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' - nz$& ny 'r,
i:v& -."s? vj
jj vlu isu i wn
Dairy, Farm
and .
Orchard Specials
for Today All Markets
Whole Milk Cheese, fancy, lb 19c
Sharp Cheese, just the kind for Welsh Rarebit, lb 16c
Swiss Cheese, the best domestic make, lb 25c
Eggs, fresh, Millbrook Brand, extra selected and graded for
Height and size; not excelled at any price, in sealed car
tons, dozen 21Vac
Eggs, fresh candied, run of case, dozen I8V2C
Fresh Creamery Butter, direct from the maker's churn, lb. . .37c
Brookfield Butter, fresh, in one-pound cartons 39c
Swift's Premium Brand, the cream of all Butterine, lb 22c
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Large Ripe Florida Tomatoes, lb 10c
Virginia Red Apples, V2 peck 19c
Best Michigan White Potatoes, peck 18c
Yellow Globe Onions, J4 peck 4c
White House Family Inter
ested Spectators at the
Annual Event
930 la. Ave. N. W.
3113 14th St. N. W.
Sth and E Sts. S. E.
31st and M Sts. N. W.
7th and Que Sts. N. W.
1111 H St. N. E.
1632 North Capitol St.
3420 Geo. Ave. N. W.
1935 14th St. N. W.
7th and B Sts. N. E.
1778 U St. N. W.
A Tt,n M-.,ti f
iSp Economies.
-fyPSS The Market of M
-$k I Id) II Ni Cleanliness, m
as &S5 Tgfy
D SAVE $1.00 TO $2.50.
S3.50, S4.00 and S5.00 Values
V. r ir r. V an or price for
.f S n ik for1s rumps atid IMch
I - f w Ue nn the
J . ni' 1 Fhoo inking
u - 1'n in ni.t'rn! m. am!
K" tri- p a b imrrool
Ir.im iirni-r Tth nnd l Opposite r.isl
lll'l N INTII III (I'll.dlK 1IIMMIT.
y 111
This Ali-Oak !
Transfer Gase I
Four Sections as Illustrated '
The Melton-Rhodes Co. I
Incorporated II 1 1
11th and H Streets N. W. II. I
sHIN 7012 l
ririti .
taraed rjl
licitj Oier
, lOUOuO
.. . . 7.0M OW
This Big' Bank
lcrn;it of even.1 M7c. and
linuc its appreciation by
rendering a unifornilv cour
teous and helpful sen ice.
Oier 31.000 depositors.
slr. IJVTK of Inlrrnl pal.l
in liutli larsr nnd aniatl arrniinls.
National Savings
and Trust Company,
Corner l.'ith a N. Y. Ave.
toiiTi-sn n ni i i:it.
Tumulty Children Join in Fun on the
Lawn 5,000 on Ground
During Day.
From tho south portico of the White
House President Wilson, his wife, their
three daughters, and several of the
"White House children" and members of
the official family, jesterday reviewed
part of the activities of Easter Monday,
the day sacred to the "kids." It Is esti
mated that 3,000 children and .000 of
their elders disported themselves on the
White House Grounds, and the number
of eggs "rolled." "cracked," and finally
eaten Is beyond all computing.
It was an Ideal egg-rolling day, nd
from early morning until the police
shooed the crowds out at 3 30 o'clock In
the afternoon the kids romped, shouted,
cracked, and ate Easter eggs. It was
unauestlonably the greatest and most
auspldoua egg-rolling In history.
"They are standing around nere to see
the President and his family," said one
of the White House policemen, when
asked why the crowd had gathered at
the south entrance to the Executive Man
sion "They have been mighty sociable
far. nnd the, people expect them to
come out atraln "
Tumulty Children noli KcE.
And the people were not disappointed.
Mrs. Wilson, her daughters, several of
wives of Cabinet members, and their
children came out on the veranda at II
i o clock and fctayed until noon Mrs.
Tumultv nnd her four Fmall children
nen uesccuuru iu tuo .iu, uc ., ,
Join in the sport of egs-rolllng. and In
the afternoon the President, accompa
nied by Mr. Tumulty and Senator
Hushes, watched the sk) larking for ten
or fifteen minutes. They were received
by delighted cheers by the children.
The scene at the W hlte Home wn
duplicated In the grounds of the Zoo and
in Hock Creek Park, except, of course,
that there was no President there to
lend zest to the occasion
Mrs. Wilson. Miss WiNon. Mis Jexl
Wilson, Miss Ulcanor Wilson. Miss Helen
Woodrow Bone". Mrs Daniels, wife or
I the Fe rotnr of the Na, with her four
I inns Josepht-s J Daniel. Worth Bagley
I Dante.. Jonathan Worth Daniels and
Frank Daniels. Mrs Franklin K Lane.
I wife of the Secretary of the Interior
and her two children. Franklin
I-anc. jr. and his siter. Mrs Burleson.
wife of the Poslmater General and their
I two riiueliters. with friends Mr
Tumultv, wife of the President s Scc
j retar and t ielr six children, the rhil
Idren of Mr and Mr. Wilson Hrwe.
great niece and nephews of the I'resl
jdent. and others filled the south front
I portico during most of the morning
I hours
I III Nation. nepreented.
If there I a rationally on earth which
was not represented in the Preident's
guests It will be heard from next scar
Italians. German French, and othei
fnrelcn children mingled with the littl-
pure-blooded Americans and negTOts,
ranging lrom tho darkest chocolate to a
n ere suggetlon of brown rolled them
stlr and thflr egg down the gentle
lnpes. while gaily clad mothers and big
Mtirs. or Just an occasional father,
vatchid fie fun.
( hildren drcs'fd like fairy queens. In
ill in sout-s Sund-i school attire on 1
w a' not ran riot in Joy
There wa a rushing binlnes? Just ort
irte th hlte House gate In child traf
fic Kittle R.rl and bova rented thim-e-elve
out for 5 and 1" cent a minute to
crown-tip folk. who longed to see the
great nnd frigiml show in'irte the Iron
finre with it hedge of police but were
barred on account of the edlft which
prohibited grown-up to enter the ground
without children "Take me. lad ' or
Til get ou clean in'lde for a nickel,
were .me of the tempting orfer. and
when at last the big gate rolled shut two
ung'tera. a hrother and a sister, who
hnd failed to see the s'lade of contrast
between their own frajed garments and
the well set up clothe of the tourists,
who hired them for a minute, sat on the
steps of the Treasurv and counted out
at least !!'J between them as telr wage
fo- child labor
It will cot at least $500 of the annual
41 M , :s Cl akaaaT -aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaj)aaaaaaaaasV9r4,'fl,4 V-'t Jm aal
yiY W aMalal lalf 1 I I "
ILrU-VrHf- aawat.-'l,TaTaTaTaTaW.aBW,yfaTaTaTaTaTatBTaTaTalBBTaTaTaTaTaTaTa
aTaTaTaTaaaMB Um'j. i9 ---.: --ji-.' r.alaaaMaaaal
aCalaW'aW7 V WF 'alalaaMaaRiSaBaa.ai
n .aaaVm;'tay Vrv?ts '.TOfeU tr.X---t rtV-J'gg,7 Wi.1! UI1M
Photo b7 K&tloosl FbctD Gb.
Wife of the Secretary to the President, and four of their children on
the White Houe lavn.
appropriation for keeping up the Presi
dent's front ard to undo the damage of
the few hours jesterday. The sod lay
In ruts and downtrodden mases tonight,
and It will take weeks of work to get it
back to It old standard, but the day was
a red-letter one for the children.
r Pert 't snnillure itl-er toao
tshiatin. Minds? Mtrch SI l"a--8 p. t
Th remarkable derfloDment ami rfloremert
itetpre torm acrou til country e te rt erk
ho no indication ef ehinte The .term which
ean.M aprera and Rhiftirff ca ard damaxicff local
atom" in tho M'di'e West Sunda haa Ifflsaed
ny Tiin unAi) office nor.
iv, look here, I ain't no reporter. o
he I can't tell this thing Just like It
ought to be
The " boss" this city editor gw, jou
krow he comes to me last night and he
Bed. go oer to the White Houe to
morrow an" watch the kids an' then wrlto
u jour Impression of the egg-rolling "
That s wli In writing thl stuff
W 1 1!. I guess my tlrst Impression was
that thero wasn't o many eggs In the
world as I seen oier there esterday
Thev say the price of eggs wa going
down, but she will go up now. sure My
second Idea 1 that half the kids In Wash
ington I going to have pain under their
ests from eating these hero "store"
1 it thev sure did li ie fun. As for me.
he gets It.
Of course this leads to some trouble,
for It's mighty hard to tell sometimes
which egg Is cracked the worst. There
was certainly "some" battles. I seen one
little white boy playing with another
little boy that's not so white. In fact,
he's awful black. This little black boy
he claims he wins the decision In this
egg cracking. But the little white one
he doesn't feel that way, and he hands
the other one a wallop and gets away
with the eggs before anybody can butt
In. I surcs waa surprised, for he's all
dressed up like a girl. But he can handle
his dukes all right Just the same.
Eggs Not Boiled.
I was sorry for thee dressed-up kid
Some of them will hate to go to the
cleaners, and no Joke It was mighty
sloppy down around the fountain Tho
spray made It soggy and slippery. One
Ilttlo girl, all dolled up In fluffy whits
clothes an" carrjlng a prettv basket of
eggs, he goes chasing her brother, hits
the slippery place, and falls right on the
egg She probably thought when she
came that her eggs had been hard
bolltd. but she finds out then that they
nln't There had evidently been a ml
take somewhere There was one on the
front of her dress, that's sure.
I tlgured it out on my way back to
the otllce thnt If the had the dore nchi
on the number of kid, there must hae
been the shells of oier "I WO eggs on
Woacn'c Auodations Throuhout the
Coutry to Send Vote Peti
tions to President
President Wilson will be bombarded
with every argument for eaual suffrage
known in this country within the next
few weeks. If the plans of the Congres
sional committee or the A. N. w. S. A.
materialize. Kellers nave been sent
from headquarters here to woman suf
frage associations throughout the coun
try, asking; them to forward petitions
to the President on behalf of the
"cause," and to pass the glad tidings
around so that every equal suffrage en
thusiast will have the chance to Join In
the general rush to convert Woodrow
The battle of Capitol Hill, planned by
the suffragists to take place April 7,
when the members of Congress are to
be forced to take part In a "votes for
women" engagement before proceeding
to questions of tariff. Is being care
fully planned to Us slightest strategic
detail. Full Instructions are being drawn
for each member of the "suffrage light
brigade" and each will have learned the
maneuvers expocted of her before tho
day of assault comes around.
The New York Woman Suffrage As
sociation has forwarded resolutions to
the Senators and Representatives of
their State, demanding the dismissal of
MaJ. Richard Sjlvester, If found" guilty
of conniving at lax police protection on
the day of the suffrage pageant. A copy
of these resolutions were also sent to
the subcommittee of the Senate Investi
gating the police.
Destroyer to Be Launched.
The toroedo boat destroyer Duncan,
now under construction for the United
States navy at the plant of the Fore
Rher Shipbuilding Company, at Qulr.cy,
Mass , will be launched April 5. The
Duncan Is one of the new 1,000-ton.
twenty-nine knots destroyers She will
be eaulDoed with Curtis turbine erglnes
and oll-burnlnc boilers.
Leror nuane.. H. and Maud E. Granw. 2. botfl
cl Richmond. a Ree. I M Chaisbrn.
Alexander Staaoa. 2, and Sarah Grar, 3 Her
M Becler
Joseph J MuxdeU. 23, and Asa M. Bart. 3. Her
June. F. Uacaln.
Claud E. Gordon. 3. of IlilddroJa. n.. and
EUiel J. ClsBom. U. of Baltimore, ild. Rr Q. W.
aa FtoaBra,
Tracer B Barr, 3. of Lo-nchhurc. a., and Anna
I Lanuer, 3. of Uarneiboro, 1'a. Iter. Gforge M.
William J. Cmnina-tiam. M. of Seiecertadr f. T..
axJ Mary T Don7. 3X Ree Jaova V Macain.
Bernard W. Jenklna. S. and Elener Baler. 3.
boia a! Frrderlcajliurs. la. IU. James a iloct-
Cnu,ea w. Fhoemaier. r and Altai it vaux, 13.
of .ew York. T. Iter. Allen F. Poore
OharlM Morton Ilarklna. 3. of Fwrat nrj. M4-.
and Ruth Ire Rirjir. 21. of BaltlntTt. Mi. Bar.
f Jamea 6. Mentcome-y.
William E. Katkm. . and Bexaaa A Tcoarason.
1 bnth of QunUn. a
UlUlam T Ianj. C. and Eadle E. raxtoa 3S.
Rer J. it. ch!.
lcur Lena MrerX S. and Georpa Loaiee Basse!!.
73. InU of I"aeiclan brf-nc. a. Iter nin I.
Herbe-t Horer and Margaret R Jonea, 1$.
Rer O W 4 an roasen
J. Swoon. 3. and Mary O. m
F. W. Iloralns. r. and Mary E. Stercns, O.
A. A Hill S and Fadlo LVdsun. li.
H. S. Anderson. 22, sad Mary Green. S.
II T sasiton. 73, and Carrxlne Tarlor. S3.
A. BVrt. 3 and Harriet Harrison, a
L, Johrsnc. 35 and Sarah Jlarlet, 3.
J n Tarlor. 3S. and Mary E. Grosm. 34.
by National Photo On.
the sL Law
to Bamwtl VU1 rirw Ox.
High-grade Groceries, Provisions, &c,
LvnTtbicff the ttrst at les pian the usual frieea.
frompt. courteeua temcc.
Bemoted to JM0 23ta t-t..
Ba m mm a- On Dlnrnonda,
"Tm" JeaTelrj,.tc.
. E. Corner
Vlnlhand D. Sts.
Try This Gas
Iron for 10 Days
At Our Expense
Once jou find how prac
tical and concnicnt is this
Vulcan Gas Iron
your home will never be with
out it. This wonderful little
iron saves work, gas, time,
and trouble.
Always ready for instant
ue. Nothing to get out of
A $3 50 gas iron, special
for a short time CfO fA
only 06.OU
616 12th Street
1204 G Street
More than 31O0O lamp filaments of 29-candI-power
each can be manofactcred from one pound of taaU-
rwtier disturbance frl!olns rapldlj In its
wale it harlrc already reached Teias As a
wruencp wcaUier conditions are much unsettled
and precipita-jon widesrTesd with 1 eary rainfall
in the c-ntral rallcia and eerere siualls In locali
ties Owirs to heary rains the Illinois letter
' alwre flooil slase Monday its enure length.
, Northnes em Olio the Sandusky Hirer was alo
I bank full and tiunff
I UTiilo abnnnnally hich temreratures rreTad
, Kutcm. Southern, and Central sections, a coll
I tare, urmauslly serere for the season, crrrera the
' Northwestern States
, The weather wl'I continue unsettled, with el
tenure nreapitaliin orer the greater Portion cf
the country for the next two or three days Heary
rains will occur in Central and Southern states
with shifting irsles and squalls la the Interior, snd
i the temperature will be high in tho East and
. bouth aad cold in tbo Northwest.
, I.ocns Temperatures.
MKinisht, 52: 2 am., SI; li.n,H,i m..
B S a. m . 57. 10 a. ra . K. 12 noon. 67; 2 p m..
71, 4 p m , 7J p. m.. 71, 8 p. m., 9, Itt nv m ,
13 Uthest, 73 Lowest. 52. Reiatlre humidity.
Da m.75, 2p m.MlSrtm.. 60 Rainfall (4
p. m to I n m.), 0, Hours of sunshtse, 3 0, per
cent of possible sunshine, 21 Temperstuns sama
I date last year lilfhcst, 41, lowest, .
Temperatures in Other Cities.
Temperatures in other cities, toeether with tha
amount of rainfall for the twenty four hours ended
at a p m. lestcrday, are as follows:
Mai. Mia. 1p.m. falL
AsheiiUe. X C 61 SI c
Atlanta. Ga 74 Ei 72
AtlanUc Clly. X J M 4? 82
Bismarck. N. Dak 12 4 6 0 02
Boston. Mass tx 40 t2 0 01
BUTaio. V Y 53 41 44 0 22
Chicago, 1 56 54 40 0 XI
Cincinnati, Ohio 71 8) 66 2 20
Cheyenne. Wyo 19 4 16 004
Daiennort. Ioa 44 40 M C 12
rvenrer, Colo 24 13 3) 0 10
Do Moines. Iowa. 44 34 32 0 08
Dulsth. Minn 1 II IS OH
tjalreston. Tex 70 66 63 0 01
Helena. Mont 19 6 6 0 07
Indianapolis, Ind 56 52 54 1 70
Jaeksonrille. Fla. SO (6 72 0 10
Kansas City. Mo 44 a 40 0.19
Little Roti. Akr 80 'C3 78
Los Anceles, Csl 56 42 (4 0 3
Msnuette. Mich 26 3 U OS
Memphis, Tenn 62 69 78 0 08
Near Orleans, La 80 13 74 0 01
Vork. N. T tS 12 80
.North Platte, hebr 14
Omaha, Xebr 30 . 3 ...
Philadelphia. I'a 70 44 64
Ilttabure. I'a 63 53 53 0 41
Portland. Me 63 36 54 0 18
Portland. Ores 41 31 40 0 01
Salt Lais Qty. Utah 34 21 34 0 24
ft. Louis, Mo 56 62 44 LIS
Mt. Paul, Mian 3 24 3 0
San Francisco oi 51 40 52
Sprtaicneld. HI 56 "3 42 1 20
Tacoma, Waafa 39 32 33 0 14
Tamps, Fla U 66 78
Toledo. Ohio. O II H IX
icaaburg, Mia. U O II 0.U
I can t ee it If I had the time to loaf
I'd rath-r -spend It In some back lot with
a ball b it the hid a good time. I guess
It all right
Tture wa all sort" of kid there Pome
of them had clean fare when they come
and some had dlrtv but thev was all
dirt when the left. And tl-ed But
thev was game and mt of them stag
gered oer to the White I.nt after the
ground closed, where the Marine Band
placed for an hour or so
The game Is this
President "In night."
The kid they buy a whole lot of eggs
n then they get their mothers to boll
the-n nnd color them the eggs, of course,
not the kids They pack them In a dinky
little basket and go to the White Houe
The President, ho seems to be right with
the kids this ear. and he gles them a
couple of hour longer to play in his ard
than they ever had before
There two game going jesterday.
"egg rolling ' an' "eeg cracking " A
minch of kids get at the top of a little
hill an' rolls their egg down, an' the
first egg that get to the bottom, why.
that kid he gets tho whole lot An' gen
erally he sits right down and starts In
to eat. Then they take their eggs an'
crack them against each other, an' the
fellow that cracks tho other's egg first
the lawn when its all oer I noticed
particular, and there wasn t a kid that
went In the gitc with less than eight
eggs In hi basket, and they say there
was 3.ls-.j kids there
And It wa great the wa these near
white wings at the White Houee cleaned
up that mes They turned about thlrtv
loose after the gang had been eha-cd
out of the gTounds. and In about an
hour there wan't a piece of paper or
egg shell anj-where In eight
Take LATVITIE BKOMO Quinine TsbVta. Drue
fists refund morey tf it fails to enrt. Z. W.
GROVLS senators is on each bos. 3c
Unlveraliy .students to Ilnnqnet.
Tomorrow night has been set for the
annual banouet of the George Washing
ton Vnierslti Students Y M C. A
Hon II 13 K Macfarland will speak
on "A Tjplcal College Y M. C A Man
John K Mott. ' Dr Howard Lincoln
Hodgkln. dean of the department of
arts and science of the tints erity, whl
FPeak for the university William Rad
ford, of tho British Embassy, will give a
few selection
R-!amin and Margaret Rorce, rui.
Edward B and Mary Waysoo, sirL
Uilliam I. and Mar7 L. VMmaer. boy.
Allsrt L. snd Lucy G WlZiama. boy
TVULam T and Anna A- Phlpman. boy.
Lelatton W snd Mary Reich, dot
William sod Marram Mahaxtey clrl
William J. aid Moll's E. McClure. J-. boy.
Aries I snl Pearl Meicher. boy.
Edwa-1 and Ilarr.ah M McWilUms. tA
Jamr J. s.Td Helen M Kearces, boy.
11 ram I,. snd snns L. Irwin, cirl
Thon.as M. snd I.lu B Hsrknes boy.
(.harles E ul Carclne K Gnslrich. bar.
Art trU and Eliialta Elliott, jirt.
rrans It and Eleanor B. Esaex. boy.
K'.sart J snd IVarl A (Vwwrr. Jr . strl.
Ttm hy J snd Mary 4. CUJinane. cirl.
Arrfcis B and Blanche Bliss por
Carl' n M and Mna T B-a'L (rlrL
Wuilara I ard Ju'ta A Brjant, bor
Jonathan C and Flua H Abbott. tirL
Wi'lian E snd Ceneriere lanBey, tlrL
John and Fmms A istvn. clrl.
Jerry snd Marr Tjler. bj-rr
Tfcaddeus ard Mary Pishman. bey
Jehn H Gwynn. 56 Br-nswick Apta,
Mary A PewT-r. 72. 141 P 5t En
Fiore-uina Urnij (O 113 T St. nw
Marr Bran. Ml. 2441 Ga. Are.
Marie Wisler. 82. Rurtrrt Horn. Ansmrrla.
Frederick L. Taubersmidt, 2i S'O B SL ne.
1'ajl F. Cain 2. ChUdren s Hosrltal.
Florrrc E Day. 1. 11T I t. so.
EluaNth T. Mason W BVfL nw.
Catherine P ManrtcireT. 4J. Wll 8th St. car.
Tomte Raril de St. rhallew. 56. 1764 K St.
Emily bmith. S. 592 I'ark Road nw
W 13 am Fnedlander. 4 months. Children'a nospt.
Mary M Buckley. 31 mirutes 302 Macs. At, na.
Infant ef Georr and Lee Chey Giora. S hoens. 1117
14th St w.
John Lewi. 63 years. Freslnea's ncarpltal.
1 rsslire Brown. 1. 3K3 Hutton Court nw.
Charles Stewart, 1. 15"J N. C Are re
Jamrs Johnson, li Frerinen's Hosrltal
Ardrew Johnson, 4" Wsshincton Asylum Hrwrttal.
Marraret Jscksno 94. 1106 22d St. nw.
Charles . Flanders. 41. TLberculosls Hospital.
FHa Carter. 24 Ctolunbla HceiltaL
Hajmond W Tlbb. a. 133 fth St. nw.
Enceco nail. 11 days 133 Md. Aee.
Mana Gsaklns. 17 dsyv Freedmen'si HosltaL
Mary E Walters. 8. 717 Half St. ase
Harry Benton. 1. Gare!d Uosratal Annex.
We Rent New Player Pianos $25
Per Quarter. Music Free.
To aawe
oner, aee xne
before yon
buy, nor after.
Iter, r m wi
h 4AiH
1 IqualTty
t U Wm3
We guarantee to save yon a
large amount of money. No
piano under any name can be
bought better than a Schubert.
Our guarantees are unlimited
our values are wonderfuL See
Mr. Chase before ou buy any
piano from any one.
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Uprights aad Players at all
pricesi ana terms.
Loneet In the City.
lsor r. st. x. w-
Remember, Xorth Side of O gt.
Between 13th and 14th Sta.
Slain SI 10.
With $3,000 or more,
as salaried official in
established business
now being reorgan
ized for the purpose
of marketing another
of its products. Sal
ary proportionate to
investment. Margin
of profit on new prod
uct about 100 per
cent. Thoroughly
tried out. large sales
already assured. Ad
dress Box 149, Herald
Rye and Bourbon
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When you travel
don't allow youretto-btcontimially annoyed
by money matters. CanyasupplyofMA.B.i."
Cheques. They are like an international cur
rency, good all over the world, and will make
your travel money matters simple and safe.
"A.B.A." Cheques are issued In (10, $20, $50 and
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money values. You sign them to make them good,
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50,000 banks throughout the world-cash them with
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trict of Columbia
piNlcation Jlocday. April 7, epesirc new Coo
ts. AU crooks look aJlae to us. Republican o-
llemocrat. We welcome authentic IrforraaJlor of
11 violations of the law. frcm .people wholura u-
oourssrt ta disclose their Identity: sneaks and
axtcotmooa blackhandrrs not srsnted. We ask th
nrport cf rcen who are Democrata from prtndpla
and not for rerenne. If you expect a newspaper
as Mi as the N. T. Herald, with free tro-erles as
pr-mhTma, the National Democrat wul sot suit yon.
bat if yoa sn a Democrat, and have bean on
before yen wanted a a office, you will rapport a
puhUcatloD that Is fesrless In Its daty to a los
suffering people ta this aty for aat saeh a caws
paper Subscription. Jl yearly. LOREXZO O.
UABFHXD. Publisher, 911 Tenth SL nw. Job
prlntlnz sulidted.
tura for women. TVscU 3 p. ra. Kstursl, noa-
nrxlcal: cloth boend bock free. 918 Colorado Bias.
There's a Difference
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M.Dllelntr t,Ie THE BEST. Bee that yon
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Rnckslhsat BelfRalslnr Buckwheat. GCAB-
C7At your crocer'a o enrts., nesi scpplled.
Wnoleaalem. 11th and M Sta. S. E.
EROADFOOT On Sundaj-. March 3. 1313,
at s a. m , at x-roviaence Hospital,
his sixty-first year.
Funeral Tuesday. March 3. at 3 p. m.
from the residence of his son. John
F. Broadfoot, 636 F Street Northeast.
Relatives and friends Invited to attend.
KYAK-On Sunday. March 23. 131J.
MART, beloved wife of the late rat
rick Ryan.
Funeral from her late residence. 3W
Georgia Avenue Northwest. Wednes
day, March IS. at 8 30 a. m. Mass at
Immaculate Conception Church. In
terment In Mount Olivet. Relatives
and friends lnslted.
Of Eiery Description Moderately Mcerl
rtmcru dmuoi
Punml D.rc-
Establlsh-d VS. CHAS. S. ZURHOHST. Up.
WILLIAM LEE. Pnneral Dlreetae
and Emnslmer. Livery ta ccccection. Ccmmodloui
Chspsl and Modern Crcmatortttm. Modest prlcaa.
J8 ranaijlTsaU Arc av. Tslaptuas Mats UMs

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