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Gallaudet Loses by One Run to G. U. Federal Dates
Fast Suburban Aggregation Will Take Franchise.
Tentative Schedule Is Announced Gallaudet
Makes Good Showing Against Georgetown.
By C. W. SWATS'.
The Takoma Cluh will be the Blxth
team In the newly prcanlzed Federal
League, as that organisation, formerly
of the Suburban League, applied to
President J. H. Travers; of tb.6 Federal
League, yesterday afternoon, for the
vacant franchise.
President Travers would still Hko to
hear from several clubs desiring to enter
, the league, as at least one team now In
the circuit Is not expected to be fast
enoutrh. At the meeting of the league.
slated for tonight at, the residence of
President Travers, 1917 G Street North
west the affairs of the league will be
The Takoma aggregation played In the
Suburban League for several years, "and
always put up a game fight -for the pen
ant. The Federal League, playing In
th. hpart of the section which has
fathered the Suburban League for sev
oral seasons, will prove oil the more at
tractive with the Takoma club In line.
V The Federal League promises to bo one
of the fattest of the younger prganlza
tlons "With flie Pension Bureau. Tangle-
woods. Petworth, dinner of the Subur
ban League pennant In 1311; Stantons.
Trinity, and Takoma In battle array,
some clabby games are sure to result.
Improements will be started on the Su
burban diamond at once, as the opening
gamo Is scheduled for April 28.
t Following is the tentative schedule of
the league, which -Rill be adopted at the
meeting called for tonight.
Arril 28-Petwortn ts Tendon Bureau.
Arril -Tnnity ts. Tanjlewood.
April 30-SUnton ts. Takoma.
May 1 Fetnorth t. Tnnitj
May 2 Pennon Bureau t. Stanton.
Mai 3 Tansfeirood ra Takoma
May 5 Tension Bureau ts Trinity.
May Takoma t. Tctworth.
Ma 7 Tanslcwood ts. Stanton.
May 6-Takoroa va. Pension Bureau.
May 9 Trinity ts. Stanton.
May 10 Petworth ti Tanclewood.
Mav 12-Pcntfon t. Tanglcwood.
Maj 13 Petworth vs. Stanton.
May H Trinity ts Takoma
Slay lWension "Bureau ts. rctworth.
Maj 16 Tanelcwood ts. Trinity.
3Iaj 17 Takoma t. Stanton. '
May 13 Stanton Tat Pennon Bureau.
Ma 20-Trinity . Petworth.
Maya Takoma ts. Tantrlewood.
Miy 23-Trinlt tr. Pension Bureau.
Maj 23 Stanton ts. Tanclewood
May 24 Takoma T. Petworth.
Maj 26 Takoma ts. Tension Bureau.
May 27 Tanclewood ts. Petworth.
May 28-Stanton ts. Trinity.
Ma CJ Tanclewood ts. Pension Bureau.
May 30 Takoma ts. Trinity.
May 31 Stanton ts. Petworth
.Tunc 2 Trinity tb. Tanglewocd
June 3-retworth t. Penion Bureau.
1 June 4 Stanton ts. Takoma.
June 5 Petworth ti Trinity.
Juno 6 Tanslewood ts. Takoma
June 7 Pension Bureau tf. Stanton.
June Tanclewood ts Stanton.
June 10 Petworth ts Takoma.
June 11 Pension Bureau ts. Trinity.
Jjuie 12 Petworth ts. Tanclewood.
Collegians Easy for the Heavy-hitting
World's Champions, Being De
feated by 8 to 1 Count
Boston. April 9. The Boston Red Sox
continued their slaughter of the "Col
lege Innocents" today by giving Holy
Cross an 8 to 1 beating. The big leaguers
looked more like the real thing this af
ternoon than they did jesterday against
Harvard, despite the fact that the pur
ple batsmen gathered six hits. Buck
O'Brien was in the points for
t. Red Sox, retiring in tho seventh
in favor of Ray Collins. Holy Cross
seldom sent four batters to the plate
in an inning, so well did the Bcantown
llmcers work. After tho fourth Inning
but one man
reached second base.
R. H. B.
iooo x-8 i: o
0 0 0 0 0-1 6 1
lirrlan 0 2 3 2
Holy Cross 0 0 0 1
Cathedral won from Eastern in a loose
ly played game jesterday on Cathedra
grounds, 11 to 9.
Leonard was ineffective and was hit
hard when he put them over. John
son, who relieved him, made a creditable
The Cathedral bos hit the ball on
the nose, and drove it to all corners
of the lot. Coach Green's lads looked
good. Score:
.. Intern AH H O A K
.Ier c. m3 0 7 1 2
H.Tn lb .. 4 16 0 1
Tuber cf. If 5 1 10 0
Thornett. 3b 4 2 2 2 0
Maun, .2b3 2 2 0
Hire. If. 10 0 0 1
4olinon. cf.p 2 0 2 3 0
Lawson. 2b... 4 1110
Ilarr. rf 3 0 0 10
Ionard. n..! 1 0 1 0
lianahan. if- 1 0 0 0 0
T. fisher, cf. 1 0 0 0 0
Carnef. c"2222-
ToUl's 31 8 21 9 5
11 H. S
Cathrdn.1 An H O A E
lKXwood, i-f. 2 1 2 0 2
Crawford. If . 2 1 2 0 2
White. s 2 12 2 1
Crrrnwell. p . 2 2 0 8 0
Vcr. lb 2 2 5 0 1
Clrbmim, e... 2 0 5 1 0
Ireland. 2b.... 2 0 6 2 0
Stokes. 3b 3 0 113
Melnnans, r... 3 1 1 0 0
Totals 7 211! 9
.3200110 2-9
.. 6301001 z-11
Ituns Lockwood. Crawford, White (2). Cromwell
131, Dyer (3), Ireland, btokes, "W. Djer, Horn, Fish
er '(3), Sliinn, Lawson, BarK First base on balls
Off !on.rd, 8: off Cromwell, 5 Innings pitched
I5j Leonard. 4; by Johnson, 3 Hits made Off
lAOtard, 7. Home runs hite, Cromwell. Two
Inn! lilts Thornett. blimu. Cromwell. Djer. Sacri
fice hit-l-liinu. Doliblc la Ireland (tiniuwtcdl.
Hit ! idtchcrny Cromwell, W. Dvcr. Umpire
Mi. Handiboc. Time of came 2 hours and 15 min
JVon. dr suannR-er en' t miner lien dun put Ton on de mark
En' lr J oh fitted foh de sununcr's hike,
En MlnnahN, Hnlntn, en' HUfTrrln sett e 1st ilrlfiin' to de park
To cheer fob job ea' watch yob "hit de pike."
But lirfoh' dc ole bell jingles dar'si n fen words ah mid say
Dnt wecms to me to lit la vtld dc season' openln' day.
Voh's a llkel? bunch ob ?ona;ster, en' yob hes dc speed ea' brat las,
En, bettalt Mill de con-fer-dence ot ?OHtfa.
Voh hci a foxy leader ea' a tralaer man dat trains.
En de RrentrNt, plteha' Ilbbln' dat's de trnth.
En' exriusr nic Jew a mlanlt nhlle Ah stops to plat wld pride"
To dnt Rood oie scout ea' fren o' jnlnc, yohr captain -Gears;' McBrlde.
Now, what's de niattali, fellers, wld yohr anrabbia "dat ele TrngV
Ah icll yob, yob kla tie It, If yob try.
Dar Is furnty thousand rooters heah er hoala fer dat aaar
Ah Irll oh, bojs, dar hopes Is runnln' hfjrb. i
En dent fneuty thousand rooters Js all loyal, stanch, ea trae;
But de atcn' a de Kitten vhy, dat all Is
"Up to you.
June 13 Trinity t. Stanton.
Juno 14 Pension Bureau ts. Takoma.
June 16 Pcmlon Bureau n. Tanglewocd.
Juno IT Stanton ti. Petworth.
June lS-,Trfnity . Takoma.
June It Peaaion Bureau ts. Petworth.
Juno 20-Takotna ts. Stanton.
June a Tangiewood Ti Trinity.
Juno 23 Takoma. ts, Tamlewood.
Juno 24 Trinity ts. Pttwortb.
-June 25 Stanton r. Pension Bureau.
June 3&-Takoma ts. Petworth.
June 27 Stanton tr. Tanclewood.
June 28 Trinity ts. Pension Bureau.
Week of June 30-July 5 open for postponed samel,
July 7 Takoma ts. Pension Bureau.
July 8 Tanglewood ts. Petworth.
July 9 Stanton ts. Trinity.
July 10 Tanclewood ts. Pension Bureau.
July 11 Takoma ts. Trinity.
July 12 Stanton ts. Petworth.
July 14 Trinity ts. Tanclewood.
July 15 Petworth to. Pension Bureau.
July 16 Stanton ra. Takoma.
July 17 Petworth TS. Trinity.
July 18 Tanclewood t. Takoma.
July 19 Pension Bureau ts Stanton.
July 21 Tanclewood tk. Stanton.
July 22 Petworth ts. Takoma.
July 23 Pension ts. Trinity.
July 24 Petworth tb. Tanclewood.
July 25 Pension ts, Takoma.
July 26 Trinity t. Stanton.
July 28 Pension Bureau ts. Tanclewood.
July 29 retworth ts. Stanton.
July 30 Trinity ts. Takotna.
The showing of the Gallaudet team
against Georgetown yesterday was the
best in the history of the Buff and Blue
institutlonn. The Hllltoppers barely de
feated Gallaudet, and, at that, had all
the horse Miocs in the world.
Stage fright beat the Buff and Blue.
In the opening inning two runs were
scored by Georgetown without the sem
blance of a hit. while in the second "ses
sion another tally was chalked up for
the Hllltoppers without a single being
This kind of baseball would take the
heart out of any team, but the lads from
Kendall Green kept fighting, -and all but
won out. The finish of the game made
Georgetown sit up and take notice, as
the Hllltoppers had. figured the game
cay. Kelly, who did the hurling for the
Blue and Gray, weakened In this round,
and but for a slip up by a pinch hitter
would have been trimmed proper.
Yesterday's game speaks well for the
Gallaudet team. Fighting all the time,
this outfit is bound to make a good show
ing, and with Rasmusscn pitching any
kind of ball, will make the other clubs
work hard for every game.
A meeting of tho Central Leaguo will
be held tonight at tho residence of W.
O. Cornelius, 1302 Sixth Street Northwest,'
and a prompt attendance is requested.
A schedule will more than likely bo
adopted, and other important matters
transacted. President Cornelius is anx
ious to hae the managers of tho six
teams present tonight, as Anal plans for
th onenlnc of the league will be dls-
I cussed.
Hcld-ont Star of Detroit Tigers Wanted
by Lynchburg Club of United
States League.
Srccial o Th Waahincton Herald.
Lynchburg, Va.. April 3. A telegraphic
offer of $15,000 was made this afternoon
to Ty Cobb, the hold-out outfielder of
tho Detroit team, to play with tho local
club In the United States League this
season. Manager McKInnen, of the local
club, made the offer, which is backed by
the Ljnchburg Ad Men's Club.
If Cobb accepts, tho money will be
raised at once by popular subscription.
Cobb declares that he will not play with
the Tigers unless he gets $15,000, and
President Navin declares he will not pay
Cobb any such salary.
Defeats Technical High School Re
crvoKln One-sided Game.
Special to The Waahincton Herald.
Alexandria, Va., April 9.Ycsterday
afternoon the baseball team of the Alex
andria High School swamped the Re
serves nine from Technical High School
one-sided game, by the score of 12JMcCreary. 104 (Wolf), 2 to 1, won; Veno
to 4. Tho featuro of the gamo was tho
excellent offensive work of Fobs.
In five trips to the plate he made five
hits, one of which was over the fence;
stole three bases, and scored twice. The
game was long-drawn out on account of
the number of bases on balls which wore
given. The summary:
Batteries A. H. '., Andcrton, Raison,
and Nails; Tech, Defendorf, Galleher,
and Hopkins. Runs: Devers, Anderton,
Byrne. Fisher (- Nails, Howard,. Rai
son (2), Poss (2), Wenrel, Hardell, Mc
Kinney (2), Hopkins. Hits: Off Ander
ton and Raison, S; off Defendorf and
Galleher, 12. Bases on balls: Off Ander
ton and Raison, 7; off Defendorf and
Galleher, 7. Errors: A. H. S., 5; Tech
H. S., 2.
Facts for F nni.
An attractive booklet, entitled "Facts
for Fans," gotten up by Saks & Co., the
well-known clothiers. Is being distributed
among the Capital rooters. This book
let contains much interesting Informa
tion, including schedules and playing
'As, "
S -v t . . t
.JW v ,.. -jtx " -
Photo by National Photo Co.
Who not only pitched a cleTer came acainst Oeorcc
town yesterday, but stole four bases, iocludinc a
teal of home, and made two hits.
Beekies Hit Hard When Elsie Herndon
Crosses the Wire Winner in
the First Race.
bpecial to Tlio Waahincton Herald.
Baltimore, Md April 9. The regu
lars fared badly this afternoon at Marl
boro, as only one favorite caught tho
judge's eye first past thowire, and
that was Elsie Herndon, In the first
race. She was well played, and the
result hit the books, but they recuper
ated on the next, Ave races and ended
the best day 'hey have had during the
meeting. Perhaps tho worst upset of
the afternoon came with the running
of the fourth race, a six. and a half
furlong dash, In which Cuttyhunk. the
public's choice, refused to extend him
self until the second Jturn of the field,
when he began to cioso rapidly, but
tho effort came too late to catch Syl
vestria, tho second choice, who won
by a neck. Charley Grand, who got
into difficulty at Jamestown a few
days ago and was set down, received
the samo treatment from the judges
yesterday at Marlboro. The summa
ries: FIRST RACE Th'ree- ear-olds and up
ward: four and one-half furlonus: nurse.
$300. Scnegamblan, 112 (F. Jackson), -'
to 1. won: Boss. 103 (J. Dwver). C to 1.
second; Golden Cluster, 110 (H. Denne
c!er). 6 to 1. third. Time. 0:57 2-5. Crcuse.
Mad River, Elsie Herndon, Monkey, Se
ville V.. and Black Silk also ran.
SECOND RACE Three-year-olds and
up; six and one-half furlongs: purse, SJ00;
selling. ClitT Top, 100 (J. Dwyer). 7 to
1, won; Letourne, 103 (F. Jackson). 6 to
5. second: Kinder Lou, 91 'Moore). 5 to 1,
third. Time, 1:23. Virginia Creeper,
Stavano, Red Jacket, Pretend, and Gre
cian Bend also ran.
THIRD RACE Three-year-olds and
upward: four and one-half, furlonrs;
purse. $300; selling. Smirk, 111 (F. Jack
son). 3 to 1. won: La Sa Ja. 113 (W. Hall).
C to 1, second; McAndrews, 113 (W. Har
rington). 4 to 1. third. Time, 0.57. Tan
tickle. Mama Johnson. Shreve, Very Apt,
and Spring Up also lan.
FOURTH RACE The Marlboro Handi
cap; threc-j ear-olds and upward; nurse.
JOX); six and one-half furlongs: Syl-
vestris. 117 (A. Matthews). 5 to 2. won:
Cuttjhunk, 113 (J. Bauer), 6 to 1, sec
ond: Viley. 103 (J. Dwver). 6 to 1. third.
Time, 1-22 2-5. Golden Castle. Semi
yuaver, Robert Hraaiey, ana tfoatcin also
FIFTH RACE Three-year-olds and up
ward: purse, $300; selling; six and one
half furlongs. Jim Milton, 107 .(J. DwTer),
S to 1, won: Tony W., Ill (W. Hall). 4
to 5, second; Chilton Squaw, 114 (H.
Chappell), 3 to 1, third. Time. 1:24 3-5.
Bryan, Sweet Owen, R. H. Gray, and
Prince Fonso also ran. ,
SIXTH RACE Four- ear-olds and up
ward; Ave and one-half furlongs: purse.
$300. Bat Mastcrson, 99 CJ. Dwyer). 11
to 5, won: Premier. 99 CJ. Hanover), 3
to 2, second; Racing Belle. 99 (D. Sterl
ing), o to 1, third. Time, 1:07 4-3.
Naughty Rose, Iberville, and Incision
also ran.
FIRST RACEi-Purse, $300; four-year-olds
and UDward: seillntr: six furlnncs.
von, 104 (Montour), 3 to 1, second; Cloud
Chief. 109 (ButAell). 5 to 2. third. Time.
1:13 2-5 Racine. Lady Sjbil, Dust, and
Running Account also ran.
SECOND RACE Purse, $300: two-year-olds:
selling; four furlongs Carburetor,
109 (Connollv), 6 to 1, won: Jack Wig
Bins, 112 (MusgraVe), 10 to 1. second:
Col. C, 107 (Wolf). 20 to 1, third. Time,
0:49 2-5 Pat Rutledge, Rifie.v Colors,
Lady Esterting, Madge's Sister, and Red
Cross also ran.
THIRD RACE Purse, $300; tnrce-year-olds;
selling: five and one-half furlongs.
Ancon. 100 (Snider), 3 to 1. won; Jonquil.
109 (Baker), 3 to 1, second; Arran, 105
(Connolly). 20 to 1. third. Time, 1.09.
Anna Claire, Miss Tromp, Capt. Jinks,
Dynamo.i and Willis also ran. Dynamo
fell: boy badlv hurt.
FOURTH RACE Purse. $300; three-year-olds
and upward; selling; five and
one-half furlongs. Chemulpo,- 112 (Bux
ton), 2 to 1, won; Smash, 99 (Deronde),
7 to 10, second; Tiger Jim, 104 (Montour),
10 to l.thlrd. Time. 1:091-5. Hans Creek
and Roseburg IV also ran.
FIFTH RACE Purse, $300: four-year-olds
and upward; selling; six furlongs.
Jessup Burn. 106 (Wolf), 4 to 1, won;
Theo Cook. 109 (Ward). 2 to 1, second;
New HaVen. 107 (Corey). 4 to 1, third.
Time. 1:15 4-5 Jim O, York Lad, Black
Branch, and Touch Me also ran.
SIXTH RACE Purse, $300; three-year-olds
and upward; selling; one mile.
Counterpart, 87 (Snider). 12 to 1. won:
Golden Treasure, S7 (Montour). 3 to 1,
second: Judge Walser. 105 (Butwell), 10
to 1, third. Time. 1:42 2-5. Hedge Rose,
Chryseis, and Spellbound also ran.
Jaraesto-n a.
FIBST RACE Purse. $380: two-year-old maidens;
felling;; four furionss. Salvtlon Nell, 10!; Colors,
107; Zodiac,' 1W; Zack Wiecint. 112; Free Trade.
112; Wanlta, 113; diaries Canncll. 117,
EKCOND ItACE-Piirse, $30D: three-ycar-oM and
npward: selling: six furlonss. Smash. 90; Bic Dij
per. 98; Shillalah, 99; Brynary. 1(Hr COrpcrtown,
107: Hoyal Message. 107: Double Fire. 110; ATiator,
110; Troy Weieht. 115; El Oro, 117.
THIRD RACfi-Pnrse, $300; Kenwood parse; Are
and one-half futloncs. Chad !3uford. 101; Paris
Queen. 102; Exton, 104; Kayderose, 104; Talc Car
rier, 106; Chvckles, 107; Monocaey, 113
FOURTH RACR-Furee. HK): Dixlo Handicap;
three-rear-olds and upward; six furlongs York-
Ti!k, 85; Kormak. 133: Mesncer Boy. 104; Hoffman.
108; Sir Blaise. 103; Palanquin, 110; Grorcr Hucbea,
FIFTH RCE Purse. $300; three-year-olds and
upward; selling; scren furlong?. Veneta Strotnc.
Cynosure, 99; ExcaJibur. 106; The Gardener.
166: Blue Mouse, 106; Klttery, 167; Question Mark,
SIXTH RACES-Putic. $490: .three-year-olds and
upward: ellinr;'one mile and serentr yards Irene
riumawl. ; Star Gift, 102; Camellia, 102; Joe
Gaiter.!. JM: Cheer TJj. 101: Clem Beacho. 104:
New Rirer, 106; Mollie 8., 107$ Ragman, 109; Bene
diction, 109; The. Sqaire, 112.
'Appreatlcf altowaace of ,Te pounds ctefastC
. .".V.isssssssssssssssssssssW'i -
. ,
. i W . $ $" jr" fBlsSBBSBBSBt "
ssssssssarBsBsisHwaTftftttffTf'rf tiS?
Kendall Green Boys Surprise
Big Collegians and Hold
Them to Small Score.
Witfe Peer Sippwt ii tkt Opcuaf
Ckapter Bff ud Blie Twirler
Hulls Geerfftewa Safe. .
Coming from behind with a rush In
the last two Innings, the Gallaudet Col
lege 'ball club all but trimmed the
Georgetown aggregation yesterday on the
Hilltop, the nnal count being 6 to 4, with
tho Blue and Gray on the big end.
The Kendall Greeners, although appar
ently beaten, did not give up hope, and
climbed on Kelly, the Georgetown hurler.
In the closing chapters for four hits and
and as many runs. When the game
Btarted the lads from Northeast blew
up with a big bang, and as a result, the
Hllltoppers were two runs to the good
when the ilrst inning was over. It took
a couplo of Innings' for tho Gallaudet
outfit to get settled doun, but from the
fifth inning on the Georgetown team
was outplayed In every department of
the game.
Rasmussen, on tho mound for the de
feated nine, clearly outpltched Kelly,
who served them over for the West
RnsmBsscn la Form.
Rasmussen allowed five hits, one very
scratchy, and the Gallaudet tribe combed
Kelly for four, one a triple, by Rendall.
On the- other hand, Kelly was blessed
with great support In tho early innings,
which saved him from a- good beating.
RasmusJen's nl$s wont to pieces in the
opening frame and did not give him any
kind of backing whatever. With the
same support as that afforded the
Georgetown twirler. Ramussen would
have beaten the Hllltoppers with ease.
Connelly, on second for the Blue and
Gray, put up a nifty game, taking care
of six hard chances without the sem
blance of a mlscue. The little fellow
sjfvcd two blngles for Kelly by fast
work. Davis, on third, although charged
with two errors, plajed a clever game,
besides connecting for a brace of hits.
Randall Triples.
The longest hit of tho game came in
the ninth inning, when Rendall hit to
the fence for three bags, with Helmark
ipsting on first. This -took the heart out
of Kelly, and before the Inning was
over the Kendall Greeners had registered
three times.
Baseball luck gac the gamo to George
town. While the Hllltoppers outplayed
the Buff and Blue in the early chapters,
they were, in turn, outclassed In the final
frames. Both teams pulled bone stunts,
but Georgetown's were of the real bone,
while the Buff and Blue team could not
be expected to show the ability of tho
Rasmussen not only pitched a gocd
game, but ho stole four bases on Lav
lor, making a clean steal of second, third
"and home in the eighth inning. He also
connected for a pair of safeties.
Capt. Rendall, of the Kendall Greeners,
made a neat catch of a foul fly in the
fifth Inning. . Law lor hit a high one back
to the stands, and "Scrappy" snagged
the ball after a long chase.
Yesterday's game was the best ever
put up by a Gallaudet club against a
Georgetown team. The Buff and Blue
team fought all the way, and with an
even break In luck woold hao been re
turned tho winner.
The Score.
Campazzi, ss
Connelly. 2b
Fury, rf
McCarthy, cf
Barron, If
Davis. Sb
M. Mulcahy, lb..
Lawlor, c...
Kelly, p
. 4
. .1
'. 4
. 4
. 4
. 3
. 3
. 3
Totals !0
Rockwell, ss 4
10 -2
A. E.
H. PO.
0 0
0 8
1 8
0 4
0 2
Rendall. c 4
Truke, 2b 3
Miller, rf. 4
Rasmussen. p 4
Jacobson. cf 2
Hladlk, If 2
Foltz, 3b 2
Moore 1
Classen! 1
Totals 30 4 4 24 9 7
Batted for Jacobson in the ninth.
tBatted for Hladlk In the ninth.
Gco.etown. ....... 21011000 x 5
Gallaudet.... 00000001 3-4
Earned runs Georgetown, 1. First base
by erron Georgetown. 4; Gallaudet. 1.
Left on bases Georgetown. 4: Gallaudet,
2 First base on balls Oft Kelly, 2;
off Rasmussen. 1. Struck out By Kelly,
7: bi Rasmussen. 4. Three-base hit
Rendall. Sacrifice hits Kelly, Foltz.
Stolen bases Connelly, Barron, Davis
(2), Mulcahy, Ra&mussen (4.) Double
play Miller to Hiemark. Hit by pitcher
Bv Rasmussen (Lawlor, Fury, Con
nelly.) Wild pitch Rasmussen. Passed
balls Rendall. Lawlor (2.) Umpire Mr.
McCauley. Time of game 1 hour and 40
Mohawks to Play.
Tomorrow the :"rsi M. P. Sunday
School League team will play a practice
game with the Mohawk Athletic Club, at
Seventeenth and D Streets Southeast at 5
o'clock. Young and Hayden will do the
battery work -or the clubmen, and
"Finn." Kelly, of the Nativity team of
last season, will be on the mound for the
Cabaret Feature, 7:30 to Midnight
Aid Otkers Will EftteUMi th Patrau Dmrkf the Etcuii
J. H, ASHBURNE, Proprietor.
Defeab Brotkly Dedf ert in
First Major League Contest
in Good Game. 1 to 0.
. .
Luky PkilacJelpkia Hwkr Had Dak-
Ui't Tribe at His Mercy tkc
Eatire Setae.
Brooklyn, N. Y.. April . The Phillies
opened the 1913 season one day ahead of
the regular season with a rush, by de
feating the Dodgers,- 1 to 0. Beaton's
superb pitching was responsible - for the
result. Tho lanky Philly twirler had
Dahlen's men at his mercy for prac
tically the entire session, allowing but
four scattered hits The only run of
the game camo In the first, when Knabe
doubled to right and scored when Meyer
dropped Magee's high fly. Rucker Was
relieved by Ragon in the eighth, after
pitching his usual fine game. A crowd
of 10,000 braved the cold wind to sec
the contest. Score:
Thlla. AB HOVE
Paskert. cf... 4 110 0
Knabe. 2b... 3 3 110
nobert. 3b... 3 1110
Magee, If 3 0 0 0 0
Dolan rf t 1 2 0,0
Ludems. lb.. 4 0 13 0 1
Dolan, ...... 3 (50
Deotn. c .... 3 1 6 7 0
Beaton, p 3 113 0
Rrookljn ABHOAB
hftncel. rf.... HU
Cutshaw. 2b . 4 1 2 4 0
Mejer. rf 2 0 0 0 1
Wheat. If 4 0 2 0 1
Daubert. lb .. 3 1 12 1 0
Smith. Jb 3 0 13 0
Fisher, t 3 0 3 10
O.Miller, e... 3 1 4 0
Rucker. P 2 10 2 0
Ragon. p 0 0 0 0 0
T,...l. Kl 7T15 1
,,l.i.,.n.,n . - , :,---
Callahan .... I o o o y
r.rwini w w w w
Totals JO 127 16 2
Batted for Rueker In eighth
JHttted or Meyer in ninth. p
Philadelphia 10000000 0-1
Brooklyn ., . 00000000 0-0
Run-Knabe. Two-base hit-Knabe. Sacrifice hit
Magee, Lobert. Stolen bartv-Danbert. First base
on errors-Philadelrhla. 3; Brooklyn. 1. Strode ont
By Rucker. 3; by Ragon. 1: by beaton. 6. First base
on halls-Off Rueker, 1 : off Seaton, 1. Passed ball
Docin. Hits made-Off Rucker. 7 In 8 Innings.
Left on bases-Philadelphia. 4; Brooklyn, t. Cm-rires-Meirs.
Klem and Orth. AUcndanco-10,090. .
HeaTy-weifkt Wrestlers Primed fer
Beat at the Lyceum Temijkt
O'Coaaor to Referee.
Wrestling fans of the Capital are look
ing forward with eager anticipation to
tlje heavy-weight bout to be pulled off to
night at tho Lyceum between Leo Par
dello, the Italian thunderbolt, and Fred
McKay, tho famous Canadian wrestler
and boxer.
In booking this match. Manager Mayer,
of the Aentie playhouse, has struck a
popular chord, as Pardello has already
demonstrated his ability as a wrestler
in this city, and McKay, with flattering
notice from the North, looks to be a
foeman worthy of his steel.
McKay, who recently lost a fistic en
counter to Gunboat Smith on a fluke,
and who is matched to meet Luther Mc
Carty In the . near future, has been in
the wrestling game for years, having fol
lowed It exclusively up to a rew years
ngo, when he took up boxing, and made
good from the start. In his bout with
Gunboat Smith he was knocked out while
listening to instructions from his corner,
and fight fans, on his showing, believe
him to be on a par with the best heavy
weights of today.
A giant in stature, being six foot six
Inches tall, and weighing 210 pounds, he
should prove a most troublesome cus
tomer for Pardello, despite the latter's
experience in the mat game. Pardello
will work his hardest to trim the Ca
nadian giant, and judging from his re
cent bouts with Americus and Jim Gal
in, he h in fine trim for the match.
A purse of $150 has been guaranteed to
the winner by Manager Mayer, and this
means that both men arc out for blood
and will take all sorts of chances to
win. Pat O'Connor is slated to be the
third man on the mat.
Eighth Grade Forfeit.
A game between the Seven A grade
and Eighth grade of the Thomas School
was played on the Monument lot yester
day. The score was 9 to 5 In the eighth
Inning, when the Eighth grade team" for
feited the gamo by protesting a decision
of Umplro Woods.
Kureka I Resolules
Van Horn.
88 101 X Fowler..
m 103 103
Totals ..
10 105 I Matter....
107 89 S3
101 49 99
120 83 101
ICC M 93
106 OS SO
no ra H3
488 499 483
Farrow, sr.,
Farrow, Jr.
97 95 107
Total Sr 471 496
Berrr W W 9t
Martin 82 101 103
V. Rlston... 13 t 1M
P. Ttlston... 82 HI 10J
J. Biston.... HI 100 93
Totals 533 SS 493
Wood 100 108
Dameron 112 90
Marden 116 100
Martin 84 94-
Allen 94 85
Totals 505 473 465
Evers says that now that Archer ts
with th,e Cubs the flag Is already flying;
in Chicago. '
1 nrrr Stndebaker Roadster, 1 1911 Marlon Tourln,
2 Paige Roadsters, 1 Palo Tonrlng; 1 Franklin Tooo
tor. All in rood Tunning order.
1815 O St. North WT4m
Ciaciaastl, April -T0Taor-rews
a-aaae betweea Clsefaaatt
ial PltUaara-, vrklca Tras to have
"eaed iae Natleaal Leasae sa
oa here, wit this afterrUa
aostaeaed. Rata today aaade It
Mlble to set the ball aark,
aaaer Mfteea feet of water darts-
the receat Meed, la shaae.
Defeats Martin LeoMartf In Straight
Falls nt the Gayety.
Joe Turner, the local middle-weight
wrestler, defeated Martin Leonard at
the Gayetylast night. In one of the
best matches ever seen in this city.
The first fall went to Turner after
fifty-one minutes with a flying Dutch
man hold, which took all the ambition
out of Leonard, also most of his
strength. Tho next fall was easy for
the local boy in one minute, as the
New Yorker was groggy when ho went
on the mat.
It was announced that Turner will
meet Joe Dlry. of Paterson. N. J., next
Friday night jt ths Gayety.
Ira Thomas, of the Athletics, is certain
ly In shape and the way he is whipping
the ball around the basses in practice
has made Connie Mack smile all over.
Sweet, Fresh, and Cheerful
after its spring "housecleaning," the Imperial
Grill is doubly enjoyable. Though it may be chilly
without, inside its coziness and warmth is con
tagious. Orchestra in attendance. Vocal solos in
the evening and after the theater.
Hotel Sterling
J. W. GIBSON. Mgr.. Formerly of Shoreham. ;
13th and E Streets N. W.
Sturdy Stutz
The Miller Co. (Inc.), 1026 Conn. Ave.
Watch for the Auto
News in The Herald
The Bartram Garage. 12M-0S N. H. Ave.
metz $544
UW aft If. A. RHIKE
I HtsfB Rear 18 Lafayette S3-
Phone M. 7013.
M. T. Pollock,
1018 Connotiout Avnu N W
thn M. 7S37-S.
All other auto supplies at
equally attractive discounts dur
ing our Annual Clearance Sale.
Better investigate.
National Elwtrlcal Supply Co.,
1398-36 IV. Y. Ave. Paeaa ML 8M.
A-eat for aTlaaHef aatl Yala sfatatv
eyclaa aa Certa Special Bleyeltw
tereyeU Oret-aaallaa; aad Belt
patriae-. Aecaaaariaa aad. SaaArtatv
Mcrele lUaaUrlajr, Braslas. aad
OTcraaallaa;, SaaallM aai Acecasartea.
ata ttt at. W. W. Paa Mala SI
Exptrt Elwtrie Tthiolf fttpwriic
Iteraca Batteries rertatrea aa
. Xt-altJea mad " Bttr
laa ClMnrsri aa Built to Order.
sorawoRTi KEHEI CO.
none K. tti$. Rear 1IJ9 L . N. W.
five aad seren aaaMngtr eare
. 131S L St. M.W.
Phoae N. 147.
deWMty HaVsaTsSJ (M taw MMMMSy uM
the Mucm FTsm Hi, Ne-y
Annapolis, Md.. April 9. The Naval
Academy won at baseball from Cornell
this afternoon by 4 to 0, only twenty
seven batsmen facing Seibert, the Navy
captain and twirler. Seibert did not al
low a safe hit or permit a runner to
reach first. He struck out 'thirteen raen
and secured four assists without an er
ror. Only one ball was knocked out of
the diamond by Cornell. Selbert's feat
was one of the most remarkable ever
seen here. Cornell was busy In the field.
Keller at third and Donovan at second
playing brilliantly, while Butler caught
a. good game. Acheaon was wild and in
effective. Score:
Cornell ! 00000000 0-0 0 j
Naval Academy....... 10001200 x-1 5 0
Batteries Acbeson and Butler; Seibert and Hick.
Umpire Mr. Betta.
Joe Tinker seems bent on digging up
all the old-timers to aid him in securing
victory or defeat.
Almeida, the Cuban, who has been
playing with the Reds, may figure In a
I deal for Overall with tho Cubs.
Commercial Auto & Supply Co.. 17 14th st.
Cadillac & Baker
Cook & Stoddard Co.. 1138 Conn. Ave.
Kissel! Kars aid Tricks
1608 14tb St. bit. E. H. BATTER. Mr.
War afaoala Aatoataatie swaera a tar.
aaeatett with tlra freaelea waea tmrr
caa sm avaltlvely dtiaa awtr wltt a
Tkc WsriTi leaf Mar
Mb Rxperiment
Taotsogbly Tested.
Time Triad.
tM SeuTMfw aVr&sma
trtUlaa; Plaat.
tresrt N. W.
5. Ana 1 Other Makes of Btcyelea.
Saadriea aad BtaasTflaa.
aa-31 1TH TTT. WW.-
S Oaea TCraateca Uata Ttdav X4avt
Tmillllimil" ' ' aaawarrarrMsarje
None Better.
m Hi L.W. M.7IIS
Auto Supplies
Of Every Kind Ajwaya Kara.
MM raarts fa
A ... &,-, ., Wlsi .JZ&i& S, $ , a . . .
. '.y
c . tes.:
r-r -.V ''f. ?
Si 4L jy
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