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Generally fair to-day and to
morrow , and colder .to-day.
Temperature- jeterday Max
imum, 58, minimum, 44.
The Herald ha the targes'
morning home circulation, and
prints all the newi of the world,
with many exclusive features.
NO. 2311
Wilson To-day Begins Directing Destiny
Of the Nation That Named Him Chief
Great Throngs Line Streets and Cheer Paraders.
Wilson and Marshall Stand Up Until
Last Organization Has Passed.
Start from Capitol at 3:10 o'clock and Wind Up at Wash
ington Circle at 7:30 Lights Turned on for
Tail End of Monster Pageant.
Ivventv eighth President ot the I mtcd State Woodrow Wilson,
c.i New ler-cv. as-nnied the duties ot hi high ofhee vesterday aftcr
n .on t iNacth 1 "0 odock a lean, thoughtful man quietlv received
I'ip oath ot office from the venerable Chief Justice of the United
N.iK- preyed his hi.- to the llolv BiKIc, and turned to deliver his
m itigtir.tl pledge b word ot mouth to a few thou-and gathered
around, and 1 telegraph and mail to ninen millions of people whom
lie has been elected to serve
1 lie hM Democratic Chief Executive in sixteen vcars had eom
nniucd his admimstraiion
President Wilson dclncied his mauguial address in the presence
e i e largest gathering th.it cvtr assembled before the east iront
i . the Capitol cm such an occasion He stood m view of more than
i ht thousand pi.iplc
mtis.es mi) irons to him.
Hi- iddrcss was heard bv le-s than live thousand, mostlv men and
won tn who hnl not nat- "d m". ,,"t ,or t,le intervention of the
cii'l President clcei, would have w atclii.il him from a point to which
In- voitc could not pos-iblv lnc carried Mr. WTi!-on a-ked Maj Gen
Wc.d. grand nnrshal ot the ceremonies, to o dispose tuc West Toint
and Annapolis (.alct who were occupving the space uiimediatclv be
fore the Minll raised jilatform from which he spoke, as to clear a
spite for the multitude held at a distance of -tveral hundred fctt from
the rostrum clearing about 100 feet square was made, and into this.
at a word trom one of the citi7en marshals, some three thousand men
women, and children charged, until the leaders could touch the stand
occupied bv the Presidential partv. And for this evidence of a spirit
of locical democracv Woodrow'
Wilson received the nearest ap
proach to a spontaneous ovation
accorded him vesterdav
1 Houchclnl, Complete s.ccc.tnnee.
lor Woodrow Wilson was not In
ducted int
uflce -vi. tilt wild aiclaim
from straining throat Rather he was
reteteel with the -ame .uict, thought
f jl but complete icctptance and as
surance typified In hti Inaugural l eeeh
jmd In Its dellvere VV illinm Jennings
Wrm '.eerttarv desigmte of btate,
re ed i greitcr oeitinn when he
r-ioiinted fie rostrum to join tl Presi-
pin in
from the omnioner im
jnidialele i fter the President had con
eluded nlR feidress But the cheers for
3Ir Brim vtre nota reception to an
old friend whom mam had heaid be
fore There was nothing in this to
detract a whit from the great compli
nient paid the mn President in the
though fill lntelllc.nl and undleldol
atl'ntlo. with which lit was rcceleed
It Is mid i f Vbraham lancoln that
t, turned from the concluding words
if I. s great f.cttesburg speech amid
lin"l compute silence that the
Xmanclpitlon who had written one of
ii two greatest effort upon a small
pie r of j ellow piper on the train en
route to the bit'lefleld where It was
to e delierel belleed he hid fail i
reach the hra o' bis audtois
-le'tll 110k onde r -p.teal linl til t
lint tli I -"eeral li later did he
learn tha thit quiet did not greet fail
iir but was as the tense silence which
follows a soul stirring anthem in a
loft cathedral
ronrluali.li of Speech
llir i.ntlnn linn been deeplv stirred,
tlrrrd 1 a solemn pnsalon. stirred by
thr knoleilRr ( nroou, f tHenls lost.
,,t iiinrrnnirol fttn often debauched
sind made nn Instrnment of evil. The
feeling- iTlth eeh.th lit face tbU am
jitjre of right ui.d opportnnify wet ps
acrosa our brni string like nm- nlr
Jicaiitiful Sepia Rrovvn
Photograv ure of
President Wilson
To Readers of
The Washington Herald
Na announcement and Por
trait Coupon on page 2, sec
ond section
out of ft oil iu prfHenrp, licrr jus
tice fin.l mtrt nrr TerunrHVd nuil Oic
Judftrf and the hrothrr arc nr r
know our lank to be no mt-rr task of
politics, hut a taak which ahull cnrch
vm throufch and throus;b whether e
lc able to under-Mand our time and the
nerd of our people Tfbetbcr we be In
deed their upokcmnfB nml Interpreter",
u heftier nr hao the pnre heurt to
comprehend and the rectified "Hi tn
chnoMC our hlirh eoume of action.
ThU Im not a da of triumph: It la a
day of dedication Here muatrr, not
the forrrn of party, hut the force of
lutraanlti-. Men henrtN wait upon ut
mena lle baDR In the balance; men
bopcfi call upon u to nay what we will
do Who Afaall lire up to the arrrnt
frunt Who darea fail to tr f I am
nion all honept men. all patriotic, all
fnrward-looklnjr, men, to m-c aide. .ul
lielplnj? me. I will not fall them IT the
will but ctranacl and auataln me.
When the President turnel to resume
hi seat. thoc few of hi auditors who
had been no fortunate a to heir hi
address ?eemd too drepl engaged
Trctinf themsoUf from the vpell of
hi toncludim? entences ipontRtieoul
to nr-cliim their pproal or perhaps
too deeplj enKTOssed ft) an auals of
their on comprehennlon of a tremend
ous appeal to break out In a noisy
No OratnrJcnl DeIic
It idep President "Wilsons delivers
at noi conducive to spontaneous ap
pKuae Never an orator he esterdav
discarded uch few oratoncil arts as he
lias athl command and talked to the
people before him on a serious top c in
a serious wa
Ralph Waldo Fmerson wrote thit no
compliment which one man can piv to
another approaihe that of addressing
him from certain heights and presuppos
ing his Intelligence h. erv sentence In
Pjeident Wilsons Inaugural address and
everr utterance In Its delivers paid that
compliment individually and collttthelj.
to thope who listened ta him
lreldent Wilson addres in full ap
I -ars in another page It Is rlchlj worth
In respect to the other features of
the da s proceedings the crowds ma
have been quiet or apathetic, or both
Nothing could be farther from the truth
than to sav thev were gloomv unless It
would be lo av thev wert; ftlldl) lu
' larlous fcr there certain!, wn nn hi.
lcntv but the occasion un1es as In
loltted Inftinre it wa superinduced
b a too intimate association with Johi.
Perhap the two words 'quiet ratfsfa -lion
would bet chiracteriase rbe attl
tide of the people who thronged the Cap-
aaawfaaaaMBI'TwESf 1 1? SSjjWmirmBKKKBOBrVIM
"Photo to Nitionjt Itoto Co.
The battalion from the Indiana sch6ol marched in honor of Vice President Marshall of that State
Greatest Inauguration in Nation's History.
Inauguration wa witnessed b the largest
crowd eer gathered in Washington
Official estimate at end of daN-- proceeding
placed attendance hglitl in advance of iOOOOO
dicri, ctcraiiN, niarinc, niihtiaiiien. and political
Hcfore niarLlicr had hah completed ltmeran
Manors began to llock to railroad ternnnaK
I 'resident' ltnnmiral .iildri . u.i. nm liulfil
Ovations given William lennings T.nan and . -, j ,, , four nmiutts lmr hi intercil the
Speaker Clark were far in excels of that accorded
Mr. Wilson when the trio stepped upon the ros
trum at the east portico of the Capitol, where the
Presidential oith a administered
Formal announcement of the Cabinet slate
jKj'tponcd until h when the Senate convene
Presidential carriage with Mr T.ift and wlurlid
ilong PcntiMhama enuc bitwtin irowds ot
iheeruig thousands to the White IIouc, where
he partook of a IuikIicoii jinpand unlir tin di
rcition of the former Prisident Mr 1K011 and
Mr. Taft were aiionipanicd throughout thei"
journcv to and from the White IIouc to the
Dela in the inauguration ccrcmonj was oc- Capitol b a brilliant couiii of gov eminent of
casioned by the niw President's dcirc that thou
sand of spectators who thronged tin Capitol
pl.11 should ociupv the hundred v.irds f.f pacc
taken up b the rinv and .avv clioo! cadits
vho wcie acting as his guard just previous to
the ccremonv
Vice President Thomas Rikv Marshall, who
took oath of oflice in Senate ihaniber. later of-
ficn'es. diplomats, and arniv and navv ofn'crs.
MiortU after .1 o'clock Prcsidtnt iNou and
his guest, entered the President's stand in the
Court of Honor to review the parade
In the mciutitnc ice I'residint Marshall and
a halt dozen Senators had com mid the Senate,
later adjourning till 12 oilock to-dav. with the
aniiouiuement that thev would then be readv to
receive anv message the new Chief hxecutive
floated at administration of Scnatoml oath to maj sec fit to transmit
tvvcntv -seven memoirs of tint liodv At night tlunisands of people jammed the
Hundreds of thousands of sightseer- were en vcnue. after viewing the fireworks displav on
tcrtaincd with a parade of more thin '"i.OOO sol the I'.lhpsc
Thousands Give Close and Intelligent Attention to
Masterful Delineation of New President's Policies.
Multitudes Too Busy Thinking to Cheer Often.
Itol r.uiliilnc anfl ip-numK raclcd tlio
stand"" alons Uic line ot march anil lined
loth hides of IVnnsf Hinli Vveniif frt.m
the IVaie Monument to AV aliinBton Cir
U more than a mile aas
No rrc'ident wr -mi Wced with
liner Inaupuration tla than as Mr
W llon No incomlns rrcsinent ever
w in err eicd h a f,renttr thronjr ot
patriotic VmerlcatiF UiH notwith
standing the Ideal iicathcr eondltjons
nd the hundreds of thousand who
lined the itretts tor mllei there
seemed to he something lacking
There was none of the nip and bin
that characterized the. enthusiastic
throns that cheered for Col. Rooseclt
on the da of his entering offlce. back
in 10-. '
liere was Iiirdlv nn much of a
demonstration as wis iccordcd to Mr
Tift when he rode up PennHanla
Avenue and hick four ears apo when
blizzard had palsied the plans for
the big celebration
Kverjhod wan pRased esterda
nd cverjbody wis hippi. but there
was a spirit of ipuh which was
plalnlv noticeable from the beginning
. the end of ihn ceremonies
At no time was this si nppirent as
at the Mjnd on the eaet front of the
(apitnl when Mr IV INou wis taking
the oatli of otllee The cheers that greet
ed the new President wcrt onlx moderate
and ot brief duration. Thi seemed, in
fact to 1 le- enthusiastic than the
m. a that rolled out when William J
Unan midn his appearance on the optn
alr platform eX.raj times in the cour"i
of tl . prrn ceding on the great "-tuna"
a olle of cheers went up for tilt I'om
ln.iner ind it the t .inclusion t f Mr
VViIkous injugural addns a situition
arose whiili rtali scemetl embarrass
ing The Ian words of the Ntw Presi
dmts speech had hanll falhn from
his lips when the crowd shouted !ran'
Ilrvan' We want a speech from ltrjan
Mr Wilsons retar) of State, whi
was standing mar him turned awa
from the thousands in front of tht stand
appirentl for the purpose of distoiiriK
ing an further demonstritlon m his
fivor. and there was plain!) a feeling
ot relief imnng the Democratic states
men when the police Jumped in uid be
gin to drive the throng back for the
exit of the new President
Inauguration day dawned with a haze
hanging low over the National Capital
and with ever indication th-U umbrel
las and gum shoes might lie needed be
fore the da was over The VV eather
Bureau, with its customar exactness
had promised a bright morning but h-id
thrown out a glooms hint that the
clouds might gather in the afternoon and
it would be tips, ttlcd ind colder at night
This would hue been all right if it
had onl been turned around It was
cloud) tn the morning, grow much
wirmer is the diy idvanred md fimtl
de eloped Into a lteautlful unn afte'
noon to be siicecelrd liter l inothe
hize and some murkiness Hut eerv
bod, lmludlng the new Prcldt nt wi
willing to sink. ih, wfither man
hind this tim and assure him he hi
done a fine. Job
Vs i matter of fict
wirmest inauguration di
is, it began with the temperature at
about t at S o clock In the morning
c ntinued to mount rti idile upward until
it noon the thi rnionieter was st indiug
iround V md when the sun finalle
brokt throush the clouds ind flevmled
the eitv it was a hot Job for the thou
sanls to hoof it from the I ipitol to the
White House in double qukk time in
omer to
wirmt inaiiguntlon i!h
so fir is the i.fflti I records disclote
was b.uk in lss., when Under llete
iani was nrst Inaugurated The tempt r-
aiure on mat eia get is high is . d
greus and it wis pleisant, with a f
eIoud periods In filet, to-dav w-
compared b) eerboii who was old
inouglt to rememher the idvent of
Grover Cleveland with conditions on
that occasion Not onI wis the neith
er similar, but the trond which turn, d
out to the Cle eland inaugural was con
sidered the largest thit had visited
Washington up to that time
One would never have suspettcd from
the appeirance of csterday"s throng
that it was made up of main who had
causcel the disorderly set nes during the
suffragist paride Mond iv The polite
jtsterdax. from In ginning lo end bid
the situation in control and there s. em
ed to be no disposition it mv time on
the rart of tlij visitors to eaue trouble.
In Quiet, Thoughtful Pose, President Enters Upon Duties ot
High Office Marshall Sworn in Amid Impressive
Scenes in Senate Chamber Prior to Gere
monies at East Front ot Capitol.
The PrcMiknt ot the L nitiil States anil the ice Freidcnt started
in mimediatelv alter their inauguration je-tcrdav afternoon upon one
of the most arduous iol, phv-icallv, that will contront them, when, at
. 10 o'elock, thev took their places in the reviewing stand in the middle
of the Court ot Honor, out m the new front varl ot the distinguished
Wilson familv, and continued to stand until alxnit 7 30 ocl-t U-t
night, or until the !a-t of :?o,000 or more oldicrs, sailors and civilian
had paeu on in the darkness
tOO.l.l.O n (IPI K rlfk TRKKTS.
The inaugural jiarade. needle- to -av, is the 'ole reason mo't
lolks conn to the inauguration, alwav excepting the great, grand
division: of pitnots who ionic here at this tunc to save the countrv
l.j accepting pohtieal jobs Wherefore, a crowd plaecd somewhere
iround .100.000 was on hand between thef Capitol and the disbanding
point at Washington Circle, a mile and a halt west of the Capitol and
a few block- licvond the White House With a dav that was almost
without a brceve even strong enough to bother the tliouand of tlag.
weather warm enough to make a hcavv overemt uneonifortable and
a mi-tv. grav -kv. that never oiiec threatened to ram. Washington ard
its vi-itor- carh -erambled paradeward-
4kmk nortn m-n.
nd tin- time, at least, the Washington police -aw to it carlv in
the forenoon that there wa-Nno possible wav at all to get onto the
roped off a-phalt of Pcnnsvlv.inn venue from the starting qatc to
the fmi-hiii" wire unlc one dropped onto the vcnuc from an aero
plane tul so the parade, once it had started, never was interrupted
'triou-lv As started later than an previous inaugural parade and
was a mord-brcaker in -17C. darkness had begun to gather bv the
time the first thousands of the mon-tcr eivic and semi-mihtan, sCe
tions that followed the mihtarv and naval divi-ions had reached the
reviewing stand
Hist a
with Mr
ytono eir lork and Return,
nalllmnre X Ohio R. H.
Tickets good ten dajs RonI Blue
trains leave Lnlon Station ". 3 and 11
a. m.. 1 3, and 5pm. 1I.J0 night, and
: i: a m Ticket offices. 15th St. and
T. Ave., 13 Pa. Ave . and Union Station.
" 7Sv T' JtirTi-i(Vr7-r Tr Tr rrwr'WriTniS r raaBaHaaaaaaaBal
Turn mi Met trie I
And. approNiinatelv
2.000 Tammanv brave-
Charles F. Murphv at their head
an.1 four band- nlavms 'Tam
manv ' in relav fashion, had swung
around the north end ot the Trea-
urv r.iulding into the white and
green Court of Honor in front of
the White House, the decoration
eomniittcc's eleetriciam- threw the
switches, and the Court ot Honor
Hashed from sCnu-darkness into a
blaze of electric glorv
Croud! Keep Quiet.
peepul, the Hon Paul S!ers better
Inown as Fit Mers
Vnd een before Maj Gen "Wood had
led the parade into the Court of Honor
it ill there were moents of eestas for
the gav-clid women and children and
the high tiled men who be(.an to climb
the solid banks of ell) sMts in the
grand stands lining the north and south
curlw of the court As earle as 12
oelock offletil and nonomcial spectators
started to worm through th. solid ranks
of stindees banked back of Washington
policemen at either end of the stands
but it was I..C5 oelock. or twentj minutes
lefore the time the head of the parada
was supposed to round the Treasure that
the mtomol lies broughams ind phae
tons began to dash up to unload the hlg
and mighte Vmbissador and admirals
and things and stuffs of lige consequence
Marines Not In l.lne.
From th time Gen Wood the grand
marshal and Iaeut. Col Henry T Allen.
V S A . chief of staff rode be at 3 10
o clock, until 5 V o clock the President
and the thousands about him saw regu
lar irirn eavelrjmen field ind coast ar
tillerj . engineers signal corps and lr
fantr and sailors go be until darkness
and H o clock raced along together
Marines were to have been in the line,
too but the m innes that had expected
to mirch either were gathering for pos
sible busines of an arduous sort in
Gulf ports Nor headed that war. and so
there were none to parade
The darkness dimmed little of the glory
of the civic section that began to coma
from the gloom a minute or two before-
6 oelock. with the Hon Robert N Har
per, marshal, and Ale In G Belt, chief of
staff. In the lead In fact the sudden
blaze of electric lights that greeted the
head of the first b"igade of the fourth
grand division which was the leading
brigade of the mane in the parade giv
en over to cieic organizations, added a
novel glorj to the proceedings
National guardsmen from almost all
the Eastern Mates had filed past at th
end of the division just preceding the
civic bodies and there were more troops
of ' Independent militia bodies even In
ie glories of the tll cU1(. jMsions PoliUcal marching
Point eadtt corps I Pib from the I-ast and Middle West
lido hr Silloral Phot
The beautiful space containing the President's reviewing stand was a quiet ha'.en from the cheering
crowns on me Avenue.
Washington as the p trade wis Its
h ggest Also It eeas wonderfullj re
splendent With the exeeplion of e start
an hour liter thin customare for which
the panders were blameless and gaps it
limes far too wide between the arlous
sections the parade was flawless
Nevertheless the lack of spontaneous
cheering and at times the solemn apirh)
of the dense crowds in the grand stands
wis unusual sometimes lbout the onlv
commotion to be noted In one s partlculir
neighborhood was the buzz of comments
as ever) one commented aloud to his
seatmates about how quiet everjbody eli-e
was taking the spectacle
And there were enough wondrous things
to look upon and to listen to streiming
past for almost four hours and a half
to arouse one would fatiee, ml erowd
Into enthusiasm but the dldn t There
were piekeel soldiers and sailors from the
Chief of Staff of the Arme down Pic
turesque Indian chiefs led be the Julius
ll'irburger of the Sioux natiom heap
nig Chief Hollow Horn Hear clacked by
on their ponies like the grand first part
of the Hon. W illiam F CtKlj s educational
And there were
Vnnapolls tnd We
swinging bv mere were blocks ami came in still more thousands upon thou-
hlocks of the oliee drab and glinting Uands bick of the militia and mUItarr
metal guns and carmges of the field , ,. hooi rrcmr.nts md there was on
artilleries The howling Prinreten brave land of halt a dozen faithful who
students didnt emerge from the lla. k-1 ,,.,,, journ.ep( in the war tn from Cat-
ness o. n.gni inio ene gioee m me e nun i fnrnii to be In line
of Honor sis.tllghts until almost 71 ,,tCrnurs'of Stites either it
ociock p m eenerp rrcsuieni nml vice
I rrsideut. their families; and th. nation
wa 'eel, wilted.to see this particular band
of patriots ettplode into view under the
leadrxafclp ot that great champion of the
the head
AKr Three-.
Matinee. "The rialc Ijirlr
Thu. at 3, ColUfniLf Thtfttar,

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