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- eS"y'i'V "i-,cZiV$&iz$?
DllEJTiJ P. M.
President-elect Assists in
Packing, Wearing Nice
Frock Coat
Special Train Leares Pnnceton at 11
A M Only Stop Wert
Iiincetuii N J March 2. 1-vcrjtliing
i in rcadliic-f for the departure of Prea
ident elect ilfon ind his famllv to
"W aaJitnKton in tie morntiie The will
Icavo here n a pecial tnln at 11 a m
ind are due to arrive at the Capital at
I m
Hundav as a busv div for the Presi
dent eloct and his family The little cot
tage was thoroughly dismantled bv even
ing Even thing but the carpets and fur
niturc had been packed In trunks valises
and handbags and express wagons ran
back and forth to the railroad station all
afternoon The President elect packed
everything he had In the line of clothing
In bags and wore a frock coat all day,
even when assisting in the packing
Personally he appeared at the door to
direct the removal of the packages Once
more thirteen bobbed up as there were
thirteen nackaces in all
Arnngements for the President elect s
departure In the morning were completed
l the committee of students who will
le Ins escort. Thej will end automo
biles to the ilon cottage at 10 SO in
the morning and the President elect and
members of his part will be convejed
to the railway station
Other In Tarty
III addition to the Preldent elect Mrs
ilsn and their time daughters the
part will comprise Htzwilllam Mac
Masters Woodron a couln of the 1 rcsi
dent elect 1 rof Stockton Axson Mn
l!ons brother and Miss Helen Wood
row Hone Mr Wilsons couim who
has been -utuif: as Mrv Wilsons ecre
tar -li I wh will continue with her at
th W I ite Hot e The 1 residential parte
will coui v il e 1 t car on the f ist train
The ir ahead will be occupied 1 the
newtpTper correspondents who have been
with the I resilient tlect throughout tn
camp-Ugn oti 6Gu students will fill the
ret f tl c i ir-
Tl e i nl "-top to tie made bj the train
will lh it West I I iladelphm where Mrs
nnie Howe i sister of the President
elect and ol Thorn h II Pirch who
w is personal aid to Oo W llson and
wh will I tl 1 to Ma Gen I eonard
W ood grind m irshal of the inaugural
p-lradc will l licked up
Miss Margaret W llson the eldest
laughter of the President elect w is
with tie fimilv to dav Mls Mar
e,-iret las I een living in New ork
where she his been stulving musir
It was the Mr t tim since I hristm is
that all th members of the famlb
were at hon together At the Shure
ham Hotel in Washington to morrow
night there will be i larger reunion
of the f-imllv Twentj Ave relatives
will sit down t dinner as the guests
f John Wilson of franklin Pi a
Lousin of the I resident elect
President elect W II on Mr Wilson
in 1 Miss Jessu. attended rvice at
the First I rcsbvterlan Church this
morning The 1 ev John Dc W Itt of
the Iiinciton Th ological Scmlnirj
preache I I his praver he asked a
1 lessinc for tl e President elect The
Wilsons wer 1 eld up I) members of
tie tongregition coming out of the
e lurch and held in impromptu recep
Hoi Miss Jessie aid Miss Eleanor
n lucted their Sundav ch ol classes
in the ifternoon as usual
s I resi nt elect Wilson will not
di cus politic of anv character to
cltv h wo lid Tnake no comment on
tl rej orted selection of James C Mc
Ke nol Is a d W ilham C Redfleld of
Pro klvn f r Oil met positions The
I resident fleet said to night tint he
woald lot announce his Cabinet until
it is seit to the 1 nited Mates Senate
n Tuesd-iv
Cotitluetor Induce Tornier SponM- to
Ifnir llnalinncl for nemnrrlaire
I ort W ortl Tex. March 2. A D
Shoots who i ear ago set a new speed
record for niarrin;r 1 marrving Mrs.
M I Wilson ten mm ites after re first
met her will reman v her
Mr shoots i short time ngo obtained
a divorce without her husbands know!
edgt He i i railroad conductor and was
out of the Ut
The woman tl en went to Oklahoma
ltv wlen sie n arried I eon Mvarado
A few davs 1Eo shoots went there and
afttr tl tl ree had a council of war all
irnftrccs decided in ii tcret of peace
Mrs Mvarado si o lid obtun i divorce
ai d runarrv bhooti-
lioots returi ed with his former wife
and wife to be and said I am going to
shoot the mitrimonial chutes again and
i ik a safe landing this time
That You Ever Had Stomach
Trouble or Gall Stones
mai ws -woNnrn.
EDY for all Stomach,
I lver, and Iatcatlaal
in ublr Gaatrltla.
Indlareatloa, D y a -prpala.
Pressure of
Gaa around the
Heart Sour Stom
ach. Distress After
C a 1 1 n a- Nervous
ness. DIzBlnesa,
Fainting; S p a 1 1 a ,
Sick Ileadacaea,
Constipation. Con
gested and Torpid
Llv er, 1 ellovr Jaun
tier. ADDeadleltla.
!??5BV '"a Stones.
The above all
ments are mnln.
, ly caused by ths
I clogging of the
Intestinal tract
with mucoid and
catarrhal aeere.
nuns backing up poisonous fluids Into
the stomach and otherwise deranging
the digestive system.
Mayrs Wo-aerfu' Jr.. 2-- Remedy
Is the JJest and mot widely Known
Hcmedv for these ailments and should
quickly rellee and cu the most
chronic cases Put I .o a lest. One
dose will prove its sreat curative pow
ers. It acts like magic In the most
chronic case of Stomach Liver and
Intestinal ailments. Appendicitis and
stmptoms of Call Stones Thousands
of sufferer are highly praising the
lemedy and are recommending: It to
others for restoring them to perfect
1 ealth
least tried one dose of this great Rem
edy Guaranteed b mc to be abso
lutely harmless containing no injur!
ous drug, under tl e Pure Food &.Druc
Act Srlal No 2..79J
OFO 11 MAI R. Mfg Chemist.
lal l..r Whiting M Chicago III.
Tor sale In W ihli Kloii by James
ODonnell Dmcglt SOS St. N W.
a9a1fST uu traart fi
Em tn. s. aiMja
m feasBal "'c ciBB
Custom of Nearly a Centary Ago, To
gether with Tight Coats aid Troo
tert, b Back, Decree Tailors.
Cleveland Ohio March : Styles In
men s clothing follow closely the styles
In w omen s clothes It was explained
at the convention headquarters of the
National Association of Merchant Tall
ors vesterdaj
The empire gown of a tjpe popular
In 1830 recently was adopted for worn
en Sow the side whiskers and tight
coats of that period have come to be
the correct thing in mens wear
The snug fitting coats and trousers
are of course the ultra fashionable
standard but will not be adopted by
ill merlcan men because most of
them decline to incase themselves la
tight trousers
Wife and Daughters of President-elect
WiU Hare No Use for New Frocks
for Some Time
Princeton N J March 2 Mrs.
Woodrow Wilson to night gave the
first description of her evening gown
which however she will not be able
to wear at the inauguration becauso
I resident elect V llson has caused tht
abandonment of the Inaugural ball
and there will be no other function at
which an evening gown would be ap
propriate Mrs Wilson will wear the
gown at the first eeIling occasion
The gown is a brocade rosi pattern
the predominating color 1 elng light
green It Is low In the neck and has
a lonfc train There is a draperj of
laca at the neck and down the front
of the sktrt and a suggestion of I n.
down the back About the neck also
there is a little Irridtscent jpplique
beadwork and some b itterflles In
shades of green re e There U a simi
lar butterfij on ticn sleca at the
The town is arti'tic -in 1 simple in 1
graceful without being elaborate slid
Mm W ilion It was mad in I aterson
b a linn said to h the iriginil mi ri
can silk manufacturer Tl e compam
sent h delgner to Mri W 11" n in 1
her idea were carried out to 1 er Ilk
ing The silk was speciall d ed to
suit her fane This firm had prevl
ousl trade the inaugural gowns fur
Sirs Ro eelt and Mrs Taft
The dressmakers were i New York
comnanj selectid bj Mr WIIon be
cause tl e chief operator had done sat
isfactorj work for her before
t the inauguration the parade in 1
the swearing in of the President Mr
Wilson and I er daughters will weir
ordinary walking dresses The were
si eciall mile for the inauguration
lut Mrs Wilson .id to night tint the
require no ilecri tion
W. G, Peck, Freed by Courts from
Bessie C Herbert in 1910, Again
in the Limelight.
m ork March ".William Gu
lick a bond broker of 29 1 roadwa)
divorced his setond wife when he ob
tained an interlocutor deer e from Su
prcme Court Justice Hendrick dissolving
liU marriage to ranees fdm Hobiee
1 eck a daughter of Milton Roblee form
e- owner of the Hotel Bartholin Twtnt
third Street and Broadwa) and of the
Hotel ISelleclaire Broadwa and Set
tnt seenth street
I eck s second divorce was obtained
within les than six jcars from the date
of his first marriage which took place
in this citi Jul f 110 The bride then
wis Miss Bessie t Herbert, of Wash
ington D C Peck when he applied for
the marri ige license gae lis agey as
twent three and his birthplace as
Coolidge Kan
Peck married th second time June
1J0 nineteen da s after he lad won
a decree of divorce from his first wife
The wedding was performed b the Rev
Henrj Meln'Oii In the presence of
Chester W Dale ind the bridegroom s
brother F "- PecK
leek charged liis second spoue with
li i rcper conduct w ith a corespondent
1 om lie did not name In their ipart
ment in the Sutherland it Rhcride
Drive and loth Street Christmas Eve
New Year Bndal Couple Adopt Reso
lutions to Set Example in Good
St. Ixiuis Marc! 2. Fcrv dav I to be
New 'Vears daj in the calendir of Mr
and Mrs Joseph Altinau who were mai
rled Just as thi bells throughout the cits
were chiming forth their greeting to a
new car
Ml & Sadie Laskcr daughter of Rabbi M
1. laisker and Joseph Utman uf I ine
Bluff rk cl ofe that hour for the be
ginning of their married life and incl
dentallj the formulated a et of New
car s resolutions which are designed to
make their life a perpetual Jos
The agreement of the joung couple
never maj be set aside b either on the
groui d of failure of consideration as the
New ears obligations thej assumed In
addition to the marriage contract are
based on mutual promIes The bride rq
sol es
I will never nag mv husband
I shall try to make myself useful to
him In ever wav
I hall never meddle In his business af
The husband resolves
I shall not talk to my wife when I am
She shall have her own bank account.
She shall run the house I my business.
I shall not concern myelf with her po
lltical beliefs.
Frenchman Ulezed to Have Writ
ten Letter to Ethel Dane
London March 2. Ethel Dane, a prom
Inent actress and creator of the part
of RIM in the American plav c The
Glad Fve now at the Strand The
ater is prosecuting John Anderson, a
eighteen ear old French polisher at the
How Street Court ou the charge of
sending a letter demanding J3X and
also threatening to kill Miss Dane if she
did no forward the money to a girl
friend .whom he ald that he would aIo
kill if The mone) was not handed over
IV hen Miss Dane ignored this request
Vnderson ent another letter to the the
ater saving that this was the last warn
Ing she would receive. Because of these
threats Miss Dane had to be escorted
hi me from the theater The prisoner
vl o is a strai er to Miss Dane was re
mantled lor an Inqulr) into the state of
1 is mi it -
Party of Braves, Here for In
augural, Shown City by
CoL "Dick" Plunkett
Picturesque Garb to Be Worn by Red
men in Parade Hollow Horn
Bear Is Pleased.
Tl e Indians are here
Not the I raves from Tammanv Hill
1 it real full blooded Indians from the
wild west reservations Costumed th
their gaj colored sombreros and beaded
coats, trousers and moccasins thev are
taking in the sights of the National
Capital the home of the Grcat White
Father before participating In the
parade to morrow
More than loO braves have arrived
representing sixteen tribes Through the
aid of Col Dick Plunkett. who was
Instrumental in bringing them to 'Wash
ington ill of the Important points of
Interest have been visited
Famous chiefs are in the parts , decend
ants of the warriors who made history
Hollow Horn Bear chief of the Sioux
Nation In picturesque costume seventy
lears of age still walks erect and gives
council to his I raves. He Is proud of
the picture which appears on the new
issue of live dollar notes and has given
aw as hundreds of the 1913 live cent
pieces which beir the Indian head Red
Cloud son of the famous chieftain of
that name and Red Hawk both of the
Sioux Nation also are In Washington
With Col Plunkett as their guide
Hollow Horn Bear Red Cloud Red
Hawk Mountain Chief Rlack Foot with
Mr K. C Smith as interpreter yestcr
das visited Gen Leonard Wood at his
offices Gen Aood t,ave the chiefs a
cordial welcome an I was particularly in
tcrcrted In Hollow Horn Hear
(Kiefs Glin Horaea
t ol Plunkett explained that the braves
were without mojnts for the paridc and
t n W j d obtained i numl er f hursts
He ald that it would n t 1 . proper for
lh Indiin chiefs to walk
Secretarv of State Knox alo gave the
li dians in intervi w and pruisid them
hlghls the chiefs wert particularly
interested in the White House They
were taken through all the rooms pos
slble and thej examined carefully each
artlile of Interest Hollow Horn Bear
was pleiseil with the home of the
Or -at White l-itlr
The braves 1 a led 1 v Col PI inkelt
will be i con-i icuo is part of tie pi
rale Thcv will le dresed In true
In lian stjli with feathers and war
I aim
Among tie Indiins wh will partlri
pate ire Hollo v II rn Bear Rt 1 Hawk
Red Cloud Pig Mane Henrv I.ecds
Rucben I tes Blick Wolf I Utk Wolf
Wooden I.eg Willis Rowland Moun
tain Chief bummerville PlentJ
Leaves W lilt. Man Runs Him McDon
lid Louis I ierre lcx Matt Medlcini
Crow Frank Shivel 'iellow Till Vd
ward Swin Oshkosh John Pipestone
Charles PIpestoni and Charles Moore
All of the brives will be tendered a
reception bv the Rel Men of the World
to night It is expected that more thin
IrtO of the chiefs will shike hinds with
the memmrs of the organization
founded upon the traditions of their
Marrying Parson Delegated to Round
Up Spouses Not Afraid of House
work for Fifty Men
Omaha March 2. Hft prosperous
ranchmen from the vlclnitv of Burkt
S Dak vvint to get married and the
have appealed to Hex t liarles W
bavidge of Omaha to help them send
Ing a representative to confer with the
rrIng par-on ind la plans for the
wholesale Importation of wives for tl eir
omn unitv Thes-e men are not merel
cow bos s or farmhands out for a lark
but solid ranchmen who have grown tired
of baching it
Burke is the metri polis of that portion
of the Rosebu 1 Reservation pened for
settUrui t i few eirs ago ind is one
of the most prosperou towns in the
Wet Comparative! few women have
found their waj to that part of tl e coun
The representative sent to lonfer with
Dr Savldge William r ssmuscn sas
We men up there want wives 1-ver
one of us is well able to take care of i
wife We have to facilities for meeting
women and we don t know where to look
for them lot of ns got together and
determined that we would make in effort
to secure wives bo thev delegated me to
come down here and ee Rev ividge
about It
We don t want buttcrft girl We
want girls who ire not afriid of house
w rk in fact girls wlo arc willing ti
take charge of our houses ind make
homes for us We have Instructed Rev
ividge to tecure a carload of women
of that class ind we will pa their rail
road fare up to South Dakoti
Dr Savldge has promised tu visit dif
ferent cities and get a batch of girls for
the ranchmen to Choose from He hopes
he cm n arry them all oft In one big
weddlnt, day
Largest Morning Circulation
I took my own medicine. It cured tuj rheumatism
alter I bad affereU tort res for thlrtj-iix sear. I
rpeat J3P000 before I dbcorered the remedy thit
cured me but 111 tire you the beaeflt of my !-
rienc for nothing
It sou ufler from rbeunutinn let me send you
PAckice uf mr remedy absolutely free Doc t
eend any money I want to cite ft to yon. I want
ynti to ee for Tonrself what it win da The X Kay
Fctnrc whmtm bow rbcumitisn twist aftd dWocls
tbe bone. Majbe you arc mfferuia; the Mine way
D. t You don t need tn. I re But the mnerir that,
riH n re yen and it jour for tie .kmr write
er Ic-tLi) J T Delano .A-H Delano B1U. -yra
i e N aud IJtsrtrd jou tvfrce rckte tl
--a pet VxJ" lf1lT "'
vlnWN. nmmm aaaar)
vtHbVV f-'HnnHf ,aBaaaV.J
Long Live Wilson!
And so will you, if you drink
from the wonderful
Bottle Which Won't Refill
This marvelous bottle guarantees
the- best whiskey you ever tasted.
You'll find it used everywhere by
people who know.
No Metal Paris Can Touch the Whiskey
Continued from Tasr tin
l"!ued In tl - Matcment ls.ued b the
new c irporation there was set djwn as
an as et the itim good will itents, &.c
u).r co ''uch trongl estibllshed In
dustrlal corporation as the General blec
trie Companj larries its patents at a ol
uatlon of $1 In i rdtr to pa) the rreMll
Itg dUUUnds of 4 per cent on tl i i in
mon tk of fwMUOOCM the workmen con
ttnd the new corporation soon began the
I rocess known In labor circles as -peed
Ing up Prices I a ed upon piecework,
were cut down The opcratic- claim
their wages were reduced In the ca-e of
the higl er paid workmen more than Jt a
da The workers In one department of
the works demanled i readjustment of
wages Thi bring refused the men
walUed out Tht moement spread until
now practical the entire laboring ele
ment of th- clt s chief industr is In
nrratlKatlou Ordered
The 'tate Senate of Unlo 1 a ote of
thlrtj to three has ordered in lnestlgi
tion of conditions In the rubber factories
which will legln at once
TI reKolution is as follows
Whereas 11 serious situation h is
arisen at kron Ohio as a result of a
strike f man thousands of emples
emploied n the manuficturlng rubber
industries ind
Whereas an Industrial conflict of
such magnitude and fraught with sucli
erious consequences is inimical to tne
pjblic welfaie and a matter of great
public concern an 1
Whereas the rubber minufictuiers of
Akron who dominate and lnrge!) control
the manufacturers or rubber goods in
the Lnlted States are the beneficiaries
of special Roternmental faiors In the
wiy of a high protectixe tarni 05 wi icn
the are permitted to collect enormous
profits from the mcrlcan people and
Whereas growing out 01 tins Roiern
ment sub ids man) of these great cor
pontions hao overcapitalized much of
their stock has been watered so that
enormous profits are required in order
to pa dhidends upon a fictitious stock
aluatloi all of which must come from
the creatine gcnl is of their cmploves
ind the pockets of the consuming pub
lie and
Whereas notwithstanding the raors
extended to them by the people s got
ernment. these corporations hae as
sumed an autocratic and arrogant atti
tude refusing to meet and treat with
their emplo) es for the purpose of hearing
their grievances and making an honest
effort to reconcile their differences
therefore be It
Resolved That a committee of three
Senators be appointed to investigate
all the facts regarding the strike,
the capitalization Investment and earn
lngs of the aforesaid corporations tl e
wages paid employes, hours of labor and
the conditions of employment, and the
relations thereto of the manufacturers
nf rubber goods, and report their findings
at the earliest possible date to the Sen
ate within the present session or tne
general assembl)
Three hundred special deputies anu iw
special police have been put into service
and the local authorities express con
fldcnce in their ability to meet what
ever disorder ma) arise In progress of
the strike J A. BBOCK
Care far Gretna Green Evil
Wilmington Del March iW liming
ton s fame as a Gretna Green about
to terminate. Clt) Council has given Its
unanimous approval to the Board of
Heilth b marriage bill under tbe provl
sions of which all marriage licenses shall
be Issued b) the city registrar of vital
statistics .
Batch license must be Issued twent)
four hours before the purchaser can be
married and licensees names must be
posted In a public place for twent) four
hours after licenses are issued The bill
takes from the magistrates the right to
isue Ureives and thereby deprives them
of a scurcc of revinuc
LJuefst Morning Circulation.
Inmate of New Long Island Prison
Even Went to Ball
ltiwrtu.il Lone island March i Con
fine ment In the new JJVMHO escape
proof" Jill here was Jast one continuil
roun 1 of pleasure fi r the Inmites in
eluding vl Its to baseball ginus countv
fiirs wilks through the villages ind to
ml an tlaccs without guard' according
ti the testimony of former Jail Warden
Thomasl J 1- nre) 1 cfore Comml "loner
W Bruce Dowd
Commlssu ner Dowd is conducting in
investigation into the charges of incom
peten ) brought agalnt Sheriff Melville
Tr Brun He w is ippolnted b) Gov
Once the witness Fiid on his regulir
afternoon round he found the loor lead
ing to the won en s department of the
jail unlocked and watched for ilnyjst in
hour I efore he locked it-
Fure) sild that Peter Musso and 1
number of other pns ners In the jill
usrtl to go to bjll Kin es The) were not
In chirge, uf i guird The) dressed in
their best an 1 nude a hoi di) of tl e
outli g lie 1 ad teen a prisoner of the
jail on the streets as late as " o clock
in the evening James Inrreil a prisoner
whom he net en the street asked lure)
for work he said an 1 I ure) sal 1 he
was told b) rarroll thit sheriff Brun
gav him pcrml"sion to hunt work and
do it.
One time while Jure) wis still war
den, he went to the women ipartmcnts
in the jail and found Helen Norton the
daughter of the 'Sheriffs brother In law
in there with 1-sther Harris whose es
cape stirred tip all the trouble W Ith
them was one Mola nawllngs. Samuel
Bclton u prisoner was ilso on that side
ilthcugh no mm 1 1 1 an right there
There were cards on th table Hnd the
women and girl hid evidently been using
them but whether plDlng or telling
Goli Medal. Loafea. ttH
Largest Sale SIGH GRADE Tta s WtrU
For TEN Cents you cianbuy at your
grocer's a sample package of Ridgways
Tea, the WORLD'S FINEST for nearly
a century, that will malw fifty cups of
the most fragrant and delicious tea that
youVeever tasted. Try it.A10cents.
Capital Household
50c. per pound.
Scaled Alr-Tight Pkp.
'All Flnt-CtaMi Grace )
Order Trial Packige
, ' TO
fortunes he dll not know Hi ordered
Bolt m back t the mens wing
Joseph Mavnes escaped from the jail
an 1 the witness I rought him back ind
ordered that he be n t tiken ii to the
) ird again The order w is diubc)ed
and Mi)nes escaped again The same
thing happened in the ca e of a man
mmed Goodshaw he ai 1
1 ter. Musso was a I irber 11 1 wl
in Jill he hid ct up 1 barber cha.r
In the "-iierirrs ".uartrrs anl barbered
not onlv the sheriff 1 it other" Includ
Ing baseball pla)ers who came to town
to liv the local teim rurev had him
self burbered b Musso. he aid Musso
was held for alleged hlghwa) robberv
Northrop Declares They Are Bigger
and Better Than the Round
W ilke--barre Pa March i Port
Northrup who lives in Towuida Town
hip and is one of the oldest farmers
In Luzerne Countv is the proud posses
sor of 1 hen that lavs square eggs
The chicken has so far laid eight of
thorn ind the) are all built on the lines
of a rectangle
This fowl la)& an egg three anl a
luarter inches long and almost square
the four ides running from an Inch
an 1 one-quarter to an inch an 1 one
eighth In width The ends of the eggs'
instei 1 of bulging out are depressed
anl thev will naturallv not roll off the
Northrup is now figuring on the Pos
sibllltv of developing 1 strain of square
egg lavers He savs that tbe square
egg I" blfeger ai d better tl an the round
one ind th it for shippii g and storage
purposes it has manv advantages
W hat caused the hen to change her
method jf constructii g eggs is a prob
lem that Northrup his been unable to
Oyster Opener rinda Pearl
New crk, March i ugust Fndcrs, a
'erk In the fish department of Central
Market In vrrita Street Tompkinsvllle
Staten Islai d wis opening ovsters )e
terda) when his knife struck a turd ob
Ject On examination he found a round
white pearl V jeweler estimated the
value of the find at $60
''aaaBBBBBBat '
the Bottle
The public, is cordiallv in
itctl to call at Citv Ticket
15th St. and N. Y.Ave.
Telephone tlaln TMIO
Tor all matters tonceniing tram
erice, railroad ind Pullman
crict. to all points
n iirr.K,
Tlatrlrt Paarngrrr grnt
Room 1722 with two win
dows on stcond floor on loth
Street opposite I S Treas
ure, next to National Press
Club steam licit, toilet room,
for rent Mirch 4
Afford Letter Co.
,607 15th St. N. W.
To and from
March 4, 1913.
Leare Union Station, Wash
ington, ant) Union Station, Bal
baaere, at frequent interrals.
S. C. Palmer & Co.
1066 Wisconsin Av. W. 190
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