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Chloc BeproreUtiw. A. B. KEATOB. W
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Daily and EoiiiUr - S ce1'- per moats
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MOND. MARCH 3 1313
Til! We Meet Again, Mr. Tail
In times of political hurricane, the
full l)lat of the storm of popular di
approal inls itself upon those trees
winch tower above the surrounding
timber of the forest If the latter is
not sufficient! strong and plentiful to
help resi t the blast the former, the
fine t and be t timber, unable alone
and tin upportcd to withstand the
storm can hut succumb and uprooted
tall prostrati to the ground
m it lias lecn with Mr Tift
i-plcndidlv qualiticd bv training and
cpcnencc to fill the office which he so
ibh filled during these past tour car
he has stood head and boulders aboc
all ot hi art Lpon him has tb
politic d storm cntcd its fun ind
ct uithoit wivcring he has faced it
sacrificing himself t shield tho'C
whom he thought it was his dut to
protect and doing his work with liu
one illicit in mind namclv, to do Ins
dut to hi coimtrv
It i a grcit pitv Mr Taft s Cab
met and the Uncf officer of hi ad
innutrition were n )t bitter iblc to
phn in 1 light Ins pohticil battles for
bun few were not (ill both able
mil lovil i hi idi ers but were
I i turd fighters m his bclnlf in the
noliticil ircna L nfortunatch others
uce n t onI mediocre adiscr bu
c mcil citlur not ufficicnth liiterc l
cl cr cl c limbic to help linn when
tin term cl mils githcred
s I r Mr Tails administration it
is n t our intention to enter into a
detailed discussion 01 whit it has ac
lomphshcd to the mam clTcct ot
the Pavne Idnch tinff bill mmcly,
that it is a good rcxemic getter there
.can le nc di putc 1 tit as the truly
sensible man that he 1 Mr Taft rec
ognised tint a tariff board would have
to 1c created to nn estimate to the
bottom tin londmons of important
chcdulcs bciorc a tariff law unob
jcctionablc in clnractcr could if ccr,
be enacted In so doing he took the
mo t sen iblc step in the direction of
true tariff reform thit am Fresident
has ccr taken
Among other things Mr Taft s id
ministration is re pon iblc for arc t! c
corporation ta law whuh pre duces
an annual rccnuc of about $30000000,
the placing ot the Po t-ofnee Depart
ment upon a elf sustaining lasis be
sides wiping out 111 that direction a def
icit 01 some $17000000 and the pro
motion of our loreign commerce un
til our exports hac readied the cnor
nioii tigurc ot $J 000 000 000 These
arc but a few of the things accom
plished In Mr Taft s idmiiiistration,
bit thev together with Ins tirm stand
in dclcn c ot the Constiution the wis
doni of restraint as well as of prcpar
ition exhibited b him in the iac of
Mexico cm c 11 to belicvi tint he is
the true progrc sue of present da
We who Iim here have seen Air
Taft as i man ind know him to 1 c a
fine one No othir President 111 our
nicmorv has shown uch interest 111
this cit or uch an understanding of
its future as the Capital of our coun
tr I v contmuill mingling and as
sociating with all cla scs ot the pco
pie of this cit b attendance at van
bus clubs and tommcrcial bodies he
ha how 11 that he could learn much
b so doing and was not afraid of being
influenced in the wrong direction
Doubtless In this course he has not
onl learned much but has enjojed
thoroughly his life while here Cer
tainly he has endeared himself gener
ally to the hearts of Washmgtomans,
and we recognize in him one of the
finest men one of the truest gentle
men who has ccr filled the office of
c venture, to prophesy that history
will recognize mm as one of our great
est statesmen and as was rccentl
said of him he is the worst licked
and the best loved of an President
'hat ccr sat in the White House"
upon to face at the very threshold of
his new position.
His record is that of a sincere and
consistant advocate of arbitration and
of international peace. He lias declared
repeatedly in speeches that nations
ought to bend their energies toward
abolishing war, so that their peoples
may be free to work out domestic
economic difficulties, which, at present
especiall, so profoundl affect them.
He has urged that the United States
keep out of the thread of diplomatic
scheming abroad and that it seek no
aggrandizement of terntor or power
b conquest His ideal of this country
has been that of a free government, a
model of unselfishness, generosity and
helpfulness It is the irony of fate
that one who has won distinction as
an opponent of war should come into
power at a time when a threat of the
mailed fist seems ncccssar, ccn as a
preventative onl
"ict Mr Brya
all the das of his public career, and
it is the more characteristic aspect of
his life which has brought his mdi
viduality into strongest relief Mr
Brvan has been a crusader He has
thrown great energv and aggressive
ncss into one political struggle after
another, from his carl advocac of
tariff reform in Congress his 16 to 1
policv, down through the fierce con
flicts of his three Presidential cim
paign He give to his book desenb
mg the campaign of 1806 the name of
' The I irst Battle ' hen the war
with Spun broke out he raised a rcgi
ment in Nebraska ind went into camp
is its colonel rcailv for orders to go
to the front No one who witnessed
his dramatic attacks on Ryan and Bel
mont in the Baltimore convention last
June can doubt his fighting spirit
Down with Commercial Vice
The construction bv the Supreme
Court of the Liutcd States of the
commerce chu c of the Federal Con
titution which gives the nation il gov
eminent the poluc power of the States
h mid le hailed with the utmo t sat
1 faction bv all fur minded citizens Its
benefits arc fir reaching It should
and id doul t will c tablish the status
of thi liw forbidding interstate tran
portation of tin products of fictoric
or mines that violate the eight hour
Put its most telling effect will be
upon the liw to which it a plies direct
Iv nd Mr Justice McKcnm has ex
pressed it ilamlv when he said
In the control of morals of citizens
there 1 a domain which States cannot
reach and over which Congrcs alone
has power ind if such power Ik ex I
crted to control what the Mates cannot
it i in argument for not igainst
its Icgahtv
Capricious spring, the tricksy thin.
May chill the Queen of May.
But saves her rawest weather for
Inauguration day
The blizzards croon that day In June,
Set for the picnic cay.
But we have weather worse than that
Inauguration day
Oh winds may olow and blzzards rave,
No weather on display
Can be us mean as that we have
Inauguration da)
A Game) MnUh.
J very small officeholder who loses his
job claims to derive consolation from
tne ract that tho Constitution remains
Famish n Photograph.
This reporter wants my photograph
Of what interest to the nubile la 1m
impending divorce'
Do not overlook tho power of the
press my dear When I was divorced
I the last time the paper! published my
pnoiograpn ma 11 got r
band almost Immediately
A Great Heller
Anything new in the spring hats for
lcs a hat docsn t havo to le at
solutely hideous to be fishlonablc
rlarA and the tran
1 can t do an thing for you said the
beauty doctor louro as pretty as a
picture now
Hut I aiiio thin
0"i I so pu wint mo to touch
1 p vour frame
In WanalnB-tun
The suffragettes parade- to day
lUaih Washington from miny towns
hllo anxious thousands line tho way
To sec tho litest hats and gowns.
Consulting; a lawyer.
Well 1I 1 y 111 consult Lawyer Worn
bat un that point'
V.CS. "
nd was his opinim
mint '
Ills opinion wis tie same
fee was J2 more
March I In lU.lorv
March 3. 11 -I iihard the I.011 Heart
Mi laralcs viiti the huftragcttes ind
nrrles the banner
March " W The Weather Bureau
predicts Jin weather for inaugural i
11 iv a prediction whiih wis not fill
til 1 1
llinl Acit .orI Mrlkc
Tl en tl o wallers hopes of a
Iithctii ftriKi were not realized"
Nhvv then docsn t s cm to 1 1
sympathv for 1 w liur
the same ns
but 1 Is
X tl mmn
1 limit d f ict that r
til t f-e Lnitwl Mates
to th great 1 uro
nl Is lic getting
firm the ITUidfh!
It Is alrialv 1
gtlltina snppl
as the "upplier f I
1 mark ts
great Hritish train 1 it vrgrntlni
Ixef is li 1; limlttcd t continental
111 tn s nh re I eret if r indent irJ
lli. In larg l hut lit I nlted -tatcs
1 Hi
W hat Arcn Una has done in th
n leef market it might In 1 red cted
llh rt 1st ialU safetlv tl at bin 1
in II for ign pork tr ide Just
11s c-xc-ruoii (iocs not encroacn upon tlut or any tlr 1 ation v, is she the
the jurisdiction ot the "state P r,d s create t hog rcM-rvolr No hog
,sr ,, , , , lr nsus Ins lecn tiken tin re 1115 more
U1 l""f c 11 win nc saiu tnai women tl at has i cmsus f lur tc.mlng hun
arc not articles of merchandise but . druls of millions 1 f in mans
Hut the h g is tl f I Iminm s sfn dl v
in mo t of 1 1 Ini s great provinces 11 d
is numl ere.1 I j the untold 1 lillions
When tin hlnaman wnkts up md hi Is
iretty noir iw ike it this time j idging
frim news reports thin the hog raisers
end 1 rk 1 ackers of the world mav wcl
look to their Iiurels
It his I ern dlfhiult to Feiure accurat
r ad piate infi rinatfon concerning
1 Im a hog supi Iv r pork tride Occa
won il brief nrws items aid fragmentary
infi rmatioii from consular nprescnta
lives have ben all thit Ins txen oli
t lined Inst vcar the high price of
vmerlian and other porl 1 roducts in the
I ritlsh imrket caused th beginning of
an export trade in Chinese hogs to Iirlt
sh markets Th re was some iiutstlon as
to the liealthfulness f this Chinese prod
let ind the Hriti h government took
steps to Investihaii
ij lines of bnlne.
the story or the FiRsr PEEsnreKTx
tin docs not iffect the analogv of the
cases the substance of the Congrcs
si)iial power is the same The rights
of man ind woman cannot fortifj or
sanction their wrongs ind if thev cm
jlov interstate transportation as a fa
cihtv of their wrongs it mav le for
bidden them to the extent of the ict
The ttorncv General of the Lmtcd
States within the tvvcntv si months
since the new law went into effect
has secured convictions in 37 case
in his efforts to break up the ging that
operates in a conspiracv to dc trov
bodv and soul vcrv serious ob
staclc in trving to get it the root of
the evil and to eliminate it dtogcthcr
has been the Icniencv in imposing sen
tenecs which tn omc in tanccs were
trulv appalling when compared with
the blood trattic at which the accused
had aimed
nc hope that the decision of the
Supreme Court will put some ginger'
into the methods and judgment of tic
courts ind make their luturc decisions
of sledge hammer force
William Jennings Bryan
Now that it has been decided fully
that Mr Bryan is to head the Cabinet
of President Wilson the person
alitv of the gentleman from Nebraska
who has been in the public eje for s0
many jears once more becomes of
absorbing interest cspcciallv as regards
the radical polices urged bv him
upon his partv and in the face of the
.Mexican situation much be is called
Antiseptic Finger Bowls and Doorknobs
There is a bill before the Legislature
ot I'ennsvhann providing for the anti
septic purification of finger bowls when
ever thev have been used bciaiisc the
arc receptacles of bactcrn 111J a men
ace to public health There mav be a
difference of opnion as to the efficiency
of numerous hvgicnic reform methods,
bu it seems inconceivable that anv one
should dispute the dcadluicss of dip
ping unshielded fingers into water con
tamed in any receptacle which lias not
been subjected to a thorough anti septic
cleansing since it was used last It
may be taken as a blot upon civihza
tion that heretofore these precautions
have been neglected.
The adoption of this needed reform
prompts the Philadelphia Evening Tel
egraph to urge another the anti
septic doorknob Jvo doubt there is
a good deal in what our contemporarv
savs about this deadlv instrument of
destruction of life or health " especially
since in the vast majority of cases the
knob is touched with the ungloved
Of course, it would be practically
impossible to sterilize each doorknob
every timeitisused but it maj not be
nccessarv to do that There is reason
to believe that it will be possible to
elaborate a serum with which each
doorknob mav be inoculated and which
will render it immune and insure its
remaining in a permanent aseptic con
dition The twentieth ccnturv awaits
to crown as not the least of its bene
lactors .he tuturc inventor of the
sterilized doorknob
neither Jiffcrsi
Mary shaw in tho Crnturj
Jefferson was once strolling through
the corridor of i hotel in Tcrre Haute
Ini when 1 very pompous man came
ip to him ind extending his hand said
Mr Jefferson you do not know me but
I know ou very well sir I am very
gla 1 to see you In our lily v.ou are a
gnat actor I lavi seen ou ever since
Washington Hard at Work at Mount Vernon Chosen President of the Potomac
Company and Ridiculed by Baltimore Merchants Commission Meets at
Mount Vernon A General Convention of the States in the Interest of
Trade Advocated Everywhere
lorri;! I TO I
Of-n.ht VB t
Ilirn-r A Lrotlier" All rljl l
IH I re V wrapT Nmdx-ate I
NO 49
He-ides the fillurc if the 1 ubllc 1 redlt
It concerned Washington to note the f ict
tl at though Id kei t a hundred 1 w he
w is obliged t 1 buv buttir for Ins In
numeral le guests
Ho saw to It tint there sho ild le at
lcat 1 very detmite and efficient govern
ment upon his own st ite ind wl en
them was need, put Ills own haul to th
work 11 often vvirks with his nun
himself strips 1 ft his coat it 1 labors like
a common mm measurts with 11
hands .very bit if building or construc
tion thit Is going forwird and shows
a great turn for mcch inlcs one of 1 Is
guests n ted iml 1st comments on I la
hreitni and his gracious dlgnltv
liiehnngid !- War
It was such constancy in I cm lor aul
Iirlt In living thit took tie admit ition
f all men alike upon tt-e instant in I his
neighbors every day saw 1 cr the same
strenuous and tinipl gentleman tiny lid
known bifire ever the war legan
It was through the opcnii g of the I )
tomac after all the things nearest 1 is
hand that a way was found to cure the
countrv of Its malady of wejknes and
hington hil lecn ih sen ircsidci t
hants 1 1 ig mg nt him
. rl lie ilous plm 1 d
cl They begin now
I k a littli -
mid sivlnc It was
will never sue
saVs the general
altoitt tl matter
wis Iitle bov ml hi I okcd lullv 1 ,.'.., . , ... , ,,1 ,,. . 1
nnl' 11 r 1 it .iiuiifc. 1 ,ii '. !-- . .
of I Is lapacity 111 iffairs in 1 lu hi I 11
upon 1 I nr of inspection Willi th 11
nit rs 1 f the conn illy to the falls of
the river In the summer of 1 Xj Inning
st 1 Illv to the I usliif s he 1 id unic upon
11 1 insisting up 11 I Iim In fict i 1 ri
He gcntl man 1 it y with 1 is own ifTiIrs
ilisplt the eft rts 111 ide evrrvnheri le
wmt t see ind t intirtan lilni ml
it pre 1 tlv lc line ivident ven I tin
leat Kingiune tint the 1 ng tilkeil of
work was inl'y to le carried through
l'Inn Itldlciilr.l I Ilalllmnrr.
V visiti r it Mount irn n in the sum
mr of 1 Sj founl Washington quite
pleased it the ide-i of the Baltimore mcr
is old is Jefferson ii d I have alw 1
lotktd forwarl to von visit to this
rial e Pres ntly J Iters n h terrupte.1
th stream of praise ti j I lhank
vcu very mu h 'Jo 1 ire vi ry I ii I If
the Incidei t Ini 1 1 ly .id d 1 en Hut
th Tern Haute teitlimm wni un 1
ti 1 ou cvirywhin In this t vvn piu lo
in tlad t. sie ill Jisii Whiteuml
Ih re was a moment of sll me ai 1 11 in
Mr Jiffirson sail I think yo 1 aVe mis
taken I play Itip A an Winkle. x. iu
must me in Mr Thoiupsi n he 1 1 ivs Josh
Whitcomb The illusive gcntlfinan
rauscd long enough to loll-ct his wits
and thin said crecrfully Oh cs ;o
you arc the old fellow wlo plavid Itip
an A inkle Well you re good too
The Cost of XV ar.
Fma Uic Cmcuuti Tims-Star
It has been tiken for granted
Anti suffragists doubtless will nreaeh a.
sermon on the contrast between "The
Man with the Hoe. as painted and sung
anl the women without hose, as they
will ippcar In the votes for women tab
lcaux this afternoon.
the Introduction ot modern armament
equipment and methods has largely in
creased the cost of war x.et if Mmc
figures submitted on the cost of th
Balkan war are to he accepted at their
race value the increase cannot be as
greit as wis suppord
It is estimated by I uropcan author
Ities that the cost of mis latest war has
rciched 1 totil ot J",0iX)uo The war
was begun nearly three months ico and
the heavy expenses wcro only curt illed
wnen tne a "nistice was signed and light
Int. was susvnded The armies are still
In the field and the cost of maintiining
mem continues to te u heavy drain
When it is remembered that our own
civil war, when in full swing cost the
federal government SI 000 (mo a d ly a
total cost of S1COO00O for three months
war In southeastern I urope -teems small
It Is true that our own war was i far
greater conflict, not only In the number
of men involved but In extent of the
war zone 'Nevertheless the money cost
of war fifty years ago was onl a frac
Hon of what It Is to-di according to
ull authorities
The Italian government has Just rrade
public a statement placing the cot to
Italy of the Italo Turkish war at neirli
SSjOOOOO) That vcar lasted almost pre
ciscly one y car, but it w is not marked
lv tny grcit cimi algns and must have
been a cheap war as modern wars go
It is ilo stated that Russia ha spent
S12O00OOW Austria Stt.000 000 and Gcr
many, France Italy and Oreat Britain
combined nearly S130 000000 merelv In
preparation for tho eventuality of war
as the result of the Balkan disturbance
If these figures are right, it is hird to
understand how the estimate of the Ual-
a they know It nmt I urt their
mcreo am izinglv
Th Mhem hit shown its reil comc
q lene In tie sj ring of tl it very year
wl 11 It In itht r n nil s iners from the
tv stai - thit Isy upon the river lo
getter In lonfcrcn c to devlso plans of
cu oj ontion
nmmlxslnit nt Mount crnnn
B)th Irglnia ml Marvlanl h 1 1 ap
pointr I c mmisiincr ind 1 meeting had
lf-11 set for Mirih lv, at Mexandrla.
lor some reison the irginiun commis
sloners wen 1 t properly notified of tho
pi 1 e mil tlni of (inference The meet
Ing was held nevertheless a minority of
the irgiiu 111 ci inmlssloncrs being prcs
ent in I s if t tiv it more the ilr ot
I conli il lunfenn f nelghb rs Wash
II kton invited the n pnentatlves of both
-tates to idjotirn from Mixandrla to
M unt ernon
There they at his gue ts from 1 riday
to Mond i Hi wis not fornnllv of the
omtnl Ion but e nieren was not con
fined to their formal ses ions in 1 lis
oun el entered lnt their determination'
Wants General Conference
It was evident that two Elites were not
enough to dcelie tie questions submitted
to them Pennsylvanii 1 least must bo
nsulted befor tin full line of trade they
s ught coul 1 le driwn frim the heil
waters f t! Ohio t) the hcaiwiters
of Hi lot ma il if three Mitts
wer ti c n ill 11101 m ti ns of tra le
whuh conctri cd thi whole continent why
ho il I n t m re bo invited ind the con
fcr n c 1m m le generil
-ucli w is th tr iln or suggestion cer
tiiiiy Hit nn in W i-hlngton s mini
ml whi h tli nnuii linirs cirrlcd
I me with them
He knew tint th iuctli 11 of Joining tho
I ototnac with the Ohi was but one item
of a policy which all the Mate must
consider ind settle nothing less than the
policy which must make them an empire
or doom them t j rcmiln a weak and petty
The commissioners did not put all that
they 1 ad 1 card at Mount crnon into
their reports to their respective as-em-blhs
Trade Movrment Spreads
They recommended only that besides
co openting with each other and with
Iennsylvanli in otcnlng 1 way to the
western watr irginla. ind Maryland
should adopt a uniform system 1 f duties
an I of commercial regulations, and hould
estibllsh unlf rm rules regarding their
currency llit the Maryland assembly
itsilf went further It prc'cntly Inform
cd the Irginl 1 I cgilature that It had
1 ot only adopted the measures rccom
men led by the commissioners but
thought it wle to do something more
Delaware ought to Ik- consulted with a
vliw to carrying a straight water-course
by 1 anil from Chesapeake Bav to the
Delaware Iliver and inie conference
coull do n hirm anl bind nobody it
would bo ns well to inviti all the Mates
to confer with them for the questions In
volvcd seemed far rtaching enough to
Justify it If not to make it nccesary
Gov Bowdoln of Massachusetts had that
very year urged his Legislature to invite
1 general convention of the fatates in the
interest of trade
Tu-morronThr Many s Itcbellion
r 1 1
pert Ion
I vcrv sign of tin tlm 1 served lo deep
en its sihiiinnnic for Washington
Just 1m fore quitting tho irmy hr- had
rldd 11 111 on 1 to ir of inspection into th"
lliy if the Mohiwk where - nitunl
vy like this of the fotomac ran from
the nortl em sctileimnts Into the West
Wireless Telegraphy
Author of "Vt Good Old Slwnih."
Wireless telegraphy consists of let
ting a current of electricity climb
high mast anl then compelling It to
Jump across to another mast.
Electricty is the greatest little Jumi
er in the world and electric currents
are now making thousand mile leaps
and not feeling as Important about It
as the man who Jumps 21 feet In the
Olympic games
About fifteen years ago Mirconi of
Italy succeeded in persuiding elec
tricity to make ita first feeble Jump nnd
soon nfterward tnined it to carry and
retrieve messages This Invention has
proved of vist benefit to the worll
lias enabled the tired biUlonalro to
witch tho stock market in mldocian
with relentless care
Twenty years ago when a ship went
out to sea it left the world I ehinil It
and hatl to wallow across the ocean
without news of any kind Nowadays
passengers bet on the baseball score
in mldoccan and engage hotel rooms'
while 100 miles east of Hre Island
-If thi ship breaks down it turns
loose Its wireless electricity ind asks
everything within r0( miles to come
over and help out Wireless telegra
phy saved 7o0 passengers from the
Titanic last spring- and It there had
been more wireless telegraphy mixed
little Higher grade of brains.
kan war expense account can be corrtctl premiums on their life Insurance
" ' Wireless telesrapU la till ktlXaia-l
ftnev and In 1 few years 1 man will
lo iblc to whisper In his own ear via
Hongkong for n few dollirs a word If
no ih an cxtravigant cuss Wireless
telephones will soon he in a general
use ind the man who carries a tele
To Hatch Men like ChlcLi
Bo to 1 Tclesrmm In the New York ilcnld.
Thit It was possible to create human
life by chemical means and thit a baby
fictory wis not out of the question of
tho distant future was asserted to day
by Dr Martin Kellog schermcrhorn. of
the depirtment of philosophy in Har
vard He spoke before the Metaphysical
Life is not confined to the animal and
plant worll he said "The whole unl
verse is alive, and all that lives is con
Animals are conscious and gifted with
the power of thought and Imagination
even though Roosevelt who thinks him
self a great hunter says they do not
know when they are being sliughtered.
I lants arc conscious and Ruskin and
Goethe igrce they -ire capable of exer
clsing strategy and forethought Even
Darwm sill plants were sensitive and
hence ho must have believed they were
It is obvious that the evolution from
so called nutter to human life Is nos
sibl The clemlt of tho future will
labor so th it men shall be made In baby
factories as chickens ire hatched in Iu
cubat rs
I crsuiimz dcetncilx to 1
le its firt fceUe
phone set in his pocket will bo able to
telephone home to his wife while fall
ing off la 78 story office building with
out first calling1 central Tut wireless
lolltlcs iro vtlll In the dim and un
certain future
UXnansht. 131i b Gcsca llaibtm AduuJ
I arllrst Knster since 1S5R
tmm the Bortin Tlobe
riorlsts n miners and women who en
Joy flncrv in 1 dlsnliv arc not Dlcased
because I aster bunday this year comes
March St. which is the earliest Easter
since l&.x ulllcs azaleas hyancinths
tulips and other flowers are now being
forced In hothouses so that they can ap
pear In time lor raster which it Is
feared will be a chilly day although we
have had a number ot days this month
that would havo served In a most ac
ceptable manner
Lent begins on February 5 which is
Ash Wednesday and one has to go back
years before he reaches an earlier
date on which sh Wednesday fell It
he chooses to go back to lebruary 3,
in the year SS7 V D, lie will find the
very cirllest Ash Wednesday known But
it Is quite probable that taster parades
were not In fashion at such an early
Tho point Isthat Lent this year comes
within two days of the worlds record
for an early appearance and nothing
that even matched It has occurred for
fifty seven years.
short srlllnir In History.
I mm Uie Y!l Stmt Journal
The Legislature of this State prohibited
short selling in 1S1Z It repealed the law
in 1S-A because it was so obviously im
possible that nobody took it seriously
hailing to profit by this experience the
J ederal gov ernment passed a similar law
In ISM That enactment lasted fifteen
days and If our politicians even at that
time had been able to reason It would
rot have listed fifteen minutes. England
had repealed such a law In 1S60. Thit
law bad been on the statute bopks for
IS years because no one dreamed of
obeying It or thought U worth while to
repeil anything so obviously silly The
French tried the same thine In 1SS3 and
repealed the law as fast as- the constitu
tion would allow Germany finds herself
poorer by many millions of marks, ind
the loss of a market which may probably
nev cr return to Berlin by the borse act of
1W which was finally repealed in 1XS.
Tills Is the history of legislation to pro.
hISII K- .lll-.
wvib luyib -"rp.
Dr Harvey W". 'Wiley, the pure food
expert, has found a way by which h
can colaborate with the parcel post to
solve certan perplexities of one nlg-hi
stands and to keep In better touch with
the home folks
When he goes on a lecture tour. Dr.
-Wlrcy usually Is away from home for
six weeks at a stretch and does not atop
at any one place long enough to get any
laundry done Now hi has A great
scheme He sets out with a six weeks'
supply or collars and shirts In his grip.
As rapidly as he wears these he flrsa
them home J parcel post to bo re
juvenated This not only saves lugginc
them about but gives buying souvenir
cards on which to write home
Lvery day or so the postman carries
to the doctor's wife and young son a,
token much more Intimate than any sou
venir card showing tho city hall or
union station In a distant city could pos
sibly be It may be a pink shirt ho
wore at Duluth lor a full dress shirt
that be had on when he brought em to
their feet In Sioux City
Sometimes the bundle contains little
but collars. One of these may hav n soma
little sentiment scrawled on It such as.
Dcucedly dull town here. te a
quintlty of benzoate of soda nt a homo
here this evening rather than make r
scene or Nearly every chicken oni
sees here has been In cold storage ar
some time
The personal element about this form
of greeting is tho thing that counts. If
the momlng mail brings a striped blue
shirt and a noto penciled on the bosom
saying "Please mend this where) I Is
torn It is almost as If the sender we a
right at home With a husband awty
lecturing and not even his laundry con
ing home on Thursday to bo put away m
the chiffonier drawer there is a gap In
tho household that no picture postal. 10
matter how ornate can fill But con
sider the Joy of a wife who can go to
tho mail box and pick up 1 shirt cci-
talnlng wrnklcs In the sleeves forned
by her husband a familiar gestures snrl
see with her own eyes a wilted colir
that he has tuceed at an 1 sworn at orlv
la night or two previous
Mso Dr Wiley says there Is great Joy
to be derived from seeing ones hind
baggage growing less burdensome Jay
by day
John II Tatterson the multl million
aire cash register manufacturer of Day
ton Ohio who his been sentenced to a
year In Jail abhors dingy surroundings
He will never be content In a JaiL Ilia
soul crivcs that which Is sightly and
suggestive of thrift In driving Li his
automobile from the Dayton Dullness
center out a mile or so to his imnense
cash register plant- he noticed that a
number of houses along the street wero
unpalnted These comprised a sour note
He wished he might go back anc forth
to his business with everything In sight
looking spick and span and attnctlvc
In a div or two Patterson had a rep
resentative call on the people who e
homes were unpalnted and ascertain it
they could afford to have them painted
The agent also xounded them out tn
learn if thev would be offended If Pat
terson luul their houses painted for them.
The result wis that practically everyt
home In that stretch of a mile or so Is"
now neatly painted many of them at
John H Patterson s cxpcne
The two men who will represent West
V. irginla In the "-enate after March 1
figure in a funnv little prank plarrd by
Time In its celebrated and ceaseless on
ward flight
few vears ago Senator W illiim K.
Chilton was a page boy in the nited
states lederil court Judge 'Nathan
B Goff who now becomes the Junior
Senator was the district attorney Goff
often paused to pat little Chilton on tho
heal and wish him well and they be
rime great friends If anybody had told
C hllton right then that some fine div
h would le the senior Senator from
West irgiiin escorting tho Inrned Goff
down thi aisle to receive the oath as
Junior Senator If anybody had told hlrt
that with a serious race ne would
I hav 1 run home to his mother screaming
ibout the crazy man that tried to tall.
1 1 him
It is to le noted that Senator Goff 3
name is Nathan B the same as former
senator tcott who would have liked to
come back
Representative George Loud of Michi
gan who cm recite North Woods
French dialect stuff in a way that Is
worth hearing was defeated at the list
election. But if he had numl crcd Jut
a few more people among his constitu
ents nke one Ferguson with whom 'rr
was associated in the lumber camps
vears ago things might have been dif
ferent Ferguson was and is a Swede Brief
ly this Is what happened shortly afte"
he came to this country and went to
lumbering He was driving a team ot
oxen out to the camp through the mud
and stopped at a farm house to lnqulro
the way V little farther along the oven
began to plunge about and he went to
their heads. In the excitement thev
right about faced and he never knew it
W hen he came to the sime farm house)
where he had stopped a short time be
fore Ferguson remarked to himself
Huh all the houses on this road ira
Foolishly bo tol 1 the story to Txvu 1
when ho got to nmp
Then he promised Loud he would 11
anything In the world for him if onlir
he would refrain from telling the Jok
to the other lumberjacks Loud didn t
tell nd when yeirs- later Loud begii
to run for Congress Jrerguon nlwars;
dropped everything to help along hH
campaign A few more workers Ilki
him would have kept Loud In Congress
(Cbrjn.M va bl Frrd C heir Ml rltM. re
ferred 1
Doieott the Cold Man.
Prom tho Nw ork Pr.
Keep a sharp lookout for cold
lect a cold and you ar getting mighty
close to serious developments too serious
to tell a bout. Keep away from 1 perso i
with a sneezing coughing fiver flushed
face chilly aching cold It s catch
lng all right A cold la an Infectious dis
ease and a person with a cold is an In
fection learer
W llh the same death rate last y ear wo
had up to 1S.0 we should have had woro
than two deaths last year for every on
we did have Lp to VSZ our average an
nual rate was 37 deaths to the 1 fJ
population against U to the 1 X In I'll
Tremendous saving of human lives in
our country is a triumph for sanitarv
science and preventive medicine that
speaks in trumpet tones to the world anl
shows America is in the forefront of
civ lllzatlcai
"There are sezeral good -inters.
There are a fe-c better -caters.
There ts but one best i-aterv
TANS.1X Water from Japan "
J. H. Maruder
(Main 41S0)
G. G. Cornwell Cf Sons
(Main S7S )
Tansan Water is served at tho
highest grade hotels, restaurants,
clubs, and cafes
Quarts Ilnls in 1 "Nipt
I'hono us, wo deliver

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