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Develop Your Bust
In 15 Days
Hew Way Home Treatment
I don't care
how thin you
are. how old
you are. how
fallen and
flaccid are the
lines of voiir
figure or how
Is I can give
ou a full,
firm, youthful
bust quickly,
that will be
the envy of
your fellow
women and
will give you
the allure-
feet woman- The Charm o! a Foil,
brfrrVtm"! Firm Bust Is Worth Mors
there lsYoth? (o a Woman Than Beauty.
lnjr new un
der the sun, but I have perfected a
treatment that I want to share with
my sisters What It did ror me It can
ad Trill do for ou, and I now offer It
to you
Others offer to build up jour figrure
with druffi. RTeasy skin foods, creams,
dieting", massage, and expensive instru
ments and devices I have none away
Trfth all tbrsr tnjunonn metboda, and
have given a legion of women a luxuri
ant natural deelopment by a treat
ment never before offered the public
No massaging, nothing to take, noth
ing to wear
Why he aklnny, acraTrny, flat.
and tmattract.Te-t I claim to
be the bin-beat priced art!ata
model In the United Matea. and
Tfhat I did for myself I can do
for yon.
I don't care what your age may be.
I ask only that you be at least sixteen
and not an invalid, and I will under
take to develop your buit In two weeks
All I ask Is five or ten minutes of your
time every day.
Write to Me To-day for My Treatment
It will only coat yon a penny
for a poat card and I will mall
on thla wonderful Information
In, a plain coer no that no one
will know jour aecret.
Don't let a false pride and a silly
rense of shame keep jou from enjoy
ing to the full the charmi you should
have to be a perfect specimen of wom
anhood. Let me help jou Your com
munication shall be held In absolute
confidence and secrecy. Write me to
1325 Michigan kit.. Suite 2919, Chicago. 111.
We'll make jour old clothes look
like new and keep jour new ones
from getting old
709 0th St. nw.
Phone M-115S and We v. Ill Call.
I'llfinr Main 1031.
912 New York Ave. N. W.
If Its a Eut'on c Have It."
526 H STREET N. E.
Newly Opened
Washing'nn s latest and most up-to-date
bample shoe Store has re
cently opened with the most com
plete stock of sample shoes ever on
the market 'Tw ill pay ou to call
When Mary Ljon started out to raise
fund' for the founding- of Mount Holyoke
College, she vat full of enthusiasm, but
the idea of a college for women was not
over popular and the dollars were not
easily lured from skeptical pockets.
She collected the money in sums rang
ing all the ay from 6 cents to Jl.OuC, and
persuaded l.Sno persons to subscribe. When
it was all over she had learned a lot more
about the Ins and outs of human nature
than she had ever guessed before, and
had gained some Interesting experience
One evening, so the story Is told, she
reached a little village In Massachusetts
and went to a home where she was al
was .sure of a ready welcome As usual,
thoughts of the new college were nearest
her heart, and she aked her host to
take her to a near-by town where she
hud heard of it family of wealth that she
hoped might give quite liberally tu the
The squire c-ourteoulj, and ma be with
an unseen twinkle In his eye. told her
that the following morning, bright and
earl j, his hones would be at the door
and nhe would be given an opportunity
to submit her request to that family of
When morning camo Miss Lon jubi
lant! awaited the drive to the beautiful
home of plent, for she felt quite confident
that a tld sum would be added to her
ubcriptions She looked so happy and
so sure of success that the squire's wlfo
thought It a kindness to prepare her.
As they were about to start on that early
ride, the hostrs softly laid her hand on
J- Lvons .shoulder, with the warning:
My dear, I must tell jou. It is quite
true that llu-e people have a beautiful
home ,md plenty of mnnej but jou must
not expect too mm h We know them and
fear ou will not be fciicceisful "
lint Miss l.j on as too Jubilant to
fhfl' U.r- url rti I, .-n. ,1. nr.nA. nltt. '
Ivaish hand and denied themselves
nothing that the- wanted. n she was
sure that they would be liberal, indeed.
Well, they went, and they rode back
Hut there was not the same Iwimlmr
smile on Miss I.jon s face that it wore
at the start, for her faith In that family
ha received a hhock She went close
to her friend and whispered in her ear
that It was all ery true. Just as she had
been told Those folk lived in a costlj
home, which was tilled with costl
things, the wore costly clothes and the
most exquisite Jewels, but and she drew
a little closer aa she said it, whispered
still more softly
Oh. they are little bits of folk."
And that was all she said, but for
ever after she prajed for deliverance
from their kind.
It Is a very foolish story to have
drifted down the years, but somehow
as one reads It, one thinks of other
"little blu of folks," some of whom are
rich, and some of whom are not.
But particularly she thinks of folk with
plenty of money, who spend It royally
upon themselves, who live In splendid
houses, who go where they like, and do
what they like with fine disregard of
the cost, yet who are known, right and
left, as "little bits of folks." So little
they are and so well it Is known that the
whole communities where they live
know in advance Just what their action
will he.
The squire and his friends, the
squire's friends and their wives and
the whole of the little community
knew what to expect of that family
when it was asked to step out of itself
and show that it looked upon money
and the things It can do in a big.
broad sort of way. But one wonders
what might have happened on that
morning so long ago if those folk had
guessed the warning that had been
given and had dreamed that they were
known as "little bits of folks." Ter
haps it might have made a difference,
because there are not so many people
who are willing to be recognized as
dwarfed in mind and sour in heart.
When one stops to think about it, it
may be Just a bit dismajlng to realize
that families and Individuals proba-blj-
no one escapes arc measured In
tho same ruthless way.
Some are reckoned Mg. generous,
and roval. and it Is known in advance
what they will say. what they will do,
and where they will stand.
And some are counted "little bits
of folks." And on that ground they
alwaj's stand.
It is not always a question of moncj,
the big or the small subscription at
stake. For often the little things that
come up from day to day count for
far more than the seemingly Impor
tant matters In determining who arc
those "little bits of folks."
For it is possible to play a small
role In a big. beautiful way or to fall
in the smillest of tests And that Is
the wav the big folks and the little
folks are made.
Gas Stove Can Be Kept Clean
Without Great Deal of Effort
513 12th St. N. W.
Wide Angle
The Correct Field Glass for Viewing
$3.50 Up
Claf lin Optical Co.,
907 FSt. N.W.
Field Glasses for llent.
maxkr or
615 Penn. Ave. N. W.
ri system n.KANsnns A tah-
j let easj' to take, that quickly
!! cleanses the system of all Im-
fAJ purities TKN CENTS A BOX.
4th Street and Mass. Avenue.
Chocolates and Bonbons
If a gas stove is cared for properly
In the evcrjday routine. It Is a simple
matter to keep it clean. It neod never
be blackened, but a wickly washing
tntddc and out with s.oap and water
and a stiff little brush, followed by a
thorough drying oft. with the oven
burners lighted, will keep it bright.
The dally care means an Immediate
removal of an thing spilled or spat
ter d on the stove or in the uvenb. Tho
slide traj under tho burners should be
wabhed dail. scrubbed, if nccessiry.
Otherwise It soon becomes trusted ovtr
with dust and grease. If the gas flame
is red or blows, trj- r lighting, tlrst let
ting the gas How a few seconds If
tills does not remedy the trouble, there
Is probablj a collection of dust or other
foreign mattir which interferes. Brush
out the burner openings carefull). and
then light the ga directly at the cock,
in order to burn out the dust. A per
sistant trouble of this sort should be
referred to the gas compan
In lighting the oven the torch or
pilot should alvvas be used and then
turned off This is simply for lighting,
not for heat Another precaution which
certain housekeepers have been known
to neglect, is never to leave the broil
ing pan in the oven when It is not in
use It becomes roughened and burned
if left In the heat when emptv. One lit
tle habit of lll-reguiated gas burners
is their "popping' when lighted. This
is the result of an oversuppl of air
and can be regulated by turning the
"mlxr" the open-cap-shaped arrange
ment close to each handle After seven
or eight ears' use the oven may need
a row lining. It is economy to have
it put in as soon as it is needed.
With proper planning a gas range
can be used very cheaply and that
without deprivation in any line of
cooking. Some appliances which make
this possible Is the steam cooker which
cooks many dishes over one burner,
and the section saucepans in groups of
two or three, which can also be used
ovtr one burner. Many housekeepers
have found a one-burner oven, which
ets on the top of the range, a decided
the economical cooking fat
Cottolene is well adapted
for pastry-making because it
produces light, delicate, flaky
crust, and is much more
wholesome than either butter
or lard.
Cottolene is a vegetable
product contains no animal
fat It has more nutritive
value, and food made with it
digests more readily than if
made from animal fat
Cottolene is better and
cheaper than lard, it costs
about the price of lard. Two
thirds of a pound of Cottolene
will do the
work of a full
pound of but
ter or lard.
Cottolene is never
sold in bulk al
ways in air-tight
tin pails, which pro
tect it from dirt,
dust and odors. It
is always uniform
and dependable.
econom. and saj that it soon pas for
itself In the gas saved. This also solves
the problem of a warming oven, the
absence of which Is the one objection
to the gas range
For most families it is worth while
to have shectlron baking sheets made
to fit the oven. And a slide tray for the
bottom of the oven, like the one under
the burners, makes it easier to keep the
oven clean. Another appliance, which
Is new. Is a wire screen for the top of
tho broiling oven This la of wire,
strengthened at the four sides with
strips of sheetlron or tin. It acts as a
flame-spreader and prevents the scorch
ing of any food which is being broiled
or roasted In the lower oven. It slips
in on the upper support Just below the
flame, while the meat or toast Is on
the shelf below. A toaster for the lop
burners is made on the same principle,
the toast being held on two wires Just
above a small wire screen of similar
A castlron lid for the top burner is
a great convenience for heating flat
irons and for cooking griddle cakes,
while a sheetlron lid. which beromes
nearly red hot. Is excellent for toast
making The range should be set on zinc for
convenience in cleaning, and Its posi
tion In the room should be carefull
considered If possible, have It near
the meter, thus saving superfluous
pipe-laying: also have It near enough
to the window for coolness, but never
in a draught. If one will take the trou
ble to read her own meter, which is
a simple enough matter, she will find
it quite worth while.
Pastry Table May Be Made to Scire
as Foundation for Home
made Brand.
Probably no truly domestic woman
ever passes a kitchen cabinet, so per
fiit in its arrangements and so com
plete In details, without wishing she
owned one, but the Initial cost is, in
most cases, prohibitive and she must do
Doing without the patented cabinet,
however, does not mean that a woman
need do without the convenience, for
with a little Ingenuity and work, and
slight expenses she may achieve at home
the same results. An ordinal-' kitchen
table, but. better yet. a pastry table with
flour bins, drawer, and kneading board,
serves as the foundation.
Shelf for Canister..
If the ordinary table is used a shelf
set under the top, about a foot from
the floor, will serve admirably to hold
two large flour canisters, one for white
and one for graham or entire wheat
flour. In smaller canisters may be kept
lornmeal and sugar, and there will be
room also for the bread box. A series
of shallow shelves built above the table,
against the wall, will hold any number
of glass Jars for dry groceries, spices.
&c, and one may now purchase for 10
cents apiece glass Jars with aluminum
covers, which will hold a week's sup-plj-
of sugar or cereal.
As many of these as can be afforded
and as are required should be purchased
and rind their place on the lower shelf.
Above these may be placed smaller Jars
for raisins, spices, Ac. and all the In
gredients needed for baking. The other
shelves may hold mixing bowls, cups.
and the like, and at the sides of the
shelves should be screwed brass hooks
to hold egg beater, can opener, mixing
spoon, and so forth.
voTfr Top trim '.inc. j
If the table top Is covered with zinc.
the cabinet will now be complete and
ready for use, and will leave no long
ings for a more elaborate one. If one
docs not care to purchase the glass Jars,
fruit Jars and Jelly glasses may be used
to hold the groceries. The little glass
Jars In which stick candy Is sold, those
for patent medicines, and many similar
purposes, may ail be utilized, as they
accumulate In the house and serve the
purpose admirably. The whole thing may
be gotten up In an expensive or an In
expensive manner, all depending upon the
resources and ingenuity of the woman
who has charge of the work.
The printed pongee, a material growing
In favor, was used here In combination
with the plain variety in natural shad
The printed (lowers are in natural colors
on a ground a little lighter than the plain
The collar, buttons, and pipings around
the cuffs are of bright green satin. The
neck is finished with a white lace ruffle
and bow.
A capital method of cleaning copper
pans and kettles is to fill them first of
all with boiling water and then to rub
the outside with sour milk. The milk
must have reached the condition of
thick curds, a little being rubbed on
with a piece of flannel. Buttermilk is
even more satlsfactorj- When dry. the
metal should be polished with a clean
chamois leather.
Garlic juice used to be considered
the best cement for fine chln-v in b)
gone days To extract the juice from
the garlics, they were crushed In a
mortar and then pressed in a piece of
muslin, the Juice being then collected
and painted on to the broken edges
with a brush or a feather
The finest whiting, crumbled tn
powder and then made Into a paste
with a drop or two of sweet oil. repre
sents an excellent polish for nutal
disli and pan lovers. This should be
rubbed on with a piece of flannel, and
a little of the powdered whiting in
closed in a muslin bag afterward
sprinkled over the top. A gloss mav
be obtained by finall) scouring briskly
with a chamois leather.
A little soap rubbed on the hinges of
a door will prevent It from creaking.
An old-fashioned method of cleaning
an oven is that of placing a hindtul
of straw- Inside It and setting fire to
it. The oven door must be kept closed
until the straw lias burned Itself out.
The smoke was considered to soften
tho crust of grease and fruit which It
is often impossible to prevent after
meat or fruit tarts have been cooked
In the oven A knife maj- be required
to scrape the stains, and the whole
must be well scoured finally with a
cloth wrung out In boiling soda sud-.
For the Traveler.
A comfort which the girl who" travels a
great deal ma) prepare for herself or as
a gift to a friend about to travel is a box
of small sachets containing preparations
for softening water. Often the water in
a strange house or hotel will work fear
ful havoc with a delicate skin if Its owner
has come unprepared
The box should contain two-inch bags
of line cheesecloth tilled v ith oatme il.
almond meal, orris and powdered borax,
or some other softening prep-iratlon.
Accompaning this outfit may be three
dozen small squares, two or three Inches,
of soft silk or old linen. These arc used
to wine cold cream from the face. Thej-
save the wash cloths, and are far more
hygienic, as each Is destrojed after
The Mexican department of communica
tions Is considering a proposil ror long
distance telephone communication with
Orizaba and the city of Vera Cruz.
ssssvnHriiDcr M
fipf wCrmV s,s3B
Hf sX IsfiB Trmi crow hair. ,
.-VslaVi l rliUil thickens cielwows.
Visitors to the Inauguration and Suffragette Pageant
The Only Department Store Situated on Pennsylvania
Ave., Half Way Between the Capitol and White House
3D ujunnnaunhaQDiUi
nafinrnnarlRF. O
uczauLfl iu
C7 D
nine- , i t , -i
y. jpy-j lj ui-oy jLTpa
m nnfani i inn m irt tn "fij
U I tUIHiKaLi LJmM-JX-i CO tjc-ft..-. rS
I f ii Lfej nn: F7
D.prS5 kk I a&h rtrnvCapUol & lis I
Make it jour headquarters. Have as our slogan, "Meet Me at Kann's." Washingtonians have
done so for nearly a score of years. You will find unfailing interest in the brilliant displays of
spring and Easter merchandise.
You Will Find for Your Convenience
A WELIEQUIPPED REbTAUKAM, chased; also parcel post branch station, where
where from 8 :30 a. m. to 6 p. m. the best of edi
blcs arc served at the lowest prices.
The most varied display of souvenir post
cards and other souvenirs to be found anywhere.
free stationery, for women.
postal cards can be addressed and stamps pur-
packages arc recencd for mailing.
local or long-distance phone sen-ice.
where inquiry may be made about the location
of any department in thestore or points of in
terest about the city.
SODA FOUNTAIN. One of the largest and
best in the city.
.... !.!.. nf 1l. itllnrACt l llla'll til, etilvf. nvuennff if n 1.a1. ?- !- C .
vsiubiul- i ""- ...' .....v..i Lut .i p.v-ti.i u ivuuii; 111 us Relied equipment ano mam
accommodations, are the many Great Value Sales run in progress, which, with prices much lower
than usual, point the way to saving that will help to a great degree in defraying the expenses of
jour trip to the Nation's Capital.
Receml some beautiful ribbons have
bein shown for the coming sprlns season.
Thee are of velvet broche, and in color
ins. dclsn and iuilit. frankly surpass
in thins ever produced. That modistes
111 quick! realize their value goes with
out savins, and they are sufficiently
lovely to be permitted to lisure proml
nentl in the most exquisite toilets
There Is tverv prospect, indeed, that
they will be made the basis of many de
signs vvorktd up with lace, for lace is
in once again and will not pass away
with the coming of spring. Slowly, but
ver si.rriy. the three-tier lace skirt is
making Itself felt. The volants are kept
erv flat, and ire mostly hroKen at tne
ides bv a contrasting draper.
Striped and flowered taffetas are likely
tu bo much in reque-i, together with soft
brocade, and through these mediums
some really fresh silhouettes should be
chlcved for evening dress
Largest Morning Circulation.
lengthen f e flashes,
changes any or
faded hair to Ita
natnral color. ttot
1 1 e h ins. ronot ea
dandruff, and makca
the hair of man,
unman, or child
heaTj and btantUnllr do?. Mail frre coupon to-dar.
Fr 91.00 Packaf Coupon
Kill in yrmr name ami aiMrrss no the blank
linn betcw, rut out the coupon, and mail to The
Vow Cnmiwny. 3E80 Koao llldc, Cincinnati.
Ohio. Knrjoat ten trnta in htamr pr fairer aa
an cridrnce of good faith and to help cortr
par ainff. instate, etc.. and a. full SI 09 rwHuf
mil be acnt ou at once by mail, prepaid, free
of charar.
Htat ......R. P. D
Iteat nianUeta.
The all-wool blankets arc much more
economical, even at a greater price.
than the muted blankets containing more
or less cotton Serviceability, beauty.
lightness and warmth are all In the
fror of the all-wool covering. It will
outwear the mixed fabric, will wash bet
ter and be serviceable as long as there
is an Inch of It left A small percentage
of cotton will not hurt the blanket, as It
will keep It from shrinking when wash
ed, and add to Its appearance after be
ing laundered. It is scarcely possible for
the housewife to detect tne small quan
tity which Is nearly alwajs used In the
'all-wool' blankets sold as such In
most stores. When cotton Is used It Is
mostl used In the warp.
nenovntlnar Marabou.
When marabou, either stole, muff or
hat trimming, gets to the stringy stage.
It can easily be renovated at home. Have
a large kettle of boiling water on the
stove and over It suspend the mara
bou in such a manner that the steam
can reach every part of It. Let It steam
for an hour or more, turning It every
little while to make sure that no portion
jpcapes the beneficial effects of the
steam. Then remove the kettle of water
and leave the marabou as It Is to dry.
When thoroughly dry shake genUy, and
it will be as fluff and light us when
Three eggs, two tablespoonfuls sugar,
threo ounces flour, grated rind half lemon
and Its juice, pinch of salt, two cupfula
milk, two tablespoonfuls butter, three
tablespoonfuls preserves Beat butter and
sugar to a cream. Add flour, lemon rind
and Juice and salt; beat mixture for ten
minutes, add gradually eggs and milk.
Continue beating for another ten minutes.
after flour Is added, and allow- mixture
to stand for one hour. Put some of the
butter into an omelet pan and heat, pour
In about a cupful of the pancake mix
ture and mnko for twenty minutes in
hot oven Turn out on to a plate dredged
with sugar, spread some hot Jam on one
side, and turn over the other half. Con
tinue this until mixture Is used up.
Tnplocav Cream.
Nak three tablespoons of pearl tapioca
In cold water until soft, or use the pre
pared tapioca that doesn't need soaking.
Put 1 pint of milk In double boiler and
scahl When hot add the tapioca, one
half cup sugar, pinch salt, and the volks-
of two eggs. Cook until thick, then pour
Into vour glass serving dish and flavor
with 1 teaspoonful of vanilla or anv pre
pared flavoring. When partly cooled, fold
In the stiffly beaten whites of the eggs.
It Is necer, I think, this way than heap
ing the meringue on top. although you
can do that wav. The pudding is very
nice with fruit added, as chopped pine-
pple, sliced peaches or bananas, and it
is particularly delicious with oranges.
Beads find a place in the .oirfure a.
well as on the dress The once muc'
admired plan of braiding the tresses wit
pearls has been remembered.
It was a favorite device of the heroir
of fiction some forty 5 cars ago. whe
the fancy for placing a roie beneath tr
left ear failed to please her and son
diversity was needed.
Now the pearls are disposed In straigb
rows upon the coiffure, or they aro pase
right over the forehead It is a prett"
caprice to mount them upon a band
black tulle.
I.lnrn Chest.
To keep house in an apartment contau
Ing two bedrooms and a maid's room, wit
two In the famll, vou will need In vol
linen chest at least Ave pairs of the bet
sheets: either linen or cotton, two pairs
of cotton sheets for the maid's bed. a cor
responding number of pillow caseb of both
kinds, two dozen towels of gocd quallt,
one dozen for the maid's nHm. one dozen
bath towels, one dozen face cloth? one
dozen glass towels for tho kitchen, oio
dozen ordinary dish tow els. six roller tow -els,
three dish cloths, three pot cloths.
two dozen good dinner napkins, one dozen
good tea napkins, one dozen of all threw
f these kinds embroidered, four table
covers, four sideboard covers, four serv
ing table covers, two sets of doilies and
tabel center for ordinar use, and one
especially nice one.
Salves Can't Cure Eczema
In regard to skin diseases, medical au
thorities are now agreed on this:
Don t Imprison the disease germs In
your skin by the use of greasy salves,
and thus encourage them to multiply.
A true cure of all eczrmatous diseases
can be brought about only by using tho
healing agents in the form of a liquid.
A simple wash: A compound of Oil of
j Wintergreen, Thymol, and other lngre-
uitnifca as lAjiuuiiieu "i intr A. s. 4. ic
I.emon Plr.
One cup sugar, one-half cup flour, one
half teaspoon salt, mixed thoroughly to
gether. Put saucepan on stovo and add
2 cups boiling water, stirring as you
slowly pour It in. Cook till smooth and
thick. Take from stove and add a small
piece of butter and rtlr in. Let cool
slightly, then stir In Juice of : lemons and
grated rind of one, and yolks of two
eggs. Lastly stir In whites beaten to a
stiff froth. Hake with n good, rich crust
In a moderate oven. This makes one
large deep pie or two small ones, ard
cuts like custard.
Chicken and Chestnut Salad.
Mix half a cupful of diced chicken with
half a cupful or cut celery and half n
cupful of boiled chestnuts, cut in slices;
,-tdd two tablespoonfuls of parboiled green
peppers, minced fine, salt, and paprika;
marinate with Trench dressing; cover
with mayonnaise dressing.
Grease Spots in Itatz.
Cover the grease with a paste of fuller's
earth and household ammonia. Lay &
paper over it to exclude dutt. arid let It
alone fcr two days. The grease should
come out with the powdir. IX not, re
peat the process.
scrlptlon. Tills penetrates to the disease
germs and destroys them, then soothes
and heals the skin as nothing else has
ever done.
A Go-cent bottle will start the cure, and
give you Instant relief.
We haver made fast friends of moro
than one family by recommending tnls
D. D. D. Prescription to a skin sufferer
here and there, and we want ou to try
it now on our positive pay guarantee.
D. D. D. Soap keeps the pores clean:
ask us. O'Donnell's Drug Stores, 9th and
K st. nw., and 3d and Pa. ave. se.
Special Blend Coffee, 25c lb,
W. I. Ireakfast Coffee, 21c lb'.
The Coffees
HlnNis Spe
cial ButteriM.
25c, the highest
grade naiafae-
Dairy Company,
Phono Main 5908.
We Nfaf u Ceefc U AH Parti e! City.

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