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Fair today aed tomorrow; sot
mach chaage is teapcrature.
Temperatures yesterday Max
imum 37; tawBia6, 25,
Tie Herald, has the largest
sorsiag boae. circulation, aa4
.prints aS the sews of At world,
wkk' many escrive feature.-
iNO. 2621
' tfv".
Herrera's Command Anni
hilated in Fight Near the
Border, Report States.
Vaagaard of Fugitives Reaches Texas
Tows Hnerta'j mlkj
Fleet Capital
9 1
TO Paso. Tex., Dec t-Gen. Maclovio
Herrera and SGG rebels' were annihilated
or the federals' during a "battle about
wenty miles east of GaUego, according
to a Teport received here tonight. The
wires, went down after the report was re
Although rebel headquarter deny the
Teport there Is much activity In the bos'
pltals In Juarez and hurried preparations
are being-made to receive the wounded.
Huerta to Hove Caplta.lt
London, Dec. 8. Agents of Buerta in
this city are reported to have received
notification today that Buerta Intends
to transfer the seat of government from
Mexico City to Iguala, In Guerrero. This
town Is now held by the ongana aapaa.
who has been fighting the federals for
the last few days In Morelos.
Huerta Is said to have decided to send
his family "away, while he remains to
right to the end.
Villa Enter Chihuahua City.
Juaivz. Dec. 8. Gen. Pancho Villa
entered the city of Chihuahua today at
the head of his troops, and formally de
clared the state In the possession or xne
Telegrams came tonight from Villa to
the effect that he reached the state
pnnltnl this mornlnc and was warmly
welcomed. He has pardoned the !00
federal soldiers who remained behind to
guard the city.
News of the capture by rebels of a
federal supply train and two Important
towns In Nuevo Leon was received In
Juarez today by Gen. Benavides from
Gen. Carranza, at Hermosillo
Ifurrta nt Last Stand.
Mexico City, Dec 8 Finding the
rebel forces gradually pushing nearer
to the capital on all sides. President
Huerta appears to be preparing for his
last desperate Btand against his ene
mies. Three new divisions hae been added
. n,n irmr. nne at -San Luis Pososi.
ore at Chllpauelngo. in the state of
tjuerxero. and anothcr-at, TlaJpan war
... . it... .1t.fatn-fe MTniWMM
Af 30.000 men. This .make fifteen
divisions tn Uwarmy. a. total-ot-150,000
men. .
Iteplving toda to an Inquiry regarding
tne report that his family left for Man
,nin m unecial train last night.
Huerta said his daughter. Elena, and his
mm-riari .touchier. Senora Fuentes. had
no nn irlirit to friends in Guadalajara.
but ..that Senora Huerta had remained
rere. Railroad men. however, say the
family went on a special train to Man
zanlllo, and no one could be found today
who had seen senora ,nuerta.
Refusers 3enr Border.
Presidio, Tex., via United States Army
Telephone to Marfa. Dec 8. The advance
guard of the federal army reached
OJlnaga this morning, taking the city
without firing a shot, the rebel garrison
under Col. Chlvra having evacuated dur
ing the night making their escape to the
The caravan is coming S.000 strong, ac
cording to the story told by the officers
of the advance guard. Of these. thy
said, 1,000 were federal troops, including
the federal volunteers commanded by
Gen. Salasar and Gen. Orozco The bal
ance are civilians. Including a number of
There are many fcvomen and children
In the party and all are suffering from"
Atlanta'Glrl Wpald CJalm Sociolog
ical Fond Frlse.
Atlanta. Ga, , Dec S. Miss Roberta.
Brennan. -a handsome society girl, has
tflered herself as Atlanta's candidate
for the Ideal eugenic marriage, which Is
being arranged by the Medical Review
of Reviews Sociological Fund. The ideal
man and woman selected are to receive
a prize of $300 and are to marry. "When
the first baby Is born the couple thus
eugenlcally mated are to receive another
"I have never been ill a day In my
life," said Miss Brennan. "and I think
it my due that the man I marry be as
sound physically as I am? The eugenic
marriage appeals to me as desirable,
especially as regards offspring. It Is not
repugnant to romance. A healthy man
and woman cannot become intimately ac
quainted without being drawn to each
ether. '
'It will not be long before young worn'
en will lose the false modesty which has
prevented them from Investigating free
ly matters so Important as marriage
and tne future or the race."
Scores Are Missing and Pesti
Ience Breaks Oat m Ter-
rent-swept Districts.
Government Send Food and 'Tests to
Sufferer Perished May
Reach 500.
Becomes Completely Turned Around
' in Big Building and Goes to
House Side.
President Wilson got lost in the big
Capitol building late yesterday and be
came completely turned around when
hunting his room at the Senate wing.
The President went over to the House
side expecting to find his room there
and was put on the right trail by the
messenger at the door of Speaker
Clark's office
On reaching the Capitol the President
took a tour about Statuary Hall, some
times called the chamber of horrors,'
stopping in front of each statute from
Francis E. wuiara to uaniei weoster.
After completing his swing around the
circle in the hall, the President started
In the wrong direction, thinking he was
'going to the Senate. He wound up at the
corridor adjacent to speaKer uiarK's
office whose colored messenger, Henry
Neal, asked Mr. "Wilson If he desired to
eo noon the floor to see the Speaker.
The President responded that he was
looking for his room, and smiled and
about-faced when told that he was at
the wrong end- of tfce Capitol. The
President spent but a moment In the
President's room at the Senate, resum
ing bis walk. He was accompanied -by
Dr. Cary T. urayson, anu uiminr
Sloan, and "Jack" "Wheeler, two secret
. Mrrtca -men.
Returning from the Capitol, the Presi
dent walked down the Avenue for about
half the distance, and then crossed over
Into F street ana mingiea wjin tne
Christmas shoppers. Many persons rec
ognized the President and some of them
spoke to him.
Wants Lower Fare for Straphangers
A resolution Indorsing Ji lower fare for
persons who are compelled to stand while
riding on street cars was adopted at, the
meeting of the Northeast "Washington
Citizen's Association held In the North
east Temple last night. The resolution
was in the form of an Indorsement of the
.recommendation made to Congress py
Senator Morris. The use of the school
' buildings for public meetings was ad
vocated In another resolution. B. F".
Tucker, president of the association, pre-j
Galveston, Tex., Dec 8. Forty Uvea are
known to have been lost in the flooded
district today. Unofficial reports say that
many more have perished during the last
twelve hours. Because of the high waters
and the interruption to means of com
munication detailed figures are Impossi
ble, but it is believed that fully S00 have
been lost since the floods began. Twenty
were drowned when the crest of the flood
struck Brooksblre today. Three mem
bers of a rescuing party, were drowned
at Bryan. At Sunnyslde. twelve were
drowned acd twenty-eight are missing.'
Three lost their Hies at Wharton, and
two are known to be lost at Richmond.
The crest of the flood reached Richmond
this evening, marooning l.MX) persons on
a small island. The suffering throughout
tne district is intense
The United States government sent
train of eleven cars carrying supplies to
Bryan this afternoon. It Is planned toH
establish a base of supplies In the Hooded
district and Issue rations, tents, and
blankets to all. Included In the supplies
sent today were .25,000' rations, BOO
blanket, and 200 tents.. -- j
- iEry Go Uobarlrd.
Denveri Dec S. With the bodies of
forty blizzard victims awaiting burial,
'and with the streets blockaded and the
cemeteries isolated. Denver is facing
situation unprecedented In American
cities. Although thousands worked on
the streets today In an effort to pen
passageway for vehicles, but little pro
gress was made in removing the great
quantities of snow, and It was announced
that it will be Impossible to hold any
lunerais lor at least a week. The bodies
of the dead He in their homes, unem-
balmed, because of the Impossibility of
undertakers to move hearses to the resi
dential districts.
From the mountains come stories of
many frozen to death and of others
starving The bodies of the dead lie In
their cabins and it will be Impossible
for undertakers to reach tnem for days.
The sick and starving are compelled to
go without relief.
Streets in the business section of Den
ver were partially cleared during the day,
but the snow Is banked from six to ten
feet high along the. curblngs. In the
residential districts men from every walk
of life joined hands in clearing the
Fourteen well-developed cases of small
pox have been discovered among the mili
tiamen at Aguilar, a camp near Trinidad.
The disease is said to have spread to the
strike-breakers employed at some of the
Storm Kills Tito In Gotham.
flew lorx, iec. s. xwo men were
killed and six others Injured by the
storm wmen struue this city today. A
slxty-mue-an-hour gale swept down from
tne nortnwest, lonang down the tem
perature twenty degrees and putting a
tbln coating of Ice on all standing water
in tne city.
The first victim of the belated cold
we3ther was John Flanagan, forty years
old, lot Brooklyn, who succumbed while
on pis way home.
Tony Carman was killed at New
Brunswick, N. J- by fslse work, which
crashed through the roof of a two-story
building on wnch he was working.
Cleveland Tied Up.
Cleveland, Dec & A fifty-mile-an-hour
gale, accompanied by snow flurries, and
a drop In temperature, tied up shipping
(oday. demoralized train traffic brought
suffering to hundreds of poor families,
and will be responsible for at least ono
Daniel Butler, sixty-two years old, was
found early this morning in Front ave
nue, near death from exposure. He was
taken to City Hospital, where he died.
No boats have left the Cleveland har
bor since Sunday morning, when the
Canadian steamer E.. A. Ames cleared
for Fort William. All trains entering
Cleveland were from fifteen minutes to
an hour late.
No man or woman, boy or girl, should mis a single installment of the greatest series ever published by
a newspaper the most unique, comprehensive, and fascinating treatment of the life story of the most amaz
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Twenty Thousand Mites in the Path of Napoleon
One Hundred Years After His Downfall. . .,
Never before has been assembled around the personality of a human being such an unlimited 'wealth of
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Diplomat snys Interference In la-
"temal Affairs Would Brine War.
Paris, Dec 8, "Anything like a persis
tent Interference Into the financial and;
economic affairs of Guatemala on the
part of the United SUtes would lead ia-
evltably to a war, In which several oiaer
South American 'republics would jots,"
said Joe .Lardlzabal. Guatemalan minister
to Paris, today, discussing i-reiaem
Wilson's reported Imperialistic policy toward-
Central America.
"Guatamela has a compact. weS-drilled
army," he continued, "which could be
easily extended to formidable proportion
in case of war. In the sense of guarantee-
lntr Drotectlon to our coasts. I think a
partial protectorate might be acceptable,
but any attempt to extend It to onr In
ternal affairs would be certain to cause
an explosion."
One Sinn Killed, Several. Injured at
Itrybold, Del.
Wilmington. Del.. Dec S. William
Jester, a town councilman of Delaware
City, was killed and several other per
sons. Including his son. William B. Jes
ter, were injured at IteyDoia toaay wnen
an automobile In which they were riding
crashed into a train on the Delaware
City branchfof the Delaware Railroad.
Of those who were Injured at least
one. Capt. W, B. Merges, of the quar
termaster's department, coast Aruuery,
stationed at Fort Dupont. is not expected
to live. The other Injured men are
Sylvester Downs and a Stewart Beck,
farmers, living near Delaware City.
Mary Louise Ferris Off to Tell
Story to Indianapolis
Court -
Seeks; Extradtb'oa Cunoi Be Avoided
She Scent PoBee for
Her Arrest.
Blast Wrecks Gelatine Mixing Hease
of Da Post's GibbstowB,
N. J, Works.
r.lhbstowif. N.. J Dec if Six men
were, killed and two Injured ItVsn ex-1
at-tha iDu Ponf powder works here lata
today. " "7 -
All the dead were empioyeo. in tno
eelatlne mixing house, which was lev
eled by the explosion, xnay wer:
Harry Horner, rojty-uve. rsuuiram,
Howard Clark. Paulsboro.
Herbert Mullen, eighteen. Paulsboro.
Stanley Joka. "Paulsboro.
Stanley Kasper, Paulsboro.
.Tnutnh RehmniL Gibbstown.
The injured men were employed near
h mlrlne- house and were almost
buried under the debris, which was
Bent Hying In all airecuons.
Alexander Bosack and Michael Sam.
., vera Inlnred. will recover. The
building in which the men lost their
iA. .A.9av .r the scene of a simi
lar exnloslon about three months ago.
when four men were killed and a score
was Injured.
Officials of tne plant were uoauic 10
-tv. an exnlanation of the explosion.
There were about 150 employes of the
plant at the time. The detonation was
honrri for many miles, and the town of
Gibbstown was thrown Into great excitement.
Stripped of her veil of mystery and no
longer playing the role of Innocence
which marked her confinement In the
House of Detention. Mary Louise Fer
ris, alias "Susan Meyers," last night left
for Indianapolis, where she will be forced
to tell what part she played In an alleged
fake matrimonial scheme worked with
splendid financial success in Princeton.
Thus ends, as far as Washington Is
concerned, the story of "the woman of
Accompanied by her attorney Matthew
H. O'Brien and two deputy marshals.
William Robertson, of Washington, and
Jack Travis, of Indianapolis, the Ferris
girl left the Capital at midnight.
District Attorney Clarence-R. Wilton
yesterday received a letter from District
Attorney -Miller, of Indianapolis. Inclos
ing two p!oiczT3nn-"ir-tn-iciri. and c
Mrttng that she had Been indicted by IBS
Army to Flsht Home Rule Will Soon
Reach J0O.000 Men, He Saya.
London. Dec 1 "Ulster will fight. If
the British government forces a civil and
religious war on Ireland. I and many
officers and men of the navy and army
will aid Ulster." Admiral Lord Charles
Beresford said today. England's great
sea fighter has taken up ..the cudgels
for the Irish Unionists ,ln the fight
against home rule, e
"Ulster makes no claim for the rest
of Ireland." he said, "but she is terribly
in earnest about herself. Despite the
royal proclamatloi against arms In. Ire
land there are today SS.080 armed men lit
Ulster. Soon there will be 100.030. Civil
war will surely coma If the British gov
ernment attempts to force home rule on
the loyal people of Ulster."
Frrelsvera Objected to Making? side
walk; Jtoom for Eaascnby.
Pittsburgh. Pa., Dec S. David Mor
gan, a railroad engineer, was killed and
ten others were Injured In a riot In
Braddock precipitated by the attempt of
Morgan and two companions to elbow
their way through a crowd of foreign
ers to avoid stepping Into mud.
The foreigners turned on the three
and a general light began. Morgan was
stabbed tn the groin and fell dead. When
policemen arrived eight men who were
too severely hurt to run. and two others
obliged to limp, were helped away by
comrades. The prisoners were taken to
the "Braddock police station, where their
wounds were dressed.
Sirs. Panltbnrst Brought to London.
Lodged In Women's tturten.
Shandon. Scotland. Dec.S-The militant
suffragists who are avenging: the re
arrest of Mrs. EmmeUne Pankhurst with
th6 torch, switched their attacks to re
ligious property today. A parish house
owned by the United Free Church of
Scotland was partially destroyed by a
Are set by the women.
London, Dec g.Mrs. Emmellne Pank
hurst, leader of the militant suffragists,
who was released from Exeter Jail be
cause of illness brought on by a hunger
and thirst strike, was brought to London
An automobile ambulance met the train
and Mrs. Pankhurst was taken to the
headquarters of the Women's Social and
Political Dnlon In Kings Way. These
quarters have been temporarily flxed up
as a hospital.
The famous militant was haggard and
so weak she could not stand. Her con
dition had been diagnosed by the home
office physician as pleurisy, but it was
cvjueni xrom ner appearance that sue saa
sunered a general breakdOTm.
Derwood,. Md., Usable ta
Cope witk Big Blaze, Gets
District's Aid.
Fire, Stefkrk Flew Ki of VUh;:f
Meaaces 296 Hoses Daas-
ae b $26,0:?.
Confessed Slayer Prevents Farther
Delay At 0a& wkk His
New Tork. Dec &. Trial of Bov. Hans
Schmidt. - conf cased slayer of" Anna.
itAumuuer, parts-o"whos.
Upon advices from Brig. Gen. Bliss,
at San Antonio. Tex., rations for 2,500
and 1.000 blankets will be sent to Bryan,
that State, for the relief of the flood vic
tims there.
Gen. Blls,s reported that about 4,000 per
sons have been rescued, and that about
10,000 more are still marooned, practi
cally an or whom are destitute.
Prince to Hunt Big Game.
New Tork. Dec 8. Prince and Prince
Ayman de Pancigny Ludnge, of Belgium,
arrived on the Lapland today for thrir
nrst vjsii to una country. The prince
Is a big game hunter and will go on a
hunting trip In the Rocky Mountains.
Ft-lfco Receiver Rrstens.
St. Louis. Dec 8 Thomas H, West nnn
of the receivers of the Frisco Boad, to
day resigned because, it Is said, of con
ditions he found in the company's af.
qiirhtsrelnK nml Shopping; Fill
Ilridal Pairs' Dny.
London. Dec 8. Mr. and Mrs. Fran
cis Bowes Sayre attended the Authors'
Club banquet, in company with Ambas
sador Page, after-spending a very quiet
day. They remained In the Ambassa
dor's house all morning, and partook
of luncheon with the family. Later
they drove with the Ambassador to the
embassy offices, remaining outside in
the automobile while"" he transacted
The remainder of the afternoon was
spent in sightseeing and a little shop
ping. Miss Page will give a luncheon
to the Sayres at her home In Gros
venor square tomorrow, at which many
distinguished American residents will
be present.
Late tomorrow afternoon Mr. Page
and his guests will go to Cambridge
for the Trinity college commemora
tion feast. The Sayres wlllspend the
night as guests of tne master
Trinity. f
Childhood Friend Provides Funeral
..for First Woman Lawyer.
St. Louis. Dec 8. Miss Phoebe Cousins.
who was the first woman lawyer intthe
United States, the first woman to hold
the office of United States marshal, and
the first woman to be graduated from
Washington University, was burled here
today. With her was lowered Into the
grave ner most prized possession the
United States marshars badge of silver
presented by President Cleveland to her
father, and upon his death to her.
Miss Cousins died In poverty Saturday.
Her burial was provided for .by Mrs.
William H. Thompson, wife of a, banker,
who in childhood was Phoebe's playmate.
federal grand Jury under the name of.SL. "msa J!msr' m uenerw
"Susan Meyers." Attorney O'Brien called
, I Sessions.
up the habeas coruus nroeeedines ves- "' j""?" n". ?n ecied wnen
t.. -,i., .. t..i tk iJ.,.-. sojournment was laxen lor the day.
Sir-Call's JViece Takes Veil.
Albany, N. T., Dec 8. Miss Nora Mc-
CalL nleca of Judrn Edward E. McCaii.
defeated Tammany- candidate in the New
Tork mayoralty race, today gave
worldly pleasures and donned the white
veil and black habit of the Sisters of the
csacrea nearc. Alias -arouuo Epperson,
of Philadelphia, also took- the -veil.
rirvsnan Hero Killed.
Philadelphia, Dec g. Capt. Michael J.
Tobln, for more than twenty-five years
a member of this city's flre-fightlng force,
and one of the heroes of the department,
was killed today answering an alarm to
a minor blase. Capt Tobln was rtdbjg
on the running board of-Battallon Chief
Murphy's motorcar and was. caught be
tween? it and a chemical engine and
crushed toideatn. '
terday morning, but Justice Job Barnard
in Criminal Court, No. 1, delayed the
case until District Attorney Wilson' re
ceived the letter from District Attorney
Story from Princeton.
In view of these developments the
habeas corpus proceedings for her release
were continued indefinitely, and Assistant
Prosecutor S. McComas Hawken, at the
direction of District Attorney Wilson, ap
peared before United States Commissioner
Isaac R. Hitt. The girl waived trial, and
the commissioner fixed hail at S3.000. Later
in the day she consented to go back to
Indianapolis without extradition and Jus
tice Dan Thew Wright signed a writvof
The Herald last night received the fol
lowing dispatch from its correspondent
at Princeton. Jnd: ..
"That matrimonial correspondence wl
a Washington man claiming to be worth
130,000 was the lure that led Mary Louise
Ferris to the National Capital .was
Intimated today by Martin W. Ferris,
her father. He claims not to know .the
identity of the man. The night after his
arrest, be says, Mary gathered up her
things, and said she was leaving tor me
PhillDDines by way ol New rone
"The father thought she left here with
but little money, though he thinks the
mother mlzht have given ner some, out
no such amount as she carried. Later
Ferris learned his daughter was In
Washington. Vand In September went
there to try to persuade her to return.
She said she would die before" she would
come back, and that she was going on
to Manila.
"Can Care for Herself."
T learned lru Washington that Mary
was there, receiving attentions ot a
wealthy St. Louis man, who was trying
to persuade her t ogo to St. Louis," said
Ferris today. "His attentions seemed
honorable, but she refused to go with
him. It was then I "heard of the Wash
ington man, but whether-she had really
found him I aia nor-iearn. ui iu
say I have every confidence In my daugh
ter's ability to take care of herself snd
avoid robbery, except when In the hys
terical spells. . She has traveiea consiaer-
aoie ana Knows u vm.
"Ferris says he -knew Mary .carried
on correspondence, but has neer known
of any unlawful act In connection with
it- He still blames the mysterious
"Susie Myers. said to have been an
actual -person in the Ferris household,
tin hnsA existence has never been es
tablished. He expects Mary to be taken
tn Indiana Dolls and placed under bond."
The pojlce have learned some Interest
ing points In connection with the part
the girl Is aliegea to nave pisyeu iu me
fake matrimonial scneme.
Bushels of Letters.
Before Federal Indictments "were re
turned against Martin erru ana nis
if Ferris made complaint to the
Postofflce Department that a sum of
money sent tq mm at rnnceion naa
been stolen while being transmitted In
the mail, and preferred charges against
Son Objects to Marriage of Ruler
Rio Janlero. Dec 8. Great preparations
are being made for the marriage of
President Marshal Hermes da. Tonseca
and Senhorita .Dona Nalc de Teffe to
morrow. The diplomatic corps Is not to
be officially Invited, but Baron de Teffe,
the bride's father, -wiu nave tne jtorejgn
diplomatists present as his personal
Deeutv Hermes .- fonseea protests
against the remarriage of his father., and
nimjuuiat-detiatiea wlHi'Bresent ta "him
on'TuaoOsy, the. day of the .wedding,, his I
mther'i'Dartralt. ., Ai v " l
Fifty-seven of the panel.of M0 talesmen
were examined. Many were rejected be
cause of fixed opinions of the guilt or
innocenco or the defendant. The Jury
probably will be completed tomorrow.
bciimldt forced the opening of the trial
by resolutely opposing the suggestions
ot his counsel for further delay. "There
has been too much-delay," he said, "I
want this case settled as soon as possi
ble What Is the use of a trial, any
how?" Schmidt presented a slovenly appear
ance His clothing was loose and ill
fitting. His hair was uncombed and he
wore a ragged reddish beard, not having
been shaved since he entered the Tombs
Prison. He did not appear to take the
slightest Interest In the court proceed
ings. He filed a protest against the ap
pearance of W. M. K. Olcott. and Terence
J. McMaous. as his counsel, saying his
only legal representative was Alphonse
G. Koelble, "who has been appointed by
God to take charge of my affairs." This
protest was disregarded and Mr. Olcott
assumed charge of the defense.
The State Is represented by Assistant
District Attorneys Delehanty, Koenig. and
Speeding over twenty miles ot country
roads Chemical Company No. 2C of
Washington, early last night saved from
complete destruction, the town of Der
wood. Md.
The town, which lies three miles north
of Kockvllle, Md.. was In the grip of a
conflagration, until the opportune ar
rival of the Washington department's
motor-driven chemical engine For
hours the flames had raged in the town,
its residents and neighboring farmers
being unable to cope with the situation.
Fire had broken out on the third floor
of the Derwood Flour Mill, owned by
Joseph. W. MIlllnlT. Fanned by a raging
gale the flames were threatening to de
stroy every structure In the town. Build
ings even as f sr as a mile distant were
Ignited by sparks driven by the high
Send Call for Aid.
Mora than 30 citizens of Bockvilleaud
Derwood fought the- fire, but at last
hopeless, called upon the Washington de
partment ta send .them aid.
btHLwm.l.-1-8e cnemuau pairot nKar,'Jr.uL..iJE-j
(found In the Hudson River. aWa1 bcgmi """, . 2f VT TLi ,il
spread ?f the Are to surrounding struc
Facing an almost zero temperature, tho
firemen battled to .keep the rain, of
sparks from wiping our the entire town.
Yard after yard In the little hamlet
biased up, only to be extinguished by the
local firefighters.
Walter Mobley, a Derwood farmer.
was rescued from death after fighting
for several hours with a grass fire which
had spread to his hay stacks containing
a summer's crop of more than 100 tons.
It was midnight before the Washington
and Derwood firefighters had completed
their task. It was estimated that despite
their brave efforts, the damage would
amount to fully 320.000.
Woman Learns Formal BrtrotUal''
Was Marriage Rite.
New Tork. Dec 8. Miss Lillian D Post,
of this town, lived for ten years within
two blocks of her husband without ever
suspecting she was married.
In fact, a supreme court referee decided
today that she never was married, al
though she has been a wifa all the time.
The paradox Is explained by her assertion
iuui sno uiougnt tne marriage ceremony
was only a format betrothal.
The referee. William F. .Hoffman, today
recommended an -annulmuit decree, be
cause the relations of Miss Post and
her husband. George Lester Lary, of Jer
sey uty, have always been platonlc
They have met freauentlr on the street
and their greeting has always been "Good
4nt. Hfl- T . . L .-!
wtt. mim rusi, now are you una mora.
"Very wclL Mr. Larv. thank you."
And tl.a husband and wife have passed
aiong just like any casual acquaintances.
Army Offlcer "Who Cansed Alsace.
Trouble to Be Cashiered.
Frankfort-on-the-Maln. Rcrninv. Dec
8. A Strassburg dispatch to the Zeltnng
toaay stales that the military auboriues
nave decided that Lieut. Baron wn
orstner, who Is held responsible to
the trouble between the civilian and
military authorities tn Alsace, shall be
It previously had been resorted that
the offlcer would be courtmartlaled for
his offensive actions against civilians In
Society Women Attend Meeting; and
New York. Dec 8. One of the many
members of the "Four Hundred" who at
tended the big suffrage meeting, held this
afternoon In the grand ballroom of the
St. Regis, under the auspices of the
Women's Political Union, was Mrs. John
Astor. While Mrs. Astor would not state
whether she had become converted to the
cause she showed a friendly interest In
It by dropping J15 Into the collection box
that was passed at the close of the meet.
lug. The money thus received from the
wealthy and fashionable converts to suf
frage brought the total amount of the
record breaking one week's campaign sub
scriptions up to SH.1T3.7Z,
Mrs. H. O. Haveraeyer. who Is a mem
ber of the campaign committee Is one of
the generous contributors to the fund.
Mrs. E. Tiffany Dyer contributed Ca.
Mrs. Norman DeR. Wbltehouse. SS00; Mrs.
VlctorSorchan. CtO; Frederick: Hazard.
SSOO. Mrs. Brannan announced an anony
mous gift of SS.00O- Mrs. Brannan said
the same suffragist had contributed $3,000
last year.
Mrs. X3race Wilbur Trout -and Mrs.
Joseph K. Bowen, of Chicago, addressed
tho meeting. J
Hrmaa Bekgs as Wei as Ami,
mals Usei by 'Sdeitirts,
Declares Speakerr-
Frank Slee$ Spealri,. Before k,
lenwfieaal (1, Teg rf j
aolibea a Hospitals,
Human beings as well as animate art
used as subjects of vivisection In the hos
pitals and scientific Institutions of Waahi
lagton. New York, and other Americanf
cities, according to declarations made by
delegates to the InUnuLtKmn AntI,
Vivisection and Animal Protection Con
gresv which opened at the Jtalelgh Hotel
yesterday wKh a brilliant reception.
A striking attack against the Rocke
feller Institute In New TTork City was.
made by Frank Stephens, one or Vie dl4
rectors ot the American AntKVlvtsecUos
Sodety of Philadelphia.
"This Institute is a working model .f
helV' declared Mr. Stephen!" Tls a
good example of the appalling work of
vivisection which is gotoFon ta the
large institutions of the country. '
"Vivisection On human . v .
noculatlon oTyphills ,rT. .izL
"? l ft.1"? P""" " this moment
at this hellish inxtifnM.... r
Japanese doctor. MoguIcW. by ameHe
. .noui, comessea mat he has In
noculateoT and otherwise expertoented
with no less than US children. He ob
tained these little ones, he says, through
the courtesy of the hospitals. "rousa
-Think of ft lt little ones led to tho
slaughter house of di w..,.-t
and alone These 11m. ..
orphans and waifs of a great city.!'
A distinguished comnanv iti.nt k
reception, which marked tho opening'
session of the congress.
Saya nones Are Badly Treated Herd
LP"6 Devereaux Barbam and
Miss Christine Foster, of New York, ex-
ZFr??- Tnr tht treatment
of Washington horses. "I am very glad
to say. exclaimed Miss Foster, "that
New York and other cities have horses!
that are better treated thn h. -.
driven right under the noses of the Pres-f
Meat of the 'United 'States and members
of Congress."
A. graphic portrayal of subjects of vivN
section, both human and animal, showing
them in their various stages of torturo
. "Lr" P1 d other- testnanenta
v .i.awn, was "the feature of the
evening session whleh n. amti t -.
erles motion pictures. ,
Mrsr 'Plerre'-CrBs vWsS?5E3BXr
J ff Y?Jc"i Investigation Leagua
,- ink uiy, presided and also
made a scathing attack on the methods,
employed by- vlvlsectlonlsts fn New Tor
and other large cities. She accused the
scientists of practicing their cruelty 00
none but the children of the poor.
"There Is no law in our country to pro
tect little orphan children from the un
scrupulous scientists." said Mra, Waring.
There should be Let the light shine In
upon the hospitals as well as unon tho
Principal Main Lea&t; to Reserves
Bants, and Torre's Netting '
Cincinnati. Dec 8. Cincinnati I. in
grip of a water famine tonight, as the
result of breaking of the princpal water
main leading from the waterworks to
the Eden Park reservoir. School build
ings, as well as many offices, buildings,
and factories have closed, and street car
traffic may be suspended tomormw -
cause of the water ahortart ShnnM .
big conflagration break cut. the supply
would not last an hour, city officials de
clare Work of repairing the broaen main Is
being rushed, but cannot be completed
before Wednesday night Many hospitals
dependent upon the city water service
sre without water. "Five villages sup
plied by Cincinnati are entirely without
water tonight. The health department
today warned all residents to boll drink
ing water for fear of a typhoid epidemic
Grant Testate Exempt.
New York; Dec 8. Surrogate .Fowl-r
decided today that the estate of Sen
Frederick J). Grant Is exempt from taxa
tion In New York State He based Us
decision upon .the contention of Mrs.
Grant, the widow, that her husband was
a resident ot Governor;! tataa. Federal
territory. Gen. Grant left bis estate to
his widow.
Alleged Slayer Arrested. 1
Bridgeton. N. J Dec J-In Frank
PataHo, the police assert they have the
slayer of Tom Oreeiv the young -Italian.
whose tnaneled body was found In -a
clump of woods at East Bridgeton. Oc
tober IS. Detective Lore returned yester-
oay mm auryiana. Bringing wiin mm
PataHoc and another Italian, known as
f Jee "VasuttL
Railroads In Pennsylvania Refused
Privilege to Employes.
Pittsburgh, Dec 8. George E. Alter.
speaker of the Pennsylvania houso cf
representatives, today Issued a state
ment in .which he -declared .that the
public utilities act. enacted by the late
legislature and tn force January
next,t does not cut oft free transporta
tion rronr the families ot rauroaa em
ploye tft this State and any action
In that direction by the railroads was
voluntary on uwlr cart.
The Pennsylvania Railroad recently
issued an order by which the families
of Its-employee from president to sec
tion hand, were prohibited free trans
Gaston Doomera-ne, ievr Premier,
Snhmlts Xames to President.
Paris, .Dec & Gaston Doumergue to
day announced that he has completed
tse new Cabinet that President Polncare
requested him ta form. The names will
set be aanensced until the President ap
proved them. Doumergue wilt succeed
Leste Bartfeou as premier.
"Receiver for Coal Company.
Cleveland, Ohio, Dec aWaraes H. Cas-
sMrlwas today named by Judge Day in
tj&IHderal Court to be receiver for the
Cleveland A Pittsburgh Coal Cew 09
complaint or the Pittsburgh-Buffalo Com
pany, of 'Pittsburgh, which went Into the
nands of receivers Saturday. The.com-
pfetnt stated that the Cleveland & Pitts
burgh Co. has assets of mere, than
StCOSe, and owes seventy-five creditors
SW8.989- The company ha, five ooal.yards
in uwveiaiw
Senators Swanson and Xrlsnn mr?
speeches on currency bill.
Alaska railroad bill was nut nut f
way byrullng by vie. PresMont xr
shall that It would be the unfinished
business ot the Senate immediately'
after the passage ot currency legisla
tion. Seimtor Polndcxter introduced
amendment to Alaska railroad bill pro
viding for the opening of coal lands
and a line of steamers to connect
Alaska and United States railways.
Passed Cummins resblutlon seeking
Information whether foreign Imported
meat is branded.
The Hensley resolution, voicing the
approval of suggestion of Winston
Churchill for an International holiday
of one year In naval construction, was
adopted by vote of 317 to. 11.
Considered District legislation. J
Postofflce Committee voted to appro'
prists 4100.000 to experiment in gov
ernment ownership of railway mall
Rivers and Harbors Commutes mi.
sldered bill to appropriate 8800,000-for
Improvement of Sacramento River.
Advocates of Lincoln memorial high
way appeared before Committee on
Representative Lindaulst. of Michi
gan, reintroduced bill to bar from la
terstate commerce adulterated' clot hi
ing, siiks, ana ruooers.
Representative Murray, of Oklahoma.
Introduced 03111 for regulation of stock
Appearing before Naval Affairs Com
mittee Admiral Blue asserted the navy
enlistments are increasing rapidly.
Committee on Agriculture voted ta
report the Lever agricultural extension
bill. n
The House adjourned until noon.'to-i.
day. I
j. ' j r
Good Ovster Weather.
Trv halt Beck: steamed at Harvard
rZ .i.:c
S. - ?
.r -
uysters are very goon now- mr,

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