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The HeraJd has the larger,
morning home circulation, and
prints all thejiewt of'the world,
with man exclusive feature.
Fair and colder to-da ; to
morrow probably fair.
Temperatures esterda Max
imum, 51; minimui.i, 40.
iiterabymagazdie. WASHINGTON. D. C. SUNDAY, MARCH-2. 1913. -FORTY-FOUR PAGES. Aim boys' ahd anas' magazdte FIVE CENTS.
XO. 2338
Stringent Regulation of Liquor
Traffic and Utility Amend
ments Voted by House.
Amended Jones-Works Bill Declared
Somewhat Leu Drastic Than
Original Measure.
At an earlv hour this moraine, follow
ing a forl -minute debate, the House
voted to send the District appropriation
bill to conference A preiou6 agree
ment between the Appropriations Com
mittee and the adocates. in one form or
another, of the Jones-Works excise
measure which is tarried as an amend
ment to tie bill, reached an agree mint
w hl h made this a lion possible
The vote to send the bill to conference
with the amended Jone-W eirks stttlon
agreed to was almost without objection
The fat that the bill is permitted to
go to conference nuans that at last,
in addition to stringent regulation of the
liquor trafhe. the District is to be gien
a public utilities commission as provided
in the Galllnger bill This bill with
mm otheis. had been strangled in th"
House District Committee which has re
mained for the greater part of two ses
sions of Congress nsensible to the gen
eral demand for the legislation It
means als that the 1-a Toilette bill, pro
ihitins the merger of local public utlli
tc i porations through the tmdium of
holding companies organized without t'i
Distri t. probablv will become i law
Whether it this late dav it will eff.ctlve
' estop the pending merger is problem
atic 1
Vi-ree-el on Oilier Points.
In inf.iiipil conferences the managers
f c i th. House and Senate virtuallv have
aj'eeil to all cither differences over the
lull the utilities and antimerger imend
tnents litnir, points upon which the con
ferees have igreeMl s previouslc an
iwiui (si senators Curtis Mnnett. and
mith of M irvland are the Senate on
IVrecx and Hepresentative s Burleson,
-aimders and lav lor of Ohio were
named this morning bv speaker Clark
to represent the House n agreement
iiiv b announc ed when the House re
convenes after its recess et : 3) o clotk
this afttrnocm
There was a senerallv expressed belief
that President Tift would veto the Dis
trct b '1 if it e-arneel the Junes orks
amendment in unmodilied form nut It is
snerallv believed he will sign it if it
arries the agreement concurred in jes
te-rdav morning bv lit' House
l.ve i its amended fonn. the Jones
Wcirh jill le a htnngent piece of regu
latorv legislation The- closing hour at
r ht is left i under cxii-ting law. but
siloolis arc forbidden to open before 7
o clock n the moron!,. The license is
increised for ittall establishments to
Jl 0m from the time the next lieensc vr-ir
begins until November 1, TO I after
win. Ii elate it is further increased to
Sl.Vw a 3 ear The wholesale rate is in
reaped to Jxdi until November 1. UH
and JleViO thereifter
I oar son I",r nioe-U.
Th provision re enuring that saloons
s all be not nearer th in within 150
feet of c-i. h other (,oes out and a
clause prohibiting more than three sa
loons ill i block ni more than four on
both sides of the street in the sam
block Is substituted Provisions agiinst
he location of aloon near allevs.
churches, and schools art considerablv
The agreement or the House to th
ee, mpromise measure does not mean
I t it niav not be amended In confer
e ,cr but It is improbable that th"
onfere-es on the s,c,,ate side will dis
f eintiiiurei on I'lur Three.
livers llmir on the Hour to nnllimorr
Mn llaltlmnrr A. lhlo
l'roni t'nion Matiem week cIach, 7 a m.
to 10 p in Ticki I ortices. Utli St and
V i Ave, nil I "a vc , and Union
l'cautiful Sepia Uroun
Photogravure of
Woodrow Wilson
To Readers of
The Washington Herald
Sec announcement and Por
trait Coupon on page 15, So
ciett Section.
(Including Suffragist News)
The Washington Herald
March 2 to 6 Inclusive
By Mail, Postage Prepaid.
15 G&nt Foreign Postage
o wenis 15 cnt8 Extra
Send INAUGURAL PAPERS, March 2 to 6, inclusive, to
Inclosed find 15c
"Hikers" and Executive Board
of Suffrage Association
Break Bread Together.
When Miss Alice PanI Did Not Appear
Until Late Some Were
Breaking bread together, and with
some of the Congressional committee
eating crow, the executive board of the
National American "Woman Suffrage As-
sociation and the "Army of the Hudson
met at the banquet board last night at
Rauscher s.
The dinner was given in honor of the
hikers" bv the local suffragists In
charge of the pageant to-morrow "Har
mon" was the b-word. and both the
local people ands pilgrims said the were
perfectlv willing to let bv-gones be by
gones There wasn t much enthusiasm
in their words however, for the pilgrims
while willing to forgive and forget, now
that their long journej Is over, could
not but feel hurt at the slights cast at
them by their Washington sisters.
Would Itl.U Ills Future.
Representative Richmond Pearson Hob
son, the much-kissed hero of the Spanish
American war. won the hearts of the suf
fragists, and barcl escaped again being
"muttered with ki-sse i,, declaring In
his address that he would risk his political
future b introducing in Congress a bill
to amenn tne constitution for woman
The news reaching the banquet hall
ute. that the House had passid the Sen
ate resolution halting street car traffic In
I'ennsjlvanla Avenue during the suffnge
liageant to-morrow, brought cheers from
the women
One Incident marred th banquet from -i
harmonv point of view Miss Alice Paul,
secretarv of the Congressional committee
whose action in elemandlng the " me--sige
from Gen Jones ni whose re
ported Plan tei lead the pilgrims Into
Washington through side streets engen
dered much 111 feeling did not reach the
banquet hall until late Numerous tele
phone calls were snt In her. but she
did not arrive until the last mlr ute and
when she did arrive Gen Jones and the
majorltv of her pilgrims had left And
so it was that the general and the sec-
retarv of the Congressional committee
did not come to break bread with each
Dr Anna Howard Shaw, president of
the National merlcan Woman Suffrage
Association, shared the guest honors with
the pilgrims
Hikers n F.lrnlng Covens.
None who took the long march with
the bikers and saw them enter country
towns tired bedraggled, bespattered
with mud would have recognized them
last night Attired In evening gowns,
rested, and at their leisure, thev pre
sented an entlrelv different appearance
Gen" Jones were a creation of brown
satin trimmed with coffee colored lace,
cut low In the neck and with short
sleeves It hael an enormous train,
dragging several feet behind her. The
other pilgrims were similarly attired in
evening gowns hut all wore as cloaks
the long, brown pilgrim robes, which
were a feature of their marching uni
forms ome of the most prominent woman
Pace four.
Thieves Use Ammonia Squirt Gun to
Stun Proprietor Get
$9,000 Loot.
New v0rk. March 1 Armed with re
volvers and ammonia squirt guns, two
voung men entered the Jewelrv store of
Moses Bach, on Broadwav, in the busi
est part of the "W hite Light " section
late to-night, blinded the proprietor by
a sprav of ammonia, and got awa vvlth
yieXK) worth of Jewel
Just as the taxlt lb which the robbers
had outside, uns, getting under wav.
Huh came running into the street, onlv
to be fired at twice from the vehicle.
The taxi took the two mon about a
block, where it slowed down, and the
two men transferred to a touring car In
waiting In their haste, however, the
robbers left $7,010 worth of the Jevvelrj
in the tixicab but thev escaped with
the. remander of their loot
JKIO.OO stern lork and Return.
Baltimore A Ohio II. It.
Tickets good ten davs Roval Blue
trains leave I nion Station 7, 9 and 11
a m ; 1, 3, and S p m . is 20 night, and
2 C a. m Ticket offices, loth St. and
N T Ave, ",13 Pa Ave. and Union Sta
tion Foreign Postage, 15c extra
Thousands of Electric Lights
Flash Opening of Inaugural
Week as Big Crowds Arrive
Illumination Shows Avenue Thronged with Visitors Union
Station Is Seething' Mass of Humanity Visitors Will
Aggregate 250,000y Experts Declare.
With the flash of the thousands of electric lights in the festoon swung across Pcnnslvania Avenue,
inaugural week opened last night at 7:30 o'clock. The illumination disclosed the streets of Washington
thronged with a heterogeneous crowd that has come from every corner of the United States for the
inauguration of Woodrow Wilson, and the city to-day is more crowded than it has ever been at this stage
in an inauguration.
All day yesterday train": poured their carloads of humanity through the city's gates, crowds that have
come on pleasure bent. They trooped through the Union Station, jostling each other good-naturedly, and
took Pennsylvania Aenuc by storm.
The schedules of special trains that are due to-day, to-morrow, and Tuesday show, however, that this
is a mere sprinkling of the throngs that are to come, a mere hint of the numbers that will be in Wash
ington Tuesdav morning when the ceremonies commence.
Alrcadv. the Union Station is
to be increased by four ocr the
had their hands full last night, and
ment and rcclry.
It is, indeed, to be a record-breaking inauguration, if the indication up to last night count for an
thing, and the railroads' statements, made up to the minute from ecry cit and w a) side station in the
Brooklyn Doctor Slugged by Young
Man He Had Fed Refuted
to Give Him Money.
New York. March 1 Dr Kdgar nar
num. sixty ears old, a dentist, of 133
Sands Street, ltrooklvn. was assaulted
in his home earl lo-dav bv an un
known oung man whom the doctor
had befriended
While returning home from i visit
to friends about 3 o'clock. Dr. Harnum
was accosted bv a well-dressed voung
man. who described himself as a grad
uate of a dental college In the Welt
and had come here in search of work
but had not been successful
Dr Barnum took the voung man to
his home and there fed him Then the
stranger asked Mr IUrnum for I.", sav
ing that he wanted to go to Xew York,
where he had friends Dr. n.crnum re -fused,
saving that he- would take care
of him if to-daj lie found his stor to
be true Thereupon the voung man
seized a tlatlron. struck the doctor on
the head, and fled
Dr Wakelv. of the rtrooklj n Hos
pital, found that Dr Barnum s skull
had been fractured
Gets Watch and $10 from Conductor
Juit as Train 1$ Pulling Out
of St. Louis.
st Louis Mo. March 1 W.iliash train
No 1. the St Ixmts-Omaha express, was
boarded by 1 lone bandit, probably at
Delmar station, about 9 1J p ni . whc.
when the li-iln was approaching Gltn
n ho on the extreme westrn eMgo of
the citv entered the Des Moines sleeper
and after robbing the conductor vras
bluffed out of robbing the iiissenge-rs
bv a talk Hive patron or the road
Th- tirt that Conductor W ilej knew
of the presence of th bandit It the
sleeper wa. when the man suddenlv, ap
peared b his side and pointing a revol
ver at him ordcrex! him to turn over the
night's collections and his valuables
The eoiduttor htnded over a gold
watcli and about 110 The bandit then
started down the aisle toward several
passengcis, and, as he approached one.
ordered him to hand ovrr his valuables
The passenger, not the least fright
ened, began to expostulate with the ban
dit, and Instead of forcing the passen
gers to hand over their monej. the ban
dit suddenly turned, and running to the
rear of the car, pulled the cord, and
when the train was brought almost to a
standstill, leaped off and escaped
A report of the robbery was sent to
the division headquarters at Moberl).
Mo. and railroad detectives win be de
tailed on the case
Although the amount of mone obtain
ed was comparatively small, the robbery
is considered one of the boldest that has
occurred In or near St. Louis on a rail
road for many years
Uutlnic In 1 extern NArth Carolina.
Pirticularly delightful In the spring time
Asheville and other points In "The Land
of the Skv" conveniently reached by
through train service SeSuthem Rallwav
Consult agents, "03 15th St. and 905
St. nw.
The pbertoarapb la an e-nlanreraent
diameter. The wk,iin all dose In
comasltteec Mr. HIImi'i cyesjssea avnre
a seething mass of incomers that
numbers that are usually needed.
the ambulance' gongs were heard
land, show that there will be in'
Washington JaU.UOU. at a .on-
scratic estimate. Benjamin W.
Reese, of the public order commit
tee, estimated the crowds of es
tcrdav at l."),000.
Ont to Mate MrrrT-
Pcnnsvlvanla Avenue was the center
of the carnival crowd list night. The
Illumination of the lights was mereh
a test, but the test had been announced
beforehand, and not only the crowds
of visitors but the pleasure-seekera of
Washington were out to make merrj
and start their Inauguration at the
earliest possible moment The lights
of rennsv lvanln Avenue, the J'eace
Monument, Washington Monument, and
the Court of Honor will be turned on
for good to-night at 6 SO o clock.
A martial touch was added to th
demonstration of last night bv the ca
dets of the Culver Jlllltary Academv.
of Indians, and the UeorRia Military
scaetemj Karli with band the two
organizations formed in Pennsylvania
Avenue shortlv nfter the Illumination
had started and marched and counter
marched, to the gratification of the
happv crowd In the street
The hotels are alrcadv crowded
Kver room Is bonked, and there Is a
dallv stream of letters demTnding res
ervations that cannot h made for lack
of rooms Boarding-houses -ire rapidly
filling up and the public comfort com
mittee organized wlih M I Weller
at its head to see to the lodging of the
inaugural crowds. Is working night and
d iv placing the applicants for shelter.
Among the vanguard of Inaugural
vlsllors that came In jesterdav were
manv of those high In the councils of
the triumphant Democratic partv and
prominent In the public limelight, nnd
manv more on whom the gaze of the
people is centered are to tome in to
dav. nryan trrlvm Tw-ila-.
William Jennings Hrvan and Joephus
Daniels, both mentioned for prominent
Cabinet plics in the lists of the political
foreeastert. are scheduled to arrive this
afternoon it 3 o'clock Thomas Tiggart.
another of the partj'-s pillars of strength,
will reach Washington this afternoon,
and Ch ilrman McCombs. the man on
whose shoulders the success of the can
didate of Woolrow Wilson has tested,
will roll Into tiie Union Station at 4 30
Mr. McCombs will be met at the Union
Station bj .i committee named vestcrday
bv Col John I Martin sergeant-at-arms
of the Democritic National Commlttex
Thl committee l made up of John F.
Costello. of the District: Judge Will R
King, of Portland, Oreg : Ft IF Elder,
of Idaho. Judge John I. Pattlson. of Spo
kane. Wash . William It. Wallace, of
Utah, and Col Martin A reception will
be tendered Chairman McCombs at the
Nitlonal Pre3 Club at 5.30 o'clock
, Aside from the marching organiza
tions and the large crowds generally
iiiai cMiiie in. lucre arnveu esieruay
Joseph Wilson, of Tennessee, brother of
the President-elect, and John Wilson, of
Franklin. Pa , a cousin The latter will
give a dinner to the WIIon family, about
thirty in number, at the Shoreham.
March 3.
Col Birch, of the New Jersev National
Guard personal aid to Gov. Wilson, who
has been here frequently of late to ad
vise In the Inaugural arrangements, also
came vestefdaV to remain for the Inaugu
ration His official duties wl"- the Pres
Contlnned on Pane Tsto.
of tbe medal, tbe exact alse of tke medal, when slaked, being 2"U Inches In
Whitehead, Haas;, o,, fartarr. Mate that at
has caused the police force on dut
The police in the business districts
in the midst of the 'ounds of mcrrj
John Damies, Bronx Hotel Man, b
Placed in Tombs for
Chicago Officers.
New York, March 1 Bitterly pro
testing against his arrest and giving
emphatic denial to the charge that he
was the ringleader of the Chicago "ar
son trust," John Damies, the Bronx
hotel man. against whom six indict
ments were returned by the Cook
Count) (Illinois) grand Jury, charging
arson, was held to-day without ball
ti Magistrate Levi, in the Tombs,
pending the arrival of extradition pa
pets from Chicago.
'I cannot deny that I am the man.
John Damies. mentioned In the war
rant." said the pnsejne-, "but T deny
emphatically the charges made against
me I tan produce witnesses to show
that I was In this city on March 16,
131C. when the- Indictment charges me
with being In Chicago"
Assistant District Attornev Kuerth
rtian. of Chicago, explained to Magis
trate Levi that the indictments against
I'imles had been found as the result
of the confession of four alleged mem
bers of the arson trust
fter Damies hid been remanded to
the Tombs. Mr Kuerthman hurried to
the- Grand Central Depot to catch a
fast train for Chicago He explained
tint he would return to this eltv earlv
next week with Ihe copies of the In
dictments and then tnke Daml-s to
Chicago for trial On his wa to the
Toi bs. Damies said
"I have not been In Chicago foe three
or four vears. I don't know a single
pe-son there I want to go bick o
fate these charges, but first I want to
find where I stand I will engage f.n
attornev. and If he tells me t nght
extradition. I will"
Prison Deliverer Falls When Fire
men Pnt Ont Flames.
Lancaster. England. March 1 The
Uncashlre county jail here was on fire
to-dav Ahen the blaze, which started
under a stalrwav, was discovered the
IvO prisoners were marched Into the Jail
jard until the firemen had mastered
the flames
The tire Is thought to have been the
work of some one planning escape
Police soiv I.ooklnK for Frank
Homer, Issatlnnt In Saloon Botv.
New York, March 1 Peter Tammanv,
thlrts vears old. of 311 East Seventieth
Street, was shot in the right shoulder
this morning during an altercation In a
saloon at Seventeenth Street and Seconel
Avenue bj Frank Homer, of 1340 Second
Tammany was attended by an ambu
lance surgeejn from Flower Hospital and
ent home. Detectives from the East
Sixt -sev enth Street Police Station are
looking ftr Homer.
3R Baltimore and Rcrturn.
Baltimore and Ohio
Every Saturda) and Sunday. Good to
return until 9am train Monday. AH
trains both ways, including Roval Lim
ited. visa of, tke Uaarurall
MexicanGovernment to Seek
Extradition of Father and
Brother of Slain President
Alleged to Hare Plotted to Have Re
bellion Against Huerta Con
tinued by Lapata.
Mexico Citv. March 1 Francisco Ma
dero. sr, father of the assassinated
President: his brother. Ernesto Madero.
former Minister of Finance, and all the
members of their part), now fugitives
In Cuba, will be brought back to Mexico
City, for trial.
Having dispoee of Francisco. Gus
tavo, and Kmlllo Madero b killing
them and Raoul. In an unknown man
ner, the Huerta government will now
prosecute and punish the remaining two
members of the famtlv who were prom
inent In government affairs
The government has requested the
Cuban authorities to detain the Ma-
deros and their part) in Havana ,or
extradition to Mexico, where the will
be tried on a criminal charge growing
out of an alleged attempt to bribe the
ZapaUstas not to submit to Huerta and
The Madero-. according to the charges,
offered monev to Zapata and his fol
lowers to remain hostile to the gov
ernment soon after the execution of
Francisco I Madero and Jose Pino
In the Maderlst part) In Cuba, besides
Francisco, sr. and Ernesto, are Rafael
Hernandez, former minister of gober
naclon. Fredrlo Gonzales Garza, former
Governor of the Federal district, and
Congressmen Seraplo Rlndon and Luis
Likely to Get 1'nll Penalty.
All are Involved In the alleged offense,
bhould the be found gulltv It Is regard
ed as certain that they will be made to
suffer the extreme penaltv
The most daring depredations continue
to be committed bv rebel hands in the
more Important Mexican Mates, despite
the submission of manv hostile leaders
nitfl the stem repressive measures in
stituted by the Huerta government
Genevevo de I.a. O. who is operating
in the State of Moreloi. has sent a bold
dftlance to the government, savins he
will destro all the propert) he tan
Although V.OV eminent troops have
taken pejrseMion of the cttv of Aguas
Caliente, the rebellious chie-f executive
of the state of the same name. Alberto
l"uentes. has escaperd to the hills with a
small band of his followers He took all
the available Mate funds with him
Newa of trouble in a new quarter was
received here to-dav. a message from
the northern boroer stating that a mani
festo had been issued bv the Maderlst
forces encamped at Censas bprings.
Mexico, eighteen miles south of Douglas.
Ariz, in which Huerta and Felix Diaz
were condemned to death, to be exe
cuted "when, apprehended
Federals March to ttark.
Five hundred government troops are
marching from Agua Prieta to attack
the rebel forces at Censas bprings
Francisco Villa has re-entered Mexico
and is taking active part In the rebellion
in Sonora
Alberto Guajaradn. a commander of Ir
regulars and a close friend of Venustiano
Carranza. has joined the Coaliuila re
bellion He occupies, with ejeW men the
mining camp at Is Esperanzas. Mus
quiz. and Ahuita
According to official reports S.J0 rebels
have surrendered in the State of Vera
Cruz and Puebla. l.sflO in the State of
Continued on I'skp Five.
Awards Amounting to $25,000 in Value to Be Given Away
as Soon as Votes Are Counted Bushels of Labels
and Packages to Be Tabulated. s ., ,.
Merchant, Manufacturer and Consumer
Best Eer Offered
in the
The Advocate of the Merchants and
Jfanufacturers S33.C00 Voting Contest con
ducted by The Washington Herald,
which closed at midnight on Frldav.was
unique In that it was not a circulation
but a business booster
The manufacturers got complete satis
faction, the broker and Jobber fared well,
the live retailer got an increase In prof
Its and customers, and the latter will
get awards away bevond their hopes or
The Grand Award, the JS.0W house, lo
cated on the corner of Tenth and D
Streets Northeast, was purchased from
H. R. Howensteln Co. and Is Just a
little bit superior In workmanship and
materials to the average house of that
price- It was built bj a man whose
name Is a guarantee that It Is good In
every particular, and will make a home
that may excite envy In the hearts of
those who vvcro unfortunate enough to
lose It. The new owner, whoever he may
be. will have rejson to bless the mind
that Inspired this project.
Motor Car Prises.
The four touring1 rars, two Reos, S0-
horsepower, purchased from the Barnard
Motor Car Company, at 1611 Fourteenth
Street Northwest: one btudebaker "30
from the Commercial Auto and bupply
Company. Inc. at SIT Fourteenth Street
Northwest, and one 30-horsepower Over
land, purchased from the Overland
Washington Motor Car Compan, nt SO
Fourteenth Street Northwest, are, alt of
them. SIJ" values, and furnished with
l". ft tires and complete equipment.
These names alcne are sufficient guaran
tee of their worth.
ThtrConoier "Baby Urnnd pianos were
purchased from the, Percy S. Foster
President-elect Has So Far
Succeeded in Keeping Com
pleted List from Public
Retiring New York Coagresaua le
liered to Be Next Secretary
of Commerce. -
Representative William O Redfield of
New York, whose appointment as Secre
tary of Commerce or Commerce and
Labor according to President Taft's ac
tion upon the bill creatine & department
of labor was predicted In these columns
last we?ek, has accepted the President
elect's tender of that portfolio
This became known yesterday. Repre
sentative Redfield. who retirees from (Con
gress at the conclusion of this session,
declines to comment upon It
This Information places Ave Cabinet ap
pointments In the "sure-thing" class
These five are:
llllam Jenalng Bryaa. of Xcp
brnnka. to be eeretary of State.
VV. llllam MrAdoo, of "few Tork, to be
SeMrretory of the Treraaurr.
Ubert Mdnrj- Bnrleaon, of Texaa. to
lie Secretary of Agriculture or Poat
manter General.
Josrahua Daniels, of orth Carolina,
to her Poeetmaatrr Ceneral or Seeietary
of the s,vj-.
VV llllam C. neetflVld. of New Tork. to
be eseeretary of rommerre or eroammerese
anil Labor.
The belief Is that President Taft will
sign the Department of I.abor bill, and
that Representative William B Wilson
of Pennsv. lvanla. author of the House
hill and chairman of the Committee on
IJbor, will be appointed Secretary. Mr
W ilson Is one of the two Democratic
' lame ducks ' from Pennsylvania.
I'nder his chairmanship the Commute
on I.abor accomplished more legislation
than an) prior Labor Committee, and
Mr llson s candidacy Is. therefore, un
usually healthv
It is understood that officers of the
Vmeriran Federation of I.Abor who have
seen Prcsident-elett Wilson reKrentlj In
advocao of Representative Wilsons
candidacv. returned from Trenton win
the utmost confidence that the Pennsjl
vanlt member would be appointed If th
labor bill were signed. The fact that
Representative V Mitchell Palmer of
Pennsylvania will not be in the Cabinet
maj help Mr W ilson's candidacy, though
William A Glnscow. of Phllsdelphia.
still Is mentioned as a possible Attorney
Mr. Redfield s appointment in taken
to sound the death knell of the move
ment to obtain the appointment of
I)nis D Brandeis. of Boston, to the
Commerce portfolio Preldent-elect
Wilson has considered both men long,
and at one time It wae generally be
lieved that he had decided to appoint
Mr. Hrandeis. Later developments
however, served as a stay on the Bos
tonlan's boom Mjssachusetts Demo
crats wilfe bitter in their opposition to
his appointment, and it is believed In
a race between him and RedSeld, Bran
dels was eliminated
The appointment of the New Tork
memb.r is expected to meet with wide-
prael approval, particularly In the
sticciion of a portfolio for him. Jlr
lontlnnril on I'aare Ttarere.
S8.0O Philadelphia and Return.
Ilaltlmorr A nblo II. It.
Tickets good ten davs. Roval Blue
trains leave Union Station T. 9. and II
a, m . 1. 3. J. -. and R p m , also 12 JO
night and 2 11 a m Ticket offices, lath
M and N T. Ave, 619 Pa Ave, and
I nlon Station
Are All Satisfied Awards Are tie
by Any Newspaper
Piano Company at a co-t of S7M each.
These pianos are known throughout the
music world, and the dealer from whom
they were purchased is perhaps rooro
widely known than any other In tho
South. Ills name but adds luster to this
award. These pianos have mahogany
cases. Ivory and ebonv keys, and fullv
meet the claim of their maker as to
qualities of tone, action, and construc
tion. No name attached to piano manu
facture Is more Jealously guarded than is
The Shubert pianos and piano play
ers came from the.rcfcms of iohn Hall
Chase, and represent a high product of
a JJ.O00.00O factory by superb Ameri
can workmanship. They have mahog
any cases and a "singing tone" of fifty
vears. Thev Vers sold with an un
limited guarantee, which means a.
great deal.
Other Valuble Awards.
Other awards are in the form of
artistic furniture, handsome rugs and
draperies from the well-known Lans
burgh Furniture Company, and will be
appreciated by the home-maker at first
sight. Beautiful brass beds, from H.
A. Linger. Jr are other desirable
things awarded, and there are oil
paintings, waterce vrs. etchings, repro
ductions, and other works of art.
From C. A. Muddlman Co. the r
Street home of electric fixtures, were
Continued on Page Mne.
S.VX.". to California.
Via Wnshiiigton-bunset Route. March II
to April 11. Personallj conducted tourist
sleeping cars without change, dally ex
cept Sunday. Berth, 13. A. J. Poston.
U. A., 905 F and 706 lith SU j

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