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Milan, Moeller, and Cashion in Town Recruits Reach Camp
Tennessee Flyer May Have to
Take Things Easy at Char
lottesville Camp.
"Dare Denl" Dan Says He Especb No
More Trouble from the
Br w n 1.1 im pf t.
Cljdp Milan the Tennessee Fljer.
Carl Cachion the Carolina Cunw, Dare
Devil Dan Moeller and the watch charm
infielder Kav Morgan members of the
Nationals reached Washington eHerda
and announced that thej were read
for the training camp season to start
Dannj Moeller has added fifteen pound
in weight ncc the 1D1I season closed
and looks Hit perfett pltture of health
Carl Cashion 1 also a trifle oern eight
while Cljde Milan strange js it maj
seni is a few pounds lighter thin when
he packed hl faorite bat ana in moth
r alls last October but declares he neer
felt better in his life
Milan had planned to meet V alter
Tohnson in Indianapolis esterda but
probabli on account of the late trains
alter did not show up at the appointed
time and the outfielder decided to come
right through to ahington Johnson
is expected on in carl) train this morn
With Ilenrx Hughe" Gantlil I aporte
McBnde I-ngel and IlllamK alrcadv in
V ashington the onl ther regular un
iccountea for are Johnon 1 oter
thaefer Vltrock troom and Howard
Miank all of whom art scheduled to
arme to da
Damn Mot Her ct llapMble shoulder
which bothered him i lot lat season is
entirely well according to tht outfielder
who asserts that it has not gien him
a mite of trouble all winter
I had an osteopath treat m -mo ilder
for i month Moeller aid and he
h lpcd me a whole lot Then 1 put m'
el through t systematic rourc of
crue in order to strengthen the ltga
ments I feel confident thit m arm
will not eaue me anj more trouble but
of toure I tannot tell until I hare
tc ed it out "lidmg to a b-e
hen tol 1 that Griff had a lot of
jouns outnelders who mlt,ht mtke him
luetic to hold his job in r ght field
Moeller laughingl replied The more
the merrier It is no"'' hat Griff may
pick up a mn yyho looks better to him
tlan me but from the was I feel now
the new comer will have to tray el ome
Moelltrs added wcicht does not
both, r him in the least He sas it
will ill comi off tefore the regular
-eason opens and that he will be the
lxtter for it is it yyill sire him some
thins on winch to work
Danny has loafed all winter at his
home i Dcs Moines Iowa and w is
j ist a optimistic as the others that
il. ai ot als this season had i grand
chalice to breeze home with the pen
nam proyfded the breaks in luck come
their way
tail Cushion during the past mouth
has been pitel ins -y er pleasant day
i Tti ittempt to gain control Th
atltr down in Dayidson N C his
I ome l is 1 een ideiL he sars and he
s Ttes tl Ht he lelieyes he has at last
nasterel tin irt of putting the ball
. trr the platf
r last game Cashion pitched for
' Nationals yyas, plied the da after
1 e mcrican League season closed
w h n riff sent a team up to Hartford
i onu to meet a club stjled the New
Jork Tai kees in charge of Hal Chase
Itii exhibition yyas extensyel ad
ertised l tie llirtford newspapers
J nl soi of Washington and Russell
I rl of New ork. were the tyvirlers
si t i to work aciordtng to the press
hi neither of them put in an appear
Cashion relieyed Nick Alt rock for the
Nationals, after tl e thiid inning and
his bulk coupled with tremendous
speed Kd most of the fans t beliee
hat Cashion was indeed the great
I incn in fct the blidier hugs
i nvyded around Cushion after the con
fl eeryboly wanting to shake hands
will him and criing out Oh you
lohnson loure some pitcher
ttrange to relate during that game
Cashion had almost perfect control II"
nnl allowed ? couple of hits fanned
night or nine anl did not glye a bise
. n 1 Tils
MtnV Mll-in Inilts h l a trifle un
lr yyeiglt die h tlainiF to a yvinter
spent in harl work uith long hunting
trips to I reak the monotony but the
rack o ithel Jer is not worry ink He
will probably b. ordered to tal e things
cas for i couple of wcKf as Grift
will hardlv take chances on Milin s go
ing stale in mid season
Ray Morgtn announces that 1 e is here
until the reiulars start for Charlotts
ille Tuesday He is a trifle heavv hut
Jut ns full of confidence as ey,er that he
will be Griffs regular setond baseman
this season
I-onc Tom Hughes during a conyersa
him with the writer recently said he was
Slid to hear that Griff intended to give
vourur eheer an ither chance this sea
son Hughes believes that '"heer has
the makings of a great little hall plajer
It will be remembered that last rear
while in Charlottesville Sehccr wis if
flleted with uuinej and was in no kind
of shape to do himself justice He
was sent back to oungstown Ohio
whence he was purchased and during
the summer pliycd such grand bill
that Griff put in i draft for him
cheer can pla second base and also
the outfield and may upset a lot of dope
as did young Howard "hanks during the
IP1" season
Princeton Mertu Illllloppem In Inge
f.'nme at rrndr To-night
The Princeton basket liall team is here
ready and fit for their game with George
town to night tt the Arcade The Hilltop
team is out to settle an old score which
they met e-irh in the season it the hands
of the Tigers, and Co-uh (.olliflower has
left nothing unturned to round his fiye
Into the best of condition for this special
Besides the game of basket ball there
will be a game ot roller Polo this eyening
between Washington and Ilaltimore and
the team from the latter city smarting
under the eyeral defeats administered
to them lately by the local itiint. has
announced that the latter is about due
for a good old fashioned beating But
the W lutings ct al can t sec it Just that
way and have prepared to give the Bal
timore players all the Cicitement they are
i t,Vng for
lamnni&BmnnK?uamnnnnnnnnnnnnnnVK?Al?:j amnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnl YTY y;.?V
wm j "JrimJr'' ' aiLWWYWmwBmWXm
MttHBaHfiHalB "aaaarannnr''' c t jLmmmmmmLmmmmWmmmmmmmmm
aBPaBv' Nt TaaaHHHaHaaaaaaal
w'V? itfPalB we " PSaaasaflaaaV f
utli tlai
nit all Kens'
tie I.caBue
Texas Filly Earns Title at Juarez,
Wining the Chapultepec
Juar. z Mexico March 2 Panz-iretta,
Texas bred filly proed her title
le local three tar old championship at
Juanz this afternoon when sie picked
up 12: pounds in the Chapultepet Stak
and easily deftattd a held of the best
three year olds on the tratk
The fills was tourled in the hettini.
ith tsted I ights both horses carry ing
le colors of J f Newman The entry
ruled fayorite at nil times With Loftus
in the saddle I auzaretta neyer tae her
hackers any uneasiness at un stage uf
the running he yyon in lnndy fishion
with Coliuitt an easy second in front of
Truly The latter made up a world of
ground from t poor beginning and tin
ished with a rush Vested Rights wai
fourth nnd Iewm fifth The yyeather
yyas ideal ind the track in superb con
dition Summaries
HI ST IIIL siv l rlm JI T.r S to t
iron lllllv yj.T 3 I 1 soil tint liKkrt- 3 t
1 tl irJ. Tuilr 1 I - S sijujc (Ju vk Tup. .o.l
Iitnit tA.t yyuLs Ilarl m Mill III- Ision
and Mtra als rati
"KOMI I Cf six I rlnnc s-ns of Poetf I
to 1 vrtm tr Ilarrj s to j .ronI Fetrona I to
S tl nl T-n r I 1 1 5. Irtri: M-e Perl t!rn
rraD Tallow IMp Flnnj: sermsd anil Itmo
O Neil alio ran.
THUD Rt I Mil ao.1 thnv-Mttn-nth -un
nemaiu & to 1 won f lico t aixii I Wild
In llj tlirj Timf --Clio WaJyrjth II
t-os an 1 Ilj I-jIitw) c alv ti
ixiitth I yi t -ix fi,c ra aim - to l
son Vlo, iTt s t 1 cronJ Tn It 6 to a thiryl
Tin I 11 1 a r, It .ht. lin I aLet Stoilt
Hrl ylralomar Hyssn ji.J Id If Tal- alno ran
(lanzateta arl wlr.i It .hi oouplol ID bottin:
Do vryratr plare r hi ow bcai E I
11ITII Urr n furtonrj riHl! MK-iJI 11
In 1 Moo hnund s t 10 "rcoi d Flpato 4 to I
thirl Time I 114-j H sn,,, Harrf t.
Co met, I annul Hall anl lire Wilt als ran
SIXTH r t-K- Mile and an eichth t siwje "
to I Ton Iseen 3 I 1 vcond Itonanra 3 to a
third Time I I3V Pnrk and Haltcras absi ran
Weather Hear track fast.
FJItsT ItACr Half mile taro-jrar-oid. Au
tumnil Mar I First Chmr 100 eh Harhod
101 IxliUi W lit. Paar If carh
SIXDNII I UE- su firlor. fonr TiroldJ and
unvajd sttling. i av 10- dam IVlle 8umeruttr
1C7 ea -h Kin Larl 03 Manan t inrinia. I imlv
I air lout. 110 l I sir l..d Cool M4I1U Ixv
Marnn II Ilesrrndant II arb
TIlirD -pytl-j clr firleniP. fonrrrar-otd and
1 rnard Mil nz i amarada Xmohalk Ilulh ir
thir Ai to C rl 10" each llarlfm Maid Meada
Araffonns- 110 lllo I fen ljoVoi t Natlie Son
Jmro II carl llonron I1a
roiltTll ItCf llt milr fo rrrarilU and
iif""l f II r- OrrertI siirk Iln 101 each Ha
dad st-ia 10 -arh n)a. otnatrr 101 racll Hit
: lutine 103 s,,rl(T K, Acumrn, 100 Don
aran suniait 1th i-ach
HKTH IIVtF hit fnrliS four yearolda ami
ups-ard aelhns. 1- wlj-na W Peerfoot 103 IdT
ounc. K' tlecan frn 1 0 Ijdr ytaric 110 Ben
frornleaf Datld Warrlcl I I o. ntrr Itor Llitt
Tmker Delamr Jl ke Mnlrlt Stn-li It; each
slVTTI It Or-Ou rr le foi r yir-olds and up
ward vllin; Nannie McDee W Kennon
110 McVIan 101 t.rrtchen 10. nntta Intcr-
ee W5 Definite rnffrarer ! Swede '
John Kllonl.
Matehe.l Trllh the
a German Oak
John Kilonls the Greek middle-weight
champion wrestler was matched last
night to meet Johp Ie Iar, the Germin
Oak at the Lyceum Theater on Thura
day night I-e Dar comes here with a
orld beaters reputation haying dis
posed of ill the middle weight grnpplcrs
has met in his tour throughout the
New England States and Middle West
tie German champion is ".fter a match
with Joe Turner for the worlds title.
and is glad of the opportunity to show
the 'Washington followers of the game
that he should be t-lven a chance by the
local boy Kilonis feels confident ot
beating the German wonder, and will be
in the best of condition.
ilrhlnc fur )
it he In the all;
s t PimtN tn llr llrltl In
llHltlmorr Mnrila I
The inn tal wreMling ch-impionship
tourney 111 der the ius ices uf the
outh Wlaiuic ssoeatin of the
1 will h h II March 1 it the Ualll
mire tl letl club lultimire
The follnytiiK. ev. nts yyill be deel 1 il
lis poinds ind midr 11. poutijs and
under I junds ind under 12
pounds hiiI under 1 1 j lounls and un
der I X pounds ind under 1 pounds
md un ler ind oyer I . po in Is
Th prelimirane yy ill 1 e hel 1 as
folloyys on Saturday Mtrrh k it T p
m at t.et rg. toyy 11 I nitcrsity gymni
sium Washington )i the ame ey n
ing and at the same hour at Doyle s
gymnasium -100 Madison yenie Hal
tlmore Md Only those qualifying In
the prellminirles yyill be tllowed to
compet. in the finals
Ml registered imitettrs in goi d
"landing in the L who are resi
dents of the territory taken In by the
South Atlantic Association are eligible
to compete No ntry will be iccepled
unless registration number is glten
1-ntries will close March t with J J
Mcsyyeeney tlnlrman yyre"tlln, torn
mlttee Baltimore Uhletic Club Baltl
mort Md
WishliiMon entrits mist be filed
with A (. Spalding . Bros n Four
teenth street Northwest on or before
noon of March Delayed entries posl
tlyely not receltd and all must be
actompanied yylth entrante fee
Jim Thorpe Again Leads in Batting;.
Dallas Club Beaten by
7 to 0
Dallas Tex- Mirch The work BT
Drnnrie McGrayy s most promising r.
crult twlrler was tie feature of to
day s game between the New ork ind
the Dillas team of the Texas league
Demaree .lid not illoyy a single site
hit during the fiye Innings ho pitched
and Met.rayy s youngsters yyon 7 to
Pate who ret ited i las on balls
yy is the only Dallis pi iter who reiched
the initial sack 111 the course of fiye
Thorpe igain ltd in the diy s bat
ting getting tyvo singles The Indian
also shoyyed great spei d on the bags
but an anti dim ix was yyitnessed whin
he struck out for the first time this
It Is thought that tooper recruit
right fielder has cinched his place on
the regulars by the showing lie mailo
to day He made three lightning 11s
slsts one of them Mating the b uttr
to first t ooper also participated in a
double steal with Burns
.nt yylth
tier I rldu
loung Olsen yyho met defe
hands of Joe Turner it the Giyety Thea
ter several weeks ago.. Ins been tnlnlng
hard for hij return match yyith thi local
boy In 1 lttter rcceixed yesterday by
Manager Peck of the Ninth Street show
house the Newfoundlind grappler states
he Is in the best of condition ind will
be fit for the crowning bout of his Ions
The Canadian challenged Turner after
tht list IhjiH stating tint he Ind dont
the best he could but that a different
ttory miy result in their second meeting
if the chamnion would grant it The
Gajcty has posted a suitable purse for
this match ind the Ioers of the grap
phng game ire sure to see these itar
grapplers In inothtr clean ind fast match
next rriday night
Mike Murphy In Cnrollnn Moods
Macon Ga. March i Mike Murphy,
the famous trainer of athletes ind whose
work was much in eyidence at the Olym
pic games lett Here to-day for the plney
woods region of North Carolina MurpM,
who ta fighting tuberculosis and a ner
yous breakMown Is confident of recovery,
and nays he will train the rennsvUania
football squad this coming season.
Seventeen Climbers to Work
Out on Lambeth Field at
Jack Ryan to Render Decision as to
Coaching Proposition Tku
bnrcial to Th ttal Incton Herald
Charlottesville Va , March ".Seven
teen members of the Climbers squad,
under the command of Jack' By an the
teams yeteran coach will report on
Lambeth Fit Id at 10 o tlotk to morroty
morning for the initial outdoor workout
of the season Present indicitlons are
that tho grounds will be In cxctllent con
dition I inned 1 a stiff and rather
1 old western wind today the field Is as
dry us 1 bont and If freezing yyeather
does not set in to night the dl imond
should be in ileal sh ipe when the gong
s Minds tomorrow Harry Welthonre
and Billy Alii 11 yisited the park this af
ternoou ind expressed Mirprise it find
Ing such splendid grounds.
The squ id of thirteen yvhlch reached
her. this ifternoon found four recruits
already on the scene Joe Gedcon, tho
San 1 rancisco stir ritther Keenati and
tht two Cubans Jacluto UH11 and Bal
domero costi Gedeon and Krcnan
reached camp two diys ago ind the
Cubans pulltd Into Chirlottesvillc at 5 3)
this morning direct from I lay ana. ac
ci inpanicd b Jose Massaguer Jr
sporting editor of Hdla ind Victor
Munoz, of the I Imundo to of tho had
In,. II it ina Joiirn lis The newspaiier
mi n spt ik I-nghsh fluently but the same
innot li sil I c f the young tall play
ers If they pi u tall howeer all yyill
bi well
run da Meet Pin era
MKdy numltr jf lotil ba'dill en
thiisnsts hi,, at tin I mon Station tn
,reet the y uinianl of the Nitionals
crew Drin by .nklte Iiv th train
pulled In at o lleidtsl by Tnlner
Martin the nun yyalkeil up to the collegi
aid ilid imple Justice to tin lunch sery
eii ly Mrs s nimi 1 sui den next door
to tl Dilti (hi fratirnity louse whiih
will l tht l.une of the yrurans of the
si id Mnsmith Iwlng the only regular
in the hunch had the thoict of rooms,
stl ttlng a frtint room upstairs Ills
rot m mate will It ( tpt Mt Brl le
I tint h oyer th ret rtilts wire directed
to tr lining uuart. rs N tit New D 13
yy.ll House 1). nt IlHrtou and Bickers
d iw the front upotatrs room yylth Nil
ehonte lltn aid Droh in Just In their
rt ir iross the hall ire the tiyo tu
tans in 01 e rtom md iCack I-rhard ind
Jack 1 gun In another Austin Bochl-
ing and MuikIi hayt thi irIor in the
first tloor anl nt xt tu them arc Gedsn
Williams and Keenin IimpIi Kjin hat
1 tiny single room upstairs yylth a
card tn his door nadini. No admit
ack I rhanl the f rmer Columbia t ni
cxslty studtnt spent pirt of a sttssi n
1 the I niyerslty of irgtnia thret years
ago as a student 111 tht cngincerim,
sthool but yyas not in lolleec during,
tlit biutbill season
Decision To-day.
Jttk Kyan yyill letermine to morn w
yy hi ther or not he will iccept the terms
to coach the irginta nine In tase he
detllnes Nick tarter a former lr
ginia twirlcr yyho yy is tried out several
yeirs at,o by tht Phillies will be ten
dered the Job By an birely missed Join
ins the recruits In ishington this
uiornink V taxi just put him it the
station in Unit to t itch the train
The recruits ill had tht lr biggage de
livered promptly this afternoon but some
had left 1 ehind tne keys to their sun
cases Tht f ur bl. trunks yith unl
forms were sent to Fayerwtather gym
nasium VII the mtn retired tarly to-
Chltnsn 'White Snx Defeat Pnsn
tobies by I" to 7 score
Paso Bobles Cal March i The White
5ox won i gamt to diy 1- to from
the local t am re enft reed I 5 Billy "ill
lit in in I iltchers srott Busell in I
The lul) tint r piesent.tl C hingu wis
about I alf patthnork syiycsttr yy is
planttsl it first bise I .cause Borton s
tne wis still silk I rnie Johnson filled
In it short Id V. ush pitthei tht first
thret innings for the Sox mil allowed no
runs The home runs number tl live
Piso Itubles getting three tf thtm
. -JCfjJesJSf
mike: Minnn,
"J? sl'f'" , , e
'VJf ei'e!us. t
-J .maaaaaw t"r'j
alt t , ,
-f- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallaT 1 -
iK f '- jftnnnnnmkBaaaaaaaV -,--s1
MfellMR '''' '
-V "t'jrYaaaW ".LaB l'?-' !
The uportloB editor of The
'Maahlncfon Herald Is o be Tilth
the sJatiomal at Charlotteavllle.
He nlll keep tbe Capital Una
tally Informed as o the prog rasas
of the irork the prospects of thr
rearuJar ! the development of
the sen material.
1rn TueKdn) Mltli tbr main
iMiuad of UrltVn plnxem. and thlm
baavcball rxprrt nil! orrfally
watch and faithfully- rrpnrt the
dolna-H In tbe ramp for the read
era of
The Washington Herald.
Local Boy Fails to Receive
Contract from the
And Will Sign with Pacific Coast
League CInb Other
n r . mi iv
Mlcke Kelllher tin loeil 1k wlo re
ceUetl a trial with the Pittsburg Piratt s
last spring ind who wis farmed out to
Montreil of the International league
will more than likel sign a contr irt with
the Oikland Club of the Piciflc Cont
Kelllher has n t rct.cicd a contract
to date from 1 Itht r the Montr, j I Pitts
burg or Vuhita clulx. ctoriiint to the
rults of tht National Ct mmission Micki y
Is a free. afc,ent tnd is more than likely
to sign with the Oiklsnl aggregation this
afternot n
ito tara ato Micke held down tht.
first bate job on the I etersburg club In
irkinla M ite league leading the
first s ickers at the 1 it ind In the field
was tilt sensation of the league, i
seldom mi ftil a dn in tmj-hing out
n trii It or 1 circuit 1 low
Mickej will report to the Oakland club
in fair goo I romlltlim ml will 1 ut up 1
toiihh tight for tht regular btrtli it tho
initul stitlun
Joe Gelble last eason the star nccher
f the 4aannih club of the south t
lantic Imue will ai,ain Join the snij
circuit aggregation Celble Is In grt it
shale and dts that he will lie in the big
show Iieft re the winttr rolls aroun I No
more of tr. bushtt for mo said Joe
I am going to hit thit old pill ind then
.itch me climb
Joe Is one of th most popular of local
ball 1 lajcrs and the fans in Saannah all
at h him Dick Hobcrtson hi- bat
ter mate is coaching Tech High and
ill hae Joe out with him eiral dis
In the near future
eer a tnlner had hard luck
1 1 tritk team I-anmgan certalnb
hae Dame r irtunt against him
this eir at th I niersit of Mrginia
t the heginiuiig of the ar he wis
confronted with the oas of about a half
en point winners among them beit g
two members of last jears crack rela
team Not one of these men who failed
to return to rosume their studies at thu
unUtrsitj gnJUttteu The left to enter
business or to liter other schools
I ndaunted at this situation 1-ann'gan
buikled down to business and set to
work huildini, up t mw team It was
thought that there was no material In
college for a successful mile team But
he surprised een his most ardent fol
lowers b producing a team that woulj
probabl lne stood in ein chance
with an team in this section
Here the hard worked Dame fortune
got in another lick and gae irglnia
one t f the hirdest setbacks she has
experienced In J ears Three of the four
men who composed the first four were
forced out of the game with the George
town meet but two weeks off Hirdle
Todd the erstwhile footbill captain quit
the team Pressure of studies wis glen
is the reison for his action but It is
mt re thin likch thit Todd thought he
hitl dont enough for his school ind wis
giod anl tired tf training No amount
of persuasit n wis ible to induce him to
return to the fold
Next Ditlolt the Ituffilo hoi
had done phenomentl work ill scison
ran off the tnik ind si rained an ankle.
This eliminated him ftut the greatest
blow of til happened when Capt II
1 00k w is tiken ill ai d forced to go to
Ills home in Norfolk Cook Is regarded
is one of the best runners In this sec
tion at his distance and has been the
malnsta of the Orange and Blue relaj
team for the past three -years
hcn the Irginin teim arrricd In
TVashington last 8iturdav for the George
town meet I-annlgan hid no thought of
winning the rice with Georgetown
was onl a question of how
much Georgetown would lead at the
finish Irglnia ran a second team
against Georgtown ind nothing better
could have been expected
llarr SctokkIiis fter lloiit Tilth
Klther llnmps Turner or 7rrnn
IInrr Scro.gins the local heaj
welght wrestler is ifter a bout with
elthtr Bumps Turner the brother of the
famous middle-weight or Frank Zcraga
the whirldwind son of Itilj trj King
managing Scrogglns. issues this chal
kne and is willing to post a forfeit of
JIU) (In real moncj) with inv sporting
man in this tit) and let this coin go
as ? side bet
King si eaking for his protege siid
t prefer this bout In private but are
willing to meet inj one in) where
the) ma name I am not doing this to
get an) of the eas monc) that tht local
show houses are handing out but I
think tint II irrr is the best hea) man
di eloped in the District in 1 long time
and im more thin willing to post m)
mono on mm ngnnst iitrntr or 5c-
In tbr nclcnt Itnlns or the
" rccUctl Temple.
IVnm Jul
iFrafnurnt ot Samaon lasic cwnmcmoratlnr hit
alajlnff I tlic tlioj.anl incn sub the jasbunt
ct th. au )
"I dont belies I could hap done
Much better with a Catling gun
largest Morning Circulation.
The Climax of the
NOT only do we use only the choicest
grades of hops and barley malt, we
brew our beer to get the full
results from these ingredienU. No haste,
no half-way methods Then we age "Per
fect Brew" for months, until it is exacth
right ra quality and flavor When it is in
the ideal state, we put it up in clear, light
bottles, where its sparkling sunshine is in
plain view.
"Perfect Brew" is too honest to be
afraid of the light Only green beers need
such protection
Family Trade Supplied at $1.25 Per Case
Monumenta! Brewing Co.
Baltimore, Md.
Washington Branch, 7th and R. I. Avenue N. E.
g ..r ..w. , g
And 11 Other Makes of Bicycles. XX
S Sondrlea and nrpalrlac
4SI-31 10TII ST. AW.
H Open Erenlngi tntll 7 JO. 31-630. l
M. T. Pollock,
1018 Connecticut Avenue N. W
Phone M. 7837-8.
Auto Robes, 25 Off
r afTords ou a rare
DlllffC Iflo chance o secure re
rlUEo, IULi, l,,i,ie ui Goods
ftP rn V I DFH
National Electrical Supply Co.,
1338-30 T 1. An. rhoae M. CSOA
None Better
'5 9lhSL.ll W M 7685
Auto Supplies
Of Every Kind Alwaya Hera.
AVIS & CHILIS lg?5rl&.1'-w-
"B-R" CO.
I rry suit In atoek. Inelndetl
(except plain blacka and blues).
Iteeular. ow Itecular. Toar.
1S.00 T-TO V3.1.00 SISO
17.SO S.T'. I 2T-,0 SI3.T5
BSO.00 S10JM 30 OO S15.00
.Iterations at Coat.
O'coats 1-3 Off
901-9 8th St. S. E.
Dona by tbe Jaavy Tard.
Always the Same
Berkeley Rye
Special Private DellTery.
812 V Street X. Xk. rhoae Mala 1141.
Style Beer
rita and seren passenger cars.
1318 I. St. M.W.
Phone N 1170
' Expert Electric Vehicle Repairing
Etorase Batteries repaired and f
Iaa-wed. Ignition and Lighting Batttr
Ica Charged and Built to Oraar
Phone M 1213 Rtar ll L St K n
TO by should Automobile owner be tor
mented with tire troubles ashen tbey
Iean be pualllTclr dane avray Tltb b7
Ho Experiment.
Ttcrcufhly Tested.
Time Tried.
JllreastVrt niter Ce.
3CS Southsn Bukd sa
fellllnc Plant, 2SIUSM Foorternth
Street Jr. W.
And Battery Rented Finished
Automobile Lighting
And Ignition Supplies
813 14th St N W Tel.M 3529
lAcrnt fur 1-lander and A ale Mnlor-
erelea and forfa nerlal BlrTrle
Motorcycle Uterhaullns and Belt lie.
palrinir Aceeasorlen and Sundries.
Bicycle Repairing, nraalna;. and
OTrrbanllns, Sappllea and Aceeaiorlra.
818 Oth Ht IV. Phone Mala 513
Thirty years prictice treatlne th
Gtomach Uonel -ind Norvoua Condi
tions IJcr. Kidney. Bladder. Blood,
and fakin trouble
"C06" eo-Salrraan dmlnlzterrd
Consultation f ee J.tdl-incs fur
nished chargrs low Hours J tu 1.
and 2 to a Closed Sunday.
T2S nth t
804 SeventeenthStreet
27 YEARS' Satul pmetlee In th.
1 IIMM cure or Chronle. errona.
and Speelal dlaeaaea of If en and T omta.
Means Health to Yoa if You Suffer
rrna Catarrb Obealty Rbfnmatteni ConaUratJiai.
un. atuijat 1-rtuia. arm.a, uean. tflood. aB(3 ova
Uunan cmni Dtbilitr hitintj litoura. Blaa-.
irt Troublrs. bptct&e Blood Potacnlag. Cnpooaa.
Glctn and til fnrata Uiataaca currd tot lUa a
aja mncoaa.
caAuuEaLnw, incxcdino vEDictsrca.
PrtTate Waiting ltoom fur f.aallea.
Xtol to . Bcmdaja. II ta tl
PR, BALDUS Gennan Specialist
)n the nerous sjstem hlootl and
totnach Doctor's service and medicine.
: Hours 10 to S Phone M. S31G.
Closed buudty.
I nnnVK25i?!c9BBBBVirti
I Tke World s Best Filler Sff Wh
for AalomobUe TItm. m mR

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