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tCIoodWnd colder to da, prob-
The Herald lias the largest
morning home 'circulation, and
prints all the news of the world,
with many exclusive features.
ablv followed by rain
' Temperatures 3csterdaj Jlix
i imum, 67, minimum, 49.
JS'O. 2337
Vice President-elect Goes to
Hotel, Gets Shaved and
Smokes All Evening.
He Says Cigars and Baseball Are the
Greatest Enjoyments
of All.
J have known Woodrow Wil
son for n number of years and
our ideas na llwujs coincided
Wi hati ilis been in perfect
harmonv and 1 im sure thl-, con
ditir n will continue
I tanuot sieak fr inj ad
mlnistr ition or political p irt
regird to tlie Mexican situation
Person ill 1 im in 1 nor ol
spending our list dollar to savi
m Vmciicui life 1 ai
fivnr if shuiiliig on. dr p of
American Mood to save i dol
Tl is woman suffii-gc moe
ment is the onlj instance in mv
knowledge lier tin i -oposi
to t extend tli franchise
anv part of the people ha met
wit! a division of opinion It
his ilwis 1 een welcomed be-
s4 n r w men do mt want
1 it I est If h tl inks
. im t the will 1 me of
- f ir me to Ml in the
etins 1 sh ill I e rIj i
If he does n t I liall
is well about It
ligars ,
i laball
I la
if he
s o wl ir r hi Mrs
I rshall and I shall live prrma
entl I can hardlv sav W ire
n' I les.ed or cursed w 1th
dames vo it docsn t mak
ii 1 difference
I'rnni Irlervlrvv with Mcr
. I rrslilrnt-rlect Marshall
ice rAsWcnrfcleH Thomas 1 "Mir
vhoJi an I Mrs M irs ill reached Wah
ngton fir tl eir fo ear- re-iden e
t ri da ift moon A 1 oiloi1. hav
ins n e from Tn nton when Gov Alar
shall and i.ov MNin w in. uitr ioi the
la t time their preinauguial plans
rvi u I icsi lent elect wis received
i -enuoi Kern of Indiana lltnry M 1
Ma farlanU lnirinm f the i-e In
leiitial i eptlnn omilllttec the m
or t 1
il g
t 10."
1 dK rcl ief w ivini, Washington
inn- Mr Mirshall "nook hands with th
1 mil pjsid fin his photograih lie
'ore a sn ill 1 attilion of new I aper
eanieri artists and tl en wen into re
tirrnint 1 mil after the inaugural n
as he 1 prs si it
II Old 1 t rirrv out this threat t tl o
itir miipr Hiring the aftcrn on hi
in t inn talk il with s.ieial of ih news
pip 1 11 11 m 111 of the issues of th
oa Hi rr at ions witn th 1 re-ident
! t w,in if the lnnovitiins it is il
lee 1 wi i Je inaugurated 1 the iniom
u a I ini tratin w mnn -uffraEc ml
th nntii ml ;nii r an i eipirs wer
im z tl e topics that were dis usod hv
the I'ooi r (.ocirn i
Horsier I umr
ith characten-ti I
Mnm on I lie raMiiet
Mr Marshall md that he had enjoed
a ling acquaintance with lie President
elect and tlmt it had been marked witl
n hat mom f l leas that he felt nssUred
wiul 1 continue through the incoming
We Mac ilwajs felt much the s
on poll ies mi if ;ui tlnuc turns up on
rhich we 'I fel diffcrentl it will be
sr metlnng nt w nnd nh olutelc unexpected
t me lie ud
Of course I cannot t ilk on the Cab
inet appomtmi nt That is not for me
ti a s to mi taking a seat in the
I abinet meetings I can i tilv a that
in hen in Washington to ilo evirithing
Uoodrow Wilson wants me tu do to ad
nie tl mti resti of th iountr and
tin parn md if h wants mi to t in
mectiiigs 1 plnll be glnd to do it If
does mt 1 shall fil list as well
Oo Maiihall Ts tl -n asked for his
liews of tl i Mcirln situatii n What I
haie u sai 'n tais suhjeet he ild
must fco taua r"Ji lioll unofficial
utternncr mil In ei in printi opln
I n I im in hcarti nccoid witli the rol
ie expressed in the cilitonal columim
of the rellvintliKiitlal newspaprrsof the
T'nited states tl it intervention in tin.
Affairs of Mexico ought not to be tindet
taken until the situation I eeomes so
grave that no other course is possihle
To irat the matter coin retell mi own
opinion is that we si mild spend pun
dollar in the I mted states treasur If
ft becomes necessart to sac. a single
American lift but that we should not
fhed a single drop of American blood for
a dollar '
The question if woman suffraSt I
haie not thought muih about he said
1 have made no grtnt studj of It but
it is the onlv instance in m knowledge.
In which a proposition has been made tc
extend the right of the ballot tu an part
o' the people In which there has ariser
A division of opinion It his usual
I een welcomed borne women don t want
it I believe the should leave it up to
the women to decide for themselves.
IhatK the waj thev will probablj do In
Indiana. There will be separate ballot
ins places for women to express their
ofinlon on this one subject
I llnsebnll ran
tiov .Marshall is mot willing to tnlkjtrnjed It would not show the names of
ol, his tet pastime baseball all t"ie guests, many persons; going there,
lavonte pastimes are smokirg ci-.
gars and watching men pi
tl ev know how
ball when I
I am a fan he said and I tako the
most enjojment of a whole j.ars rec
rtatlon In seeing i baseball game be
tween pood tenms Out in IndianapoIIa
of late vve have had a tailender, and the
patronage from the executive mansion
fill off arcoidinglv I sinecrcl) trust
Coutlnncd un l'asc Three.
jBflss4'vrX ssB
sslsaassBL7'.''r!' 3-ViMssssssss
JK, f-f S2ssssm M sssw.
HHilS9Hi sssbssbssssisEHBIsB
Mfflr ffWUflHtr iIitm
iBBBBo&llfflrfl if ItlisJssBB-llilr
On (heir nrrlliil in Wnshli
TOciwTv mm
lfiLnn iLiiiui
Death Toll May Munt Higher
When Ruins of Omaha
Hostelry Are Probed.
Register, Destroyed by Flames, Leaves
Police More Than Ever in
the Dark
Oni ha el r I eh It l i stnnali t
X least twentv ai 1 prilallv moic l er
ons xven burned or sufii ated to d ith
.mtel nt Thirteenth mid rirnam Streets
nbout r o i lock tins m iniing and dam
nt.ed nljuint propcrtv i the extent it
man il"iti-nnds f ill ir
Over lif persons men m I worn n
wire registered ir occupleil io ins with
out registering at the li itel l-wer than
a score of thts( have lien account d
The p ilire sn that un loul tedlv some
of thost who e aped from the biirnli g
building hive gone ti their I omc-. anl
not npirtcd thur siftti Th hotil a
rommoiiati d neirlv verv night guests
w io nmalnel in their rooms onlv ovir
nigl t mil s lcht to nvoid publicitv I r
this reason onlv a spirch of the ruins
will diselo c the exa t truth is to the
lvnnTvii llrnil.
The 1 nr
eJ ad ire
I MMINf.s.
. the lienshaw
I artender nt
jumjiod from n
i ond tory
was i rusiH-d t death
MRS ITCh ItOWFVIl s,ter of
Mrs r I ilkins wire of th propri
i tor of the hotel
HI Fill . en emploie i f tho Cole
Ovster Hi use
In b idi of an unidentified mnn h is
o bii n ris-ov ereil
en Itickard Lrinl inspector c tho
te of W joining mav li one of the
s victims He h-u, r ,t i,tn loriteil
c the tin in I Is believed to havo
n n uest nt the hotel
he llr broke out tbout In ck and
the time the lire department reached
the soene the three store bunding was
nas-i of flames and the fire was be-
vond control
in men and others made heroic efforts
to rescue Hi1 inmates of the house, but
nlj a few of those who had not awaken
eo earlv nnd innde their escape before
flames git bfcvond contro1 could be
'Women I nil to Ilenlli
v. numler ol women appenred ai the
vindows and then were seen to fall back
to their doom The proprietor of tho
hotel C E. ilkins. Is In a sanitarium
at Lincoln and his wife ran the hotel
Mrs 'W Ilklns suffered a complete mental
collapse and cannot talk coherently about
the tragedy
The register of tho hotel was destroved.
hv the Are but If It had not beort des-
without registering The night clerk said
there were about ftftj rooms and that
they were all occupied, many ot them
b two per'ons. Since fewer than a
s"ore of these g-aests lmve been account
ed for. It la pcsslbls that th death list
may run beyond llftj. although It la not
believed that It will run beyond twenty
end posslhlv- below that. It can only
be guessed to night how many persons
Tho property loss U estimated at flS3,
- Sv ; - s
'no the hotel sufTenns nys of this Ins
The 1 nphaei 1 red i lothins Companj
, wheh or upied tl rn-Uu lloor f no
' hotel luiildinc surtercd a li s cstlmnted
it IM pi tl -v ere hi -ueuracc
. Tno lltiler '.jqi Com an In an id
I Jo i Imr builiinsr am d a oss ( f fbODO
Iarce'c 1 wat r llenn I ehnnn
-rfns wal pap r nojo suTcr d a 1 st
CASTRO IS invited;
President-elect Provoked Into Roose-
veltian Language by Venezuelan's
Claim of In-.ugural Front Seat
Niv icir rcb -Nrniidcnl elect
Wilson tii afternoon said the reicrt
that h had invitid Cipriano Castro to '
attn 1 tne inauguration ceremonies in
Washinmon was uniiualitte-dlj false
Arthur 1 Benupre Minster to ( uba New voik Stanlej sweet Towrsend
cabled the state Department jesterdaj Tuttle Lndervvood Wilte Democrats
thnt ( iprlano v.astro the exiled dictator, ntlionv Bartl ol It Bradlev I iow i
t mc2iiela was beins quoted in Ha-liner fuTke of I fnn lv ml i Cililer
i mn lunclng that i n the lnvita-li
I resident tii ct V oodrow Wilson
he Is c jmlng to the Inauguration cere coll Dwlght V sch Fairrhtld l'orlnev
monies tn Wiishngton on ilnrch 4 I-uller Gardner if Massnchusctts
Thosi in Washington familiar with tho fjaulnir of New Jersev (.lllett On cue
methods nt Cnstro vvhm he was in povv. of Massachusetts (ireene of erniont
r characterized tills) reported announce- Henrv of Connectlfi t Knhn Know -ment
as another I lere of Castro audac j land Uanglev Iwrenec Iongworth
Itv and cx. reused their disbelief In I Me Kinlev Madden Mann Matthew ,
istros cliim Intc- n the daj it was Merrltt Miller Moe.iel Pivni Rod
1 anitd from Trenton that Gov Wilson rnberc s.mml)n. Sneer Snecns nf
leniid Castrns alleged statcmuit.
recaiiict n re timt i.ov vv lison
re that fi
f un 1 it inconvenient to im
at Trenton though th latter lsked for
in audiinc" whili lie vv m in New York
It Is b li ill I en that C istro will
aciln 1 1 held til bi the Infn Igrillun a"
thoritlis at whatever port lie attemj ts
to I md In su h in event lie would bo
i i abl t ni h Wasnlngton In time for
the in luurati n
That t istro s 1 1 ilni Io eujov the per
sriial hospitaiitj nf the I resident elect
v ill hav it tremendous e ffis t upon Lat
in nicriiji is conlldcntlv i xpii ted hen
His Mticciss In tctting into the l nlted
states despite the opposition of thu Taft
lmiiiimatlon lias ilreidj in uie him a
hfro in ljitln Amer'ca He was ucilalni
iil in Havana nn his inivnl tin re as
tl e man who had succei-sfullv defied tho
President ot tin United States and forced
his wav Into the lountrj His claim to
have rccefied a personal Invitation from
Wilson will it is believed here make
him thi idol of all Latin Vmericn The
President elect s denial of Castro s claim
will never catch up o Castro s state
ment In the opinion of officials here and
will never be heanl of In I-atlr merica
Administration officials are still nuz-
7ling over what Is the real object of
castro s visit to tho United States and
to Cuba. Reports of a revolution against
Venezuela, Impending continue to be re
ceived from several quarters I ut thus
far no expedition lias started for that
countKy so far as the Washington au
thorities know
Klvr nrpntlra Nerionlj- Injnred In
Riot nt llnilne.t,
HtidHiiest, heli, ! Raiting between r-
vnl political delegations broke out li
tlir Reichstag IQ.daj, and In the ttKhtlui,
many were hurt.
rite of the deputies were so badly in-i
Jurel that they- mav din,
Ptones were rurried tnlo tin, bijlriiiuf
nnd unl as ttilsallea, and many revolver
shots, were; ArWd, x
Leaders. nf tlm llungar' in Focialisl
narlv tiniM elll.! a ltit.no Hjlo) v.aKni
strike net feoi, as an indication effef i.'i'l. ad ,tJlTl in
UlU Muqo.
Burleson Substitute for Jones
Works Bill Fails to Get
Necessary Two-thirds.
Inability of Members to Fully Grasp
Details May Hare Caused
Unfavorable Action.
U) JOSLPir P. lM,
Ail attempt uv Representative Burleson
of Texas to substitute a compromise
measure for tho Jones-Works liquor
amendment to the District bill failed In
the House vesteniav afternoon largely
because of the fact that many members
wire nu. thoroughlv informed as to the
effect of tin Uurleson compromise
A motion to set nslde the rulis dis
churc.c the Ai propriations Committee
from further ronsidera Ion of the bill
noncorcur in nil Senate nmendments ex
cept the Jonis-Works exclBe ntnendment
concur in that with a substitute anl
send thi measure to conference, failed
bv a vote ot 1"1 to 1"
It would have required n two thirds
n aj irltv tn havi carried the motion
wliiih was put up in that cumbersome
lrliimentarv form In older to prevent
amiidment Mecausi of the iiurllainen
tars form invoked 1 Mr I urle-on the
auvocates of the Jones-tS nrks till wen
unable to follow tip their vlctorv with a
motion to concur In the Jones Works
nmindmint without an amen Intent as
uitli the Uurleson resolution ! featcil the
1 III mill remained In the. "vpproprla.lona
Committee and not subject to anj ino
tion except one to dlschirge tin commit
tee fro i onsideratlon
Tl-c end of the battle is not jet Rep
resentative llUnison S ueii-i uiiiisei s
git the bill nut of committee and to
lonfcrence without accepting In its prcs
cut form the J ines orkn amendment
His substltut offered jest, rd u was
ri-nsonabl. and strict regulation The be
lif was general among manv members
wlo voted agaili't the Uurleson sUb
stltiite that If the measure had been in
prlnti-d form and distributed before the
niotlm was made it would have muster-.-d
a great m env more votes Mr Uurle
son is decididlj hostile to anj thing eh e
lv approach'ng prohil ltlon hut he also Is
stronsU In fwor of hc public utllltla
ftcr lonferences lj.Uns over neveral
dajs with representatives of conflicting
Interests i oncerned over the bill -tne
! liquor anl prohibition intc-ests Burle
son is nl-nut read to disregard lmth ami
let matt rs take thilr course In order
to sal tl7 utilities amen Jft ent. It I
Itelliviif-tlsf rltV xt-rif r hr l f t
if thi letter h wll nCe.it i'h oul
I slight nullification tl - former
MruEkle on To-el
' omuitttee will
nie. t again this morning to const ler tno
till noihei attempt to get it int con
fere nee mav V irade to daj
On tin Rurl.son n solutl in jesterday
le fol mine, members s.ote.1 in favor
r ti
iipn mli-
hbrook 1 irtlett
rill knion Kooher H irland liuchannn
B ilklev Burgess Burke of W Is oi ln
Burle" ii Pirn of Tennes'ei CainllHr
Cantrll i line C ill ip ( urli v D nt
P-noi Boremus Daniel Dricoll
Dupri i-dwnrds Ivans 1 rguson
I ielil Utigeralil I ornes i.allagher
i.arner uill Ooodwin of North aro
Una i,oeke Ooldfogl Crihim Greger
of I'ennsvlvanta llamill ltnrdwlcl
Hnrt Ilitlin Hvwird Hull lames
Klnk'ad of New lersej Konlc Konop
liml I e of teorgla Iee of Pennsvl
vania I.vv lewis 1 Ittlepae Iaibeek
VcCov MiDermott McKellar Migulre
of Nebraska M ilicr Moore of Texas
of N
H' 111
Pepper Peter.- Redfield.
otlu rmel Housi sahith
s.cullv s,,rriPV hirwool smith of
annon Crumpacker Dulell Davis of
I Minnesota Di I-orest Ml liael V Drls
Mlnne-ota Tiv lor of Ohio Tllson War
burton Wll-on of Illlnnis J ..un of
Michigan Republicans
if Plnji.
Vs firccmtci! if. thei loliimns last
week the Burleson amendment planned
n Yedu-tion of saloons tn a ritio of one
tn each 1 noo of population In the DIs
trlct together with an ascending sCaIo
of license fe s from J'flo to JfiOO for
wholesale dealer" and from xnn to
Jl uOO for ret ill dealers. The suhsH
tnt" prohibits the licensing of anv sa
loons in new locations until tho num
ber nf saloons has been reduced to tho
rntlo required It operates, against the
Illegal social club b. limiting tho num
ber to those now in existence A hotel
Is required to have flftv rooms
Manv of the restrictions in the Jones
Woiks bill are incorporated In the Bur
Ifson sul stltiite Tho excise board Is
forbidden to license a saloon within 6n0
feet of a public school within 500 feet
o nn established church or within 1 000
fret of the Marino Barracks the Wash
ington Navv lard or the War College
These restrictions are as in the Jones
Works hill except that the Jokers are
cut out In the Senate excise measure
the restriction applies to anj school per
manent or temporary, nnd nnj place of
The Burleson amendment also prohib
its the location ot saloons In residence
portions of the District Anv saloons
now established In violation lit these re
strlctlons are to be refused' a license
upon the- next application
In opposing the Uurleson linieudinent.
Representative Webb based) his argu
ment upon tha lacL of knowledge the
rnembeis had of Its contents I Mr Webb
wanted the rules set nslde to send the
Jones-Wn-ka liquor amendment Into com
mutes nf the whole, House, knd let tha
lutsLkm In thrasned wit II lire, l-ail
ers of the House are unwilling In dn th's
tiecanne of the lateuesH of tt-ii hour and
the virtual oerlaintj that the opponents
nf prohih'tinu in the House wnnld lake
this nppsrtunilv tn filibuster until tl e
end of tiie session,
With Exception -of Agricultu
ral Department, Advisors
Said to Be Selected.
Next Vice President's Armal Coninci-
detnally Canses Something Like
Definite Information.
New T.ork, Ktb 13 -s.- Washlnirton dis
patch to tho Sun says
Members In Congress declarod this aft
ernoon that definite Information has
come to them In regard to Woodrow Wil
sons Cabinet No explanation was given
as to how this information has been re
ceived hut many Democrats were confi
dent of its accuracy Here Is the Wilson
slate as these Democratic leaders had It
becretary of faUte William J Bryan,
of Nebraska
Secrctarj or tho Treasurj William G
McAdoo of New ork
Vttnmij Genernl Jarpes O McBCj
I olds of Tenne"sce
Seen tnrj of W ais-Col George W Goe
thals of New lork
Secretnrj of the Navj Joscphus Dan
iels of North Cnrollna
Postmnster General lbcrt ? Burle
son of Texns.
secreturj of the Interior W Nonas,
of Montnna
becretarv o' Commerce Txiuls D
I randels of Massachusetts
slicretarv of Lalwr W llllnm B Wilson
of Pcnnsjlvanin
ccording to the latest information of
the congress leadeis s.,.crtinrj nf Ag
riculture is now he onlv place unfilled
Manj believe that It will g eventuallv
tn Inltel s.tatis sionator Ohadlah Gard
i it of Malm or to Prof Charl s W Dab
nei of the tnlvcrsltj of Cincinnati
All Democrats i Washington now
agree on all the abinet places In this
list ixcept posslhlj ecretarj of War nnd
'-ecretarv of the Interior Those who hnd
not received thi litest news were in
rllneil to doubt the sel. cliou of Col Ooc
tl ills md I -: Gcv Norris
v i eonrtdent were some nf the tpnators
of the r rrectnes i f this list that tho
names had hem written down on slips
of paper as President W Ilson s Cabinet
It i v Ik- merelv a coincidence tliat these
slips nnd the positive statements In re
gard to the Cnl lnet m iteriallzed nbout
an hour after tie appiaranee in Wash
ington of Ice Preside nt i lect Marshall.
It Is acknowledged th it Mr Marshall
was shown the list of Cabinet selections
i Tnntnn jesterdaj He conferred with
several Dimocrats this afternoon
drinkersIn minority
among yale seniors
Total Abstainers Have Majority of
Twenty-seven Over Tipplers.
Beer Favonte Beverage.
N.w Hnven linn Feb "5 Votes of
Talc seniors to dav show that the class
has more total abtalners than drtnkets.
There are Ijj who maintain total ab
stlnance to ' win uc Honor l.ec
is the fivorite drink obtaining s votes
to for h Ti m olllns and 6 for ale
Tliete are smokers icnd 1H ab
stalners. fr m tobacco Thi pipe an 1
cigarettes re tie I with W votes each
as the favo'rite smoke while cigars claim
onlv 10 votes
The class has CTis members and 11 as
sert that thev are Bepublican" 74 Dem
i crats Ti Progressives i Independents
3 Cana linn I iberals nn 1 - soelalists
with thi rest undecided
The clnss sirnne.Ii oppocs s;undaj
chael bv a vote of lb., votes to 115 favor
lng it The class however votes tn
sutnin dailv chapel bj i vote of -it to
17 In oppi "ition
There arc 1 engiged nnd I married
men in the class
- A. X
Ril rrse-niitive Vkui if New ork jes
terdav intni lucisl a resolution in the
House tailing lor a nngre-ssional in
v estimation of the Mosquito Trust with
the solium declaration that it be therebj
bu teal
The Mnsiulto Trust aeenrdinc h
kln s resolution consists of n combina
tion of ofllcials in the Department of g
rlculture hea led bv Dr I O Howard
thief of the tureau and Or II G
Djnr chief of the Division ot Moths
kin ihnrg s that this combination 'ms
for Its object t i dlsiourage the priv He
stuilv nf the m Itilto its lifi habits
and rel Ulcus to disease and to prevent
the pul II ntioC of anvthlng relating
thereto which will benefit suffering hu
manity The nsnlution further tliirgcs that
certain pieitle rises have come to light
wherein the trun has plnceil obstacles
In the wnj or Investigators
Inrmrr llenil of Pennsylvania Mnr
Not Itrcovrr.
i.i !i.i. inM i Pi Reh 2S Pornier
President James Mcllai of the Pennsvl-
vanla Pailroad Compnnv Is graveij in
with kidnej trouble at his home In Ard
.. in. . .imlttinn Is such that the sne-
cinllsts who have examined him have
been forced to admit oouot oi ins rc
coverv Friends of the former sturdv president
saj he is practlcallv djing of a broken
heart because of his enforced retln
ment from the presidency of the Pennsyl
llnrrj 1 . nrlt Itnn Unnn hy
Trnln Nenr tl rrilnlr,
Itlvenlale Md , Teb M Harrv W. Bas
sitt, twentj jenrs old a former student
of Agrlculiuril college of Marjland was
struck ard instnnllv killed to-night bj
a pas-srnger train of the Baltimore, ond
Ohio Isallroa! while hurrjlng across tho
tracks at "oseiiale crossing, Prince
Giorsc tounlj, Md , with a (rieml Ar
thur N, Sherman io catch an eleclric enr
for Washington Bastcll .ed at the
I'mversit Clul here,
Warmer vveaines
Will im found at thu famous re
throughout the Ponlh: Ashevllle,
Warmer Weathes
li famous resort
lllin in me c-t .tme-ii, eugiisi 1
gust l
-ia aminiif uniinur nt . ubmiciuii, Tenii-
mer.ille, iflornla, Cuba New Orleans
n t.irr service, fli fiaifthern Rnllviav.
Consult agents 70a fifteenth Street,
asd tea FgtH-t qMSWe,
President, in Message on His
Action, Lectures in Nice
' Manner the Lawmakers.
Chief Executive Doubts the Conttitu-
tionality of the Measure
and Says So.
One of the last big official acts of
President Taft has been tho planting f
hlmt'lf firmly upon thu Constitution in
defiance of the temperance sentiment of
tho eountrj That Is what he did jester
daj when he vetoed the Webb bill pro
hibiting the shipment of liquor from a
wef Into a drj-" State when Intended
for use In violation of law
ridden bj the feennte by a vote of (3 to I
21 It Is expected that the House will fol
low the lend of the Senate an 1 that the
bill will bo put on the statute books
over thi Prcs dent offli-lal objection
The Webb bill has been urged in and
out of season hv the temperance folks
Tor several months and neentlv i spir
ited cimpaign has Ik en carried on in
ongress bj the ntl Saloon 1 ensue and
ther organizations. President Taft s tr
tion jesterdaj Is ceitain to moke him
the object of nttack bj prohlhiii m ad
vocates Manj in both Houcs of (on
gres hive been opposed to the legisla
tion but have known that it probnhlv
would be suicidal for them to cast their
votes against the measure The fearless
action of the President in the closing
dnvs of his administration nroused a
great deal or comment hire !a"t nlgnt.
partli-ularlv when contrasted with the
ai tion of manv members of Congress
who it heart are opiosed to the Icgisia
President Taft based his veto entirely
what he regards is the unconstitu-
tlonalltv of the law The President le- hlhltion on manj of their present prac
ilares the W ehh bill to le u violation of tices drastic rcgulntl ms for thi New
the Interstate tommcrce clntise of tho
( nnstltutlon in that It provides for n
delegation bj Congress to the states of
the powtr to regulate Interstat" torn
merce in lini or which power the Con
stitution vests exclusivelj in Congress
I rclnrM I avTntakers
President Taft s message follows
Ihe oath which the Cfief Lxtcutive
takes and which each member of Con
gress takes does not bind him anj less
sacredlj to observe the Constitution than
does the oath which the Justices of the
Supreme Court tnke It 1s a question
whether the doubtful contltutionalit of
a hill ought not to furnish a greater
reason for voting against the I 111 or
vetoing it than for the court to hold It
to be Invalid The coi rt will onlj dc
-lni-B -a law invalid wtere its eonstitt.
tlonalltv Is clear white the lawmaker
maj v rv well hesitate to mt for a
"bill If or doubtful constitutional! be
cause of the wisd m if kreping utterl)
. witiun tne fundamental law
I The custom of legisl itors ard ex
ec uives having legislative f inctions to
icmlt to the courts entire and ultimate
jrcsponslbilitv as to tie constitution
alitj of the measures whirh thev take
part In pnssinc Is nn nt ise w lu'h
ends to put the enurts rons'a-tlv In
opposition to the legislature nnd ex-
1 ecutive and indetd to the popular
supporters of unennstitntinn il laws If
However tr-e legislators nnd executives
nan meinpiea io no tneir dutv tl is
burden of populir dlsnpproval won! I
have been liflei fiom the courts or
at last consldernblv Ieseniil"
Tin 1 rsi lent was se,j ported Ins
o inlon as n, tin unc mstitutionalitj
of the law bv ttornev General w uk
crsham The Senators whi voted to i.tam
the veto wire rtrailltv I r vnli gee
(.Hiiro Pcrrv Perkins Potnen ne
Richardson Root st hnson suther
land Warren anil 'Wetmori
W. T. Vllilllge on -, j MiTniip
Cltv tn rnrr Chnrgrs.
Pittsburg 1-cb s. William h Midlige
former i esident of the board of aider
men and former ehincellir nf Jersev
i Itv N J charged with the embezzle
ment of JIii while reeelver for the
lora and Laveli Railroad Cnmpinv lift
to dav for the I-ast in thi i istoilv of
Detective "ergt P r neimett of Chi
Midllge was arresfel in Chicag 1 Dp.
inmlier 13 111- but requisition was re
fused on the grounds of Insiifflcl-nt ev
dtnee Two weeks ago he was rearrest
e 1 there, and requisition w is granted
vesterdav Fearing the 1-edenl mthor
Hies were about to interfere the prlsonc
was hurried on board i train at Chicago
and brought here arriving canv to daj
Cntombed "S ltnnrst Resrned.
Pottsville rA Feb "5 fter having
been entombed liftj ciglit hours In a rol
llerv at MaL.noi Cit threi miners
v.ero rescued larlv to d ij During that
time, thej had been without food and
their clothes were soae(j xv Itli lev wa
tt rs Two were complttelv exhausted
(Includino; Suffragist News)
The Washington Herald
March 2 to 6 Inclusive
-J Mail, Pctarje Prepaid
1 R Cent Foreign Postage
1 J en'5 15 Cents Extra
rSB THE OltniR B1.1NK IIGUnil
Stiiil INAUGURAL TAPERS, March 2 to C, inclusive, to
Address -
Inclosed hntl lfn.,
Report to the House Says in
Strictest Sense of the Word
It Has Been Proven.
Recommendation Made that Inquiry
Be Continued at Next Ses
sion of Congress.
Caxrjlnc with It a rerommendatlon
that the lnqulrv be continued at the next
session of Congress the final report o'
the Pujo Monej Trust investigating com
mittee was made to the House jesterdaj
The report was signed by the seven Dem
oeratii" members 6T the committee
The minority report, signed bv three
members of the committee, declares that
1 1 Its opinion the existence of a Monej
Trust has not been disclosed but admits
that dangerous loneeiitration of credit In
New lurk Cltv Rnston and Chicago has
been affected The minorltj believes
this concentration h is gone about far
enough and should be checked by proper
W hen halrman Pujo presented th re
pert in the House, lata yesterdaj after
noon Representative Gardner demanded
to know if thire was anj truth in the
charge that mi mbers of the committee
hid hem denieil the right to question
witnesses unless th questions were first
sul mitted t the counsel samucl I nte
mver Pujo vigurouslv denied thi
charge and declared none nf the right
o' members of the House hal been In
frir gcd
Mnn Reform Sait.ritcd
Itigid t ontrol and regulation of clear
irg house associations with a sharp pro-
ork Stock r xcliam,e and twentj-lwu
ser-arate ruls aimeil to prevent thi
concentration and control of monej an I
credit are the three distinct recemmen
dationb whicn art the features of th
majoritj report The exchange is sav
agelv condemned as a huge gambling In
Two bills one providing nume-o s
amendments to the national barking a t
anil the other denvmg the ue of tr
mails telephone and telegraph in th
f i rthcrance of fraudulent and harmf '
transactions on stock exchanges accou
panv tho report, Oth r bills to carr
i ut other recommendations will be pre
I arcd but the report states that t e
tommiteee did rot have timi to jrpa
tlem so tli-i thej could be printed vi'ii
the report.
Th-i on.mi.eee t'nls t lat 1- the strir
sens' of the ion. the cxlsten o of a rcai
Monej Trust has been proven
Jour committee is sat sfied sajs the
rent rt from the i roofs submitted even
in the absence of dat i from the banks,
that there s an established and well de
li ed i lentltj and ecmmunitv of inter
est between a few eideis of finance
t-eated and held together through stov.
ownership interlocking directorates,
lartrtrship and Joint aceourt fansae
ti. ns an I other forms o domination
o-er hanks trust companies raileoads
ird publii service an I Indi strlnl corpora
tiens whuli has ri-siilted In a great anj
r I idlv growing is neent-ation of the con
trol of monev nnl i redlt in the hands of
thes. few mm
Tlie b ilk of the o al and documen-
t-n iv idem e taken l-efere our comnilt-
tn was iilrtite.1 iow ird asecrtaining
whether in current plinis there is a
Monev Trust
If bj su It a tr ist is meant a c-omhl
n ition ir irraneenvnt creatnl and ex
isting rursi nt t a definite agreement
1-tweer designate, rsons viilh thu
'vov ed ami nccomplishrd obj tt of con
ttntrating unto them v Ives tlie control
t f monev and credit w ire unable to
av that the ixistmec of a Money Trus
lts beer istahllshtd In the broad balu
s. nse of the term although the commit
tee regrets to find that even adopting th
extreme definition siirprislnglj manj of
the elements of such a combination ex
the Trust
Th i parties to the Mone Trust, ac
inllng to the committee, are the follow-
1 Inner (.roup i .insisting of J P Mor
c. m v. i o the re ognized lenders and
i.eorge t laker and James Stillman in
their imlivlduvl e ipa itlcs and as the
ontrolling f-ctirs in the administration
of six nant financial Institutions In New
lork Citv with titnl known resources of
Si SoOdiO'"1 not Including their personal
fu tunes
Thi lilies of this Inner group.
nanielv the banking houses of Leo Hig
lnon t io Kidder Peabodj t Co..
with thne iimalcd hanks in Boston
having two thirds of banking resource
oi thnt itj
t Tin intirnatioual tanking house
Knhn lieb . Co allleil with the Inrfc
group oiiductlng In lommon with
largi joint transattioi s. having an ni
dcrstanding equivalent ti the ehmlnatlt
I'ncr Three.
I'orelnu I'ostafjc, loc extra.
. " J.k"J5fiiiWi.
j . rmf

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