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""S )V V?
Of:-- 'VCy?5'" -?'"'
Wilson Listens to Protests, but
Refuses to Make Any
Confer with Gar. Marshall
Treaton To-day Re
ceives Pin.
Trenton I tli M If tlieie lis am
licnbt about tin appointment to k por
tion in the Cabinet of I.0111S 1 ramleis
of Massachusetts it wis rcmocd to da
v hen formal protect is madi -lcalnst
I ih yeUctlon 1 Thorn 13 " Klle of
I istm clulrimn of the Massachusetts
IVmncntlc St-itc oinimttec, and llnm
jlirr OMillixan of Israeli
Thec men hid leen trn for n week
t net in iiiidiin e with the rresl.leiil
. o t, but Mr Wilson kmmtnK well the
.ultfrrt thf wished to ds( nss hail not
. neouraced them to romp h. re The
u-ilkol into tin t ite holism to da unci
lc ted in I imannoiinitl anI wiit'il
i round until the l'resid. nt . If- t line out
. r his pruat ofhee for i moment Tin n
t ie tuklr.1 him ind Tor a l.w momi nts
tlif p ured into bin Im at nt fi' nil
tin objections to Mr llrindels tint the
.oul.l tlihil f The fmcrs it 1011 In i init
io id en ucti it tim s f"i othi rs in the
room to heir the drift of th t ilk
It Is riportid tin the I n siilent el it
1 Id his ilsitors tint b riirl.(l bis
i abin t is i fnnilv iff ur and thHt h
I if posed to -i pi int hmieet hi iln s"
M rrnr it is und rtu 1 he nn ie it
t an that Ie d il mt r.-ird lie ol j. i
1 ons to lninleis s of snfiieient imp r-
to l
st hi
I'll 111
i r Ilroppi
I an 1. is it i uii.li rst mm! is
I nt .1. l iKn s list foi th ii
of -.retHr of C)nitmrc l
Mlt lull I'llmir bis be n
at f r the turn i.cnonlMi
r ent slufi in the alum t tn
I is ir id i Inn. ellor I rnin
t r n.
ll.i t
leit thinks "
. iliiii.ell.il I '
Mr il. r
Ins sj,,, .orp
i in 11. i U-ilkn
It is i w.ll kn
l m lulls .or
is pr. it If gal
il flit that
rill. lcrse
i t ttorne.
tl i
l pe
,ltl l
Ill tr mbl.
. th ttornn
n irt .1 tin re
i line been
mil the prist
ig i i pt in. cs
inn b. Mr
ltd tit -ecr -ii
1 Willi in r.
f .
I lv
sent ltl
s Mini son f f Te i
. f N rth iinb'ia
f II m s ind Ol idt
will er bal li hi, f
.1 I M House of
t 1
I of hill li MI
willing 10
I resi U nt
nlun llou
ip of
r il . alilsl
ii but It is
t ind is!)
If t wotll I
"nt !
st tile sI,m
from th samt st it
pr. I le
itK ll
ill TL
l .ie t Wils , . 1,
1 I politi al ml
re il tit lect nd Mrs Tl mis
nil if llidlalii will be hire to
Gji Musiall will meet the
t fie t it the stitehoue it noon
. th u, lit that the cabinet will
t 1 f . r lu. p. rusil
l II. . line s,,. ,ul,
ll! i II
lif ting . f the
i, nine sh, ,i Uils.nuisof
II nftiiie.1 .f lus nr initiation at sei
n n Julx .oi Wil-on would ha"
i . tJ Mr ind Mrs Mai-shall it his
If- lind 1-ane eott lg. in I rinc. ton
rt fir th fict tl it the fimili is I a k
i n f r isiiington ml th. house is
t i
T Pr. s, lent . f s t in his comer a
t i with th newspap.1 eorr. spon. nts
I isiarlslas.v.rln his speei h when
i if the i il met is retened to s in il
1 tration wh.n hU ittention wis eillf I
t oai t i dispat. h from ishington
ig that i spl(. in the iniuguril
1. 1 md si n 1 had Inn st for the ( abinet
I. iphi.l that h 1 new thi to be un
tuii btiaus h Ind esamlned the 1 1 in
f tl e stand
There is t Intl. sparo hehind th
gliss .ase in winch I im to be chll itcd
It r in guests In said
Will the ineinl rs of the Cahinet be
p in n oir u sts- tias isked
I 1 Uiswered 11 t h. iflirniitix. nil
. i . t isl f . i , list of mi gu.-sts
w s ii,r laughing ret n d i
The Gn.rio, ,1j, i. ecu.. I fn 111
mi Mavor I r. lit. II i .. at of inns of
tin I nit.il s,tat,-, , t, fIln )f , s(Mrr.
Iin It will like the plaie of i siinilir
pu linng the co it of aims of tl t Stile
.f New J. rs.i Th. t.nninnr will nit
ir the n w in until ifl. i be is snnni
ir Fked what It. proposed to do with
t . ol 1 . lie Ik sal I
I shall k..p it he said and III m
eld ig wh ii i ist th. cars of ihser. -tlon
I ma run for Governor of New
Jirs.e again '
A. C. .
mad. I
Preparations h.i
J W C to hold esper sen lets on
f.unia aft. noon at st Pius 1 utlienn
liurch I Ieenth mil 11 strtcts rorth
ist Miss laiuihc llolmiuist of .c
ork will speil on Tin los of the
Ci at Discovers fcpeiial music will be
furnished b Alios Itoberta A. Allen mo
lmist. and bj Mrs Helen Donohue De "io
Mclner Delllern
The L nited st ites is getting as immi
grants the unspoiled peasant stock of
3 urope. according to Dr Fdwird Ii
Sieiner of Grinnell College, lowi, who
gave 1 lecture at Ingram Memorial
Church last night.
"Just Say"
It Msans
Original and Genuine
The Food-drink for All Ages.
More healthful than Tea or Coffee.
Agrees with the weakest digestion.
Delicious, invigorating and nutritious.
Rich mil, malted grain, powder form.
A quick lunch prepared in a minnte.
" Others are imitations.
Minister to China Probably TV' ill
"Neer Hrtnrn to Pout.
It nas announced at the State Depart
ment esterda that William J Cal
houn United States Minister to China,
left Pekln csterday for the United
States 1 waj of the Suez CanaL Ow
ing to the chanpe in administration now
pending. It is not expected that Sir Cal
houn will ever return to Ills post, lie
Is at present on a status of leate of
ibsence, however, granted him to per
mit him to arranse certain personal
business affairs This Ieae of absence
Mr Calhound desired to take some
months imo but wes detained at Pekln
because of the negotiations for the six-
power loan to China. Mr K. T p 111-
lams setretars. ana now cnarge a ai
faircs of tho legation lias had unusual
ixperieme In Chlni. and is regarded uy
tho State Department is tnot compe
tent to direct the affairs of the legation
until thi appointment of Mr Calhoun's
Minister Calhoun wis engaged In the
practice of lin as a member of tho tirm
of Cilhotin. I.ford & hheehan, of Chi
cago 111 when hi was ippointed Min
is!, r to Chin i Decemlicr 21 VH) fol
l.iwlng the- recall of Clnrles R Cran
wh.n the Htter was on his waj to
"John T. Nails Memorial" Is Name of
Edifice to Be Built in
M.Mllfliii i F.b Jh lliptist
lii-.li to le known is the John
NaIN Memornl lliinil. will Mn be
. ruted b the lungn pition of the In
f mt I iptist thurili at the -nutlmest
lonur of Puke and Ifred -sir, ets The
pi ins for th. building ire in the lnnrid
of W I ( lark iir. hue. t
Th. enctlon of this church will mike
i total of thrie Hiptlst .bur. his m the
tl Tin members comprising tie pres
nt toiiKregalion known is the lnfint
Kiptist i hiinli uon n- i hotfe on the
south side of Prince "street, between
Pitrick and Ilinr Stretts
The sit. on wliii h th. edlii
i 111 be
- is formerlx
use.1 b
D.liliis Watkins olor.il flnrged with
ii luiil.ler ot J isper ilk. s lolored
ill lx plicid on trill for lus life In the
ir.uit ourt for liandrii l iunt at
oclmk tomorrow morning Jitdgt J
j I. T Thornton pr. siding Tl i aitused
will b. r. pi.sentcft b ttonis M u hen
id Je se mil th. pros. cution will be
nduit.il b Commonw. iltb a .Uloriu
I ipt ( rmdll Mack.
The murder took plan Iforuir I 1 it
at Queen Clt It is iindep-t. od that
Watkins will claim (! defense and ilso
claim thit the minder w is brf ught about
lis a lesult of lltentions paid hi!, wift
b the man whom he killid
Thro ig
i Xormo'le reil estate
iti M I), rmott ln Mild
itlnn Mattliiws four tw-i 'too
tous.s on the west side .if Henri
bitwecn Q icen and Princes
Hirlnn and wife hae )ld to
irker i hous md lot on the
kid of Princiss strut betw.en
ind Ilenrv streets
Mts rtutli I.ontz widow of William
C Hontz died it 7 ocloik this moriiiiis
it hir horn, n 1 2 '-outh 1 airfax "street
she was .1 eiis old and is surl.d br
tin following children Miss Netti"
I nnt7 Mrs Man. A 1 eir.l ind W H
I mtz
II. r funeral will tile pic. it 10
o.Kck I ri.laj mornins from th resl
den e of l.r son W II Rontz Ju
North Kred treit Th. sen Ices will
1. . olifluclcfl hi T?e II M fuller ns..
I. r of lbs M r rinireh smith
The I urning of soni. ilothcs in the
ilosrt or house 1-ir King street at 4
o . It. k this afterno n brought out the
entire fire deputmett The fire was . x
i mguished with chemi.al ctlnguishcrs
I lint, .re being formul ited for a
ch iutauo.ua w.ek here in the neir future
ixirtion of funds d.ried will be for
the lt andrn Hospital
T. i Titlur 1 err I -. iliplain
I-ort ishington to nif,ht following the
l.nt.ii serMles it St Mar s l athnlic
f hirih delncr-d in iddress before the
in. infers nf 1 itzgcnld Council No 4o"
Knights of Columbus it ?t Marj'i
In the ( ircuit Cou-t for this clt in
ai mm to a John R Mirh quililied
is idniinistrator of the estate of W C
ites and gic bond in the sum of Jo
W K f.rime" has purchased the drug
stun loidmted b the late J W Fnt
wisie it 11 0 King and will conduct It
in the flit in it is stated
it. u
er I cs
V pioiopal
hurt li to night
nCKtrcn Is
i nnpani
i I .-en plasing for U
few ilni records that
ntirestin l. the pres
f Mm. Una Ca alien
.1 mills
in the
whose otc. th. i fiitliflllls nproduie
Mm. Caaheri can be heard onlj In
l.rion rrom tl t ir records the Columbia
onipini iH.ints out for sh. sms fr
II. other mikers of records
Numlers of ptople who were to heir
tin tilente.1 songstress during her sta
here h lie onc first to hear these records
of her xoicc tint they might not be
stringers to her technique
new departure in the designs for
cabinet grasshoppers Is being shown,
too bj the compans This latest instru
ment is in the form of a bab grand
piano a. d in its tones reaches a degree
o" excellence in keeping with its form
The cibinet is handsome! finished with
gold mountings, and makes an execeding
l pleising appearance
special cailrj drill will be Ellen at
1-ort Mser Wednesday afternoon, March
it : 3D o clock when the District
branch of the W oman s W ilson and
Marshall Leigue and the visiting local
Democnts will be the guests.
The commandant of the post Col
Joseph Garrard has arranged this drill
in compliment to the organization and
the tickets can be obtained only b
applsing to the league headquarters
which will be established at the New
Willard Hotel and will be open from
Jundaj ifternoon until Thursday after
noon The committee in charge of the
drill includes Mrs. W G Harve,
chairman. Mrs OlUe Hancock, Mrs. It.
W Lcsher. Mrs J B MacDonald and
Mrs. C W Owens All tsitlng Demo
crats and local Democrats are lmited to
appl for tickets to the drill
ailss dnm Marries Mr. LcttIm.
Hvattsillc. Md Feb K. quiet but
prettv wedding was held at the parson
ago of the Af 1 Church South this
evening when Miss Margaret Wilson
Warn" niece of Mrs. Cornelius Ash,
became the wife of Thomas H Lewis
of this place .
The ceremonj was performed b Rev
11 T. Hivens. Oniv membors of the
families of the contracting parties were
reception wis held it their home In
Avon Avenue following the ceremony.
i-M'Ht''K itj f-iH Pi. ' a'J: -' ?
'a Xm . - tMiMwllg lJfviyflsWwLL
iHHIiiHLlL k z&fBi p HhskL. - '. u LI lwlvi!wlvc
UIsW-BjsVv' . 'ill ; lBijfr -- -Jn l-.Kh7srvaMjfflKCL vll JiM
Dm of t e Waslmg on hotels tl at bis i
on its (.all g-irb for th. .omlng iniiigural i
the Sterling MiiH I Ht the loruer of Thlrt.
MrectM Northw st This liot.l will br In
ugliril rus ind Die minikors n
aln i.l pretti will book..! with tnt
inn in on W isbingtoi -iucii mil
The d. iiirltioiis tilat I a be. n I
consist of miriein II igs tha luiw
Dr. Kelly Vigorously Declares Social
Jvil Should Be Corrected
Through Legislation.
I i luture it First Congregatioml
Chii nli last night Dr llonird Kelts
of Jihnx Hopkins I ni.rsin I, lltitiior..
deilired It to Ik the dut of hf thurc i
to go into tht political tiel 1
The sUl ject of h
Dut i f tht Clmr h
nl Piihli it I.irg
to Soiial servile
Th. i hiin.li should inak
erj effort
It his lo
jstriil . x
II Im. to
to st imp out i ills
hiiidlt tli iiuistlon
pi. it lllon of the po
substit He prop, r imustniint pines
meetini, plans for th oung i . pie
lr Killv spoki under th. mspi Ls of
the dep irtment of hialth ind hi reditv
of the C T.r, and blamed the !n
dlffirence of the guienl public to the
deep Inroads wlirh the socnl evil has
inide on i ublic morils an 1 urged that
the churches burv their denominational
diffcrene. s iml io operate in wiping out
the soci il call and preventing it
Dr Kellj said tint Baltimore is ilem
ing up its tilth and thoe who lo
Hiltimoro beciuse the cannot pl their
nefarious tndc there m longer com to
Washington wh. re the an unmolested
lie declared tint it is the foremost
dutv of tin ihurih to look ifir th
moraltts of the people ind that I-gisi-turts
must consider it for without mor
alits ind religion civilized government
is impossible
Senator Smith and Real Estate Rep
resentatives Agree on District
Sign Clause.
l a lonfereuie
tween "senator
Michigan nu-
Willi i
ldcn s,nuth
ihor of Hie inn ndmeiit to tho District
bill rcgiilitlug tin emplacement of sale
in. I r. nt signs upon prop, i ties, tn the
District and representativis of the Heil
1- state Hroki rs ssociation list night
greenient wis reached bj which
tin s.i
of I fie
nator consents to a modiflcatlon
lius ro an to p rmit the em-
pi i i mi nt of three Instenl of one sign
upon each propcrts
The igreement It was understood
1 ist night does not contemplate that
a, sepirate license fee of $ . a ear will
he required for eaeh cign Senator
hmlth was noncommittal as to the
exact terms agreed upon Senator
Smoot, who will be one of the con
ferets for the Sf nate on tho District
appropriation hill, was present at the
Among those pnsent for the real es
tate assoclition were William II Saun
ders, president Herbert T Shannon
secrctari , George II Gill, assistant sec
retarj. and James F Shea I W
Groomes Charles W" Fairfix Wllliim
A. Hill, N Is Sinsburj, Harry K Boss,
and riojd E Divls
'North Cnrollnn Socletr to Fntcrtnln
tntr Olllelnls Here.
The North Carolina ociet of Wash
ington will tender a reception to Gov
Locke Craig and his start and Mr and
Mrs Josephus Da. iels at Confederate
Memorial Hall, 122 ermont Avenue on
March 1 The Governor will be met at
Lnion Station bv a committee of North
Carolinians and escorted to the Raleigh
Senators Simmons and Overman and
thi members of the House from North
Carolina will be in the receiving line
Dr J H Holmes, president of the so
cletj last night appointed the following
committee, representing each of the Con
gressional districts of North Carolina, to
arrange for the reception Dr I M
Stewart, A T Hill C D Fllsvvorth I
R Anderson Dr It O L Davis C W
Huske. T M "Robertson W. F tiler.
Dr. G Brenizer, and W F Tomlinson
untllnr Socletr to Meet.
O h. Darnall will address the District
Sunshine Societj at its regtilir monthls
meeting to morrow aftcrnon at the
Raleigh Reports will be heard from the
different branch presidents and a short
musical programme rendered.
The lii.Hl hi
pur in
id on
be. i
. er departinen
Free Freight Delivery Case to Be
Carried to Interstate Com
merce Commission.
h it tail merchants f Wash
nil not fcraiillllls licept the
f the lailrouls em ring W ish
ii rifcini to cart n,e i li irc.es
wis m nl. jlun at tin r. oms of tht
I till M.nhints Wutiam.n jisttr
div ifttrnooii bv Ross I" Mdrews
il tirm in if tin f night ind transpor
tation commute, of tin issociatlon
Mr ndr ivs w is recently named to
lie i 1 this Imiortint committee es
terda heniiniiltlii follow ing business
men of the asoei ilion as numbers f
th freight and tr nisi ortition commit
tie h W ltoli uio A D Hurr.
I' K Chaeonas c.t urge fc De eale
Mever rellhilm. r I C Gralnm I
Goldfnberg I rid Hihn Met Hecht.
Ilirrv King nton '-ti I ban, ind Josepn
M Stod lard
M D Rosenberg tl general conn
s, 1 of the association his b. en direct. i
to takt up tin nutter with thi Inter
slate t oinm. rce Commission Mr An
drews il stited that manuf icttirers
assoclitions in other cities are inter
esting thunselves in the matter ind
is confident tint after his committee
Ins been giv. n i hearing in the mat
tor th. riilroiuls will r ilize the injus
U.t of tie furtli r Chiracs proposed
igorous rcrrcsentations will be made
before the Interstate Commerce Com
it Ion
The led. nl Woman 1
s.iciition will itifet nt "
ifternoon In tli r. .1 ro mi of tl
but House to listen to adrires.
s.viril prominent stiffr iiists.
I'ltzer of Colf.ndo will sp( ik on
N ittonil 1'irlv .invention from a
Woman s Point of icw Dr Cora
Smith King of i ittle his chosen for
her siibje, t Miiuielpil Housekeeping
in W ishington The s,tlri f Hve
Proce sslotis will be the subject of a
speech bv Mrs Clan Collrv The pub
lic Is invited
Ths Slim Woman
Is Winning
The dtr of the slim woman's triumph
has arrived. "The thinner one Is tha
more stilish." say the dressmakera.
This would hare been sad news (or tha
fat woman a sear ago She would have
had to try dletlns or exercise Nowa
flajs however, the woman who Is too ft
for the 'styles roes to a drurfrt't and gets
a case of Marrok Prescription Tablets,
ons of which she takes after each meal
and at bedtime, and so reduces her an
perflooos flesh quickly.
These tabUts. belnff made In accordano
frith tha farqous prescription, are per
ferfljr harmless, and they are. also, the
most eonomtcal preparation a person can
Buy, for they cost only 75 cents a large
case one of which Is -frequently enouph
to start a person lostne fat the rate of
11 to 11 ounces a day Pretty nearly
erary dnirrlst keeps this tablet In stock,
but should yours bs sold out. you can
easily obtain a case by mainsT to tbe
makers, the Marmots, Cotnpaay, Efcmsc
FEBRUARY 27, 1913.
fhoto O
nf tl
reef nt I I .
Ions hie b. i n made
lint of the iniuguril
i mc of scrice in
'I I Ike
if Instllntl
w.rt nlse.1 to
ibereulosH Ho..
n slil. mill sec
t e situation f tl
pitil in tl niid't .
tlon of llnshtwool
lti7en" s o. nti .
ntchl r 1 ti.
lanng tint sti h
if th.
it i in. ft ing of the
if that s. etion last
i w is idopte.t de-
n institution Miould
t. I fr.
i.lcntnl se. tlon
I iskin th.t the lioMit.il lie rf.n.oeri
Ii- 4. Ii tal
Tins r. soiut on, will I.. frvi irde.1 to both c,on tnat '" subordinates in the com
i ongr. ss u, ti, Commlssonir The nlssarv depirtmint of the navj, In
hospttii is Mtiiit.it in a growing section I man Instanc s have too little superi
of the ..iiiiminiti. ind now ilmost en- "lon irom their .superiors too few
tirelj surroiindrd bv n.wlv built houses checks upon their operations and
loth th. i uhllc utiliti. s bill and the therefore too mans temptitions
bill providim. for i n vv schoolhouse In I wv ''c" lene to recommend to
I'arkvi w w.r. indorsed Tin asocii vour honor that a copj of this report
ti. n voted to et nil i resolution of sjm-,nc forwarded to the honorable ecre
pathv to the fimilv of John W Riv a ,ar4 "' ,he Na" at W ishngton
resident of Hrn-htwood for the pi-t sev
entv vtars who iliel vesterdis I n electric furnace in wliich the heat
Min womni ittended tht meeting to 's applied tn metils to be melted b a
hear in iddrts on Quitlons nf ' turgsten tub. has been made bv two Ger-
111 Mrs William Kent
On the f ulure of the speaker to appear,
a vnt. inn t iken to ascertain the atti
tude of the women present on the suf
fnge question nn I out of about sev en
tv live women onlv two wished the right
to ote
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Time Bills Allege Conspiracy,
Bribery, and Presenting
False Claims to U. S.
KLrUKl OLlll 1U TOE. I ti
Grafting in Commissary Department
Charged Contractors
Norfolk. a. Teb 16 After ten dais"
investigation the United fctates grand
Jur In the alleged Naal -ommIssaryj
grafting matters returned true Din in-,
dletments this afternoon as follows
Krcd II Hobbs and William J Hunt,!
miking and presenting false claims
against the I nited States
Priil H Hobbs and William J Hunt,
Luther J Upton mid George T Dais,
lonspiracj to defraud tin United States
William K Allaun. briber
Hcnrj F Ilolstan making and pre
senting false ilaun agilnst the I niteil
Kichard 1 ood bribeo
II W Wilk. r. of Newport cw
making and prtMnting false claim
againit tli. I nited St ites
1 J 1 pton miking and presenting
false claims against the I'nited States
The defendants appeired In court ifter
the indictments wfre retuniefl and gae
bontl for their appearan.e at the regular
Mri term of the I niteil Mites court
After the formal Indictments had been
presented and nail in court I on man
George 1.. Arps of the grind Jun r ild
there was a supplemental rejKirt to l
presented This was passed to Judge
Waddill. who ifter reiding It said the
report wis proper to be presented and
to be revl Foreman ris. upon re
ceding the report bat k f n m the .ourt
pissul it to Clerk Kelsej who then
read It as follows
Wide latitude l.lun.
The grand j ir
win li for the past
w.k has been inquiring into the
ch irges of fraud igalnst the govern
ment in the matte- of naval t ontract
supplies feel ii its dutv to submit a
brli f supplemental report In connee
tl n with the indictments which speak
for themselves
It .lev eloped in the course of a
painstaking Investigation of a num
ber of trans ictions between f ontrae-
I tors and repre-entativ. s of the mv
that a condition then tsted which
gave widf latitude to ciimmissarv
stewards a id tli. Ir subordinates aboard
ship for irringlng ind permitting
fraud lo the gov. mini nt It was shown
tint the duti s of the p offlcers
when aboard ship ire mine exacting
anil onerous vet it was demonstrated
that if watchful and businesslike
methods and superis!nn In overseeing
and fhecklng up the irious transi
tions of their subor.ll ntes !n. he-i
the uniform prutiic the illegal aits
charged in the indictin nts her. lould
not have been p. rpelrated
The grand jurors are well aw ire
that such m itters is purchasing provi
sions ind all the accounting sstem
I "n '
hipboa-d are for naval regulation
ship discipline t th same Mme
the grind jurv Is force,
man scientists
The Oldrat Itemedr Kmnwa
Is a seidlitz powder All phjslclans pre
scribe It for all troubles of the stomach.
liver and bowe's Tou can now buy m
cood tasting seldlitz powder It Is called
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Greatest Nerve
Vitalizer Known
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Wafers, the Host Effective Herve
Btrenethener for Men and Wo-
menEver Found by Science.
This Is the world's-newest, safest, most
reliable and effective nerve lnvlrorator.
Jrevltallzer. brain awakencr. bodr strength-
ener. without equal in the world's history
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that awful, dull, weak. lazy, donn-glve-a-
I ha nit feeling to brightness, strength.
clear-headedness and courage which Is
Kclloct's Sanltone Wafers Make Yo
fed lino All the Time.
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arc what sour nerves are nothing else.
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bnin fag extnnie nervousness peev
ishness glooiiiintss ttorrv cloudv
brain loss of inbltion energv, au.l
vitilitj. loss of weight and digestion
constipation hiadiches, neuralgia or
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drink send for i nc fre trial box of
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appetiif sleeplt ssness headaches and
eonsttp ition and are all out-of-so-ts
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vou f el that there Is more to life t a
v.mi fur realiel before Send todiv
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