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The Herald has the largest
morning home circulation, and
prints all the news of the world,
with many exclusive features.
Cloud) and much colder to
dav ; to-morrow probablj fair.
Temperatures jenerday Max
imum, 62; minimum, 45
NO. 2336
"Should Be Capital of Capitals"
"Washington Is Favored by Nature"
President to Start Reviewing
from His Stand at 2 : 45
The official programme for the In
augural parade was Issued jesterdaj aft
ernoon b the War Department.
Tne Presidential part will leave the
White House at 10 a, m tj the north
west sate The escort to the President
elect, upon Die appearance of the car
riage of the lresldent and President-elect,
will salute andlmmedlatelv resume carry
saliers, form column of platoons to the
left, and cloe upon the staff of the
srand marshal, preceding the Presldcitiil
The Insignia of marshals and nnrehal
aids will be as follows The chief of staff
nd the adjutant eneral.red sash, other
members of the grand Tnarbhal s ttaff
white sash, mtr-hals of grand divisions
red and white sash, commanders of hrl
gades, blue and white sash, all start ont-
ers, except those of the grind marshal
blue ah The sah "ihall be worn from
the right shoulder to the left sub
t the conclusion of the inaugural
address, -u cording to the ord rs offt-
lallv announced, the President will be
receded at the speakers; sfind l tilt
grand mnihal and staff, the two csrort
mg t oop. the imrshal of the Mr t giind
diwMfn inti staff and b the first bri
gade Iirst grand diilnn The e-c rung
olumn will proceed north Irom the
anfmnee In tViA I'anitn Cri,itn1 th. ni !
wet in B btrcet. south in Hist street
o the Peace Monument thence uoith
pet in Pennsvlvania Venue to fifteenth
Mreet Northwest theme north in Fif
teenth btreet to Pennsvlvania enue,
thence to the Court of Honor
lew Purmlr fit . tr.
Tht grand marshal and staff will enter
the Court of Honor and the staff will
frrni on the south side of Pennrlvaiiia
Avenue, facing north, with the left near
the northwest gate of the White Moose
CTOiintl'T i
lien the Presidential tarnagf. lnv
1-tssed into the White Hou. grounds
he command r of th. es, orl will tondtitl
tit txctulnt PI it. W. t south of th.
Whit House grounds to l.ccutivc Plate
1 ast fa ni, north in column of fours
1r Presldinlial tarrlaces will proceed
nt.i the Curt of Ho
W hlte Houst grounds b the
nt rtln
Tie inaugural para le will ! revttnt-d
th President from his stand on the
t nh slav of the i ojrt of Honor it;ii
m l mounted staffs tstorts and
igdliizMluus where numbers will per-
i t are ordered to form ill plitotms or
wclvc to sixteen hies front Milltirv
foot organizations will niart h in tloetl
olumns of Mil divisions in douhk lanlt
n th not less thin sixteen nor more than
tventv tiles front txtluslle of guldts
The guide will be left through the en
tire 1 tie of m in li The left guide of
. i h subdivision will lie rtsH.niUi for
lireetions an.l dlst tn ts The dirt ct ion
w 1 l indicated l a line oi giten
intl white p. nnants placed along the
lne of march two to even bio. k at
ibout the height of the ee The tlis
tance between platoons and comp-inies
w II be x pices b. tween companies of
tun or more platoons 1J pares between
InttaMons 15 paces between regiments
paces between brigades is pices
b tweei illusions im paces
Plni Passing President's "Innri.
The entire march will be in quick time
with cadence of 1M steps per minute
In passing the Presidents reviewing
stand each band will plaj. marching In
4t itk time
The parade will be renewed b the
gtand marshal from i point on the
sontn side of Pennsylvania enut, at
Twenti Iirst Street Northwest
Thf formation of tin parade as out
limd in the official programme issued
i esterdai is not subject to furtht r re
ligion Provision is made, howeier, for
unassigned or belated organizations
'uch organizations will be formed in
column facing south on First Street
J- ast with head of the column at B Stieet
southwest, and will follow the second
grand division in the parade In case ol
arrival after the rear of tht set ond
grand division has passed into thi Capi
tol grounds a belated organization will
not Ie permitted to enter the parade
The War Department has prepared an
inaugural map showing the route of the
rarade and the points where the various
organizations that are to form the pro
cession will be stationed prior to the
organization of the parade Copies of
the map will be furnished the aids of the
different division commanders who are
to see that the organizations fall in line
at the proper time and place
Maj Sjli ester informed Isiac Gans,
chairman of the fireworks committee,
that he will have policemen stationed
at his command to take care of the
crowd at the Elipse at night Mr Gans
has divided the i:iipse into sections and
has appointed a committee for each sec
tion The streets leading to the fire
works displav will be roped or and tn
-hargc of subcommittees from the fire
works committee, each of which will be
In charge of a chiirman
The fireworks will be checked off bj a
committee composed of S J Prescott
liuls C Wllon Frank Gillen. S R N'or
mnt. John Snrugtie, John Kreh, Trink
"ebrlng and James Cahill
Col John Clem will have charge of the
tents and paraphernalia Kverv thing to
make the d'splav a success has been
done, and the committee has worked
assiduouslv during th last three months
and now hopes to see its honest efforts
realized Chairman GanR has received
word from the Consolidated Plreworks
Companj that the fireworks are shipped
The president of the rompanv will he
In charge of the displa, assisted by
went -Ave expert men.
The following are In cere
nuinln of the daj- covered by
the orders of MJ. Gen. I eonnrd
Wood, grand marwlial of the ra
rinlei 1 .acrobl and formation of
the grand marahiil'i ataff. the ea
eort to the Prealdent-eleet and
the eaeort to the lee Preatdent
plcet, at SlSO a. m.
2 Paeort from the White
House to the Capitol at 10 a. m.
3 Formation of the oirt-of-door
ceremonjea at the Capitol
and aaaemhls- of all trnopa and
nrganUatlona partfrlpallng la
the parade, at liSS p. m.
4 Review of the parade lis
the President, at 2i4n p. m.
"Gen." Jones' "Hikers" Split
with Suffragists
Letter to President-elect Wilion Turned
Over to Washington Headquarters
by Order of Executive Board.
Pilgrims start from Bladcns
burjr at a m.
Arrne in Washington at 11 30
o'clock entering ltj bj nai of
Brentwood Koad. to Rhode Island
Avmue. to North Capitol Street,
to F; street1 'to First .Street, to
Pennsilianla Avenue, to Fif
teenth -treet to F Street, to suf
fngt headquarters at ICO F
M r 1 1
Luncheon at Caf. It. piil.li.nie
with "I n ilr speaking ..utsid"
l.al suffragists headed hi
band will meet pilgrims at Dis
trict line and escort them into
the ritv
fter r-sting the pilgrims will
address suffrage meetings at
headquarters and at the various
iir irwin nxunotH.
Ma 'ensburg Md Ft 1 -T - The Army
of the Hudson rt pudlatcd hv the Con
gressional Cfinmittee m charge of suf-
k in Washington t night
I ib h d its tents i lgl t miles from tho
Nation s Capital To morrow it will de
scend uiwin the citv with a view of taking
.t b stt rm but, i n separ-ite organiza
tion no longer aorklng In co operation
with the Natl nal mtncan Woman Suf
frage .s social ion
In responst to a demand bj the execu
tive board of the national organization.
Gen Rosalie Jones to nlgtt turned
over to Miss Alice Piul secretin of the
Congreional Committee, the message,
the presentation of which to President
elect V. ilson was the obj ct of the .50
mile hike bj the pilgrims
Holds l Plana.
ntl, t" add Insult to injurs. Miss Paul
after receiving tlu message fiom the
hands of Gen Jones said that the pil
grims on their arrival In Washington to
morrow would he escorted through sd
streets to suffrage headquarters. She in
timated that the hike had done more In
jurv than good to the suffrage cause,
and that the appearance of the pilgrims
clad In their marching costumes in the
Capital streets vvas looked upon with dis
favor bv the suffragists In Washington
Df spite this. Gen Jones will hold to
her original pi in and march up Penn
svlvania Avenue
Miss Paul also said that the pilgrims
would be entertained at a luncheon in
the Cafe Republlque in Washington but
that the other members of the party
would not he welcomed
Gen Jones n plied that if all were not
welcomed none would attend
Twelve miles through a tea of mud was
the distance the suffrage pilgrims under
Gen Rosalie Jones hiked ' to-tlav
To monow morning a short jaunt of
eight miles, and the long Journej will be
The arniv to night however, is an annj
without a purpose Wflth one fell swoop,
as thev sav In books, the National
merican Woman Suffrage Association
snatched from the pilgrims all the lau
rels of the long hike. Bv action of the
executive tioard it wis xoted that the
message which the army Is cirri ing to
Presldent-el-ct Wilson and which fur
nished the reason for the march from
New Tork be turned over to the Con
gressional committee which is in charge
of the Washington pageint upon the nr
rixal of the hikers In Washington The
Congressional commlttre in Its well
known manner then will proceed to carry
ofT all the honor and glor
The first Intimation the hikers had of
the lugubrious ending of their SOO-mlle
trip was when 'Gen ' Jones received a
telegram this morning from SIar Ware
Dennett, corresponding secretary of the
national association The message briefly
advised the commander-in-chief of the
hikers of the board s action, and directed
her to turn the message over to the
Congressional committee.
I'onnrll In nrickrard.
Gen " Jones called a council of war in
a brlekxard along the road and told
v-hat had happened A loud note of pro
test arose from the fbotsore hikers, who
had covered some lit) miles of alleged
Continued on Pace Two.
Committee of 1 00 Has Bound
less Scope for Its Activity,
Says Britain's Envoy.
"Wo should make this a Capi
tal of Capitals, Washington to
overtop the capitals of the States
as the nation overtops the State"
'All that Is tlnest In American
conception, all tnat Is largest and
brightest In American thought,
should bo represented here In
the Capital of a great nation'
'Washington Is the most fa
xorcd bv nature, of the capitals
of the world"
"A beiutiful park should con
nect W ashlngton and Baltimore "
"ou should make the man
from Maine and Arkansas and
Kljrida feel that Washington be
longs to hnn, '
The government should pur
chase strips along both sides of
the Potomac, quarrilng in the
Virginia palisades should be
stopped, and a national boule
xard should be constructed
"T-and along Rock Creek
should be owned bv the govern
ment for fifteen miles, and a
beautiful national park should
nestle there
(From address of Ambassador
James Bri cr )
"Washington the most beautiful Cap
ital Citj of the world. ore beautiful
than th capitals of old, a plate of pil
grimage, and tine of renown among na
tions, this is lour opportuniti and jour
duti ' so declared the British Ambas
sador, James Hrice before the commit
tee of l(i at the h imbcr of Commerce,
wllch gathered at the home of -thur
JcfTrei Pars, ns, 1704 Kightcenth street
Northwest list night
Justice Stafford of the District Su
preme Court, who Introduced Ambassa
dor Brjce, said that Washington is the
smbol of a great nation and that to
serxe its highest purpose the citi must
be a work of art, not 1 looe gathering
of various works but on harmonious
work He pa'd a warm tribute to the
ipeaker he was to Introduce for show
ing such sincere Interest In tne b'ght
future of America's Capital
Mr Bnce told the committee that
there is a. boundless scope for their -til
Its. that out National Capital could te
Trenton N J Feb r rrcident-flect
llw,ii will not bp obllcert to confine hfs '
clliration of his frdom from public
office to a baiuHrrine Non ' Iarv of
the IlotPl t Andrew p. New- Tork learn
ir C tliat the Ir fident clrt 1b to be i
pn ite citizen fop three dai before in-BUgm-itlon,
ha (hallened him to i came
of marble
I will shnot nu 'rtnc for knuck
after i-chool sd Mr Lar. In a letter
rceied b Air Uilfcn thi- mornlnK
Aecomprfiilni; the 1 ttr wis a box con
tntmnR tlfteen marbles if the brown cla
irift. known as marble hps
If otj accejt the match will ou play
for keep.-' the i'riident elett a
Mr l.eir has not propo.fd th-
term? aid tie President elect, laugh
inc llr Wilson thn earehed hw mail ind
produced another Itrtur
"Amonk the other important news of
the da he ob-ered U a letter from
a Mr Gil more HavmK read In the pub
lic press of m proposal to turn a hand
pprinjr, Mr Gllmore writer 1 am not a
hettinp man, but am willing to wager
a whole doughnut to a hol in another,
that jou cant do It on hate vour
limitations. l'ea don't be rash
Washington School Head Discustes
Merits of Instructors at
Special to The Waalunstcn Hrra'd.
Philadelphia, Pa. Feb 27 William M
Davidson, superintendent of Washington
schools in a brilliant speech before the
National Kducational t'onferenct this
ifternoon, declared that measuring the
e filcicnsj of the teachers was a problem
that would not be solved In many
He said It was obvious that as the tree
Is to be Judged by Its fruits, so is the
teacher to bo Judged bv the" effects he
o- she produces in the pupils of his class
"When we note the absence of a given
effect it is alnajs explained bv the ref
erence to the absent e of some qualltj in
the teacher The teicher who is success
ful H producing the subtler effects upon
the mind and character of the pupil, a
good critic would probablj concede to be
a better teacher, than he who was suc
cessful merely In producing the more
superficial though more outstanding ef
St. Petersburg, Feb 27 The report cur
rent to-day In manv capitals of conti
nental Hurope that Turkej has finally
expressed a willingness to surrender
Adrlancple to the Balkan allies. Is con
firmed here
The Bulgarian council Is said to be dis
cussing -the Turkish proposal Russia
has declined to Indorse Bulgaria's claims
for a war Indemnltj.
British avsl Constructor Dies.
London Feb 27 Sir William H
V hite. former chief constructor of the
British navj, and who held the honor of
introducing the first Dreadnought Into
tho fleet, died -suddenly to-night at a
hospital, where ho had been conveyed
after having been stricken in his office.
K.13" to California.
Via Washington Sunset Route. March It
April 14 IVri-onalll conducted tourist
sleeping cars without change, dailv ex
cept Sundaj. Berth, to A. J. Poston.
.. SOS F and 700 lith SU.
naBBBBBafeL'- -&Baal
BaaaP".' taH
HHEK aal
n ade renowned throughout the world for
Its beautv ard tlegance
' s well said bv mv predecessor, wc
should make this a Capital of Capitals,"
said the Ambassador, 'a Capital of the
whole nation as each Slate lias its cap
ital W ikhington to overtop the capltuls
of those Mates representing all that Is
finest in Amerl an conception all that
is largest and brightest in merican
thought reirtFenting in ideal what the
Capital of a great nation should be
'Nature has been most favorable to
Washington Then ar. hills enclosing
a little spice on all sides Hnd making
a b. autiful level amphitheater hills
trow ne I with woods and in main places
giving much more striking t fft ts than
we tan have in the soft ami ch ilk and
sandi h lis which sarround I ondon Be
sides these hills nnd running like a sll
ier thread between them Is jour ad
mirable rive The Potomac has two
kind f lea iti. the beauti of the super
stream r inning between 1 old heliehts
crownri with wood and the beautv of
the lake spr,ad out below the citj Into
an Immense silver expanse
"I know of no great citj In Kurnpe that
has anv where nea' s 11 h beiutiful tcenery
so eloe to It as his Washington in Rock
Crek Park, int' In many of the woods
Belated Document Contains
900 Pages of Testi
Senator to Keep en Investigating as
Long as There Is Trouble
and Money.
After six montrs of Intermittent in
restigition during which heir!ns were
conducted In rami) pirls of the I nlted
States ind liter examining nearlj IV)
witnesses, senator William Alden Smith
of MI higan jesterdaj presented to the-i-enate
' nges of testimonv taken bv
a subcommittee of the Foreign Rela
tions Committee, authorizing an inquiry
as to whether merictn interests are
i ngaged in inciting reliclllon hi Cuba
and Mexico
Though Senator "Smith innounrcd that
this compendious document iv-is his re
port, is chairmin of the subcommittee.
th book contains not a single conclu
sion, recommendation or anj thing else
to indicate what the committee believes
it has accomplished or whit the vou
minous testimonv shows There is no
suggestion of what the committee be
lieves should be done about thn Mexico
situation or anj Indication that the com
mittee is In favor of doing anvt ling
Perusal of tho document indicates that
Senator Smith, who conducted the inves
tigation into tho Titanic disaster, and
Senator Fall of New Mexico, who has
a local Interest In the Mexican situation,
were tho only members of the commit
tee who took in active part in Its work.
The other members w-ere Senators Mr
Cumber of North Dakota Borah of
Idaho. Shivelv of Indiann. and Hitch
cock of Nebraska
Though, the. resolution authorizing the
Investigation In-tructed the committee to
make its report last December, the docu
ment made public hv Senator Smith j es
terdai is the first thing which has ap
peared under the authoritj of the com
mittee ccording to disclosures made here last
night, the Michigan Senator has made
secret plans to , go to Mexico in person
as scon as Congress adjourns on Mirch
4 He Intends, It Is understood, to Investi
gate the entire Mexican situation, includ
ing the present government of Mexico
and the persons now at the head of it
-Will Continue Work.
It is understood here that Senator
Smith Intends to keep up his investiga
tion of things Mexican as long ns unrest
continues In thit countrj. and he Is
supplied with funds bv the United States
There is little tn the document, how
ever, to Indicate that anj Americans, as
individuals, or through corporations, con
tributed to the financing of the Madero
or Orozco revolutions The Midero revo
lution, according to the testlmonj, was
paid for chieflv out of tho funds in the
possession of the Mndero familj. This
money was deposited for the most part
In banks In the United States, and drawn
upon from these hanks for the purchase
of arms, ammunition, and olier supplies
north of the Rio Gnnde The Orozco
revolution was financed chieflv hi- th"
sale of bands of the revolution in the,
State of Chihuahua, the revenues of the
Great American University,
National Park, and Boule
vards Are Suggested.
that strett h along the Potomac on the
north and south Hides '
'N'or Is the Citi of Washington less
clmrmlng when jou come to the mat
ter of streets 1 know of no city in
which the trees seem to be so much
a part of the citj' as Washington
Nothing can be more chtrmlng than
the views up and dowtj the avenues
which glie charming sylvan views
and all this is so bv reason of the taste
and forethought of those who have
administered tho government f the
city and who have planted different
kinds of trees
"London and Berlin and Paris are
crowded and jou are not jet crowded.
iou have still elbow room here to do
whit jou want You have another great
advantage in not having nny great manu
factories or factories With all these ad
vantages before ou In Washington and
with the bottomless purse of ITncle Sim
behind 1011 with nil those things in
hand, unit might jou not make of
'It ins the part of wisdom bj the
founders to plant tht Capitol in a place
where there was alreadj no citj and
where It was llkcli no great commercial
Industries would spring up "
'resent at Meeting.
Among those present at the meeting
JUr VVilli.m T It 1.11 Ilaihl Fnirchi I n nan
(' lhillis U ll.iuin.mt 1 J lnUiluui Mr.
MMd A l IMnce John II Lsracr P M. Ho
It. Ii Jimn. IltKUeT JI.re&n E. 11 Tuder Will
Uin Tt,hni tv II ToJ.1. It. l IJT b. J
Mlls y ), Ooldrcii Iter John n NchK-k
jr .ej-tm . Uonhlrj"! Join L. Wesrer I J
hiufnun H I Terrvll llecrj I ll' Ofnrse W
White Ittjs-ewnuthe Jtmej K blijtfen. Eramon
s Smith J MUW Knijoo Cher ItanLtsi. Ja
t"El r.irnr Ilibtl vbram -,moji pr Xlitrhell
CmU J U Vm John Ilrdi.h J.hn 1 Je Uirh
td B tn Prank It N net CM. C.ns-i Trufs
dell tTluk W Hlrktt Tl tl - W Noye. ird
A Jjimtt Pr HmrrJ "-n ilium K. Alumni
In nd Mrs CSurlet W. l.ichutlssi toimrk L.
Hartj. Mr Ilcnnrtt Wlltum W llrvle Ihri"iU
lit. J lUrrr rvnintt brae I' B-tnrII. Chirt
JnMli! ShrtaM J It Mirsull Judsr I S
I unit Ileum Alln t sit V s, Werlturiton
l.Vn Bn-nn Mr llfrse) J n t ItU. J IImtt
riinrinslnni II Itmlrr Ihilanv F. It Sm..
It-i h l"im. sentiT I 11 l"tn EmeenUtno
I t.il. ItTTKnuUte xvuiun 1" HerUad.
Jenn J W n SmilT ilium I IHlllnsm.
t3rle T, Tb.n4i littell - emnh W T ..Ui
hn- .rt M.rk Itnnx ImVt 1 Ilrl' n 1 W
ll.rrti. John C. Jl l.ith J. I! Mirslull M V
It? Jt. l)tr He Thrtnt. J SbhJii b P
Mrru William MeK t lutnn Tlemfnl K ,rm.
j Xlr .rie. llurlr. lbnn II itl'r Cirt Norten
'jilUl-e st(ronl Pran. t. Otrrenter t. II IltWs.
I Vlhrrt Illtrl IV C VlirshlU W Hn..tllil
l.ttce N.rtzell TIrm t.riiit fiarles it.
Peerr t J Is- vtnll Ir (..lirt Prclrnek l.
Hnd 1 illUm tVolff Srcilh tVilli.m l-uiii VjnUe
Her iner W V i-r Jmt M J Jinslnn Keisr
nutive Imarn Evanv lhin.1 l IUitt IWt
.lrh IncUlr I rr llr .nk Sesti.ll ntcrtnt-itiTt,
M berr Prprxttiie Jnlhn Khn II P. tstnl.
J.nes Rhirrv l.li W I-. I J. Pwit.
State government set up in Chihuahua,
nnd the profits of the railroad and tele
I graph llli s operated b the rebels
I The Mlehlgin Senator nurri-sl mt of
the witnesses -is to whether the standard
oil Comp-inv or the W ier Pit r. e Oil
i Compani In t-arti. ular had aided the rev-
I I lutiontsts The document made public
bv him vesterd-iv does not show that in
am case ellhei of the oil companies was
iwninti enner ine m nit- t, .n "iitu iriu
lut ions
Second Ballot Gives Him Necessary
Votes, but Speaker Rules
Sprmglifld 111. reb 27 -lt the nar
rowcM mirain ol J Hamilton I.ewis
was deprived of the Illinois l.mg term
Stnatorship In the state legislature this
Assuming that hut one roll would be
called. Republican and Progressive mem
bers drifted out of the hall while the
roll en shcrt-term Senator was being
When the vote was announred. Speaker
McKlnlev took those in lae t himber "1
their ftet In directing the secretarj of
the Sen Ite to call the roll again on long
term Senator
The rt suit of this ballot was s.ctj she
votes for l-wis (Democrat!, one for
Sherman (Republican), and f ur for Ber
lin (Socialist)
Adherrnts of I ew Is urged the Speaker
to declare Lewis elected but the speaker,
hav lng, had his Jo'.c smiled, and declared
"there is no election '
Authorities Send Art Work Back to
Robert Ross, Literary
Paris, Feb J7 The lifteen dijs given
Robert Ross of It Grosvenor Street,
Ijondon. the lltenrj executor of Oscar
Wllde, to expurgate the monument
erected to thi poet in Pere Iachale
Cemeterj have expired, and the monu
ment, so the French authorities dec'are.
will be sent back lo Ixmdon at Ross'
expense The time limit was set bj M
Delaunej. prefect of thn Seine, who In a
recent letter to Mr Ross explains his
reasons for the decision thus
"The monument is calculated to offend
certain families vvho come to the ceme
terj to honor their dead." ho said "A
competent committee of mj administra
tion asketl that certain modifications Irt
made in the monument, but the sculptor,
M. Epstein, refused percmptorilj As the
aesthetic committee of the prefecture of
the Seine has given Its opinion that the
monument should not remain as It I
must request that If the modifications
asked for are not made within fifteen
dajs the monument will be removed
this invitation is not accepted I shall be
under the painful necessitj of getting
the monument removed at jour risk and
expense "
The fundamental objection to the mon
ument is that It represents the idealized
Wilde as llermaphrldlte. The decision
of Prefect Delaunej was the climax to
the origin it objection raised b M I.e-
pIo,e, prefect of police, when he ordetcd
the monument covered with a tarpaulin
Tlirer Workmen Killed.
Berlin, reo z. Three workmen were
killed and two fatally hurt In the col
lapse of a scaffold at a smelter works at
Saargemuend In Alsace-Lorraine to-dav
loast I tnc'a "Florida Special."
26th season of V lorlda s finest train:
S 20 p m : 4 trains dallj 3 GS. 9 40 p.
m, 4 20 a. m. 1406 New Tork Ave. nwt
Both Majority and Minority Opinions in Congressional Probe
Say that Companies Are Solvent Committee
Split Over Its Findings.
Pointed warnings to stockholders of the First National and Com
lrercial Fire Insurance Companies against an unloading of their hold
ings at panic prices arc contained in two reports from the subcom
mittee of the Houfe District Committee, which has been in estigating
the two companies
One report states specifically that both companies arc solvent.
The other makes it plain that tin-, is the case.
This is one of the two particular-, in which the two reports reach
ccn the semblance of agreement. The majority report, prepared
b Representative S F. ProuU of Iowa and signed by him and
Represcntatiei Kcdficbl of Xew York and Merger of Wisconsin, is.
from beginning to end, a ccre indictment of the business methods
of the companies antl of the underwriting firm of Tuttlc, Wightman
S. Dudley, Inc. which controls the underwriting and stock selling of
the two concerns.
The minontv report of Chairman Johnson, of the committee, i
a strong defence of the companies It was written with full knowl
edge of the contents of the majority, report.
Both reports completely exonerate George . Ingham, District
Superintendent of Insurance, from all charges made against him.
Comrm ntinK upon th lem.Iui.on h
which tlie rmard of directors of th Cmn
mTcnI authorUfd an Increase tn the
market alue of treaur stock from 111
to J12. th majont report -av
e tannot belifA th it the tKa.rd of
director were in an manner justified '
and rerites that the .nulerwritlnc 1ps
so far that (last) iear had hen I13l.ft
such !fceptl- method- f deallnz
with tli grnrral publli ranrn.t meet with
the .sanction or appro il of hi' toin
mlttee is tho roTHludin&T comment n
this transaction
neferrinc to th operation, under the
celling contract beJd h Tuttle Ightmati
DLdtej.. Inc. In the pt.v-.nK of Com
menial tVk. the report sas. aft-r
"how mff the amount pild In h pur
t ha rs and the imotint tint wit out lo the
underwriting and promoting firm
It will lhu5 he n-ted thit ne-irl in
half of the total amount of -urpIJ I aid
In I v Mmkholds-nt is i nrplu n pre
mium on thetr "tock ultt npti ins was
drawn out h Tuttle iphtmai. -v
After reciting the rlaue m tho ennt'.rt
which required the return of funds where
piiI Kriberi filled to complete pa ment
on .tok th report declares that the
underwriting firm has no indUidtnl re
spnntbjlit and cm be held icoi in table
onl to the etent or the II Gn of eah
piid In Commenting on this, the report
("rlHetnr,, Mnnacement.
We nnmu believe tint it was cood.
prudent minakcmrnt for tht. ompan to
inter into fuch a contract without halng
at lct rasonabe eeurlt for the return
of the funds ii ould ii-iumtanco. re
i Hi ire their return
fte- dfeliring that no -nticim was
h tied it the rnmp3in on mount f
dlldends j tid for the -veir 1XI the re
port as that in the ear I'M, the losses
sustained In the i nderwriting busmen
absorbed all the jurpluw i n hand at tl
teginning of the jeir an! the profits of
th underwriting hu.ines during the
ear, and left i tr large deficit
In iew of this f,rt all the diidends
that wer pill to the btoikliolders for
the ear 11- were paid ot t of the Mir
phiH that hid be n paid in h the to k
holder as p't miunis n their subscrip
tions The ofii rrs of the cfmpin Justi
fied this proved ure firs.t on the crown 1
tht the wMud to ktp the s-tockhol !
ers satisfied nd seconI on the ground
that it I Justified b the custom In other
'But we c in li.n.I jtitif a corpori
tmii which is deiling with the gem ral
publU whoe totkholders are scattered
broadcast all over the countr, in thus
attempting to deceive them for the pur
pose of keeping them satisfied and con
tented e-peciall when the prime ob
ject in doing- this Is to ecure the con
fidence of the public, fo that It ma se
cure other and further subscriptions "We
lelleft that corporations should deal not
onl falrh buteindldlj with their stock
holders and to pa a stoekholder a div-
BBr Three.
(IncliKlinq- Suftragist News)
The Washington Herald
March 2 and 6 Inclusive
By Mail, Postage Prepaid.
IE ftxniz Foreign Postage
9 ventb 15 Cents Extra
Send INAUGURAL PAPERS, March 2 to 6, inclusive, to
Inclosed find 17k.
timplete ilmllfatlon of all parties
named In th rfsoltit'on dlrvctinc ,th'
investigation is aimt-d at In th ralnorltj
rtport. "iBnetl bj RfpretM-ntattv e John
son, chairman of th commlttre. ami lo
uhUti fie namf of Henr George, Jr ,
who has been absent In Europe because
of poor hnalth since th mlrt'Ile of Jai
raur. alst Is sned Mr Geors's 5iu
nature js affixed in the autborit of a
Utter written Mr Iohnon at the time of
Mr Georges departure for Europe
On unc criticiMn of tho companies
intl that, a mild one Is contained In "Mr
Johnson s rport Mr Johnson believes
t1 it tli expense of organization of the
Hret National Hre Insuranco Conpnv
1,118 too RrcaU tI"JSh sijthri-s is laid
on max iHiinv-
jvtlnel.s Ilrll and Xlrllnnsen.
The report attat ks ptilntedly the testi
niniii anl motives of Alfred M Best, the
star witness akalnt-t the irvurance coni
panit- ml declar tint the first local
criticisms against t e companies w-e In
splre.1 hi the antagonism of Mesffrs. Bell
and Mfllnagcn ivho ai t ordlnjr t" Mr
Jul n"On represent 'hoard lnsoiranc-
onipanies ind "ho are suppofed to 1
hosttli. toward the two ccmpanlen under
iniestigation becaue tliei were non
ljTril companies one of which, the Com
mercial wis t ttlng rates cccrdli lo
Mr Johnson the attai k uin. the two
compani s was i tiehnente attempt lo
put them out of bu-ines. insj ired hi"
Messrs Rell an.l fctellwagen. as repre
sentee the ' In-snran Trust," and from
who hngineer Commissioner Judon was
the ictlve Igtllt
uperinteinient of Insurance George i"
Ingham Is eompIetel exonerate! in the
reHri in 1 Col Judson s attitude toward
Mr Ingham is caustkaliv censured
The Johnson rtport titular. s that testi
monv concerning the valuation of Ji.
vi placed on the Soi.thern Building prop
ertv under the reapprajst-ment was Jus
'titied and recommends against anj re
duction in that valuation
As to the underwriting loss sustained
bv tht Commercial in 131 the Johnson
report points to tne testlmonj of mani
witnesses that untiervvriting rxturns are
subject to a law of averages and that all
lomjnnies meet bad spells and heivy
As In the majorit report Mr John
son s vitwb contain a pointed warnins
to holders of Urst National and Corn
inert ial stock against unloading their
hold'ngs at a low figure, through fear
thit the companies are Insolvent
I rlter Part of Report.
Mr Johnson criticises tho majority re
port for failing to state speciflcallv that
the compinics are solient In connection
with this warning Mr Johnson Includes
in his report the follow tne letter and
As an evidence of this statement. w
here insert a form printed letter, which.
Continued on Pace Three.
Through Parlor Car tlantle City
Leaves Wishlngton via Pennsylvania
Railroad, at 10 on a m week diys. ex
cept Mnrch 2 and t. arrives Atlantic
Clt 3 00 p m
Foreign Postage, 15c extra.

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