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420 to 430 7th St.
417 to 425 0th St.
More News of the Hose
Cleaning Sale
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The Pamoua
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Retail Merchants' Association
Wants Inaugural Contracts
Let to District Firms.
State Legislature of .Delaware to At
tend Inauguration in a
The tentative award of tho contract
for the illuminating of Pcnaylvanla Ave
nue March 4 to a Baltimore electric
company may be the mean. It seems,
of stirring" up a hornet's nest of trouble
about the ears of the Inaugural commit
tee. A letter protesting; In strenuous
terms againH placing the contract out
side tho District sbs rccelcd csterday
by Chairman Eustis from the Retail Mer
chants' Association, and It Is understood
that the association Is exerting every
energy to bring pressure to bear from
other quarters to have the work given
to local contractors.
There are two other contracts still to
be awarded for the lighting of the streets
and stands for the Inauguration. They
ore the contracts for the Peace Monu
ment and the Court of Honor. They have
not yet been closed by the committee,
and the w nolo matter will be taken up at
the meeting of the general inaugural com
mittee to-morrow mornlrjg for a final
The members of the committee on Il
lumination vestcrdav- stuck to their ascr
tlon that the award of the contract to the
Baltimore clecriclans was the only course
open when It meant the saving of prob
ably S1.000.
Adopt Trade Boles.
The District Commissioners, in session
yesterday, adopted a set of police regu
lations specially compiled for the protec
tion of Hfo and property during the In
auguration. The regulations will become
effective February IS, and remain In force
until March 10.
They arc directed as much against
rowdvlsm and crimes of a minor nature
as against the moro serious offenses
Confetti, the "tickler." and all devices
for producing loud nolso are frowned on
by the regulations, and will be forbidden
on the streets. The new mles also look
toward the control of street peddlers and
"cabbies" to see that extortion is not
practiced against visitors
Much of the attention of the Commis
sioners yesterday was directed to the
regulation of traffic on March 4. Where
two or more ehtcles of any kind come
together the police are given the author
ity to dictate as to the course and time
of departure for such vehicles. The
regulations state that taxlcabs and mo
tor vehicles with meters to register the
distance traveled when rationed at ho
tels are to be regarded as private con
veyances for the use of the guests of
the hotel, but when such vehicles are
stationed at public stands on the streets
they are to be considered as being at the
service of tho general public and as such
are to be RUbJect to the rates established
l the present police regulations
The maintenance of a clear right of
wav for the parade was also given at
tention and the regulations stipulate that
no person shall place any sortT of ob
struction, box. barrel, or nnytning eise,
in any street or alley within sixty jards
of the line of the rarade. or witmn any
roped-off space at tho Intersection of
the streets
The street ears and hcrdics are not
exempted by the new rules and the po
lice are given autnonty to regulate me
coming and going of the street cars so
that they will not In any way interfere
lth the progress of the procession, or
otherwise violate the terms of the reg
The regulations prohibit the post-
in-- of hand bills of any kind on th
stands, and provide that any one of
fering his services as a guide must ob
tain from tho captain of the precinct in
which he wishes to work a certificate of
good character Proper anlt.Iry condi
tions in buildings rented as lodging
houses during the Inauguration are also
provided for. and lolation of the rctru
lations will mean a fine of not more than
$100, or. In default of payment of this
tine. Imprisonment in the workhoue. as
pnnided in the resolution of Congress
appro. ed January 3, this year.
I.eKlslatnrt- Coming-.
President-elect Wilson will take Uie
oath of office on a little stand, about
twenty feet square, in front of a much
larger stand, seating about 8,500 persons,
including Senators. Representatives, and
other notables. After the lYesident has
been sworn in, he will descend thirteen
steps to the paement. where he will step
Into his carriage and be drlien to the
White House Workmen jesterday be
gan, constructing these stands
Slxt-t1e members of the State Legis
lature of Delaware will attend the Inaug
uration In a body. This Is an innovation
Tho solons will come with 400 of the State
militia. This news was left in the office
of the public comfort committee yes
terday by Gen I P. Wlckersham, adju
tant of the State, who was In Washington
looking up lodging pUces for the troops.
The request from the adjutant general's
office of Minnesota that an open place be
resened for the troops of that State to
camp In for five dajs of inaugural week
caused a ripple of amusement in the
public comfort committee rooms jes
terday. and Chairman Weller wrote Col.
Earl D Luce, adjutant, that, while camp
ing out might be practical In the cold
and dry northland. the schemo was hard
ly feasible In Washington, especially
during March. Seven companies of In
fantry and a battery of artillery will
come from Minnesota.
Indians to Participate.
An Indian band and two hundred cow
boy riders will form a "wild west" sec-
Munvon's Taw-
raw Pills are un
like all other laxa
tivcs or cathartics.
They coax the liver
into activity by
gentle methods, they
do not scour; they
do not gripe; they
do not weaken: but
they do start all the
secretions of the
liver and stomach
in a way that soon
puts -these organs in
a healthy condition
and corrects coniti
nation. uinmjmm
Munyon'a Paw-Paw Pills are a. tonic
to the stomach, liver and nerves. Tbey
invigorate instead of weaken; they en
rich the blood instead of lmpovernhinc
it; they enable the stomach to get all
the nourishment from food that is put
into iU.
"These pills contain no calomel, no dope,
they are soothing, healing and stimulat
ing. They school the bowels to act with
out physic. Price 25 cents. r
If yon are nervous, can't aleep and are
weak -and run down and need a .wine
stimulant use Monyon Paw-Paw, Tonic,
For sale, at all Drug Stores.
Its pure Natural Carbonic Acid Gas,
acts as a Gastric Stimulant and Tonic
and promotes the Digestion and Assimilation
of even the Richest Food.
tion of the parade. Tho- westerners arc
coming to Washington in a special train
as the representatives of the Democratic
central committee of Maricopa County,
Ariz., with headquarters In Pheonlx.
Washington tailors are already being
swamped with orders for pink coats to
bo worn by members of exclusive hunt
clubs who will have a section of their
own In the parade. Tho hunt club
entry list Is growing dally and Includes
thn namps or nromlnent social leaders of
SVashlngton, Philadelphia, New York.
Richmond, Va., and other cities.
The public comfort committee, of
which M. I Weller Is chairman, has
arranged housing accommodations for
all troops of State militia that have defi
nitely announced that they will par
ticipate In the ceremonies.
A big representation of, Pennsylvania
militiamen in the parade Is assured. In
line will be Company A. Engineer Bat
talion, of Scranton: First Infantry, of
Philadelphia; Fourth Infantry, to whlcl)
will be added Company K, Eighth in
fantry, of New Tork, and Company I,
Thirteenth Infantry, of Easton, and the
Tenth Infantry.
The following were named vesterday by
Chairman Isaac Gans, of the fireworks
committee, as a subcommittee tQ assist
him In running off the programme on tha
night of March 4 and to see to the care
of the grounds about the Kllipso. where
the Ireworks display is to take place:
A. E. OfTutt. S. J. Prescott, John
Shughrue. Howard Moran, I C Wilson.
N. C Hargrove. Monln Sanger. A. G
Buhran. J. L. Norrls, Prank Glllen, and
Col. John L. Clem.
West Virginia Senators File Docu
ment with Senate Com
mittee. The Senate Committee on Privilege)
and Elections again considered, but took
no action upon tho memorial signed by
Oov. Glasscock of West Virginia, con-
cering the charges of fraud In connec
tion with the election of Senators Chil
ton and Watson of that State The
committee recelcd a confidential state
ment from the two Senatom. in which
they make general and specific denial of
the allegations set forth In tho memorial
and offer prima facie evldcnco that the
charges were a "frame up ' This Is
shown in connection with the principal
charge which Is based upon an alleged
statement of L. J. Shock, a member of
the Legislature. tQ the effect that ho had
been paid J1.0") to vote for Chilton and
Watson and that he had been promised
an additional 11.500
In connection with the document filed
by the two Senators, is set forth a let
ter from Shock addressed to Watson, in
hleh he declares that he set up tho
whole business and that no one tried
to buj his ote and further declaring
that he had never made any such state
ment under oath He sals that he fa
vored the election .of McGraw and
thought that If he "mado a play" to tho
effect that he had received S1.00 it would
hurt Chilton and Watson and that so far
as he knows the flection was fair and
honest Charges of a less serious char
acter in the memorial are also answered.
t. S. Pert of Amcultnrr. Weither Flurrsa.
VI uhinctoa, TucaUr. TVb. . 1S1S-S n. m.
Tlie temprri-e will be .oraewhat Itjwer Wednea-
4.T in the AUintie sua Gnlt Bttl wl will w-n
tinue below tbe normal Wednradar and Thnrsdar in
the 6eit cmtral ralleys, the lxe rccioa. the tlaiss
Suteo, an the NorthwraU
The wtotla alu tbe New England Cnaat will he
moderate wit and nrrthwrat on Uie 3IMle Atlas
tic CWt Usht to moderate wrat snd northwest: on
the Houth Atlantic and East C.ulf route Irht taria
ble. on Uie Wett Gulf Coaat Uzht raat. on Lake
Michigan moderate west and northwest.
Xocal Temperatures.
ItidnliM. 33, Z a. m . 34. 4 a. m.. 31. a.
i, 2; R
. m.. 33. a. m . 3J. K noon. 33 2 r m.. 37 (
p. m. 41.6 p, m.. 38, 8 JX. ra 35, 10 p. m., 33. Hub
rJ. 41. lowest. 31
Relatlre humldltr-4 a m . II 2 p. m 63. S It ra
ta Rainfall 18 r m to p. m I. 0 1 Honm of
sunshine, 75. rT cent of pnwble sunhlne 76,
Temperature earns date last rear Uifheat, 30, low
est, 13.
Temperatures In Other Cities.
Trrareratures in other cities, tocetter with tb.
unount of rainfall for the twentr-tonr boon ended at
t p, ex resterdaj-, are as follows:
Max. Stln. turn. fall.
Ashenlle. N. C 3 33 31
Atlanta, (la . 44 33 (3
Atlantic Cttr. V J 3S 33 "I
Bismardc, N'. Dak.. W 10
Boston. Mans 34 10 3 OM
Buffalo. N T 31 JO 3t 0 01
CbKwp. Ill 3) 11
Cincinnati. Ohio 36 14 31 0 01
Cheyenne. Wro 14 0 8..
DaTeaport, Iowa 16 6 10 ..
Denter. Colo .. . . 33 12 13
Lice Molnra. Iowa. II 10 8 0 01
Duluth. Minn -10 -32 -II
(lalretton Tex.. 52 . 44 50
Helena. Vfont -4 - 0 08
Indianapolis. Inrf... 34 8 11
Jacksonrllle, 11a 64 44 58 0 It
Kansas City, Mo 25 14 3
Uttle Itot, Ark J8 S3 36 ....
Lr Angeles Cal SO 46 H
Marqnelte. Mich 2 4 -10 ....
Memphis, Tean 40 33 38 ,fZ.
New Orleans. I 54 44 54 ':...
New Vor. T 34 25 3 0.12
North Ilatte. Nrtr. 12 10
Omaha Nebr 14 II am
l-hiladelphia. I'l 3 30 30
1-ittsbunr, Pa 38 It 22 010
Tortland. He ... 32 3) 24 OM
Portland, Ores 46 34 0.10
calt Lake Cltj. Utah 13 3? 41 ....,
ht, Lonis, Mo 30 II S
M. rant, nnn - 12 -10
han Francisco Cal- 44 58 ..,
Spnnrfeld. IU 20 10 IB
Taoncna. VVash 38 . 33 0 IS
Tampa. Fla 78 f 70 ....
Toledo. Ohio. 22 12 14
John P. Monroe, 17. and Vera E. vSrlcn, SSL
Kef. Andrew J. Carey
Courtlaod 8 WtnBeld. 25, of Bonaon, Vi., and
EUzabeth'D McOomba, 24, of Culnrprr, Va. Iter.
J llmninc Xelms.
Charlra H Martin, 26. and Graa M Jones. 11
Iter John C BalL , .
Michael McDermott. 23. sod JIarr Reidr. 3. Rer
Thomas 8. ree.
rani A. Schlerf. 37. and Necis K. Bryan." 33.
nT. John T. Huddle. 4' t
narrr ,S. Crapo, Ta. and Mary EL trCoanor, 2L
Iter. Theroa Ontwafer
(corn- F. Mitchell. 40. ard Lottie Knar. 30. of
Marietta. Ohio. Iter, W. V. Barnes,
Francis A. fllrmnoes. 23wand Marr G. Armor. 2S.
Eer. John.SC Cooper.
orren vAtwooa. -a, a Asneruie, n. a, ana
Edith n. Cornish. 23. of SrrisiseM Miss. Rer.
William S, Carroll.
Frederic J. OToole. 30. of Fetersbtmr. Vs and
KatherlraTKIrby; 28. Rer. J. A. Cowan.
John R Shield, , and Grace R. Tomer. 21
Iter. C, R. Stetson.
J. Horsey. ,23, and Marexret Curtis, 19
R. Jaduon, 3. and Carrie Fairfax,. 30,
W. G. White. 31, and Hattie E. Halton, 21
Largest Morning Circulation.
Will Deliver Free Lectures
and Demonstrations Every
Day Next Week.
Mrs. Ruggles, Formerly Armstrong,
Coming Under Auspices of The
Washington Herald.
night here. In the home of Dr. Wiley
and other cure food experts, an authority
with a nstlonal reputation for scientific
and appetizing cooking, is going to gle
a course of lectures under the auspices of
The Washington Herald The authority,
the piece de resistance In the world of the
good housewire and the epicure, Mrs.
Helen Huggles, formerly Armstrong, be
ginning Monday, February 10, and last
ing until February 15, Inclusive, will be
at National miles' Armory Halls, where
demonstrations will be given
Mrs. Huggles, nee Armstrong. Is with
out question the leader In her specialty.
Kvery afternoon, from 1 until 5 SO o clock,
she will give practical lessons on how to
make and cook appetizing things, on the
second floor of the Itltles' Armor) while
the first floor will he dc.otrd to exhibits
of the leading Industries of Washington.
The lectures and demonstrations will bo
free, and, a. National Hlfles Armory
Halls, O street, between Ninth and Tenth.
Is so easy of access, they will undoubt
edly be largely attended
Absolute!) Tree Ml.
Kvery woman and girl reader of Tlio
Washington Herald, Interested In tho
art of cooking, will hae nn opportunity
to attend next wpek a series of lectures
and demonstrations giien by a noted ex
pert on this subject. Mrs Ruggles
This course In scientific cooking will be
held under the auspices of The Wash
ington Herald and there will be no ad
mittance fee or any other charge what
soever. It I frco to every ono who
wishes to attend Mrs Huggles Is an
expert In domestic science and a noted
autrorlty on the subject of cooking. In
every city where she has given this
most remarkable course In tho art of
oooklng, the lecture room has been
crowded to the utmost capacity, and
In some Instances many wrro turned
away because of lack of seating ca
The Herald Is particularly fortunat
In being able to secure the sen Ices o
Mrs Huggles and the ladles of thli
community will hae the rare opportun
Ity of studlng the difficult art of cook
ing under such a competent and inter
esting lecture-demonstrator.
Lectures Cover a Wide Tinner.
An abundanco of worth-while Infor
natlon will be crowded Into this ono
week of tho Herald's Cooking Course.
Mrs Ruggles Is a most Interesting speak
er and has a delightfully friendly per
sonality. In addition to being a thorough
culinary artist of wonderful ability.
During tho week beginning Monday.
February 10. Mri Muggles will not only
lecture on and demonstrate how to pre
pare a complete menu each day, but
win thoroughly e-iplaln thirty-six fun
damental principles of cookery. In ad
dltlon she will teach the whes, mothers
and daughters of this community how
to cut down the cost of living how to
bu, prepare and senc delicious and ap
petizing food, how to run an absolute!)
sanitiry kitchen. Including a great
many aluable hint in regtrd to the
saving of labor, time and fuel in the
preparation of food
"There is no such thing as luck in
baking." says Mrs. Huggles. "If the
Ingredients are good, the measurements
correct, the heat uniform, and other
details minutely accurate, good results
aie ausoiuteiy nssurrtM. Mrs. Huggles
will prove these asertlons at each
session of the Herald's Cooking Course
next week by actually preparing a va
riety of dishes. Her lectures alone would
be well worth the hearing, and the
actual demonstration right under the eye
win prove nigmy instructive as well as
Sonnfor-elrct rtrndy, of Idaho, Ar
rises In Capital.
James II. Brady, of Idaho, one time
Governor of that State, and recently
elected Senator to fill out the unexpired
term of the lato Senator W. B. Heybum.
larrived in Washington yesterday, and
wiy stake tho oath as senator within a
oar or two.
He may not assume his duties Imme
diately, because Senator K. I. rerky.
Democrat, who was appointed by the
tuojernor of Idaho to serve temporarily.
w .uom.. Up UlUUlvH UlttllCIB in uie Den
51 c. ana nts newiy erccica successor has
no desire to crowd him.
Senator .Brady Is a 'Republican, and
when he assumes tho oath of office. It
will make a change of two votes In the
political complexion ot the Senate for tho
rest of the present session.
Farort Barean In Library.
The Senate Committee on Library yes
terday authorized a favorable report on
a bill Introduced by Senator La Follette
some time ago. creating In tHe Library
of Congress a bureau to be known as
the Congressional Reference Library,
and providing for a xhlef and assistants.
A like bill has been Introduced In the
Housl by Representative John. M. Nel
son of, w Iseonsin.
Trae Reformers Meet To-night,
The True Reformers of tho Washington
division will hold their second monthly
mass, meeting in their membership cam
paign contest 'against tho St. Louis divi
sion In True Reformer Hall this evening,'
at which time also will be heldSa memo
rial service and the organization of a
memorial fountain Jn memory of Walter
RGrlffln. who was killed In a railroad
accldent'last yeah K
To Cure a Heaoaeat
Ton must rirst remove the cause. Most
headaches are caused by "a disordered
stomach. HofTs Lemon SeldliU will put
your stomach In the pink ot condition
ataa, if-- ' - e L
WtAhlnxton. Fib. I. IllX
That the foU3ii)x ttpecil rrfultUon for Urn
lrioTtUoii of pubfio order M the TTjtvtioo irf ltfo
i-rvd property on th occasion of the icauicuntloa
of tho iTwJdfTit-eJrct. on tbe 4th of March. Ml
to be In fura oca verk prior to Mid tnaajrantloa.
darfaz uU iiunrUloa, and on wtrk wbaeqtient
thtfrrto. ra pabUihed and rromnltsa-Led und
authority of Joint resolution of CoDrrr-s ap
HtdtM January 23, 191X
Bald naolutlon mdi. is part, a follo-n:
".Said Commlstfionirri ire hereby author
ized aad dlnctrd to max aft maorjable niula
Uooa Mcciftary to cnra arti ptrw-rratlon of pub
IIo order and protection of ltfo aad property and
ftxinx fire by puNlo oooTryaiwe and to make
special regulatloiu rpir-ecllng the- standing, more
mrnta. and oprraticc of Tehldea of whatever
rharacter or kind durins aald rwrlod. and flxtnx
farea to be charged for me use of. the aame.
Buch irculationa hall be m force one week i-rior
to utd inaofuraUon, durina mVX Inauguration, and
one week auhaeqoent thereto, and thall be pub
liihed in one or mora of the dally newspapers
purJUbM In the District of CHumMa: and in -ch
other manner aa the Commislonera may deeEtl
best to tcqnaiat the pubtto with the Mine; and
no penalty Tytcr-br,i 'or the vlolatuon of any of
aneh Wfulatlno ahall be enforced until ftre day
after aw-h pnbllcatlon. Anf nrwrn riolatlnz any
of audi iTruttVon ahall t ruble for eadi wrh
offence to a fine not to exceed $100 in tbe Police
Gntrt of mVI District, and in default of payment
thereof to imr-vonment In the wrrthoti nf aald
DUtrict, for not loncer than afxty daya."
Seetinn 1 Whm two or more bone it motor
vehjriea are aaaerablln.r r hare aa-vernUM toJ
cetber. It ahall be the ifuty of any ir4lre of
fleer to resulate the manner of their arriral and
departure, their poaltion while atandlnff, an-l to
rauift the drrrera and or-rratora therenf to art at
all times tn an orderly manner, and any driter or
orperator or, other peraon who ahall obrtrurt aay
poliea officer In the pcr'tinnancr of hU dntiea
or who ahall refuse to bey mny order ctren by a
police otjicer la the dlw-harce of any duty here
under ahall be liable to the penalties hereinafter
hmpned, aa set forth in aeetloo 17. and. further.
In the ootwuec. nnnni. ana eaieratioo oi; any ana
all rehldes of whataoerrr kind, the drirers of the
tame abajl be coverned by and be aphject to the
traffic; regulations fOTernln the District of Colum
bia, ttj addition to th- foreKoIne rfmUlfvn.
Hrrtlrvti J. The acheduli of rates fur harka and
other puMIe TebJHe. irfwribioa: tflp and boor
charrea fne the tran-nrtavKm of vutntsm. as
aft ferth In the PoIk Reculatirns of the Diwrlet
of CoJumbU. ahall apply to all hacks, ooarhea, cr
other Tehldea, on week pri to uH tnauifsra
tion. durtnjt, said lnausuratioa, and one week sob
aeaoent thereto.
rVrtlon X The Khednle of fares by hackr. cab.
aaUXDobllef. acd other public ccareraccu shail
be a foUqwi:
50 cents
25 cents
Ons cr Two rsssecrers
Each Additional Passenrer
bt the nocn
One rf Two Iasenirrs ....,
Three or Four rasseorrr...
60 cents
30 cents
Ore or Two fajenren
Each Additional raner..
One cr More raasewrrs .
When rrtJdes an Mt err-ard bT the hour, trip
When charses for trip or trips exceed rates pt
In ea-w of rliacrrnent ltrrn the dntrr and
riwiTe of a r-ibUo ehlrts reUtite to Uie lexal
fare to be psW. tbe drirer shall eonrey tbe paaaen
trr to the x-sret prjs-e staUon where tho cfntrr
In chanr. shall Immediately deride the rase and
if the decision Is In famr ti the pisseni-er the
direr shall cunrey Mm from tho police station to
his orurlnal destlnaUon without additional charre.
If the rassenrer Is about to leare the dty by
railroad, steamboat, or otherwise the rolice o-Tictr
on duty st ihe depot cr wharf Shalt decide the case
The drirer of any horse-drawn pobtle rehlde who
may be required to traie! by tbe roost direct
rout, more than fifteen square, to nuke rrspoo-e
to a call, may charre an xlditional 3 cents there
for Children between file snd twette years, reie-half
rates. Children not excemrnc two. under fife
years ti ace. scoompanied by ad-llta, no charre
shall be made
The drirer of any horse-drawn Terirlo shall re
entillol to make a charre not to errd 2i reros
for each trunk, and 19 rents for esch Urrr ralise
or nsc carried outside tho tehide and each paa
sensrr shall be entitled to tare cornered without
charee such other ralise er small packet ss ran
be oonrraientli earned wtc.tr. the rehlde. The
drlser shall ksd and unload all bsrrars wlUiout
Each ard erery licensed puNkl automobile occn-
nd. twiMie snare and offered for Public hire
shall he autberlred to charre not more than 14
per hour for automobilem rarrying four passenrrrs
or less and X can's srlcee yrr hour for ach addi
tional paerer. and that these rates shall bo
displayed In the automobile and be made dear
to paseentTTS at Uie rim. r xno mnr
(a) TaxK-ab. and motor rehieles. with meters to
rrmsttr dUunces trateled. AT HOTELS ARE
NOT PLTILIC EHICLES. but for uso of hotel
(bl Tailcahs on tbe public stands or streets,
where they are classed ss public Tehldcs. if they
hire to any other than hotet (nests. AND HAVt.
nliht Ooo to tn persons. For the first 'a miles
or fraction thereof, fa rents. Each "i miles there
altar. 10 cents. Each four minutes of waltlni. W
rents Rata per mile or fraction th-reef for cabs
tratellr empty outOde or tne two miu-i r.u..
t..,r,M AwHhd n rents. Csrrrlnz ons truik
M cents. No charge for handbars or dress snlt
esses, carried inside cab. sir more man is "
each passetijrer. or for chilaren under aeren years
of ae. AddlUonal ranafe, 30 cenU each rj.
No rhsne made for pan" " retumlnj to or from
sny point within two miles or point of call rrora
which cab la ordered, when such distance Is trae
eled wllhout imssener or passengers.
UNION 8TAT10N SERVICE. Same aa District
of Columbia serrice .
THEATRE SERVICE. Within two miles cC
point ot call tn any theatre and rrtnm shsll be
not mors than SJ for one er two persnns, not more
than J4 for three, four, or (Ire persons. Delays
coing to or rrtorruna- rharsrd for at U0 per hour
Beyond two milea limit chsrrei tamo as District
of Columbia tariff. ....
RECEPTION SERVICE Mjhl ertioo within
three miles of poml nl1 ,0 destination snd re
turn, a flat rate of not toots than JSj shsll be
charted, any rmmber of s-ssenseri; DeUrs m
routs or retnrninz. aamn as THEATRE TARIFF
Beyond three miles limit, rerular UriS rates shall
bs charged. ... ..
Th radius of tsro tulles from the Union Station
extends to Michigan Aienne on the north, four
teenth. Street and Florida A emus and Dupnot Cir
cle on the northwest. Mneteentn nirert, ana irun
STlrania" Asenno on th. west, the wiarrea and
War College, on the south, the Nary Tard and
pAnsTlTsnia. inne Bridge on the southeast.
Corgreaslonal Cemetery on the east, and Mount
Olhet Cemetery on the northeast.
HOURLY SIGHTSEEIMi llM. n per soor,
any rmmber of persons.
evert autouobH.B NOT USINO TAXI-
JtETERS. occupileg rsiblia space for public hire.
snail cnargo not more un s-" uwu " "TO
four passengers, and SO cents per hour for esch
additional passenger iws -raes usu i u.
playca In sutomobtrej snd made dear to passen
ters st Urns of hiring tho msdjlne. ,.
TAXIMETERS shsU not rhargs more than Jl
per passenger per trip, each trip to be of not
less than one hour's duraUon. Any lesee, owner.
operator, manager, or person in cnargo oi any
mch tehide may be held responsible for any
lolatlon of any of the lorrgoing pronaions m
this section.'
Note: Each tailcab most be equipped with an
efficient Illuminating derlce, so as to enable the
passenger or passengers in sitji Tehide to eon
rnlentle etwerrs at all tiroes the state tt the tax
imeter and tbe achedalo or rates merem.
(ri Taatcabs located W front of hotrtoar not pub-
lio rehldes vhen so located. ,
All other tehldea of whateter character or
kind"-" encaginafja -and perfondns; a public htre ser
tire shall bo gotersed snd be aobjert to the rates
established for publlo Tthtdcs, unless first con
tracted for to the contrary.
cetloov. Street cars, hsrdkj, motor reticles,
and other realties not otberwlsa prortded for. acta
not Interfere with any parsd. nor with the forrnav
Uaa. mtrchlDf. or dlsbamfment thereof; and. It
shall bs tbs duty of Use polio dunes; soca for
mation.' msrchlnf. or dllbsndment, as the case
may be. la atoi,oxti can, mntor. or other Tebides
as mibt interrnpt or Interfere with said forma
tion, marcbins. or dlsbiodment.
Section 9. Dnrint tbe fourth day of March. 1)13.
no person shall tn aBoweO,w tntruds with any
Tchlcle. stand, box, or ooetnetion of any kind
upon any street, arenoe, or alleyway, wlthla stity
yards of tas line of, parade or within the Toped
spaos on any Intertertlnc street, arenas, ar aueyway
set aside sod Indicated by printed alms or ropes,
except by rrrmhaloo of the )laJor acd Buperia
tendent of Police.
amotion 4V o box or boats, barrel tor barrels,
table or tables, ladder or ladders, chair or chain,
or other' obstruction or obstructions shall be placed
or lorated on or alone the sidewalks or footways
adjacent to or eontixuoos to tb. line ot rsrads.
Any person or persons ocenpyina; such boies. bsr
rels, table ladders, chsiri, or other obstrnettons
therron shall be oonsidend siolalors of this rrn
lation. Section T. The plirlnx or loestinr of W or
boiea, barrel or barrels, tatue or umee. laaier or
Udden. ehslr or chairs, or other obatmedor. on
any reaenatlon which may be art suds snd deaix
nated for the display of fireworks by tbe Inanzursl
Committee, or on say street, arenoe, or sUeyway
adjacent thereto. U prohibited, and any pertoo or
rrrsons oo-aprlns; bolts, barrels, tables, chairs, lad
ders, or other obstroctJons therein shall bo con
sidered TioUtors of this rernlaUon.
Vcllon, t. The postlnl of handbills, circulars, ot
pnoers on any part raits of say reriew sund
without written permission Trom the proper officers
of the Itisoeursl Ccrnxnittee is forbtdden.
Tho dUtrlbutlon of hsndbUls. dodsers. and ad
rrtUInt maUer e rlrciilar trscter in. on or
sbnot the streets snd siennes of the District of
Columbia Is prohibited by Uw.
Section 9. Tba sal of Intoxicants on sny Gor
erament resertttlon or on say street, srenae. r
tnorouaMar. In tie District of Columbia. Is yro
hiMted. and the throwlnf. casting-, or tuseaarxlrii
uf .-onfetll or kindred a-rbstsnes on persons or
jwci.rty. or th. ssVs or ns. of ticklers or other
in.entlon. or oner kind of norelUes to be njed
for tho annoyance, of any person, la jrohlbited.
Section 10. No person of known eill character
shall sell or offer for sals any tvsdje, sourenlr. or
.im m utv of tbe streets, arermes. or al
leyways or rrsemtioos In the District of OcJan.
bls; nor shall say person sell or oler for sale
... . win. merohandlse. or other article
snr coods. wares, merchandise,
kw4 iM.nrt .. tn rsuss the
th. public sny incoa
senience or discomfort: nor by Joud or nnneces
.n miterr adtrrtise for sals anyTvIze. sonseolr
or other article: and any and sU Persons rrtri
for sale sny of the sbote-named articles shall b.
subject to the orders of the rpUoo a. to lbs
maintenance of peace, order, snd procl'ty
.h.ii tt er offer for sals ary card.
,.-,1- or other article that may h. termed
rulrar or indecent, order penalty as prescribed In
fOrtlori IT hereof
No person shall pre. loan, or sell to any person.
Each Additional
llro Squares or
Each Additional
Fire Hquare or
Parts ttat bquaree
rarU of Sauires
15 cents
10 cents
60 cents
SO cents
20 cents
15 cents
Each Additional
Esch Additional
Quarter Hour or
Fart Thereof
Tart Tnereof
25 cents
30 cents
25 cents
35 cents
Esch Additional
Fire. Squares or
Esch Additional
Kir. Squares or
Parts of Njuares
lwrts of Sq-iarcs
15 cents
10 cents
80 cents
40 cents
15 cents
15 cents
Each Additional
Es-rh Additional
Quarter Hour or
Quarter Hour er
Part Thereof
Part Thereof
35 cents
40 cents
rates shall bs chanred.
hour, enures shall bs by the bour
nor suall any rsrrson rsrry or display anr imitlti'm
or toy retolrer In the District of Columbia.
No person shall offer, solicit enotrsrt fw or en
gage himself or herself as a "City Guide, "Wash
legion tluide." or guide rer tisttors ar-nt the
streets and arenues of the District of Commbis.
or wear or display any bfclgs ss sn inducement for
such emnloymcnt or patronage without first secur
ing from the Capyaln of me rm-inct where be or
she pursues surh calling, a ceriflcate of rood stand
trig and qualiftr-atinn ss .ch snd. soliciting or
loitering by such person In the sicicity of niblic
nuildinss. hotels, or such i.ihlic places la prohib
ited Section 11 It shall he unlawful for any person
to In aay manner eonrey, transport, or carry
through or upon any public stenoe. stret. cr high
way In the District of Columbis any sign, sdter
tlsing 'desire, or other object which night frighten
horses or nhstnict the free passage of pedevtriana oo
the sidewalks of any asemre. street or alleyway
Section 11 The police shall sssist in preserrtng
rsiblia order within tho Capitol grounds donng.
tho fourth day of March, 113. and rerre space
In that locality needed for ths tnosements of th.
inaugural parade, and hacks, ooarhea. and other
resides assembled therein shall ocrupy such stands
er positions aa may bo designated by tbe police,
before, during and ircmediatety following tas Inau
gural etrrrises, and In eerry way comply with
Section 1 of these regulations.
Section 13. The Major and Superintendent of
roue is anthnrued to tempwanly dose, by rope
or otherwise such roping beginning on the third
day of March. 1)13. the streets Indnded In the
routa of the l&sugural parad. of March 4 DO. and
such inter-rcting strreta. arenues. slleywaya, or
reserrauons as tne Major and Fuprriatcndent of
Polio, ahall designate, by sod with the spnrorsl
cr tne ijoramissioners ta ine uistrlct of Columbia.
Section 14. The Major and Superintendent of
roliee. or his authorized representatires, shall in
spect any rerletr stand and other reriew places or
premises, with the tiew sf rrerenting the tnru
thorized use of any combustible materlat store.
gasoline, or other aplances which might be dan
gerous to llfs snd property.
Section 15. No one shall aang or suspend adrer
ttslrx aigna. sheets, dothrs, or other srtides on
Ihe front of any bulldicg. unless duly authorized
or In aronrdanre with the existing police and build
ing regulations.
Section Is. The rsoprietors or lessees of any
premise, er rsxfjdings used for temporary honstrg
or quarters, shall maintain the same In s strict
ly sanitary condition and the same shall be subject
to Inspection by any pobe or health officer at
all times, and such changes. Improvements, or rem
edy shall be applied as may bo required by laid
No temporary stand or rebide ed ss such shall
be erected or maintained within tho limits of the
lnaugaral rerada arenues or streets, without per
missioa first haTmg been obtained from the lnaa
rural Committee or, the Major and Supenntsndent
of roiic
Section 17. Any person tiolating any of the pro
tlslons of any of the foregoing regulations, shall
on Trnrlctioa In the, Tolie. Court of the District
of Colombia, bs liable for esch snd rsrry such
offense' to a fine not to esceed $103, and in default
of raiment thereof, lo lmDrlsonment in tbe work
house, as prorlded in the resolution of Congress,
approted January 29, 1913.
Fcr the Information of all croccr!, tho follow-
lrg sections of the law rtlatlr. to tho maintenance
of publlo order in the District of Colombia, are
Indnded herewith and mads a part hereof, aa
follows t
'That It 'ahall be unlawful for any rwrson or
persons within the District of Columbia to congre
gate and assemble in any street, arerrje. alley,
road, or highway, or In or around any rsiolle bund
ing or tnclosure. or any park or rcserratlou. or st
the entrance of any pnblic building or iadosure.
and engage In loud or t-rfrteroua talking and other
disorderly conduct or to Inmlt or make rude or
obscene gestures er comments, or obsertstions on
persons passing by or in their hearing, er to crowd,
orwtntet, or tnontamods th. tnt use of any such.
street, arerrae. slier, rcsd. hlgnwsror sny ot
the foot psrements thereof, or the free entrance
Into sny rtibtic or pritate building or enclosure,
that it shall not be lawful for any person or per
sona to swear, corse, or make use of-4ny profane
language, or tndecent or obscene words, or engage
In disorderly coodnct la any street, atenne. alley.
road, highway, pnbllo park, or lndosorr. public
building, charch. or sssembly room, or in sny other
niblla nttce. or la soy place waerefrom ihe same
may be heard in any; street, arenur. alley, road.
nvgnvay. nuuie perk. or incuture. or oiner duikj-
lng, or in any premises other than those where
the offense wtt rommiued. under a pecalty cf not
mora than 5 for each, and erery offense."
"That ths following described persons la the
District of Columbia are hereby declared to be
"Idle persons who. not hating tisible meana of
sirpport. lire without lawful emptormrnt; persona
wandering abroad and rlslting tippling shops or
houses of ill time, or lodging la groceries, out
bouses, market ptaere, sheds, bams, or in tb. open
air, and not airing a good account of thessselree;
persons sranderina? abroad and toning, or trha an
about from door to doer or place thraielra' la
the atreeta, Mjjtnrxja. paaaarea, or pUcr pabUl
pUors to bet r receite alraa,
"All persons leading aa Idle, bnoural, ot
rrofltrate life who hare bo reoppftr., t aapfftrt
them aad who are able of body to work and who
do cot work, lnrfodfnit all ablt-bodW persona
wIGtmt other rlslblo means of aopprxt who p.n
lire la tdlenese trpon the wazes or earntnfa of their
mother, wife,, or tninor child or chlMrtn.
"EVery person kacieni to be a pickpocket, thief,
bnrjriar, er confldeoce orerator. either by hla own
rjnafrssioa or by hla baring been noeTlcted la the
District of Columbia or elsewhere of either of aoeh
offe-Dses, and harfnr no Tisible or lawful meana of
support, when found loitering around In any bnOd
1nt perk, hirhwiy. street, aremw. alley, or res-
crrauoo. steamboat landisf. rulroad 6pnC Stat km.
banktor Instltutioa, bfotcr ocTlor, place of mxH
ment. room, store, shop, publla place, or car. or
omnibus or other rehlde, or at any public rather
in or aasembty.
rersona upon whom shall be found any tnatni-
meat, tool, or other Implement used for the cwn
mission of burztary or the crn-0LUloQ of any other
crime aralnat pror-erty, or for pteki&c - nr
pocket i, wti- ahall fall to aire a rood amxint of
the posseaalon of tbe same, and all prrMms who
by the common law are tumnte whether embracnl
la aay of the fonro.t4r cUaiflnUana or not
"That rrery prrsoa In the inatrict ct t-ocam-b!a
who shall be coortcted of Tarrancy under tbe
prorr-irwa of this Act shall be required to enter tatu
aerurlty in a aura cot ncredlrar $3)0, oooditioned
upon hl snal l-ebarior and induitry for a rriM
cf tmm year, and If he ahall fail to .riff audi se
curity he ahall be committed to tbe workhouse in
tbe said Dbtnet for a term not to eireed one year.
The twcnt-ity herd a mentioced shall be In the na
tore of a nccenfzanue to the District cf Col urn
Na with a surety or sureties to be arpnrred by
the rolioa Court of the "Id DLttnct tn whirl,
court all prreiitions under thi Art ahall t
wwlueted in the manner now inwirid by law
for the ryoArcutioa of offense rtioit the laws
and ordinances of the said Diatrict. but nnthinr
contained In section 41 of tbe Code of Law for the
District of Cbtambia shall be so construed as ta
create cr lire to the acruied. In pfoieouttons undT
Ufa Act. any richt to trial by Jury not existing bj
force of the ConsUtotlon of tb United States."
Commlffsioeierti of the District of Cohnnbta
The Corcoran
Gallery of Art
Will Reopen to the Public on
in th. dty, in order to dtscoter talented pupila tor
scholarships, makes ths reduced rate of S for entire
term (can be paid Mc per lesson). Violins aad sraa.9
famlshsd free. J Box (0, Herald.
nonsargicsl. 40O-psgs book free. Apply by mall. )ll
Colorado Bldg. rTts lacttrs for tromes Wsdnndait
at 530 p. m. tll-tf
Mountain-grown Grain
i Pntta I I. need etdrjitely la milhuj
RIILLCK d MUlrr-t Self-rsialiig Buckwheat
Oell-naiSing . , always whnleun. and es
D,tMsVu,k..4 I ceptionally delknoua. Try MILL
DUCnnneai , er-S ml time.
DAt your grocer . No coraumers nrplied.
AVboleaalera, 11th and 31 ts. S. E.
Table Luxuries. Elgin Butter.
236E8U N.E. Phono L. 497
Wa Cite Votre la The Berald's S3 000 Occtaat,
i.v tiib t rp.oic cornT or the pis
trlrt of Columbia holdica a Ii-tnrt Cnurt.
In re The ettshUhmetit of a buildics lTne en t-s
foith atde of r,4umbu. Itoad beti--en TcuTtfeTith
and Flfernth Strrrte orthwet in the District
of Columbia. Distrkt Cmrt .Na 10O
Notice U herebe rfrrn that the CoinmUNOorr t-4
Lthe District cf rolumWa. pursuant to the pcmisinrs
cz sn Art ot Lxmrrewi anxoTni June a ia rn
titled "An Art tid-njr for the raNishm4rat of
uniform tuildlnff line on ttrrets in the District of
Colamtria, less than ninety feet wide bate Clci
a petltiawi In this Ctwirt rearina the e'-ndrranatim.
of tbe land ncpeary fcr the erfabbJiment cf a uni
form biiktic line on the snuth side of Colunibla
Itoeui. betwern tTmrtt-nth and rineeclh -sttrets
Northweft, in tbe District cf Columbia aa shown
en a plat or map filed with the aaJd petition as
part therenf, and prajins aim that a jury of fire
Jivlicioue. dlUsTT-twl men not related to any per
aon tiTterested in these trocredlco and not in the
tvrfice or emr-lorment of the Dbtrict of Colurabia.
or of the Cnited Statci. be Mnnraotwd by tbe United
States Marshal tor tho Du-tnct of Colombia to
as-e-t the damarcs esch owner of land to be tstra
may auetaia by reaoa of the eablUhment of aatd
unift-ro bcildlnx line on the south side of ColamNa
K-nad. for which this proceedinz has been Insti
tuted. acd-Hhe condenination of the land nt-tv-wry
fcr the xwrpr-w-s thTeof and to a-e-ra as beneflta
resulting therefrom the entire smount of said dam
a?9. inctudlnc the expenses of the-e roceedisra
upon the land ia the aquare in which said bulM
ine line Is- (o be tabltshed and In the insrr
crmfrctins: said square, as pro-nded fnr ia and br
the aforesaid Act of Cbocrewu It is by th Cmrr.
this Sst day of January, A. D . tt. ordered that
all pemoo harUr any interest in these troceed rr
be, and they are hereby warned and command rt
to an-rar in this Crwt on or before tbe 3T11 D Y
ok February; a. d.. iix st w o'clock a m ,
and coettnue In attmdanc until th Court shall
hare made its final order ntifrtnjt and conflnnlraj
the 'award of damar-s and the aasewunent of bene
flta cf the Jury to be empaneled and sworn herrtn;
and it la further ordrred. that a copr of this notice
and order be published onre )n the Washington
Law ReporVr. and, on three secular daja m the
Waahlnffton Ereninc Htar The WaViincton Itcrsld.
and the Washiofton Tost, newtrtreTs published
In the said District, GrYnmentrcc at least ten dare
before tbe aald Sth day of Februarr A D 1JIX
It ia furthT ordered, that a ernrr rrf this notice arxt
crdfr be ?ttM by the United States Marshal, ft
his deputies, upon ch of the cwnem of th-- fe
of the land to be rr-ndemsed herein a may h
rnd by tbe said Marshal, or hi deputlea. within
the Diatrict of Columbia and vr-on the te-nants
and pLCUCsnts of the aame berore the said Sth
dar of February, A D. 11X ASHLEY M.
GOULD. Justice A true rorw Attrwt: (-al
J. R. TOUKO, Clerk By F. E. CCNNINfin 1M,
Awi-tant Clerk. fehJ.4 5
aaey. Practical werk especially adaoted to mess
employed. 44-Fsge bulletin. Can or address. Dtreetoe
cf IdDcatlon. I. II. Q A, int a 8L. vfsahiegton.
UNaiNO. ELoctrnoN.
lO Xhrrata St. na. LlnooU rra.
Of Xttry Dtsjcilr41at-aCodaTaiab PrleasV
XaUhtasasd 1C. CBA& 8. IUBHORJT. M.
J. WILLIAM LEE. rsstrsl Direct
aad ktwhslrstg. lirfry to ctamectson. Cwauvislus
Ovapti aad Modern Orraatortura. aloaast prtosa.
m Vsamsjrianls Atw. nr. Telephone lUla naj.
3Iore than.S per cent mors iron waa mined ta
th. UnitediSutes last1 rear than, ths year befoes
and. when an tba figures bar. beerr enmnUsd. lM
may let-a' new high record for prostaeOaa.
I Wines and Cordials I
.- 4 "
i :,
, - 1.
j -. -it- r . . . .

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