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TISSfSf TSr""5 !
w." d
Fair and continued cold to
day, to morrow warmer
Temperatures vesterdaj Max
imum, 42, minimum, lS.
The Herald has the largest
morning home circulation, and
prints all the news of the world,
with many- exclusive features.
NO. 2322
J? t P fSfSfSSiKK "
Ambassador Wilson's Automobile, Bear
ing White Flag, Fired Upon by Rebel
Forces Consulate a Wreck
Mexico Cm Teb 12 The battle in the streets between tlic forces
t President Madcro and the rebel leader, Gen 1 cli Diaz, was re
netted sliortlv liter da break with almost doubled fun
The dead of Mcrda numbered a thousand '1 o night the eentral
tlioroiijjlmres of thi. capitil of the republic arc i shamble- t mid
night thej were -till timing iwa the Main I he number cannot be
t -timatcd
I ndcr the threatening protest of inbas-ador lNon, supported
bv the minister- of Spam, Germain, and Lngland, in armistice was ar
langcd sliortlv before noon Me is;cs were evclnngcd between Madcro
ml Div IJoth were defiant
Madcro- generals made the fatal mistake ot taking advantigc
. i the truce to moc their line nearer the arsenal which is Diaz's
t 2 ocloik after all negotiations had tailed diaz retaliated with
i terrific fire Hi- hca guns in the street hi- machine guns that now
hue the root edges of the Y AI C and several other high build
mg-, together with Ins sharpshooters, also stationed on the roof-, began
m attack that was like an explosion
-eenl federal batteries were put out of commission
Ihe death toll of innocent citizens natie and foreign was se
iuu in the morning 'but was probablv trebled during the desperate
lighting ot the afternoon
. ... . octiitrjto nhres
V. cju-ei cin- - - i" --
tl e number of ca mlties in to dav -
lighting it WO tlcad mu ouu
w ounded
inrb In CIO
1 siluatlo i lo-i islit Is ne ot chaus
, t, w a,rrhv Kelcma Jail his
. . i .,i -. rn.somrs set cc me
Za patios guirrill
I fKlIU v
of the borcdr have
rebels Th.re are
iome in to J
i poll e Iwn the distant secuuns .
the suburbs art imperiled b) Urm snots
.nd shells Twr Vmencan women were
Killed his miming bv a shill that
,r shed through the nil f an apart
i nt ho i-e vmbassadur W lis. n s luto
mobil oearing a white 1 u. was fired
SmbHssaJor Wil on s deman Is f r in
rmistirc were almost percni ton He
IsiM-d .ut U Mid.ro that tbe United
si tes was "er ins warships to the p- rts
f Mix -o hat conditions in viol it i n of
tie riles if ciMllzed w rfare c uld not
e tolerited
Madero answered tint Da- mist be
taken ilive or dead
Diaz informed the emissaries of the
lowers till hi was mc-elv defending
1 im elf ind that hjs sole objec wis to
free 11 x io from Madero He said that,
if iclorioi- he would withdraw to pri
atc ifc and allow the people to choose
their ovn repr.. entatlve Itut lie would
l ot ield
llolli yarcrn Ile-mforced
Dawn found the embattled federals
and rebels reinforeed and new and lar
ger suns guarding either end of the
streets lcadn g to tie arsenal Diaz s
Mrongl old at d the center of the fighting
It was shortl) ifter S o elork that tie
1 attle was resumed 1 rom then until
10 3D tie cltj was shaken evirv minute
Is the deafening concussion of the biff
(runs while the ride and machine Run
fire was in ossant
Mans of the largest business buildings
have been damaged b shells. The Amer
lean consulate is i ruin and will hue
to be rebuilt The Mutual Life Insur
ai re building was -et on lire bs i shell
tl at tore through tl e wall at the third
storv The fire w is extinguished bs em
ployes at peril of their lives
The cable office wis hit repcatcdl) by
sh lis while the newspaermen were it
work fending iul tl e stors of the hat
tie Shrapnel from hurstii c shells had
flowered through tie k) lights upon
the desks f the writers.
The Mexicin He-aid building has
been badlv damiged 1 ut the merlcans
are continuing to get out the paper
under fre ilthough all the Mexican
papers have suspended publication
During i lull in the fighting about 11
First Aid
Tree lectures b Mr- Helen
rmstrong Ruggles, foremost
domestic science expert, at
ational Rifles Annon Hall,
G Street, near Tenth, North
west, under auspices of
The Washington Herald
Hall with evlnbits opens at
noon, lectures at 2 JO Lvcn
afternoon this week Prizes
for best pupils.
oilock Ambassador Henr I.ane Wilson.
of the I nil d States, accompanied b
tho British Minister Mr W Stronge,
the i.ermin Minister Hi rr vqji Hlntze
and the Spanish Minister Smor Cologan
v Cologan motored to the National
I a lace and demanded in intrevlew with
I re ident Midcro It was promptly
neiiutnil I nd of lighting
Tie representatives f tie foreign
powers set forth in slern terms that the
warfare In the streets of the cltv
occupied bv citizens of the world was
1 arbarous and in violation of the laws
ot moaern warfare
Madero admitted their contention but
ne saia according to reports
f cannot permit the rebels to hold a
position or tne cits Diaz must be de
icatea it in hazards. I nill accept
noni i ini n tning uut unconditional sur
render If he refuv?" he must bo taken
aiive or aead
Th President consented ho ever
me arnngemeit rf an irmisUce Diaz
ij;reen 10 it i h Hamer wis cho en
t . carrv the pn tests f the foreign dlp
I mats to th rel el kaie- at the aise-
.niic in ireu irtillerjmcn tcted on
the r 2ui s inj the infantrs lay behind
urn one iers -ma tne cavalry in
"' ie nea wearilj ufKu tleir
"""'-" i u'ff ounng car wjih a white
aK jo .iib irjn ne glass windshield an I
leinn, the eniiss. rv cf the run..
movel thnuqh the friiral lines.
SuWcnlj a si alter of ballets fell about
It Some detachment of th- ffderal, 1 .-ui
fiileil to et he message announcing
... uw.uaiu an i arparentls did no
know whit a white 1U, mcai t,
Hine ordered tic chauffeur to dnvo
n The hnng crai, ii and he was in
-onfintie wllh D az in a fow nilnutes
rhe lesut of thi corf-renc, has lot
.iTreJ"?,- JUU'C U is lelieved thu
the nbel leader was is gnrr ii Madero
in miintainin his p ,sition ""
Mi el led Iloslneas -eclliin
The rebels shelled tie erv center
;'j; u,vnc, 8ec,,on ,hls S
While walls of commercial buildings
h1CthersTree,b J"" 'h0t fTOm """
rTsn'ea" -5-S
An American woman was killed and
another fatall, injured bj a sh"n that
burst In their kitchen in an apartraenl
senal SeVera' b'Ck8 from hc "
They were Mrs H w Holmes wife
of an emplose of Duns agency and
J Tercv orlfflths wife Tt an em
ploye of the street railway eomDanv
Grriffllhs"lnr W8S k",Cl In"t " Mrl
Grifflths legs were shot off and she
ii dyinc in a hospital 8he
Tlie two women were preparing din
ner when the shell from the federil
lines burst through the wall
Mils Bland an American printer wis
shot through the arm as he "as k
ing along Independence Avenue
3Inny Foreigner. 1oundrl
hrom all section of the cits come re
ports of the injurs of ein,.i. ,rl."
crs as well as Mexlcins. Many of The
The bombardment, which was terrifflc
Sesterdas was doubled in r,,-. Ji .5
damage to-das Diaz endeavored bv a
smothering fire or sharpshooters and ma
chine guns to dislodge the artlllerv of
iAi Vi,. . 'eaerais had fol
lowed the rebels own tartly j 1..
themselves taken roof positions in sev
eral places J rom a distance onlookers
witnessed a battle of the roofs, bplttlngs
of flame rent the clouds of smoke atoo
the tall hull. II-.., .i . "iuiw. aiop
. ---". nuuugnout tne central
portion of the cits Ihe nm- ..?.
gun reports never ceased for the foui
iour ot fighting inthe morning ''
Custodian of Stock Lists of In
surance Companies Defies
the Committee
James Euby-Smith Attacks Engineer
Commissioner Judson in
R W Hewers cjsujlan f tie stool
lists of the First Natloni' nn I Conuner
ciil Fir i Insurance conirai les will be
haled into the co irts is in contempt of
the House of Itepresntatles frr refusal
to f irnlsh tho stibcoirmlttic investlgat
Ing the two companies named with the
ci mplete lnt at stockho ders their ad
dresses in-1 the imount of their hold
Mr riowcr list night rifus&l poin
Hank to furnish the committee with the
deninl nformation He acted under
advice of countel and nud his ntusal
hlch h id biin prepared by counsel f r
tho insurance comparlis The refus.il
was based in the grounds tint the com
mitt o was. without JuriIictun to de
mart ucn Information that such a de
ma.nl contemi lateel a violation of the
consul utionil rights if tl e coinpinles
and thu tho information d-elrd was In
way iiertJnent to the Investigation
whicli the ci mmittee was authorized by
tli House to conduct
On requt if counsel ehalrmin John
son stated that the committee wished
the information In order that it might
I e appended to the report of the hear
Ings for the Information of the stock
holders, who because of their widels
scattered places of residence were un
able to get Into communication with
ach other In case of a desire to make
ans change In the organization of the
Mr Johnson served warning on Rowers
that the committee would do everything
In Its power to enforce compliance with
Its demand
To Invoke the Co art a lid.
ior our information he said v th
committee advises vou that tlir will
ut overy power thes can command,
either on the floor of the House or
through the courts to compel you to
give them this Information
Within the neit few dass the report
of Mr Bowers refusal and alleged con
tempt of the House will be certified to
the Speaker who b$ operation of law
is required to certlfs the same to the
District Utornes The latter will have
Mr Bower indicted bs the grand Jury
for contempt. The offene is a bailable
ctlon immediate!! will begin in the
District "Supreme Court, and from there
the case will be carried to the I nited
btates Supreme Court
Tho decision of the L nited States Su
preme Court will be considered of the
greatest Importance in view of the del
uge of Congressional InvesUgations into
the affairs of private interstate corpora
tlons which have been ordered and of
which the end is not et
The action however will not delay the
committee In the preparation of Its re
port, which mav be expected within the
next two weeks following the Bower
Incident, the committee last night ad
journed subject to the call of the chair
This means thit the Investigitlon proper
now Is concluded unless It Is found nee
e'sars to reopen the record to ilear up
some points
The punishment for contempt is fixed
bs law at a maximum of one vear In
Jail or SI CIO fine or both
District Attorney and Assistant Granted
Permission to Ann Themselves
Lives Are in Danger
New ork Feb 12 s a result of
threats against his life by those who
ire. oj posing him In his work of root
ing out the graft in the police 01 New
1 ork District Attornej v. hitman began
to night to carrs a pistol Although
the district attorney paid little atten
tion to the threats which came In the
form of anonymous letters and telephone
rails their number has Increased no
largely of late that at the Importunity
of his faml Is and friends, the District
Attornes to-da applied to Magistrate
Appleton for permission to carry a rovol .
ver and it was granted Assistant Dis
trict ttomey Jred J Groehl who has I
also received similar threats, was also
granted permission to carrv a pistol for
Mr Groehl has 1 een one of Mr W hit
man s chief aids in uncovering the po
lire sjstem Kraft It was Groehl s per
sistent work that Induced George A. Slpp
to return from tlantlc Cltv and this
brought about the landsh Ie of testimony
before the grind Jury that resulted in
the Indictment of Policeman Tox and
Capt, Walsh and has led the way higher
NelUier Mr Whitman nor Mr Groehl
would comment on the granting of their
permits except to sav that their applica
tlons were made onlj upon the urgent
requests of their friends
The John Doe grand Jurj will recon
vene to-morrow to take up the confession
of Police Captain Walsh
Kev West, Fla Feb li W J Brian
returned to the t nited States this even
Ing from a trip to Cuba and the Isle of
Pines. Mr Br) an was given much at
tentlon in Cuba by the authorities of the
state and cities lie reached Havana
this morning from the Isle of Pines
where he made several speeches to the
Americans th"-e who had invited him to
address them.
It Is hoped b the meriean residents
of the isle that Mr Bo ans visit will
elp them In their plans to sever con
nection w 1th Cuba their purpose being to
become a part ot the l nited States. Mr
Brvan however carcfullv avoided the
subject In all his speeches on tho Isle.
i g.JjB 'I ii i "fli'iij
Ambassador Henry Lane Wilson and
His Headquarters at Mexico City.
mrrtran realdenta of Mexico City
would fiad (be United Statra Enbim
there a comfortable retreat la the
event of their havlnc to aeek the. pro
tection of the Stara and Stripe, durlnc
thr present turnjoll of the Dlaa and
Madero adherent.. The building ta un
usually large and well equipped It
would afford ample aeeommodaUnn for
the larce number of Izoerlcana notv
In the Mexican capital
First Announcement When
Nominations Are Sent to
the Senate.
Reports Regarding His Intentions Ruf
fle President-elect's Temper Hs
Precedents for Action.
1 rlnieton N J Feb li President
el ct Mlon will mike no announcement
of his Cabinet at all. but will send his
nominations to the Senate after his in
mgu ration.
This flan In dc ided upon to-das after
the lUthi ntatlve announcement from
VAashingtun that he was to announce his
Cabinet to-morrow These 'Washington
dispatches have heen most annosing to
the 1 resident elect The ishlngton
stories printed this morning were more
than ruffling to his temper
Is it tru tlat vou Intend to an
nounce jour Cabinet to-morrow- he was
' 7 i
It is not true that I intend to an
1 ounce mv cabinet to-morrow was the
Or Friduv 1 e was asked
Nor on rnddv - said the President
The stoiles tils morninc are printed
i n uood uuthoritv it was suRRested
Not on mv authority said the Presi
dent eleit. Thev originated In the fer
tile soil of Washington
When do ou intend to announce jour
Cabinet' was asked
I 1U not make any announcements
at all I will si nd the nominations to
the senate in the sood old fashioned
I resident-elect was asKco. u nis
mind was still open
It Is he sail I intend to Keep mv
mind open until tlie last moment in a
number of cases
Precedents for Dri Ulon
The I resident elect added
Talcott Williams a Washington news
paper man told me recentlj that In the
care of mam administrations Cabinets
were not announced until the mmes were
sent to the s,enate There are man
precedents for my decision therefore."
The President elect was asked if any
candidates hJd presented their own
names for Cabinet pltcc"
I must sij that tho number of men
who have presented themselves Is vcrv
he said
The Presidentelect was informed that
'candidates did not ordlnarll) ptce.ne!
their own names but olwajs through
some one else
But vou can alwavs tell said the
President elect The symptoms are per
fects plain There Is n systematic char
acter In the correspondence There is
even a uniformttv among tho letters
The President elect spent to dav going
over papers that he has neglected since
his nomination for tlie Presldcncv He
worked, he said while there was light
and was still busy when the correspon
dents called at 6 o clock. In the morning
he took as short walk He had nq vli
V New Tiork sculptor with a has re
lief of the President elect surrounded
h fortl eight stare tried unsuccessfullv
to show his product to the President
The President elect will be In Trenton
earlv to-morrow morning expecting that
his seven corporation bills will pass the
"Senate ind go to the lower house for
MUnoiirl Uors Standard Oil
Jefferson CIO Mo I-eb U. The Su
preme Court en banc to-day made perma
nent the order of ouster against the
Standard Oil Company The companv
must now leve the State
Klnc loses Ills ale
Rome reb li King ictor I linianutl
has lost his vote. Vt a meeting of the
Italian electoril committee it was de
cided to remove the Kings name from
the voters list
Georsre Ft ans "llsaer noyT Jllostrrls
To da) : 1, Columbia Theater, 50CS.J1
(vbHhVIbbHu'XkL' XAbbIi
sunrs DEATH
English People Seek Reason
Why Food Supplies Had
Been Tampered With.
King and Queen to Be Represented at
Sernces in Tribute to
br'cul CMrie ta The uhirst u Her.IiL
tendon Ib li Now that the frst
shock of the calamits to t apt Scott has
passed people ire lieginning to ask w hat
Is the solution of the mytters hinted
at 1 s the captain as his lat pathetii
tors Circumstances arose which took
him bv surprise ind brought about the
"""!" ,""""," '"'" ""' -""
"ji death of his four brave comrades.
I The utmost secrecy Is maintained b the
disaster wl ich ended in his death and
surviving members of the expedition as
to what Capt. ott referred nn 1 I lent
Fvans tl e -econ 1 in commai d has
resolutelv declined to throw an) light on
the msstery at present nor will he illovv
the other membirs of hjs party to ex
The mvsterv will h the pubh demands
be cleared up ii contained In the follow
inc cxtrvcts from Capt. ott s dlar)
We should have got through in spit
if the weather but for the siikenlng of
no second companion Capt Oates and
the shortage of fuel In our depots for
which I cannot account. The advance
part) would have returned to Glacier
Ba) in fine form and with Mirpl is food
but for the astonishing failure of the
man whom we had least expected to
1-oond niunden' Notr
hen mundsen left the south pole he
placed In his tent a little bag addressed
to the King of Norwav which contained
notes giving Information of what he
had jccompllshed Besides this letter
I wrote a short epistle to Capt cott
who I assumed would be the first to find
the tent said Amundsen before leav
Ing London
Capt. Scott wjs the first to arrive is
Amundsen liad expectod and lie brought
awiiv with him the letter to King
Haakon which was recovered with the
bodies It is oroposed to send a. national
mission to King" Haakon with a letter
sjntbollca! of Fnglish national pride in
the life and death of bcott and his men
Arrangements for r riday s memorial
services were announced to-day b
Canon lexander 11 seats are to be
free with the txceptloi of i few rcscrv ed
for the press.
The scrvkes will follow closely those
held for the Titanic Victims.
Ilulers to Tie Represented
Both King Oeorg nnd Queen Mar)
wilf be represented at the services which
will be attended 1) practfcall) all the
well known people in Iondon Tho edu
cation committee of the London lount)
council which controls the schools of
London unanlmousl) agreed to-day tlm
T special article to be w rltten b James
T Barrle on the fate of Scott and his
comrades; shall be read by the head
masters to the assembled scholirs In
the schools at midday
Iljvana teb l; Tlie cubin
government to da) ordered a
Cuban cruiser with :0ft soldiers
and rapid fire suns on board to
sail to A era Cruz
The soldiers iria) b sent to
Mexico tlt to rotect the t ubin
I egatlon
Indications ire that Cuba will
1 e the first country to send sol
dlcrs into the MAxican capital
Railroads Instructed to Hold Cars in
Readiness for Transportation of
TroopsLook for Camp Site
Phn tor in m-iMon of Mexico upon instant notice arc bcniff
rushed I tlie ir Department
It became known hst night that -cvcnl railroads, including tin.
Southern Taunt Imc been notified to hold thcincKcs in readiness for
the movement of troops in the event of an cnicrgcncv
Officers troin 1 ort bam Houston Int been ordered to Gahcstou
to look oer the ground for i camp site in the ctcnt of it bcin ncccs
sar to rush troops to that phet
moors not ni nitotittn olt
Reports received in i button hst night stitcd that the officers
from Tort Sim 1 loiiston Ii id been ordered to Gal cston for the pur
pose of preparing tnnsiorts tor en Cruz, but Ocn LeonanJ Wood,
Chief of Staff ot the anm , Tended to confirm this, stating the officers
were engaged m electing a camp itc Gen Wood ilo denied tint am
Ottoman Ambassador in Lon
don Urges Intervention
by Powers.
While Stun; for Peace, Sultan Con-
tinned Military Activity Flank
MoTement Planned
sreuil CMe to Tbe VVahincUa Ilrraki.
London reb li Turke) his once more
appealed to tie powers to top the v
The re i i st for Interventiin his inen
'made in London l mbasador Tiwtiv
I ash i to Sir r Iwirl Ore) who com
munkated the same to tl e Ami asadors
of the powers The ambassadors con
ferenie meets Frida) It Is st ited that
the powe s will pnbahl) refuse to In
tervene unless Turkey's proposals are
like I) to be accept it Ii to tl e allies
Meantime Turke ontlnues unwonted
actvlt) in war operations, though the
strict censorship established at t onstanti
nople prevents mil h news reachlnK h
outide world ApparentI) 1 urkev U
planning to take the Bulgarians in tl e
rear 1) landing troops In Thrace west
ward of the Bulgar position before Tel it
alja Turkish landings at. rep- rted it
Rodosto and Sill li w h Ie troops an
also being rushed to Oallipoli whire there
has teen sever t gluing
Mn Invailr ntilCHrln
The ictuM Inv ision of 1 tilguri i Is
hinted In the report of a Pusslan steimer
which arrived to da) at Odessa s. )ing
he hJd sigl ted i llotilln of 1 rse Turk
igh troopships boun 1 from sl i Minor
In the direction of the I ulgartan oast
of the Black bci
This Is )our last dav to do )oir v ilrn
tine shop ins for to morrow the sweet or
otherwise missive Is exp cted t be re
celved with the tir-t mall Improveim nt
of the vaIntlno has been noted in tl e
last s v ral ears an 1 the sto k n ds
pi iv this vear is an linproven cut on
that of the lust
It Is true that the scrurrllous comic
is still on the market anl the old st)lc
cellulo'd and 1 ice concoctions of former
ears hive not vet entlrel) ilis.il pi a red
from the coui lers.
The arti- tic- post card Is gradual!) dis
Placli g the old fashioned valentines No
respectable paper lace Valentin s ever
showed n pair ot uoves saying un ioii
Kid to each other or Be AI)
Babv Tl e post card Valentin
this and whether the same man cr aus
th comic valentine or not one ma)
contract a first-class case of Jimmies by
- ii.. (n fmnt nf n mml rnpk at n
store and looMng at some of the cardie Interpreted as foreshadowing even
valentines. But with the passing of the worse things to come to-dav Slnc-
1 lashlon-d valentine fcamt valentine s"
Dav has had ell the lemon squeezisl , "" " '"" " "" sunjiiies. xae
jut of It It has -11 the ilements f ft poorer classes of th great Uty are il
rimance posefsel bv exaiKtihtibndav 1 iad) feeling the effects of the scarcity
at a publli stlool or thf ce ebratlon 1) l
tne ntl vlvlsevtion Bociety ot a ua) "' "' '"" '" onnjr laem to
specially st apart tfc the meinor) of the desperitioo. omen of the lower
guinea plis who jge up their lives toc'asis were tu-la) seen scraping up
ciencc grains scattered n tie pavement durtnc;
nest eviic- to Cnlllofalz. 1
tindarl ot tuurlit lat er aersonatlv
cfnduclrd wl iout change daBv except
Sunla) rjerlh JS ashlnj.fcn "nrt
route J Pfston. G V "Wl rl'a 1-th
of Was.Ui.gt'onwascoKed wn.oH
Jcirs jgi tRIs peicentago had fc.-j rt-jn
iiucio. ii -Tt 3
"troops hail ct been ordered moed.
t i late hour last niglit the
State Department reeeicd two
messages from Ambassador Wil
Hin at Mexico Cm
M-al for I'rutertlon
The inbassador r-inirtttt that them
Iiai been . shift In the Une of nrinjrTn
Tt.esda) tngag-mtnes so that It wa
directed awav from the tmcrican and
other foreign embassies. This had oc
curred through u changing of positions
tin tm part f the combatants Yester
da) s lire however raked the residential
eition of th city and many Mnerirans
nnd foreigners according to the Ambas
sador have been driven out and have
taken r fuj,e at tho Am ncan embassv
secretarv , f state Knox upon the re
ceipt of this lnfnrm-itiori ImmedlateK
instructs Amlastadir Wil,, to offer
ever) po sbi means of proteition it
the cmbas j not on!) to tmeriians I ut
to othir fonign i, who have bren driven
0 it c f tl c residential section
nibasauor Wilsons latest messages
tl rtvv very little light on the result of
th da) s tlgitlrg He indiiated how
ver that the engagements had not been
leciive Tin mbassadors missagts
contain no reference to an) nien ans
or other fore gners having bten killed
FhcIiik Crll
In its lat hours the Tift admimstra
ti t is confronted with i crisis in the
foreign affairs of th 1 nited States n
ther d-y of .let jHt anxiety wltl In th
government cime to a ilose la t nisht
without bnngtig the earnestlv hoped for
rel ef in tl Mexican situation
Karl) dispatches to the state Dipart
inent from Mexico Otv showed that in
other da of terrltlc f ghting parsed with
out i deoisne itctorv f r either side in
the blxKlv rontest for the control cf tin.
government ind capital i f Mexico Kach
hour that this state of iffiirs continues
brings nearer to the IT. s dent and lis
alvlsers tie ne essitv of making a de
cision as to whether the I nited States
shall take ip amr in Mexico
estenia) morning t was tie most
lamest hope ind belief of I rest lent
Taft anl his I il met that nightfill
wo lid ei either President Madero or
Gen Diaz left supreme m the Mexiia i
capital It was believ s3 certain th it a
soconl dav if such tightim. is took pi i L
Tue-dav would elimli ite one or the oth
er of the contestants for the supreme
lower in Mexic, It is nn secret t sav
that the i Iministratii n of nil things de
sires that tl e struggle Ik- brought to i
spce.lv end bj i tight to n llnish S ich
1 result is reg-irded 1 v the Taft ulminis
tratlon to be tl e lwst thing thit coul 1
happen to Mexico ind practlcallv the
onlv s.I u on of the prollem ion im l.
the I nited States sov.rnment to rnlve
Onl) b) i no fi II ii or tl other gain
ins i decisive vntorv Is there hope of
rder and rcsponsibli rule rising out of
tl e ch ios now xlstent in the Mexican
-apit il
No ltrslinnillr Vnlliurlly.
ontlnuitioii tf the fghtinc if Tues-
d) it I )est rda) cm 1 lie but one re
sult Waslington 1 elieves -ind that Is
omplete dimonllzation f both
sidis s tint there will be left no dom
Inant force to wl i h tl is government can
look is the responsible iiithorit) In Mex
tco That suih a condition U ilreadv
pr-iLt!cT.ll) at hand was demonstrated
)estcnHv In the admission of loth Pres
Idn t Mad r and Gen Diaz that for
iiiMk j ?jw vui iui mem-ell cs in
s,fx,c" during these frightful hours, is
jieiiiier even il iinm 10 oe in a position
to afTord an) protection whatsoever to
life and property within the capital.
Dispatches from Mexico City last night
aunu. " ..r.ta.. t..iu..u nas oeen
'oo" ant a lew nours mora ot pres-
; iilo ieeumg oi me catairv norses tw r
H'S Hm aireaav oegun ana tn build
in.s whici- havi been ripped onen br
s"iell -ir rem rted swsrming with rott-
tiintlnntil on Pa.r I Mr
-'r.-W ' JS
, u steel ls"tiie light.sl Pullmaus.
ji!l.-e. II"5 New ioik Ave. oi.

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