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Sfeifflj?; s ?. ' - -y
Unsettled weather today and
tomorrow, with showers
Temperatures jesterday Max
imum, 73; minimum, 52.
The Herald has the largest
morning home circulation, and
prints all the news of the world,
with many exclusive features.
NO. 2361
t t s'ap7 "V w -
152 Dead in Nebraska Metropolis; 50
in Terre Haute, Ind.; Smaller Towns
Suffer Great Loss of Life.
Independent Labor Parry Convention
at Manchester Securely
Bottled Up.
(."huasj", March 24 A duith toll probabh reaching HOO, with
probabh flo.OOO.OOO propcrl low, was taken by the equinoctial tor
nadocs which swept through the Middle West Sunday night and today
Omaha, Xcbr , is the licaucst sufferer, with at least 150 dead
and devastation totaling. $10,000,000 This takes no reckon of the
hundred- more who hae been injured, scores perhaps fatally.
rksiiiknci.v in iu, ins.
broad section of the residential district of the cit, abiding
1 hu.es up the we.dtln classes. a- wiped out jjl'Vc added to the gen
ird h.uov l'anic ensued, .md Mate and Federal troops hate been
tailed out to maintain order ,
Other Nebraska town- felt the dcath-dcaluig force of the wind,
which swept ocr into Iowa as well as Missouri, Indiana, Illinois,
Montana, iconin. kara-, ami South Dakota
s far Kast as Chicago the latal torce of the storm was felt, the
')!! there being he killed, with 00 000 damage In Milwaukee $200,
000 property loss was sustained
- Omaha was the center of
one ot the tornadoes, 'IWre Haute, i
Ind . became the center of tip
other ' I
Tlurtv are dnd from the s,te.rm wlich
'i t th 'at'T citv Fifteen were lost. In
V utal. Nb- between elght-en Hid
thiitv-five in surrounding Nebraska
ns -n in council Bluffs low while
tin, of from tvro to 1 fteen persons
.ir repoip-d from t oif of other smpll
tov ns thiuugh the imie Mates ncoiu
passed 1 the two U mis
Tn. lustorv of the Mlddl. West con
tali; no re. ord of storms of s-uch vio
lence mil attended bj sut h appalling lo"s
of life
lit rim Nel
Couneil Ilu
Eric. Ill
Flat Spring
Chicago. II
Marion. 1m
Perth. Ind
R iltnn N
Manchester, England. March 24-Vhilo
the Independent I-abor partj id ho! dine
Its convention here to da a number of
suffragettes stole up and placed padlocks
upon the doors of the hall When the
delegates attempted to leave at noon they
found the doors locked on the outside
There was a telephone In the hall, so
the police were notified One enraged
delegate cllmbd out on the roof and raid
his compliments to the suffrage movement
In picturesque language The policeman
shouted to the angry delegate to keep
quiet, but he refuted, and worked himself
Into such a state of fury that he nearly
leu on the roof
Another delegate smashed a window
and tried to crawl through, but he got
stuck In the aperture and hung head
downward for nearlv twenty minute',
meanwhile -creaming and Ricking violently.
1 he suffragette had placed chains
across the door, and hammers and chisels
had to he brought Into play before the
doors could be opened Meanwhile the
hungrj delegates were clamoring In the
assembly room One man who profei-ed
sjinpathj for the feminist movement nas
Fet upon b his companions and soundl
From tho babel of shouts which aro
from the building It was g-uhcred that
the Laborlte.s were In a mood to pass
reolutions this afternoon condemning
"uffrage for women s so'n hs they
were released from the assembly room
thev "Elected the biggest and stouie-l
delegates to act as guards about the
building during the balance of tho sea
Present Assistant Secretary Redfield's
Choice to Head Commission
Is Report.
Wilson and Underwood, of
Ways and Means, Talk
Custom Rates.
Work or House Committee Thought to
Have Indorsement at the
White House.
President Wilson and Chairman Oscar
TV. Underwood, the Democratic leeder of
the House, held a conference last night
in regard to the tariff revision pro
gramme Mr t'nderwnod brought to the
White House with him a summarj of
the tentative schedules drawn by the
Was and Means Committie, and he re
viewed It In detail for the benefit of
President Wilson
I.ast night wis the first of n series of
conferences that President Wilson will
hold in regird to the tariff Mil
The conference between the President
and Mr. Pndernood concerned not onl
Wireless Message Reports Kemoyal of
Passengers from Disabled Texas
to Steamer C. F. Tietgen.
The list of .lead in Omalr
to Infant hildren
Henrj CKjp r C
Morris Christe
t oplev
Mr and Mrs
daughters. Mrs prink Divis, Mrs H
Da Is. barn Densuller John lole. c"
Dillon Geo-ge Duncan, i.eorse J Dun
c D-inic's
Mrs P
Mrs -
llert H PlehK William FlMr
E Fitzgerald. I,unn 1-oid
Jason I.. Garrison. Llovd Gewer.
George Glvot Mrs I- G Goodnaught.
Kose Gra, John Greener. Mrs Henrietta
Hanson, George Hanson Andrew
Hendntkson Fred Henz. Mis a Hlnse
rran. Mrs. J P Hogg. Miss Frieda llu,
tln Jessie Jepson Thomas Johnson
Nathan Khoskv. and three small
dpughters and infant son
Nels Laron
Mabel SItBride. Miss Maas
Mrs Ida Newman. J B Nichols, Cor
alie Norris, T B Norrls
A J Peck, Walter Peterson
Sail Riles. Mrs E A. Sawer. A B
Stanle. Mrs Sullivan
Mrs Ft It. an Dei, an
Benjamin I Barnes. Scott Barber,
Frank Dawe, Charlotte Davie. Mrs
Dunn. John Dovle
F V Fitch D I.. Field. H D Fltz,
Mrs J G Hansen. Mr and Mrs.
I lard v. Miss Heine, and two siters.
George Hansen (colored! Mrs Heines
Miss Hass. Mrs Helln and babj, Marj
Hanson. George Hamfet
Mrs Ella Jornson. A illiam Jimpson
Moore KJeme. Kramer
Mrs I.ldge and twele- ear-old son,
Marj Llnse
Marie Manson, Mabel McBnde
Helen Norrls. Mrs Nelighs,
Mrs Peck. Odessa Tarks
John Rjan. Emma Iloessing
Mrs Saber. Ca'slus Shimer. Will
lam Shaw, Babj Sherwood, Charles
Baby Thelma
Mrs Van Dusen
Solomon Wartzell C B Wisson
Benjamin Benninghoff.
Mrs William Poole
Mrs J R Rice. J R RIc
Mr and Mrs schools and baby N'or-
Mrs Margaret Rice and baby
John Schulte and wife
kai.s'ion. M-nn.
Mrs Edith Kimball, 3 ears old, of
Winnipeg. Canada. Francis Kimball, 22
3 ears old
Mary Moran
If K Said
Mrs H E bald
Jason L. Garrison
Mrs. Hansen
Mrs Rathke. two joung Rathke
10 s
Mrs Edward Mutt
B-rlln. Nebr
Henrj Koch. Mrs Henry Koch, Al
bert Koch John Koch.
Sjlvla Tiede.
Mrs Brandt.
An unidentified man.
Deaths reported bjt not confirmed.
Sirs William Babcock and daughter.
Mrs Glitter.
Continued on Pate Three.
jSays Report of Farmer Secretary of
State Contains "Serious Mis
I ' statements of Facts."
New lork Mirch :t
rnhar. ronsul gtneral
New York ha went s
forii.er Secretars of
whkh he dwells upon
actri7es as the er
f Colombia at
long letter to
tae Knox, in
ihai he char
serious mis
statements of facts' contained In the
report which the Seretar made on
the subject of the relations between
the United Matts and Colombia, and
which was forwarded to Congress on
March 1 bj President Taft For exam
ple, lie quoted from Mr Knox as fol
lows "Within fort -eight hours from the
proclimatlon of Panama independence
Anofier merit appointment will b
made In the Department of Comme-ce
as soon as Congrtss j-onenes April 7,
when Hugh If. Hrnth. sslstart Fish
Commissioner, wilt ho teated to the
head of the Bureai: of Kish'rlts. This
the strom-lv AiinnnrieH hz.li.-f ,.aw
i; lit is in line with Serretarj Rdftcids!
policy of htslng his appointments upon
nurlt. rather than upon political af)i!U-
I tions
I Mr Redfleld b-llees th Fish fnm
' mission can be made to pla an Im
i portant part In the administration s
I forthcoming attack upon the high cost
of living He is desirou'. therefore, of
I doing that which has been urged upon
the government l scientific ao li-
tions for some time a i point a man to
the heid of th commission who has
both siientlflc training and rmtlci ex
perience He believes that b pu-slllng
such a pollcv and requiring exceptional
efforts on the part "f the commiMnn
Francisco Es-it,mar' ,ne pmpag-itlon of food tlsh lie
can maKc tne commission or far greatT
pr-ictlcil ilue to the people than it
New York, March 24. A wireless mes
sage reporting the disablement ot tho
Swedish steamer Texas, of the Norway,
Mexico and Gulf Line, and the transfer
of her forty-three passengers at sea. was
received toda liy the Scandinavian-
American Une.
The message was from Capt. A. O,
Thomsen. of the steamer C. F. Tietgen,
and said that at noon on Saturday, when
in latitude 47 tl north and longitude 3127
west, about 1 5J miles from Ambrose
' hannel. he picked up a wireless call
for help from the Texas, which was
her wa from Gothenburg to Newport
Nfws with passengers and merchandise
Although a heavy swell was running
at the time, the transfer of the Texas
passengers w is accomplished without ac-
cidmt The Texas was left to the mercy
of the wind and waves drifting In lati
tude 4S north and longitude 34 west, hav
ing lost all her propeller blades
Th steamship San Francisco, which
I ickcil up tho Texas call, was expected
to reach the disabled ship on Saturday
night ami tow her to Fajal The C. F.
TUtgeii Is bound for this port, and will
bring the re"tued passengers here.
stnl.es N
rial In
Tans. March 21 A new record for dis
tance in b illoonlng has been established
b M Itumpelmaver a well-known
aeronaut, who traveled J-V1" miles, ac
cording to a storv in the Echo today.
It also stated that M. Rumpelmajtr
traveled to Kharkov. Russia having
bfn aicompinlcd bj Mme Gouldschmldt.
another devotee of neronautics
Failing to Get Writs from Supreme
Court, Lawyers Leave for
nt I'
Attonevs for Claude Atn. under sen
tence to die In the tlectrh chair at Rlch
nond. V, next Frldav, linvr apparently
abandoned their efforts to secure a Slav
of the execution by legal methods and
have returned to Itichmonl
fter i hlef Justl. e W hlte and Associate
Justiie Hughes eah hid declined to
grant i writ of error and i supersedeas
tin attornes D C O Flahertv and It
H Willis, stated that thev would appeal
to each of the Justices of the court In
f the meisure. but the gen- ),, turn, until everv member of the
an palgn that should be fol- turt had deni.d their npplkation or thej
hlng the tariff bill through hid secured the writ
ti n or the leaders The two attornevs were In the Supreme
' the teutltlvn bill Court vesteirisv an! after the court ad-
nd Means jiirncd th.v w.nt to th" Iniversltv Club
and had a long " onference The de
i lined to dls uss the case but intimated
that thev were planning -mother move In
the Interest of their clients But it was
( ui w. t Nnunw non,
R'lTrsrntathe n-n Mitosis.
ever has li
lt Is understood that Secret trv Red
field has nnde up his mind to urge
stronglv the appointment ef Mr mlth
upon the President unl.ss something un
fonseen i hanges his attitude before the
convening of Congress Mr Smith has
had long training in the Bureau of
The commissionershjp of the bureau
has been regarded as one of the "soft '
plums at the disposal of the administra
tion The snli-v is KofV) per annum
the Commissioner has a private car
to make the t
r..m tie Wavs
ominitte. in iclmlnlstratlnn measure,
Indorsed m advame b President Wil
son, and th. n msKi the support of th"
bill th test ,.f pirtv regularity
inrre is s,e ooiint however as to le-imcl last night that shortlv after the
whether President ll-on will go n fir , conference the attornejs left the club. I
as to give the admlnistri'ion's name In ,inr. ,i,. ,.-. ,.inir horn,. n.i It is!
Mssunied tint thev Ind been advised that
further appeals to the JUMiies of the
highest court would be fruitless
lis father,
Troops Patrol Streets of Wrecked City
of Omaha; Loss About $7,000,000;
Search Continues Night and Day.
Omaha, Xcbr, March 24. One hunr?reri anrt fifti--t t,nn
dead and more than three hundred iniured is tl sn-tirato toil , t
o'clock to-mght of the tornado that swept Omaha's residence district
at 5 4."i o'clock last niirht.
Those ripurcs were furnished In the committcp nt fiftv thf ;c
in charRc of rescue work. Hut the death list h stcadilv mounting as
bodies are recovered Conscratie estimates are that the tragedy rtJl
will not go under 200: that the iniured list will mount in 4nn ,,a ,'
these latter there will be a large percentage of fatalities.
The work of rescue is noiiiir forward ranidK atirl nnrlpr ecl.
Iftit organization The workers are Federal and .State trnnr i.v-
Jiien, firemen, and a picked corps of olunteers. The general public
is Dcmg Kept rigidly from the devastated one, although there hae
been no attempts at looting, uch as uere feared bv Maor Dahlman
when he sent his appeal at niidrndit last niirht to Cm inrphn3d .i,-,t
first apprised the country of the horror into which the citv had been
The death roll will not be complete until at least anntbr-r taent..
four hours hace passed. jseeral days probably will be required to
"gather the tragic details from the
VLDi! I M UTO TkVr ima" tnu,N and iIIa that were
.1 1" K V 1 IX .1 I Ulr ,n ,he I'd,il of thc tornado in low a
Djavid Pasha Surrenders En-,
tire Force Under His
Menna, March :4 Advices Ju't re
cIved from Belgrade state that Djavid
Pasha Ins surrendered, with 15 000
troops, to the Servians on the Skumbt at
River, in Eastern Albania
the tentitive hi I ,.f ti,
Committee There are tMiund to be dif
ferences letween the Senate ard the I
IIoiif. over this measure and for the
President to line up flatlj liehind the
House hill would lc id to trouble In the
Senate There Is no doubt, however,
that Mr Wilson will have his shoulder
to the till Introduced bv the Wa
Means Committee and will do evcrv thing1
polhl to push It through
Claude All. n
Ixindon March 24 -According to a
(dispatch from Sofia to the Dillv Mall.
a bomlnrdment of Adrianopl from all
sides was begun Mondiv morning, and
rioia a decisive effort Is being made to re
duce the citv at on e
the last vestige or colomhlan authority t to travel around the country In, prettv
on the Isthmus had disappeared and much as he pienses together with a
the people of Panama through the i generous expense account
unanimous vote of their municipall-1
tided the republic.
in replv, Mr Escobar sas, ln part
"This Is unquallnedlv false Panama
as recognized by the United States
vent -two hours after the fake re
bellion, at a time when no election had
been held when she had no constitu
tional assembly, when the news of the
so-called independence had not reached
an of the populous towns of the interior."
Divorcee Placed in Jail in Default of
$500 Bond Fight Deputy
Atlantic Citj. N' J. March M Mrs
Am Nuchols, divorced wife of WT. Pres
ton Nurhols. woalthy sportsman, was
plaied In Jail here today after she had
been cited in contempt b Vice Chancel
lor I.eamang for dlsobeing the court's
order and kidnapping her four-year-old
daughter Muriel from a convent at
Merion. Pa She was taken to the count
Jail at Mass landing when nobodyap
peared to go her bail of JjOO
Before she was taken Into custod Mrs.
Nuchols defied a detail of six deput
sheriffs They finally surrounded the Idvl
Hour cottage, ln an exclusive section
here One of their number, who was ln
charge, stormed the front door. He
found it Ioiked. but forced his way ln
He was confronted by the aroused di
vorcee, who towered almost a foot above
him She was Just reaching for a gun
brought at her command by a maid Bar
ber grappled with her. but he did not ef
fect a capture until he had been subjected
i sound trouncing She finally ac
knowledge service of the writ and was
taken In a 'bus to headquarters and later
on to the count prison
According to her storj, Mrs rvuchols
took advantage of the court's provision
that she could see the two children Pres
ton, Jr . aged eight, and tho daughter at a
convent ln Merion. Pa., once a week, and
kidnapped the girl by slipping away from
the sister who had her In charge and scal
ing the walls with the aid of a ladler.
New York. Mirch ?l Protesting that
the unremitting watch of a policeman
stationed at his bedside vvas preventing
lis recover. "Hone Mellodv, a middle-weight
boxer of Roston. Mass. toda
asked Police Magistrate Murph to have
the officer removed
Mellod was brought to the hospital to
have a erioUB operation performed on
one of his optics that had collided with
a glove-Inclosed fist In one of his en
counters. The boxer vvas wanted in Bos
ton on the little matter of a J1W fine
Imposed after Mrs Mellody had haled
him Into court. When the Boston au
thorities requested those of New York to
keep an ee on Mellod. Magistrate Mur
ph ordered a rollceman to be stationed
at his cot. Mellody sajs that his con
science is clear, but he cannot stand
the sight of that silent, ever-present uni
form of blue watching him He Prob
ably will be allowed to put up ball for
his appearance when released from the
Philadelphia Excursion.
Next Sunday. March 30. Pennsylvania
Railroad JitO round trip Special train
leaves Washington ' a. in JiSS to
Chester and return. x?oo tn U'ilminpfm.
'and return. Consult ticket agents.
Has obtained newspaper
publication rights of the
most extraordinary and
distinguished feature ever
published b a newspaper.
An Installment will be published
verj' day thereafter.
These chapters will be pub
"?Iea J?1 special arrangement
with The Outlook, of which
Theodore Roosevelt Is the Con
tributing Editor.
It is pricti
Wilson agrees in the m tin with the
moder-ite revision lull that has been
prepared b Leader I'nderwood and his
cmertatlve colleigues on the Wavs and
Means Committee There is one feature
or me tarin programme, however. Iry
which the President ma side with the"!
radicals This Is on the question of ad
mitting agricultural products free Mr
Wilson Is said to be stronglv disposed
toward putting food neiessarles on the
free list bevenl radical revisionists on
the Wavs mid Meins Committee fought
stubboml for this but were voted down
and have carried their case to the Presi
dent These radicals are hopeful that
President W llson will sustain them, at
least on the question of the lower rates
on food products
The question of the Income tax also
was tiken up at the conference between
the President and Mr I'nderwood The
character of this tax Is still unde
termined, and no definite decision will be
reached until It is known with sor e de
gree of certaintv how much revenue the
new tariff me isure will leld and what
deficit will have to bo covered by the
receipts from the Income tax One group
Congress Insists on a graduated In
come tax of 1-5 of 1 per cent on Incomes
less than s"00 a vear. and running up
4 or 5 per tent on Incomes of $100,fi00.
with an increasing scale for still higher
incomes. Others insist upon a flat In
come tax tn be fixed on net Incomes of
J3.0f) or S4C0O A few even would In
clude incomes as low as 51 ono In regard
this, however, ro decision has been
reached, although the views expressed b
President Wilson to Chslrman I'nder
wood mn help to clarlf the situation
Mr I nderwood will report the Presi
dent's view to a meeting of the Demo
cratic members of the Was and Means
Committee toda
nder sentence to ,11
triolt In the chair at Richmond next
Priday on aci.mnt of the murders re
sulting from narti. imtion in the shoot-
ana ' Ing-up of the Hlllsville court a. vear or :
mi ago. when Judge Masse, the States,
attorne and others In the courtroom 1
the Alien lan of mountaineers, who had i New York Yacht Club Again Turns
ers of the law Oth-
who particiiatel In the shooting liav e
been given prison sentences of varlng
terms Hovd Allen and his son are the
onlv ones of those convi.ted who were
sentenced to death
1 Is Probable.
the Allen lan or m
certain that President ' lonK dened ,h(. 0mc
Down Lipton Defi Denies His Right
to Name Size of Defender.
t I.lmltntloim Dors N
pl. Ilolil, Court.
New York. March II Mrs Emma F
Sull. wife of Daniel J feullv. the for-
ill have a chance 0f considering the matter
New York. Man h II A cable message
was flashed across the octan today bv
tho New York aiht Club informing the
Roal I'lstcr acht Club that the former
would decline to reconsider Sir Thomas
Upton's challenge for a race for the
America Cup
The cablegram which was sent b the
cup committee, undoubtedl will be rati
fied b the club at the spec! il meeting
Thursda night, calltd for the purpose
nd Nebraska.
S.Oim ire Homeless.
Tonight o'.o men woni-n and children
ar homeless The are being cared for
In hotels and in private homes that were
thrown open even before Mavor Dahlman
Issued his appeal to the citizenry to care
lor the stricken
Approximately 1 vm homes have been
r?zed and 1 SO buildings, including those
.totally destroved. are damaged Th
monetar damage will not mount as high
as was at first believed Expert In
surance men tonight placed the loss at
between JJi0iO and J7.0W Rest
dence sections alone suffered. The
'"'"i loss was in a section of mn.i.r.
priced homes ihe bum,. s.-
of the city escaped entirely.
The tornado traveled in a northeast
erlv direction and first swept down on
Ralston i manufacturing suburb three
miles west of South Omaha.
Palh llir
citv limits of Omaha at
in the southwest section,
path six blocks wide
the cltr. three and ona-
It struck the
the Field, Club,
and plowed a
straight throug
half miles In length
The tornado area was from the south
west limits, arrnss th. ., Aa -i.a- - -.
vitv. which Included tho W'e.f !-,.,,
residence section, the most fashionable
residence district, which was almot
c-implftelv- destroed. and thence to the
North section, where the death toll was
ircaiesi. Aner twisting across th.
line of th city, the tornado
doubled back across the Mfc,-
w recking the Illinois Cen
nd tearing through Council
Ix persons were
i ortheast
sourl River.
t-al bridge
Bluffs, where at least
great property loss
mer cotton speculator.
of recovering J12o WO from Tiffan s. un- when the first challenge was declined
der a ruling toda b Supreme Court , sir Thomas cibled he could not see wh
Justice Greenbaum He declined to I his challenge with a sevent -flv e-footer
grant Tiffan s Judgment on the plead-1 was rejected and also his Interpretation
Ings upon the compan's claim that Mrs. of the deed of gift The New 'iork
Sull's action is barred b the statute ! acht Club committee. In its answer,
of limitations brief! states that Sir Thomas, as he
Mrs Sully is suing to recover for the j has repeatedl been told, cannot de
value of Jewelr that she alleges the firm j termine the dimensions of both the chal
converted while It vvas In Its vaults for j lengmg and defending vessels
safe keeping All the Jewels were sold A prominent member of the club said
b Tiffan 's to satisfy a claim for $1!0.W3 . toda
against her husband She asserts that I If Sir Thomis had simp! challenged
the Jewels were her own property, and ' under the deed of gift and named a
that a notice to this effect was Included sev cut -hv e-footer. without the provision
with the Jewels when they were placed thit he be met bv a rev ent -flv t -footer.
ln the strong box
Meets for
Crlsfleld. Md . March 14 The heavy
gun practice ln the Lower Chesapeake
Bay today did considerable damage
here, ln the wa of breaking glass and
shaking dishes off their places on
shelves Similar damage is reported
from various sections of the nearby
countr, but beond frightening timid
people, no futther harm Is reported
Klre ltacca In Mine.
Charleston. TV. Va. March 14 Fire of
unknown origin Is raging In the Scran
ton mine of the Paint Creek Collieries
Compan, near Mucklow. W Va Forty
miners were at work when tho flames
were discovered, but It Is believed .ill es
caped The mine was being operated by
nonunion men. -
Plrst Time In Hlstor on
KiiMer Mon.lny.
London. March 14. ror the first time
In living memor. the House of Com
mons sit on Easter Monda toda Many
members dlsplaed their resentment at
the attempted curtailment of their brief
Easter holiday bv remaining awa
Premier Asquith explained that the un
usual procedure was necess-xr. In order
that the financial votes might bo passed
Dciore tne close or tne nscal vears.
the club would have accepted the chal
lenge and would have met him with a
sev ent -flv e-footer
"Not as his right under the deed of
gift, but as a sporting proposition, when
he not only challenged, but started to
tell them how the cup should be de
fended as well, the had no other course
in self-respect but to refuse his chal
lenge "
Mr. Ilarlinr
I. Dllllncer Passes
Franklin. Ph.
March II Deatn came
March 51. and also that the wav might toda to Sirs Barb ira nn Dilllnger.
Franklin. P.
be cleared for a renewal of the tight
on tne home rule for Ire'and bill
Has Kept Mnrrlnce to T llllam
Conrlcnn seen t for Months.
New York. March :i Miss Virginia
Harned has Wen Mrs William Courtenay
for several months The announcement
was made last night at a dinner In Miss
Harned s home at Re. X Y. She was
formerly Sirs E H Sothern. and for
several ears was Sothern's leading
Both Sir. and Sirs Court na refuse
to sa when thev were married or who
married them The concede that all ofTalor.
their friends would like to know, but i Admiral
aged 104. at her home in Moneboro
was born In Armstrong Count, Pa, and
had twice married t'p to last week she
was able to sew without the aid of
glasses, and ate most heartil
"I see no reason wh people shnuldn t
live to be left," she declared last Frida
"The onl secret Is to work moderatel,
get plentv of frsh air. and eat whole
some food "
London. Slarch CI The eng-igement is
announced of Capt Erich Von Sluller.
naval attache of the German Kmbass
at London, and Jlis I'mll) S mini; ton
ughtcr of the late Col I) Slorgan
s, . ui'il nlec- of the 1,
killed and
The wonder In the mind of ever per
son who has seen the blocks and blocks
of ruins, the shapeless heaps of wreck
age that were houses, and has learned
the authenticated Instance b which tha
houses were blown from their founda
tions, and piled four stories high, against
sturdier structures, and of the tumbling
about of locomotives in the Missouri
Pacific roundhouse like shuttlecocks tn
the wind. Is that the death list is not
Croud i T ere lloitntown.
One explanation hrought forward Is
that the tornado came at an hour when
a great percentage of the people was on
the streets, and that many more than
the usual number had responded to the
lure of the Easter parade, despite tho
Impending storm Before the storm there
had not been even a puff of wind. At
.". o'clock the clouds piling up from the
South took on an awesome greenish
tinge In the minutes before S 43 o'cloiflc
the sk turned to inkv blackness m,i th.
Ind came
All Om iha haspitals are filled with in
jured Scores of these are unidentified,
being unconscious sianv phs!clans from
nrnr-h titles have responded to the calls
for aid and there seem' adeount nw.
vision for the maimed
lla or Dahlman toda led the city con.
ils'loners In a grant of $25,000 for emer-
gencv work, and business men within a
few hours raised tT3 ono. Omaha will have
her own charit if she can. and It Is nnt
like! that rutside relief will be sought.
Plllflll Scenes In Momrnes.
Scenes of greatest distress are being
enacted tonight at all of the morgues and
hospltils In (he confusion many persons
are being reported as missing who. doubt-,
ltss, have found refuge, but their rela
tives are vilnl seeking them among th
e'ei.l and Injured
The loss to the municipality Itself will
b great rive school buildings have
been partial! wrecked, and eleven
ehurches were practlcallv destroved. Tho
residences destroved in the exclusive
Farnam district average In cost from
Coiitlnneil on Pace Four.
--C Philadelphia cnit Return,
; Chester and return tz.i Ullminr.
Iu- am! Itnh.ee M ! ton am ieti.ni Pennsv lvaula Railroad
sa they must be contented with merely I Evans, l S. N The marriage will scAc i!'.r-.t..?u--v?x eci?.' ,ral.n 'W vr't
knowlns: the main facts for h nresent. ' ni. . E. ,!. ,,!. r-. iii.ion J a. m ton.ult ticket afenta
knowing the main facts for the present. ' place at Baden-Baden, Germany.
lor further parUculara,

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