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Mass Meetings Approve Plan
for March of Women
to Capitol.
Mrs. Armor, "Georgia Cyclone' Stirs
Her Many Hearers Children
Gire Songs.
Loudlv voicing their approval of the
plan to hold a mass meeting Wednesday,
vhen about one thousand women will
march to the Capitol and demand a
constitutional amendment stamping: out
the tale of liquor all over the country,
audiences which crowded the Columbia
Theater, rirst Congregational Church,
and St Paul's Lutheran Church, jester
day afternoon provided a fitting climax
to (he greatest anti-liquor manifestation
ever seen in Washington.
The mass meetings were carefully
planned, and worked out by Mrs. Emma
'Sanfonl Shellon, president of the Wash-
ington W. C. T. U., and were attendee
bv women temperance workers of na-,
tlonal and world-wide fame, national
officers of the organzatlon presiding
over the three meetings. Mrs. Lillian
J! N. Stevens, president of the national
.organization, presided at the Columbia
Theater meeting' I
Mrs Mary Harris Armor, of Georgia,
tailed the "Georgia oclone." whose
ords literally took her audience off their
Jett was the prlncapal speaker at the
.meetings. Tears, laughter, and applause,
marked the rapid course of her words,
her orator, magnetism, and stage prcs
Liice holding her hearts.
March to Sleetlns; I'lncrs.
Mutt of those present at the meetings
!iad assembled at Fourteenth Street and
Jew York avenue, and marched to the
meeting places, preceded- by a squad of
mounted police and a section of the
Marine Band. The speakers and others
on the program divided their time be
tween the three places of meeting
Selections by the Marine Band and the
singing of hymns opened the meetings
Miss Anna A. Gordon, national vice
President of the organization, who was to
have presided at the meeting in First
-Congregational Church, informed the au
dience that fhe would be needed no the
Columbia Theater, and presented Mrs
Frarces P. Parks, national corresponding
Becretarj who officiated
Miss Gladvs D. Emig, of this clt. re
cited at both meetings the Prohibition
.Proclamation," written two vears ago
bv Mrs- Lillian M X Met ens, when
Maine voted to uphold its "dry" law.
Representative Hobson's resolution intro
duced in the House last summer, provid
ing for a constitutional amendment mak
ing prohibition nation-wide, was read by
L btanton Henri at both meeting.
Mrs. Armor chose for the subject of
her forceful remarks "Nation-Wide Pro
hibition in 1K0, and Why " She said that
while God alwavs had been opposed to the
liquor traffic. It was not until late years
that the church had united against it
Ibshm a Chnllenge.
Mrs. Armor declares that common sense
-was opposed (o continuation of the. traffic
in alcohol, and she openly challenged
any one in the cltj, particular a repre
sentative of the liquor interests, to meet
her in open debate any time this week,
and she would prove that what she said
was true in theory and fact.
"The liquor people hae only three ar
guments," Mrs. Armor declared "They
twist them around, and advance varia
tions of them, but they have only three,
and they are pitiably weak. They say
-that the liquor traffic pajs It pas no
one but those engaged in selling it. '
Mrs Armor sa.d another argument ad
vanced bv the intere-ts is that "prohibi
tion doesn't prohibit "
"If that is so why do they spend mil
lions of dollars fighting prohibition? It
seems slllv. '
The onlv other argument they have.
Mrs Armor went on. is the "Dersonal
rights" argument, the declaration that a '
man has a right to drink if he wants to
Uo It
"He hasn t " she declared. "Has
man a right to kill himself If there Is
a man here with some deadly poison in
his pocket and he tries to take it, he
ran be arrested for breaking the law
He hasn't the right to poison himself,
and people are beginning to realize that
liquor Is a poison."
Support of Mr. Hobson's resolution for
prohibition was accorded a unanimous
standing vote, on the motion of Mrs.
1 lorence Richards, president of the Ohio
Leo Ljon. a boy with a beautiful voice.
who bang in all parts of Maine during
the fight to maintain prohibition there,
sang two prohibition songs, with eight
little girls, bearing a huge ribbon, stand
ing behind him A children's chorus
sang "Some Glad Dav," by Katherine L.
Etev enson.
Mrs Richards, in an address at the
Congregational Church uecWred the or
ganization will not rest until the nation
Is completely "dry " Mrs Lulu Shepard,
of Utah, bpoke of the home Influence in
dealing with the question, and the bale
ful influence of the saloon
Plntfitrms Arr Decorated.
The platforms on which the speakers
sat at the theater and churches were
decorated and bore huge emblems above
them, with the words "National Prohibi
tion in 1920. But Long Before That There
Yv ill Be no Saloons In Washington."
Presidents of State organizations
present were- Mrs. Sara H Hoge, Vir
ginia: Mrs. Silena Holman, Tennessee;
Mrs. Trances E Beauchamp, Kentucky;
Mrs. Mary Harris Armor, Georgia; Mrs.
Florence E. Richards, Ohio, Airs Culla
J. Vayhlnger, Indiana; Mrs Pauline W.
Holme. Mar) land, Mrs. Ella M George,
Pennsylvania; Mrs. Jennie L. W. Rooke,
Rhode Island; Mrs. Lulu M. Shepard,
Utah: Mrs. Ella A. Boole. Brooklyn, N.
V., and Miss Hardynla Norville, Ala
bama. Others who attended were Mrs. Ella
Hoover Thatcher, superintendent of the
department of soldiers and sailors.
World's and National W. C. T. XT.; Mrs.
Margaret Dye Ellis, superintendent of the
legislative department; Miss Ellen
Stone, Miss Amy A. Swankle-Cameron,
London, England.
Cameron D. Hayes Married.
Cameron Douglas Hajes, of Washing
ton. was married in Syracuse, N. T.,
last Thursday afternoon, to Miss Edna
Louise Mason, Rev. John Richards, of
Detroit. Mich., officiating, at the home of
the bride's mother, Mrs. Minnie E. Ma
son, in Syracuse. N. Y.
The bride wore white channelise satin
with tunic of white chiffon, embroidered
In silver, and her only ornament was the
bridegroom's gift, a la valllere of diamonds
and pearls. She carried valley-lilies and
roses. After an extended Eastern trip
Mr and Mrs. Haves will live for one
year In Tacoma Vash. William D.
Hayes and Miss Emily Hayes, of Wash
ington, were among the out-of-town
For Bed, Weak, Watery Eyes and W
J Merlin Doesn't Smut Seethes Ere Pain ,
" rejected by New Yor's producers.
' r ratSPsJssH&ssHEii.. - vnKnssnsssKiisssssnl
jaF5':: Bi''iTKr? ssssssssssssassssssspaLsssssi
Rer. Dr. C. Everest Granger Deli?en
the Last in His Series
of Sermons.
The last in a series of sermons on "Pop
ular Excuses' was delivered last night
by Rv. Dr C Everest Granger, pastor of
Gunton-Temple Memorial Presbyterian
Church, Fourteenth and It streets north
west The sermon was entitled. "The
Shulamite s Complaint God Asks Too
Much " Kev Dr. Granger said. In part:
"This excuse may ccme from one who
is at ease in the world. We hear much
of those who are 'at ease In Zion,' that
is in the ihurch and sad it is there are
man of them. There are many who are
at ease in the world Thev are satisfied
how they are and what they are and
where they are
"This excuse mi) come from one who
sees difficulties in the way of duty which
now exist or who greatly exaggerates
those difficulties which do exist So many
consider and magnify the difficulties and
dangers of the religious life and forget
the distress, difficulties and dangers of
the Irreligious life.
"But the excuse comes more frequently
from the selfish than the silly; more
often from the tired than the timid.
There is a popular idea that God, re
ligion and the church are too exacting.
that too much time and attention are de
manded, that too many sacrifices are re
quired, that too much in the way ol
pleasure, ambition, and even money,
must be given up 'God asks too much '
Man) men are not willing to make
"Well, we will not deny it. we must
not den) it God does make demands.
He uemands repentance, faith, profes
sion, and devotion Hi demands the
surrender of some pleasures, -ome ambi
tions, some time, strength brains,
mone) But how little does he demand
compared with what He gives' No sac
rifice has ever been made for God but
what has been infinitely more than com
pensated '
Lane? Adopts F.'fllcleney tjjiatrni.
A new system of promotion for em
plojes of the Interior Department has.
been decided upon, and in the future in
stead of promotions being made accord
ing to length of service, they will be
made according to competitive examin
ation. This system has been given trial
In the Patent Office and has proved satls
Charges Conspiracy to Force Oowa
Values and Price of
A widespread conspiracy on the part
of the "money -trust" and the "railroad
trust" to force down the value of rail
roads and the price of labor was charged
by Gen. Jacob S Coxey. of Ohio, one
time leader of ' Coxeys army," in a
speech last night In Pythian Temple.
It was the contention of Gen. Coxer
that the general public has been made
"sheep" for the shears of the interests
through unjustified Inflation of railroad
stocks, which now are being depreciated
in value In order that they may be bought
back by the financiers at greatly reduced
He said that one of the aims of the in
terests has been to force Congress to give
them a currency bill to their liking,
which the caucus of the Democratic
party has ngreed to do."
The price of labor and of railroad equip
ment has been forced down by the ln
terest"", according to Gen. Coxey, by cut
ting down their orders for equipment
thus compelling the manufacturers to run
smaller forces and to accept lower prices
for their products.
From Washington. D. C N. Qrejg,
Aberdeen; R. C Johnson, Murray Hill;
W. McComas, Wentworth J. N. Paine,
Navarre; R. G. Rankin, Flanders; H. L.
Boesch, Herald Square; C E. Daley,
Pierrepant; IL J. E. Doynes, Marseilles;
A. Goodman. Grand; S. H. Glesy, Grand;
J. W. Macartney. Holland House; 1L J.
Pardee, St. Denis: Mrs. G. O'Connell,
Martha Washington; V. B. Deyber. of
Deyber & Clokey, Murray Hill.
From Baltimore, Md. C Anderson.
Grand; Mrs. C Anderson, Grand; J. M.
Benderson, York: w. jr. Clark, Grand
Union: Mrs. W. E. Clark. Jr., Grand
Union: J. L. Harris, Herald Square: W.
McDowell. Herald square: H. J.
Schwarz, Grand Union; C S. Snyder,
Latham; C. P. Vogt, Grand Union; J.
Wheslen, Herald Square; Mrs. J. Wbes
len. Herald Square: L. B. Wolf. Park
Avenue: Miss M. Yohe, Earllngton: M.
R. Andrews. Walllck: H. A. Cate. Man
hattan: A. F. Fischer. Albert: Miss Ful
ler, Union Square; A. D. George. St.
George; Mrs. M D. George, St- George!
W. V. MassonyGrand: Mr. and Mrs. G.
E. Miles. Unm Square: "L. Schwartz.
Broadway Central: F. ID, Webb, Vic
toria; H. J. Zfonroe, King Edward.
"Power," has been
-Copjrisbt by a V. Bock.
Commissioner Newman to Speak on
Wednesday Evening in
Town HalL
The various citizens associations in the
eastern section of the District are to be
active this week. On Wednesday evening
the Public Improvement Association, of
Congress Heights, will entertain Commis
sioner Newman in the town hall on Ala
bama avenue. Tomorrow evening a
special meeting of the Randle Highlands
Association will be held. Following the
regular business an address will be made
ba representative from the Tax Re
form Association of the District of Co
lumbia. The Anacostla Association will
meet tomorrow evening also, and the
cards announcing this meeting Hate that
the committee appointed recently to ap
pear before the Excise Board to oppose
the transfer of a saloon license to Ana
costla, will make Its report and Indicate,
what course it will follow at the hearing
to be held on Thursday morning before
the Excise Board.
This evening the Hillsdale Association
will meet in Odd Fellows Hall, in Sum
ner road, and on Thursday evening the
Original Ganicld Citizens' Association la
to meet
Rev. W. L. McDowell, district superin
tendent of the Methodist Episcopal
churche. preached the sermon last even
lng in the Congress Heights Methodist
Church, in Nichols avenue. Rev. Mer
ritt Earl is the pastor of this congrega
tion and assisted Rev, Dr. McDowell last
ev enlng.
Anacostla Chapter, No. 12, Royal Arch
Masons, is to meet this evening In the
local Masonic HalL
The annual election of officers of Electa
Chapter, No. i Order of the Eastern
Star, of Anacostia, will be held tomorrow
evening in the local Masonic Hall
President Warned to Be Cautions in
Making Selection for
President Wilson Is confronted with
threatened formidable opposition In the
Senate to the confirmation of his nominees
lor the Interstate Commerce Commis
sion, unless he avoids partisan consider
ations and exercises care in the selection
of three members of the commission to
ti'I vacancies present or prospective.
In a signed editorial in La Follette's
Magazine In the last issue the Senator
from Wisconsin utters a warning against
the President's reported lntdntlon of re
moving Judson C Clements, of Georgia,
one of the oldest members of the com
mission, whose term will expire on the
first of the year. Senator La Follette
states In the editorial that he has In
formation that the President had prac
tically decided not to reappoint Judge
This member of the commission is a
Georgia Democrat and the two Senators
from Georgia have recommended his re
tention. He was appointed by President
Cleveland and has served as president of
the commission.
tt Tnrlff Helps Irelnml,
New York, Dec 7 "Conditions have
Improved in Ireland," said H. K. Crulk
shank, American vice consul at Queens-
town, who arrived today on the Caronla
after a stormy voyage. "Everybody over
there looks for greater prosperity be
cause of the new tariff. .
A Most Pleasing Remedy Given
to Quickly Restore
Lost Vitality.
A Free Trial Treatment Sent
by Mail to All Who Write.
rrro trial treatment! or KoerriU, a moat pkialnj
remedj. an beins mailed to all men who-write to
Dr. John 8. Howell. So many who hia battled for
jean asainat the mental and pbrsical snffexinc of
man weakseaa haTe written thinking him for the
treat benefit reorircd: therefore. Dr. Howell has de
cided to aeod free trial treatment! to aU men who
write. It la a home treatment and all who luffcr
with any form of weakness rewltlnc from Tnathiul
four, rranatore loa of atreuth and memarjr, weak
back, lack of Tltalitr. and ransdnee can new receive
tbia atrensthenlnf treatment at home.
The treatment baa a peculiar grateful effect of
warmth and seems to act direct to the deatred loca
tion, promotinc strength and development Juat where
it k needed. It la given to relieve the ilia and
trochlea that coma from yta of mlauie of the
natural functions, and has met with remarkable sue
cm, even -In raaea approaching advanced age. A
rtoneat to Joha 8. Howell, at. U Buite Utt, Audi
torium Building. CtndnnaU. Ohio, atating that
joa'derira one of bis free trial packagts, wtll be
complied with promptly.
Hi la deairona of reaching that great dasa of men
who art unable to leave home to be treated, and the
free sample will enable them to set how ealjr it u
to tauceeaafnux treat man weaknevs whan tb proper
remedlea are employed. Dr. Howell makes no re
atrlctiona. Any nun whs writes will be sent a free
aample, and literature, carefully sealed in s plain
package, aa that yon need hare so fear of embar
raaament or publicity. Headers axa requested to
write without delay-.
whose play.
Say Mrs. Hemmick's Drama
Would Inflame Patriotic
American Audiences.
Clarence W. Ds Knight Co-Anthor.
"Power" Deal with the Reyo-
'Intion in Panama.
Author of a drama of ueh virility
that Its production, it is said, might
Inflame the patriotio American audience
such 1 the latest role essayed by a
Washington society leader, Mrs. Chris
tian Dominique Hemmick.
Tower" is the title of the play that
New York theatrical men declare Is of
such a character that they would not
dare arouse a gathering; ot patriotic
Americans by presenting- It.
"It is timely, exceedingly interesting
and vividly handled." say the pro
ducers who have refused the play, "but
It would grip and sway the feelings of
an audience to such a point that it
might be unprofitable, at least to the
Whether this means mat Mrs. Hem
mick's "Power" It Is not Mrs. Hem
mick's entirely, for Clarence Woods
De Knight a young man who has
spent much of his time In recent years
about the Capitol, is (he co-author-
would cause an assemblage of Ameri
cans to throw chairs or ruin the scen
ery or theater is not explained.
ln Written for Amateurs,
This Is the first time Mrs. Hemmick
has essayed to write a play for pro
fessional production, although on num
erous previous occasions she has writ
ten playlets, skits, and musical com
edies for the amateur stage, the pro
ceeds from their presentation going
for the most part toward the mainte
nance of Neighborhood House.
"Power" deals with the Panama revo
lution, the acquirement of the canal strip
by the United States, and the activities
of politicians and financiers leading
thereto. One act of the play Is laid In
the marble room of the Capitol, while
the Senate Is voting In the historical
contest of Panama versus Nicaragua.
A survey of the lines shows that the
co-authors have followed Intimately cer
tain spt.ee hes made in the House at the
time of the Panama agitation by Repre
sentative Henry T Rainey. of Illinois, as
well a some vivid editorials in certain
New York newspapers on the same
them. Throughout the text are repeat
ed veiled references to the late President
McKlnle) and Col. Roosevelt, while the
Senator Howard of the play cleverly
conceals the personality of the late Mar
cus A. Hanna. Senator from Ohio
The financier in the play. Bertrand,
assuredly Is none other than tne well
known financier, William Nelson Crom
Have Vard Plain English.
The writers have not been sparing In
their terms when a pick ax seemed to
them a rick ax and a spado a spade.
The writing can be taken as nothing
but a definite determination lor serious
work by both authors. Mrs. Hemmick
and Mr. De Knight arc collaborating on
a second work.- which tentatively has
been christened "Passion," and deals
with much the samo subject-matter as Is
handled in "Damaged Ooods.
Tunma II and Laura . White, cut
Brnrd and Apn Weill, lor.
nsene v end Jennie balaeld, cirL
hdfir T ami Mirr V Mtiac bar.
llinr h. nd Florins Jl Jooea, girt.
Bernard and Fannia Geldltein. be
Oroirr O. and Julia Drum mood, tor
XranUin it. and Annie L. Dnlln. Uv
VTUuam X and Betae M. Bojd. chi.
Vai and Goldie I) Braunatein, brr
CliarVM U and Jnie T Brown, slit
John and Blanch Lon2. bny.
William and Sara Oraham, (irL
John I. Painter, ff Iran? TO Tajlor at. nw.
John a Miller, tl ST El Capitol at.
Jams A. Roche. S3. 3S llth it. nc.
Jobs P. Moran, 1J. XOJ M at. nr.
Jraao a Martin. 1J year.. tUl Va are. nw.
Anna E. Howard, fo. J51S P at. nw.
Harriet Groaa. 0, irt Cheater ct. nw
Martha P. Anderaon. 3. 19U M at. nw.
Addiion Tanner, , 00 Sprlntmana ct. aw
Stetfxn 1 Minor, M. Prewimm'i Uoaratal
Marr E. Tajior. 4. 1K3 tth rt. nw.
Jowl T. Kor. 5. Freedmrnt Hospital,
balks Lee. TZ. Frtedmena HoapitaL
U. 8. Dept, of Jrlcalture. Weather Bureau,
Uiihtnrtm Hnndiv. December T S P. m.
It will be much colder Monday and Tuesday in
tb. .Atlantic Btalea. and continue cold in tho in
terior aa far weat al the Miawart 'Valley. In the
w l, w. tmwntnm will riae aomewbat.
Mnm vnmlnn aw diarlaved on the Great Lake.
excel on weatem Superior, and on the Atlantic
coant from Jacksonville to Eaatport.
The winds along the north and middle Atlantic
coaata will be weat to northweat galea, dtmlnlahlng
by Tueaday. rain, turning into anow and much
colder: on the South Atlantic coaat brbk to high
northwest : much colder, on the eaat Gulf coaat
moderate to. brisk northweat to north; on the weat
Gulf ecaat moderate Berth to eaat; on tha Lower
Lakea high weat and northweat, diminiabing Mon
day night; on tne Upper aaca msu bwmmwi.
rtimi-iiiji-(g ny Monday niguv.
J.ocal Temperatures.
Midnight. V: I a. m , : t a. m.. tS; S a. m , U;
It a. m.. : B noon. 00. 3 p. m.. K. P. m., ;
p. m.. Si; p. m., S3; 10 p. bu. M. Higheat, ;
loweat, 40. ,.
BeUtive humidity-'l a. m . X; t v. m.. -:
I p. m., n. Kainfall t p. m. to p. m.). -IT.
Hours ot sunshine, 0.1. Per cent ot pcaahl sun
ahlne, 4.
Temjwratara tame date last reap-Highest, M;
loweat, 31
Temperatures In Other Cities.
Temperatures tn other dues, together with tbi
amount of rainfall for the twenty-four houra ended at
p. m. yeatarday, an as foOowa:
Max. Urn. 1p.m. fall.
Aaheville, N. O...
Atlanta, Ga &i
AtlanUo City. N. J M
Biamardc. N. Dak M
Boaten, Maa. M
Buffalo. N. Y 50
Chicago. Ill 30
Cincinnati. Ohio. tl
Cheyenne. Wjo 10
Darentcrt, Iowa. 2t
Denver, Colo 33
Dea Motacs. Iowa 3
Dumth. Minn .... U
Galveaton, Trx. ....... ...... (0
Helena. Mont U
ludiaaapolia, Ind........... 12
Jackaonvule. Fla 63
Kanau City, 'Mo............ 33
Little Bock. Ark
Loa Angetei. Cat. 71
Marquette, Mich
Memphia, Tenn. ............ 50
ew Orleasa. La. C
hew York. N. Y M
North I'latte. bbr. 3
Omaha, Kebr... 28
tUaddnhla. Pi....... . M
Plttaburgh. Ta H
PorUand. Me. SO
Portland. Or. 3
Salt Lake aty, Utah...... 40
St. Loula, Mo 34
BU i-aul, Minn ., 23
San Frandaco. CaL
eprmgiield 111........
Tamoa. Fla
Toledo, Ohio..,..
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Hibbs Building
Count Mulra, of Japan, who is to be I
connected with the Japanese embassy I
here. Is on his way to this country. He
has completed his term as -secretary
the Japanese embassy at Paris.
A meeting of the Southern League of
Woman s National vvilson and Marshall
Organization will be held at S o'clock to
morrow evening In the red parlor of the
New Kbbltt Hotel.
Judge Charles S. Bundy is In charge of I
the Juvenile Court because of the Illness I
of Judge J. IVUmer Latimer.
The semi-monthly meeting of the execu
tive committee of the Board ot Trade I
will be held at noon today.
The Washington Traffic Club has elect
ed the following officers: W. W. Bowie,
president; D. II. Fisher, vice president;
W. B. Peckham, secretary and treasurer.
and George M. Bond, J. C Williams, W.
E. Clark and Q. Q. Weldman, executive
Officers have been elected by Gen. M.
ummet urell Auxiliary, No. s, U. s. v.
V., as follows: CelUi Peach, president:
Anna, P. H. Clarke, senior vice presi
dent; Elizabeth E. Tucker, Junior vice
president; Sarah Pavnton. chaplain;
Jrannette Huston, patriotic Instructor:
Harriett 11. Daly, Historian: B. Pier
Bcgel, conductor: Viva Wambolt, assis
tant conductor: Estelle A. Byers, guard;
Johanna Uenzimn. assistant guard: Jes
sie Pr ingle, Mary Cassidy. Mary Bane
man, and Grace Steen, color bearers:
Helen T. Murphy, treasurer, and Maud
S. Ponton, secretary.
Login Tribe, No. 8, I. O. R., has voted
) nominate the following officers:
Charles Schlble, prophet: Thomas Wln
termeyer. sachem, and Ed Bonders. Jr.,
senior sacamore.
The eighth anniversary of the estab
lishment of Miles Memorial Church.
Third street northwest, near New xors
avenue, was celebrated yesterday. Rev.
Dr. D. E, H. Rosser, pastor, delivered
It Is the Sageiig Cheeks
That dlatort the chin and make the lower rart of the
lace tot irreiular and rrematurelj old. Can be cor-
rectea at once, ana u uauns.
Trrlt! '
Your Mirror Will Tell Yon the Troth.
Dr. Pratt's Lifting; Procedure Dees It,
It tou cannot eoorenJentb call, arrite lor full par.
ticoliK. DO IT NOW!
nB OR ATT ,,sa Broadway,
un. rnm i new yobk.
Sklas and Complexions Reflaed.
Lift 8g9gv eepS
Up Ajwagsara the
1Kwit m& Sbapalf
ji i y Natural
i J r - YoaDg
STORE HOURS 8:30 A. M. TO 6 P. M.
Me Mi-members of jhe i. s. hist
Indorse YOUR United States Trust Company Christmas
CASHED. No inconvenience, no waiting. Central location
Main Floor, Information Bureau.
For the Man
Speclil valuer, too. Our Men's Wear Section contains many helpful
suggestion In gifts.
SMOKING JACKETS, tn all sizes and best shades; two special price
&9S Tatars, S498.
-tS -values, tSJS.
MEN'S PAJAMAS, of flannelette or percale: all sizes. Spe- CI no.
clal. a suit ...."
MEN'S COAT SWEATERS, with big- shawl collar; warm and com
fortable; best range of styles, with prices ranging from 1 no
jloo to o.yo
COMBINATION SETS, nicely boxed. In ties and hose to CM nn
match; in best colors. At, a set, SOc and ,.uw
COMBINATION SETS, consisting of tie, hose, and hand- 1 XO
kerchief to match. AUJ1.00. J1.50, and JW.Oy
FuM Dress Seta UO and S34M.
Main Floor 130 Eighth St, Entrance Men's Wear.
rfitn m &99T atrr or
COft. 75
Inquire concerning the special terms we make for
the purchase of any Columbia Grafonola.
Our Christmas Service
was never so complete as it is this year and never has
the practical been so popular in gift choice.
But )ou want to be sure that what you select is of
reliable quality and you know this store's reputation
makes that CERTAIN even though our prices are
H U (Exactly aa I
(Exactly aa
Illustrated. M
A Really Comfortable Couch
Full size strong Oak frame; steel
springs that are securely tied in place; and
covered with imitation Black leather.
Usual Price, $9.00
the sermon, which was entitled: "The
possiblUUes ot God."
The regular monthly public meeting of
the Woman's Single Tax Club will be held
tonight at the Public Library. Alice
Thacher 1'ost, formerly of Chicago, and
John J. Murphy, tenement house com
missioner of New York, will speak.
Arsrentlne Raroy Coming; Here.
To repay the visit made a few years
ago to Argentine Republic, by Senator
Root, then Secretary or state, ur. Benito
VUlanueva, a member of the senate of
that republic will sen for this country
December 15. Dr. VUlanueva will be ac
companied by MaJ. James A. Shlpton,
United States military attache at Buenos
Aires. Extensive plans for the entertain
ment of the envoy in this country are
being made.
Work days remaining in
which to do ycr CHRIST
be selfish. SHOP EARLY.
Are nnanr
passed la
.itibHabad MO. CBaS, B. lUBHOHST. j
A Special
It's made of Oak, and of
neat finish and strong con
struction. The interior is
fitted with pigeon holes,
and there's a large drawer
and convenient shelf be
neath. Neat in appearance,
and thoroughly practicable.
$3.45 '
holdera of tb Waabiniton American Lean Baae
ball dub via be held at the ences of tie cfab, la
the Southern Bnttdlnc, Waani&cton, D. C. en the
ITH DAT OF JANUARY. UK. at B o'clock Boon,
for the poroses of electing a board of dlnctora for
th. enairing jear. and for anch other bualncaa aa
mar be proper! broarht before said meeun. ED-
naou j. naun, Becreurjr. dee.i-15-Sjan
trades: exstrt on mtovm and rtvif r.
pairing; all work guaranteed: lowest
prices. Phone Lincoln r". J. W.
MANDLEY. 133 Bladenaburr Road.
tara lot women. Wei, p. m. (utaral
opeal; rjothboend boot tree. ts( Oatesdoi
BUCKWHEAT they're so de
licious, wholesome, and Satisfying.
Order a package today.
7At roar crocer. ho conaumen supplied.
Wholesalers, llth sad U Its. S. C
GALLOWAY Ot Saturday, December ,
1913, at i:o a. ra.. at Aiarshawown.
Iowa, JOHN, beloved father ot Dr.
C. C Galloway, of this city.
MILLER On Sunday morning. Decem
ber T, 1313. JOHN bLUUM, oeiovea
husband of Augusta Durand Miller.
Short service will be held at 7 East
Capitol street at 1 p. m. Monday. De
cember 8. Interment at Sumter, S. C
PAINTER-On Friday, December 6. 1J13.
at nts residence, suu aayior sireei
Funeral from his late residence Monday,
December , at 2 p. m
Ut airj Uncnpuos isoaarataO rnead.
Fesem Ueauna.
rusattl llasliii
Largest Morning Circnlatioa.
j rt

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