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tH till mnwftnir rlntlflV HI
The Herald has the largest
morning home circulation, and
prints- all the newt of the world,
with 'many exclusive features.
' SsBBal anil mMer at nicht.
turcs yesterday Max-
; minimum, 23.
4stO. 2340
Cloudy Skies May Overcast Inauguration To-day;
Jammed City Stirred by Poor Work of the Police
Thousands of Visitors from All Points of Com
pass Waiting for Woodrow Wilson to Be Sworn
InThrongs Glamor for Seats at Big Show.
Suffragist Parade Gives Good Idea of What May Be Ex
pected To-day Wilson Cool in Face of Meeting Great
Turning Point Nation's Capital Host to 250,000
Visitors from All Sections of United States.
The people of tlie I mtcd Slates to-dav will inaugurate a President
and a ice President.
Woodrow WiKon. tucntv -eighth in the line of Executives, at noon
to daj will stand before Chief Justice Edward Douglass White and,
with his hand upon the Scriptures, swear to uphold the Constitution
of the nation and well and faithfully perform the duties of the highest
offkc in the power of his countr) men to confer.
In preparation of this event the people of the countrv have flocked
to witness its fulfillment m numbers greater than ever before in history.
The Democracy of the nation U celebrating its return to power in the
affans of government in a manner never before attempted by any
jiohtical part. The National Capital is host to 250,000 visitors from
even State and Tcrntor, from even, point of the compass North,
Eat", South. ct.
linUlTr.1T Of M.I.I'UUDKS.
The greatest inaugural parade in the history of the United States
will march up Pennsylvania Avenue and he reviewed in front of the
White Hotic by the firn Democratic President in sixteen years.
In it will be represented the army and navy of the country, the
ndets who later will take their places in command of the nation's
fighting force-, and the people of the United States, especially those
whose political faith is Democratic. Probably the largest representation
of civic organizations that has ever marched at the induction of a ruler
into office will parade Pennsylvania
Avenue, the scene ot so much that
has made the historv of the great
est republic in the history of the
Galleries Disappointed Over
Lack of Usual Mirth-provoking
Closing Scenes.
Minority Leader Mann and Represents'
tire-elect Crisp Remembered
by Their Colleagues.
In Pni
Allege student", the rlslns genera
tion that In the fullness of time Itself
will control the affairs o gov eminent.
lll be -oprestntcd The orginized
militia, the citizen soldiery that the
nation depends upo-i for Its defense
and honor in the time of war. will take
its place to he reviewed by the man
who for the liet four xears -will ion
tr. i the destinies of government and
render the people of the United States
the highest service they can call upon
him to confer.
On the ce of all thin the clt last
night was the Mecca of thousands of
the patriot?, the curious. th triumph
ant members of the dominant political
parti The greatest crowds that ever
have entered the cut's gates esterday
passed through Union Station and made
their way to join the masses that had
jrecedid them. This morning more
will come Steam trains, electric trains,
steamboats, will jxur their masses Into
the cit. And the citj. as cities do.
seems- to be swelling as they come bo
as to accommodate them
Streets Mecca of Thousands.
t-st night tlie streets were crowded as
they hive not been before in many
moons. Pennsjlvanla Avenue was but a
lane, through which thousands jostled
their wav. The crowds were good
natured and merry
Horns, tick-tacks, ticklers, were every
where In evidence. Bands crashed out
their music from the center of th"e thor
oughfare. At one end stood out in bold
relief the dome of the nation's Capitol,
Continued on Pave- Three.
Every Hour on the Hoar to Baltimore
Via Baltimore & Ohio
From Union Station week days, 7 a. m.
to 10 p. m. Ticket offices. 15th St and
N. T. Ave , 619 Pa. Ave , and Union
At 2 o'clock this merauis tlie
conferee on the nsnl bill reported
a. complete agreement. The House
contention for one battleship vraa
-notorious. The House Immediately
adapted the conference report. The
Senate also probably will adot It.
Indications axe that both Houses
will receaa for breakfast.
The report of the conferees ou
e public buildings bill, carry Ins
total appropriations of about -H5,-
AOO.OOO, has been agreed to br both
The President l eaprctrd to s-eto
e bill.
'clock this Miurnlng con
ference reports on the aundr) civil
and nTal appropriation bills, both
of which had been adopted hjr the
House, -nere called np and adopted
by the Senate.
TVlth both Houses marking tlms be
tween conference- reports, the Sixty-sec
ond Congress turned Into the last lap or
its race early this morning, and Indica
tions were that If a recess Is taken be
fore the final adjournment. It will be In
the wee em a' hours of the calendar day
of March 4 By virtue of recesses Instead
of adjournments. Congress last night still
was on me legislative day of Saturday,
March 1. and if the conference deadlocks.
filibusters and other parliamentary
wrenches which are reserved for eleventh
hour applications to delicate legislative
maenmery by fractious minorities, do not
mix up plans, the gavels will fall in
the House srd Senate for the last time
on the Sixty-second Congress some time
before noon to-day
Because of the press of untouched busi
ness, the closing scenes In both Houses,
which usually serve to enliven tile weary
legislators, were unusually tame. In the
Senate, bejond a few short speeches in
which various members told their col
leagues what they would do if what they
wanted done was Ignored in handling the
various approprlaUon bills still pending.
nothing occurred to break the monoton.
though the packed galleries were lojal
to the finish
In the "House a brief recess was taken
for a nonpartisan love feast, in the
course of which Uncle Joe Cannon,
former Speaker, and who terminates
thirty-eight ears of almost continuous
service In the House at noon to-day, pre
sented Representative James R. Mann of
Illinois, the wily minority leader of the
House, with a handsome gold watch, the
gift of his Republican colleagues.
Continued on Pave Eleven.
9:30 a m. Pentuvlvania
Avenue roped off.
0:30 President-elect escorted
to White House from Shoreham
by Congressional committee
through lines of Princeton stu
dents. 9 yS President-elect's escort
forms in Jackson Place, vvSst of
Lafajsrtte Park.
9 S Vice President-elect's
escort forms in Pennsylvania
Avenue west of Jackson Place.
10 .00 President. President
elect, and Vice President-elect
leave White House for Capitol.
11 :oo Presidential party ar
rives at Capitol.
1 1 40 Vice President-elect
sworn in and delivers his in
augural address in the Senate
I2:oo (noon) President-elect
sworn in and delivers his ad
dress at the east end of the Cap
itol. 1 :oo p. m Head of parade
starts from Capitol.
i;j Head of Parade reaches
Seventh Street and Pensvlvania
1 :so Head of parade reaches
Fourteenth Street.
2:00 Head of parade reaches
Fifteenth Street and Pennsyl
vania Avenue.
Parade halts while President
lunches at White House.
Parade starts immediately at
the close of the luncheon and
proceeds to Washington Circle,
where it is disbanded.
Venezuelaa Arrives ii WaskiaftoB and
Gossip b Rife Coneermiax New
AdmkistratJoB ' Attitude.
More Than 200 Are Taken to
Emergency Hospital for
First Treatment
Extra Physicians Are Called In aid
Reader Valuable Service
to tie Injured.
&O0 Philadelphia and Return.
Baltimore & Ohio B. 11.
Tickets good ten dais. Royal Blue
trains leave urlon station , 9. and II
a. m ; 1. 3 t. 5, and f p m.: also 12 20
nignt ana ::5 a m ricicet omces, nth
St. and JC. T. Ave., 619 Pa. Ave., and
union aiauon.
KEarSaaiaalmalmalmaB' SmnPSlHsmnmmm
sanasasan(saiannnaBrsannaV!r ssaSmaaaaaf'!"aasaaaaaaaaSmaaaaL
ixti Clp.-lano Castro, exiled dictator
of Venezuela, who baa succeeded In get-
ting both feet planted on United Statu
soil despite the. efforts of the Federal
Government authorities, arrived In
Washington last night to attend the
Inauguration of Woodrow Wilton as the
first Democratic President of the United
States sines he became an International
Incidentally, his presence In Washing
ton is a bitter pill for the officials of the
State and Commerce and Labor depart
ments of the Oovemment In the Taft
administration, who did their best to
keep out of the country the man who
as ruler of Venezuela defied the United
States and halt a doten European pow
ers. Castro arrived from Havana, via Key
West It was reported from the Cuban
capital that the Venezuelan had an
nounced to the admiring Cubans that he
was coming to Washington on the per
sonal invitation ot the President-elect,
but this was emphatically denied by
Wood row Wilson as soon as he heard ot
It. An how. Catro Is now here, ready
to cultivate the friendship of the Demo
cratic party In its hour of triumph. In
common with all I-atln-America. Gen.
Castro Ls convinced that the Democratic
administration is going to reverse all
the foreign policies of the United State.
Castro was accompanied to Wash
ington by Simon Hello, of Curacao, an
Uland owned by the Dutch, off the
coast of Venezuela, and a favorite
refuge for political exiles, and Alfred
Corregrosa. of Paris, also a popular
resort with Latin-American emlgra-
doa politico!-." They all expressed
themselves as very weary after more
than two das of travel, and went to
bed almost Immediately upon their ar
rival at a hotel only a few squares
from the State Department and the
White House, and directly across tha
street from the Department of Justice,
wbose agents have had Castro under
surveillancy ever since he cams into
Since Castro lacks any invitation to
Washington from either the outgoing;
or Incoming administration, he will be
obliged to shift for himself during the
inauguration ceremonies. It would not
surprise Washington, however. If the
wily and audacious Venezuelan turned
ud to-day in one of the seats of honor.
Washington has learned to expect any
thing from Castro, though this la tha
first time the Capital has had the op-,
portirnlty to get anything but a lonsT-J
range view or Ms , remarkable activities.
Scores of persons were Injured when
Pennsylvania Avenue was blocked by
spectators during the suffrage pageant
late yesterday afternoon.
Two hundred suffering from iniories
sustained In the jama of spectators view
ing the suffrage pageant, auto and other
accidents were admitted as patients at
tmergency Hospital vesterday and the
official records show that the day was
the busiest In the history of the In
Korty persons were so seriously hurt
that they were nof permitted to leave tha
hospital, but a strange feature of the
record ls that no patient sustained In
juries that will result fatally. Every
available ward and room in the hospital
s crowded and the capacity Is taxed.
Th handful of police were unable to
cope with the situation and a hurry call
was sent tor troopers.
Korty catalnmen from Fort Mver
charged down the Avenue from Fif
teenth Street and opened a path
through the jam. In the excitement
scenes of disorder almost wjthout pre
ctdent In Washington were enacted.
More than twoscore of persona were
removed to Emergency Hospital from
Pennsylvania Avenue between Twelfth
and Fifteenth Street within an hour.
Terrified by the plunging, rearing
troop horses that were frightened by
the clamor and colors, men, women,
and children fought each other to es
cape trampling hoofs, and women
fainted so rapidly that tha ambulance
service of Emergency Hospital, con
sisting of only ore auto anil one horse
ambulance, could not remove tnem to
the hospital without delays.
1.1st of the Injured.
Following Is a list of the persons
most seriously hurt during the dis
order In Pennsylvania Avenue between
Twelfth and Fifteenth Streets:
Mildred Powell, seventeen years old.
of Randolph Place Northwest, fainted
and was trampled; suffering from hys
teria when reached by a surgeon.
Almn Ma, twenty-seven years old. of
a.os i-atterson street. Chevy Chase.
fainted and suffered from hysteria.
Sarah McFarland, sixty ears old, of
1309 T Street Northwest, trampled urxm
when she fainted. Suffering from bruises
and cuts.
Agnes Johnson, twenty years old, giving
her address as the Kaieigh Hotel, fainted
and suffered hterla.
Eva Berrj. twenty vears old. of at
Tenth Street Southeast, crushed In
crowd and unconscious when reached by
Mrs I.ena Hoffman, fifty-three ears
old. of 703 I Street Northwest, fainted
and trampled. Also suffering hysteria.
C. W. Wal. twenty years old. of Au
gusta, Ga.. knocked down and trampled.
Suffering bruises and cuts.
C. Heffner. twenty-four years old.
of Petersburg. Va., trampled and seri
ously hurt.
Edward Arntz, fifty years old, of Bal
timore, crushed by crowd and suffering
from bruises and cute
Henry W. Burroughs, seventv-six vears
old. of Eastern Mar) land, crushed by
crowd and trampled. In serious condition.
Julius Mannhelmer, thirty-eight vears
old. a messenger in the employ of the
German Embassy, was trampled and
Continued on Page Eleven.
Police Helpless Before Solid Mass of Humanity
in Wide Thoroughfare! and Fair Marchers Have
to Fight for Room Every Step of the Way.
A large photograph of Theo
dore Roosevelt which has hung
In president Taft's office for the
past four years will remain to
greet President Wilson.
Although the photograph Is
the personal property of Presi
dent Taft. he told several visitors
esterday that he did not care
to take It with him. The stuffed
bull moose head which has
adorned the Blue Room for two
vears past also will be left when
President Taft takes his depar
ture to-dai.
, ' -MiptohT ttltmtf Pbote On.
Photograph taken on Pennsylvania Avenue, niar Eleventh Street Northwest, shows how people obstructed
the parade' yesterday" aXteraooH. t
Trust Cases Go Over.
Savannah. March S The "Beef Trust"!
caaa e!iuui i.cip in mc reuerai. COUTX,
were .to-day put over hv consent without
completion of arguments until the spriag
term or court. rv
$10.00 ;Vew York aad Upturn.
Baituanre dale It. B.
Tickets good ten days. Royal Blue
trains leave Union Station T, 9, and v 11
a. m.: 1. 3, and S p. m.: 12,3) night, a Ad
- w a. rn. ucHet omces; jam bt. aaa I
N. T. Ava. SU Pa. Ave., and Union Sl-
Special Train to Itorfolk and Western
Hallway roints
Via Baltimore & Ohio. Iraim Union Sta.
tlon. H.0L midnight to-night.
Treatment Accorded Women in Beautiful Demonstration for
Their Enfranchisement Denounced as National Disgrace.
Miss Inez Millholland, on White Steed at Head of
Notable Procession, Cheered by Thousands.
Woman exalted lier pica for enfranchisement jesterday in the Na
tional Capital with a splendor of pageantry whose power of beauty
and reason could not be overcome even by a police "protection" which
the suffragists, in may meeting last night, declared to be so inadequate
that President-elect Wilson will be aked to attend to the police de
partment and the War Department, whom tlie suffrage leaders had
appealed for assistance. Congressional investigation also is promised.
Washington has never seen such a, spectacle as the woman suf
fragists and tlie masses of coagulated humanity through which thev
toiled. The patient ardor of the thousand of advocates, some of them
voung children, others of them aged women who had been jeered half
a century before for speaking out the cause that millions cheer to-dav,
was in a bitter contrast with the multitude, whose disorder was prac
tically unrestrained save by the inherent decency of American citi
zenship. When the whole day's momentous proceedings, which included
an adjournment of the United States Supreme Court, liad parsed into
history 'le suffragists, undaunted because the delay and insult of
their marchers had marred, but not destroyed, the exquisite beauty of
their allegorical tableaux, declared tliat the ery inadequacy of the
"police protection" made their victory far greater than they liad
counted on.
It was a day of tremendous significance, and the suffragists
achieved, bevond the realm of doubt, their purpose in putting the cauc
of woman suffrage so closely before the Federal Government that the
government's chief men must try it upon its merits.
Stepping out from the granite Greek portico of the Treasury a
from the twilight of classic prejudice, a new Columbia marched bravely
forth into the full light of dav, and in the majesty of a newborn power
commanded Justice, Cliarity. Lib--
crty. Peace, and Hope, as her
handmaidens, to wait equally upon
man and woman.
The allegory, -a hose story, silent, save
for the music of woods and brasses
which accompanied It. was enhanced by
all the subtle power of music and grace
and charm and beauty of color and form,
was dlsplased in the radiance of an un
clouded sun, vkhlch warmed and bright
ened even the figures In the scant robes
of Idealism.
Upon the thronged Avenue In which the
paradcra were arduously fighting their
oun way. there waa the same God-given
radiance, and the lmpresslveness of tha
floats, to whose Ingenious appeal the
presence of such women as Beha A.
Lockviood. Louisa White. Man- Chapman,
Catt. and Anna Shaw, some of them
tiudglng sturdily forward like the school
girls nith them, added a potent dig
nity that struck into the hearts of even
the scoffers who cried out their scorn of
men and women who think differently
from themselves
Effects of Parade Lost.
This turbulence waa opposed to the
secure and unbroken progress of the pa
raders practically from the moment that
Jlrs. Richard Coke Burleson, grand mar
shal of the parade, at the fixed hour of
3; gave the order to forward, and It ue-
Contlnned on Page Four.
While women were subjected to .insults, men wers, jstled by members of crowd.
Mdtke Areue,
Scene at
Nitron! Fboto Q.
T f -c.5- .

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