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"-' i
Rules Suit Amateur Moguls Kid Egan Meets Daly To-night
Commission Hears Reports of
Chairman Beach, but Ac
tion Is Deferred.
Amateur Baseball Will Boom
District Under New
The president, the firt vice
president, and the seiond ice
president shall be known us the
board of covernors. and herein
after ma be referred to as the
board This body Is to be non
pirtisan. and shall have full
power and aulhontv to construe
and carr out the provisions of
the constitution. reason and
Iot-seasoii plaving rules, and
tli agreement, to enforce ob
servance hcreof. as well as of
all requirements, rulinps. rules,
or orders of the boaid made or
issued hereunder, with authority
to fix fines and penalties for in
frictioni thereof to conduct
ind covern the post-season
championship series, to assess
nd expend sums of money as
ma be necessary for the main
tenance of the association and
to carr out its objects: to call
for witnesses, papers, books,
& . to hear, or review, and de
cide all matters, in the name of
the association, as maj prop
erlv come before it, and their
decision fchall be final. It shall
liave power to invite leagues to
slfrn the agreement herein set
forth, and upon a refusal to do
so to bar any or all its players
from participating in games un
der tins association.
Fifteen-round Club To-aerrow Nigkt
Expected to Be a Wkirl-
wiad Flint
Baltimore. Md., .March 17 Baltimore
and Washington boxing fans are book
ing on seeing a whirlwind battle to
morrow evening, when Knockout Johnny
Daly, of this city, clashes for fifteen
rounds -with Kid Egan, of Washington,
before the Fallaway Athletic Club at the
Mounmental Theater. No ring event this
winter has attracted so much Interest
as the Daly-Egan battle, and a record
crowd is expected from the Capital City
to sec the rugged feather-weights ex
change wallop. The coitest is sure to
be hard fought from the tap of the
gong, as in January the pair went ten
hurricane rounds to a draw. With five
more sessions to travel, each boxer is
confident of winning.
Egan continues to rule a slight favorite
In the betting, but the adherents of the
local boxer -ire lacking him to wrest the
honors The Washlngtonlan arrived in
town this evening, apparently in great
shape for the mljl Ho is well pleased
over the selection of Abe Ullman as ref
eree, and he feels certain of getting a
squaie deal Kgan still maintains that
he should have been given the verdict
over Da! in then last meeting, and he
means to score a decisive victory this
time Daly will be favored in weight.
Kgan s seconds will be his brother, Char
lej. Jie Turner, the Washington wres
tler; Young Thomas, and pcssibly Pat
O Connor.
The flrtt prelimlnarv will start prompt
ly at S X, to enable the Washington con
tingent to have ample time to make rail
road connections before midnight.
of MncGanifi
By C. IV. SWW.
The three-man rule will be adopted bv
i the amiteur baseball leagues of the Dis
trict of Columbia, and at the meeting
rcliedulcd for Triday night the commis
sion will pats out of existence
This is the substance of the meetingI
f the commission held last night at
tpaldinsn. with President Robert H.
i-oung presiding
Th c rules committee reported and that
is all which really happened at the
initial conference of the amateur com
mirsion of tne present jear Quite a
few bouquets were handed around the
members of the commission being In a
loving mood rather different from some
or the meetings held Ian summer.
S Edward Beach chairman of the
rales committee, presented his report in
such a manner that all the meeting un
oerstood every part of the new- rules at
oric Copies of the constitution were
lianded out and little delay was ex
perienced The new rules will do awav- with the
commission that is the voting power
of the members of the commission The
name of the organization will be changed
to the association, with three men. the
president, first vlie president, and second
vice pretJent acting as the board of
Clark Uriffltn. manager of the Nation
tils has been named as one vice presi
dent, while it is hoped that Fred Dennet.
who acted as vice president last season,
will again be prevailed upon to accept
the office Robert "ioung will again be
the president and presiding officer.
The "Hone' B05" cup was accepted bv
the commission, and the amateur cham
pions this year will receive this hand-j-ome
trophv. which will stand nearly
three feet high
r When George Evans, the 'Honey Boy."
was in Washington a short time ago. he
made the proposition to donate a silver
cup to the championship amateur rlub.
and last night's action was the first
official move made bv- the commission
Evans has given quite a few cups awav
in the past four years, and Is Known
among showmen as the real fan of the
One suggestion made at the meeting
last nignt will never become a rule
tf-at i. to have the secretaries of the
different leagues become assistants to
Secretarv hhurtleff, of the association,
as the commission will be known in the
The reason win this will never become
a rule is that the secretaries are not
paid by the leagues. In the majoritv of
the cases, and when they are paid thev
are tho official scorers, and the boys will
not take the time to do all the work
required of a secretary who will do his
Secretary PhurtlcfTs idea is to hav
the secretaries of the leagues send their
( ontracts, releases, and other official
business to him but once a week, and
while this mav be a good plan it will
plunge the association into a lot of
trouble, as the minagers will kick at not
having the men registered with the com
mission in time to play.
This may prove to be a good move,
nfter a little change is made in the
wording of the rule, as stated last night
The majoritv of the leagues are readv
for business, but at least two of the cir
cuits which were in the field last season
are doomed to a slow death
The Northern and Columbia Leagues
will not be in the field this year At
least nothing lias been heard from them
to date, and It looks like they are
The Sunday School League of last sea
son will more than likely change its
name, so as to allow the managers to
get better teams than in the past.
President Iove, of the East Washing
ton Sunday bchool League, stated last
night that six clubs would compose the
circuit this season Instead of four, as
last year, and that the teams would be
more evenly balanced
Jn the Deparimental league a good
reason Is looked for, as President Chance
stated last night that at least six clubs
would take the field at the start of the
reason. The same teams which fought for
the pennant last summer are expected to
be in the running again.
President Waters, of the R R T. Jf. C
A. circuit, made the statement that a
four-cluh league would again be con
trolled bv the R. R Y M C. A . and
that plans are being made for the re
sumption or play at once.
In the Marquette League six good, fast
clubs will be seen, as plans arc now
under way to organize this circuit in a
better manner than last year.
riratrs taptnre Flrat
Hot Springs. Ark, March 17 Kelley.
an Irishman, belted a fast one delivered
by "Dutch" Leonard to the 1 enter field
fence for three bases in the fifth inning
of to-day s game between the Red Sox
and the rirates. the first one of their
nine-game series, and that was the chief
reason the National Leaguers defeated
the world's champions. Score, 4 to 3.
Hans Wagner's defense work was
clearly the feature of the battle. Wag
ner also cracked out his side's first hit,
a stiff double to center in the fifth, and
also brought in the first tally. All five
pitchers showed excellent form
The local bnr, who nrrts K O Johnnj lUly in
Baltimore riaj thi ptpdios
rmtiBftt ... in j
Jones . ... 77 S3 77
(.not ... 93 111 7
Flnsham . TO K 31
ttilllir . . -4 57 7S
Bell 99 SJ C
Total .... til (7 C5
Y Hurley ... a
Dummy . .... 80
Bon: .
Total .
Klasoock 101 S7 to
V-reU S S 101
Hldunin . .. IM IOC 100
Altrn K lit J
lUduTcr 1 9
Total Hi 488 C
35 I Hiltanidle
ToUl . . :h
smh Floor
Diviur . 95 1 SO . I
Hiltabidle . M 6 l I
M U 100
I7J 33 34 I
Total .
. 89 101 118
. ZX 37 38
111 10:
S 100 93
. .L 12b 79
..99 . Thomas .
1C9 11! 118 IcTIhsci .. ..
. '05 103 109 I Luau
.107 S3 104 I Darter ..
97 9" 95 . Cois.fll
Maniord 1OT 119 125 1 Klni-r
oodman 3Z v 71 1 Vleatiy
rer!y ..101 9s 93 I Ulioct .
Totil . . 509 490 509 t Total
4 91 M
loo 103 vr.
a los 8:
Humrn .
l Nnl
Lovcday .
vlrl.M .
MiUir .
Total .
Hrooke . .
Minn . .
Victoria Athletic Clab to Play aval
Clan at Hlverslae rark.
The Victoria Athletic Club, of Southeast
Washington, will take the field for the
first time for the season of 191J by play
ing the Naval club on Its home grounds,
at Tenth and O Streets Southeast, better
known as Riverside rark. There are
quite a number of promising candidates
out for the team this season, which Is
very encouraging to its many followers.
Those who have reported to date are
Regan. Capt. Pumphrey. Peyton. Davis,
Murrav. Hall. Rodger. Collingsworth,
Coleman. Watson. Jackson, and Johnson.
Any team desiring games can have same
by communicating with fieorge Cole,
managerJ13 Eighth Street Southeast.
FIRsT RACE yiaiden. thrre-year-cld and up
ward, ail tartonrs- R H Gray, 107 (Picifiw). t
to 1. won: bjovrtt 102 (Ohert), 5 to 1, aeoood:
Fuch.il. 100 (Van Dusnl. 6 to :. third Tim?.
1 17 3-5 Anna. Claire. SoosSale. Richland. Pink
Jttau W Ufy B . bwet Tlmrs. Coo. Kenneth D .
Old Hank. Morgan Wilson alio ran.
SECOND RACE-Fmir yar-oldj and nrwtrd.
ar'linr. ail furlong- Mar Gift. Ill (Van Ihivn).
4 to 5. won; henalor brarka. 116 (Frueh). t to 1.
aecond; Star Rose. 11) (Andrew). 15 to 1. third
Tune. 1.18 :-S. Bad Ntwi II. Gran Mr. Cliff
top, Lady Hushes. Chilton 8o.na.ir, Ben rnor.
Ca?n and Blltzen Jr . alao ran.
THIRD RACE Four-yerold and upward, tell
inf. hi furlonp: Camellia, 1( (Wolfe). M to L
won; Bodkin, 115 (Mondon), 2 to 1 aecood: New
Star, 110 (TapUnl. 10 to 1. third Time. I 15 44
Tiny Tim Quinr? Belle. Jim Vilton. Meriae,
Itlaneh tranori. lletecr: Golden Treaaure. hidon
also ran
FOURTH RACE-St. Patrick's Day handicap.
of it.200, three-year-olds and npward; one milt
and a fnrlocl. John Fnrloor. 115 (Wilson). J to I
won. Cherrj-ola. 110 (Koerner). It to 1 iecned;
MUtoo B , 100 (Ford). 19 to 1. third Time
1.54 J-5 tolthorpe. Merry Lad. White Wool.
Carlton c, . and Faton also ran
FIFTH It vCE-Thrre year-oldi and npward; aell
ing. six furlong. Thema Gill. 88 (Sniderl. II to
U won; Coppertown 113 (Dreyer). 15 (o 1. aec-
ond; Nimbus 107 (Taplin), 3 lr I third Tune
1 15 1-6 Groarenor, Gardenia. Chemulpo and
Kagman also ran.
SIXTH n.CL-Four rear-olds and upward aell
tng, ooe aDd one sixteenths miles Bine Mouse
107 (-klmn) 4 to 1 won. Cuttyhunk 110
(Bauer) 7 to 5 second Mycenae. 10a (Benscot
ten). 13 to 5 third Time 1J0 Montagni. Rous
, rretend and Haldnnan also ran
IB Ri-ler
". Hiendel
I Ripley
103 99 115 1 Morgan ( 91 93
.. 8a 89 80
... 175 183 178
ToUl Co:
. . 91 Uo lit
... lZ 139 131
.. 139 IT) 138
... .188 IS 1-5 1 Bonn
133 153 IN
179 166 177
...185 181 1U
Lewis 157 172
Total ....SK 17 779
nana A Co.
sehoBeld .. lot 109 103
(.ner 93 115 95
Hahn HO 103 88
Vorelshergrr 1JI "8 98
Hollidgo 101 93 90
Total 524 518 472
, 1M 139 213
18 146 138
.... 179 189 230
flartman . . 157 137 197
Ibomas . ... 204 178 lit
Total 887 SO 932
Buckley 114 X
Cunningham .87 83
Register 87 66
Leiy 123 104
Hughes 93 84
Total Itt 423 467
Evening Star BaHimonj Nesrs
tsennucx us 13b ua
Itodnrk 96 92
ToUl 4& 473 483 I
rahner 83 117 83
Menka 91 Ml 116
Total .554 S30 521
Irlnh-Datch Game OAT.
Tampa, "la , March 17 Rain prevent
ed tu-day's game bstween the Irish and
the Dutch. The Cubs wonted under shel
ter at the clubhouse in two squads. The
catchers and pitchers tossed the pill to
the youngsters In the morning session.
After luncheon the inflelocrs and out
fielders rehearsed
lanlceeaj Isame Challenge.
The Yankee Athletic Baseball Club will
meet the Oakland Club. April 5. at Six
teenth Street and Columbia Road. Game
called at 2 o'clock. The Yankees are
ready to meet any team in the District
averaging fifteen years. Address John
H. Robinson. 133 E Street Northwest
The managerial weedlng-out ax is a,l
that baseball recruits know about ma
tbintzy these days,
President Wilson to
Throw Out First Ball
PrrialdeBt tAoodrotr tMlaoa
yesterday latlmated that he
v-rould throw the flrat ball rrhen
the 1 anker. nadrr Fraak
Chance, aDd Clark Grimth'a Na
tionals open the American League
season here.
riRST RCE-Four furlonfi: May L.. 8 to
won. Harbsrd. 5 to 7 second. Sir Harry, 8 to
third Time. 6 17 4 S Robert Mant.ll. Best
Be. autumnal. Lennie D. bulla Ward. Ta Hi
alp also ran
SECOND RACE-Six furlongs. 7ulu 6 to 5.
won. Merlin. 2 to 1. second. "Ethel Wicks 5 to 2.
third Time, 1 13 4 Ruth Esther. Ijn. Booger
Battle. Meada, Stone Cutter. Quick Trip. Oscuro,
Bellsnirlfer. Crei also ran
THIRD RACE-Mile. Butterhall. 18 to 5 won;
Mary Irmly, 3 to 1, second: Adolante. II to 5,
third Time. 1J3 1 5 Bob Farley. Dixie. Fancy,
Ocean Queen. Filing Godfather also ran
FOURTH RACE-Su furlongs Fundamental. S
to 1 won: Venetian. 8 to 5. second. Chilla. 2 to 5.
third Time. 1 13 Nello, Auto Girl, Isom.
Calash Milt Jones. Deshon alao ran
FIFTH RACE-Six furlongs- Chanticlear. h to
5 won; Marsand, 9 to 5. second: Masalo. 9 tn 5.
third Time, 1 12 2-5 Loving 3fose, Arsgonese.
Annual Interest GemmtU also ran
SIXTH RACE-Mlle: Jack O Lantern. 11 to 5.
won. Suffragist. 3 to 5. second; Loredar. 3 to 2.
third Time, 1.18 1-3. Brando. Bit of Fortune.
Black Mate. Acumen also ran
Tale is starting to train early this
year. The opening game will be played
In Norfolk, Va., March ZU
FIRST RACE-Selling. maiden three year-olds.
fire, and one-half furlongs: J3ad Steams, 107;
Eagle Wing 110. Maddaleoa. 110: Black Eyed
Susan. 110; El Sahso. 110, Juris-? Denton II , 112,
l.nke Vanxandey. 112: King Radioed. 112. band Key,
112, Kali Inla, 112, tvamcnatka, 115; ChocUw,
115: John Hart. 115.
SECOND RACE Sailing, threr-year-olda and up
ward, six lurlouas: Ardelon. 99: Frojan Belle,
100. King Lear. 107; Zool. W6; Ramsey. IK; Zink
and. UO, Angelus. lift; JMIntte. 110; Delaney. lit;
Edmond Adams, lit: Hidden Hand. 110. Ish-
koodan. 113.
THIRD RACE-Selling, four year-olda and np
ward. one and one-eighth railea: Baby Doll,
99; Sleeplaad. 101; Dudo, 101; Sam Bernard. 105;
Ben Wilson, H6; LchigD, 106; h. M. Eckert, 11:
Dick Baker. 113.
FOURTH RACE-HacdicaD. three-nar-olda and
upward. acTen furlongs: Mockler 95; Stickpin. 109;
Any Fort. 1; Upright, 100; Meadow, 102; Lack'
maa 110. Dorothy Dean. 110.
FIFTH RACE-Selling. three year-olds and np-
ara, six lunongs; oairasor. yj: AneesTOrs. vs;
Nonnie McDee. 100; Manasseh. 100: Mandadero.
1C2; Flying Footsteps, 103; Royal Dolly. 105. Seneca,
Its; Iladdy Gip. 105; sir Alrcacot, 107; Gold Fin,
108: Napanick, 108
SIXTH RACE Selling, four year-olds and up
ward, one mile: Ferrona 91; Transparent. 97;
Mary Emily, 99; Lotla CreedvlOO: Sugar Lump,
BUr Ashland. 102: Wicket. 102: Daic 31ont-
gomery, 102, Oswald B , 102; Comptcn, 110, Collnct,
'Apprentice allowance claimed.
FIRST RACE-Purse. BOO: three-year-olds: aellint:
fire and one-half ftrrlongt. Frank Hudson. 117. Mama
Johnson. 50; Tolly Worth. 98; Pink Lady, 98; Kelly.
Ancon. 103, Juariuin, 107; Cutie B., 107.
3UU.M RACE-Purse. 1300: two-yrar-olda: sell
ing: three and one-half furlongs. Bulgar. 117: Pat
nnuedge .06: Colors. 106: Uummacr. 106: I-"ront
RoyaL 107; Flaming Flamingo, 110; Bulgarian, 111;
Salrador. 112; Free Trade. 113; Harwood. 114; Ase,
THIRD RACE-Pur-e. 5300: three-iear-olda and up
ward: telling; Are and one-half furlongs. Lthelburg
ll. w: uroaaenor, 97; Theo Cook. 101; lley, 104;
Roaa Queen, 105; FatheroU, IDS; Martre, 107.
FOURTH RACE-Purse. COO; three-year-olds and
upward: aeren furlongs. Prince Ahmed. 110; Alfred
V.. 91; Heni-Tk. 98; Monoeacy. 90; Flora"Finn. 103,
Noble Grance. 107; Sherwaod. 107; Donald MacDon
ald 107.
FirTH RACE-Prnw. J30O; fotiryeai-olds and up
ward; aelling; aeren furlongs. Elma. 95; Pendant.'
100; Cor-ochsis. ItC; Swarta Hill. 102; Frog.' 104: The
bquirr. lot: Barn Dance, 104 r Gagnant. 105; Tork
Lad. 106; Iuclry Oeorge, 107; Howdy Howdy, 109;
tteraeiey. iuj; Henediction. ll; camel, iij:
SIXTH RACE-Pune. OW; three year-olda and up
ward : selling: one and one-irhth mOea. Ella Grane
: Kiel. 91; Naughty Lad. 105; flf;. 108; Diant.
Apprrntica allowanc claused.
Gruted Pemiwioi to Us- Aflea Park
by Ae AnguU Ao-
Augusta, Ga., March 17. Warren Park
being still under water. Manager Dahlen,
of the Buperbas, to-day secured the con
sent of the city to use Allen Park, and
took his players there for their first out
door excrclje for three days. The small
nss of the grounds, however, and an ar
tificial lake and canal which partly sur
round the field, made it Impossible for the
SuperbiB to do much but bunt, hit to
the outfield, and give the pitchers u
chance to work. This programme, the
best that can l-c arranged, will be car
ried on for three or four days, by which
lime Warren Park Is expected to be in
playing condition. Dahlen hopes to be
on his regular grounds by Friday, as the
Kenarks aro due nere from Savannah
on that date for games that day and
Saturday .
The date for tho game wllh Ty Cobb's
team, which was to have been played
to-day, will be arranged in a day or two.
Whites Win Openlns Game in Royal
Pocket Billiard League.
The noal Pocket Billiard League
Plaved its first game of the season at
the Itoval Billiard Parlors last night.
The Whites defeating the Browns by a
score of 111 to 90. The game wss very
Intercstlrg ami exciting fiom start to
finish. Score is as follows:
Kirtland 13 9 9 6 8-lt
Tatlcr 5 3 8 8 4-3
MPP 4 I 12 3 12-29
Grand total Ill
Scratches, i.
Poole 10 5 8 &-19
Hswksaorth II 6 I 10-U
Bobbins 10 5 1 II 2-2)
Grand total 90
Scratches. 1
To-morrow night the Reds and Tel
lows play
BrOTrns Work Dlacooraalnv
fct- Louis. March 17 After watching
the work of the veterans and recruits of
the St. Louis Browns, In training in the
South, three sport writers to-day confi
dently predict that the Browns would
finish eighth in the American League
'Uncle Nick' Young Organized
Circuit in 1871 First
Kept Records of Auociation Until
1902, When He Quit the
Fort -two ears ago jesterday the
National league was organized with
"Uncle Nick" Young, of this city, as
one of the prime movers In the organi
zation. 1-ast night, at the meeting of
the Amateur Baseball Commission, Hub
ert If. Young, son of "I'ncle Nick." pre
sided at a meeting, which will revolu
tionize amateur baseball In this city.
In 1S71. when the National League was
formed under the name of the National
Association, eight clubs were in the
league. The Athletic Club of Philadel
phia, won the pennant with a percent
age of .ZO Radcllffe. the most famous
of olden-ttme shortstops, held down that
position on the Athletics, hitting for .333
and fielding for .331.
"Uncle NIcK" Young later became
.president of the National League, this
event tiking place In 1SSS. Mr. Young
was president of the National League
for a period of eighteen jears. ending
Us career in IVi. In 1S71 "Uncle Nick"
was elected secretary ind treasurer on
the National Association, and served In
that capacity until 1S75. when the Na
tional League was organized.
Mr. Young served as secretary and
treasurer of the National Association
and League f r a period covering thirty
two .vears. from 1671 until iWZ. He li
one of the most popular men who has
ever been connected with baseball, and
he will live long in the memory of those
who have been Identified with the Na
tional game.
California Assemblymen n Arrange
BoxInK Boots In Courthouse.
Sacramento. Cal . March 17. If the
necessary permission can be obtained
the assembly' chamber will be convert
ed into an arena Wednesday- evening of
next week so that exponents of the fis
tic art may demonstrate to members of
the Legislature Just what prize fights
and boxing contests are.
Assemblyman Canapa. of San Fran
cisco, a member of the committee on
public morals, is trjlng to arrange an
exhibition. Canapa has already secured
the promise of five well-known boxers
to come here and participate In the
show. They are Jimmy Britt. I.ew
Powell. Johnny Frayne, Abe Attell, and
"Harlem" Tommy Murphy.
Many of the Senators and Assembly
men have never seen a boxing contest,
and have no first-hand knowledge of
prize fights. Canapa believes that if
they are permitted to witness such an
exhibition as he proposes to hold, they
will change their attitude on the matter
of legislation.
Cy Sejmour, who is busy coming back
with the Boston Braves, is baiting well,
but is said to be slow In fielding.
Turk Grappler Says He WiH Throw
the Conqueror of Joe
All Hassen. the Turk wrestler, who lost
a sensational match to Joe Turner at
tho Gayety last week, says he will trim
Young Olscn, who defeated the middle
weight champion, to-morrow night oa
the samo stage.
Hassen has been working out for the
past three tlajs at a local gymnasium,
and looks to be fit for the battle of his
life. The Turk will start after Olseii
from the Jump, and the match should be
fast and exciting.
Olsen has been taking things easy
since the battle with Turner, and will
take to the mat in good shape after that
bout. Olsen is one of the most popular
wrestlers who ever appeared In this city,
and a record-breaking crowd is expected
to witness the match. Pat O'Connor will
bo the third man on the mat.
I.erris Knocks Oat Harrison.
London. March 17 Harry Lewis, of
Philadelphia knocked out Jack Harrison.
Hngland's mirti-.Ie-w eight pugilist. In the
third round of their scheduled twcnt
lound bout at the National hporting Club
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Cook & Stoddard Co. IMS Conn. Ave.
Kissel! Kars and Trucks
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$3.50 Miller Socket
Wrench Sets, $1.75
ATTO, OWNERS can t afford to
miis tlie btrealns our Clearance Sale
offer. Standard motoring s'ipplle. of
all kinds radically reduced. Apparel
National Electrical Supply Co.,
132S-30 X. V. Ave. rhone 31. 0800.
M. T. Pollock,
1018 Connecticut Avenue N W
Phone M. 7837-8.
Expert Electric Vehicle Repairing
Storage Batterle repaired avnd rs
aarared. Ignition and Lighting Battar
lea Charged and Built to Ortar.
Phone M. 2215. Rear 1228 t, 8t- N. W.
Ah akoDld Automobile asiraera Be t.
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Tie World's Beit FOtr
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Thoroushly Tested.
Time Tried.
JftrmatmVtt Finer C
808 SouTHm BslA0i?
"rUUa Plaat, -3S.3M VaBrtacaiat .
treat IT. W.
S And K Other Makes of Bicycles. H
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2 4S031 10TH ST. iW. jj
5 Opsi Braalnga Vatll 7i2W. M-ML g
Auto Supplies
Of Erery Kind Alwaya Ilerk
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MamBLaaamTj. aa iwaMMiSMiafarrSM
None Better
lta) and aerao pataenger cra.
1319 L St. N.W.
Phone N. I41U
Agent for Flaadera and Vale Malar-
eyclea anfrs"-arr-a special nieyrse.
llatoreTrlrrOTrrbaullBz anil Kelt Hr.
palrlnc. Acnrle and -undrlea.
Ulc-jrlr Jtrpairlac. Braxlag. and
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