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5-v;',?- jjti ISSS-Y' -i'' A -s,i-
Ram and somewhat wanner
to-da ; to morrow unsettled
Temperatures yesterday Max
imum, 46; minimum, 23
The Herald has the largest
morning home circulation, and
prints all the news of the world,
with many exclusive features.
XO. 2335
r'V xv"- v'-.'j- -- ' v wwe-" -'trr-"-
Thousands Wantonly Slaught
ered as Part of the
Tj M 11 IN .. ' ' I ;
Stanch Followers of Madero
Sent Into Prearranged
Death Traps.
Guns Pointed Into Residential Dis
trict! to Spare Lives of
Diaz Followers.
-i 14 libit to The W.shiTist n HeraU
lcloClt rtb Jh On tilt lUlholltJ
i one of tin. principal reolutionar
1 i lers vvho'-c name obviouslv cannot te
t n tore tlir W ashinpton Jlrrald isn
al led to tell for the first timi the inside
-tor f in -ii-toun llns conpiracj he
lween (.fn Diaz and Gen Iluerta that
instituted the reason for the ten dijs'
battle in the hurt of the Mexican cap
The 1 lot In is execution wis i lu
bio s as lo 1 vvithoit paialle! in the
i fstorj of intnle rn civilized warfare
Ii is. the Ftorv of a sham battle to
v i h th sole ind common object of tli
leaders on b th si les was the inur ier
f t'ousanN of lov-cl Madero soldiers
I rave, men whi tin ucht thev were Kiv-
nt. ! tluir lies for the cause of their
It-evident lot who instead wre I cine
vcanlitilv slaughtered to execute a plot
tf me ntinient il trcuherv
Kirins thoe ten iia- of sltiekins
shells ind eieatl lln.rti in ompliance
with carefullv confide reel pl-in- never
s nt regular tro ps acainst Iiiz. but
i siled into impossil h eharctith irres
lir fonts whose 1 valtv lo 1 tilt ro colli 1
n i be i ietion d in c id r that Plaz
in -hi Kill Hum ml tlm- weaken M.il.io
1 guns cf th I d nil aitlll rv w
1 I e -itelv nuFidjuted to divert their
hells from tin- Diaz fortes to tin ntutral
7 ne then to maiiglt ind I ill nomom
tt ints ai 1 wrctk their horn s
The st ittments of tliL- rt volutl uiaiy
leader alt iMinie tit bj the hospital ti
t sti s wind show that proportion itelv
r irl en volunt ers and nirales wt e
killed during th lichting ti exerv rtd-
tl sol lie
if tin
oil rs nd in ombatants wtrt killed
i t 11 .ni wt tin ltd
This t ouspirat t wis h Ithel Iv
lilf r a in I Diaz la I vtar vv I en Iluerta
v rts in command of t campaign against
nozto lltivvevtr Iluerta k It leltv
the fill tl rinp antl the voiins,cr
I men of his ftu rs forced th" i-sui
v bout I is knowledge
When Iluerta was inform d tint the
nit h iti conic to strike h was about
. joi the impatient oflleers but Itval
ntg ilars s nt bv Madero surrounded
m Thereafter Midero kept Iluerta
v his si le rendering desertion impo
ld Meet lllnr
However everv div Huelta s aids
Maj Mais and (apt R villa tonferrel
with Di iz in the trsenal and planned
fake movements to ftt 1 Madero
en rtuhu Navarrettt Madero s r
tilierv coniin tnder wis als in the ce n
siiracx This oilier tctuallv purl osdv
tlisa ljusted the sights e n the guns of
Hit loval irtillerv m crder that the fire
s pnosedlv directed into the Diaz rinks
a iti at til' tri-enal should not b it
t rate
This mislirectd trtllle-v tire seems
lo ae -omit for the hundreds of shells
t at went tljing off at tangents from
the enemv s position wrecking pul He
i (Hidings ind homes and killing scores
e f persons outside the dinger zone
It will be recalled tint during the boin
hirdment the eorrespt ndent remarked the
seeming ills-regard of the Federal gunners
for the Diaz position
Diaz ind Gen t Mondragon his second
n comm ind were not illowetl to leave
the arsenal during the fighting Iet they
be killed
nd in spue e f h s understanding with
Hutrla Diaz was naiv hiving profited
bv his experience it era Cruz when
Gen Teltran after promising t join
him captured him instead
According to the inform int none ef the
officials of the Porfirlo Diaz regime were
in the consplracv which was planned
and carried out hv the artlllerj MiJ
Rafael Romcr Lopez and twentv artil-
Pace Three
First Assistant Attorney General of the
United States Is Victim
of Uraemia.
hicago Feb 26. John Q Thompson
first Assistant Attornej General of the
I nited States died to dav at the fatrat-
ford Hotel of acute uraemia. Thompson
reached Chicago Iridax afternoon from
Kansas Citx where he had been on busi
ness for the Department of Justice
Saturday he wa- found unconscious In
bis room
It is exported that the Thompson buri
al win De neui it nis home Kirkville
Iowa. A telegram wis received last
night b airs L.eona K. Kldwell his pri
vate secretarj. stating that the body ac
companied bv relatives had left Chicago
for Iowa.
lir Thompson is survived bv his v-lfc,
four sisters ind two brothers. Mr
Thompson was about s J ears old and
wis born in Pratt Kans Previous to
coming to Washington he was attorntrj
for the Rock Island Railroid and nnin
tallied his own law oflice He had been
(n this citj nhout twelve jears betom
Infr ssistant ttornej General on De
cember T, 1M" Present at the bedside
when he died were J V Simpson, his
hrother-ln-law, and Miss Frances I
Thompson his sister, of Kirkville, Iowa
Con si line's "Morlri Special "
Solid train to Palm Ileach hotels ones
night out I lectrle lighted Pullmans
lravs S.20 v m tlantic Coast Line, 4
trains daiU 11U6 le lork Ave uw.
Vice President-elect to Arrive
Here To-morrow from Visit
to Gov. Wilson.
Committees Named to Greet Indianian
and Also the Commoner
from Nebraska.
With the receipt of a teleKraiii from
Oo Mar-hall last iilclit statlnc the
time of his arrival In WaihliiKton. and
with tho completion of the final details
of the parade bj Maj Gen Leonard Wood,
Brand marshal the preparations for the
Inauguration of 'Nqodrow Wilson March
t ire practlcallj completed The plans
will receive a final pollshinc by the Gen
eral inaugural committee at Its mcetlns
this mornlnjr
Gov Marshall will reach Wa'hincton
to morrow afternoon at 1 C o clock com
inc from Trenton via Philadelphia The
part will consist smiplj of Gov and Mrs
Marshall and i maid Mr Marshall Is
now on his wav to Trenton for a confer
ence with Gov Wilson
William Jennings limn Is another of
thetointrv fimons visitors who advised
the lnauguril committee of his coming
He will reac Ii Washington some time
Thomas Nelson Tage chairman of the
reception committee has ippolnted Will
iam W Bride a personal friend of Mr
IJrjan as chairman of the committee
to receive the Commoner Mr Bride
111 name two or possiblv four men to
rt with him
The reception committee to welcome
ov Marshall to the tltv that will I
s home for the next four veirs wis
named jesterdiv bv Dr Iige It Is
hcided b llcnrv I! F Micfirland and
is made up of "vmtors Representatives
nd ptomtneut citizens It is not the in
tention of Mr Macfarland that his com
mittee shill act is in ts.ort from the
lion to the hotel
Mart Iti
busier vestcrdav bv
s veil hi ndieei ni in i eonie who came
in aheii of time ml 11 tgs hunting md
dec citations in ipptanng on ill ldcs
I v Mondav the tltv will be in lt gaud
it st ttiire mil en indaj night the il
lUnunatlon svttm on I'ennsvlv inla ve
line th" l'eit' Monumtnt an I the Court
of Honor will I tried out Mondaj nicht
the lights will be turned on for good
Thc will I tun on tht nights of Man h
-. t and C
Within the it xt two davs all the loose
ends of plans will be gathered up and
I rought together t the meeting of tho
ugnrat ommiltec to da one of the
matteis-to b taken up will be the cities
cf the number of seats to Ik given
it present Hives of tht ress ! ri
night Here will be three nits tlni.
immittees at e lie of which the 4)0
members of tht puhlie order committee
i ndei Maj s,jlveter will be sworn in is
polit man tj do dutv with the
Police firee ind the imported detectives
liu giiatding the nt ind her guests
The railroads estimate the crowds that
I will tome to U ishington on the special
in ciigural trains at about HOOff but this
does not include the people who will
m ike th trip ahead of tune on the)
regular dailv trains nor the crowds that
will come in from the adjacent "states
ind counti s bv trollo
The medals that are to be presented
to tho President ice President and the
members of the inaugural committee
reathetl Washington last night There
are Cn I ronze medals to be given the
t uiimitteemen silver medals for the
t hurnien and one cast in gold for M
Wilson Mr Marshall md Chairman Lus
tis. These will be given after the pa
I iml arr incinents were mide h
hairmin Hirper of the civic sections
c-ommltiee to have the thirtv live In
dian chic fs inu interpreters from the
West remain in Washington to inarch
the pande
These are the Indians
who traxeled to New 1 ork for th
lug or the corner stone to North
it" in Indians on hebruarj 22 Mr Har
per Ins guaranteed the government J2
per tli for tiie accommodation of each
of the Indians from Kebruarj 27 to
March '
Go 'on
Citizens of ugusta Ga will ti
charge of Citizen W illiim Howard Taft
and familj lmmedlatelv following Pres
ident elect W ilson s inauguration .
special carload or prominent ugusta
cttl7ens will arrive in Washington on
Mirch 3 irting as i committee to ac
companv the Taft familj South on a
special car furnished bv the citj of
Tht Tift familj will be accompanied
hj 'ecretarv Charles D Utiles and his
wife rrlving in Augusta thev will be
tho guests of the citj In a hotel or cot
tage until March 23 when thev will
leave for New Haven The families -of
Henrj W Tart of New York and
Charles P Taft of Cincinnati will join
the W II Taft famllv In Augusta
President elect W ilson has asked John
K. Mendclson of New lork tho Western
I nion manager who traveled with him
throughout the campaign to go to Wash
ington with him as his private operator
to handle government messages. Mcn
delson was the first man to Inform Mr
Wilson of his nomination at Baltimore
ind of his election to the Presidenc
besides handling all his personal and
confidential messages since then
BIB Bloat TnUen Tvrentj-foar Mve.
Madrid Pen 26. An official Investiga
tion was commenced to daj into the ex
plosion in the Harbor of Gigjon ester
da j which caused the death of twentj
four persons and injury of 125 others
It was found that the explosion was
caused bv in attempt to blast a granite
cliff tq obtain stone for the construction
of harbor piers Nine thousand pounds
of high power blasting powder was set
off which ignited mineral gases beneath
the soil The killed and injured were
chiefij spectators who were watchins
the laborers Pirts or human bodies
were found a mile from the see le
Hold rlrxt Community Tinnt-c.
Chicago I eb 2ts Th" first of a series
of community dances at whicli Joung
people residinV in the neighborhood are
to lie mide welcome was held by the St.
James l.pise.opiI Church one of the
oldest and most aristocratic congrega
tions in Chicago The church is located
In what Is now one of the largest board
ing house districts in the clt The
dance was hell in the Sundaj school
room of the parish house and was
ihapcroncd bj leading members of the
Trenton Man Shoots Bride of Two
Weeks Because She Was
Too Affectionate.
lieliluit N J reb Jh. Confe sing that
he had shot tnd killed his bride of two
weeks to-da. Ix'sgo . crge, twcnt one
cars cf age. t Md the police that he
cc uld not st ind being eontinuallv pestered
tor a kls
The touple were married just two weeks
aj,o and wen apparentlj ha pv lit n
crgo ttartcd lor work totlav, however
lie negleitcd to kls IiIh wife blip re
senteel the oversight iml pltadeti that
he would not leive liefort kissing h r
crgo was stul born in his refusal s.i
ing Ii had tired of Kissing her and that
it was in unmce sar burden Tht girl
insstcd and ittempted to restnin him
1 fonc when upon he husband drew
a revolver md sht t twice killing her
Instantl He then atltmpted his t
life but su ceetl'd nnlv in woun ling
himself sghtlv
Wholesale rrrsl
IMtc heel lint tie
Matle ftrr
l'aterson N J I eh 3 number of
tnking silk mill emploves were badly
beaten and twentv two were arrested this
ftcrnoon liter i pitched tattle with the
police Thev were irrugnecl belt re Re
corder Carroll on i charge of inciting to
riot the emplojes tf the Deering De
W orks More trouble is ft ared to night
when Miss I llzaheth (.uric Hjnn who
Was forced to leant tnnn tfKl.nt.i hu
the authorities will attempt lo speak in
turn Kan to several thousand strikers
Major Mcltrlde has been censured n
the citizens for permitting the police to
arrest Miss FlMin and her associates
Chief of Police Blmson has read the riot
act to the strikers miking it a misde
meanor to tongregate in front of the
shops About 6 CM arc out to da
cpt. MtTiun ir. novrno'N,
The hfttiic cvmmandrr of the S S Carpathja. Tbich
ho mhrd to the mote or more than 00 pissru
gvr or the ill fated Titanic nho m to he deco
rated H PmHftrt Taft on Saturday with the
medal awarded him by Oxisnsa for bu heme
Ilet SerTlee to California
Standard or tourist littler personally
conducted witnout change daily, except
Sunday rBerth Washington Sunatt
routs. A. J Poston. G. A 90S F. 706 liti.
so you had setter take- rouf caiphg-
Hnu inc BADtntNr l-OR. nag KElATy5
President-elect Declines Invi
tation of Chefy Chase to
Become Member.
Members of Washington's Fashionable
Set Get Shock They Never
Dreamed Of.
Pi esident elect Wilson has declined an
invitation to become jn honorarj mem
ber of the fashfoniblc Clievj Chase Hub
which Is one of the leading tenters
social life in W ishington "Pos is the
club to which Pnsident Tift belongs
and at which he has plavetl golf
Although officials of the rluh declined
last night to discus the Incident it Is
Known there is considerable feeling over
it. It is understood tint Mr Wilson de
dined on the ground that ho expected
that his public duties would consume
all of his time In Washington
Appirentlv however there Is verv poor
team work between the President elect
and the A ice President elect for Gov
Marshall It was learned also wis in
vlted to become an hononrv member of
the club and accepted with enthusiasm
He wrote to the bejard of governors siv-
Ing that he did not plaj golf or tennis
but ho felt complimented at the Invl
Custom ror 1 ram.
Members of the club are chagrined be
cause tho Initiative tame tntirelj from
the club In the cat of Gov WINon It
has been a standing rule of the club
for j ears that the board of governors
should confer honorarj' membership upon
the President and ice President and
upon all ex Presidents and c- ice Pres
idents The Me-tronolitan Club is another
Washington organization that Invariablj
Invites the President and lce Presi
dent and members of the Diplomatic
Corps in Washington to become honor
ary members It Is reported that its
oflltcrs ire wondering whether thej care
to run the chance of being turned down
bv the President elect.
The Chevy Chase Club is much fre
quented bj the women of Washington
socictv Mrs. Taft and ailss Taft have
enjojed many, afternoon teis and re
ceptions there Washington socle t.
which has dtrlved so much pleasure from
the social disposition of the Tafts, sin
cerely hopes that Mr Wilson's refusal
of the Chevj Chase Invitation does not
indicate an antlpathj on the part of his
familj toward mixing In the social af
fairs hera generally
Castro Rrncbei Havana.
Havana I eb 26. Ciprlano Castro, for
mer President of enezuela, arrived her?
to Cay from New York on a mysterious
commission which according to his po
litical enemies, has to do with the start
ing of a revolution in Venezuela against
the existing government of Pnsident
Gomez. The reception given to Castro
was verj enthusastlc almost national In
its honors
.llovred f 5,000 Counsel Kee.
Tew York, Feb 2C Mrs. W. Gould
was allowed SjOOO for counsel fees by
Justice Blackmar In the Supreme Court
to dav In her suit for absolute divorce
Mrs lirokaw has been receiving 11 ZM
a month allmonj since she was granted
1 separation two years ago She stated
that she had no means of support ex
cept the allmonv Tirokaw alleged tint
she was living with her parents and In
vesting the allmonj He Is contesting
the divorce suit.
'rhrouEh Prlor Cnr to Atlantic city
I .caves Washington li IVnnsvlvanla
nallroad at 10 00 a m week dais
cpt March 3 and 4." arrives Atlantic
City 3 00 p m.
7XFJUJ0MJP fno ; rcrun
Last Survivor
of Light Brigade
Dies in Capital
George Bing, Who Took Part in
Famous Charge in Crimean War,
Laved at Soldiers" Home.
The thun ierlng charge of the I lent
Brigade at Iialitlava passed utteerly out
of the ktn of living men vctterday
when George Illng the 1 it survivor of
the 'noble s hundred who swept un
faltcringlj across the plain into tht
valley of deith died, jestcrdaj at Sol
diers Home where Illng was given a
haven because of his galUnt conduct In
the Lnion s.rmv during the civil war
to rthat fearful ride which Tennjson
has sung did not daunt Bins When the
Cnmean war wis over he cime to th
I nitcd Mates and when the civil war
tame on went to the front nnd fought
throughout the four blood j jears
fling during his life In the horn" was
alwajs the center of a group of inter
esting auditors to whom he never tired
of telling his etperlencts on that never-
to be forgotten daj when somebodj
blundered and sent the noble six hun
dred 'into the jaws of death
Ring was born in ISSh. and was there-
fon seventj seven jears old at the time
of his death He is said to have a num
ber of distant relatives in this countrj
Bing went West ifter the war and lived
in Colorado Springs for more than
twentj five jears. He entered the Sol
diers Home In this city in September,
The last services for this veteran sol
dier win be held this afternoon at the
"oldiers Home The bodj will be in
terred In the Soldiers Homo Ccmeterv
Changes Role of Attorney for Defense
to Defendant Wife Also
I-os Angeles I-eb 2b. Clarence Darrow
this afternoon left his place at the at
torney s table for the witness chair, and
transferred from his ro'c ot defense
counsel to that of defendant eniDatlcal-
U denied that he had authorized bribing
or that he had anv guilty knowledge of
the briberv of Jurors in the McNamara
case the charge for which he Is on
Mrs. Darrow, wife of the former Me-
Namara chief counsel preceded her hus
band to the witness stand, and testified
in his behalf her statements being aimed
to Impeach parts of the story told by At
toney John R Hirrlngton of Chicago
who testified for the State earlier in the
trial -
Tho other important witness of the
du s session was Henry T Gage, for
mer Governor of California and former
Minister to Portugal He testified that
Darrow had nothing to do with his being
retained to defend Detective Bert Frank
lin on the charge of bribing McNamara
Earl Rogers Darrow s chief counsel,
who has been out of the case since its
early stages because of a phjsical break
down returned to the court room to-daj
for the purpose of examining Darrow
The denial of the charge for which he
Is on trial was made bj Darrow when
Rogers asked the question
Mr Darrow. did jou at any time or
at anj place give Franklin anj monej
with the intent that he give the
money to Bain for anj purpose what
ever ' I never thought of such a thing. I
never gave Franklin anj monej except
In the regular course of business, ' said
Miska broke another record list J car
bj producing minerals valued at $21 SO 000.
nn Increase over the jear before of $1 -200
Wanner Weather
W III be found at the famous resorts
throughout the South sheville The
land or the Skv iken ugusta
Savannah, Irunswlck Charleston Sum
nierville Morlda Cuba- New Orleans
De Luxe wcrvlce hv Southern Rallwav
Consult igcnt Tn Mfteenth street.
and 305 K Street lSortb.we3b
Johnson Refuses to Sign One
Made by Redfield, Prouly,
and Berger.
Value of Southern Building to Be
Placed at About $1,650,000
by Majority.
I nless an agreement, of which there
now seems to be no immediate prosptct,
is reached shortlj. there will be two re
ports from tho subcommittee of tho
House District Committee, which has
been investigating ihe operatioM and
affairs of the Commercial and First Na
tional Fire Insurance. Companies and tho
underwriting firm of Tuttle, Wlghtman
S. Dudlej, Ineorporited
Chairman Johnson of the committee,
refuses to sImi the report to which three
members of the committer Representa
tives Redfield of New v. ork Proutj of
Iowa and Berger of Wisconsin have af
fixed their names Chairman Johnson
has prepared several tentative drafts em
bodying his Ideas: of what the report
should rontaln The matter Is not closed
jet and Chairman Johnson mar sign the
majoritv report as It is or maj induce
the other members to make some changes
In conformitj with his Ideas but pros
pects are- not bright and the probability
is that the majoritv report at least will
be made to the Houe not later than Sat
urdav afternoon
The majorltj report nai prepared by
Judge Proutj ind Representative Red
field Jolntlv Johnson It U sHid objects
to It because It voices too pointcdlv Mr
Redfield s Ideas, and the conclusions of
Messrs Johnson and Redfield on manv
points are wide apart To Mr John
sons wij of thinking Mr Redfield
thinks too much along the same lines as
Iocs Col W V Judon i.ngin"er Com
missioner of the District Col Judson
Is not popular with the chairman of the
District Committee
rtnlldlnc alnr Hither
Specificallj. as to several phases
of the probe Mr Johnson does not
gree with his colleagues He does not
favor passing upon the true value of
the bouthern Building, which has been
attacked persistcntlj bj the investi
gators and concerning which reams
nd reams of testimonj was taken or
if the committee Is to place a valua
tion upon the building Mr Johnson
favors a much higher figure than the
other members have agreed upon It
understood the majorltj report
valuea the biiildl-jg ind gruund at
about SI.rTDlMie This is a material
advan e hver the figure at which the
building was carried before the re
flation which taused so much
trouble II is however J2. "00 less
than the reappraisement figure upon
tht strength of which the comi anies
ssigned thcmsclvc in addition to
their surplus
nother phase over ninth there Is a
de difference bttween I halrman
Johnson and the three other ictive
members of his committee involves the
testimonj of Ifred M Best, the New
ork insurance expert who was the
star witness for the prosecution and
whom Chairman Johnson later seemed
to place In much the same categorv as
he did Col Judson Other members of
the committee on the other hand place
the utmost confidence In the Judgment
and fairness of Mr Best and the report
upon which these three members have
agreed reflects to a verv great extent
the opinions of the New v ork expert
Method Vrc Criticised.
Severe criticism of the mtthods em
plojed bv the officers of the insurance
companj in stock selling ind advertls
Ing Is a feature of the report The lit
crature is scathingly arraigned in the
conclusions and ittrntion Is called
the advisabllitj of preventing further
abuses of this nature bj establishing 1
censorship over all promotion literature
of stock selling corporations doing busl
ness in this District
The contricts between Tuttle W ight
man & Dudlev Inc., the underwriting
firm which does all the stock placing
and underwriting for the two eompinles
come in for caustic criticism and the
laxitj of the law which permits the
control of insurance companies bj tin
derwritlng concerns through interlocking
directorates Is the central point in this
line of attack
No specific legislative recommendations
are made in the report because of the
lateness of tho session but the reportt
Indicates the general outline of legisla
tion which the investigation has de
monstrated the need of Judge Proutv
at tho next session will prepare ind
introduce cither through separate bills
or in an omnibus measure revising the
insurance code of the District all the
regulators measures predicted bj The
Washington Herald last month The re
port itself will be depended upon to
demonstrate the need for this legislation
(Including Suffragist News)
The Washington Herald
March 2 and G Inclusive
By Mail, Postage Prepaid
1 5 ents Foreign Postage
1 9 veni5 15 Cents Extra
Send INAUGURAL PAPERS, March 2 to 6, inclusive, to
Indosccl find l."c.
Suffragists Reach Laurel. Md.,
Footsore, Hungry and
"Gen." Jones in Bad Honor Over
Treatment Received is
Hr mwiv HARBOUR.
Laurel. Md , Feb X. In starting a
story about the suffrage hikers It
wouldn t do to go counter to the prece
dent painstakingly established bj the
correspondents who hRve been
keeping tab on the army of the Hud
son ' so t,en " Rosalie Gardiner Jones
suffrage pilgrims, footsore and wearj.
arrived here late this afternoon
Thev hiked twenty two miles from
Baltimore over the Washington Boule
vard during the daj. with an hour's stop
for lunch at I- Ik Ridge, where Rev. R
Castlman pastor of the 1 piscoDal
Church entertained them at luncheon
In the parish hall, 'as a matter of hos-
pitaliU. ' he said
Gen. Jones and ' Col " Ida Craft
marching under a truce but with the
battle-ix still in evident, kept up the
hike ' for the sake of the cause." Thej
kept about a mile of micadam roadwaj
between them for the entire walk, how
tver The pilgrims were full of energj as t
tesult of the two davs rest In Baltl
and the near prospect of the end of
their long journej Thej literally 'at
.he nine miles between Baltimore
and r.lk Kidge making the distance in
three hours At Elk Ridge they ltincheei
and Co) Craft made an nddress to about
lf) sthool children and residents of tin
countrj-slde Gen Jones followed her
The general was In a bad humor as a
result of the'weak spirits shown bj the
Baltimore suffragists and the criticism
that has been heaped like coals of lire
on the heads of the armj for its vio
lation of all rules of conduct in its audi
ente with Cardinal Gibbons.
Raps Baltimore SaflTraclsta.
Baltimore suffragists said the gen
eral were not suffragists at all merelv
chicken-hearted imitations This be
cause the fiftj-odd Baltimore women
who started to march with the pilgrims
dropped out before the concrete pave
ments had been passed W hereupon
Gen Jones fired a few Parthian shots
at the Monumental City women and
said she v-as glad to be rid of them
The brand of sufrage they display
rSaid she, -furnl' s good vrrotnul tnr
the masculine e-vi Icism that women
seek the ballot for a fad I guess our
ranks won t miss them
Then the general h id other 'roubles
' Official Pilot" K. Ummon, who has
be-in with the armv all the wav from
New lork. went on a strike because
somebodj took his fligawaj from him
anil the general let them get awiv
with it lunhtrmore on leaving Bal
timore the general ignored his advice
as to roads and as a result he hid to
trudge about three miles bv himself
ind ditlnt get anv thing to cat when he
reached Ik Ridge V rumor rcach'd
the ears of the general thit the whole
army would be arrested ind locked up
if it tried to march through tho streets
of Washington on its arrival Fridav
j ltnou, a Hcenc from Maj and Supt
lv ester
The genenl patched things up with
Pilot I emmon and he took a train for
Washing on to go into consultation
with Miss Mice Paul who is in charge
ot the suffrage headquarters there anl
Maj Sjlvester about the license
Then mother pilgrim fell bj the wav
side to-dav causing a Iargt sensation
b riding into I-uirol in in automobile
She is Mrs I' W Rulon who Joined the
hikers in Philadelphia She explained
that her leg muscles went bick on her
and she couldn t walk another step The
other hikers said tnat it mill have been
an auxilnrv set of muscles as one set
had alrcadj given waj on the march be
tween Washington and Baltimore
Mrs Rulon wasn t the onlj one to
break the rules of the game however
The difference was that she dldn t get
bv with it nother hiker Mrs Fmma
Shucv of Baltimore found a frlendlv
farmer with a buggj, and rode, about
two miles getting out and marching
again without the other pilgrims know
ing a thing about it
letter Peeves the General.
Jones wis considerablv rileni be
or a letter she received to-dav
from the W ashington suffragists tell
ing her that none of her band hut the
rcil elveei In the wool pilgrims would le
allowed to march in the sulTnge paridc
Mirch 1. Her replv was char-icteristic
'I will agreo to no siith programme,"
Continued on Pase Two.
Vlatlner. "The Vlerchaat of Venice."
To daj 2 U Columbia Theater 50c. to JL
Foreign Postage, loc extra.

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