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Bureau of Corporations' Re
view Takes Slap at Roose
velt and Perkins.
Unfair Method Alleged to Have Been
Uied to Obtain Control of
Implement Trade.
he Bureau of Corporations has made
bile Its report on the frie years or
re in estimation of tho International
arvester Corapanj. and the report In
peclfic terms holds that the Harvester
ompanya portion In Its particular in-
ustry is chiefly attributable to a mon-
pollstic combination in tho harvesting
achlne business, certain unfair compctl-
Ive methods and superior command of
In addition to this, statements made
the report indicate clcarl that Col.
osevclt. while President of the United
Itates. used his influence with the then
Commissioner of Corporations. Herbert
Knox Smith, to put the soft pedal on
the investigation, because he believed
representations made by George W. Per
kins, of the firm of J Plerpont Morgan
Jt Co It will be recalled that dur
ing the last campaign It nag charged
b the Republican National Committee
that CoL Roosetelt instructed Commis
sioner of Corporations Herbert Knox
Smith to side-track the Investigation
n gainst the International Harvester Com
pany, as the result of conferences held
between Mr Perkins and Col Roosevelt,
and that Col Roosevelt was actuated by
contributions which had been made to
finance his campaign for re-election
Perkins Is Accused.
The report accuses Mr Perkins of
misrepresentation to Col Roosevelt and
of the acquiescence of Col Roosevelt 1n
Mr Perkins' suggestion that the invcstl-
) k cation should be deferred and of Col
Roosevelt; then as President, issuing
formal instructions to Herbert Knox
Smith putting the soft pedal on the in-
The government has now pending
against the International Harvester Com
pany a suit for its dissolution, and the
report says that as a result of this suit
the company has been split Into two cor
porations, one of which the International
Harvester Compan, of New Jersej. re
tains the old harvesting machine plants
and related business and the other, the
International Harvester Corporation,
takes over the pew lines and foreign
business, and each of these concerns is
capitalized at tTOOOOono
If this is intended as a part of a plan
for ultimate disintegration of the com
bination." sajs the report, "in the opin
ion of the bureau It is unsatisfactory."
The report sajs that almost imme
diately after its organization the Inter
national Harvester Company commenced
the acquisition of competing makers of
harvesting machines The report also
criticises competitJe methods of the
company, accusing it of compelling deal
ers to handle Its goods alone, discriminat
ing in prices and terms, and other un
fair methods
John Dixon, Sr., Who Has Voted for
Nineteen Standard-bearers, Wants
to See Inauguration.
Bioomington. Ill . March 2. John
Dixon, sr. of Lovington, is looking for-
ward to the inauguration of Woodrow
"Wilson with keen interest He not only
s.oted for the President-elect, but for
eighteen preceding Democratic candi
dates for the Presidency.
Casting his first ote in WO, he has
voted for every candidate of the Demo
cratic partj since His family and
friends are anxious that he attend the
inauguration Mr Dixon is now in his
ninety-fourth ear. is In good health
and has the strength and activit) of
man) men of yixts A native of Rose
Count). Ohio where lie was bom
August. 11. 1S19 he resided there
until ISoJ, when he removed to centrnl
Hllnols. He has made his home on a
farm south of Lovlngton since ISM and
was one of the first settlers of that
Mr. Dixon is the father of ten chil
dren, the grandfather of fort) -five and
the great-grandfather of thirty-sir The
youngest of hi1) great-grandchildren is
Harold Frcad. four )ears old The
roungster is the win of J. S Tread, of
Ixivington Mr Dixon is the last sur
vivor of a famil) of ten children.
He works actlvel) upon the farm
every day and enjoys tho exercise. He
is making his home with his son. Riley
Dixon. He is fond of recalling the early
da) s of the Democratic party and Is a
clow student of political history.
aiilwaoU.ee Police Say He Conld Zfot
ITelp Strallnfc Switches.
Milwaukee, T is , March 2. Harrj W1I
Fon, forty-four, of Chicago, could not re
sist the temptation of entering a hair
hazaar and taking with him the most fas
cinating and costly strands to be found
Such is the opinion of tho local police,
who have been holding Wilson, who boasts
original ownership of long, black, wavy
locks So affected did the man's brain
become at the sight of the long, wavy
locks before him in the bazaar that he
left the store without taking his over
coat with him. according to the police.
Wilson uses the overcoat as a resting
place for his own locks after they are
carefully arranged many times dail)
Charley I Ssvem to Be evr Presi
dent's Chief Stenographer.
Charles I Swem. who holds the world s
stenographic record for accuracj and
third place for speed, will come lo Wash
ington with President-elect Wilson as
chief stenographer in the executive
offices Mr Swem is but twenty sears
He is one of the best all-around stenog
raphers In the country, having accom
panied Mr. Wilson through his campaign
and proved his worth time and again.
The only other change to be made In
the stenographic staff of the White House
will be the appointment of Werren John
ion, one of the New Jersey State Hous--men.
who will be Secretary's Tumulty's
Clifford G. Roe Urges Passage of Red
Light Measure in Speeches
at Churches.
Clifford G Roe, former Assistant States
Attorne) in Chicago, and at present gen
eral counsel for the American YlKllince
Association, spoke on the white slive
traffic last night at Vermont Avenue
Christian Church and Foundr) M
Church Mr Roe has a record of more
than 3S0 convictions of white slave trafficker
In no neld or social reform has more
notable progress been recorded during
the past ten ears than in that of th
social evil.' said Mr Roe 'In the pa't
all efforts to deal with the social evil
problem were regulative 'Within the last
decade we have adopted a new method of
dealing with thl problem, and the words
of the vice eommlrslon of Chicago, our
present motto. Is Constant repression of
vice, the immediate method. ibolute
annihilation of vice, the ideal '
This newer method of dealing with
vice has been brought about b) the reve
lations concerning the white slave traffic
There is to day a bill pending In Con
gress which would wipe out white slavery
In Washington if it were pissed This Is
the Kenyon red light act This has
passed the Senate and Is now before the
House of Representatives There la vet
one day to do business
Tou ask, 'What is this bill'' And is
there white slavery in the District of
Columbia' M) answer i, that there is
white slaven in ever) clt) and district
and State And this Injunction act. If
passed can do more to wip out white
slavery than anything else
Following Mr Roe s address at Foun
drv Church, the congregation adopted
resolutions directed to fepeaker Clark
and Representative I'nderwood urging
the passage of the Kenyon red light bill
n, After Lone 'Vo
for Real Thine.
American linn
nuc. Thirst
San Francisco "March i If vou were
passenger on an ocean liner un a
four months' world circling cruiBe, touch
ing onl) at foreign ports, what would
jou give for a good American-made
Mrs M r Maguire. of Chicago one
of the prett) and "vivacious passengers
who arrived here the other day on the
Hamburg-American liner Cleveland, of
fered jr. for one to be served to her
the I'nion Street pier, where, with
the X) other passengers, she waited four
hours while the customs men wero ex
amining the baggage
The dut) on the articles )ou pur
chased abroad will be ?15 ' said the
customs inspector to Mrs. Maguire,
Is that all'" she replied. "Well, I II
make it an even 1300 If you can tell me
where I can get a good cocktail this
minute "
"If )ou go out to the end of the dock
and walk down the Embarcadero half a
block you can get a cocktail for 15
cents. ' remarked the customs man.
River to Get Brewer! Ashes.
Camden, N J , March i William Burk.
a brewer, who Is dead at his home In
this city. left Instructions to his wife that
his ashes should be scattered on the Del
aware River. The body will be cremated
, Monday, and Frederick Rodel. a life-long
friend, will fling the brewer's ashes from
a ferry boat on the way from Glouces
ter to Philadelphia.
Yonkera Woman Would stop Fa
miliarities at Parties.
New York. March 2 The blue law
campaign In Yonkcrs now threatens to
result In the elimination of kissing
games at house parties Miss Margaret
Dodge, a public stenographer, who
has taken an active Interest In dance
hall reform, has spoken abainst promis
cuous kissing
Often It happens that girls and boys
who had never even seen each other be
fore meet and kiss and carry on dls
gracefoll)," she said last night. "I
would ask the Aldermea to regulate
these parties, but I am afraid they could
not Invade tho homes This practice, to
my Vnlnd, is worse than the dance halls
Reform, like charity, should begin at
home, and mothers and fathers should
get busy and protect their children from
the evil tendencies of tho times."
Master of Liner Piles Fuel on Fires
of England'! Blase of Excitement.
London. March i Apropos of the Ger
man airship scare on the East Coast,
which was thought to have been due to
some practical Joker sending up fire bal
loons, Capt. Lundi. of the Great Central
steamer. City of Leeds, from Hamburg,
reported on his arrival at Grimsby, that
on the outward passage last Sunday he
sighted an airship Just after leaving
Humber Lightship It was distinctly vis
ible, and was making In the direction of
Grimsby or Hull, not showing any lights.
The People, says that Prince Henry
of Pless. with men and officers hired the
Ilansa. a large German airship, and suc
ceeding In fl)lng over England recently,
and returned to Germany without landing
The visit was not for espionage purposes
The Olaea Remedy Ratm
Is a seldlltz powder. All physician! pre
scribe It for all troubles of the stomach.
liver, and bowe'a. You can now bur a
cpod-ustlnc seldlltz powder. It la called
Boffa Lemon Seldliia.
Fourth Degree Members of Two States
Send Delegates to Convention
in Alexandria.
Alexandria. Va . March 2 The annual
meeting of the Virginias, composed of
fourth degree members of the Knights
of Columbus of Virginia and West Vir
ginia, assembled this afternoon nt St
Mary's Hall, with twenty-five delegates
in attendance. Clarence I. Martin, of
Martlnsburg, W. Va.. presided
S J Hodges, of Shcpherdstown, W.
Va , was chosen sccretar) for the com
ing ear The other offlctrs are appoint
ed by the master of the issoclatlon
Martlnsburg, W. a , was selected as
the city for the next convention, and
It was announced that the next degree
work of the order will be held In Ilaltl
more. March J5
Following the meeting the delegates
and guests were tendered an elaborate
supper at Lee Camp Hall
During the evening short tilks were
made b) Clarence I Martin of Martlns
burg W . S J 1 lodges, of i-hep-herdstown
. Va , M J McFarland.
Dr. E. A. Gorman, and I r. Gorman
City to Take Holiday.
Prartlcallv a 1 biulnrsa will come to a
standstill In this ritv on Tih-imIi) for tho
In-iuguntlon The clt) will tike a boll
da) and go over to witness the inaugural
ceremonies The public schools nnd clt)
hall will bo closed all ill), and practl
call) all of the stores In the city will
close at the noon hour
Preparations to handle the crowds have
been perfected b the electric rallwa),
which will run trains ever) five minutes
Two steamboat, also will be ued In
transporting the crowds
WlllinK to llrrrltr One Sinnrk, lint
Objects to 'Wholesale Scale.
Montreal, Quebec. March 2. The Indian
custom that prescribes one kls from the
ihltf magistrate for ever) girl In the
ill-ige nil New Icar s Diy brought Judge
Lcct to the conpldcratlon of a Knott)
point of law
Luc) Deer, i pretty lndln of Ciugh
nawaga, ch-irged Mn)or P-itton. of that
vilHge. with assault bocau-e lit w-us not
satisfied with one kiss prescribed by cus
tom, but inslsttd on giving her ' approxi
mated 1 000 ovulatory congratulations
It was explained that the Indian Ma) or
is given six di)s In which to perform the
rite of kissing ever) girl In the village
Lucy I)er paid Mie was willing to live
up to the custom prescribing the one
mayoralty embrace, but that the Mi) or
exceeded his duties by far. Judge Lcet
reserved his decision
2K for quart of Blood.
Hammond, ind . March " Herschel
Bailey, of Noblesvllle. asked J5,000 for
a quart of his blood and filed a suit
against Isaac Peck In the Circuit Court
for that amount. Balleyn blood was
transfused to Peck; In a hospital, -ind
the latter claimed that his health had
been permanently Injured A Jury gave
Bailey tS damages.
' Can Be Erased
UES can be erurd by tbe uu of the
B. & P. Wrinkle Eradicator
FR0WM2E5 are for the lines between the ejr
ind co the fcrrhfa-2 which mike one look old
ind crom. Applied at night. Both ire pat up
In 2c, SX. ind U.00 baxrs, lododins booklet on
the are of the tux. Sold it dru ind depart
ment atores. If your dealer cannot aupplx jtju,
we will by mail, postpaid, on receipt of price.
I 4. I. CO T Wamia). Uj E. 6tth JL, CItf . 0
Will Be Made in
The Washington Herald
At an Early Day.
Owing to the great number
of interesting cssajs received
and the demands on The
Herald force incidental to the
inauguration, the considera
tion of the essays and making
the awards must necessarily be
"Uncle Shelby" CuBom Made
"Resident Commissioner"
for Lincoln Memorial.
Fatter of Project Hoaored by Col
leagues Tkroa.ii Retolutioa Iatro
duced by Seaator Root
In a farewell compliment to Senator
Shelby M Cullom of Illinois, the Senate
last night passed by unanimous vote a
resolution Introduced b Senator Root of
New York, making him resident com
mlssloner In Washington during the
construction of tho I2;000,000 Lincoln me
morial In Potomac Park, at a salary of
5,000 a year. There Is no doubt but that
the House will concur In the benate
Senator Cullom leaves tho Senate on
Tuesday noon, after nearly thirty 1 ears'
service in that body. He Is now eight) -
four yeirs old. and after an almost con
tinuous sorvice In publlo life extending
oer more than slxtj jears, is without
an) considerable private means.
Senator Cullom la the only man In the
Senate to-day who enjojed the personal
friendship of Abraham Lincoln, and It
has been his fondest hops In his later
years that he might live to see Congress
take definite action for the erection in
Washington of a fitting memorial to the
martyred 1-resldent.
It was largely through the persistent
efforts of Senator Cullom that the ap
proval by Congress of the plans for a
Lincoln memorial was secured this
winter Senator Cullom scrvod as
chairman of the memorial commission
without compensation
Hesides his seat In the Senate. Sena
tor Cullom relinquishes the Important
position of chairman of the Committee
on Foreign Relations, an office he has
held for man) jears
Senator Cullom was born in Wayne
County. Kj . November 22. ISIS, and
his father removed to Illinois the fol
lowing enr He began the practice of
law In Springfield 111. In 1S53. and
was Immediately elected city attorney
He began a. long service in the Illinois
House of Representatives In 1R56. and
at one time was Speaker In that bod).
He srved his first term In the Na
tional House of Representatives In
1S65 At the Republican National Con
vention In 18"! he placed Qen. Grant In
nomination for the Presidency. He was
Governor of Illinois from 1STC to 18S3.
when he resigned to take a scat In the
Senate, succeeding David Davis, Inde
pendent Democrat Senator Cullom has
heen In tho Senate ever since that dito.
but falltd of Indorsement for another
term in the campaign last )car
"knnL. Tien. ot Gronndhon'n.
Peru. Ind . M-irch 2. George Boreman.
of Cla) Township, decided the ground
hog should not see its shadow if he could
help It so he attached a fuse to a stick
dynami'p and dropped It Into his hog
shlp s hole on the Boreman farm A
hole six feet In dimensions resulted from
the explosion The groundhog hole proved
to be a den of skunks, and the entire
famIH was annihilated. Judging from the
odor that oon permeattd the neighbor
New Mirror Iarented by S. W. Eddy
Reflects Exact Tints of
Hoaun Face.
I Jncoln. Nobr , March I Robert Burns
"Wad some power tbe glttle gle us to
see ourselves as others see us" has been
answered by Seth W. Eddy, of Lincoln
Mr. Eddy's achievement consists In tho
production of a mirror that actually re
flects a person In every particular. Its
marvelous property consisting in Its
faithful reproduction of flesh tints.
Glass used for mirrors contains enough
green and blue tints, as a result of pres
ent methods of manufacture, to rob the
human countenance of those hues. Mr
Eddy's InvenUon cons'sts merely of the
addition to the plate glass making form
ula of a pink pigment that neutralizes
these two tints and enables the user to
actually see himself as others see him
Mr. Eddy was visiting his old home,
a little town In New England, when,
passing a church Just after a severe
wind storm, he saw that a tree limb
had broken a stained glass window. The
fragments lay on tho ground One of
the pieces bhowed only a hint of color.
Turning It cdgcwa)s he saw that It was
a light but beautifully tinted pink. He
carried It home and laid It on a hlghl)
polished stiver card tra) As it lay it
was a perfect mln-os. The countenance
that looked out at him from it was so
different from the one that was reflect
ed In i mirror above him that he was
startled The familiar reflection from
tho common mirror showed an apparent
ly anaemic countenance, pale, with ) el
low ish dlscoloratlons, the ejes dull, and
the hair lifeless The Improvised mir
ror disclosed a countenance suffused
with a pink flush and hnlr that looked
distinctly alive
niffleult lo Gel Tint.
Hut this phenomenon was but the real
izations of theories that Mr. Eddy had
long held A relative who had made
Important discov cries along other lines
advised him, to patent the Idea Accord
ingly he prepared specifications and
sent them to Washington His claim
was rejected.
Mr Eddy immediately filed revised
specifications, and for three )ears con
ducted a correspondence with the Patent
Commissioner It ended In the Patent
Examiner admitting tho soundness of
Eddy's contentions, but asked him to
submit for Inspection a mirror made
after his formula.
This proved to bo difficult. He had
trouble In getting glass of a light pink
shade Manufacturer after manufacturer
to whom he applied had never heard of
any such glass. He wrote to Englt iJ
and to Continental manufacturers, only
to receive the same answer
Eventuall) one manufacturer In a
small town In Germany wrote tint he
had produced such a glass minv years
before, and thought he could do It again.
He did produce It.
When Mr Edd) received the plates he
had them grouped, polished, and silver
ed, and when the Iatent Examiner re
ceived one ho promptlv allowed the pat
ent. Patents Ii-tve been secured in
practical!) nil of the gre.it manufactur
ing countries of the globe
right SUIh Iftlfr'H Snlt.
Dalton. Ga.. March I. The Supreme
Court has reversed the decision of the
Murray Count) fauperlor Court in the
alimony case of Knox vs Knox, and
the aged Mexican and civil w-ir vet
eran will get a new trial The case
Perfect Hearing
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the first timo perfect bearing
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matter bow deaf you are,
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sound, anvtlme.anvwhere.
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gTclcphonc Horizon I
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Tn parts of New Kngland during; the
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