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Continued from I'ncr One.
disposed in a ivanee to expect that the
duties that devolve upon ou will be
performed in such a na) as to merit
Hope for the I-nltlifuI "
I am not prepared to discuss tenure
In olBce ll own tenure as I was about
to saj, is brief but m tenure has not
even begun I am sure jour tenure Is
therefore, not more uncertain than mine
I have not ha J time to learn from the
President tht general pollc that -will be
impressed on the various department""
but It is not necessarj for us to discuss
length of service It is sufficient at this
time to make each others acquaintance
and I hope that when the time comes for
me to reassemble v ou to introduce j ou to
my successor I can look back upon a
delightful an association as the retirinK
Secretary has dene 1 shall look forward
with pleasure to becoming better ac
quainted Tilth jou at occasion brings us
Mr Brjan canu to the bfitc Depart
ment again in he afternoon accom
penled by members of his familj and i
v"rj few frknds His pirtv included
"Mrs Ilrj an their son In law and daugh
ter Mr and Mrs R. L. llargreaves
J rancis Itovle of 1 hiladelphia who
acted as Mr Urjanw personal s-cretar
at the Baltimore rt mention and Hen
T Dais wlio wis Mr 1 nuns seerttarj
during the latter s -erice in tlic House
of Itepresmtatlvcs
In the preeicc of this partv and a
number of the department officials, Mr
Hrjan was sworn in b S MrNair
iliief clerk of the Department of State
After the new "secretarj c f State had
.signed the oath of odlce he presented
the pen to his diugh'cr Mr liar
sreav es
After receding tht congratulations f
those present Secretin Brv an sat down
at hiB de-k igain and his first official
act was to sign the commi sum dehlgnat
lng Mr Divls as his confidential clerk
!! then proceeded to sign the rommis
ions of his colleagues as Cabinet otii
cers as fast as thej were prepared an 1
before he left the department he had
signed a good 1 it o' the afternoon (Ul
going mall
Tdltor lniiiet Qun.llfle
In contrast f i th
1 net diRnttv
I f Hir
T rocecdlng
i candid iti
man who was thriie
the Presiden j t ok
fllco undei in nl
man as I rel lent
was the Fcem in the nice ot thi becre
tin of the h when Josephus lin
iels of Rat Igli N I wa-s awaiting
the leremoiv which" si ould qualifj him
for his offie The room was crowded
with a ga pirtv nicludl lg the new bee
retarj f Man the new Vcrtar t
ommrrre Mr r-dheii Vmur" Kcpre
entatives and nival ottuer
boon after the oath had been adminis
tered to Mr tanie the DemocrJtl
National Committee headed bj William
1 jlccombs its h urman armed u
paj their tespetts to the onlj one "I
their number to take a t abinet position
Among Mr I)aniel3 personal partv were
his wife their three sons Jo'ephu
Frank an 1 W orth Mrs delalde W orth
Baglej and the Misses BagleJ and the
mother and ylsters of Airs Daniels
The oath of office was administered bj
Ralph D Bartlett of the au Depart
ment, after which congratulations were
xchanged anew hj the members of this
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merry gathering An interesting feature
of the occasion was the enthusiasm dU
plajed by Secretary Daniels younge
sons. Worth and Frank, who raced
through the whole department and back
again Irank found a typewriter that
was not worMng and wrote on a piece of
official letter paper, ' Secretary of the
Ivavj for his father to affix his signa
ture to as soon as he had taken the oath
C-arrlaon firorn In.
On the War Department side of tho
building Undlc M Garrison ot New
Jerscj had been hard at work most of
the daj with becretarj Stlmson t 4
o clock he took the oath of office He
was sworn in b John G Randolph of
the War Records Division who has ad
ministered the oath of office to even
fcecrctarj of War since the dajs ot
Uljsses S Grant. Immediately after he i
had been sw om Secretarj Garrison met I
the officers of the General Staff and
heads of bureaus who appeared in full
dress uniform for the occasion b order
of Mr Stlmson The clerks and other
employes of the department were then
Introduced to Secretarj Garrison
Other OltieiaU Qnallf).
Franklin K Lane of California was
sworn in as becretarj of the Interior
bj Associate Justice McKenna of the Su
preme Court of the United States Mr
1-ane desired to be sworn lu bj Justice
McKenna because like Mr Lane le Is
a talifornlan and thej have known each
other for vears Mr Lam accompanied
b John If Marble his successor as In
terstate CommerceCommlsaloner friends
and a couple of newspaper men went to
the Capitol from the Interstate Com
meree Commission building in a street
The oath was administers In the
clerk s office In the presence of a score
or more of Callfornians
David F Houston of Missouri at 4
0 clock formaliv puceeeded beiretarv
James Wilson as Socretarv of gnctil
tore The oath was administered bv
C C Clark, the chief clerk of the de
1 urtment
Mbcrt S Biirlebon of Texas succeeded
1'ostmastcr General Hitchcock as Post
master Gem ral the oath being adminis
tered bv Chief Justice cth Shepard of
the Court of ai peals of the District of
( oluinbla who is a Texan
lllimn C Redfleld qualified as Scr
tarj of Commi rce W llllam B W ilson
became the first head of the Department
of 1-abor Both he and Mr Redheld were
nom in b Warren R Choate chief
lerk of the Bureau of Corporations
Read About Them in The Herald
Columns Every Day
,Next Week.
Beautiful Women' What a woril of
meaning those two words conc The
makers of kingdoms the destrovers f
empires the Inspiration of warriors and
I oet of statesmen and painters How
much we should like to have met those
0jj time beauties who Inspired famous
artists to paint
some of their greatest
W e know s0m thing of their charm
from their iiortralt and we can own
copn s of the portraits painted bv these
artits Mr J Thomson W illlng author
t "como Old Time Beauties and
Dames of High Degree will introduce
ou to si of these 1 eautiful women in
(next weeks Mentor Thev arc thi
Duchess of Devonshire Mrs Sarah tld
dons Madame Igee L Brun Queen
Louisa of Prussia Madame Hccamler
and the Countess Zofia Potocka.
And each da In the columns of The
Herald the storv of one of these nor
traits will be told On Mon laj jou will
read the storj of how Thomas Gains
borough came to be a painter This
genius had a queer taste for learning to
plaj all sorts of musical instruments
Gainsborough painted the portrait of the
Duchess of Devonshire
Mr- iarah Siddons was the greatest
actress that the 1 ngilsh stage has eer
known Her famous portrait as the
Tragic Muse was painted b Sir
Joshua I ev nolds Tuesdaj s paper will
tell vou about them both
Besides being a very beautiful woman
Mgce Le Brun wan a great artist Bj
the tune sh was fiftecm vears old she
was well Known a- a portrait painter
During hr life she painted over sei i ic
tures imong tli m s veral portriits of.
T erself iu w ill be told on W cdncs
da among other things how she dared
to offend Napoleon
It is i sil truth that marriages be
tween ro il pcr-onagts are not alwavs
love matches But on Tlmrsdav jou
will read a true love ytorv that is one
of the sweetest Sie world has ever
known This is the storj ot Frederick
William III of rrassia and Queen Louisa,
whose portrait was painted manj years
after her death bj Gustav Richter
Mme Recamler and Jacques Louis
David who painted her po-tra't will bo
the subjects of Fridav s dailj ntorj
Brilliant good and beautiful Mme Re
eamier was a leader In tho political ind
literarj life of her time
slave girl who became a countess
will be the subject for Saturdaj Alex
andre Kucharskl painted the well known
picture of the Countess Zofia Potocka.
toil all Know this picture but perhaps
vou do not know the -torj of this beauti
ful girl
Thee six v-omen besides being beauti
ful plajed prominent parts In bistorj
and everj one should know about them.
n additional alue of the series too
is in tht artistic reproductions of these
world renowned portraits which accom
panj The Mentor Thej are a delight
to the eje and a pleasure to own
The dailj stones that are being pub
lislied in our columns are part of the
plan of The Associated Newspaper School
to give vou Just what jou have alwijs
wanted to know about rt Travel His
torv Science Natural Historj and Liter
aturc The Herald gives vuu daj bv
dav and week bv week the'beneflts of
this plan The dailv feature is the
human interest storv that Jou will read
In the columns of the Herald. The week
1 feature of the plan is The Mentor
which itiveg jou an illustrated article bj
an eminent authoritj on the subject
of the week. 'The Mentor al-o contains
-Ix beautiful pictures either in color or
In lntaglIo-Braure
The price of "The Mentor is 10 cents
and it can be purchased at the Herald
Ta Care Unoack
Too must first remove tho cause Most
headaches are caused by a. dlso-dered
stomach., HoX Lemon Seidlitx will put
your stomach in the pink ot condition
sna cunt your ccaaa.cn u a, m mia-
RRRRRRRRRRRbHR&Ti.-'?.',-' v'.f v r'RRRRRQflflflflflH
IRflRflRflRflRflRflRflRflRflRflRflRRbaiil-' illlRRRRRRRRBflJJfl
Wife nf th Mtretnr; of ll.or. Mm Ull
Bccaiift of ill heilth will h has tmsvl
pr to rimatn at hi r home in Blooms
urg ! dunnc the .im.l tenn that
Iier liul an I W illl mi It W Ilson becrc
tr of Ilior serve 1 in the House of
pres ntativis Mrs Wilson Is hardly
knowai t all in the apital
But Ilk Mr W ilon -he is t fn rs0n
' mirl-.d in llviduilltj Ilk him she
a native (f snitland in i cane t this
untrv as a hlld -he lived with her
pirents at not la. where Mr Wilson
jed front rase fine.
vou that I ur,ed upon the chief source
of power now tie -election of some one
else but most generounly to me I think
almost everv m mber of tills conunPtte
urhed mv selection Fer that I wo?
exceeding! grateful and I mav sa th it
the most delightful association of mv
life has 1 ecu with this eommlttee I
feel that vou all are mj frlen Is I have
etrtalnlj tried to make jou mj friends
I am going to trv to keep jou as ni
friends because that after all Is the'
biggest asset a man can ravs.
1 ortunatelv during the iast tew vears
1 have sjstcmatized the worK which is
iu w itfore us verj thoroughlv bine
the election I hav had a I irge office
fe rce at w ork putting iu shap and s si. m
atizing what we found out last 'rnnmer
even down to th prTinet eommlttee iuii
Wi are now In position in one minute
to knew who th precinct commltteem tu
is in an of vour btatei. I believe that
in order to a"uri i lontimntion of wlat
we have accomplished we have g t to
be an organized army ami unless we il
organize as an arnu we are gotnt. t
meet an organized arm) on the ther
side and there maj 1 e danger There
fore it is nee sarj that we memters of
tliifl committee keep in cloe and sjmpa
thctic connection with each other
It would be a great delight to me to
carrv em this work as rar as I can 1'
will be a great delight to me to reeiv
suggestions and advice from the mem
bers of this committee and 1 think thit
the bureau which will be established here
will be of a great deal of Influence In
keeping our partj in condition
vears from now when we are golnk to
meet strong opposition we can malnt nn
ourselves in Congress nnd can orginlze
ourselves for the great battle four jcirs
from now
eientlcmen I thank vou from the hot
lorn of mv heart for voursidvice for the
klndlv words of encouragement which
jou Irave given me I have valued the
friendships which I have made on till:
committee ind 1 enter after an election
upon the new work with renewed encrgj
and renewed zeal
Canuo, the $5,000 Pet of Mm Helen
Taft, Tumi Up While the
Police Search.
Cin-o the famed Italian poodle who
wanlcrcd aw ij from Ills mistress. Miss
Helen Taft while she was walking fr m
the W iiitc House to the rcsidenco of for
mer Seeretarj of the Navy Mcjcr on
Tucsdaj afternoon and J Fought by
the cntiro police fori of the N ttlonal
Capital has been found
although born in tho lap of luxurj and
reared amid surroun lings which might
have destroved most of his daggih qual
ities Caruso did not lose his lnstint of
directions inel felt perfectls at home in
his wanderings not to mention a ca
nlnlsh delight in a freedom to which he
has been unaccustomed
After Caruso strajed iwaj from Alice
Taft he trotted back to the W hito House
btran e oceupants of the txecutlve Man
sion cause-d Caruso to return to the
streets and he probablv wandered ill
Prions jesterdaj. and shortly after noon
a maid in the residence of Airs Thorn is
1-aughhn an aunt of Miss Taft heard i
dog scratching it the door
Caruso was found in the vestibule and
there was much business of tall wagging
and jojful Ieap3 Into the air when he
recognized the occupants of the house
V telegram was at once dispatched to
Miss Taft at Augusta Ga and she re
pied without delaj th it she was verj
glad Caruso had been found It is urob
able Caruso will be shipped to Miss
Dog fanciers sav Caiuso is worth not a
cent less than $j.0 But it is doubtful if
even that sum of money would buv the
dog He was bred in the kennels of
King Emanuel of Italj who presented
the dog to Mr George von I.. Mejtr
Mr Mtj cr prescrted Caruso to Miss Taft
and she Is much attached to tile dog
Caruso s coat is as white as snow and Is
clipped after the rrancr In which all
fashionable poodles are trimmed
Itorlal of Barton Klllinsrer
Hamilton (Ohio, March 5. Mrs William
Riley named her twins born on inaugu
ration daj. Woodrow Wilson RUey and
.'Thomas Marshall Rller
the ninthrr of eleven
first lived after his ct mil g to this eoun
trv Thej were married in IWO
Mrs w lis hi is tin mother if el ven
ehlllren two if whom have died
During Mr Wilsons nrvlce in thi
Mxtj sm.oii 1 Congress Ills daughter MIfs
Agnes Wilson lived with him hire md
also Mrvol as his rlv it s s retarj Sho
Is h voung woman of remarkable execu
tive ihllltv and before eoinlnj, lo n
kress assisted htr father in the nianag v
ment of affairs of the miners unions.
He Gires Kaffe-Klatidi for Delegation
Led by Co! Dick
l Diek Pluikett led a I mil of
fourt en Ind! in chiefs to i Kaffce
Klatseh given bv Gov Sulzcr of New
ork in the jellw parlor of the New
Willard Ho,.cl jistcrdav ( ol Dl k s
eompatiit As were the f jurteen In Han
ihief" heided lij Hi How Bear in 1 Bed
lou I Tie lartv sat down in I pro
tcded to dev. ir a ref 1st of s,tet meats
win li was w ishe 1 down with lirge eups
ef strong ffe Thej listened to the
inunl of th ! ni h Students orchetri
onvrsulon wis notheablv
the tables wer. tilled t
the loneluson if the r i asl Hollow
Horn B ar in se and expressed to Gov
-ulzer through an Indian Interireter
the thanks of tht Indi ins for the put
fforts if the Oovernor as i lcgi&lttor
In behalf ef the aborigines
Ho'low Horn Bear w is followed bj Red
Cloud who expres ed similar sentiments.
The Indian toll tie Governor that thej
knew him as a frlen I and that his repu
t itlon as a globe tn tter a triveier in
wild countries an i his particular! w
knowledge of the I nlted States was ap
preciated throughout the West
When the Lliiet will come to the
huntim, grounds of the West again
said Hollow Horn Bear we will take
him to hunt the elk and the bear and
the antelope and we will lead him to the
deep pools vvlieer the giant trout and sal
mun and grilling lie in tho shadows
and he shall sleep In the teepees of the
In a brief u"ch of thanks Gov Sulzer
told tli" eliiefs that he had been from
the first daj of his entrance Into tho field
of national affairs the friend of th crcd
man and that he would alwajs be
Then the chiefs swept out into the cor
rldor and ascended the apartments of
becretarj of btate Brjan
The new premier was addressed by threo
of the chiefs shoulder Blaele adding his
eloquence to that of Hollow Horn Bear
and Rel le u 1 Thej related some of
thisr grievances li Mr Brv in who ex
plained to tlem that his new i fiice was
that of minister of fi n ign affairs ird
Uiat the In bans were Vmencans They
wool lind he said their good friend In
Irinklln K Iinc the new Secretarj of
the Interior who would become the men
tor f the In Han tribesmen of the I nited
btatcs but "said Mr Brjan jou will
remember that "Jou have In me a friend
In the Cabinet of the new PreMdent and
mj voice nnd mj work will be for jou
when I can help vou
All of the Indian xpeoahes were made
through interpreters and Mr Brjan.
when thej had tinlshe! told them that ho
felt after listening to the graceful de
llverj of their addresses that his own
career as an orator might have been
more successful had he possessed tho
persuasive qualifications and the grace
of appcnl that marked their methods of
dellverv This pleased the chiefs great-
I anl murmurs of approval greeted Mr.
Brv an s compliment.
The chiefs appeared In their full sav
age regalia just a vesterdaj thej had
participated In the great Inaugural pa
rade Col Plunkett who occupied a place of
honor received the thanks of both host
and guests
rr M. I IsKler In Critical Con
dition nt Florida Home
Dajtona, Fla March 5 dispatch
from Palm Beach to dav sajs that Hcnrj
Fia-tler owner of the riorida Fast
Coa-t Hiilwav inl director in the
Stinlard Oil Coinpanv is verj ill at his
winter home near that esort Mr Plug
ier sustained a lia 1 fall last sundav
when he badlj injured his hip and
owing to Ills i lvorced age his friends
are apprehensive
Air riagler v.as born at Canaiulaigua
In ISM He was until lsos vice
president aid director of the btandard
Oil Companv He is ehlelv known for
his work in buildine. the Moiida I 1st
Coast Railwaj which runs for CM miles
through 1 lorida and across a long Hue
kej"s to Kej West. Ho also eiwns
two Flondi hotels which he built at a
cost of J3.00O0OO
At White Hall Col Flagler's home, to
night Information to the magnates
Officials of Association from Six States in Session Sub
stantial Growth Enjoyed by Organization Best
Year in Its History, Is the Report
From the six States in which the Na
tional Benefit Association Is doing busi
ness have coma to this city all the dis
trict managers and secretaries number
ing fifty in all to sec the National Cap
ital, the home of the association to wit
ness the political quadrennial show, the
Presidential Inauguration and attend
tho conference called by the general sec
retarj Mr S W Rutherford for the
purpose of Increasing the general ejii
ilency of the delegates as to the prin
clples and applications of insurance in
Its far reaching range. The delegates
are from Rhode Island New Jcrsej
P nnsjlvanla Delaware and Marjland
The sessions held Tuesday and jester
day were well nttended und comprehen
slve jet succinct and uf compelling In
tercst It Is believed that sufficient in
splration and enerM were imparted to
everj delegate to eompel him or her to
make the association of wider apprecla
tion and I enefit in everj negro commun
Itj that thej mav me isure up to the
opportunities w hich surroun 1 them and
sweep the insurance field before them
The conference will adjourn at noon
to daj
Hon. (, C Jorlon if this eitj local
manager of th 1- ntiltabh Life ssuranre
ciet ef New ork upon Invitation of
the association audres.ed tilt conference
vesterdaj In i mist ilexiueut und effe
tlve manner revealim, tc his auditors
truths and prlneifles heretofore unknown
ti them Ills exhortation on lojaltj and
the Inblt of thinking of twentj thirtj
an 1 forty irs ahead was a most telling
i ne Mr Jordon s ild among other in
terestlng things tl at
It seeinn reiilij like earning coals to
New Castle to ipeak of life Insurance to
this aseinblj i f master workmen One
mav speak from a s.ne of obligation and
from a ense of honor for it is an honor
to 1 selected b a bodj ef men of this
kin I to make a cpe-cch on th Mil Ject
we have In mind life insunn e huins
1 Ife insurance is a pr fesslon
In fact Uf lnsuruii. is the running
unto f tl e gosi e as the forerunner of
ur 1-ord s a mm thlnketh so Is h
s he thinks believes and wills to do
s Is he Therefore when jou till m
about a man I will ask jou what he
does and will Judge him bj what he docs
rather thin Ij whit he ajs Pin voir
faith to lif Insurance I rovlde for the
widows anl orphans the well lwing of
jour lommunltv and jou have filled out
full the highest sphere in life and laid
foundations upon which they might build
niinaafinn itiwim uHrh thev mlCftl PU1IO
...hn ,1. ,.n., heard the voice in
wilderness that the Scripture might
. -- -
le 'ulfilled life Insurance has made
the I nlted s-t ites wealth
Hftv Jears ago life Insurance was the
most unimportant of institutions It was
most remote that life Insurance would
.er le an upbuilding factor oi power
Manj a Tnan has made great a life who
upbuilding factor of power
th! nit have the opportunities vou have
vnd each f vou c in make Our life
great If jou onlj will vs a man wills
so Is hi Will Is great 1 will do it
If jou I ut jour mono in a savings
i...ni. .mi r.e li mil from time to time
If jou put ur monej In life insurance
contracts which involves aj-ment oi
monej in twent cars or more as a
fuontv vear end wment vou have t
ourself like flint and when jou have
nude two or three patnents jou have
ree pajmems ?uu ....
c ncreted ourself In force whlen nom
ink can Inak
The progress and development of tn
Nutional Benefit oc latlon di closes the
fact that a wonderful work has been
wrought one little short of a miracle
et one sinlolic if strength and sol
venc Its luminous r e rd when inter
prcte.1 and illustrated 1 worl and pic
tuie makes a stor of Intense intere-t
and lasting imprcssun
D iring the past Mar tX To t was add
ed to the surplus of the National Benefit
Aociatloii The gross receipts for 191
wcrc JHi'fO'4 and the Inmmincc which
the assoiiitim wrote In 112 ikgregated
$1 2T S3 11 represented bj Is fU policies
The secretar b A Putherlord In his
fourteenth annual statement of the Na
tlonal Benefit socl ition made to its
policv holders sticklolders and ak nts
for tho fical jear ending December 31
l.tl" savs
The combine 1 operation and affairs
show that the gross revenues for the
jear were 1G per cent over that o' the
previous jear Its onward strides stamp
It as the standard bearer of progress and
protection The J"5.000 reserve required b
the six j third Congress of the I nlted
fctatcs has In en increased to JoOOV) to
compl with the Insunncc statutes ot
Man land Into which State jour compan)
was admitted during V1! Aou are to be
congratulated upon being the first foreign
colored insurance companj to legall)
qualif) in that btate But the JjiICOO de
I cfMt is for the protection of all the
poliej holders In everv btate In which
Shekel l(cuUe$!
Get tho
Original and Genuine
Mot in any Milk Trust
lM" Insist on "HORLICK'S
Take a rcLefie homo
You're Invited to
Enter Our
Beauty Contest
Call and have sitting Tou
will be pleased with our high
class wotk
Tour picture will be, entered In
the beauty contest Valuable
prizes to winners.
The Harvey Studio,
438 7th St. N. W.
lA r
operate This is without a doubt the
largest deposit e ver made by a similar
companj as n guarantee or pledge of Us
good faltii. The high grade bonds of
which the depos t consists are available
tor payment at their race value at some
ruturc day either near or remote The
condition amounts to this V cash bond of
SjOOOO has been given to the State to as
pure the equitable and Judicious adminis
trution of the funds of the organization
In the interest of the Insured
Another powerful ind undeniable factor
established to safeguard jour fund was
the installation of an Agents Security
frund Deposit I ndcr this sjstcm every
i.Kent Is furnishing his own cash bond
This step is considered by all to be a
m st resolute one in advance
During the jear three ex imlners from
the insurance department of Alarjland
examined the records affairs and sccuri
ties of the institution. After a mo'
thorough and searching investigation
thej reporte 1 the companj Is well and
economically managed the general rec
ords art neatlj and ti curate kept
In septemt,er t,c companj purchase 1
uuiriKm lor casn ine inree siorj urictt i
basement situated at 1111 Iaimbard
Street I hlla Iili Ida ( 1 i I-or mi oflic.
rrrpert) it is verj' a Ivantgeouslv lo
cated being in tht heart of the negrj
1 usiness belt hile the premises are
Improved jet some slight alteration"
will at once be made to render tht entir
first Moor thoroughl modern n 1 suit
al le for the company s use, and the two
upper floors fir apartments These
apartments have alreadv been engaged
and the entire propertj Is at present oc
cupied As soon as alterations have bien
completed the Cermantown and I liila
delphia offices will le merged in 1 will
occup the j remises ns
home The purchase will uno, lestionabl
provi ef material practle
the work
ssistance to
Membership in or identification with
the compin is tin stepping stone to
p otcct oil age anl perhaps to solving
other econ mi an 1 industrial roblems
Sustaining the compan n reeorl of le
lng the foremost and stand ird Nmro In
surance c mpan the twent jear en
djwment has be n i Ided to its list of
marketable poiicbs The preferenc.
nearlj every prospect can now be satis
The fmanciil strength of the companj
is greater its outlining pow
Keaeral and state regulail
. , , .
KIT'" ??S'"'m'on ' mor "
i.chbiic uiaii liiui ui any vine
ny otner egro
insurance companv In operation
Condensed financial statement for 111
Premium rwriii 1U5T"S
itmss interest: irom tank IiI s, bnM'
,.-.-..- ...
j jJ 1 ."'nm.
JifeTT I
A.TCT1U n-cum fund 3
Toul ireorae dunes thi
pjtotoU returned
nl aUovnncrs iid
I(mlll Jjf
refunds and jTin'e
' to -ejected ipplicinti
II in- oft 1 y ulirir
a ,. ,,
i Iftat traielirc min Her
21 5T 91
1912 oeer disburvs
5& jO
rU ever diJur
TftUI dih.rstmer.t!
10 its
1 dmh rcEs
I 1 estf
Home aik rhil&i1s!i,s.ia P.
nuildum (t-4 til ip
Vlertft Talue ifr tux ealne
Iloni lir eal let
s ocks. muntr
ef er hmi.
svcmeil loan
ral rmilrm-l 13d
Oi mxA-tpacr
23! J
Ca h
rkivwi 4 in ha ks and tmt cpmnanje
la ofh x
3 om M
hows in no un
Value ef the business
Trand total
This eceJient record
423 9th
Wilson Inaugural Ceremonies
and Parade
Garden Symphony Orchestra of 10
'Hie actie business man is realh benefited by
a luncheon hour spent at the Sterling Hotel Not
only does the carefully prepared food prove nour
ishing and eail digested, but the quiet, calm sur
roundings, tend to refresh him for an afternoon's
Tabic d'Hotc Luncheon, 50c
Hotel Sterling
13th and E N. W.
J W. GIBSON. Mgr Formerly of Shorehara Hotel
certain manner that ther la no placard
bearing "Ne Plus Ultra no more be
jond that the border line lias not been
reuched and that tho 'door of hone und
opportunity Is still ajar and opening
wider to the negro youth of the land.
The hlstorv of the association is of
wonderful human Interest. It appeals to
the heart and brain. It benefits and in
spires the Insured to develop to monu
mental heights the noble ends. The as
sociation s rapid and substantial growth
with Its perpetual and pronounced prog
ress are attributive in a v ery marl eel
degree to its policy of a square deal to
every man woman and child In short
its established reputation for honest,
trustworthiness and promptness Is a
household word.
The officers of the National Benefit As
sociation djrive Just satisfaction and
pride from their great work not as path
finders but In the firm belief that In
helping the negro to help himself by
ameliorating his condition teaching him
economj 'and thrift they are rendering
a distinct uplift service to him as well
as the people and the nation as a whole
For the current year the officers and
directors of the association ire Dr R.
M Brown of Washington D C, presi
dent and medical director R. II Ruth
erford of Washington vice president S
W Rutherford secretary and general
manager. II AT Hawkins assistant sec
ret iry M B Wood treasurer an 1 J H
Braxton AI n lyiwerv I S Plumracr
and G W Foster with the above of
fleers completing the board of directors
Administration May Recognize Repub
lic at an Early Date, According
to Recent Letter.
Recognition of th" h ntse rcpublie
will he one f tho first questions e f fo
eign poliej with which Presi lent Wilson
ma i inn in i v, cretarv f tat 1 rvan will 1
1 inl will tonfr, nted. The influences working for
I crmanent pn nlp recognition f the new Chin "
:overnm nt whiei will he brought to
he ir upon the Democratic almimstn
ti in with renew 1 fori are o divers
inl numerous that a vieldlnk to t s
leman 1 upon Is half f tl e Chinese is
g lierall etectfil
utin P Brown of New A ork wli
his been cnlucting a campaign for tl
earlj re ogr Ition of the Chinese g em
ment h the 1 nited States 1 tst t !gb
miT mil Tie .a teller TO President W lis I
,"' urging that recognition be granted wn
In the course of his letter Air 1 row i
Ince-el Kop for the good of tne
the c nlted Mats and those
" " "" " fat"-". .v .
"encj will not drift into the cond
tion of ictharg which had such a tiki t
grip upon our outgoing Iresident in re
spect to this mitter but tint on t
contrarj vou will give It Immetdiate anl
favorable consideration "
It became krown esterdaj that Presi
dent Wilson some time ago wrote to Dr
sun Yat n the first 1 rovisional Presi
dt-nt of th chln'"!'' rei ubiic with regard
to the question of recognition Mr Av i son
at that time declined to commit hirrsel'
ujsn th ques i n of recognizing the n w
government in China but said
Permit me to sav that I hive wat h 1
nith the keeneot interest the re nt
course of events in China, and have f e t
tl strongest smpathj with everv move
ment which looks toward giving the p
rie f the great empire of China tH-
lilertv for which thej have s0 I ng tee 1
irnmg anil preparing themselv
The attitude of the Tift a imimstn
tion with regard to Calm las be u
that the present government cannot li
rei rgnlzd as anv thing more than a pr
vi-ionol government unt 1 there is some
expression upon the part of the nfr
eign authoritj of China that is the pro
p e in confirmation and ipproval of t e
new form of their government
It has been undcrst od tat recognition
wou'd follow t meeting of the natimal
assemble provlled that bodv adoj fed a
permanent constitution and conn med the
establishment of the republican form of
guv ernment
lies r
I New lork March o George If Covle.
of Midland T . has arrived at Herap-
stead long l"land with twentv sen
polo ponies to bo used In the lnternatlon
al mateh in June
Largest Morning Circulation
423 9th
A. M. TO 11 P. M.

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