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VAN SI Cuaranteed by us
I Under Food and Drum
i) I Act, June 30, 1006.
L 1 ,
(Ccpniiht 1KJ bj Court OdBlp Sjmclicite.)
King Mfonso, of Spain Is not so bereft
of fincse or of diplomacy as some would
have Ihe outside world belle e Rela
tively speaking the royal ejes of Eu
rope ncr on him when he turned his at
tention to the cortes after the tragic
death of Premier Canalejas It nas
openly predicted then that rough weathe
js In stre ind that the stabl it of
his throne dep ndtd on Jis iieallng with
he Republicans Judging from the re
ults Alfonso has n ide i successful at
empt to win te friendship If not the
support of the (radkal) admirers of
Canalejas Alfonso came to the throne
at an inexperienced nge ind is still a
iouhc man II had the burden of stiff
nicked etiqwetu tradl Ion and lntrlfcje
i bear ind to make matter wo se
ortJgal smaller and perhaps less cap'
races spending fortunes ,upon luxurious
bathing rooms or liouses. The Romans
and the Greeks of the classic period
certainly believed In the Invigorating
properties and virtues of a body that
was kept clean and wholesome We
know from chroniclers and historians
that baths always hae been considered
a i on erf ul agent for the acquisition and
maintaining of beaut j, aye that often
even they have been recommended as
remedies against illness. For this rea
on It was that In olden times so many
mineral springs were consecrated to
I rrcules the God of strength
The allegory that causes Vem.s.
' caess of Beaut)
aters Is one that may be borne con
Marshall Gets
Greeting fron
Banks of Wabash
Vice President Receives from Hoosier
Poet a Production on the
"Comic Muse."
Vice President Marshall has heard
from the Indiana poets He received
yesterday the following- lines from Mere.
rise from the dlth Nicholson novelist, poet, and local
i. i, Democratic politician. Mr Nicholson s
tantly In mind by the girl who wishes I contribution was as follows
to become beautiful or to retain to an i Hippy the mm that acalca the hcihta afar.
advanced age the beauty that she pos-1
s sss for the frequent use of the bath I
utlon deposed Its king is an indlspenslble condition to fresh-
and istab ished a republic nes smoothness and transparency of
The ad-in ed pirty In Spain bas made the perfect complexion the possession,
raiid stridts nitniii the Ia--t tin years or which can make the most Irregular
Instead of 1 eing a rev uke to re nibllcan eatures attractive because the skin re I
Ism the execution of 1-error accelerated I'lires constant cleansing to retain Its
tho movement which demanded the re- proper activity and free the pores of
auctions or the power of the cherlcals accumulations mat ir allowed to remain
nd conctslon of reforms from the I ar prejudicial to health
throne ' Modern science has made clear to
every mind the law underljlng a practice
Canalejas developed great strength out that prevailed among the Eastern na
o" this political torment He was tho tlons is a religious rite, and that as a
one man needed to tide the throne and li-xurj was carried to an almost per
.he people over a stormy period Him rlclous extent by the Romans name-Is
te r a Kadlcil C nalejas assumed a the practice of the dally bath In an-to.-k
which a less strong man would clent Rome the public bath was a place
havo bhrunk from jof amusement, to which the people went
Alforso s views of government have' ' t now go to the public parks Some
'ACn undergoing remarkable changes I people, in fact made It their almost
j ii ax-rrast to an r ngusn p incess
Blest by Olympian dewa.
But happier be whose wagon tad star
KoUow tbs conic muae
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"Van's 120"
Is Not A Quick Magic Cure.
No injurious paraffin injections or in
struments usee! No time wasted with
Massage Creams, Bust Compounds, Oils,
Lotions, rollers, cups, bandages, elec
tricity, hot compresses apor baths, or
tiresome exercises
Van s "120 It different from all other
Bust Development Treatments It Is the
easiest, most healthful and successful way
to produce results to be depended upon
natural ini-llnatl ns but more than all
Hs schojlltig under 1 1 nalejas are re
spen II le fir his irogessive Ideas In
t ii- -rost feudil 1 nd of 1- urope A
r Ttei uhlicari leider has appeared in
M-idrld enor Azc-irate Clerlfils and
rer.aivcs as well as Republicans
er supremely Interests! in his re-ep
uou T e Uepjblicins were not dlsap
I Intel H wiv welcomed 1 the King
th such cordH itv as to cause some
f the onsen ntlves to fear that the
re eption would leid 10 opening the cab
net to Re-nubl cans Indeed this is nnt
i an uniikciv The spirit of democracy
as, accomplished much In other lanrtn
so whj not in Spain the last stronghold
" the Hapburg Bourbonlc feudalism of
me viiuaie Age
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Henry Arthur MorninMm Uellesley
1-arl Cowley had to make his third
appearance as co respo-dent in tno
British dlvorre court The petitioner
was Ge ffrev Charles llunton of ork
If.,, ,n . , j n i ....... .. ..u ittn.ru ii,- wur oi miscon-
win uiusiraiions ana iieiarencES,,auc,t w,lth 'iv u "' T,',u""
I malned und femle I ant the husbanl
When I sav I can develop the bust Was granted lis chcree as well , the
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which I) k rHco In !
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postage prepaid Business private jintll a year un In pril when they
in me ii-viera i ni cowiev also
Address MARY VAN, Oep't L,
Montana Bids;. Bth Ave., Cincinnati, O
"a surprise
for thin women
t3sSSi'. A I
w -
was ttere After their rett rn to ng
land I,ord nnl Lnd Cowli were In
vi 1 t sv thm a visit an 1 It. was
(during thilr s a as tho quests f the
I intnns that it was notlcd tint tie earl
lad a grrnt deal of attention to his
ho'tevs 1 he husband spoke to his
wife about It and madn it a point that
1-nrd Cow lev should rot be ask d to
I Is houso again
miring last summ r Airs Ruxt
fix iwav from hoini a ,ood
Iting 1 er mother and friends r Dux
i ton had her shadowed an I --iinn was
I Informed tint Mrs Ituxton in I Lor 1
( owlr were stopping at tte same ho
tel (Clarldgsl using their own names
nut frcupjlng separate rooms After
her ret lm to her husbands house the
wife hlng confronted with th evl
dene admitted everv thing cintesslng
that -hf Ind been with I.ord owlcy
aid tl at thev nm fond of each nthr
sh" agrf-l that in cn" her liusban 1
would take st , to rilvnree her she
would not defend t' r- action
Ixirrt Cow lev has just enter! lis
fortj -everth nr )! was rlrst rrar
ri.d In lt li wife I ring I lv 10
let Neville a famo is boa itv and a
daughter file Mar us o' bergav
nnv Ho ihen 1 or" the tltl of Ms
ro int Dargan as It vvas ml In kj,
that he s icceeded his father as 1 arl
wlov lads inlet nbtalred a dl-vori-e
in lSD" I Ive voars later th-
unt'nua pastime Thev bathed at nleht
and In the morning they bathed after
the gvmnastlc exercises and they bathed
before their cl lef meal Thev also
bathed before undertaking any business
of great Importance In this they lml
tated the Greeks who also bathed before
beginning unj enterprise requiring ener
gy and coolness In our own time one
great preacher now dead Invariably
took to bath before entering the pulpit
Desides th public baths, every Roman
lad had her private bath at home His
torj tells of bath of silver, large enough
to allow the bather to swim In, of ceil
ings and cornices of bathrooms adorned
with rich mosaics or walls lncrusted
with marqueterle and Jeweled with
Thasos stones bo rare that even temples
could not alwajs be decorated with them
The most exquisite perfumes were added
to the water of the bath only tho poor
est of the Ronians being content to ue
Jasmine or bran
My you. oh Ilocsia- rapt In tofa brlfht.
Never the guiding lose
Of that acgrlio diughtrr of delight
R name the comic muse
ITilloserfty alert to bred her call.
Nothing can long rtfuae
Vllom encamped by folly flimsy wad
Winks at the curate muar
The Ice President offered no explana
tion when ho unveiled the Indiana poet's
Baltimore, Md , March 5. How the)
flag of Maryland was spat upon and
the State a women tripped and Insulted
yesterday by the Capital crowd was
told to-day by those who suffered or
had seen others suffer
Aside from suffrage affiliations, tho
manhood and womanhood of Maryland
are to-day wrathy. Here Is what the
paraders told to-dav
'The police of Washington stood by.
doing nothing except to laugh or give
false directions Men lining the route
of the suffrage parade thrust out their
legs and tripped women marchers"
Mrs. S Johnson foe said sne saw
one joung girl chuckled under the chin
by a leering man. The result will be
Indignation meetings of the su-frag-Ists
Protests will be made to tho
Mar land Representatives and formally
to the Governor or Mar land Steps
wl'l be taken to see that MaJ Sil
vester, blamed by the majority for the
outrage, may be removed as chief of
Mrs. Donald R. Hooker, president or
the Just Government League said
I believe that the whole matter was
Intentional on the part of Sylvester
He was opposed to the parade tried to
have It go through side streets At
our indignation meeting we vowed to
do what we could to have him ousted"
Perfect Hearing
.ir ii
SuMr Ms m
Diane do Poltleri" s mvstenous and
lnlster 1 eaut was preserved bv the
Mmplrst vrt most practical means of
lrtthlnt, and bv active fresh air xer
i ise with a needful amount of repose.
he roe at o a m and took a cold bath
ufing rain watrr ns a basis of her tub
und ad ling to this various eostly in
gredients The fame of her morning
lsvth has come down to us through the
nturles In man a naive page one
chronicler going so far as to sav that
scattrred crushed gold over the wa
of hr bath but this probably Is
fable An how after the legendar tub
ould rls and bunt and then return
to bed for an hour or two to read and
A heautv lath usl bv holies of the
Middle A.cs was prepared with one
pound each of barle and oatmeal half
. (a pound of rlee nna. and a half rounds
ul tui vi iz.r e iujiiii -e-e-u-i imrr iuuiiia
of bran an 1 a quarter of a pund each
of 1 orago and glllv flower These ln
grodlents wore boiled in soft water
for an hour and strained and two
quarts of tho decoction were added to
tho bath water In vv hich previousl
had been dissolved an ounce each of
substancos similar to borax and bicar
bonate of soda
Another famn is beaut bath was
composed of half a pint of alcohol
two ounces each of spirit of camjhor
and spirit of ammonia five ounces each
e f sea salt nnd ono quart of boiling
watir This mixture well shaken was
addod to a bath of warm water, and
was regarded as an cxccllt-nt skin
earl was co respon lent in a suit
Thousands o! thin wonen have been gettlas brought Iv :ir Charles Hartrop s,,k
wonderful results frcra a treatment which Is 15 ln ' dlvorco from his wife n daug'i
ears ok! end calcine in popularity ev err day er of tho first Raron Nu-iburnhnlme
It has not cost then a penny to tr it nor will Vhor, was Iohot a cross petition
" nn ,riii ho , rr,rid , XoLi-Mort , , on." aft'r Prntraotol litigation both
chance in jcur a-pearance w hrn the treatment "" . WPrP dismissed In ltO clrin
nas proceed its e ctt it t ab Deen astonlsmne ' " r i h.uki e n rrin i s ill ana
iThasTe'ercdton lo entoTod anv We f,"e Caries l.' ,athV ln ffr-"cs " ""
attractive-even fasclnatnr Ther tell us they ao ,,. ii 1..1.V - '""p" ' render the skin soft as velvet and
seeratobeattractlazarattertoc attention which ,,, ,, , . ,, """' """ " 0uthful looklns. as a child
they nevcrenjojed and had ceased to expect. "---. -i .-i.ij innrnp ivas marri
te toaav satnc send tno your treo ,,p "Pr torme r paramour the amoro
Man famous heaut'es hesides Diane
bad faith In aromatic baths for the
presorv atlon of beaut It Is strange
to loarn or tho means that not Infre
quent! were used to obtain the de
sired en I snme covered the entire
surface of their lath with fresh vio
lets In winter and roso or jasmine
petals In summer famous Spanish
dancer bathos In weak tea to which
a costlv rose essence Is added the tea
giving t i I or skin i rich warm color
rarls thire are numerous beautv
ns and ther. Is one In which are
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lif l itlkTeV. 1 Ik II onK fault Kinoi. ;iih;tnntin1 mpcli th.ar ve til II I
QfXTrnVfsmlfiDi II
is m sl u k
mwm mi ruiiiuiBts, uiin, -w
imm.imi ie .....
s-a 3ly puiirrH9fc uxecuent ijuant iapestr, trie sort I
ttZ-lk'X' tV t,nt Wl" wcar 1 nne;ea and bordered I
' jli !i ri'r st)'cs ,n beautiful patterns, shghth soiled I
unmimin . .
hnnvvwiimi AniuRHrti rra
; Automobiles
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tapper sufficient Drltne NeneFesh been smitton -xlth annthir mnn
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perial throno nMerthricss has vexed the
policies of tht Gerrmn V mperors
The Iuk- of r umherlan 1 whos hi-ir
Vhltn-y sKere Hesh Builar provided It is Prince I- rnst Is an 1 reccntlj had ocia-
tfcerst trial sender has received c I. Jones sion to tell rails himself an 1 lb called
Tho Parislenne b her tepi 1 bath
Ters that her ntni are soo lied and
her skin render d tiaslk and lirm
When she hia reason to desire i tunic
nfluence from her ablution- her I ath Thc , QaraKe 1M-S V
in rendered art matii b menus of a
lountiful addltln of a decoction madt
of 6u0 prams of finely rulcriied car.
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:i.eir.h ,h . naif thit qmnt!t of eucal ptu A tea --
spoonfjl of the decoction she uses In
bisinful of water for her dailj facial
ablutions is ui as addinB the mixture
to her lath
ii a. hiiim: a
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eKlects to
iltli inilet
Kimr of Man ltream "lnK It sparing hut workinir
iini, oi nan ... .. ifrt .u ! .
. .... in... un- rir i iieii 11:1m,
tnce a week lb broucht to her In her
dressing room n basin of tepid milk
to which has been added a tcaspoonfnl
of tincture of benzoin and double the
inntltx of extract of oranpre flowers
1th this her bod Is lied and ail
111 be allowed to 1 ecame absorbed
ml) the Fkln after which a tepid bath
Is taken to rinse off the stickiness V
bath of oranpe blossoms sounds luxu
rious and Is one of the little luxuries
b the trench wom-
bj the w rarely Is without
a bottle of orance flower water on her
toilet nble simple prescription used
In a er beautiful French woman for
softentnjr and cleirlnc the skin is com
posed of nothlT-tr more than slxt
i few of the filtliful
oer thouRh no king has ruled "n Han
ocr since I when thTt kinclom took
tho lolns fide was punishe I b Prussia
and at the close of tint war annered to
the Hohenzollero throne The house of
Ouelpl ceised to rein 1 t t rcic -.s
been reconciled and Its claims have been
1 fpt alhe h tli - i ss s
josed (bllndi Klne oc rce who I ears
the British title of Duke of Cumberland
lestowed upon the son of deorse III
who on t e separation of the crown- f
flreat Hrltaln nnd Hanover succeeded to enJed in sea
the 'hrone of the litter He was sue
cecded b the blind KinB who list Ills
tl' In 1cj; at Iancenzola
That was the last appearand of the
brae Hanoveriins in the field and they
mlsht Hen hive defeated the small
Ifirce which Prussia being hcavii en
None Better
'!5 9lhSL N N. M 7685
Mt and aeren paaaenftr ear
1318 L St. N.W.
Phon N 1470
rans of ulcerlne and 100 cnm
K-iged In IVh mil with the big Austrian "range flower water diluted with a cou-
armi-was able to throw Into Thurincla, ple ' '""rts or sott water
but for the action of their Haartan al- Cheap substitutes for the costly
lies who left theme to bear the brunt of 'aths of medieal times, are found In
Irussias wrath for siding with Austria, "ran oatmenl starch and salt baths.
A calico Inn filled with starch and
The depised djnast went Into etile to bnn shoul 1 be boiled fifteen minutes
Grat I'ritaln hut the pre-cnt head of In water and the lstter adlert to th
the familj resides most of t e Mar at bith when the whitening aid soften
Gmunden In Austria where he persists lnr effect of the sitn is excollen
in maintaining n sort of hidowv court here additional firmness of tie skn
cf his own He has a strong hold upon li needed two dras each of rose
the affections of the IIano. Hans There marj csmphor and l-i-nder when In
ir ,ci will mid iu 2-cnt atamrs for a pua , ' " " ",uc hrouP ol oepunes in me season should be snaked n on- nlnt of
t 1: njchanjm Piial rmbroiderj NenUes. '"" iHicniiac w no nre proua to can w bite w ine vlnee-ar several hours then
oanrte-d tn bathe best rmbrokiMT Need made- themselves the Guclph part and who the mlx'ure sho il be strained 1nI
,. .. , '"", "" '"' "" m ee k im raitriaii uiusceverj cnance tney get to the lotion added to he bath nd 1
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fferlng them at two
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win" hdl,Jrn ha" b"n rrinted which
Joritv ,KUf" a,nra one cop abso
fy f.e to r,y person who asks
for It There will not be a cen to py
i.r? "..? 1,'iessan to write fa pot
n ,t wl'. .to koU Laboratory.
IVpt IssF Hochester. -i and the
.!.. " come to ou Promptly, la
plain wrapper gratis postpaid.
Health Damaerd by llnc Eyes
V eak or liling ejes do not hold tbelr
disorders within themselves but a-e
often allied with other serious troubles
such is headaihes nervousness neu-r-isthenla
sleeplessness morbid crav
ings fear of approaching cilamlty in
fllWii 2 eoncentnte thoughts, lrrl
laiiiiitj despondency and a long train
o o her afflictions which could be elim
inated If the ee.s were K-n,.l,. . .
normal condition so thit glasses need
book tells about
how to overcome
not be used
these disorders
the progress of science ln this nge of
wonders of flvinff machines wireless
telegraph), telephones, phonographs . ,,"'" nemtlfol Eyes.
&C but especially in the marvelous , l'f n' oiir glasses, adopt tho
advancement of knowledge In saving "mole method explained ln the book,
lives and health including that of the an1 iou, ma "oon become the pos
all-important organs of sight' """"' " beautiful expressive, soulful
BjrCn Ab M"",r ur: ?"?" "ToVl;.,ejm,ii,:rV,.,,!f.1d:r
A book has been written bj Dr Cor- Ing glasses who could oon discard
ish. an eminent .New ork phvslclan. them if they adopted the method
on ees'rain and other eve disorders brought forth by Dr Corish A peron
which cause sQ much trouble to those with nmni-ii ,.f. ...i.f. ....
afflicted Including the need of wearing from disfiguring spectacles has the
eyeglasses or spectacles best winning chine. i iif.
This treatise explains a simple safe. . . . . .
self home-treatment mctno.l whereby ,.,., i..", '"J .'"
one who wears eveglasses or fears the , "jl..i we,K,ht ln Rrt, ,s ne of
need of soon doing so may graduallv "" ??'? J tteJ .us.fd 1n P'alnc
strengthen the nerves muscles ind Ur Cor'sh book It is Interesting for
branes of the ees until they arc ".' " , r"1.;1 ?" ,w" inistres
much better condition that "op- " e aml ,h.e method described as well
tlcians windows' are unnecessary ," l'tr',, "' .OHr iori semfnt. are te
Anv one who reads the book soon real- !n? Imitated as are all good things -
Izes that Dr Corish has i,Ivcn the nl" Dra.s.i could never replace Hue
world what It bns long desl-.d a sjs- s,oId neither could anv thing else take
tern of eye s-iv ing that is ibolutel de- ' ,,.p'',c" " Dr Corish s book and
. M ne ttellniTnnn onlntn ntrnnlna nf method so do notdelav but write now
other harmful drugs commonly used In ?" w!" be surprised and deUehted
eye remedies aril which depend chiefly
with what you receive
needle with 2 eenta for rwatace
htudy and Lsaon are Atsolutdj ytw? AU we aak
Is yrsir Jsrsnise to nae oalj
Richardson's Grand Prize FlloSllk
ntnoideriue the Doily You will also grt trm
Zhty reallj remain the Irreconcileable
lut what will the) do when their idols
heir weds the daughter of the Kaistr'
rnncess ictorla Louise is her father
Cornish Plnpe 'Names
He often has declared Frn " ,""1"" Oro-Ic'e
ITemiam Art Book ahowirg appIe f the .e
publicly that she would marrv for love Cornish place mmes are remarkable for
only that he would never sacrifice his he n 'mber of obscure Celtic saints they
darling to political schemes Has hs commemorate, such as St. Tudy St Cuby,
done it The young princess has but rare- s T nv. bt Enodoc. St Ttrisc. and St
ly If at all, seen the scion of the Guelphs Flnbarrow A story is told of a Cornish
thorn she Is to wed She was in his so- cand date for ordination who when ask-
cietv actually for rso hours at a tea ed by the examining chaplsln where he
party and the announcement of their born, replied At St Eval giving
betrothal Is reported to have followed the local pronunciation 'Sandeval
,.. . ,. " , Good heavens' exclaimed the chaplain
The. news that the Prince's de Hasan ! l now thei hnve nme .,on ....
Duchess; de Talleyrtyid Perigord (our In Cornwall but I should never v,nl
tney would cononlze him
It is eatimaud tiiat an iarcstment of J360 0GOOOO
wwuld tc reruirpd to pnMlure mecbanlcallj aa mnch
litmeoi as rra nitrate deposits yield ererr
JJ And 14 Other Makes of Bicycles.
H Sundries and Itepalrlna;.
S Jfl-SI I0TTI ST. sw.
J: Open Ev-nlucs Until TiSO M-3.
Aist) Suppliss
Of Every Kind Always Hera,
I upon the finer principles of nature
Dr Corish his written enthusiastic
ally yet carefully He comes forward
with the edict mat eyeglasses must go
Ills slogan is
Throw Assay Hnr Glasses
The Doctor says tho ancients never ChTTINjQ ENTIRELY RID
disfigured their facial beauty with GLASSES IN SHORT TIME.
e . N w
r tSk "k r
MALL'S is thc Hardware
Store with the complete
tock. and the little prices.
Stall's Hardware Store, 713 7th St.N. W.
I r Jlargit Balogh i Hungarian wom
nn has been appointed by the Hungar
1 ii minister of Instruction to engage in
geological research work ln connection
with a French expedition to tbe as
Mountain, ln Northwest At
Expert Electric Vehic e Repairing
Muragr rmtlerles repaired ana
Charged and Built to Orivr
own Anna Gould that was) Is having on lmiclned
her French eslatc in addition built to There are three other qornlsh villages u
v v .i. .!: "' wnose names it wouia ne hard to matcii CntiTlllaVnBTU aTCICCB lfa
an Immense ba'h ln the ancient Roman for singularity Bramble. Lorton Ap- aUilalHHMIII KtlStll COs
etyle, recalls man) Instances of former prentice, and Drunkards AU Fhon M. X2. Raar Ills I, auH.lt.
Diabetes has heretofore been conlkleml Inciirabi.
aud tbe crlj bcl beld cut to tba afflicted baa
been to rroloiz tbnr rar by strict hrtlc.
l ulant ecrntlr ducorrred ln yirum rltM4
Diabrtcl llrrb Us been f ml to be a sisrine lj tbe Means natural fl-ivor and highest nu
trratioerit cf diatelrs q icLly reducing tie tiseiCv trttion ln
wawnnua. airaiibriuu ni.wilHisjtu . Tj1, harmless sejetable reran!, will rtliete it,.'
J laurat or bis worst sjmprum- in tbe most agera
fated easea, within a week and to jtoce it we will
of special talne t the diabetic containing latest '
diet list ard rich .lie tij- of food salitn giriiij Boiling hot starch will remove Iodine
I rxreentace cf stairn and io.ar tcarbobrdrates) la .Ain .. n ..
I i Jl... t I. I l"""" '-' S411ST11 tt4IU TOl.UU.
And Battery Rentrd Finished
Automobile Lightlnf
And Ignition Supplies
2106 Pa. Ave. W. 25
Tell jror tfflirtrf frircdi of tbli offrr tnd Mncl
Staas., reports a child of
se tewts, fnr a faiiizn see .i-l.m susMltwo and one-h&lf yeara that la xand of
813 14th St. N. W. Tl. M. 381S CHEMICAL CO, tVox UK. WUtsej roiat, N. T. taklnE snuS.

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