. VI. TDUIIN VMl NT
t .re Tl
t Te Tl
1 1W , VV vnikr
If I VV Vliller
lfl 11 iller
r M. ler
r M n,r
C Jtillrr
213 i W M,ll,r
C Jlillfr
IK V I l"Vorr
IR) 11" tM I r--r-1 1V3 nr I a
3. IT If Van Pmll-k m -n
i lis ir
T al
911 "W
K t,i S.,
Cm. "Wilson Give. Fop.
4Icston Jan 31 President-elect Alison
Tir tilled the international committee to
dav that he cup for the German-Amer
ican Sonder jacht races to he held off
Marblrhend beginning August X, might
be rrcnted In his name
Improved Form of Old Ben Causes
Sensation at Mexico Track.
Marchmont Wins' Handicap.
Special to Th Waibinrm Herald.
Juarez. Mexico. Jan 3L bomethlng of
v sensation was caused at the Juarex
lace track this afternoon whin W. G
larlke, who Is racing a large stable un
der the name of W K. Applegate S.
Co . was called Into the stewards stand
and notilled tint a-ij further In-and-out
tunning of his horses would result in his
txpuls'on from the turf
The Improved form of Old len owned
bj ianke when he won to dav s lirst
lace, coupled with the form somersault
performed bj I-ack Rose also from the
anke stable, in a race last Tuesday.
were the main reasons that impelled the
stewards to issue the warning
The stewards learned that big commis
sions were laid In New iork on Old
lien, and the victor of the anke horse
to daj over Miadratk and Ida Lavina,
the favorites, appeared to them i verj
questionable one Toj lloj was the onlj
favorite to win for the form plajers.
and there were a number or surprises.
The handicap w is tpkin bj General
Marchmont who oiitgaimd Injtirj the
favorite in the llnal drive. Summaries
HItST llALr-Tlir-e am! oeie-lralf firlnec. Old
lien S to 5 trim Mud aek 1 In) swid Ma
Urinia J to 5 third Time OtOIa llaltarrr.ll
Vlilton Itoblc- Tran-art Sir Ham aisl llarUid
Isi rau.
UXM It - llee- and eaie-1 alf turli ne. r"lU
errald lo 1 Itlli lit! kokI kT
1 1 nine I t . I ll iro. Tiirr I "W J H il r
Majc-dalr Itcd Wldvxr VlaeJa I! HuUr ' To
llnl tvoti lr Maria. a l I-niet II al. ran
T11IUII ItU r SU fdrlaps I hll Cniiiior 8 to 1
son Jlike Jlotett, 8 ti I imti I amarada J to I
third Time 1U Larrwlar I J 1-a lj iiinz
s V Ilia ah lair lniise Mrarta Ile-ltn -s-ntt
It. tr .k Hmrr WilluuH t! and IhlbnKtrr
ali tan
FOl 11T1I It VI Hill cis-rl llarrl inont N
to a ai Injnrr 1 to 3 rcuoil Vlille-r 1 to
5 thin! T me 1 J 3-5 rae-k-rhoj altn r.n
HKTH II t r-Six fnrlwjri olooel Mart hm ait,
J a 1 null VeMcd 1 lirlt ". tu 1 ate-inel Ualpli
Uojd t I. a thHl Tin- 111!! Ir H-sijri
ert) Iliddr I. in a l l'urlunu al-ii rar.
MTH Itlr-s,x hrliir T t l- In S
sun latinniiri VJam 1- tu 1 wn H lull 1
1 third Tun- 113 HllJ I n
l.ul l.olden Vtiiii LaJi Jlai
Vicrlua al ran
I sll Mr-
nitsT lilt. Tlim uroll uiaki.ru
lorri Jart. Krllw. Ha Miisiralfi 1 lo 2. on
r-raik II di 115 V lnlr 141 1 xsrssl Hrth
Stanks 111 (lutscll 10 U 1 tllnl T mi- 1 31 3 S
Vnna llalre Ud llauual I-1 Ii-in.1 n I am
(.mlmnlhrr an I I II ia al lan I
MillMI I Vll Isicawll. liK-quarlrr m ! '
l ail l lit tsrill inn on VVoi.i sh.- Hj
iMoIntjn JD I t ml lnr-ssrr Hi tVViWml
- lo S third Tirui- 03 It il.ar sjln m ll
T.-I II jali s,,n II- Tolh Ktsinrr aid liar
1 Ui lai IVirnr ail -alratKii tk rird
Tllll l I. VI l-Tl rr. Kt J I- xHlins is-rn I ir
I s c Mattie I. T- isnidtri 11 to 5 ii imtl
nlal lO i-l " to 19 - -on I s, ttt .
igmim Ii l I nut tlirl Time 1J3 -. Hll
I rant- and Mrr lli-i aas. ran
1111 I Til UV ll-'hiir.fir-old ai I nall isle
ami iw,itith n il-. Horal Ia iVVnUel 9
to j on Hrnn II it.l I n K(rn--hl s to I ise
d sun lie n (Jlv.rarri 4 1.1 llanl T me
I 1 ltLint His llamaii Jai will a and last
HrTH I VI F I mir an Id- an 1 uiaarl mi
T rlou I nil l.ii 1 iVVilsa. I ii a s i
VlalatiiH- l' I ! 9 to 2, isenml Cnacjuonrr
TkI. I Mint u a in 3 Ihirl Timr 111 Hm
nrtta VV Hnr Vtoi kd Hill) Vandtnerr L-d
aNn 1
lTII I Vll lntirli and npsard me
rrilr and wrinl eaiits HaHernan 1W Vlucralel
t to I y V 1 ii 10 -lllT ' to i K"Ol
ssart Hill Hu hisrn r 10 to 1 third Ti n
in; VV Ma ' h ll... MhIei.- IS ar and
ul nit als ran
I hnrlrsle
lialf fir is:
e-ar.ld flir and
ll I . Itrllc
Uiro. l-s-
i her 1 1
s. ml Ciiaier
r. I.I-. aisl uiFanl
V to
Tllll H I VI I
I (Ioi.ll lo
1 it I TH I VI I -Tier I lift I- las- Handicap
-old and ulisanl 4i fnrlonc
lark krllocr
e arlim
"-.Hill, m sjuy
I al Te-a
V li as.
HITH 1 Vi ) I
e I i t si -1 las"
O Ia lud
HI e aui,-tjlilll
M fie and
A-m'-irn 1
stTH It VI I I '
vllins Tile and sn
Willful ll
f Itmr
I II -T rVCr. Ta
Haita-a Ijne-
(11.1 lln
I aestrrlla
ln-h V n
v lahan a Hani
I" rkih"
sn ull IIVCI--Vli
h VI I inlir I
kle tlirre and
V i-nnatli
Tlllltl) Itvei
i n half f irlonre
Si ivhtlr ltl-
IW Vlt rla
M I her katcr-em
I--I wh
t aim- e!f
I00 -am It-na-d
im ( i.i. r m-.mo.si
KC k Iv I non
Km VdtJautr
1J J lit- VI all. ii
Manund "
lunticrtlia Km
Abneind 1-)
MFT1I It VCt-Scllui-eranl
m fnrl-in-a.
Vmohalka I
lla-l lm ,
hsedo Sam
I trej H-rioTon
II hi
") llt, M, nl-ximrre
He) 1 Ijffcrar
iro -nla-t
Hai-rr.au March- 10 ' J roa ht JU
ill rli 1 oe-k I""
VnTntif alloteano rllurnl
1cIl"J le Meel Jli(nrl).
New ork Jan 31 1 ombardier Wells
the Fnglish heav-v weight champion and
I.uther McOrtv at cording to dispatches
to dav from Iondon have bm matched
for ten rounds In the Madison s,qUare
Theater late In March or prll
I.U Cillti Tetter. Sit Hlu-a Prnrttis urk Crsil,
Hi:p'sS(l, 4.
ltI.MtN nKdllkDTO Mil,
red I
hat 1
to itiiun u es- llwti brftae itewimbrr 1 mate thit
troad atateiDtnt alter intttnz tarltr rra uf ni
lune on tliia caif e iatax and liandlinn In t le mran
Itrne marl hilf I a mllliin k f thlt itrra lltil
lie. as N s I el .n tearr sliat all t.ailiai ntl n
I en mail dort rt bate Insl teal that trn coultl not
t ret -d all I a-l: la rt a rliattcc to ilna ttai thai
ki . IjT I am talmr abrsil If eeai mil rit
nMTllUVV I sill -end Jou a Hit-I" i In
of mr mild -n. I Ink "narai rrd tnatmrnl lliat will
ctnmiK-e ton inr In dav lhan I or all one rUe
rnld tr mcnlli timr If jou are da-zu.trd and
todar yxm mil
trilinx 3TU ttie truth.
Dr. J. E. Cu-Uir. 249 Coirt Block. Sldtli. He
I Itrtcrrafra Tliird Nttioul Hank. SesIalU JIo.
. taiuld 3011 do a be trr art tuan to send tliis uotic to
I aexrr- laxir -suffrrcr t Lccooal
Secretary of American Fed
eration of Labor Leaves
for Scene at Rankin.
faccrctarj Frank Morrison, of tho
American Federation of Labor, left
Washington last night for Pittsburg to
take charge personallj' of the strike of
steel workers In the Rankin and Brad
dock districts
He will take charge of the work of
org-inlzlng the emplojes and render
everj possible aid said President
Gompers jesterdaj following long con
ferences between Federation officials and
str'kers from the Rankin plant of the
Steel Trtit
The steel strike will be the tlrst bittie
In the new aggressive campaign decided
upon bj the Federation against those
Industries which the union officials !a'm
are 'seeking to reduce their workmen to
level to serfs
The teel tcvtile rublx r and pai-klng
house industries are to be tin taiKcls
upon which the tnerlcan Federation of
Labor in the imtnedi ite future will center
Its lire In an active warfuri tu unionize
all einp'ejes, and through organization
to effect amelioration of working ondl
tions increased imj, and recognition of
the union This was iksldn! upon jis
terdaj Mr Morrison Indicited tl it the Fed
eration k tlrst campaign would In iainst
the Steel Trut in an effort In assist
the striking emplojts -it Rankin and
Two forimi cmplnxs of the Rankin
end llraddiH 1 plants of the American
Meel and Wire Oompanj appealed be
fore offiilals of the iuenan Federa
tion of l.ibor vtsterdav Thei ch irged
that then was a svstim if Industrial
oppression in iffcet at tin steel plants
Tho wen i Ixmkkis per md a ilerk,
whose nainrs lHlieir olll lals rifusid to dl
Mllgi tllhrial f the I esleiatlon saj
thtj told of illcsed mlstriHtment of steel
strikirs bv mi n niriis and bad men
in the I aj f the trust
State Objections to Incorporation of
Body and Limiting Rates of
lhanv. " "i J m -1 V ilelegition of
stock csrliallki brokers headed I v Prettl
il. lit James B Mihen and ' hue. 1 J hn
(a Mllliurn t,ath. red around the Guv
erner this ifte rnexin and r nil tin li.lni
objection to anj new lives that elid not
interfere with ttdr doing bus ness in the
eld w iv
Tin e, vet nor replied that I e had no in
tenti in of llusrill ting the busine s e.f the
countrj and wanted to know if the
brokers woul 1 obje tin usurv law and
the Iniorpuratl n of tie sloe I exihin.e
Thev 'aid tliv would deeildlv Limit
inj, the rates of interest in the ir opinion
wruld keep then from Mttlus mon
when thev nrcdtsl it and bring iboiit dl"
ister Iiiiorporati n of th. stock ex
rhinef woul I enable the i mrts to mix
into the affair)-uf th. exehaiiBC and make
a lot of trouble
Vfter the itovernor Inel quizzed them
about vestrrdavs bit. triens-ictlnns in
'American Fin sto k and th v had de
nietl that this vv is a sjmptnin f man-
I nlpulition thev depart, d The-v prom
ised to elo all thev could to nil the
It.i.vernor In miking laws bit thej
'were verv i ni.h iti in th. ir objections
to such lives is have h en -u--pt.il
bv Samuel I nt.rmver in lis eiuesttons
'in th. Pujo Investigitlen In as.Hnv-
John r Melliek of tl d. legition
'saii tin e I ange r-nahl.d the poor
I nnn to buv small lots of oek he eeiild
I get now he re else
M.nrtue-nt VV eirUrrs VVnnl I'rule e I Ion
VV lill.
S.w "iork Jan 11 Mis l.irtrudf
Birnum Mncril e.rginizer e.f the Inter
nati nil l-adlcs l snnei t Worker- I in in
tonight made an arp.at to John D
Risk, fl lie- J' rrit t ll, tee III, s t
protect the girl garment workers who arc
out on strike from white sm igents
Miss Birnum ud slip had appealed
earlier In the da to Mijor (lajnor but
had been denied special police protet
tion hj him on the ground that there
was no whiteslave traffli In New iork
Mr Rockefeller would not indie ite to
night what a tlnn he will take
Three c'rl piekets (ie irre steel to
nicht charged null ierirg at cmplovcs
who were ente-ing a white t,oo(ls 'ac
torv in West Ihirtv first Street under
(ollee (.uard
int voting will Ii gin M ndav rn t'le
propo'it'on to ndvance wanes aid adopt
a Iftj tw i hour a e sm ii as was
di pud it the ioint co feren. e of gar
met t workers il win, gool- w iraer
last Mature! v
Negroes It. ill I lerk.
While returning -n his home 111 Hnlen
-treet oulheasi alojf'l 71 oeloik last
night Willi in R Sand a clerk In the
quartermasters office of Marine Corps
vtrts nssalllteel bv two negroes mil robbeel
or JT" The polle. were nnlfled
Ilulehetltes Be mien Villi, lie It. la
llons vt lib Mllles To-lilulil.
Ill v hat promises to is one of the
most excitng Insl et-ball games seen Jn
the Distrkt tliis vcar Gallaudet Follege
and oeorge Washington Fniversitj stack
tip a? mist each other to night in th
sendall Green gv mnasium the eontest
Stirling at s n clock
The re tords of both eeillegcs this win
te r show that the trams a-e eveulj
latehed and this with the fact tint
ithl.-t!cs have ji st been set up it
Oeorge Washington should m ike the
..ami one worth seeing
Bv New lor! Tele
I irst Race Delia Mack lai 1-s-trella.
Barbara Iine
Second Rate llaunis, lookout
Third Pare Sprlghtlj Miss.
Mother Kattham If ilablrd
l-ourth Race Mwund, l.nn
lertha Marsind
F ftli Rac blHH-tinj" Spru,
ool hvveele bam
Sixfh Race Sellnck Hattens
I linrleslon
First Rai e Flotlie s Brush Ju i
eiuin. Prettj Mollj.
becoml Race Queen Bee, Mlcj.
Semi Quaver.
Third Race Merrj I.ad. Iluskv
Id. 1- (fendl
Fourth Race Caugli Jlill. Io
chlel Carlton G
Fifth Race-Golden tgg. Claque.
Theo Cook.
Sixth Raeo Bancrrilla, CoL,
Cook, fevcllbounil.
$50,000 ALIMONY
Wants Only $20,000 for Herself;
Rest to Be Used in Caring for
Fire Children.
New York. Jan. 31 Mrs Abigail H.
Bishop to-day applied before Justice
Hendrlck, in the Supreme Court, for
letnporilrj alimony of approximately
S50.000 a. j ear. and the cuatodj of her
five daughters. Resides her application
for this Urge alimony, Mrs Bishops
lavvjer, Louis N Posner, submitted on
affidavit in which was outlined part of
the basis of the suit for divorce which
Mrs Bishop has brought against
James Cunningham Bishop, a wealthj
banker Mic names Mrs J. Temple
Gwathmej. a Joung and beautiful
woman, prominent in socJet)
The can; will be heard before a ref
eree In secrecj regarding the allega
tions made by Mrs Blsnop The con
tents of the affidavit were guarded by
Mr Posner and Henrj V Taft. ottor
nej for Mr Bishop
The lo ul amount of allmonj asked
bj Mrs Hlslfop Is said to be without
precedent If it Is granted, it will be
much lurger than the award of $3000
a uar to Mrs Howard Gould, which
set the privlous ricord
For herself Mrs Bishop psks J:fl 000
Tin n' she tsks for an imount for the
support vnd education of her five
daughters which brings the total to
t 0 iKiii To show that the amount she
asks Is reasonable when considered in
i el it Inn to her huslund s ability to pi.
Mrs lllshop asserts that he Is worth
s; oo ooo
The nffidavlt appended to the request
for aliiionv was submitted for the pri
vat perusal of the oifrt md Is said
to hive been made b a witness who
was engtged by Mrs Bishop to watch
her husband The Incidents mentioned
in the affidavits were described In much
detail to inform the mind of the court
as to the bisis and propriet) of the
divorce action
I'ncr One.
i jyort for h s own personal advantage and
mat nr t..,ui.i ii.it mv rt. ii. tins tiiii
Representative It J Bulklej. of the
lliuse i onimtttee on Patents said he
did not believe that then was any
chance for an increase of salarj of the
force of the Patent Ottiie at the present
session of Congress eir for an appropria
tion for i new building Representative
I ulklev however promised he would ue
even eifort to kep Consre-f reminded
oi the n.xessitv of a new building and
rn Ine rease in salnrv of ihe emploves of
the office lie advoeateel that the in
ereas. ir surplus of the Patent Office be
used for the b ni-flt of that office and Its
C i I inthhum exprr-eil his firm be-
1'itf in th. inte-tntj if the Fedenl Ju
. niuarv is MaWi-ln-d l the founders
let s hive no furt icr experienres with
lee ill of the judL.es and the like
-tee an nard.l also spoke
V s Iheise l'resent.
j t the guest tall, were Fairfax Bay
mnl.l" C Billing- Mr Bradford Bepre
Isentitlve II J Bulkej II W Hodges
J h I JlsKrv pre-ldent Bar ssex lation.
' r llnthieiini Jutiee l.urton 1- B
1 M.K.ri i i.iiiniisslotii i or Patents R. P
l-es. ntHtive Martin Meir'ls. n John
1 -deli her e.en 1-Ills --pear t A Te n
(nant Justi e an 'Jrselel, W F Woolard
i ileum the me ml ers in I invited guests
I i . tit wer I " Itae-nn II II Bliss
I mil Riinnelvcke F W Bndford J II
I ill enst. n rt ur S Browne rugene
F Bi wn 1 1 Browne rthur I
Brv mt Itnj il l.iirnhim liirtis It
Cimp Melville i hllre h lohn M (oil
How ird V i oonins i Ii lMVls llel
lrt II linker II Dixlge Will
tain Dodgi Vernon M l rsev
r i Powell O II Dowell r Dunn
William Dvre Thorn is I-wing Robert
I t-isher F Walter Brmidenbiirg Junes
M Pro. tor Mat i.ee. gii William (I
Mel lerson II I lloelg. s e rnon F
llodi.es Nelson W How ird J K Hutch
inson Benjamin It Johnson Jnmes I
hav Fhnrles II Keel I" F l.lnthlcum
l V. MJSon - t Mastiek J Uran
vllle Mever Joseph II Mllans F T
Mil ins , H Me ore I.ingdon More
June- l Norris Jr Hcnrv Orth. Mien
Pattli.li II l Pesk F.eorge B Pitts
speneer 11 Prentiss Oeirge Re i
Fd F Robinson Thomas r Robertson
Walter F Pogcrs W F Schonborn V.
F mlth Kllis 'Jpear le S bteujrt
F u faturti ant Georg. II l.vans
Charles Terrv E H Tower Jr.
James W W ntson Robert W atson John
V Wledersheim ! rnest Wilkinson
Hern P Williams Fed F Larl and
W F W oolard
The committee In charge or the ban
quet consisted of J II Bri"kcnste in. Jo
seph If Milans and Mr I ashman
-.n-rcnr Delnno. .Ir . of Nevr or.,
rnkes I lfr In vMnnlpeB Ifntel.
Winnipeg lan "1 l-ugene Delano, Jr.
son o the wealthj New iork banker
committed niicide n his room In the
Hojal Mexander Motel here His death
was discovered lit a maid eariv to-daj
who was sent to the room after hotel at
taches became suspicious because of the
' et tint Delano had kept to his room
since rf-itering W ednesdav
Delano evldentlv had been dead several
hou-s when found He had slashed his
v.rists nl'li a rnzor, and then, perhaps
fearing th's was not sufficient to caus
his death slahed his throat He lert a,
note reading Dtar father, sisters,
brothers, forgive Kugene "
Th lodj was clothed In pajamas
Mr Delano arrived he-e on W ednes
dav His trip was In connection with
Id- fathers e "-tensive business lntert-ts
Hume of MnJ. Ilnrrls Destroje.l,
mill I nmllj 1'crlshen.
Pes Moines lov a Jan 31 Five per
sons vveie bunt si tn death to daj when
tic home of MaJ Harris was destrojed
thr-e miles north of Richmond Harris,
his mother his wife and two child-en
were In ti house Three were burned
to death In 'heir lieds Their bodies
were partlv destniveel and were hurdlv
. It. eperr f.ets Divorce.
Hirtford Conn. Jin 31 Watson R
fperry former I lilted --tates Minister to
Peili was this aflitnoon gnnted an al-
sclutcel'vorce from his wife. Julia Hendir-I
ion hreirj, en the ground of desertion J
Vis bperrj insists on living In Dresden. 1
Germanj, and sajs she would support hert
husband did he not prefer earning his
own living In mcrlca bhe has pol
tlvelj icfuseel lo cross the ocean since
Ftbnnrj, 1S9. The divorce was uncon
tested To Cure n nentlacTir
1 on must lirst remove the cause Most
headaches are caused bj a disordered
iiomach HofTs Lemon Scidlltz will put
your stomach In the pink nf condition
ana cure your headache In it few min
utes, Oklahoma furnishes 17 per cent of the
world s oil output.
Ecr article ill our immense stock of liigh-clas- haberdashery is offered at a reduced price.
It means money saved It also means that jou have the satisfaction of getting strictly best
quality, while saving money.
11 the new "-olid' Silk
.Neckwear, in all shade stnpc:
and plain .iOc values
TIica arc here in soisctte and
madras : se cral shades to choose
from The regular 2 00 and
$1.50 Silk Neckwear
New York Avenue and Fourteenth Street.
HI "VVr glrr Herald i".,0OO eontest vote.
Pobce Have Warrant for Employes of
Mr. J. B. Henderson, Who
Dejtroyed Sycamore.
Tht curtain will W driven lo daj on
the tree-t hopplnc Incidtnt In which Mhas
John U ilendernon. ef the famous Hen
derson Castle, tli.uri.-d Tuetd i li the
i xecutlon of twu nairunts for the arrest
nf the men who are allegeel to have tvt ld
eel under the direction f Mrs Hender
sm t e je that bre ught down the
tiam of Hi Distrle t " mmi-ione r- The
men nr, Kohcrt filter white fcardener,
end rdward Day colored laborer
The wartunta were t iken eut eterdaj
li. ItobTt 1 William. Assistant Corpor-
ition Coun-el at the rder of Corporation
(otiimcl Th ma and are iijvv In the
hands of police of the Tenth precinct
When the papers were Issued esterda
it w is tew lates in evrve thctn but the
men will b. s iicht to d
Tin difficult v arose Tutsdav when Mrs
!lerderou directed the men to cut down
in old KVcaniore tre-e The tree had
lesn elvliiK a slow death for wnr time,
and Mi- Hmdeison had appllesl In vain
for its el. struction on the (-rounds that
vas i in nai e to fHslestrian-
V -variant vv i- taken tit for Mr"
lltnd. r-ill htr-ell, lint bcfolc It could
he Served it nut noil pr ssesl with the
illiilerhtandlni. tint Mrs Henderson was
e rtpli e the depoM-el tr.e with another
It Is understood that Mr Henderson
till pa tie tines of the two men who
aetuall did the work
Fair Sex of Columbui, Ohio, Put Po
lice to Rout, Using Hatpins.
Officers Use Clubs.
Columbus Ohii Jan 31 Twentv thou
sand women battled with each other,
battled vvitn policemen and were beaten
and bruised -end erushesl in an effort
ll is mornlnuT to get into tho tabermcle
here where Rev VV V fcundaj, the
buii-ball evangelist is conducting a re
vival ffl Women fought with umbrellas and
with hatpins while policemen used their
clubs V scort of women fainted and
hundreds suffered injuries. One lost a
purse containing $300 in the crash Hun
dreds of women Knthered at el a m . al
though the meeting was to have com
menced in the afternoon At 10 30 o clock
the doors were thrown open and the
seo-e of ushets and small armv of po
licemen on dut were swept away b the
rush of feminine worshipers A door
was torn from the building and fell onto
the mob surxlng uround it A police
maan was stablnsl with a hatpin On
of the usherie was bruised on the head,
anl Mrs. I nun Cockran who walks on
crutches was hurled to the ground and
trampled upon ahc Is reported badl
Knll Uvrr Precipice-! One Ilrnil.
Hrle. Ta , Jan 31 Irvln Jonns, twent
slx, is dead to da-, and Leon Green,
sixty j ears of ige. Is In a critical con
dition as a result of falling over a
precipice at a stone quarry near Mill
Village In the darkness last night The
men, who are railroaders, were walking
across t held toward a farmhouse to
get oil for their lamps
seels KlRht-hoar Day.
London Jan Jl Resolutions de-mnnrllnc-
An f lirht-hour dav for both
men and women In all trades the na
tionalisation of land mines rallwavs
and canals, and the repeal of the work
men a contributions section or ine in
surance act were adopted bj the Iauor
part) in annual convention here to-
1514 7th St. N.W.
If it's anj thing in the line of gloves
huj them here To i,o down In the
h'Kh rent district Is merely lo give the
1-ndlords the extra hUh price. Kids.
clours. Astrakhan Chamois Horse
lid e. Mulchld-. Cowhide. UotsKin We
1 li-em all
Auto Supplies
Of Every Kind Alwavs Here.
Wet alia Ilcrald S33.000 coatcat Tat.
Increased Buying Marks
the Progress of Our
Clearance Sale
Elegant line of Fancv Shirts;
manufacturers' samples. 70
up to 2 50. This
Imported Soft Hats. Thev
are aluas in stxle er fash-
ionable and serviceable Rcgu -
lar $3 00 values, fiji 1 C i
At this sale 1 1 0 I
M. T. POLLOCK, "" a'SP'sASS" w-
12-MCH S!K
r w kel;
, tMtf-un Lfem ind itxmrl with jnur choiot of
j IhrtN- trw drugrr
Wild Roses, Violets, or Holly
If yi win PTDd gii 2-nrnt Ktmp for a jm&tsm
tif II IUcluH-ton Sjcjail rmbfoiiJTT Nwdlen.
ntnnuitfd to bm the bt rabpoldfT7 Ndl m4
mxnd rye f.r -"OsM. Jutt tbf ntular irice of the
rrdl with 2 erali for pcMtJce DctIj, iXAor
h ndj in! la ra it AlitolutrlT Frrr AU t uX
osir IT',,--' to u ooljr
Richardson's Grand Prlzo FlloSllk
hn cxtxtMenrs the Doiljr Tiou wiJl Ik grt frw
( ind jtw rid our new Pirmlata At IWik nhoirtrs
ttt w) new ana tvMtirul ra!XT37 dwljn,
Hnte ttxljy inrlcn 12 rmt and tbe came of
rour dealer Be Mire- to itate dlrn wactM.
BsVy9 U danu St. Deit. au, Chicatf U.
Magnolia Blossom1
Womea If Sick or Dbwnnjed
We want to show jroo free of co t what wrotn
derful results Magnolia Blossom can accom
plish. If rou suffer from Lrucorrhoea
(Il'Juf-) Wemb, Or-rmn Troubles, Pitiful
Periods. Bearing Dorzn Pams, or sny form of
Femile Trouble, just sit down st once snd
write for our Free Box of itagnoha Blossom
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have a little faith, send us your name and ad
dress today and let us send you this simple- noma
Treatment Free with Taluablo adrlce. Address
Box 32 South Baa-al, htau-at
our Mult opportunity of
ion tbr premt
"B-K" CO.
Ktcr ault In atoek Included
(ezeept plain blnelcx and blues).
VI 2.10
(SO 00
-torr. Ilecnlar.
J-T.-iO I Rt.-t.OO
CIO 00 I V3 00 "113.00
Allrrallnna at Coat.
O'coats 1-3 Off ""
901-9 8th St. S. E.
Duvvts by- the NnTy aard.
We clre tnlea la The Herald
VZZJsw ronfeit.
Tests lis French naval officers have
Indicated thit the naves In wireless
tel-srai hv travel at a rate of ncarb
ru',(e) miles ar -second.
X&r sr
S'jiaS TBHK-Veai'aViElS5'
I H sr-OOO ronteit. !
Our "vcr. finest knitted and
regular silk Xcckwcar; sold
rcgularlv at from Xd
U to l. Xou . . . . 1 .UsJ
Our regular line of Fancv
Shirts all the newest stIes and
bcst makes. Sold rcgularlv at
1 r, aml e--00 S1 1
This sale price. ... & L IO
Xlaa nemoTer tea
1610 14th Street N.W. x
Phone forth ZOVt. '
', j. : . 1. 1 ; :frfrsfrsfr.v.
None Better
.55 9th SL N W. M. 7593
"--CI. Votaa In Th. HeraM 3 OH Ciar-ra
Why Hbould Automobile aisners be tor.
raenfed vsltb tire troablea trbea itae
ean be pualtlvely dun aviay with
Tie Worid't Best FDIer
for Automobile Tlrtt
lto Experitnent.
Tborocglily Testrel.
Time Tried
Ends Tire TrouUta I
Urease Tire fflltr C.
308 SouTHSas 8u LOiso
Fllllnar rinnt. ICO-234 Fourteenth
Street ".. XV.
Ve b:1t Herald 923.000 conteat iptet-
H And 14 Other Makes of Blcjcles.
2 Sundries and Repalrlnt;. K
H 43J-31 10TII ST. Vl, H
H Open ETenlnca LntH TiSO 31-834.
H " Klve Herald ;5,000 contest jj
5 -rotes. rt
I Money Talks t
f W Save Ton 2S Per Ceait oa
PalntlBK Antomobllta. .
W use only Valentine' Van- 2,
adlum Varnishes, the only var- X
nlshes that will stand soap. mud. 7.
and water. We bake enamel oa i
hoods and fenders. .j.
Autos painted. Hi 50 and uo.
Died automobiles and moto-ey- .
cles for sale. a
Cor. 14th and W S'5. N. W.
W Qh otts tm
amid t3 OOt Coa .
Uti and srren passenger cars.
1319 L St. N.W.
Phone N 1470
ST. Out V otf la Tba Ucrali a C10C9 ColieaaL
Expert Electric Vehicle Repairing
P. rVJ. COftR,
Acent for Flandera and le Motor
eydea and Corr'a Special Dlryrle.
Ilotorcrele OTerhanllnsr nail Belt Ite
palrlntr. Act-essurlra and "sundries.
Ilteyele Jtepnlrtnr-, nraalarr. and
Overbatsllac huunlles nail uVeeeatorlra.
blS Oth St. .. VV. Tboae Mala S183
V. .it

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